Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Which way?

Im confused. I really don't know which way to go.

1. Government School

2. Private School (local Syllabus)

3. Private School (international Syllabus)

Of course another important thing to consider is the budget. Do we have the budget to even consider international school as the ones close or nearby to our house will cost a bomb. I am not prepared to travel to get to a school which is more within our budget. Traffic will kill us. 

I decided to list down things I like and don't like about each of the above. Please note that this is only my personal opinion. Don't shoot me for it! 

1. Government School
- Easiest to get grant/student loans/scholarship in the future
- Mixture of students from all background
- Free / cheapest 
- A lot of opportunities to compete and work with other schools around Malaysia.

2. Private School (local Syllabus)
- Better facilities
- Being a Malaysian, living in Malaysia and probably will live here after they finish their studies, I think it's important to learn Sejarah, Geography and BM. This applies to government school too.
- Less expensive than International School. 

3. Private School (international Syllabus)
- International syllabus is more recognized (in case we want to migrate to another country? Who knows?)
- international syllabus is more stable. Malaysian syllabus keeps changing.
- Year 1 start at 5 year old compared to Darjah 1 in local syllabus at 7 years old. (I hate to think my child is 2 years behind her international school friends)
- I like expat teachers that I've met so far. Their approach is different compared to the local teachers.

 1. Government School
- too many students in the class
- too many distractions 
- won't get so much attention from the teachers as they will be too busy with the weaker students or the excellent students.

2. Private School (local Syllabus)
- mixing around with only "privileged" kids is probably not such a good idea
- won't get scholarship as they are already considered "privileged"
- not many interschool activities

3. Private School (international Syllabus)
- international school kids don't appeal to me. Too outspoken and too social
- they won't learn much BM, Sejarah, Agama, Geography Malaysia
- above RM30k a year (at least) in fees. Too high?

Ok so which ones?

Just by doing this I think I know which one I prefer. It is going to be between international school or private school with local syllabus.

This is a good exercise. I think private school with local syllabus is good and best for my kids. I know which school I want but it is a little bit far. Next step is to find private schools closer to home. 
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Too much pressure?

My daughter just turned 4 about a month ago. I have no clue how I was at 4 years old but I am positive that my daughter is a lot smarter than I was. And I was a very smart young girl myself. So to me, my daughter is a genius and I'm not being bias here! 

Even at a very young age, she could do this way beyond what other friends her age was doing. She started talking really early and started singing, reading before everyone else was in school! I taught her all that but it wasn't like serious teaching, it was more playing but she picked it up very quickly. Before 2 years old, she could recite alfatihah, knows all her alphabets, numbers, alif ba ta etc.

But we did a mistake. We took her out of school for a year when we moved and that had somehow delayed her learning. She still knows a lot for her age but I think she would have benefitted more if she stayed in school. Well, we moved to Kajang and it took a while for us to finally settle in and a lot was going on then that I didn't have time to actually focus on her. 

She is now in school. Only few hours a day but I can see so many positive changes. Initially, she was crying and all that but now, she would happily wave bye bye and will look after her brother in school too. I am so very proud.

We haven't decided on which route to take. I still don't know which school to send her to, is it going to be government school? Private school or international school? I have no clue.

When we were in Kajang, there was only 1 school I was comfortable with and it was an international school. Now that we've moved back to KL, I don't know which is the best route to take considering we have so many options. Also, international schools around this side of the world is a lot more expensive too. Can we afford it? I have yet to have that discussion with my husband. 

Although it is still too early to decide, I just want to prepare my daughter for year 1 international school. If we were to take that route, she will be in year 1 in September 2015. I need to make sure she is prepared for that. If we decide later that it will be the local route, at least I know she is ahead and I can relax a little. But imagine relaxing now and suddenly she doesn't pass the assessment for year 1??

So her teacher and I have been discussing her progress. I wouldn't say I am a kiasu mum but I know my daughter is smart and if I don't push her, I am not helping her. Like my son, I know he is the laidback and chilled out type so I don't rush him or push him too much. I don't know. Am I being unfair here?

Anyway, so her teacher and I spoke today and she said she is impressed with my daughters reading and all the other stuff EXCEPT her writing. 

