Sunday, July 29, 2018

Beauty Routine

I'm turning 39 this year. Can you believe it? How and when did I get so old???

I'm going through a major midlife crisis. Funny thing is, I'm not the only one. I have a group of school moms going through the same. You know how when men go through their midlife crisis, they either buy a sports car or find a younger wife? Well, for us women, when we go through midlife crisis, we either get Botox or plastic surgery! hahaha…. For me, I'm not that crazy, I just go on a shopping spree and buy every single beauty products I can find to make myself look better and younger.

Rose Gold Tri-Light by Skin INC

Few weeks back, I bought this amazing beauty device from Zalora. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! It's not cheap. I spent slightly over a RM1000 for this device. But it works like a magic. This is not a sponsored post. I really use it religiously for the past 3 weeks and I've seen amazing results. It is sold out everywhere anyway, so even if you wanted to get it, I dont think you can. This device was recommended by some mummy friend in our group chat and soon, every mummy started buying it. It is so funny how we are all suckers for beauty.

Hayo'u Face Tool

I also recently bought this face tool thingy too! This was is awesome too for lifting. You can check out the Youtube videos on how to use this tool. I love it. I do this every night and I am seeing results. To use this you need to apply oils to your face. I love using the Sacred 7 face serum together with this Hayo'u face tool. It works really well together. 

This Sacred 7 Face Serum is completely natural with no chemicals whatsoever. My friend is selling them and they are opening a group buy for this. It is RM150 a bottle and all you need is just a few drops. I use it 2-3 times a week only and I can already see results. If you are interested to join the Group Buy for this beauty serum, let me know. 

In case you are wondering, this serum is made from pure therapeutic essential oils (by Young Living) and if you google it, all the oils in it are expensive oils. All the good stuff. RM150 a bottle for a face serum is a steal. Best part is, NO CHEMICALS!

As we get older, maintaining a good skin is not cheap. I have come to realise that I sometimes cannot even afford to maintain myself, especially if I want good quality products. I'm trying to eliminate toxic chemicals as much as I can and try to do it as natural as possible but who am I kidding? We all need help! Hence, my next thing to do is a PRP! 

For the time being, keep your skin hydrated by drinking a lot of water (I am drinking more water than I ever did!). I also keep a toner in my purse and keep spraying my face every now and then! That's one tips I got from my mummy group chat (heheh). Apparently the Koreans do that to keep their skin hydrated. They spray toner after every step of their skincare routine. Cleanse-toner-moisturize-toner-serum-toner-sunblock-toner. I've been doing this and I think it is working!

Toner is simple to make using essential oils. Just add water, witch hazel and few drops of Essential Oil of your choice. I use Lavender and Cedarwood. Best part is, I spray it on my scalp too to promote hair growth! SCORE!!!

Dont you just love Essential oils? I do!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Let kids be kids

Last week, the nation was surprised to learn about the 41 old man marrying an 11 year old girl. Everyone was talking about it. It is just mad!

There's so many things wrong about this issue that I dont even know where to begin. I am angry that there are people using the religion card to address this issue. Please do not compare yourself with the Prophet. Do not use religion to argue about this. Often people use the religion to justify their actions when in fact, what they're doing is just taking advantage of the situation.

1. I dont understand how this girl's parents can allow a 41 year old man to care / marry their daughter. Yes, I totally understand that they are really poor but why not adopt instead of marrying this girl?

2. How can you marry a girl who is your daughter's friend? Aren't you embarrass? Dont you feel it is weird? They're 11 not 21! It makes a lot of difference.

3. Apparently the girl said she's been in love with this man for 2 years. What do an 11 year old know about love other than the love for her parents and siblings? My daughter is 8 years old and she doesn't know what being "in love" is. Her love is only for her parents, brother and close family and friends. She doesn't even know what being in love is. How can this girl know if she was not groomed to know?

4. This man's second wife even said that she will allow him to marry another but not to a child. What does this tell you? To me, she knows her husband has that tendency and clearly she knows what is going on with him. I find this dodgy. He's sick!

Trust me I have a lot to say about this. I dont know how and why there are so many people like this. Just take care of your child and try to keep them safe. We can only try.

A little help goes a long way

Back in Ramadhan, we visited an orphanage in Setapak. I can't remember how I found this home but I have been giving them monthly donations straight to their Maybank account. I was shocked to see how nice this home is when we visited them. They definitely didnt need my help! Although we didnt give much but I felt like we should find another place to donate that needed more than this place we went. We were expecting to see this old run down place but this home is a complete opposite. I guess they are blessed to have enough donations. When I asked what kind of things they needed, one answer was a steam iron and a microwave. Hmm…….

