Thursday, August 27, 2015

Top 10 Most Expensive School in KL

I saw this article and almost died! GULP!

Does it really cost that much these days? How are normal people with middle or lower income going to get this kind of education in Malaysia? We are fortunate that we can afford it but anything can happen tomorrow. How can we make sure we have enough for our kid's education fund? And mind you, this is only up till secondary school. How about college and university??? How much harder do we have to work to earn this much money??? As I'm typing this, my heart is beating fast.

Here is the list

1. Mont Kiara International School (MKIS)
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM1,291,900.00
They are an American International school.

2. International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM1,170,800.00
They are an American International school.

(Why are American International Schools so expensive?)

3. Garden International School (GIS)
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM1,118,160.00
They do British Syllabus. It was our second choice.

4. British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BISKL)
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM1,116,496.00 
They do British Syllabus. It was our third choice. I actually like this school but they didn't have Islamic Studies

5. IGB International School
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM1,053,500.00

6. Alice Smith International School
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM980,600.00

7. Nexus International School, Putrajaya
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM864,560.00

8. Australian International School Malaysia (AISM)
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM828,839.00

9. The International School @ Parkcity
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM763,360.00

10. Fairview International School
Total fees needed from Nursery level to Year 13 is RM554,060.00

I'm not sure about you but seeing these figures are making me worried about my future. I don't know if I can afford it in the future. Seriously! Like all parents, we obviously want the best for our kids and try to give them the best that we can afford. I know if we can't afford international school, we just have to find the best public or government school. Or maybe just homeschool them. I don't know.

Dont blame me for always thinking about MONEY. It is in front of my face everyday. You'd be stupid not to think about it.

Again, I will stress to all … FIND YOUR PASSIVE/SIDE INCOME! It doesn't have to be Izumio business. It doesn't have to be online business or whatever else I do but just find something! I found what works best for me with all my limitations so you go and find yours. Everything is expensive. You got to have a back up plan.

They've already done a list of the Top 10 most expensive schools in KL. When will they come up with the Top 10 cheapest schools in KL I wonder. I would like that list too…just to compare!
Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Getting ready for big school

I am still lost. I still don't really know what I need to prepare my daughter for big school and I have about 2 weeks to do everything. I'm starting to freak out.

1. My daughter sleeps late and wakes up quite late. We've been blessed that her current school is literally next door to our apartment unit. This is a luxury because we don't have to wake up so early to get ready, we don't have to drive out and be stuck in traffic. I need to start getting my daughter to sleep earlier and wake up earlier to prepare her for school as she will need to be up by 7am daily from September onwards in order for us to get to school by 8.30am. I think we will need to leave home by 7.40am. Not only that, I have to prepare myself too. I sleep late and I wake up late myself! I am not a morning person AT ALL!!!

2. Books. I haven't even gotten the book list from school. I don't know why I didn't do it the last time I was in school to pay the school fees. I should have. Ah well, I guess we'll have to do it next week.

3. Shoes and uniform
I think you get the uniform from school. We also need to buy white canvas shoes for her. I have no idea where to get them from. Any ideas? My friend told me you can get white shoes from BATA. I haven't been inside BATA since high school, I think. Anywhere else? Just in case we can't find the one we like from BATA.

4. School bag
What type of school bag do they need in Year 1? I've seen loads of them in Toys R Us and all those places and really, they're all ugly. Everyone will be using the same Frozen, Sofia the First, Barbie bag right? Should I get the ones with wheels? Gosh!!!!

5. She will have swimming lessons in school. Do I need to get swimming stuff?

I'm freaking out right now.
What else do I need???

Ringgit DOWN

Back when I was first sent to UK (after getting SPM results) in 1997, the exchange rate was still pretty good. If I remember correctly, it was still about 4.7 or something like that to £1. My mum did a very good job at the time by keeping pounds. As soon as she decided on sending me to the UK, she had slowly started changing RM to £ and by the time I went there, I had enough money (£) to cover my fees and expenses for a whole year.

Few months after I arrived UK, the ringgit started dropping. It went from 4 something to 6 something quite fast and at one point, it was down to RM8 to £1  It was crazy. It became really stressful because every time I wanted to buy something, I would feel guilty as I wanted to make sure that the money my mum gave me for that year will last me for a whole year as planned. During that period, one by one of our friends had to leave and within a few months, there was not many Malaysian left. Those on scholarship too had to go back. At the same time, my allowance for that year somehow only lasted me less than 6 months. Yikes.

Luckily for me, my mum's business was OK and survived the tough period. I felt bad so I took up some part time jobs here and there. Good thing about being in UK was, it was pretty easy to get a part time job at the university. I remember doing mail shots jobs. It was so easy and fun for £4 per hour's work.
I also remember some friends taking jobs as cleaners just to make that extra money while we were studying. Opportunities to make money is out there. You just need to open your eyes and look properly!

