Saturday, October 3, 2015

Haze is back

Just when you think this episode is over…… It is back!!!!

It was ok early Saturday morning when I dropped my daughter off to her Maths class last week but by the time we left, about an hour later, the haze got really bad that I couldn't even open my eyes.


Every year it is the same thing!!! Cant we do something about this? Why is it so bad? Why can anyone do something about it? It's not only us in Malaysia but even our neighbour Singapore is badly affected by the haze too. Cant someone do something to stop the forest fire in Indonesia?

Every year we are faced with this bad haze but I think so far, this year has been the worst. I remember it was never this bad. This year itself, school was forced to close a few days already and looking at how it is today, I'm not surprised if school will be closed again tomorrow.

Yesterday, I was driving back from my aunt's house in Bandar Sri Damansara and it was so bad. It really looked like I was in Genting or something.

This morning, I checked the API it looks BAD. You can't really rely on the readings you get on the internet because it doesn't seem accurate at all. Sometimes, you can see for yourself that it is bad but when you check the readings, it says that it is OK. How can it be OK when it hurts your eye and you can smell smoke everywhere? But when you see the readings to be 289, you can be sure that it is actually worse than it is!

Again, remember:
1. To drink lots and lots of water. We drink Izumio (but of course!) and Alhamdulillah it is good for us. Keep yourself hydrated and drinking more water can improve dry eyes and overall well being. Izumio has the highest content of hydrogen and this is especially good during the haze as it can get rid of the free radicals in our body.
2. Stay indoors as much as possible. If you must go out, wear a mask.
3. Turn ON all your air purifier devices at home. I have mine ON 24 hours and yet, I could almost see smoke in the house. Make sure you close all the doors and windows and if you must, cover the spaces underneath the doors.
4. Antioxidants should be your BFF during this period. This is so our body can get rid of all the free radical damage and reduce the harmful effects of the haze. We eat Super Lutein for this. I give my kids extra capsules during this hazy period and so far they've been well.

A good tip I read today is….
Placing wet towels around the house will clean the air too apparently.If you don't like the idea of placing white towels around the house then you can replace them by placing buckets of water and put it under the fan. You can hang your towels in the room if you are using a ceiling fan. Also, it works to put a bowl of clean water in the room when you go to bed too especially if you sleep in an air conditioned room. It is also good for the skin as it prevents your skin from getting dry.

Let's pray that this haze will go away soon. I know a lot of kids are sick during this period. Even adults are complaining their throats are itchy and eyes are dry. A lot of asthma cases too. So please take care of your health and the kids. I am hoping this haze will go away but I have this feeling it will stay with us for awhile. Sigh

This sucks!

Al Fatihah

My uncle (my mum's brother in law, my aunt's husband) passed away last night. I found out this morning when I woke up for Subuh. My mum tried calling me a couple of times last night when he passed away but my phone was on silent. I slept early last night.

My uncle just recently had a triple bypass surgery. Everything was ok but apparently he had bleeding in his stomach few days back and was hospitalised. His condition was quite critical but I was really hoping he would make it but Allah loves him more. Al fatihah.

I rushed to my aunt's place this morning right after subuh to be with my family. I spent some time reading the yassin before his body was brought to the masjid.

This is the first death in my family (of close relative) and I couldn't help feeling sad especially for my cousins. May Allah grant him jannah and give his family patience to get through this difficult time.

Al Fatihah Uncle Hamid….
Friday, October 2, 2015

Beauty Pain

I'm always very kiasu when it comes to my skin. I guess it is because I am not one of those blessed with good flawless skin. I'm always searching for new products to make my skin flawless. But over the years, I realise that:

1. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to have that flawless skin
2. I know what works for me and I should stick to what I know

This is what I know and what works for me:

1. Dermalogica products for my skin are the best because I've tried so many other products and nothing works as well as Dermalogica
2. Izumio & Super Lutein is a good supplement for my skin (and overall health) and Izumio mask is DA BOMB
3. Facial at least once a month will be good but if I'm too busy to slot 1 session in, I could go without facial for 2 months

Knowing all this, I know I can maintain my skin. My skin will never be flawless and by doing the above, it will be as good as it can get. I'm happy.

