Thursday, January 18, 2018

Work Permit Renewal Drama

Last November, my maid completed her 1st year working for us. Alhamdulillah we are lucky that we found a hardworking and genuine helper. I've had my struggles with her as she is not as attentive as I would hoped but seeing how so many people struggle to keep a maid, I think I shall just close one eye (or both eyes sometimes) and cut her some slack. After all, it isn't easy living with us. I am not the nicest person to be around and my kids can be a handful.

You can choose to renew it via your agent or you can also do it yourself via MYEG. I've always just renewed it through the agency but I am actually not a fan of our current agent so this time, I decided to be brave and do it myself. I saved my husband a good RM300-RM500 doing it myself but the torture I had to endure, I think I deserve that RM500!

We didnt realise her visa was expiring until about a month before the expiry date. Silly me for not checking but I always thought that it is a straightforward process and can be done easily.

First thing that needed to be done before anything else was to get the FOMEMA or the medical check up done. To do this, you would need to register online on their website and although registration was really straightforward and easy to do, the approval took about 2-3 days. I really dont understand why it had to take that long. I was impatient as I needed her visa to be done ASAP seeing that it was already year end and if we were going on a holiday abroad, I would need to apply visa for her as well. I kept calling FOMEMA and they told me that approval takes that long and theres really nothing much I can do but wait.

Once approval is done, you can start adding your domestic worker(s)'s names on there. Luckily I only have one. Once you add her name in, you need to choose which clinic you want to take her to. I chose one that is closest to my house. Payment needs to be done online too.

After the medical check up, you will need to wait approximately 7 days for the results to come back. They will update the results online and you will need to check it from time to time. Once the results are back and all cleared, you may then proceed to the next level which is to go to the MyEG website for the visa renewal.

I kept on trying and trying and failed to detect my maid's medical report. How it works is, once FOMEMA is cleared, you will be able to add in your maid's details on the MyEG page. For some weird reason, they did not recognise the codes that I added.It was so frustrating. It took me 2 days. I tried for the whole 2 days thinking it could be their system is down or something like that. Finally, I called them and told them to rectify the problem. Telling them I urgently need to get this visa done and approved as we will most probably be traveling overseas and I have to take my maid along with me. They understood the urgency but they somehow didnt know how to rectify the problem. I was on the phone with them for many many times. I was also told to email them, which I did many many times but still after a week, the problem was not rectified.


No one knew the problem was until finally, they discovered that my maid's name on the passport is different from the one registered on Fomema. Im not sure if I did that mistake or it was from their side but whatever it is, such small simple mistake took over a week for them to discover. There was a lot of ding-dong-'ing going on. They told me they need to get in touch with Fomema to get the name amended but again, it took longer than it should. I finally had enough and I called Fomema to get it sorted myself, which they did in less than 24 hours. MyEG couldn't even do that! It was really frustrating for me because I was rushing against time. Her visa is expiring soon and I have to get her visa before we can plan our year end holiday. And we had plans to travel to London or Japan. Both would need a good few weeks or so for my maid to get visa to travel to those countries.

Once we got the name sorted, I still could not log in to MyEG and trace my maid's medical report. What now?? After a lot of emails and shouting over the phone with the MYEG staff, we discovered the date of birth is wrong. Just shoot me already!!! It has been 2 weeks since we started this whole process and still we could not get it done.

I couldn't wait any longer and was advised that it would be better to proceed with the wrong name. We didnt even realise that it has been wrong all along. Even in her current visa it is already the wrong name. I mean it had all her names but it is not as per her passport name. Her passport name is A B binti C D and the visa name is A D Binti B C. (Dont ask!)

Finally, after about 3 weeks of starting this whole process, I managed to successfully renewed her visa. I was left with only about a week or less before her visa expires. Apparently renewal on their side will take about 2 weeks which means she will be "illegal" for a good week or so. We were told as long as we submit her renewal before her visa expires, she won't get fined.

We only managed to get her visa approved few weeks later and by then it was too short notice for us to go abroad. By the time we apply for a holiday visa for her, it will be time for school to start again. We decided to skip the holiday. Anyway, it will be way too expensive to book a year end holiday that late.

So that's the drama. I thought it was going to be easy to do it myself and save RM500 but I dont think it was that easy. It would probably take that long if we do it via the agency too. I would be RM500 worse off and will have to call the agent all the time too. So I dont know if I will do it myself again next year or let the agent deal with it.

Now that I know what to do, I will just start the process earlier. In any way, I'm glad I still have a maid!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Insurance: Yay or Nay?

For the longest time, I have been debating this, whether we need one or not. I must say that I was rather brave and took a huge risk by not getting one. Finally, this year (2018) I took the leap of faith and went for it.

Last week, I set up a meeting to meet with an insurance agent to discuss this further. The aim of that meeting was to understand more about it because honestly speaking, I had zero knowledge and I didnt know what I need. A friend recommended her insurance agent and we sat down to discuss the importance of having one. Yes, some may say that insurance agent is always out to get a commission but let's face it, who isn't? Everyone has an agenda at the end of the day but it is up to us whether or not we want it in the first place, whatever it is they are selling.

