Monday, April 23, 2018

UTC Sentul

I'm traveling next week (So excited!!!!) and then I just realised that my passport will be expiring in October 2018. I got to get it renewed ASAP. I've been feeling rather lazy and have been procrastinating. Today, I decided to get it done.

My last passport was done back in 2013. Wow, time really flies because I swear it felt like I've only just had it done. I remember fussing about how ugly my photo looked in that passport when I first got it done too and it doesn't feel like it was that long ago. It's been 5 years! The last passport was the first passport that they switched to black & white photo, if I'm not mistaken. I remember fussing about how I looked like a ghost because the photo looks really dull. I wish I had worn more makeup, I wish I had worn darker top, I wish I had my hair down etc etc. Basically, I suffered with the ugly passport photo for 5 years so this time, I had great plans to make it look better.

I told my husband that I want to blow dry my hair before going to get the passport done. But finally this morning, I looked in the mirror and my hair didnt look too bad. (I swear to you the mirror in my bathroom is such a liar because I look really good in my mirror but the minute I step out, somehow I look uglier. I cannot rely on my bathroom mirror at all!!!EVERY SINGLE TIME) But since I'm desperate to get the passport done ASAP, I just went anyway. I looked in the mirror, put on some makeup and I looked good. Just exactly how I want my passport photo to look. Then when I arrived UTC Sentul, I looked in my car mirror, my hair looked like a disaster. Sigh. What to do? Thank god for hairband.

I arrived UTC Sentul at 10.10am. It took me about 10 minutes to look for parking. Parking there is a bit of a nightmare but I finally managed to find a good spot. Alhamdulillah. Straight to Level 1 where the Immigration department is.

Step 1: Get the number. You will need to provide them your IC and latest passport
Step 2: Take photo. Confirm details. Take thumb prints.
Step 3: Make Payment. RM200.00 and wait for 30-60mins depending on the traffic
Step 4: Confirm name, IC number and date of birth. If all correct, sign on the passport.
Step 5. Collect the passport. Pay RM5.00 for the passport cover

I got everything done in under 1 hour. Can you believe that?


I'm pleasantly surprised at how efficient everything is. Staff of the immigration was also super friendly and helpful. I only wish they told me or show me my photo before proceeding to the next part. I did asked if I looked ok and the gentlemen at the counter told me I look OK. Shouldnt have trusted him. Heheh….

Anyway, passport all done. I'm ready to travel!!!! bye bye Malaysia….

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