Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mee Rebus Plaza Damas

This has got to be my favourite place to go for mee rebus. It is really the best! Im not a mee rebus kind of person but this one, I like A LOT!!!!!

We've been coming here since I can remember. My mum can eat this everyday and will never say no to this.

If you are in Plaza Damas and in the mood for street food, please go check out Aji Don.

Must try:

1. Mee Rebus, of course
2. Satay is quite good
3. Rojak buah is nice
4. Fish ball soup is good
5. Kuey Teow goreng is awesome too

That's what we usually order for our little family. All for under RM50 for 5 pax. Not bad right?

For anti-ageing

Im in denial actually. I still cannot believe I'll be 36 this year and I still cannot accept that I have wrinkles! I mean, how did that happen so fast??? I still feel 30 most of the time.

I'm always on the lookout for anti-ageing stuff.

I remember when I was about 25, in Cardiff and this person at the Estee Lauder counter wanted to sell me anti-ageing stuff and I gave her the "R u kidding me? I'm only 25" look. Now, I wish I listened to her. Maybe if I did get the stuff she wanted to sell me at 25, I wouldn't have wrinkles around my eyes. Too bad, so sad.

This is what I am trying now for anti-ageing….

1. Drink Izumio & Super Lutein because it is good for me (and for you!). It's always good to look good on the outside and inside, so I believe, this 2 magic products will be good for my inside. Plus, both are great antioxidants and I believe, it will help me age gracefully from the inside and outside. 

This lady is 75 years old and she looks super darn good for her age. Her skin looks amazing. I saw her again a few days back and she looks even younger now, I swear. It's not those "botox" kind of younger looking skin, btw… Her skin doesn't look "tight" like what botox does to your face. She can still smile and laugh and looks natural but she has that glow in her face and she swears by this 2 products for her glowing face. It's worth a try anyway.

2. Do the mask as often as I can. Sometimes, I can be quite lazy. When I started doing the mask, I swear I saw my face became brighter instantly. But I didn't want to believe it because it is too good to be true. I was so excited about the glowing skin, I kept on masking every single bloody day for about 2 weeks. Im not kidding. I have my hantu face photo with the mask on, every day to prove it. I love how my dull skin became brighter. Then I stopped doing it because my skin was already brighter. Then it became dull again. I was lazy I didn't continue. Each time I look in the mirror, I will be like .."why are you so freaking ugly?" and then I remembered, I didn't mask for few weeks, that's why. So now, Im starting to mask again. You might say…so much hassle to do it daily… but think about it, you are exposed to so much UV and sun daily, can't run away from that since we live in of course your skin will become dull right? I need to do it daily or every time I need a little boost. It's so easy. My whole family is so used to seeing the ghost face that I don't look funny anymore.

3. Applying MooGoo anti-aging face cream on my face. This product was highly recommended and since Im not loving any of my other anti ageing face cream at the moment, I decided to give this a go. It's been almost 2 weeks since I first started using this cream and so far, so good. I actually like it very much. I have oily face especially on my t-zone and I find that using creams on my face makes it even oiler and I hate it. Most of the time, I don't use any creams on my face because I don't think I need to. But since I started using this cream, I find that my skin is softer. It doesn't make my skin feel oily too. I took a "before" photo before I started and I will compare it after giving this product a try for about month or two. What I love about MooGoo products is that they are non greasy. My skin feels really smooth after each application and it soaks in really well. Like with any new products you try, you need to give it time before saying that it is working or not…I hope next month I can write a review on this product because I'm actually loving it so far.

Those are the 3 things I am doing to slow the ageing process. I hate saying it but I am ageing!!! I can't stop it but at least I need to do something to slow the process. I don't mind getting old, I just want to look nice when Im old. And Im not ready for wrinkles…so wrinkles please go away!!!!

One thing I also need to do is start exercising. Yawn!

School Holiday

Today is the last day of school. Kids will be on a 2 weeks break and I cannot believe that first semester is already coming to an end. So fast time flies and it's already mid year?!

Hubs told me to look for 2 short breaks for this school holiday. 1 will be for the kids and another one will be for the parents to chill. How I wish the second break will be just that but unfortunately, kids will tag along on that trip too so how can parents chill???? But whatever it is, being the good wife (and mum) that I am, I put on my "travel agent" hat and start browsing.

Believe it or not, we have RM2000 worth of  Agoda points to utilise. Amazing isn't it?

I looked at a few location…. It will be a 3 days 2 nights trip so we didn't want to go anywhere far.