To me, after my meeting with my insurance agent, I felt like I NEEDED to protect myself. I am a mother of 2 young kids. I HAVE to be around for as long as I can for both my children and if I am not protected, how can I protect them.

I realise that many people around me already have insurance policies to protect them and I am one of the odd one who doesn't seem to have any protection. I've been blessed with good health so far (alhamdulillah) but I dont know what may happen in the future. Accidents can happen to any healthy person too. I must say, I was ignorant.

It doesn't have to be such a high investment. Although I rather spend on that monthly facial or shopping at Zara with that money but I'm glad I chose this instead. Now I feel free. I know I will be OK if I ever fall sick or had an accident. I know I am protected. Somehow it makes me feel safe.

So for those of you who still do not have an insurance policy, please speak to the professionals. My advice is get a reliable agent who is recommended by friends or people you know you can trust. A lot of these agents do work on commission so of course their job is to "sell" their Insurance policy. Be smart and do your own research. There are always cheaper options out there but cheaper doesn't always mean better especially in the long run. Expensive dont always mean the best too. Most important thing is, get yourself protected. You never know what will come your way in the future and yes, getting x amount of money will not necessary mean it will cover you in case anything happen but at least it can help.

Yes, Insurance is a YAY for me and better late than never.
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Year's Resolution

As promised in my previous post and following the tradition that I've been doing for as long as I can remember, I have finally completed my list for this year's New Year's resolution. I've been extremely busy and I have not had the time to be really specific but this year, my ultimate aim and goal is to achieve the 3 things listed below:

1. Strengthen my Iman

My kids are growing up and watching my move and steps. I want to be a good role model to my kids and I know by strengthening my Iman, I can be the best role model to my kids. InsyaAllah.

What does being spiritual mean? It could mean a lot of things. Being spiritual and religious is two different things. For me, strengthening my Iman means being both. I must bring myself closer to God and more religious. I know I have a long way to go but InsyaAllah, this year, I will make more of an effort to learn more about things around me, the right way. The muslim way. They say when Allah is always on your mind, Iman will always be in your heart. I need to work on this even more now than ever because I need to set a good example.

2. Take charge of my own happiness

As I'm getting older, I learn that in order to be the best that I can be is to love myself even more. Once you become a mum, your life will take a huge turn. Everything is no longer about you and becomes all about your little ones. That is the same with me too. It took me so long to realise that in order for me to be the best mum to my children, I need to be happy.I need to make myself a priority. It is NOT being selfish when I am MY PRIORITY. I need to feel good, look good and be good in order for me to be the kind of mum that my kids can look up to. It is actually very simple but often forgotten. This year, I promise to love myself even more and be in charge of my own happiness.

Jada Pinkett Smith nailed it! I watched this video and I could totally relate. This is exactly what I needed to do to be a better me.

3. Health is wealth

I must say that I've done this for a few years now. It is a work in progress for sure but I've taken that step to lead a healthier life compared to how I was before. This year, I need to continue and do even more. I'm also not getting any younger. I am glad that I know what works for my health and wellbeing. I am grateful that I have friends guiding me to lead a healthier lifestyle, not just for me but for my whole family. Those who know me well will know that I do not exercise. Heck, I dont even own any sports shoes or workout clothes. I just dont exercise. This year, I plan to incorporate that in my life. I am still not ready to sign up for gym or workout classes yet (because I know I might not go!) but I want to start slow by perhaps doing simple workouts at home. Youtube will be my guide. Watch this space!

Eating clean is also quite hard for me to achieve. I just love food too much. I will try to cut down on sugar (cakes!!!!) and have more fruits and vegetables in my meals. My husband and I plan to go on juice diet soon. I hope we will make it! (Wish us luck!)

I guess that is it. My goals is pretty simple. I guess I lead a pretty simple life and I dont need much. As long as I am healthy, my family and children is OK, I feel blessed.

What is your 2018 resolution? Do share.
Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

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I hope it is not too late to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year 2018. Can you believe it is already 2018. I feel like I am still not over 2016 let alone 2017. It is almost like 2017 never happened. It went by so fast. I've missed blogging a lot but I am too busy to blog these days. I need to find my blogging mojo again.

This year, I did not make any new year's resolution. Not because I didnt want to do one but simply because I just didnt have the time to gather my thoughts on what I want to achieve in 2018. 24 hours is just not enough these days. I still want to do a New Year's resolution because New Year won't be the same without one. Whether or not I achieve or achieved my New Year's resolutions in the past is a completely different story :)

I shall make this first post short and sweet. I wish all of you a great year. As I age and grow older, I feel like health is most important and rezeki comes in many forms. May we all be rich this year! Amin..
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Young Living Oiling Journey

For those who are interested to know more about Young Living oils, please follow my new blog The Superoiler In Me. There I will share tips on how you can embark on this journey to live a chemical free life. We should all aim for that. The aim of that blog is to help other find effective natural remedies using the Young Living essential oils. I will also share how you can easily make your own products from the comfort of your own home which can save you a lot of time (and money) in the process.

If you are interested to know this, whilst creating financial freedom, do follow The Superoiler in Me blog. See you there!