I must say that's entirely my fault because I never practice or done much writing with her. It's always reading but never writing so her fine motor skills is a bit off!

Today her teacher told me we should let her do some "homework". What?? Homework at 4years old? Well... She needs it.

So I sat with her and started doing the work together. 

She is so cute! She can't write at all! I've seen girls her age writing their names and all but my daughter can't. She can spell her name or read but she can't write it. Even if you write her name for her and get her to copy it, she can't do it.

I'm a little worried to be honest! Her teacher said I shouldn't be worried because she wasn't exposed to this before. She started trying to write at 3.5years old when other kids started at 2 so you obviously can't expect her to be like the rest. So I tell myself, not to stress out too much! But I keep thinking my dateline is September 2015!!!


This was when I told her to copy and write 1,2,3 again. The nice ones are me holding her hand! 

So much pressure!
Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It wasn't part of our plan but coincidently, my husband's birthday is in June, my daughter's in July, my son's in August and mine is in September. One birthday every month for 4 months!

And coincidently, both my kids's birthdate is on the 13th. Daughter's on the 13th July and my son's on the 13th of August.

I guess He had it all nicely planned for us! 

For my daughter's birthday this year, she requested for a Pocoyo birthday cake. I don't understand why she wanted that theme because honestly, she was over Pocoyo a long time ago but since she insisted, I just said ok. We decided not to celebrate her birthday and throw a big party because honestly, I don't have the time to plan everything and secondly, her birthday this year falls in Ramadhan. A bit difficult to schedule and plan a birthday party that month. We did a small party in school. I think this is the best way to celebrate. Less work. 

Her cake turned out to be better than I expected. It tasted damn good too. I was really pleased. I also did a little party pack for the little kids in her class. 

It was tiring! I was super busy with my own work but had to squeeze this one in.
She had fun and it was all worth the effort.

A month later, it was my son's turn. I really didn't have time to plan this party. We decided to do it in school again. My husband said next year, we should just do it one time. Because it felt like we just had a party in school and now it's another party again.

My son is really into superheroes and marvel now. He thinks he is Hulk. I ordered the marvel cake from the same person. I wanted a cake that is yummy and this one is very delicious indeed.

We opted for a marvel/superheroes cake.
I didn't have the time to do much for the party pack this time. I blame myself for that. I have no excuse except I was purely lazy! Still, the party pack looked cute.

First it was like this but then on the day of the party, I decided to put balloons to the pack instead of the party hat!
It looks cuter.

Kids in school got so excited and I think the teachers wished we didn't put the balloons there. Kids was going nuts because they wanted to play with the balloons straight away. Yikes.

We had spare ones, so when they came back from school, we had a mini party at home. We decorated the play house!

Finally, we went outside to the balcony and got my son to let go one balloon and see it fly.

It was fun! That was the first time for them. It went so high so fast too!

Can you spot it?

To my beautiful children, happy birthday darlings. Mummy and Papa pray that you will grow up to be the best that you can be.

Thank you for making us proud everyday! 

Love you both very much!
Monday, August 11, 2014

New stuff

I'm so excited about the next collection although to be honest, I still have a lot of sourcing work to do still.

I've picked up some fabric which I would like to add to the new collection and this time, it is going to be a premium collection. Each piece comes in only very limited pieces to maintain its exclusiveness.

All the fabric are imported from US and hence it is of higher quality and it is also branded fabric. Most of them are in 100% cotton and from RobertKaufman's fabric company. 

This black & white fabric is artisan batik fabric by Robert Kaufman. My personal favourite.

This is another one from the artisan batik collection.

Blue and white chevron print with plain yellow

This is also another chevron print. I picked this because of it's bright colours which I think will look great on children. 

There are few more but these are the few that I've chosen. 

What colours would you like to see in my next collection? Do share!

Friday, August 8, 2014

I love Soto

I love soto. Do you? I'm not sure if it's a Johor thing but I just love soto. Soto nasi impit to be precise. I cannot explain how much I love it. Especially with the right cili kicap thing, omg it is da bomb!

Back when I was a student in Cardiff, the only way we can eat soto is to make them. To be honest, making it isn't so difficult. The main thing is just nasi impit and soup. Easy right? But no, there's more to it than that.

