Thursday, February 4, 2016

Best Friends

Kids really do say the darnest things sometimes. On the way back from school, it was just the two of us in the car. She would normally tell me about her day and we'd chat all the way home. In school today, they had their Chinese New Year assembly and they're all dressed in their Chinese New Year outfit. My daughter wore her cheongsam given by Mom2Ashley. It's the cutest batik cheongsam. So anyway, I don't know what happened during assembly but it must have been boring because my daughter actually fell asleep!

When she told me she slept in the hall, I had my eyes wide and my mouth opened because I was shocked! It is actually very funny so I started laughing and she was quite embarrassed. She said her best friend Zian and Mya was laughing at her and they woke her up. I was laughing when she suddenly said…

Daughter: Oh mummy! I shouldn't have told you that!
Mummy: Why not?! You must tell me everything! I am your best friend!
Daughter: No you are not!!! Zian is my best friend!

Kuang! Kuang! Kuang!

She was laughing as well when she told me because it is quite funny that she fell asleep during assembly. To cover up, she said "Actually, I just sat back and closed my eyes" trying to act like she wasn't sleeping, really. But duh, of course she did.

Daughter: mummy, you can't be my best friend
Mummy: Why not??
Daughter: Because you are big. I want a best friend who can play with me. This best friend is boring! You are so boring!! I cannot have a best friend 36 years old!


That hurts!

But really, the way she said it was so funny.

Fine!!! Rub it to my face that I'm old and boring why dont you!!!
Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jalan Bukit Bintang

Few weeks ago my sister in law had her wedding reception in town and since all my husband's family decided to stay in the hotel, we tagged along. Kids was excited to swim and whatnot with their cousin. We live literally 10 minutes away from town and really, it doesn't make much sense to stay in the hotel but since everyone else is staying, we joined the crowd.

First plan was to check ourselves in and then I was supposed to do my hair and makeup somewhere in town. My mother in law and sisters in law were all planning to get their make up done in Pavillion but when I got to the hotel, they had already left. As soon as my husband and kids got settled, I took my car out and drove out. I needed to get my hair AND makeup done.

It was 5pm and I had no clue where to go. I was driving around town like a headless chicken. Traffic was pretty bad too. Then it started pouring down and started raining cats and dogs. I was so excited to get all dressed up and now it is all ruined because I don't know where to go and traffic was mental everywhere. To make matters worse, I had no petrol too… my car could stop anytime and I don't know where the nearest petrol station was. Panicking like crazy in the rain, in my car in crazy traffic. Great. Just great.

Finally, I got into Pavilion's carpark. As soon as I got there my husband called. He asked me if I found a place and how long I was going to take. I told him I just entered Pavilion. He didn't think it was a good idea to go in as I will probably be late coming back. But he was sweet, he told me I don't need hair and makeup as I was beautiful enough. Umm……. yea I know but I want to get my hair AND makeup done!!! He said ok.

After few minutes of talking, while looking for parking, I decided to skip it. I drove back out and headed back to the hotel. My husband told me where the nearest petrol station is too. I got there and went back to the hotel and got ready immediately.

Did my own hair and makeup and guess what? I looked really pretty!!! That saved me at least RM300! hahah… I looked really nice. Mom2Ashley even sent me a youtube video on how to do makeup! LOL
It's been a long time since I actually put on full on makeup myself and that video was a good refresher video. I was so excited.

Anyway, wedding went really well. My kids was the flower girl and boy that night together with their cousin and they were too funny. They obviously sucked at it because they forgot what they were supposed to do and didn't do it well but the wedding went great anyway. Kids was having so much fun behaving like monkeys that night.

After the wedding, I was really so freaking tired I wanted to die. I was so sleepy too. We went back to our room at about 10.45pm. By the time I gave my kids a shower and by the time they got to bed was almost 12am. We were so ready to pass out but I asked my husband if he wanted to walk around down Jalan Bukit Bintang for foot massage. The last time we did that was probably 6 years ago!

