Thursday, February 2, 2023

Hello 2023

It has been a while since I last posted an update. I somehow do not think that blogging is relevant anymore and as I've abandoned this blog way too long, I have also lost my readers. I mostly post updates, especially on my artworks on Instagram. It is less time consuming for me and I find it to be more efficient.

However, I am online this morning and decided to drop by.

2022 went by really fast. As the economy and country was opening up, many are slowly going back to pre-covid days. Myself included. We started traveling again and that was what I was missing the most the whole time when we were locked down during the pandemic. I missed exploring different countries and just people watching. Our first overseas trip last year was to Manila for my brother in law's wedding and it was an amazing experience. We all had such a wonderful time there. We also went to Bali after more than 10 years. We also ended our 2022 by visiting the holy city of Mekkah and Madinah. What an experience that was. We welcomed the New Year in Madinah and it was amazing. 

I am always one who is hopeful and this year is no different. I want nothing but the best for everyone and I hope we will always continue to live well with the best of health. My wish this year is to improve myself (especially spiritually) and just continue to be grateful with whatever life throws at me. 

I'm very excited that my artworks will be part of the Asia Art Show in Sydney this April 2023. I am looking forward for that and I hope I will find new homes for my artworks this year. 

Till then, have a blessed 2023. I hope everyone is well. Thank you for always supporting my life journey through this blog and have a wonderful 2023. See you soon!