So we looked for a different place. Places that really needed donations and finally, we found a place in Gombak. My husband visited the place and took some photos of the place. We decided to come back after raya to give some duit raya to the kids.

Last month, we went to visit the home and give out duit raya. I couldn't believe how bad their living conditions were. My kids was shocked too to see how poor they are. My heart sank when I saw how they lived. Although they dont have much, the kids looked really happy. They didnt have toys to play with so I saw them playing with ice cream sticks. They were happy kids, alhamdulillah.

I went to inspect the rooms and shocked to see how they live. 3 double decker beds in one tiny room. Look at the mattresses and pillows! Apparently about 7-8 kids sleep in this room.
This is one of the bedrooms in the boy's dorm
Living room / their common area where they pray
This area is empty and dirty. The other side of the room are their storage places where they put books and whatnot. I should have taken a photo of the cabinet. It is going to break any minute!

If you are looking for a home to adopt, please consider this home. They need a lot of help. I feel helpless because whatever we can afford to give, isn't enough to even make this place decent. From my observation, they need new curtains, new painted walls, beds and mattresses and pillows, cabinet and wardrobe too. They also need more space because their current space is too small for them. Only 3 bedroom to fit almost 20+ children. Their rental is RM1000 for a 3 bedroom and they're currently renting 2 units, one for the boys and another unit next door for the girls.

I know a lot of Malaysians are focusing on Tabung #HarapanMalaysia or Tabung #freenajib but I can promise you this home needs it more than these 2 tabungs. Here is their contact details in case you want to visit or make a donation. A little help really goes a long way.

But perhaps it is best to ask them what they need instead of giving out cash. May Allah bless you for your kind hearts.

Life journey

I am turning 39 this year, can you believe it? Wow. I am getting old. I still have problems adjusting to my age. I feel like I'm living in my 20s. My mind somehow is not accepting the fact that I am ageing. Does that make any sense?

Recently I found more white hair. I've had this one white hair for the longest time but I didnt find any new one until recently. It kind of freaked me out a little. I dont mind the white hair. I can always cover it up and colour it but when I see wrinkles on my face, the eye bags under my eyes, I feel sad. One of the things that I noticed the most is that my skin, in fact my whole body has started ageing. I feel like it is losing it's collagen and started sagging. It is amazing how last month I felt ok then suddenly you start to notice these things happening to your body.

I need to start looking after myself again.

Recently, a group of school mummies started purchasing this devise by Skin Inc. It is called the Trilight optimizer. I wasn't paying much attention at first because I didnt want to get sucked into it but being the sucker that I am, I ended up buying the Limited Edition Rose Gold Optimizer which cost me slightly over a RM1000. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and I am SOOO HAPPY with the results. I can't believe I almost didnt buy it! I spent 10 minutes in the morning using this device and 10 minutes at night every single day and I am happy to see fabulous results. Apparently they are out of stock everywhere. Thank God I managed to get it in time.

I feel like I'm spending so much time in the bathroom beautifying my skin lately. It is such a waste of time when I can be doing something more productive but I got to do what I got to do!

Anyway, hopefully I will continue seeing results and I can look decent!

There's just so much to do when you reach this age to look decent, huh? I need to start exercising too. This one, I am not excited about at all but I think I need to! I dont want to sag all over!

Speaking of feeling 20s, I started watching this Korean drama on Netflix recently. It is called "something in the rain". It is my first Korean drama. This is about a 35 year old girl who was recently  dumped by her boyfriend and then started seeing her best friend's younger brother. It is quite funny.
But when I see this show, I'm reminded of how carefree life is in my 20s. I got to say, it made me smile.

I guess this is a life journey we all have to go through. One phase ended and on to the next one.
My kids are growing up so beautifully. I wouldn't change that to go back to my 20s. As much as I love my 20s, I wouldn't change what I have right now. I am truly blessed.

On another note, school break is coming up and I am stressed out looking for somewhere to go for this long month break. London calling?

Would love to go back….. It has been 2 years since we were there and it has been more than 10 years since I was there in the summer. Suddenly I'm getting excited.

OK to Malaysia airlines website I go…...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Maid Drama

Can you believe come November, I will have to look for another maid again? My maid's contract is expiring in November. Alhamdulillah she will be completing her 2 years with us but man! 2 years went by so fast! I cannot believe I have to go through this again.

