Thursday, October 18, 2018

Melaka Trip

The last time we were in Melaka was probably 5 years ago. We stayed at the Casa Del Rio back then and we got to explore the surrounding areas. It was quite fun.

Since it has been a while since we last visited Melaka, we decided to go for a short trip there. 1 night only. I had to switch my kid's weekend activities for this trip. Such a hassle to be honest, because their schedule is packed during the weekends.

Initially we wanted to stay at the Majestic Hotel but because we are the last minute bookers, the rooms were all taken. We opted to stay in the new Swiss Garden Hotel this time.

Our room is on the 28th floor. The view was amazing but scary to be so high up at the same time. The view at night was even more amazing as you can see below. My old iPhone couldn't capture the real beauty of this night view, unfortunately. I think it is time I upgraded my phone to the iPhone Xs. (I haven't changed phone in more than 2 years!)

Amazing isn't it? Anyway.... I didn't take a photo of our suite but it was really nice. It had a big living and dining room, with a small kitchen. 3 bedroom (1 king bed, 2 twin beds and 1 single bed in the last room). My mother in law and my sister in law came along so this suite was the perfect size for all of us.

We got to Melaka around lunch time and it was a Saturday. My mother in law wanted Assam Pedas but we didn't know where to go. The place where we went the last time was closed and the other place the hotel recommended was also close. Didn't know where to go, we just tried searching via waze and it took us to one claypot Assam Pedas place near Casa Del Rio. It wasn't nice. I was utterly disappointed but with a full tummy nonetheless.

After we checked in, we explored the mall which is connected to the hotel. It is a simple mall with nothing much in it. My kids bought cheap toys and we ended up eating ice cream at Haagen Dazs.

At 6pm, we went to go look for those colourful beca. We found it opposite Hard Rock. I have no clue what this area is called but you can find any design beca you fancy. My son and husband took the Minion beca while my daughter and I took the Frozen beca. Typical isn't it?

I was hoping they'd play Frozen songs but they put on some weird dangdut song instead. It was so loud! The beca ride was RM25.00. A lot cheaper than I thought.

It was drizzling but we managed to spend some time around A Farmosa to take photos. We also bought some paintings there and I paid RM5 for my kids to take photos with a white snake. Ew. They wanted it, not me!

We were dropped off at this area again and went to buy some souvenirs. They were pretty cheap. T shirts for RM10 each. Bargain!!!

We ate dinner at Sushi Zanmai in the mall connected to our hotel. We wanted to explore the street food but it was raining that night. We didn't get the chance. Maybe next time.

That night, we all had a good sleep. Alhamduliilah.

Breakfast was ok. There were so many people staying in that hotel. The pool was good because it has all those slides and whatnot and kids had fun swimming. It was very cloudy and windy. I had to cover myself up with towels because I was too cold. I didn't swim but was just sat there watching my kids and was all covered up because it was too windy. My kids only swam for a while because the water was too cold that day but they had fun running around going on slides and whatnot.

Before we left for KL, we went to Jonker street to buy things we don't need. A lot of things to buy but too little time. I had to tapau this yummy cendol from Jonker street and ate in the car. No durian for me because I don't eat durian.

Overall it was a nice short trip to Melaka. It is just under 2 hours away from KL. Perfect for a short trip outside KL. Maybe we will go back again to try the famous ikan bakar place. Next time perhaps....
Wednesday, October 17, 2018

10 years

I was clearing my blog and found an old abandoned blog I had titled "My Wedding & My heart". It had stories from my wedding, the preparations done and all wedding related stuff. I almost forgot about it until I read it again. It was quite funny. I abandoned the blog after I had my daughter and made it private. It is only for my own reading.

Back then, I wanted to jot down everything so I won't forget the details of my wedding and I'm glad I did. It made me laugh thinking about some of the stuff I wrote too. Brought back nice memories indeed.

Fast forward almost 10 years later, here I am.
2 kids, and 15KG heavier. We are still here. Alhamdulillah.

Marriage to me is not a piece of cake and a walk in the park. But Alhamdulillah, we are still here and hopefully will be till the end of time. Till Jannah, they say. Trust me, there are some days when you feel like giving up, you married the wrong person, you made a big mistake and you can do better but Allah knows best. At the end of the day, until today, I think my jodoh is written beautifully. Despite the ups and downs, I feel blessed.

