Monday, April 22, 2019

Penang Oh Penang

Last week, we took a short trip to Penang. The kids had school holidays and although honestly we are not in the mood for a break, we felt that the kids needed it. We wanted to go to the beach and at first we thought of Kuantan but then at the last minute, it was Penang, Golden Sands Resort it is.

My mother in law and sister in law came with us. 1 car would not fit so I decided to to drive one car while my husband drove another car. Driving to Penang would be the first for me. I am usually the sleeping passenger but this time, I took the challenge and drove us to Penang.

The journey was really smooth actually and driving to Penang was quite a breeze to be honest. I expected to be sleepy but Starbucks kept me company all the way there. It was good a good drive.

We spent some time by the pool (although I was mostly hiding from the sun the whole time - I did not swim!), we spent some time at the beach (beach wasn't great at the Golden Sands), spent some time at the indoor playground, some time exploring Georgetown too. I took my sister in law to the favourite spots because these millennials they want photos for instagram all the time. She made me take some photos for her and she even took my photos, although I clearly told her it wasn't necessary. No one would want to see my photos and no one would appreciate it anyway. Im not a beauty queen. Just a slightly overweight aunty! LOL

All was good during this trip. Kids had a lot of fun and so did we, the adults. Food was ok, nothing great. My hunt for Laksa Penang was a success, however, what I thought was Assam Laksa is actually what they call Laksa Penang. What I wanted was actually Laksa Kedah.

Upon check out, my maid discovered that my sandals were missing. I had brought an extra pair of sandals there but didn't even get to put them on. It was one of my favourite sandals actually. She looked everywhere and it was gone. I was furious!

I contacted the hotel manager of the Golden Sands Resorts Penang to explain this and did not get any reply. I told them to call me when they find it (because we definitely took it there and now it is gone!) but I never got a call back.

I emailed them to ask about it and they replied.

1. To say that they will look for it.

2. To say they found a black sandal in the dustbin, however it was not in the plastic bag. They asked for the description of the sandals. To which I replied immediately.

3. Final email was to say they didn't find it!

Furious I was!!!!!

Why tell me they found a pair of sandals in the bin if they're going to then say they didn't find it in the end?

It is not an expensive pair of shoes / sandals. Fair enough. But why did they throw away a good pair of sandals they "found in the bin"???

I am so disappointed in the way they handled the situation. Imagine if I had lost something valuable and they treat it that way? Oh we found your watch in the dustbin so we threw it away.

That totally spoils the whole mood and the whole trip for me. I wish we didn't go and I wish we had stayed in the Hard Rock instead. So angry!!!!

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