He said ok. We got ready and off we went like a tourist, exploring Jalan Bukit Bintang. I was quite scared to walk there alone and I wouldn't do it without my husband because I saw so many prostitutes!
Really! It was scary.
They weren't even dressed like prostitutes but I know they are because of how they approach men and how these disgusting men talk to them. I saw a lady (a prostitute I'm sure) walking hand in hand with a men and he was asking her what her name is! WTF right?

Apart from that, we also saw a few people hanging around by the roadside watching these artists create awesome drawings.  I was in awe and wanted to keep watching them draw. It's really amazing.

Didn't ask for the price but I think someday I want to get mine done too! A lot of tourist are interested in these and I see them standing. I'm sure it is quite expensive since their market are all these tourists.

Finally we found a place to get a foot massage. Some looks dodgy but this one we chose is not bad. I can't remember what the name of the place is but it is inside this dodgy looking hotel. It is on the basement floor but it is huge!

Price of a foot massage is only RM50 per hour! That's really cheap! The place is big and very clean and no dodgy business going on. A lot of tourists too. I think we were the only locals there.

It was a good 1 hour foot massage. My husband fell asleep and started snoring. I was so sleepy but I was browsing the internet and reading before I dozed off as well for a few minutes.

After that, we went back to the hotel. By the time we were done, it was almost 1.30am. Kids was asleep and my maid was there to look after them while we were out.

It was nice. Felt like we were on holiday or something but really, we were only 10 minutes away from home.
Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lazy food

When I was in UK, I used to eat out 90% of the time. I spent a lot of money eating out. I was so lazy. But some days, I just want to eat at home and when I am broke (eating out in UK was quite expensive as the places I love dining at is not exactly cheap! I have expensive taste! LOL), I will cook something super simple at home. One of the things I love to make because it is so easy is Pasta Goreng.

What you need is basically:
1.  Blended onions, garlic and chilies
2.  Original pasta sauce
3.  Pasta (my favourite is Penne and macaroni)
4.  Meat. I usually use boneless chicken, sometimes prawns and sometimes squid

On days when my husband is not home, my kids already have their boring soup and rice, I will make this pasta for lunch.

To make it "healthier", I also added some chia seeds :)
And to add a little bit of crunch, I will add some herbs like coriander … It is so simple and yummy.

This is what I call my lazy food! It is so yummy!

What's your lazy food?
Thursday, January 28, 2016

Practice makes perfect

Every Wednesday, my daughter will have English spelling and dictation test. I dread these tests because getting a 5 year old to practise is not easy. Sometimes, they give us the list on Friday and expect us to learn everything by Wednesday. It is really a pain in my butt!

Last week, we got this list! My jaw dropped! In my head, I'm going "there is NO WAY we can score this!" I'm not one of those kiasu mum. I just get really annoyed if she doesn't want to try. I don't expect her to get all correct or 100% all the time in all her subject but I want her to attempt everything and give her best shot. My daughter is very smart and I know she can do it. Because of this, I tend to push her a little bit more, sometimes. Whereas my son, I know he is playful and I don't push him to do any school work at all. I'm so unfair. My daughter will hate me for this!

Anyway, back to the spelling…
This list 8 was looking like it is an impossible thing to do in a week. As usual, I wrote each word on the  card and stuck it on the wall. Slowly, we practiced it every single day. Maybe once a day at first but come Monday, I am panicking because she still can't spell some words.

I made a list of the words she's having problems with and got her to spell it all the time. She gets a tick if she gets them right and this is actually for my own reference. Some words with no tick on it are words she is not able to spell. Easy words but for some reason, she can't get it right and she's getting confused. Oh dear!!!

The dictation was also too damn long! This is the hardest part for us because last term, their dictation was only a single sentence and a pretty short one too. This term, I don't know why, they've gone tougher!

My daughter doesn't like it when I tell her she's wrong and she doesn't like it when she doesn't get something right. Like this photo, it bugs her that there is so many mistakes. I tell her that it doesn't matter, make mistakes and learn from it but no, she doesn't like making mistakes. A few drama went on and sometimes tears too. At one point, I totally give up. I think my teaching method is not that great because I just want to scream sometimes. I get so frustrated because it is not that she can't do it, it is actually because she is not focusing. Mental block or something. I mean, can't blame her too. She's not even 6!

