Monday, June 25, 2018

Annual Medical Check up

I'm generally quite a healthy person, Alhamdulillah.

Normally, every January I will make it a point to go for a thorough medical check up. I've been doing this for years. Last year I went to Tawakal Hospital to do it and I dont quite like it. My result was ok but the way it was done wasn't so systematic I felt. This year, I decided to go back to Ramsay Medical Centre in Desapark City again. I've done my medical check ups there previous years and they're super efficient and awesome. Plus, my best friend is a doctor there and I get to hang out for lunch with her whenever I am there.

I'm not being bias (because my BFF works there) but really, if you are looking to do a full health screening, I would highly recommend going there for your check up.

What I like about this hospital is:

1. The hospital isn't all that big, to go from one department to another is really close by. I got everything done in just one area (x-tray, scans, ECG). I dont have to run up and down to get the whole thing done unlike other hospitals.

2. They're super efficient. They took my blood & Urine samples at say 9.30am and by 11am, I already have my results done.

3. The doctors and staff are all super friendly and good.

4. Rates are competitive. I mean, if you compare their rates to Pantai, PCMC, they're around the same range. They're not as cheap as Tawakal Hospital but you can see their staff are way more professional.

5. They're just 15 minutes away from my house with the new highway DUKE 2.


What I dont really like about the hospital is that they dont have a nice hangout place. They have a little cafe in the hospital and that's about it. Im not sure if they have a cafeteria. For lunch, I usually drive out to the nearby areas. Nice spots for lunch at the Arcadia DesaPArk City (you can walk there!) or you can drive to Waterfront @ Desapark City which is about 5 minutes away by car.

Dont neglect your health, guys.

Although I am blessed with good health for now (Alhamdulillah), I dont take it for granted. This time, they had a promotion for the Urea Breath Test. It is a test to check for this h-Pylori bacteria in your tummy. It is actually meant for people who has abdominal pain or gastric. I dont have any of those symptoms but I figured, why not just go for it since I am there. Plus, it is on promotion.
I did the test and guess what?

I have the bacteria and it is positive!

I am now on antibiotic for 2 weeks to get rid of this bacteria. Had I not done this test (because I do not have any symptoms) I wouldn't have known I have this living in my body. So, moral of this story is…always get yourself checked and do not take your health for granted.

Anyway, apart from that… I am all good. I need to start exercising tho because my cholesterol level is high'ish. Alhamdulillah my annual check up is now completed. If you haven't done yours, go do it soon!


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