Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fat Fish and Fat Me

Last week, the Year 2 mummies decided to go brunching at Fat Fish. I of course jumped and said OK because I love Fat Fish.

4 of us went and we had so much fun. Food was glorious and all the other slim mummies stopped eating way before yours truly did. Hence, I am the Fat Fish that day!

Wow we really ordered A LOT!

We ordered mussels in garlic. It was so good. The mummy who ordered this only ate like 5 pcs and yours truly ate more than 20 I'm sure. I was eating it non stop! The other 2 mummies didnt eat this at all. LOL

I order this every time I go to Fat Fish but somehow it never tasted as good as it did the first time I ordered it. But yet, I keep ordering this. This is their spicy prawn pasta. It is good but maybe next time I shouldn't order this again. I should try something else.

Hampshire Mummy ordered this. Yum. I stole some from her. Actually, I stole a lot!! I keep dreaming of kuah asam dip because it will go so well with this grilled squid.

This is their mash potato. It is sooooo good. I think I had 75% of this and others just had a bit. Argh. It is so good I'm still drooling. I can eat this all day. I dont even care if I'm fat anymore.

Oysters at 11.30am? Why not. I love oysters. It is so good and fresh. This is too good. I'm drooling as I am typing this.

But before we eat, photo time first! LOL

Option B

Do you guys watch the Ellen Show? Well, I do. I love talk shows and Ellen's my favourite. She's funny, entertaining and I love how the show really brings out everything good. "Be Kind of one another" is what the show is all about.

It airs every evening at 6pm if I'm not mistaken. 6pm is not the time for me to watch TV at all so what I do is I will record the show and watch it later when I'm free. I usually catch up on TV shows I record in advance once my kids are in bed. They will be in bed by 8.30pm. 9.00pm onwards will be my "me" time in front of the TV till maybe about 11.00pm or so.

In one episode of Ellen, I saw an interview between her and the COO of Facebook, this lady called Sheryl Sandburg. She was talking about how devastated she got when her husband died. I was inspired by her story and was desperate to read her book called "Option B: facing adversity, building resilience and finding joy"

In that interview she also spoke a bit about this book and what people can learn from her experience. I started looking for this book but couldn't find it in any of our major bookstores. Finally, I managed to order it online from MPH.

Few days later, my book came.

Here's the thing, I've not read a book in a good almost 7 years. I dont read serious books at all because I get bored and I dont like to read things I dont understand. I usually love reading easy reading, happy-happy type books. Yeah, books for bimbos if you want to call it that. I dont even know if I will end up reading this book but I was really inspired by Sheryl and thought I'd give it a go.

I aim to finish this book in 2 weeks. I know it is a long time but I dont read all that much and I haven't read a book since forever. 2 weeks would be a good accomplishment. I dont even know if I will finish reading it. I'm on to chapter 4 now. I try to read at every opportunity I get and so far, so good.

Reading this book, I can sort of picture Sheryl telling the story just like she did on that interview. I just love the way she speaks and how she talks. I can listen to her all day. Wish me luck.

I already have few friends who wants to borrow the book after I'm done. I hope I'll get to pass it to them soon.

Oh, another thing I did was ordered Life Juice. Nothing related to this book story whatsoever but I just thought of going on a juice diet after eating out like crazy last week.

Life Juice has always been my Option A whenever I want to do a Juice diet but lately, their service doesn't seem as good as what it used to be. I find that their juices dont taste the same anymore too. Doesn't taste that "fresh and pure" if you know what I mean. I find that it is sweeter too.

Any other juice to recommend? I need option B!

Happy Mother's Day

How was your Mother's Day celebration? We were away in Penang for Mother's Day. The Penang trip was actually because we had a business meeting to attend to on Saturday and when the kids heard the word "Penang" they quickly jumped and made their own plans. What was supposed to be a day trip meeting, turned out to be a weekend away. Since it is the Mother's Day weekend, my husband obviously didnt get the chance to plan anything special. Basically, my Mother's Day was just like any other day.

I hope you all had a good celebration. I see it everywhere on social media. Mothers getting pampered and got flowers and whatnot. I didnt get any. You'd think I'd be sad or upset but truth is, I'm OK.

We were traveling the whole Sunday and had a nice dinner once we arrived KL. I jokingly told my daughter that no one cares about me on Mother's Day and she felt really sad that we didnt do anything special. The drama queen she is, she even shed a few tears. In bed, while I was in the toilet getting ready for bed, I overheard her conversations with my husband and son. It was so funny and sweet. She said she felt bad that they didnt do anything special for me. She told them that this weekend, we have to do something special for mummy and she planned everything. The surprise "party". It was so cute.
I felt so much love.

Everyday is Mother's Day to me. It's really no big deal at all but she just feels sad that we didnt celebrate. For me, it is not a big deal because we were away on a nice holiday, we had good food, I didnt have to cook (hurray) and we were by the beach…so yea, it was special already.

Anyway, my daughter made this special card in school for me. I know the teachers helped but when she gave it to me I was touched by the effort. She was so happy to give it to me too. She is such a darling sweetheart. I love her to bits.