When I've had enough, I passed the baton to my husband. Who is a nicer teacher and calmer. But somehow, she still prefers me. But my husband helped her with the spelling while I was cooking lunch and they did quite well. By the end of my cooking, she got all correct!

On Tuesday night, we went to bed feeling really good because she managed to get all her spelling and dictation right. Some of the words that she was having problems with we practiced further all the way to school.

In the car, she was so annoyed with me "Don't worry mummy! I am going to get all correct!!" and annoyed that I am still asking her to spell them! LOL

Tiger mummy just won't let it go!

So proud of her. I know she can do it. Even if she comes back with some mistakes because I know she likes to do it very fast but then she will make some careless mistakes, I will be ok. As long as I know she can do it, I know I've done my part. And she can do it.

Now on to the next list! ARGH!!!! It is Friday today and we haven't started! Yikes

Homework nightmares

Back in primary school, I was one of those smart ass who NEVER did any homework and every teacher's nightmare. I was so annoying because I am the girl the teachers want to strangle but I also did well in my studies that they can't really strangle me. You know? That annoying little girl!

I remember getting into so much trouble for NOT doing homework. I just couldn't be bothered! Homework to me is a total waste of time. And to be honest, I still think that it is!
I remember in Standard 1 we didn't have any homework. In Standard 2, we had some. I didn't do any. I remember my class teacher pulled me to one side to ask me if I will do my homework if she put my name down to be a prefect. I nodded. But she didn't believe me. She didn't put my name down. Which is a good thing probably because my standard 3 teacher would physically hurt me for not doing homework. Still, it didn't help. I was clearly too cool for school but I managed to get good grades anyway. That's what that matters anyway.

So, knowing that it is in my BLOOD…. I have to make sure my daughter doesn't follow my footsteps. As much as I don't believe doing homework will make you cleverer or improve your grades or whatever, I now believe that doing homework is a form of discipline. It just teaches you to be responsible for your work. It's not so much about getting it right or learning or practicing especially at my daughter's age…to me it is more about getting her to sit and know the rules. MUST FINISH HOMEWORK! No questions about that.

I get so annoyed when school gives her so much homework because at my daughter's age, it is ME doing it more than her. Yes, she is physically writing down the answers or whatever but to get her to do it, is like making ME do the homework more than her!

Last week, she had this Geography school project and they were supposed to do a pretend passport. At first we just did a really crappy one but then I thought OMG, it is too ugly to be submitted. I'm sure the teachers won't mind but I told my daughter that we must make it nicer.

So off I went spending my whole morning on the computer trying to research how to do a pretend passport for school. I was doing all this while she was watching cartoon or busy playing with her dolls. I was so annoyed. I couldn't find a template that I liked and so I created my own template and designed it myself. All she had to do was just cut them and paste them. She also had to write and fill in some blanks in the "passport".

I spent my whole Sunday morning until lunch doing this passport. Her input was very little. Cutting and writing and pasting but even that, she didn't put in that much effort. At one time, I got really frustrated and I said to her, "you know, I put in sooooooo much effort doing this passport and you don't even care" and I looked really sad and upset because I was. She looked at me with her big eyes and sort of understood what I was feeling and then she started paying more attention. We managed to complete it on time. It was supposed to be submitted on Tuesday when school reopens.

And then she came back on Tuesday and the damn passport was still in the bag!!! The teacher didn't even asked for it! This whole week the damn passport is still in the bag! What a waste of my time!

ARgh. I hate homework!

Rewarding myself

Last week I had my medical check up and the results was so good that I deserve a reward. I've been craving brownies like nobody's business but for some strange annoying reason, this baker I always order from won't take my order! I don't know if she's really so damn busy or she is just rejecting my order (which I don't understand why) or what but for a week I've been trying to order and she's always not free on the days I'm willing to pick up. Whatever la, I need my dose of chocolate and I want it NOW!!!!!!

Since I can't order brownies (Gosh, I want it sooooo bad), I opted for the second best. Cupcakes!!!
My best friend have been raving about these awesome cupcakes from our regular cupcake/cake baker and I decided to order the same. Her son's birthday was on Thursday and she had ordered these cupcakes for pick up and I just tried my luck. Contacted the baker to see if she can take my super last minute order and she said yes. She is my favourite baker. Her cakes are the bomb!!!

