Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Making learning Agama fun

Im so happy and thankful that we found the perfect ustazah for my daughter. Im even more thankful that she loves her ustazah so much. Alhamdulillah.

Growing up, I started mengaji quite late. I think it must have been at standard 1 or something. I wasn't very good at it. In fact, I was quite bad at it! It also didn't help that my ustazah in primary school was super garang and gave me a hard time every time I couldn't read something. She became the nice ustazah only after she discovered that she and my tokmi went to the same kelas agama and have mutual friends. How odd. But anyways, I wish I had a better ustazah. When I was in standard 5, we had an Ustaz from outside to come to our school to teach us and I was his favourite. That changed everything, Agama class became more interesting but still…It didn't really help much because I was quite weak when it comes to reading the Quran.


For my daughter, I wanted learning agama and mengaji to be fun. As fun as reading English. As fun as phonics class. As fun as singing class. That will motivate and get my daughter to get all excited. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah her ustazah now is so good with her.

Mengaji can be quite boring, isn't it? We got to make it fun.

My daughter is her youngest student and I don't think the ustazah really knows how to make it that much more exciting so being the busy-body mum that I am, I stepped in. I bought some stuff for them  to do together.

2 hours of just reading can be boring even for adults! Here is how we conduct our mengaji classes. Each class is approximately 1.5 hours - 2 hours.

1. Start the class by reading doa together. We usually start with Alfatihah. Then ustazah will also teach her to recite few other surahs and doas.

2. Read the Iqra

3. Do some colourings. I bought the perfect book for her to colour. It has all the exercises for her to learn the arabic alphabets and sounds.

4. Talk and read Islamic stories

Sometimes she gets bored easily but other times, she is all OK to go on. Sometimes she takes longer toilet breaks too or start talking about her weekend adventures.

I also found this amazing activity book. I love it so much. Even if Ustazah doesn't do it with her, I will try my best to go through the book and do some activities from the book.

My mum bought my daughter this Islamic puzzle and she loves doing this with her dad too. At the back of the box, will have a story and I will usually read this story to them when they're busy doing the puzzle.

I have also just purchased the Iqra 1-6 books from iTunes. Its USD15.99 but really worth it as we can take it anywhere we go and my daughter can practice her Iqra too.

These are the little things I try to do with her to get her interested. Share if you know anything else that we can do together to get the kids interested to learn and know more about Islam.
Saturday, February 28, 2015

Money + Health

I started consuming Izumio & Super Lutein for I think, over 6-8 months already but only recently decided to join and become a member of Naturally Plus Malaysia. Yes Yes, I finally succumb to MLM. First and only time. Never before.

Here are some Q&A about my journey

Why did I want to try?
1. I started consuming because I heard great reviews and testimonials from so many friends who are consumers of this amazing products.
2. I wanted to try it out for myself to see if this products really works or just one of those MLM kind of thing
3. I had tried many many products, spent lots of money to help my daughter's rash & eczema and it didn't get better so this became the "next thing to try" kind of thing. If this doesn't work, I'll move on and try the next thing. There's so many in the market for eczema and skin problems, you just need to find one that works for you. I didn't want her to rely on steroid creams all the time because the skin gets dark and patchy. Ugly.
4. I am so vain, I want more youthful looking skin and if you know me well, Im one of those crazy girl who will try anything and everything for the name of beauty and to get that flawless skin. (The only thing I won't try is surgery!)

Why didn't I get the package straight away?
1. My friend was selling it to me at member's price. There's really no reason for me to sign up because I get the products at member's price anyway.
2. I was not convinced with the products just yet. I think it takes a while for you to see and feel the difference and I didn't want to have 1 year worth of products if I wasn't 100% convinced
3. Expensive!!! RM5035 for a package is A LOT of money. I didn't want to spend that much yet.
4. My husband needs convincing too because he is the paymaster!

Why sign up now?
1. I am 100% convinced that it works for my daughter. Her eczema and rashes are gone. But with this products, sometimes you have to go through a few rounds of detox phase, sometimes it will come back but it won't be as bad as it was before. Alhamdulillah. Now my daughter can eat whatever she wants and still won't get the rash anymore (touch wood!). Previously, each time she has potato chips or food with a lot of salt, the rash will come instantly.
2. I also found out that you can earn some money from taking this products by sharing it with others. How cool is that? The business plan for this is amazing and you basically don't even have to do anything. I know I didn't. I just share what is good about it and I do that not just with this products but with other products I find good anyways.
3. Not the typical MLM business - this product actually works!
4. The more you share, the higher the chance for you to consume the products cheaper and even for free. So I guess that's what Im doing, keep sharing!