Few months ago, I went for facial at my regular salon. I've been going to this place since I was 16 years old so I know how good it is for me. But of course, the beautician comes and go… except for 1 beautician who is still there but it is almost impossible to get an appointment with her. I usually just ask for whoever is available. So anyway… few months ago, this new beautician was assigned to do my facial. She was alright and at the end of the facial, she recommended some products to me. Being a sucker that I am, I listened and bought it!

It was this overnight repair serum. My birthday was approaching and normally, around my birthday I will invest in some anti-aging products. This year was no different. I don't know why I always do this but every year I will spend on some anti-ageing products during my birthday.

I've been using Dermalogica products since I was 16 but I've never tried their AGE smart line before. This time, since I was going to celebrate being a year older, I figured, ok, it is time to change to a different product line. I can't be relying on the same products Ive been using since 16 right?


I tried this serum for like a few weeks and OMG, I started breaking out BIG TIME!!! For some weird reason, this serum is really not working for me AT ALL. I started breaking out like a teenager. I don't know what happened but it looks like this product is probably too rich or something for my skin and it sort of over stimulated my skin or something. Whatever it is my skin was getting from bad to worse!!!!

I was freaking out BIG TIME. I mean, come on, my skin was really good before that facial and before I started using this serum. I really wanted to kill someone!!! That beautician to be exact!!! Arghh!!!!
I tried to get an appointment for facial to clear the skin but somehow I couldn't get any appointments for weeks. My skin was getting worse and worse… I wanted to die!!!

Finally, I got an appointment with the senior (the beautician who's been doing my facial since 16) and she too got the shock of her life!!! She didn't want to blame the products (obviously) so she said it must be something else. But it is not something else. I started breaking out AFTER I started using this particular product. And of course, after few weeks of using it and seeing how bad my skin was, I stopped using it.

Anyway, I've gone for facial twice within 2 weeks because there's just so much "cleaning up" work to do. Sigh!!! And omg the extractions were so freaking painful.

Hopefully it will get better soon.

In case you saw me, please don't look at my face… I know! I know! it is bad right now….
I need to start using the Izumio mask more often but I've been so busy with my daughter that I really have no time to do the mask at home daily. I really need to find time.

I wanna be beautiful and have beautiful skin again!!!

So stressed out!!!
Thursday, October 1, 2015

Retirement Plan

Have you ever thought of retirement?

Honestly speaking, I haven't. Why? Because I'm still young. I'm not even done working, how can I think about retirement? I'm only 36.


I got an email today about retirement and it got me thinking, why haven't I thought about my retirement? I am already 36!!! I should have a retirement plan in place by now if I plan to retire in the next 10 years. Do I really want to work forever? Of course not! And with the high cost of living, how are we to survive without an income and stop working completely? In 10 years, my daughter is not even in college yet!

My aunt is about 50+ and due to retire end of this year. She's been working for the same company for as long as I can remember (probably more than 20 years or longer) and last month, she told us that her company will cease their operations due to the negative market conditions. A total of 230 workers will be made redundant. My aunt is now unsure whether she will still get the retirement package that she was supposed to get end of this year. She is still waiting to hear from the management. She worked all her life and she has been a loyal employee. This was her retirement plan. What now? There are many out there like her and with the current economy, it will be stupid not to have a back up plan.

Today on the way to school, it was on the radio to always check your EPF account. That's one retirement plan. But for me, I only worked in Malaysia for about 5 years or so before I became a housewife. Trust me, whatever that's in my EPF won't be enough for my retirement! I need a backup plan and it has to be solid!