Options were:

I don't mind going to Langkawi because food is good there. Penang is ok too but we always go there and we always end up at the same place so honestly, I am kind of sick of Penang. But hubs sort of prefer going to Penang because we can just drive there instead of taking a plane. Legoland will be awesome because driving to Johor is always fun and not too far (plus there's an option to enter Singapore for some shopping) and kids will LOOOVVVEEE legoland. And phuket…Well, I've never been there so it's purely for selfish reasons. Beach is always good and I think it's cheap there and we can afford nicer resorts.

After a week of ding-dong-ding-donging….

Kids chose LEGOLAND.

It's so expensive!!! 1 room at the Legoland hotel is almost RM1500 per night. That's also one of the reasons why we thought we should wait when its cheaper to go there. But my daughter was so excited and she told EVERYONE we are going to Legoland that her father just couldn't say no anymore. She told her teachers, her friends, my mum and practically everyone else she sees that we are going Legoland! All we did was showed her some photos of the room (with double decker beds) and SOLD!

Obviously, our Agoda points is not enough….so we got to top up a little bit for that trip.

Legoland it is then!

The thing is, according to my friend…..most of the stuff in Legoland are for bigger kids. My kids won't be able to get on most of the rides. We thought it would be better to wait till they are a bit taller and bigger. But my daughter has made up her mind.

Im not really looking forward for legoland to be honest, because I rather be by the beach but I'm secretly hoping we can go for a shopping spree in Singapore. 

Kids always win huh?

For the parent's trip…I don't care, we are going to the beach!!!!
Pangkor Laut would be good where I can just do nothing but sleep and eat! I miss that place….

Are you going anywhere for holiday soon?

Speaking of holidays, I had this bad dream last night….
We were in New Zealand on a group holiday with the kids and few other people….and basically, we had fun and all but at the end of the dream, the whole area where we were at suddenly started raining heavily and flooded. And then I couldn't find my son. It was soooo scary. I was screaming and crying because I couldn't find him. I got up from that dream and then saw him next to me, I was so happy. But I couldn't go back to sleep. Luckily it was already 7am. So no going to New Zealand for holiday, for sure!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Treating Eczema

My daughter had eczema. Nothing too serious but it was bad enough that she had to rely on steroid creams every now and then. I noticed that each time she eats a lot of salt or junk food, she will have flare ups. When she does, it will be a trip to the paed and 9 out of 10 times, he will prescribe her with some kind of steroid cream. 

I have all types for different flare ups. I know them all. It works like magic. She will be scratching for a few days ---> the skin will get irritated ----> off to the paed ----> start steroid cream and within days, it will disappear and go away. Until the next time she eats a lot of salt and junk. We are so used to it that sometimes, I just keep the steroid creams at home. Don't even have to see the paed anymore. 

I was very careful though. I know that this "magic" cream contains steroid and it thins the skin and not to be applied on her skin for more than a week or maximum 2 weeks. Luckily, it never got that bad. Usually, by day 5, it will all go away. It is like "magic" but must always remember that it contains drugs. At the back of my head, I knew I had to look for alternatives.

Apart from relying on steroid creams, I also had to look for all sorts of lotion and creams to moisturize her skin. This is important as certain lotion will sometimes give her flare ups too. 

One time it got really bad. I decided to take a different route and try Izumio & Super Lutein instead after seeing a few testimonials from some friends. My daughter went through quite a bad "detox" phase where the itch is a million times stronger than it ever was for almost whole week. It was so bad that she couldn't sleep but my friend who sold this products told me to persevere. Halfway, I almost gave up because it was really bad. Poor child couldn't sleep and it was really tough for me as her mother to see her go through so much pain. It's not so much "pain" but she was suffering. After a week of trying it out, the rash and eczema stopped. It just slowly went away. But this time, it never came back. 

She's 5 years old. I can't stop her from having her occasional junk food. I remember when I was a kid and how I loved junk food. Im not one of those mothers who will deprive their kids of the occasional bag of chips. Of course, I know its not good for her. But I also remember how much happier I was after getting a packet of chips every now and then. I guess, you can condemn me for being a bad mum but hey, Im not going to stop her from having some junk food every now and then. To each of its own right? So anyway, she does have junk food, not very often but she does. Previously, each time when she does take junk food, she will have a flare up…but since she started consuming Izumio & Super Lutein, she doesn't have flare ups anymore even after eating junk food. I don't know how or why but she is not allergic to junk food anymore. (That doesn't mean I give her junk food all the time, I still control her intake as much as before. OK fine, it is maybe a little more now than before! Sue me!)

So yes, Izumio & Super Lutein does work to treat and control eczema for my daughter.

With my daughter as my own testimonial, I am very proud to share this product with whoever who is suffering from eczema because I've seen it work with my own eyes. However, the most important thing to note is to persevere because in order for the products to work, especially for skin conditions like eczema, it needs to heal it from within. 