No, this isn't like those PB business. PB sucks la. I don't think it works. This one is actually good for your health and I've seen enough testimonials to believe that it really does work.
However, Im super healthy, I don't see any difference in anything yet, but I know its working. The science behind it says so. Just because I don't see it, doesn't mean its not working. As long as Ive seen it work on my daughter, then I'm good.

What is this product good for?
1. I've seen it work on my daughter's rashes and eczema. So I can't say enough about this. Those of you suffering from eczema will know how bad it is. It becomes so itchy that you will not stop scratching until it bleeds. Serious. I know because I've seen my daughter scratching and Ive seen the skin bleed. For her not to rely on steroid anymore is a major good thing. Definitely works for eczema and skin problems.
2. Boost your immune system. Whenever my kids come back from school coughing, or sneezing, I will quickly give them Izumio and Super Lutein. It works for them. Sometimes, when its bad…I still have to take my kids to the paed to be safe but normally, I don't even bother anymore. I just pump them with lots of izumio & super lutein and walaaaa….no fever. It worked in Paris when my daughter started having fever on our last day. She had 2 packets of Izumio and the next day, she was ok. Fever went away like magic. For adults its the same too. My son had throat infection and needed antibiotic. I was kissing him so much that my throat started itching too. I took the products and although I was feeling like shit at first and could feel like the fever is coming, it never came.
3. Allergies. I've seen friends recover from this by taking the products
4. Diabetes. It works!!!! I've seen before and after photos of how this product works for patients suffering from this
5. Etc etc etc… I dont even know but so many testimonials from close friends. (not from someone I know's cousin's brother's brother in law's mother's daughter's son type of thing!)

Now what?
Nothing lah. Just keep sharing what's good! Keep earning from this and hopefully, I will someday be able to consume it for free because that's my aim, to continue taking the products!

We also have a good support group once you join the team. On fb we have a group of consumers and there they all share their experiences, their dosage, their before and after photos etc.

We are also organising a group sharing session on 21 March 2015 from 4.00-6.30pm. Here, the company will share more about the products and how you can benefit from it and earn money from being part of this business. Places are limited. I am allowed to bring 3 guests. I am extending this invitation to 1 of my blog reader who is interested to know more about the products. Only people who are seriously considering consuming this and being part of this team are invited. Please email me if you would like to come and be my date!!! I'll randomly choose 1 from my blog reader!

Email me to find out more!

In the meantime…. go ahead and do your research on this products. I dare you!
Thursday, February 26, 2015


We are all set for our holiday next month. I have a very heavy heart and don't feel like going anymore.
I hate to go when my grandma is not well. I don't want to think about it but it keeps popping up.. What if something happens to tokmi while I'm away?

Tokmi's surgery is scheduled for next week. I hope she will recover before I leave. I don't want to leave my tokmi!

I was asking mum if Tokmi is ok and she said "yes she's ok but we are not" and she's absolutely right. Tokmi doesn't have any clue what's happening or whats about to happen next week. She can't really remember stuff anymore. She is not in any pain and just as lovely as ever but we are not ok.

We are all in pain. Our heart is aching so much. It's hard to describe this pain in my heart. 

I go on doing my own thing and I'm ok. Next minute I think about her and needles, I break down and cry. I just can't.

Please be ok before I go tokmi. Please.. 
Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Health is wealth

I've been crying non stop since I heard about my grandma's cancer. She's ok, she's doing well and not in any pain whatsoever now but she will be admitted on Monday for monitoring and if all goes well, Thursday she will go for surgery. Please pray for her!

She's 85 and is blessed with super good life. She didn't really have it easy because my grandfather passed away when she was still very young and had so many children who were still in school. My mum is the eldest and she was the only one who just started working then. 

My grandma is very well travelled too. She's been to more countries and visited so many wonders of the world compared to me. She's seen so many things and experience a whole lot of stuff. I guess you can say this lady has seen it all and done it all. She's also blessed with really good health. But unfortunately, she's one of the rare ones with 2 cancers!! She survived the first one without going on chemo and let's home it is the same with this one.

This whole thing has made me realise how important it is to be healthy and stay healthy. Health is definitely wealth in my books. I cannot imagine suffering and being in so much pain at this old age. When my time comes, I hope it will be painless. I'm not scared of dying or the afterlife but I'm scared of pain.

I saw a video of this person's testimonial after consuming the Izumio & Super Lutein when he discovered he had skin cancer and that gave me so much relief because at least I can do something to help my grandma. Taking the products made him stronger and even after going through chemo, he could still drive himself out. Since we don't really have much time, I quickly handed my grandma some products and made her take it to prepare her body for surgery next week. I hope it will make her stronger and make her ready for surgery. We can only try right? 