What is my backup plan?

  • Savings

  • Passive Income

1. Savings
I don't have a lot of savings because I'm such a big spender. But I do save as much as I can. Even if it is a little bit here and there, I do try to save.

I have my ASB and a few other that I contribute to monthly. Even if it is just RM100 per month, make sure you put aside some money especially in case of emergency. My ASB is what I use to invest here and there with my little businesses that I run. Alhamdulillah, it is working for me. Another good tool for saving money is the retirement planner from Personal Capital. It is totally free and allows you to manage your finances and see your projected retirement age based on what you make currently.

2. Passive Income
What is passive income? This is an income you receive regularly without putting in that much effort. This is everyone's dream, right? If you want to know more about getting that passive income, you can click on this link right here and here.

The Izumio business that I started about 9 months ago is slowly giving me this passive income. Of course I can't retire now with this business but give me a few more years doing exactly what I'm doing now, I am sure I'll have enough to put aside for my retirement. Watch this space!!!

Back in school, I had this friend of mine whose father had already passed away leaving him, his sister and his mother. His mother doesn't work and was a housewife. I kept wondering at the time how they survived especially since both kids were in private school, surely expenses are quite high. But later I found out that his dad had many properties that he rents out. All his mother needed to do was to collect rental every month. This is one example of a passive income. Someday, when I have enough I wish to do the same. I already have a property now so perhaps in the future I can rent it out or something. Whatever it is, get a property. It can be your passive income in the future like my friend's mum.

What about you? What's your retirement plan?

Please don't say marrying a rich guy! LOL (I've heard that answer before btw)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Holiday bag

My Izumio gang are all in Japan right now enjoying their free all expenses paid trip. I am so freaking jealous right now. Every 10 packages you sponsor (i.e sell), you get 1 holiday ticket. I managed to get 1 ticket for myself too but unfortunately, I couldn't go. My daughter just started school and she needs me to be with her right now. Our "new life" just started and so we all need to be together right now to test the routine and whatnot. Although I got my free ticket to Japan, I couldn't go. But those who cannot join this trip won't leave empty handed of course, we all got RM5330 worth of products. Which, to me is so good because we all consume it!

So anyway, a bunch of them are on this Japan trip now!!! I'm so jealous!!!

Before they left, they were busy packing and on our group chat, they were discussing what to bring, which shoes to wear, what handbag to carry and it got me thinking about handbags. Holiday handbags.

What's your favourite holiday handbag?

For me, my LV is my favourite holiday bag. This is why….

1. It is big
2. It is light
3. I can dump everything I want in there

It is just the best holiday bag EVER!!!! I can put ALL our passports in there. I usually carry everyone's passport with me. That's at least 5 passports including my maid's. If my mil comes along, that's 6 passports to carry. I usually also put a small folder in this bag with all our travel itinerary (like hotel bookings and driver's confirmation letter etc). I put my small makeup bag for me to freshen up on the plane. I have my cardigan in this bag when I get cold. My phone, pen, sometimes my kid's iPads.
Basically, A LOT OF JUNK can fit in this bag.
I love it!!!!

This is without a doubt my favourite bag when I'm traveling by plane, for sure!!!

But when I'm out and about on holiday…. I prefer taking my Prada gaufre bag. I can't put that much stuff in there but its a sling bag and its just easy for me to carry and I just love it.

See? So cool right? So practical especially when I'm on holiday. I bought this 5 years ago and it is one of my favourite bags ever because I use it so much and such a good purchase! I would so buy this again (in a different colour). Mine is dark blue and matches all my outfits perfectly too :)

Anyway, the girls was talking about bags and I thought about my 2 favourite holiday bags. I would bring this 2 bags on every trip. But when I was in London and Paris last year, I didn't bring the LV and brought my Chanel GST instead. (what was I thinking?)
OK fine…It looks good and all but OMG, it was so heavy to carry around and although I can put all the stuff I wanted to put in there, it was just not practical at all on holiday. I'll never bring this bag on holiday again EVER!

