Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yummy fruit salad

This is my favorite fruit salad and I just found out how to make them. It is Soo simple but yet so yummy. There's two version of it. One is sweet and one is sour. See which one suits your taste buds but to me, both are supper yummy. 
Try it.
Sweet fruit cocktail salad

This are the ingredients
- one large fruit cocktail in a can (remove the juice)
- 1 pack of whipping cream (250ml)
- 1 apple cut in cubes
- some raisins
- condensed milk

Basically just need to mix all the items together and you're done. Leave the condensed milk last as you won't need the whole can. Taste to suit your taste as too much of condensed milk will make it a bit too sweet.
Easy isn't it?

This is what it looks like. The sauce is yummy and sweet!
Another version of it is the sour one. The ingredients that you need are the same, except that instead of the condensed milk, replace it with evaporated milk.

Sour Fruit Salad
- one large fruit cocktail in a can
- 1 pack of whipping cream (250ml)
- 1 apple cut in cubes
- some raisins
- evaporated milk
- some lime juice (limau kasturi)
It's really yummy.
The way you do it is slighly different as for the sour salad, you don't need to throw the juice from the fruit cocktail. If you like it dry-ish then you can throw some of the juice away. Mix all the stuff together and add lime juice to make it masam.
For both salad, once it's done, keep it in the freezer till it is cold and eat it when it is cold. It is heavenly I swear!