Sunday, July 1, 2018

Tarot Reading

Once in a while, I like to do random things. Tarot reading is one of them. I saw this person advertising it on a group and I wanted to get one done. Have you ever done it?

I remember the last time I got a Tarot Card reading was back in Cardiff. We were at a friend's house for dinner and she was doing it for fun. Surprisingly, whatever she picked out for me then was spot on. So spot on that I was shocked. I never did it again after that but this time, I wanted to give it a go. It cost me RM20.00 for 4 cards. Bargain!

I honestly dont know the meaning of these cards as the lady didnt explain or elaborate on it but opening your heart to love and joy is something I think everyone needs to do to get inner peace. Love and Joy to me can come from anyone or anything. It doesn't have to be from someone you love (that would be ideal) but it can come from anyone. Maybe a colleague, maybe a friend. Look for love and happiness outside if you can't find it inside your little circle. Alhamdulillah for me my family gives me a lot of happiness and I am blessed to have friends who can make me laugh when I'm down. My kids are a joy and my husband has my heart. I guess this card sums up my little life and maybe a reminder to love them more, if that's even possible.

 When I see this card, I was like huh? Birth? I dont want another baby! But then when I look deeper, it doesn't have to be a birth of a new child… it can be a birth of a new business, a new baby. This card tells me I need to look for new ideas. This can be somewhat true because honestly speaking, this year has been a very slow year for me. My businesses are moving but very slowly. It's not anyone's fault but my own, tho. I have been in this 'floating' bubble and haven't found any inspiration to work. So I'm very hopeful when I saw this card. I need to get out of this bubble and start exploring again. But if it is a birth of a new child…? Yikes! That is something I dont know if I can handle. LOL. I'm a contented mum of two and I think I'm pretty much done. But Allah knows best…. He is the best planner. I will let him lead me to the best plan for me.

When I saw this card my mind goes straight to my mum. She will be going for her surgery tomorrow and I hope I'll be able to take care of her while she's in the hospital. She will be in hospital for at least 2 days and I feel bad that I can't take care of her 24 hours a day because I have my kids to attend to. But I promise I'll be there the whole time and as much as I can. I already informed my kids and they're quite sad that they won't be able to see me that much that 2 days but they know Grandma needs me more.
I pray all the be well for my mum. InsyaAllah dipermudahkan. Amin.

This is so true because few days after I got this card, I was diagnosed with H Pylori. Remember this post? I've been on antibiotic for about a week now and yes, I am feeling much better. I actually have been having this pain under my right breast for a while. Well, it isn't really pain but just a mild discomfort and despite all the check ups, no doctor could tell me why I have that discomfort. I guess perhaps this H Pylori thing is the cause because after Day 5 of medication, I am almost 90% free from any pain and discomfort. Alhamdulillah.

So you see, this 4 card reading is somewhat accurate and relatable to me. Anyway, I did it just for fun and it doesn't mean I really believe in it or anything like that. Just so happens that it is relatable to me, which I find very interesting and thought I'd share it here.

Sometimes when you pray, Allah will guide you in the weirdest ways. I feel this is true in my case. Interesting isn't it?

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