IZUMIO & Super Lutein Testimonials

What is Izumio Hydrogenated Water?
Izumio water contains the highest concentration of hydrogen which is a powerful anti-oxidant to neutralize free radicals in our body. Izumio hydrates you six times more than ordinary water.

Izumio contains the highest dissolved hydrogen concentration using water which is the major content of human body to transport large volume of Active Hydrogen to reach every cell to remove Free Radical. Hydrogen molecules, the smallest atom in the world, can penetrate into all narrow corners in the body. Its swiftness & effectiveness are unbeatable among the general anti-oxidant supplements or supplement water in the market. Active hydrogen is able to prevent proliferation of cancerous cell and cause the death of cancerous cells. Izumio is a health supplement water which can be taken by anyone, mixed with anything and be taken at anytime. 

Some of the benefits of Izumio Hydrogenated Water?
  • Detoxifies your body
  • Builds younger looking skin & delays ageing
  • Aids in reducing blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Improvement of allergies & asthma

3 capsules of Super Lutein is equivalent to 4 dishes of vegetables and 5 dishes of fruits comprising 6 different colour species
What is Super Lutein?
Super Lutein provides significant nutrition for your immune system, working to neutralize free radicals and reduce potentially damaging oxidation. Super Lutein is great at protecting your eyes as well as helping you to take care of your overall wellbeing. 

Super Lutein includes many supplements all in one form. We have it all in this special formula: a formula so unique that Super Lutein sets itself apart from similar products in the market.

Izumio Hydrogenated Water

Who should take Izumio Hydrogenated Water & Super Lutein?
Some testimonials received by consumers are Izumio:

  • 99% Allergy
  • 96% Skin disease
  • 89% Respiratory organic diseases
  • 91% Digestive system
  • 59% Neurological system
  • 87% Osteoarthritis
  • 88% Diabetes
Every ingredients in Super Lutein are meant to replenish the insufficiency of nutrients needed by our body.

If you are really keen on this product, you can contact me and I will be able to assist you. The Izumio Hydrogenated Water & Super Lutein is only currently sold to its members and retailed at RM435 each. If you are interested in signing up a package to consume it cheaper, you can do so with interest free credit on 6 credit cards at as low as RM444 per month for 12 months instalment. Contact me to find out more

All the above credit card are accepted for 6 or 12 months interest free instalments 


My daughter had a very bad rash. She usually has this attacks at least 2x a year. It would be so bad that she will start scratching until the area will burn & sometimes bleed. I don't know what is the cause of these attacks because it is very random. After hearing about people raving about this product, I decided to try it out. It isn't cheap but if it can cure my daughter's rash, it is definitely worth it. I bought 1 carton of Izumio and 1 bottle of Super Lutein from a friend (retail price is RM435). 

First week of drinking the izumio water, the rash didn't get better in fact it got worst. We were persistent and didn't want to give up as my friend kept telling me to go on with the treatment. My daughter couldn't swallow the Super Lutein then and we were told cut the capsule and squeeze the stuff out and apply to the affected area. Seems odd but we were desperate as she was really in pain (this time the rash was already bleeding due to her aggressive scratching), a few days later, it got better and alhamdulillah, it is all gone. All done without any steroid cream. Normally we would use the steroid cream to treat it. The skin gets darker and darker each time after using the steroid cream. She was taking 2 izumio per day and maybe 1 super lutein applied on the area a day.

Now she is totally healed. No more rash at the area. So far, it has not come back.

She also has slight eczema and slowly her skin is getting smoother and better. She takes 2 izumio a day and now able to swallow the super lutein. As her skin gets better, I will reduce her intake to 1 izumio per day and 1 super lutein per day. Although it doesn't harm her in any way and she can take as many as she wants but it is expensive to take so much when she doesn't need them.

Whenever they have slight temperature or feeling under the weather or gets sick from school, I will just give them more izumio & super lutein and so far, few occasions they have not gotten sick. One of their classmates had flu and was playing with them all day in school, yet, my kids don't get sick anymore.

Im happy to continue taking this product even for myself. 

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If you're interested to try the Izumio & Super Lutein or interested to learn about the business do contact me today!

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