Throughout my whole time in UK, the pounds was nothing below 6. Even before I left UK it was still RM6.5 to £1 if I'm not mistaken. Only after I left, pounds started dropping in 2010 but today, in 2015 it is slowly going up again. Today, ringgit is so bad that USD1 is already almost touching RM4.5

We don't have any business overseas and I don't think we are planning to go abroad anytime soon so I think we are ok for now but with the economy so bad, we really need to start planning for our future even more.

This is the time when everyone is extra EMOTIONAL. Everyone is complaining about $$$ and how expensive things are. Cost of living is so high and salary is still low. Some companies are not even hiring. Bonuses are cut down. etc etc so you will expect people to have emotional turmoil but just remember that it is absolutely normal. This is when somehow or rather, we just have to adjust to the new environment and regain control by taking actions. What actions? Ask yourself.
Some will cut down on unnecessary expenses, some till switch to a cheaper service provider and go with a cheaper options, some will work longer hours and like me, I choose to have a side business to earn my passive income. Every week, I log on to my naturally plus account and look forward to my weekly income. This is not a scam. Money doesn't fall from tree and this is not like any other MLM business where when you're already on top, you can shake legs while your downline work their ass off and you earn an income. This is different. You are paid when you work and when you don't, you don't get paid so much. Still, I always believe that there's no such thing as easy money BUT this is as easy as it gets and I'm so happy I found this!

When we are faced with difficult situation, we need to take control of that situation and turn it into something positive. Staying home sulking about how expensive things are is not going to help you so get up and do something positive. My mum always tells me that when you want to make money, you CAN. Even a nasi lemak seller can earn a living just by selling nasi lemak. It is not much but still, instead of sulking, they get up early, cook and sell their nasi lemak by the roadside. So really, there is no excuse. Either you want it or not.

There is always a way to restore your financial health. The opportunities are there for you to grab. It doesn't have to be by doing what I'm doing now but you need to figure out the best way for you. Whatever it is, it looks like our economy is going down…so start planning now! We need to do this for our kids. It is their future we are talking about … and it's not getting any cheaper!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Financial Security

Call me materialistic, shallow or whatever you want but I LOVE money! I'm motivated by money and I feel happier when I have money. There! I've said it!

You are going to tell me that "MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING" and I totally agree with you but in today's world, everything IS about money. You just can't run away from it.

I've been a full-time housewife (I hate that title!) for more than 5 years now. Right before I resigned my last job, I was earning a five figure income. Obviously my husband can't give me THAT much. He gives me quite a generous amount monthly and alhamdulillah for that. I have my own money (from him) to pay my bills, my loans and a little bit left for shopping. But with the recent price hike, GST and whatnot, theres not much I can do with what my husband give me. Cost of living is going up and everything is so expensive. I haven't asked for a "pay-rise" from my husband because I know his expenses have gone up too. Instead, what I do is to find things to do from home that can generate additional income for myself. I have a few little business that I do from home (KupuKupu & BelliButtons Party House) but income from those two aren't regular. Sometimes I will go months without sales. Raya period is good but after raya, sales from KupuKupu is slow and almost none. But still, those are my babies and I'm very happy with it.

Apart from those 2, I am also involved in the Naturally Plus business. The Naturally Plus business pays me weekly. Believe it or not, I am already slowly starting to earn some passive income. We get paid weekly based on points accumulated in that week. You can earn up to RM2000++ a day in this business. So imagine that RM2000 x 30 days. How much is that? So anyway, I started doing this business for 8 months now and my income is not fixed yet. Some weeks I earn more, some weeks I don't earn at all, some weeks I earn A LOT. But whatever it is, I already have an income every month. Every month, I have money coming in from Naturally Plus, whether or not I have sold any products/packages in that month.

Tuesday morning, I woke up and just for fun, I went on to the Naturally Plus member's website and I saw that I have an income this week. Wow. For doing nothing??? That's really awesome. I haven't sold any products this week! How awesome is that? My total earnings for this month (for work done in July) is a 4 figure income and we still have 1 more week to go. Usually I earn a lot in the last week of the month because most of my sign ups are end of the month.

So you see, this business is very doable for SAHMs like me. If you are interested to earn some side income, email me. Nothing is free in life. Don't expect money to fall from the tree. It is possible when you put in effort. But to start, of course, like any businesses, you need to have a capital. If you don't have RM5330 to invest in now, come and talk to me. I will try to help pump in some money for you to kickstart your Naturally Plus journey. What I am looking for are genuine people who wants to do the business and have the right attitude. Often I hear people say they want to do this, but don't want to sell. Whether you do this business or some other business, as long as you are your own boss…you will have to SELL something. So think about what you want (the income) versus what you must do to get that income. I'm not telling you it will be easy but when there is a will, there is a way.

This week, we have a promotion on the package where the company is giving out FREE membership. That's a savings of RM122 for you. But don't wait too long, it is only until Saturday this week by 2pm.

My friends in this business are also doing really well…. They've been doing this longer than I have and already earning five figure income. They have also told me by next year, I will be earning a five figure income too. Wow. I can't wait!

The sooner you join, the better because you will be higher up the chart. My only regret is I didn't join sooner. But you know they say, it is better late than never!