Tadaaaaaaaa.. my awesome cupcakes. Aren't they just pretty?? I picked up the cupcakes after I picked up my daughter from school. When my daughter saw these in the box, she couldn't resist and I had to park my car by the roadside, just to stop to give her 1 cupcake. Not only that, even I couldn't resist it, I took out 2 from the box. 1 for her and 1 for me.

She then shouted… "OMG this is the most awesome cupcake in the whole wide world!" LOL.
And she is right!!!!!

Of course as soon as we got home, we took a few more one more cupcake each. It was so lush! I love it!

Isn't it awesome? I mean, I can eat whatever I like now that I am taking these supplements.  Best part is, I don't even exercise. But I will, I promise myself although I don't NEED to, I will exercise. But before I start exercising, I need to reward myself first. With what? Well, I need to look good exercising too.. I need to get workout outfits. Shoes and whatnot. Soon, soon!! Before that, let me enjoy this reward first….

Have a good day everyone!
Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 General Medical Check up

Last year, right before I bought my first IZUMIO & Super Lutein package, I made sure I went for a general medical check up. I remember I was all hyped up back in January 2015 because I wanted that year to be all about being healthy and looking after myself and I must say, I've done pretty ok.

This was my medical report last year. Overall, it was OK. Nothing to worry about. I remember that consultation with the doctor clearly. He just told me to watch out my cholesterol level, exercise regularly (even if it is just short walks daily) and cut down on my sugar. Overall, my health was pretty good I would say, based on that report last year.

A whole year went by and what has changed???

1. Well, I have not watched my diet. Meaning I don't think I have done anything to control my cholesterol level. Yikes.

2. I dont exercise! I think I went to the gym twice the whole of last year and each session was not more than 10 minutes. I went for sauna once too, if that is considered as working out? (please!)

3. I have not cut down on my sugar AT ALL too. If anything, I've eaten more chocolates, more brownies and more cakes than ever since I discovered my 2 new home bakers! I've been ordering brownies and cakes like nobody's business. And each time I order them, I don't even share it with everyone. I will just whack everything all by myself. (Shame on me! but it is too good to share!)

4. I have been taking my IZUMIO and Super Lutein consistently. 2 - 3 times a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail. In fact, if I don't take them (say if I was busy or something), I will feel so bad because it has become my daily routine. I take IZUMIO and Super Lutein even when I'm on holiday. I never ever miss a day.

Last week, I made an appointment to do my General Medical Check up. I decided to go to Desapark Sime Darby to do it because my best friend works there and it is an excuse for us to have lunch together.

I opted for the Essential Health 2 package at RM700 and I top up another additional RM200++ for an extra breast ultrasound. This package is excellent and includes all the biometrics tests, blood and urine test, Chest stray, resting ECG, Abdomen and pelvis ultrasound.

I was actually VERY nervous because I know I have not been "good". I've been eating too much sweet stuff and I love my food. I don't have pantangs. I told my friend that if all goes well, I'm going to order brownies to celebrate but if results come back bad, I will quit brownies forever. Well, not forever, OBVIOUSLY, but for awhile!

Then I got this message from her…."OMG your cholesterol is da bomb!! please order brownies!" LOL
I didn't get her message because I was still doing some tests at the time but she couldn't wait to tell me my results and was super jealous because she knows how much junk (especially cakes and stuff) I've been stuffing my face all this while.

Here is my results for this year…. Check it out!!! The main thing to note is….

My cholesterol level has gone down from 5.34 to 4.84 this year!! WOOT WOOT!!!!! My sugar also has gone down. Good cholesterol has gone up and bad cholesterol is done.
How is this possible without any lifestyle changes??

IZUMIO and Super Lutein is the answer! I am super excited that I can see results. 1 year of being consistent and I have my own results to prove that these products work. I've seen so many people having this same results too and I couldn't be happier.

What's the plan for this year then?
I will continue taking these products. After all, I'm probably consuming it for free already now. If you want to know how to consume these cheaper and how to continue consuming them without breaking your bank account, WA me and I'll tell you how!

Invest in your health today. I did last year….what are you waiting for?