Monday, February 4, 2019

Beach Holiday oils

I just got back from our beach holiday in Kuantan. Every holiday is different and since I can't possibly bring all my oils with me (because I have too many of them!), I will pick and choose according to the trip. Here are the oils I will take with me during my beach holidays. Of course, this is not all the oils I bring, I also bring oils for beauty and relaxation and health but these are the important ones I MUST take with me for the beach.

Lavender - This oil is a must for every trip because it is good for everything. It is known as the "Swiss Army Knife" of essential oils because there are a multitude of uses for it. It can help with cuts, bruises, burns, headaches, fever and even insomnia. If you can only take one oil, take this one with you!

Basil - I get insect bites easily. Even a mosquito bite can turn into a full blown rashes sometimes. By the beach, there are so many insects and sand fly. Argh. I hate those. Basil helps me with bites whenever I get it. It soothes it and it just prevents it from getting worse. I HAVE to bring this with me whenever we go to the beach.

Raven - I love the smell of this. It is very soothing especially for blocked nose and cough. It is great for upper respiratory problems and viral infections. I use this along with R.C especially for asthma. My daughter is not asthmatic but she has had asthma once or twice before so I always carry this just in case.

Thieves - This is a must have for all types of travel. It just protects the body from the onset of flu. I always apply this under their feet after their swim and before bedtime. After all that swimming in the sea and pool, they need this to warm their body up.

R.C - This is awesome for respiratory congestion, flu and sinus. It helps with their breathing and again, when you use this with Raven, it is amazing. I always apply this after their swim together with Raven and Thieves.

Apply Lavender at night before bed and diffuse lavender for a good night sleep. It helps them relax after a long tiring day being outdoors.

I apply thieves before pool time and before they go to the beach.

I apply Raven and R.C after they have their shower after pool / beach time.

Not that difficult to do but very very effective!

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