My son on the other hand, made something in school too for Mother's Day but I dont know why he didnt bring it back. LOL. I know exactly what he made because I saw other mothers posted it. Here I am waiting for it but until today, no signs of that photo frame! I need to ask the teacher!

I also got a special gift from Hampshire Mummy. Thank you so much. It is really pretty!!! I love it.

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers. I hope you all had a fun day with your loved ones. Oh, and check out this article on NST on how working moms make it work. A bit of my story is there!
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Inspired to change

I am one of those people who is afraid of the word "change". So afraid that I rather be miserable than attempting change. That's dumb dont you think? Well, can you blame me? The thought of making a life change is intimidating. I want to be the master of my own destiny but I am so afraid to make the change. I know if I can get rid of this fear, I can do anything! But yet, this fear is eating me.

Last week, I was really EATING A LOT. Apart from spending a lot more money when I should be saving up, I find myself eating and eating and eating non stop. I love food. I can eat all day everyday but is it healthy food I am consuming? This can't be good!

I spoke to friends and one thing they all have in common is that they are all either going to the gym or doing something good for their health (like eating ONLY organic food). Me on the other hand, apart from consuming my daily IZUMIO and Super Lutein, is not doing anything else "healthy".

"You got to start working out" is something I hear and been hearing a lot lately.

Here's the truth, I DONT work out - AT ALL. I do zero work out. I dont even like to walk, even if it is walking in the shopping mall. One word to describe me is L-A-Z-Y-B-U-M!

I've always been like this. I never liked working out. I just dont do gym, yoga, or whatever else people do to work out. I just dont. I dont know if I have good genes or if IZUMIO is really helping me or what but I'm lucky that at almost 38 years old, I have no health issues despite my unhealthy lifestyle.

Dont get me wrong, I'm not proud of this, I feel quite embarrassed to admit that I dont work out. I'm blessed with good health but it is not something I should take for granted. Health is wealth they say and it is true. A friend of mine from school passed away last year from Lung Cancer. I only knew about it from Facebook when I saw people commenting condolences to her family. I then found out that she was suffering for a good 2 weeks before she passed. Just 2 weeks. Routine check ups and everything else didnt detect her cancer and only in the last 2 weeks of her life, they found that the cancer is already going to take her life away. She left behind a husband and 2 young kids. I didnt know her all that well although we were classmates in school but I cried thinking how fragile life really is. My medical results are all good but it doesn't mean I can take it for granted.

My best friend told me that I am the ONLY person she knows who is not working out or doing something healthy. I felt a punch in the face when she said that because it is true. Even my husband has started working out and going for short jogs, swimming and whatnot. I am just at home, on my computer or working comfortably in my pyjamas all day.

Today, Im inspired to change.

My plan is to start working out. I dont know how, what or when but I'll start doing some research and see where that leads me. I need to take baby steps.
I want to look better and feel better about myself. Yes, I'm vain but it is more than that. I want to feel good. I dont want to feel tired or lack of energy or lazy anymore. I need to change! I want to change.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Saving money

I'm broke!

When you earn more, you tend to spend more too. Is it like that with you? That's exactly what is happening with me. I am out of control!

I spent A LOT last month. I think I must have bought the entire Zara or something like that! Now that they have Zara online, my oh my…!

This month, I told myself… "NO SHOPPING" especially at ZARA and no buying unnecessary things.

Here are some of the things I've been doing lately that is making me spend more than I usually do….

1. I've been going to KLCC a lot!

2. I've been eating out a lot. Mostly brunching with girlfriends and school mummies.

3. I've been drinking more Starbucks. I stopped drinking coffee since I was pregnant with my daughter. I will occasionally have a latte every now and then but lately I crave latte ALL THE TIME.

4. I've been buying so many new Essential Oils to explore and this is my latest addiction. I love it so much!!!

5. I'm revamping my wardrobe and I've been shopping A LOT

It is no surprise I am broke. In fact, I'm shocked I'm not bankrupt with the way I'm spending lately. So yah, this has got to stop!!!!

Everytime you tell yourself you got to stop spending, suddenly out of nowhere you HAVE to pay for something or HAVE to buy something …. like oh, I NEED a new bra! You need bras! pfffftttt

Last month, I told myself the same thing. You got to start SAVING money but I didnt do a good job at all. I failed miserably in April because I spent so much. This month, I'm not giving up. I am going to really stop spending.

It is 9th May and I've not been hanging out at any malls. I have not done any online shopping although FashionValet, Zalora and Zara is calling my name, sending me emails after emails to remind me that my shopping cart is on Sale. I've been really good. I've not bought any new clothes yet. Fingers crossed I won't.

I've been eating out A LOT still. Eating out alone is at least RM50 per meal. It just builds up you know. RM50 a meal can be RM150 per day if you eat 3 meals a day outside. This week alone I've had meet ups with friends almost everyday. It's so much fun tho. I love my meet ups with friends. It's so refreshing and a lot of fun. But ok, next week I'll try to be good and stay home and not socialise, which I think I won't have time to anyway because I got to start working on my KupuKupu's raya collection. I will be busy with that thank god!