While the girls and I were talking about holiday bags, they told me that next time, when I'm on holiday, I should carry 2 bags. 1 small sling bag (small as in, really small…can fit 1 passport + 1 wallet kind of small) and 1 trash bag.


The logic is, you just carry what you need with you, which is your money, phone and passport. And every other junk (like your makeup bag, your sweater, etc in the "trash" bag). Once you get to your destination, just carry the sling bag and leave the other bag in the car or something.


OK…. that's interesting. Now I HAVE to get a Wallet on Chain (WOC)? Sigh. I've been wanting one but to pay RM6000 for this is making me think twice! It is really cute and nice. OK fine. I want one! Why not?!

But also, since we are talking about sling bags, I also found these……. Quite nice right?

What about the "trash" bag? Well, it can be any bag because people won't see you carrying it. Umm……. But still!!!! Gotta match my outfit!

OK enough bag talk! I'm gonna save money to buy my WOC!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Week Two


There has been some improvements but the crying hasn't stopped completely just yet. oh dear.

With regards to the bully, few days ago, I saw some positive changes. They have become friends. Alhamdulillah. I don't know how it happened but when I picked her up they were saying "bye" to each other. They're not best friends yet but at least it is moving towards something positive and for that, I am very happy.

The crying is still going on. She's the only one in class crying so teachers ALL know her by now. They see me walking in the school and asked if I'm my daughter's mother and they will tell me how she cried. But they all say she's ok. Just that she misses me a lot.

I guess I kind of get it. She must obviously misses me because she's never been away from me for longer than 3 hours. Sometimes I forget that she's only 5 years old. Sometimes I forget that she's still a baby. It's just that she talks like an adult sometimes and when I talk to her, I don't see a 5 year old girl. Bless her.

Anyway, everyday it is getting better and better.

On Wednesday, she has swimming class in school. OMG. She cried her eyes out because she's so scared of going inside the water without her father to protect her. The swimming class was actually very fun but because she was so scared, she didn't see the fun side of it. "This swimming class is not fun at all!" but it really is, I was there and I saw how much fun it was. Poor thing.

Today is Friday. We walked towards the class and already she is starting to get herself emotional by saying things like "why can't you be there during lunch?" "why can't I stay with you all the time?" but I quickly turned the subject and when we got in her class, before she could cry, her teacher offered her a hug. She hugged the teacher and said bye to me. No tears!

During break time, I stayed back to spy on her. But I didn't do a good job because she spotted me from far. Hiding behind the pillars was a bad move. LOL. She didn't even come close to me and enjoyed her break time with her friend.

By the time I picked her up, she was in a good mood and was happy.

So hopefully, week 2 is going to end the crying and emo!


Oh, and today….. as we were leaving….the kids were all lining up and I saw how the "bully" say "STOP IT! STOP IT" to another girl. The girl didn't do anything to this "bully"but she said it in a very harsh tone. So I can imagine how and why my daughter was scared. This girl needs help I think……..

Overall, it is a good week. Could be better but I'm happy with her progress. Like I said, slowly but surely. I hope it will get better next week.

On another note…


School runs really is tiring. Gosh! To think that I have many many more years to do this………damn…I need a driver…

Sunday, September 20, 2015

First Week

We attended my daughter's orientation day last week and it was so good. Good, in a sense no one cried and my daughter was in the best spirit and was loving every bit of being in the big school. Naturally, because it went really well, I expected her to be OK without much fuss forever.

Monday was ok. Getting up early and all was alright. I mean, I am not a morning person but I made sure I slept early the night before and I was ok. My daughter was just excited and getting her to get up and ready for school wasn't difficult at all. She requested for me to send her to school and off we went. My husband stayed home to make sure our son was ok and dropped him off to school.

