Sunday, October 7, 2018

Stories in the news….

Do you ever feel the world is getting scarier and crazier each day?  I dont know but lately I feel like the stories I've been hearing is just too much for me to process. Here are some of the stories in the news that made me go WTF?!

1. Cradle Fund CEO's death
Wow. This story was crazy from day 1 but it is getting crazier each day. It was bad enough that we all thought he died due to the fire that broke out in his house but now, the story has made a turn and they think he could be murdered. This week, the court has granted the application by the police to exhume the body. Allahuakbar. You can read about it here. 

2. Kevin Morais murder trial
Kevin Morais was the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DDP). His body was found in a drum filled with concrete few years ago. It was 2 weeks after he was reported missing. We all knew from the beginning that there's something dodgy about this case. We all knew that this case involves someone high up but what is crazy is now, the elder brother of the deceased is said to have offered RM2mil to accused to plead guilty to the murder. WTH? Your own brother???? Seriously this is crazy! You can read about it here. 

3. Washing Machine Crazy
Remember last week when 2 men killed a pregnant cat by putting it in a dryer? Read about it here. What is wrong with these 2 men???? Are they crazy or just evil? I can't even bring myself to watch the video which went viral all over the internet. Seriously, they dont deserve to live!!!
This week there's a different story! A boy gets stuck in a washing machine after a prank! WTH? The boy's uncle had put him in the washing machine as a joke. OMG. I can't even think right now. People have seriously gone mental. Read about it here! Seriously, this is not funny.

People are seriously crazy. Don't you think?

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