Praying for tokmi 
Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pray for Tokmi

Im so very sad today because I received a phone call from my mum to say that my 85 year old grandma has just been diagnosed with skin cancer. She's a cervical cancer survivor by the way. Im just so very depressed right now, I can't even stop crying.

That's us right there when I was probably about 5 or 6 years old with Tokmi
My mum was a working mum and I pretty much grew up with my Tokmi. She took care of me while my mum was out at work. I still remember how naughty I was, I kept pretending to have tummy ache everyday to run away from going to Agama school and she would have to deal with that everyday for years. Sometimes she will let me have it my way but other times she will say no. Whatever it is, she's the best grandma ever!!! I love her to bits and cannot imagine life without her.

10 years ago, after I came back to KL for good, she started bleeding after carrying a pot of plants when she was in the garden. We got her checked and it was then she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It happened so quickly and soon, she was in surgery and I remember spending the night in the hospital with her. I will never ever forget that because I had to sleep on the floor or sofa or something and some stupid insect bit me and left a dark scar until today. Anyway, Alhamdulillah, she recovered from it very quickly too and was cancer free. She's generally very healthy too. She doesn't have any other illnesses and super fit for an 80 year old!

Few months ago, I started hearing stuff about a growth on her back. I haven't seen it until now but I've read about it on our family group chats. No one really took much notice because it doesn't hurt or its not painful so everyone just took it lightly. But my doctor cousin told my aunt to get Tokmi checked because she said it doesn't look very good to her. She suspected it to be cancer but obviously she didn't say and didn't want to worry anyone.

Today, results are out and yes its cancerous. When my mum told me, I was calm. More like in denial. But then I stopped to think about my grandma and tears kept falling. I mean, I know she's 85 and she's old and her time will come soon but I don't want her to suffer. I don't want her to be in any pain and I don't want her to go that way.

And then all of a sudden I feel guilty. Guilty I haven't been spending enough time with her. Guilty I haven't been seeing her as much as I could and should, guilty I haven't called her and all the stuff she told me to do, kept coming back.

Everytime without fail when she sees me….she will say "Jangan lupakan tokmi" or each time I call her, she will always thank me so much and say "terima kasih zura ingatkan tokmi" when I didn't really do much. So sad lah!!! Its not fair for old people to suffer….its just not fair!

She's one tough cookie tho. She is one tough cookie! And very funny too. She comes up with these amazing stories and sometimes they're not even real.

Our favourite is when she told us this romantic story about her and our late grandfather. She will always use the line "wherever you go, my head goes with you…where ever you are, you are in my heart" so Titanic and us cousins always end up laughing when that story comes out.


I hope all will be ok. I know I can't ask for much because she is really old already. She has 5 great grand children already and have a good life. What more can you ask right? But I pray Allah will take good care of her now and place her in good hands of good doctors. If this surgery is successful, Alhamdulillah..but if its not, I pray Allah will make us strong and give all of us strength to be there for Tokmi. I pray Allah will not let her suffer because she is such a great person and have done so much for everyone around her. InsyaAllah, all will be ok.

If all goes well, surgery will be scheduled next week. Fingers crossed she is protected. Amin

I'll be praying for you my sweet Tokmi. I love you with all my heart and I will always be ur cucu kesayangan forever!

10 something

It was past 10pm and past my kids bedtime last night when my daughter somehow managed to bodek the father to put on the frozen DVD. Usually the kids are in bed by 10pm but lately since the long CNY holiday, we've been slacking. 

Me: no more watching DVD please. It's already 10 something. Go to bed. 
Daughter: wait lah mummy. For a little while only.
Me: no it's late already. Mummy wants to sleep now. 
Daughter: ok why don't u go to bed first and I'll join you later? Let me watch this first.
Me: nooooo.... I dowan!!!! Ok fine! If no one wants to go to bed now, then I'll go out and see my friends!
Daughter: huh????? Now??? It's at night already.
Me: never mind. You can watch DVD, I will go out. 
Daughter: you can't go out now. It's 10 something already!

Kuang kuang kuang....

Double standard betul!

Do what you can

I was going through FB this morning and something caught my attention. It was Syed Azmi's post about a pilot charity project that they've been doing for those affected by the banjir called Freemarket Canteen. If you want to know more about it, please go to his FB page and read about it there or google it, Im sure you can find some information there.

I've been so blessed. I live in a comfortable apartment. We have more than enough and more than a lot of people could ever dream of and I think, I should start doing more for others too.

I don't have a lot to give but whatever I have, I should and you should too!!

So to those who want to be part of this…..please help and together, we can help make a difference.

What charities do you support and why?