What does having financial security mean to you? To me, it means I can have a better future. It also means GIRL POWER because soon, I will be financially independent. That to me is going to be a good feeling!

What are you waiting for? And just remember……

Whether you join me or not, I still get paid! Let's get paid together! We can so totally do this!
Come join me now!!!! Email me at izumiolife(@) to find out more
Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hydrogen Mask for Pigmentation

72 years old

A friend posted this on the Izumio & Super Lutein Resource group on Facebook and I thought I'd share it here. This is a good testimonial because I've met this lady a couple of times and each time I see her, she looks better and better. In fact, she's 10 years older than my mum but she looks about the same age if not younger than my mum. I need to get my mum to be rajin like her to use the izumio mask daily!!

Helped her with her back pain too
When I was living in the UK, I loved the sun so much. When its cold but the sun is shinning, I would be happy to go out under the sun and didn't even bother putting on sunblock. To me, getting tanned and letting the hot sun on my skin especially with the cold cold air is absolutely amazing  Of course I didn't think much about pigmentation then. Until recently when I spotted some pigmentation on my face. I went nuts.

I asked my facial lady what it was and she said it is early signs of pigmentation. That is scary.

What is pigmentation? It is simply colouring that affects the skin. It is a skin condition where you find patches of the skin turns darker/lighter. Uneven skin tone is ugly ok.

Our skin gets its colour from this pigment. Theres a special cells in our skin that makes them and when this cell is damaged or unhealthy, it affects the production of this pigment. 

Too much production will make your skin darker and too little will make it lighter. Either way, it is a big NO NO in my books. For example, like when I am out in the sun without protection (sunblock), the cell production of this pigment is high and it makes the skin darker. 

Recently, I bought a sunblock. Finally, after discovering this tiny pigmentation on my skin, I decided to invest on a sunblock. So far so good. I love it. But then after I saw this testimonial from my friend and after seeing the change in her mother in law's skin pigmentation, I NEED to start putting on IZUMIO hydrogen mask more regularly. I do and I see immediate improvement because my skin instantly becomes brighter but for all the pigmentation and freckles to go away, I need to start putting it on daily like this Aunty does.

I know Izumio works wonders for anti ageing. I've written about it before. You can read it here. This time, I want to specifically talk about pigmentation because really, it works. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015


I remember when I was a kid, I must have been about between 8-10 years old then. I was still living with my dad at the time and he got upset with me about something. I got a good scolding and I was so angry, I didn't want to talk to him for days. After I had calmed down, my ego was still too big to go up to him to apologise but instead, I wrote him a letter. I obviously don't remember what I wrote but I remember his reaction. He was so happy that I wrote him that letter and told me I should write more next time.

I love writing letters. I find it easier to express myself that way than talking about it, which is not always good. I find it so difficult to express myself especially when I'm upset. When Im angry, I will always keep it inside and shut up.

My daughter is starting to love writing letters. That day, she said she wanted to write me one. So she did. She can read but she can't really write very well or spell very well yet. This was the first attempt and I couldn't be more proud. She doesn't know how to spell "mummy" so she just wrote "mum" instead. She was so happy that I love the letter and want me to write her one too. Before she left for school, she told me to write her a nice letter.

She reminded me so many times that day and I knew I had to write one. It has been a while since I last wrote a letter to someone. My daughter can read quite well and reading isn't a problem. I could write anything but for her to write something back, well, she is not really there yet. Hence, you will see her writing the same thing to me again and again. But that's ok, it is still good practice

I love this…..

KL Fashion Week

Hahah…before you proceed, please note this is not a fashion post! I am no fashionista…..

KL Fashion Week is on to its last and final day today. I had attended none. Yes, Zero. And here's why…
It cost too much to attend and I would rather spend it on …something else, right now.

1. Hair & Make up.
Unless you can do amazing own makeup (which I can't), you will need to hire a makeup artist. I guess you can just walk into one of those big salons and get your hair and makeup done. Total estimated cost for that, I would say…maybe around RM200 - RM300 (I'm just guessing! I have no clue because I've never done it before). You can get a makeup artist to come and do your make up from home and that cost anything above RM500

2. What to wear
If you go for a show, it would be nice to wear their stuff right? Better still, wear their latest stuff. I guess since I'm not a celebrity, I surely have to pay for my own dress and that will cost me at least RM1000 a piece.

3. Accessories
Handbags, Shoes, etc etc….
Yes, great you have the nice Chanel bags, now make sure you have nice shoes to go with it too, ya. Don't come in Chanel and Vincci shoes. Don't get caught by the Fashion Police!

4. Front row seats
I don't know how it works but obviously you don't want to be seated right at the back, right? So until I get invite for a front row seat, I think I'll just watch the update from Instagram je la for now.

5. Friends
Please don't be a loser and go alone. It's better to go with an enemy than going alone to Fashion Week. Gotta pretend to be happening!

So you see…..All of the above is so not me!!! I wish it was but it is not.

I don't see myself attending any shows ever.

Thank God for instagram kan?