It will take time. It is not magic like steroid cream. This one, is completely NATURAL. You will need to allow yourself at least a month to see the difference. My daughter healed within the first month but some people might take longer and some maybe less. But whatever it is, before giving up on this product, you need to give it a chance to do its work. Ensure that you give it time & taking the right dosage is important too. 

Since I started with this business, my job is to share my experience & help others get better. I wish I had taken a before and after photo of my daughter's eczema & skin problems but unfortunately, I was too busy treating her (which was quite stressful) that I didn't think to take any photos. 

These are some of the success stories and testimonials from my growing group. 

1. Suraya is an 8 year old girl who's been suffering from eczema since she was a baby. She's been relying on steroid cream all her life before she discovered Izumio & Super Lutein. Imagine what 8 years of steroid can do to your skin. It is pretty bad. After 6 weeks of consuming our products, she is much better and is now eczema free. She was taking 1 izumio + 2 Super Lutein per day. On days when she has flare ups, her mother will increase the dose. 

2. Here is a friend who had eczema on her hand and Izumio & Super Lutein helped her manage her eczema. You can read more about her story here

3. This is another success story that I'm very happy about. After 2-3 weeks of consuming the products, she can see the eczema on her finger is getting better. 

4. This lady also has bad eczema on her hands possibly due to the laundry detergent or cleaning products that she uses at home. Her self esteem was affected by this as she is not able to do a lot of things we take for granted - like shaking hands with people. But after consuming the products for about 1-2 months, her hand is now much better. Her self confidence is back and she is happy to share her progress with other people.

Stories like the above motivates me to share more about the products with other people.

Yes, the price is a big issue to many if not all of us but isn't it worth it? One of my customers said "money is something I can always find" and his concern is to make sure his health is ok and prevent future diseases. This is what the products can do for you.

I love sharing about how this products can help with eczema because you can see it on photos. But this products has helped many people in treating so many diseases which can't be captured on photos. Fever, flu, sinus, slipped disc, high blood pressure….etc…I have a long list….

If you have a health problem and would like to know if this product can help you, or your loved ones…do email me.

The product cost RM444 a month on 12 months interest free credit with 6 major credit cards. What are you waiting for? Give yourself a chance and let me show you how you can beat this eczema the natural way. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


My kids are so funny!!!!

I wish I can record every damn thing they say but most of the time, I can't remember them.

Today is different, I quickly took my phone out and typed it down.

Daughter: Mummy, F is driving me crazy!!!!!!
Son: No!!!!! Me don't want to drive!!!

It's simple things like this that makes me feel blessed because this kind of  "entertainment" is priceless!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Handbag problem - ONGOING

Remember this post?

We were in Dubai back in April when my husband surprised me and told me I could get a bag (within his budget of course) but we didn't have time then to get one. I always thought, when I get is a bonus. When I expect thing, I get disappointed so for me, I don't have expectations when it comes to getting or receiving something from someone. It's better that way and easier for me to manage my emotions because trust me, handbags are a BIG DEAL. If you get disappointed, that's it man, depression will kick in and it's not pretty.

So when I didn't get a bag from Dubai, finally, I just closed that chapter. Even though he told me we can get one when we are back from KL, honestly, I just let it go in one ear and out from another.

It's been over a month and still NO BAGS!

I've been browsing tho. Online.
Every single day I will check out some instagram shop or personal shopper page. You know, just in case.

So far, I've not been successful. I haven't really found what I really want. Well, I know what I want…but it's not in my budget. I need to find the next best thing and it is the hardest thing ever!

Last week……

Hubs: Do you know already……???
Me: Huh??? Know what? (really don't know what he's talking about)
Hubs: Ala…u know…that one!!!
Hubs: alaa………that thing you want…..u know which one already or not???
Me: (Irritated because I don't know what he's talking about) What is it??
Hubs: Handbag la….!!!! Do you know which one you want???
Me: (doing chicken dance inside) (act cool) hmmmm……..dont know yet!


OMG OMG! It's still on!!!

He's still getting me a bag!!!

OK Active searching starts NOW!!!!!

What's your favourite instagram stop for handbags?
Sunday, May 24, 2015

Overdue visit to Zoo Negara

Can you believe we've never been to the Zoo Negara?! We've been to the Singapore Zoo but we've never be to Zoo Negara. Beat that! And if you must know, Zoo Negara is 15 minutes from my house. 

We've always wanted to go but somehow, because it is so near, we always make excuses and go somewhere else. 