As for Essential Oils, boy oh boy… I'm just addicted to oils. Today, my friend did a scan on me using this Itovi health and wellness scanner and it's so awesome. This device will sort of scan your body and tells you what you need. This device has sensors that will scan your body and generate personalised wellness evaluations. My friend just got the device and I told her to test me. Scanning takes 2 minutes and you will get an evaluation like this.

It will then tell you what oils you NEED. Good news is, my health and wellness is pretty good. Other than taking my IZUMIO and Super Lutein and my Essential Oils, my lifestyle (especially my food intake) is not very healthy. I was pleasantly surprised that my Itovi readings was pretty good. They gave some suggestions on the oils I needed so as usual, I'm itching to buy the oils they recommended. Argh. But I have a whole collection of oils at home that I still can play with so I'm going to try my best not to buy any this month. Unless I HAVE to. We'll see.

Starbucks? Well, I need to stop drinking so much coffee. That's pretty easy but then I need Milo if I dont drink coffee and Milo 3in1 is probably worse than drinking Latte. #dilemma

Note to self:

1. Stop shopping this month. No buying clothes
2. Cut down on eating out.
3. Dont buy any essential oils this month

Sounds easy enough to do right???

Wish me luck!!!!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Yeast Bangsar

My husband is away on business trip. We usually do school runs together and sometimes, after morning drop off, we will go for breakfast. Im not a breakfast person (because Im just lazy) but today, I feel like having breakfast on my own, somewhere.

I drove to Bangsar Telawi to this little bistro called Yeast. I've been here once with my husband before but didnt really explore the menu. I had tuna croissant and a cup of hot latte and today, I did the same. Yeast serves proper breakfast, lunch and dinner. All french! I've only been here for breakfast. I can see they have lots of bread, pastries and tarts.

I love this little cafe because it reminds me of those little bistros in Paris. I had a good time enjoying my breakfast this morning. I should do this more often. I love the Yellow flowers they put on our table. It just brightens up my morning totally. In case you dont know, Yellow is my favourite colour.

I didnt order anything fancy. I saw the tarts and wanted to order them but I dont think I'll be able to finish it. I loved the simplicity of this breakfast. Plain tuna croissant with a nice hot latte and I was a happy bunny pretending I was in Paris all by myself. How lovely!

I miss Paris. It is one of my favourite cities in the world but after what happened recently, I dont think I'll be going back there again anytime soon. So I guess, Yeast will do for now.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hello there!

My son is loving his new school and I think he grew more matured since he entered the big school. He's always a baby in my eyes and I must say I was really worried about him joining the big school. I was worried about all sorts of things but since first day of big school, he's been like a champ. I couldn't be more proud of him. He is really doing well in big school. I think he felt like a big boy and started acting like one too. At one point, he was loving big school so much that he didnt even want to see his old friends anymore. I on the other hand was missing the old school and the people there a lot. I meet up with the moms quite a lot and we have breakfast and talk about the kids, I am still in their school chat group and I know whats happening in the old school just like before. I miss them. We were all very close and tight.

I've been asking my son to go back to the old school for a visit but he doesn't want. I think he feels like he's a big boy now so maybe going back to the old school is a step behind for him. But today, he finishes school at 12.00pm and all of a sudden, he asked if he could go back to see Ms. Rose. I was shocked and excited. I quickly dropped a WA message to ask if it is OK for us to drop by and of course, she said YES!

We were both so excited about going back to see everyone. I wasn't sure who was more excited, me or my son. When we got there, my son spied at the window to look inside and the minute someone saw him, the whole class started screaming his name!! They started jumping around and suddenly, my eyes got teary. I was so emotional.

When we walked in, everyone ran up to us to give us a hug. The kids came over to see my and hug me. They also asked for my daughter. That's how close we all are. Ms Rose was in the toilet when we arrive but as soon as she walked in the room, my son ran over to her and gave her the biggest hug ever. It was so heartwarming and again, this emotional mummy started getting all teary again. I hugged her and I couldn't control myself and tears kept falling down my cheeks.

Why am I so emotional? The kids was so confused looking at me. I had the biggest smile because I was so happy to see them yet I couldn't control my tears. Ms Rose saw and again, she told me that I can come back anytime and gave me another big bear hug. My son was cool, he just blended in like usual and starting playing with his friend. His mom on the other hand, needed time to settle down and stop myself from crying. What the heck?

I blame PMS.

We spent a good 20 - 30 minutes there and it was so much fun. Ms Rose continued with the final part of the lesson by telling them a story and my son joined in. He was so happy and was all smiles.

I didnt realise how much I missed them. Yes we've moved on but they will always be special to me. The teachers, Ms Rose especially was a big part of my life. She was both my kid's teacher when they were younger and I owe a lot to her because I believe my kids are well behaved kids because of her. I also have good relationships with the mummies and the kids because we used to see each other every single day. How time flies…..

We got home and told my daughter about our little visit and next week, she wants to come home early from school to visit Ms Rose and the rest. We'll see….she will probably have to skip few lessons in school but it is ok…. I think she will love seeing everyone more!