Things can change tomorrow, who knows.
Some bitch can come ruin your marriage in a second. The right bitch at the right place and at the right time and bammmm! 10 years can go down the drain. I hope it won't happen to any one of us but it could happen. I've seen it happening and sometimes it scares me. Sometimes I feel, "when is my turn?" because it is happening so much around me. Touch wood. I won't have to go through that.

The other day, while we were having breakfast, I saw this old chinese couple. They must have been at least 78 years old. Both looked super old and the husband was driving a Myvi while the wife sat next to him. They parked their car next to our table at the mamak and I saw how it took them 5 minutes just to unlock the car. They looked sweet together. My husband said, that'll be us if panjang umur. Hahah. Amin.

Ya times can be hard. Marriage is a lot of hard work. Some days you will feel upset and sad but as long as there's no third party involved, just keep going and don't give up. Well, that's what I tell myself anyway.

For my 10th anniversary next year, I want to do a family photo shoot to celebrate our milestone. Maybe a photo of just the two of us too. We have aged a lot. He has white hair now and a lot less hair now compared to 10 years ago. Me, well....let's just say I'm no longer size 6!

Any photographers to recommend?

Diet starts NOW!!!

I had my medical check up this morning and while all is ok (Alhamdulillah), I am officially OBESE! I have gained 5kg in the last few months.

I need to start dieting, like seriously!!!!!

When I told my husband about my weight gain, he looked surprised and a bit concerned. LOL.

I need a plan. A solid plan! I need to lose some weight. FAST!

I'm a foodie. I just love eating. I love my food. I am also a carbs monster. I love my carbs (pasta! drolls!!!). I wanted to go on Keto diet because my friend was raving about it but to cut down on carbs i.e. pasta, I don't think I can do. I can cut down on rice, no problemo but if you ask me to cut down on carbs, I will not be able to do it. I am very practical when it comes to setting goals. I know what I can achieve and what I can't. I rather set my bar not too high and successfully achieve it rather than set it way too high that I won't even attempt to achieve in the end. I'm just one of those.

Lubuk Bangku Cabin Cafe

This morning, before my check up, I had nasi lemak. Although I love nasi lemak, I can do without it. This morning's breakfast wasn't planned at all. In fact, I seldom have nasi lemak for breakfast unless it is those packet ones you get from BSC (those are super good!). I wanted to try this place LuBuk Bangku this morning. Verdict: Nasi Lemak there is pretty good but it would be better if they had more stuff like ayam goreng rempah or bergedil. I wish this place has kuihs like seri muka too. But too bad, they only had nasi lemak and mee hoon for breakfast.

Oglio Olio at Eat X Dignity in Sentul

Few days back, I invited my friend for lunch. I was nearby her office (in Sentul) and she suggested we try this place out. She went there a few times and it was pretty good. I ordered Oglio Olio spaghetti with extra chili with seafood. Yum. It was damn spicy. Maybe not too good for my tummy. But it was good. The seafood wasn't all that much but I guess the price of the meal was ok.

Duck Rice at Kenny Hills Bistro

Last week, a pregnant mummy friend of mine invited us for lunch. She wanted to eat duck rice. Off we went quacking for duck rice in Taman Duta. It was pretty good. I haven't had duck rice since London, a long long time ago! This one reminded me of the duck rice in London. But I wish the chili oil was spicier. I am not impressed with the chili oil but everything else about my duck rice was perfect!

I bumped into a good friend of mine in Bangsar Village last week. In Smiggle. We were both just chit chatting and catching up while our kids do their 'thang' in Smiggle. It usually takes a while before they want to leave that damn shop and it usually will cost us money before leaving Smiggle. My friend suddenly excused herself and asked me to wait for her to come back. I thought she went to the loo but she came back with a box of cupcakes for me!

Cupcakes from Bisou, Bangsar Village

What!??? How lucky am I? Best part was, I was really thinking about what to eat for dessert that night at home after the kids are asleep. Guess the universe answered my prayers. I got cupcakes! Thank you babe for the cupcakes. I know you are reading! :)

So you see....
This is why I am fat! I am eating way too much and I am not young anymore. My metabolism rate is not as fast. I used to be a ferrari and now I am a bloody keldai.

All this has to stop!

What is the plan???? How do I lose this 5kg?
Share tips please!

I don't have a plan just yet. I'm just ranting for now. (and thinking about lunch and dinner as we speak!)
Sunday, October 14, 2018


Oh it is that time of the year again!!!

Remember last year when I had to go through the whole drama with fomema and MyEG? Well, it was a nightmare last year and you'd think that I have learned from it, right? Well, this year... again the same story.

