Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Spring Clean Your Heart

I've been so blessed in life that I have not experienced betrayal before. Touch wood, I will never have to. But unfortunately, my family members and close friends  have. Some betrayal bigger than the others and although I have never experienced it myself, when it happens to my friends or family, I still feel the pain and hurt. My husband says I do not have many experience with people like he does. He has met so many types that sometimes, things people ask him or expect of him amazes me.

I am no saint. I have many flaws. I am just like any other person. I gossip (unfortunately!), I bitch about people (they deserve it!) and sometimes, I make fun of people too. These are my flaws. I'm not proud of it, but hey, I'm only human. It is something I need to constantly tell and remind myself to not do. But at the end of the day, I still think I have a good heart. I dont wish anything bad to happen to anyone, so perhaps that's why I've been lucky. I dont know.

How to spring clean your heart?

1. Always do good. I believe in this. As much as I can, I try to do good. Doing good doesn't have to be something big like building a mosque or anything like that, it can be something small you can do daily. As simple as making someone smile. You can surely do that every single day with everyone you meet.

2. Get rid of Jealousy. I do get jealous of people when I see they have more than me. It is only human to feel that way, right? But I try to not let it affect me. Think of why they have more and how you can work towards getting it instead of just letting jealousy thief your joy. Recently, some friends of mine was attacked because of jealousy. People are jealous that her business is thriving and want to bring her down. Instead of looking for ways to bring her down, they should really work on their own businesses and how to grow it. There's enough cake for everyone.

3. Pray for them. This is what I teach my kids. To always be kind to unkind people. Pray for them because they need it the most. I pray for this everyday, for Allah to give happiness to others so they won't bother about ours. Often, people are unhappy want us to be unhappy too. It is also like in business, when your business is down…you want other businesses to go down with you too. Like I said, instead of bringing other people's businesses down, you should focus on bringing your business back up.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to morals and your values. We are in the new era #Malaysiabaru but if our morals and values are the same, nothing will change.

Whatever you do, do good. That's all. Have a clean heart and InsyaAllah.. good will come to you.

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