Friday, June 22, 2018

Happy Birthday Sayang

My husband turned 43 on Wednesday. It was a good day, I think.

Initially we wanted to go away to Penang or somewhere by the beach to celebrate but my daughter has exams coming up this week and next week. Going away would mean she would need to skip a few days of school. Part of me wants to say ok to that but then, the other side of me said if we start this "culture" she will forever demand to skip school and we will have to deal with that later. Like any normal parents, we said no. She was not too happy because birthdays are a big deal to her. (I think she got it from me!).

The day started like normal with our usual school runs. I asked my husband out for lunch that day to belanja him because I never do. I was expecting him to suggest going to some nice fancy restaurant like Nobu or something like that but he wanted Madam Kwans. Im not a fan of Madam Kwans because we eat there ALL THE TIME. Then second suggestion was Nandos. LOL. I guess he is not that high maintenance after all. Finally, we decided to go to Delicious. We took the lunch set and lunch was under RM80. haha… Cheap date huh? Anyway, food was good and we had a good meal, thats the most important thing.

I picked up the kids from school and then rushed to Bangsar Village to get my husband's birthday cake. He is not a cake person and the only cake he ever eats is the Rainbow Cake from Bisou or occasionally he will eat cheesecake from Starbucks / Coffee Bean. You give him any other cake, he won't eat it. Normally, because I am the cake hantu in the family, for all birthdays I will order a cake I will eat. Simply because everyone else won't eat except for me. They'll have a slice and I will have to finish the whole cake. My husband made some comments on this before so this year, I decided to be good and order a cake I WILL NOT eat but everyone else will.

There's a story behind this cake actually. This WAS my favourite cake when I was pregnant with my son. Every few days while I was pregnant with him I would come to Bangsar Village to get this damn rainbow cake. I could eat this all pregnancy. I just crave for it at the time but soon after my son was born, I couldn't bring myself to have it anymore. I just feel like throwing up each time I think about this cake. My son is almost 6 and I have not touched this cake since. My husband and my kids love this cake and they would order this every now and then when we are in Bangsar. I just sit and stare and still have that muak feeling inside of me.

When my husband saw his birthday cake, he actually said "wow, finally a cake I can eat for my birthday". Yikes.
We sang the birthday song and gave him his birthday gifts from all of us. I think he was pleased with it.

We also went out for dinner that night. My kids wanted to get the waiters to sing and bring a cake out but my husband didnt want to. I guess one cake is enough. heheh..

He says he doesn't do birthdays but I think he secretly loved that we made an effort to celebrate him. We all love him dearly and although we couldn't afford to buy him expensive gifts, I hope he knows that we appreciate him.

Happy 43rd Birthday sayang. I love you.

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