Every November, I have to renew my maid's work permit. To renew it, you can either opt to ask your agent to do it for maybe about RM400 more expensive or you can do it yourself and save that RM400. I did it myself last year but I swear, the headache I went through is worth more than RM400! I may as well pay and get the agent to deal with it. But me being me, I did it all by myself. This year, thinking I know all there is to do, I decided to save us another RM400. But this year, it is a different drama.

First step of it all is to do the FOMEMA, which is the medical check up. You will need to register online and choose a clinic to get this thing rolling.
This year, I chose the worst clinic in KL. How was I suppose to know that this clinic sucked???? I should have just chosen the clinic we went to last year but I didn't. Somehow, it was not on the list.

This clinic I chose this year is literally 2 minutes away from my house. I called them to make an appointment and to ask about bringing my maid there and they've managed to annoy me every single time. The nurse insisted my maid to come 10 days after her period. Kept asking me when her period is and was lecturing me about how important it is to only come 10 days after her period. First of all, I don't keep track on her period. Heck, I can hardly keep track on my own period! Secondly, it is common sense to come after / before period and not during period. Don't need to tell me that. I've already made sure she is not on her period for this check up, that's good enough.

So finally, I just told my maid to say her period is over 10 days ago! Just to shut the nurse up. Furthermore, no other clinics have this requirement. Why make life difficult right? I don't have time!

Last week we sent her to the clinic. There is no parking there so I had to wait in the car. 20 minutes in and nothing. 40 minute in and nothing. After 1 hour, I called the clinic to ask what is going on because my maid has been in the clinic for an hour. She said there's many people and have to wait another 30 minute. I waited for another 40 minutes and I couldn't take it anymore. I parked my car illegally by the roadside and walked in. 20 banglas was waiting for their turns for the check up and believe it or not, my maid was not even registered yet. WTH!! 1 hour 40 minutes wait and nothing????
I told her to get out!

This morning, I called the clinic again. Again, she asked about the period! What is their obsession with 10 days after period I wonder. I complained about the wait and she just had that 'I don't care' attitude. I wanted to scream!

If I wanted to change clinic, I have to pay another RM20 to change. It is not so simple too. I need to go to FOMEMA office to change and need to pay postal order RM20. LECEH to the max.

We've done the changes once already because I overlooked and the medical check up date has expired. Apparently you only have 1 month after you pay to do the check up. After that, your medical appointment is no longer valid. ARGH!

Why do I have to do this every year???

FOMEMA sucks. Their phone line is never answered too!
But somehow their email is good. I get a reply pretty quickly. But still.....this K.K WONG Clinic in Setapak is really bad. I can't imagine being sick and going there. I'll probably die before I get treated.
I will never go back. This clinic sucks!

Wish me luck! I'm sending my maid over again now. If they don't improve. I'm changing clinic.
I rather pay RM20 than waste another 2 hours doing this!

UPDATE: All check ups done. Finally we managed to get it done. I called again on Monday to ask and again the annoying lady spoke about 10 days after period! We went and managed to get it done within an hour. So glad this part is over!
Sunday, October 7, 2018

Stories in the news….

Do you ever feel the world is getting scarier and crazier each day?  I dont know but lately I feel like the stories I've been hearing is just too much for me to process. Here are some of the stories in the news that made me go WTF?!

1. Cradle Fund CEO's death
Wow. This story was crazy from day 1 but it is getting crazier each day. It was bad enough that we all thought he died due to the fire that broke out in his house but now, the story has made a turn and they think he could be murdered. This week, the court has granted the application by the police to exhume the body. Allahuakbar. You can read about it here. 

2. Kevin Morais murder trial
Kevin Morais was the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DDP). His body was found in a drum filled with concrete few years ago. It was 2 weeks after he was reported missing. We all knew from the beginning that there's something dodgy about this case. We all knew that this case involves someone high up but what is crazy is now, the elder brother of the deceased is said to have offered RM2mil to accused to plead guilty to the murder. WTH? Your own brother???? Seriously this is crazy! You can read about it here. 

3. Washing Machine Crazy
Remember last week when 2 men killed a pregnant cat by putting it in a dryer? Read about it here. What is wrong with these 2 men???? Are they crazy or just evil? I can't even bring myself to watch the video which went viral all over the internet. Seriously, they dont deserve to live!!!
This week there's a different story! A boy gets stuck in a washing machine after a prank! WTH? The boy's uncle had put him in the washing machine as a joke. OMG. I can't even think right now. People have seriously gone mental. Read about it here! Seriously, this is not funny.