I'd have to say, out of all my maids, this current one is to me, the most blur and naive. In terms of housework, my pinoy maids were both better I think. But my kids seem to love this one the most despite the language barrier between them. Alhamdulillah for this current one because she is very good and gentle with both my kids.

My kids is able to speak Malay now. Ok, maybe more Indon than Malay but still, it is much better than before. I need to credit my maid for my kid's bahasa melayu / Indon.

Overall, although there are times when I just find her annoying, she has been a good part of our family. Despite her blurness, she is a good helper and especially good to my kids. For that, I am forever grateful.

We've been asking her to make a decision about staying or going for a while now. Although she has repeatedly told us that she NEEDS to work and wants to continue, her husband on the other hand wants her to go back. I guess he misses her and the kids need their mummy to be there. It isn't the same without a mum. We went to Jakarta earlier this year to meet her family and for them to get to know us. Alhamdulillah things went well. Our kids bonded. They bonded so much that my daughter insisted on celebrating her birthday in Jakarta this year. We went to Jakarta last weekend to celebrate her birthday with my maid's family.

We booked them a room in Ascott next to our room and they really spent the whole weekend together. They had a blast. My daughter was so happy she even cried happy tears.

So anyway, even after our first Jakarta trip, despite meeting their family and all, my maid still couldn't decide. The final say is still up to her husband because she needed his blessings and up until last week, he was still saying no. This trip to Jakarta wasn't to bribe them or make them say YES to her continuing but it was purely to just celebrate our daughter's birthday there. She requested it and my husband agreed. At the end of the trip, my husband had a chat with my maid's husband and he willingly said yes.


That just saved us RM17,000 this year. That is the fee to get a new Indonesian maid legally these days. Crazy isn't it? That's why so many are hiring illegally. They just couldn't afford to part with RM17,000 just like that.

Alhamdulillah, my maid issues and drama can be put on hold for a while. I guess you can't live with them and you can't live without them, right?
I feel blessed because despite her flaws and all, she's a good addition to our family. My kids really love her, especially my daughter. She even wanted to sit next to my maid on the plane instead of with me. See? I am already second class now.

Whatever it is, thank you Allah for making it easy for us. 3rd year with us and I hope she will stay longer…..
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

To the one who made me a mom

I waited more than 6 months after we started trying before I got the news that I was pregnant. 6 months may not sound like a long time but for us, it was 6 months of disappointment. It felt long. We wanted a baby so badly that each time I got my period, I would sob. So did my husband. After 6 months of disappointment, we decided to go with the flow and just like that, I got pregnant! Alhamdulillah.

I couldn't believe it at first but we were overjoyed. For 40 weeks you were in my tummy and you didnt want to come out. 40 weeks of pure joy for mummy too because it was such a smooth pregnancy. Mummy even drove all the way to Johor for a wedding when I was 7 months pregnant. That was how good I felt. Thank you for the best 40 weeks!

12th July 2010, my water broke as Mummy and Papa were about to go for dinner at One Utama. I didnt feel any pain and I contacted our Doctor to ask if I should go to the hospital. Dr Marsitah said that we should just go ahead and go for dinner first and after dinner, we can pop by the hospital to see if I am in labour for real. Dinner at the thai restaurant was good. I was nervous but calm at the same time, if that makes any sense.

After dinner at about 10pm, we went to the hospital. I was only 2cm then but to play it safe, Doctor said I should just stay. I was induced at 10.30pm and that was when the pain started! Grandma came with Uncle Ayit not long after that. Mummy was already in pain then. Papa went back to get the hospital bag for mummy.

Honestly speaking, the pain was really bad. Unlike any pain I ever experienced before but I wanted to be strong because both your aunts, didnt need to take epidural. I wanted to show that I was strong too. Boy, it was a mistake because you only came out 24 hours later. Imagine being in constant pain for 24 hours! It was the longest 24 hours of my life. Papa contacted so many people to help (called so many ustaz to help pray for mummy because I think he felt bad for me). Grandma was right by mummy's side until really late at night and then she left. She came back the next day and still, you refused to come out. I guess Mummy gave you a comfortable home in there, huh?

After 10pm the next day, Doctor said I was ready to give birth and I was already so tired. But I pushed and pushed and with a little help with a vacuum, you arrived! So sorry they had to use a vacuum but alhamdulillah, you were alright!

Dr Marsitah put you on my chest and asked me to feed you immediately. You clever girl you, you latched like a pro even the first time. Doctor said the same, how clever you are. I didnt even understand what was happening but immediately, all the pain that I endured that 24 hours was gone. You made mummy and papa so happy. We became parents. Proud parents of this cute little girl.