Everything was ok. I stayed on till about break time and during break time they had some cereal and milk. My daughter the fussy eater didn't want to eat that but luckily I had packed some sandwiches for her. She happily ate that and was all ok. I left after break and went home to cook lunch for my son. My husband wanted to pick up our daughter so instead of going with him, I stayed home. It was a relieve too because I was so tired by noon with all the driving and whatnot. He went to school early and was there before their lunchtime. 

They came back that day and he told me that our daughter was crying. I asked her why she was crying and apparently, she wanted to go to the toilet to pee but was too shy to put her hands up. It was only when she saw her dad peeping at the door she told the teacher she wants her dad to take her to the toilet. 

After further investigation, turns out, another girl in her class has been calling her names and telling her she's naughty. My daughter is NOT naughty and she knows this and so it really shocked her and hurt her feelings that someone would say that to her. (girls being emo and all!) She was really hurt. 

The next day, we got a text from the mummy group chat saying that school will be off on Tuesday. Wednesday is Hari Malaysia and a public holiday. School even put a note saying due to the bad haze, the school has decided to close on Thursday and Friday too. WHAT??? 

But come Wednesday, government announced that schools will be opened again on Thursday and go as normal. We got up and got ready for school.

By the time I dropped her in her class she started weeping again. Teacher told me that she's missing me. She kept saying she wants her mummy. Bless her. But I really don't think that is the reason why she is crying. She's crying because she is scared of the class bully and the reason why she wanted me was to protect her. She didn't want me to go but I had to so I told her that I will give her something that is mine and if she misses me or is scared, she should hold it tight and keep it close to her. I searched my bag for something and luckily, I found a scrunchy. I saw her grabbing it tight. Poor baby.

I walked away feeling so sad. But I had to let her go. 

I waited in the canteen till her break time and she was still crying then. According to the teacher, she will cry every now and then. Sometimes she's ok and sometimes she's not. During break time, she was still crying so I went up to her and told her not to cry. The bully was sat opposite her and I saw that girl staring at my daughter with a real evil look. She started crying more then because she said she's scared of that girl. Oh dear. A bully in Year 1?? Already?

When my husband picked her up that Thursday, as soon as she came home, her eyes was all swollen. I knew she must be crying for ages. After talking to her she was ok. 

Friday was the same. She started crying as soon as I walked out. Same thing again during break time. I had spoken to the teacher then and told her why she's crying and she's scared of this other girl. The teacher didn't think so and still insisted it was because she misses me. 

I came to pick her up that Friday. I went early. When I picked her up, she was in the best spirit. She was so happy and said bye to everyone. One parent even commented how friendly my daughter is and they couldn't believe that she's been crying. 

That day I spoke to her and again, she told me the same story about this girl. I kept telling her that it is ok, the girl was staring at her because she's beautiful. And if she says that my daughter is naughty, she should tell her that it is not nice to talk and say that. 

After shower that night, she sat on the floor looking at depressed. I thought she had fought with her brother or something but actually she was just thinking about school and this particular girl. I don't know why she is so scared and hurt by what the girl said and did. Apparently something happened in the toilet too but I couldn't get the whole story from my daughter.

That night she couldn't sleep. She was tossing and turning and just won't sleep. She was crying in bed too. I had fallen asleep but then got up and saw her still crying. I told her ok, she doesn't have to go to school anymore and she can stay at home with me forever. As soon as I said that, she hugged me and went to sleep.

The next day, she asked me again if I was kidding about what I said last night in bed. I said yes I was. We cannot go through life giving up. I told her that school is the best time ever and I had such a good time in school with my friends. All weekend she's been asking me to stay until lunchtime. 
I would but I have something on tomorrow. I have a meeting around her lunchtime so I won't be there.

I'm trying to think of ways to make her see how wonderful school is. 

I hope it is nothing serious…..

She must love school…..!!! Wish us luck for week 2!