This week, my husband put his foot down and said, we must go to the Zoo Negara on Sunday. Kids usually go swimming on Sundays but this Sunday, hubs said we'll go to the Zoo Negara in the morning and we can go swimming in the evening. Fine. Let's go!!!

Because we always cancel at the last minute, I didn't even bother getting tickets online. It is cheaper if you pre purchase it online (I think) but you need to get it 2 days in advance. Since we always cancel, I just didn't want to buy it and not use it. This time, it's for real.

On the way to the Zoo, I just realised that I didn't bring the kid's Mykid. Foreigners pay a higher entrance fee. I asked if we should turn back to get the Mykid but hubs didn't want to. 

We got to the Zoo Negara pretty early. I think it was before 10am. There weren't too many people and although the carpark area closer to the entrance was already full, we managed to find 1 spot that is just perfect! We decided to take a family photo at the entrance first. 

There weren't people at the ticket counter and there was no queue just yet. The lady asked if we were Malaysian and of course I said yes. Luckily she didn't ask to see the Mykid because I didn't bring them.  My son who is not 3 years old yet, get it for free. Yippie!!! We paid about RM184.00 for all of us.

We forgot to take the map of the Zoo. We should have. We went straight in and being the lazy bums that we all are, we went straight to the Tram Ride starting point. We had to pay and get tickets from there to get on the tram. That's another RM21.00 for all of us.

When we were queuing up for the tram, they told us to go catch the Animal Show first since it will be starting soon. The tram ride is not like those hop and go type. It doesn't allow you access to hop on and hop off. It goes only to 1 stop, which is near the Panda Conservation Centre and then it goes back to the Tram starting point. When you stop at the Panda Conservation Centre, you will only be allowed back on the tram once and that's it. I don't know why they don't do those hop on and off! Isn't it better that way?

So anyways, we walked to catch the animal show. The show was alright, nothing great. It was a good hour or so and we left even before the whole show ended because kids wanted ice lollies! They've never had one and when they saw this family in front of us happily enjoying their ice lollies, they wanted one and didn't want to wait.

We went to a nearby shop to get some snacks and ice creams. That cost us about another RM40.00 or so. They hated the ice lolly and didn't even have more than 3 bites. I was so angry!!! 

Next we go on the tram and went straight to the Panda Conservation Centre. It's a whole big building for 2 pandas. The first panda looked so sad and the second one looked bored. Poor thing.

It's only the 2 of them in the whole big space with nothing much to do. I felt so sorry for them.

After that, we passed by a small cafe. It is air conditioned too so we decided to have lunch there. We ordered 2 nasi lemaks and 1 meehoon plus a couple of mineral water. That cost us about RM40.00 or so. Food was alright. Nothing great.

Right outside, we got to see the professional photos taken right outside by the Zoo Negara's photographer. 1 photo with the frame is RM30.00 but the promotion they had was 7 photos for RM100.00. We got that one. Which we shouldn't have because our photos were taken by the photographers everywhere around the Zoo. We should have printed right before we left so we can get a combination of photos taken at different areas instead of just 7 photos of only around the Panda Conservation area. We were going to get more photos anyway because we took a couple at the Animal Show and at the entrance of the Zoo Negara too. Ah well.

After seeing the sad Pandas, we walked towards the tram stop to get on it again. On the way there, we saw some giraffes, white tigers, a sad lazy looking camel and few other animals. 

We got on the tram and it took us right to where we started. My daughter wanted to see some rabbits so we went to the Children's world. There you will find some animals you can touch like goats, rabbits, miniature horse (so cute). 

The kids (baby goats) were so funny because they were so loud. They looked like asking for help to escape. Poor babies. My favourite is the miniature horse. It is so cute and my husband thought it was a donkey. LOL.

After that, we walked towards the photo shop. Printed the other stuff we had taken and took another package of 7 photos for RM100.00. My son was so tired he fell asleep while waiting for the photos to be printed. On the way out, theres a gift shop, my daughter wanted a Frozen Umbrella! Sigh. Frozen Umbrella from Zoo Negara!!!!! RM13.00. My husband also bought some fridge magnets and whatnot and spent another RM30.00.

All and all we spent about almost RM600.00 at the Zoo Negara. Not cheap, huh?

But we had such a great time. Kids enjoyed themselves and although we are not really animal lovers and all, we had fun seeing some of the animals. My favourite are the giraffes. They're really beautiful.
Hubs said it would be nice if we can adopt a baby cheetah. And I said, it would be nicer to adopt baby giraffes. He then gave me the wth look!!! Pffft!!!

Why not baby giraffes? 

Btw, the last time I went to the Zoo Negara was probably at least 20 years ago. And it is sooooooo different now. It is so much nicer. Im glad my husband pushed us to go. We had so much fun!