Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day yesterday and I was in a bad mood, pretty much all day. Haha…

The day started really beautifully though. In bed, when I opened my eyes, my daughter was right next to me hugging me (she still sleeps with me!) and she said "Happy Mother's Day, mummy. I will love you no matter what". My heart was filled with so much joy. She is truly heaven sent. She's been sending me love notes and cute drawings all day.
How cute is this drawing?

The boys in the house? Well, they couldn't care less. My husband did not wish me at all. My son, was too busy playing his iPad and Nintendo to wish me.

I try not to get upset about the lack of recognition but then I figured, lets not dwell on it. Every day is Mother's Day. I dont need them to wish me to feel loved. It would be nice and thoughtful of them if they did but let's just accept that some men, couldn't care less. I was a bit upset but whatever. No big deal.

Then I started to realise that there are homework not completed. I got more upset that the homework required to do is something my son wouldn't be able to do by himself! It is for Geography and they needed to make a fake passport. I've done this when my daughter was in Year 1and now I have to do it again!!! ARGH

Thankfully, I still had the template in my computer. I just have to edit the name here and there and done. But as I was doing it, I got more and more angry. My husband was on his phone playing candy crush / reading the news and my son, is busy playing his iPad. WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS WORK TODAY????? I was fuming. Best part is, no one cares! Everyone was happily playing with their devices while me, THE MOTHER have to do this homework on MOTHER's DAY! How unfair.
At the same time, I checked my period tracker and looks like I'm getting my period in a few days, hence, my blood was boiling even more due to PMS.

My kids has piano lessons on Sunday and we were almost late for piano because I was rushing to sort things out, sort lunch out, pack piano books, get them to shower and get ready etc etc and yes, all this while everyone was playing with their phone / iPad. How nice! Every now and then my daughter will come and give me hugs and kisses and will wish me Happy Mother's Day throughout the day. She's the only one who cares about special days like this.
Beautiful 3 roses :)

On the way back from Piano class, my daughter dragged my husband to get flowers for me. He had to I supposed for finally I got these! LOL.

My daughter was so excited about it.

We spent time at home after that. We didnt celebrate it like others do. I guess, it's not really a big deal. It's ok. I know I am a mother and I dont need to feel special 1 day in a year. I should feel special everyday.

My daughter came into my life and made me a mother. That itself is special. She is just so sweet to me and I love her for it. I hope she will never change - although she sounds like a American teenager when she speaks now, I hope she will just stay this cute, this adorable and this innocent forever.

I wish all mothers out there a very blessed Mother's Day. Where ever you are and whatever you are doing or not doing, I hope you know and feel that you are special, no matter what. As much as I sometimes bitch about being a mom, it is the thing I am actually most proud of.

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