You were just the cutest most adorable little baby. I was obsessed and I was in love with you the minute I held you in my arms. I didnt want to let you go not even for a minute. Papa was just as much in love with you as I was.

Thank you for making me a mom. Thank you for coming into our lives and making it so beautiful. You really brought a lot of joy to us. I dont think words can describe how lucky we are to have you in our lives and there is no words to describe how absolutely proud I am of you every single day.

8 years later and today, you are still the love of my life my sweet little girl.

I see a lot of me in you. I see myself as a child in you and it is beautiful. You make me so happy every single day. I love your beautiful voice. I always tell you that you make me very happy when you sing and you do, every single day. I hope and pray you will never stop singing.

Babygirl, you are growing up so fast. Sometimes I wish I could stop the clock because I miss the cute little baby you once were. But at the same time, you are now this beautiful young girl and I love this girl too.

Always remember to be kind. I know you are and I am so proud of you. Always remember that family comes first. Always remember to smile and be happy and always be grateful for what you have. You do push my buttons sometimes but you always listen to me no matter what. You've been the best daughter anyone can ask for.

I love you so much baby girl. I will always pray for Allah to protect you and for you to be the best you can be in this life and in akhirat. Thank you for making me smile every single day. Thank you for always being there for mummy. I love you forever and ever. Happy 8th Birthday sweetheart!
Sunday, July 1, 2018

Tarot Reading

Once in a while, I like to do random things. Tarot reading is one of them. I saw this person advertising it on a group and I wanted to get one done. Have you ever done it?

I remember the last time I got a Tarot Card reading was back in Cardiff. We were at a friend's house for dinner and she was doing it for fun. Surprisingly, whatever she picked out for me then was spot on. So spot on that I was shocked. I never did it again after that but this time, I wanted to give it a go. It cost me RM20.00 for 4 cards. Bargain!

I honestly dont know the meaning of these cards as the lady didnt explain or elaborate on it but opening your heart to love and joy is something I think everyone needs to do to get inner peace. Love and Joy to me can come from anyone or anything. It doesn't have to be from someone you love (that would be ideal) but it can come from anyone. Maybe a colleague, maybe a friend. Look for love and happiness outside if you can't find it inside your little circle. Alhamdulillah for me my family gives me a lot of happiness and I am blessed to have friends who can make me laugh when I'm down. My kids are a joy and my husband has my heart. I guess this card sums up my little life and maybe a reminder to love them more, if that's even possible.

 When I see this card, I was like huh? Birth? I dont want another baby! But then when I look deeper, it doesn't have to be a birth of a new child… it can be a birth of a new business, a new baby. This card tells me I need to look for new ideas. This can be somewhat true because honestly speaking, this year has been a very slow year for me. My businesses are moving but very slowly. It's not anyone's fault but my own, tho. I have been in this 'floating' bubble and haven't found any inspiration to work. So I'm very hopeful when I saw this card. I need to get out of this bubble and start exploring again. But if it is a birth of a new child…? Yikes! That is something I dont know if I can handle. LOL. I'm a contented mum of two and I think I'm pretty much done. But Allah knows best…. He is the best planner. I will let him lead me to the best plan for me.

When I saw this card my mind goes straight to my mum. She will be going for her surgery tomorrow and I hope I'll be able to take care of her while she's in the hospital. She will be in hospital for at least 2 days and I feel bad that I can't take care of her 24 hours a day because I have my kids to attend to. But I promise I'll be there the whole time and as much as I can. I already informed my kids and they're quite sad that they won't be able to see me that much that 2 days but they know Grandma needs me more.
I pray all the be well for my mum. InsyaAllah dipermudahkan. Amin.

This is so true because few days after I got this card, I was diagnosed with H Pylori. Remember this post? I've been on antibiotic for about a week now and yes, I am feeling much better. I actually have been having this pain under my right breast for a while. Well, it isn't really pain but just a mild discomfort and despite all the check ups, no doctor could tell me why I have that discomfort. I guess perhaps this H Pylori thing is the cause because after Day 5 of medication, I am almost 90% free from any pain and discomfort. Alhamdulillah.

So you see, this 4 card reading is somewhat accurate and relatable to me. Anyway, I did it just for fun and it doesn't mean I really believe in it or anything like that. Just so happens that it is relatable to me, which I find very interesting and thought I'd share it here.

Sometimes when you pray, Allah will guide you in the weirdest ways. I feel this is true in my case. Interesting isn't it?