People are seriously crazy. Don't you think?

Happy Kids

I would say my kids are super happy kids. They're always happy that sometimes I envy them. Why can't we adults be happy like how we used to be when we were kids. Carefree and innocent. 

My kids are super lucky that they're able to enjoy their childhood. Alhamdulillah for them that they have a nice loving family. We are not a perfect family but we are happy as happy as can be and my kids have zero stress level. Sometimes, I feel like I need to give them some stress! (Am I crazy?)

Alhamdulillah, both of them don't give us much stress too. I mean, of course I should at them (often) for not completing their homework, for watching too much tv, for not cleaning up their toys, for not packing their school bag, for leaving things behind etc etc but I'm thankful that they're healthy and they don't give me tantrums. 

I was in the supermarket yesterday and I saw this young parent with a 5 year old girl. This girl looked really pretty in her nice little dress with her hair all perfect but was showing the ugliest tantrum ever. She was whining and crying the whole time demanding something from her parents. There they were, just trying to console the child in the gentlest way and there I was thinking to myself, thank God I don't get that from my kids because God knows I have no patience like those parents have. I would probably say get your act together or I'm giving you one tight slap if you don't stop. (yikes, I'm that scary mum, yes I am!)

Having said that, although my kids don't give me headaches and don't give me tantrums, they do have their moments when I just want to shout at them. 

Last night in bed, I spoke to them (or rather, I lectured them) about being polite. My daughter is in this phase where she thinks she's talking to her friend when she talks to her parents. One time she called me "DUDE" and I was so angry, I said "I'm not A DUDE! and I am NOT your friend! I'm your mom!" Budak zaman sekarang!

Another time when I scolded her, she said "I don't care!" 
Pantang lah tu......
I gave her a piece of my mind.

Last night, I spoke lectured about that. Hopefully they get it.

It is so tough being parents. I want to push them but I don't want to stress them. I want to help them but yet I want them to be independent. I don't want to do their assignment for them but yet I don't want them to submit ugly work. Dilemma much?

Last week at my kid's art class, the teacher was giving me feedback on my kids artwork. I love how simple (and ugly) artwork was interpreted beautifully by the art teacher. He told me that many parents these days focus too much on academic that they fail to work on the other brain. The creative side that is equally important. I couldn't agree with him more. Some might say spending money on Maths tuition class would be better than spending money on art class. But to me, when you explore the creative side, you cope better. Some people paint when they're sad, some people write when they are stressed (like blogging), some people make music when they're heartbroken... these things just help people manage their emotions better. 

We all live in a rather stressful world. I hope my kids will know how to balance and manage their feelings better than me. For now, I just let them play. Of course, it is all guided. I will push when I need to push but for now, they're only 8 and 6... let them be happy kids. We need more happy people in this world.

Netflix life

We got on this Netflix bandwagon only recently and I must say, this is something I never knew I needed and now can't live without. Who is in the same boat? You too right?!

We've had ASTRO for the longest time and right up till now, we don't know why we continue paying when they keep repeating the same damn thing all the time? We have downgraded to the cheapest package for our ASTRO account (which is still not cheap enough!)! Astro sucks!!!

Anyway, back to Netflix...
My kids love it. They can watch TV all day if I allow them, which I don't!
My husband is still not a fan of Netflix yet because he doesn't know what to watch. He keeps watching the same stuff.
Me on the other hand... LOVE IT!

I love that I can watch FRIENDS everyday. It brings back memories of when I was a student in my university student halls. In that small room where I'd hide myself from the world and just watch FRIENDS all day while eating something I cooked made from Perencah Brahims! Those cold days when you don't want to go out and eat hot food. FRIENDS was my go to series. I spend my money buying those FRIENDS DVD box set from HMV.

I recently discovered Korean Dramas. Now I know why people get hooked on them. They are so good! I love watching sappy love dramas and korean dramas have a way to make me go all awwwwwwwwwwwww with happy tears. I'm so sad, right? But I love it. I am now watching this series called "This is my love". It is so nice. Too romantic I get diabetes from watching it.

I am also a bit slow getting on the Revenge Bandwagon. WTH. It is pretty good. It has been weeks since I started and I'm on season 3 now and I still have a long way to go. What I love about Korean dramas is that it only has 15 episodes. I just need 2 weeks and I'm done with the whole thing. But with American when I have 3 seasons to catch up, it just takes a long time.

I'm surprised that they have Indonesian and Malaysian movies too on Netflix. I'll be watching Pulang soon.

What do you watch on Netflix? Share!