I used to make it a lot back in Cardiff. No one taught me how to make it. I use my own creativity to create my own "perfect soto". It's been 10 years since I last made it!

My girlfriend from Sabah, Miss SparklySharky wanted me to make soto for our raya meet up at my house. When she requested it, I was secretly excited because I finally have an excuse to make it. My husband doesn't eat soto so to make soto just for myself to eat is too much work and hence, I never made it. 

Despite my excitement, I was also very nervous. It is ok to make soto that is not very nice for me to eat alone but to serve it to guests?? It has to be quite nice at least. To top that, they served quite a nice soto at their open house the day before the gathering at my place. Oh no!!! What if mine sucks???

A week before my gathering, I opened up the internet to refresh my memory on how to make soto. I wrote this note.

I really cannot remember how to make them anymore. God help me! I studied the list and looked for ideas and recipes on the internet. I finally sort of got it. It was a matter of putting things together.

The night before my gathering, I made the bergedil. Boiled the potatoes, cooked the minced meat and made them into bergedil balls. I had to prepare this earlier but I started frying it on the morning itself. 

First batch looked really nice and good. I was so pleased! They tasted good too. But second batch was a disaster. Somehow it was too soft and didn't turn out nice.

I panicked! What happened? So I had to redo it again. Made them into a ball again and added some flour and fried them again. Alhamdulillah it all turned out good!

I managed to get about 20 over bergedils! Yum! 

Then I made the soup and prepared the other stuff. I cheated a little bit by buying the nasi impit instead of making them myself. 

And walaaaa!!! 

I hope my guests were happy with my soto. I was quite happy with it but not 100%. Still can be better. I don't know what was missing or what it is that I'm not entirely happy with but something was missing. The umpph! 

Sparklysharky and her husband was so sweet as they kept commenting about how nice it is. Bless them. And it got my husband interested to try soto for the first time. But unfortunately, by the time he wanted to try it (after the guests left and after I had it again), we were out of soup. Poor thing.

Maybe next time. 

He said "wah, must be nice then" 

Well, yeah. It was!!!

Thanks to my wonderful guests all the way from Sabah for coming. We really love to have them over. We had a good chat, kids have lots of fun playing too.

I wish we live closer to each other. We see each other once or twice a year and it's not enough.

We need to plan a family holiday together soon. That will be awesome!

Thank you for the lovely chocolates too.
I got rewarded with lots of Patchi chocolates for cooking soto for them. Not a bad deal! I love Patchi and I ain't sharing!!!

Blogging again

I really want to start blogging again but it is so hard to find time to do so. I can blog from my phone, which I used to do but somehow when I add photos to it, the alignment becomes all wrong and it is quite annoying!

I miss my blog. I wish I could update it as much as I did in the past but with instagram and all those other things available, do people even blog and read blogs still? I know I don't have time to go blog hopping anymore these days.

Anyway, thank you to all my blog readers. Those who still pop by to check once in a while. I still get emails from some of you (you know who you are, thank you for checking up on me!) and thank you so much for your support with my little business. Some of my customers are my blog readers and you guys rock!

As an update....
Yes, I am still alive and kicking. I am so busy these days. I don't know why. I am running my business pretty much on my own and raya/puasa has been so crazy. Alhamdulillah, my sales was ok. Not as good as I expected but good enough for me.

Before I started, I always told myself that when I finally make some money from this business, I will donate and give some to charity. I am so happy that during the Ramadhan, my sales was good enough for me to give a little bit to charity. I told my mum to find a home or an organization which would benefit from the little that we can give and she decided to give to 2 places. 1 was rumah anak yatim of her choice and another one was to Gaza. Alhamdulillah, I was really pleased.

Im working on my next collection now. So stay tuned!!!

Selamat Hari Raya

I know it is a little late. I swear I have written a nice post on the 2nd raya but somehow it got deleted.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying raya and having a lovely time with family and loved ones.

I've had quite a good raya. It went by so fast and I can't believe it is already the mid month of raya. How time flies.

In my raya note, I asked us to spend time with our loved ones as much as we can as life is too short. Also, I asked for us to say a little prayer to those affected by the recent tragedy of MH17/MH370 and for our brothers and sisters in Gaza.