Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fight of the century

lol So it seems.

I don't know jack shit about boxing. I'm not even sure if I like seeing men hitting each other for 12 rounds. The only boxing match I've seen is from a scene from Labu Labi

In my family group Whatsapp chat, my brothers and cousin kept talking about it. I was getting ready to go away for our short gateway and started googling it. (What do I do without google?) and suddenly it all seems quite interesting. 
I started seeing people uploading stuff about it and it got me more interested.
When I told my husband about it, he gave me that "huh? Since when you like boxing?" Kind of look. (Since today!)

For the first time ever, I sat down and watch the whole fight. My heart was beating the whole time. I was team Pacman simply because I like underdogs and after reading stuff about him, I felt like he's a nice guy. (that's so not how you should choose a team but whatever!)
Plus my maid is Philipino so we are Team Pacman.

I showed my daughter photos of the two boxers and she chose Pacman too. (Notice how I don't know his name and just now to call him Pacman?)

I didn't know the rules and how it works. I kept bugging my brother. He said that every rounds, points will be given. And then I told him that it's currently 4:12, thinking one person is leading. Turns out, that not the scores, it's an indication that it is 4 out of 12 rounds! Doink!!!!

The fight ended and I was so confident that Pacman won. We saw Pacman threw quite a few big punches and the other guy (what's his name?) Floyd mainly just hid in the corner. That's not fight of a century worthy at all! 

I'm so disappointed. 

Floyd was so confident that he was going to win that everyone boo-ed him when they announced that he is the winner. I guess we all know who the real winner is and everyone is not happy with the result.

Never watching boxing again! 
Saturday, May 2, 2015

Reality Vs Expectation

It's 2015 and socialising and being connected to the outside world is right at your fingertips. Everyone "knows" everyone by social media. There's Facebook, there's twitter, instagram and whatever else. You don't have to go out and meet people to know them. But have you stopped to wonder about the reality vs the expectation?

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine the other day about this and it got me thinking about my own reality against what people might think and their expectation of how my life is.

The reality is, we only post and put up stuff that makes us look good, no? What people see, is only what we want them to see. Their expectation of how life is can be totally different from the reality. I see it happening all around me and sometimes, I couldn't be more wrong to judge.

Happy Family
You put up family photos and people think you have this awesome family. Beautiful kids and super cute. But in reality, no one sees or knows what's its really like. Children are beautiful of course, and cute…but you don't see the screaming, the yelling, the fighting, the ugly stuff. What Im trying to say is, a happy family photo doesn't mean the family is a happy family.

You put up photos of your cars, your handbags, your jewellery etc and people think "Oh, this person is rich" but the reality, you don't know if those are even their own cars and handbags. It could be borrowed. It could be fake (handbags) and it could even be cubic zircornia and not even real diamonds! They could be on loans and some loans are not even paid on time.

You put up photos of your holidays. You are well travelled but you don't see photos of the ugly side of the trip. The kids screaming. The uncomfortable bed and pillows and the long walks that kills your feet.

You put up photos of food. Yes they all look pretty and nice. But you can't tell if it doesn't taste good and if it will cause you food poisoning the next day.

My point is…
People still don't know. No matter how open you are on your social media, people still don't know the real deal. So before you judge my life, think about it.

P/s: I judge too. Everyone does. I'm not perfect and so are you. #justsaying

Staying healthy with Izumio & Super Lutein

I've been consuming this product consistently for about 4 months now and I feel really good. I sleep at 2.30am or sometimes 3.00am watching tv. Not every single night but most nights I will sleep quite late. I wake up at around 8.00am or 8.30am the latest.

My friend asked me how I survive with so little sleep. My answer is, I don't know! My mum used to tell me that she doesn't know anyone else who loves sleeping more than me. She's right though because I love my sleep. But I also love my alone tv time when kids are asleep and when theres no disturbance.
I think the reason why Im really still OK despite the lack of sleep is Izumio. For real.

Before my dengue, I was generally quite a healthy person. I rarely get sick and I think my immune system is quite good. I don't eat healthy and Im not very health conscious. I don't exercise and I am not fit AT ALL. It's amazing how Im not super fat and I don't get sick. I've been taking my body and myself for granted.

Being in the hospital for 4 days really opened my eyes. As much as it was nice to be alone for the first time ever since I became a mum, I was really in hell. I hated it when the nurse come in to the room every few minutes and take the blood pressure. It's so annoying. They come in at 5am and ask "oh, tak boleh tido ke?" well duh!!! How to sleep when you all bug me every hour? Plus the pillows and mattress sucked like crazy. From then, I told myself.. Im never falling sick ever again.

First step was to purchase my first package of Izumio & Super Lutein.

Let me tell you a little bit about the package. This is what you need to do to get a package (from me):
  1. Forward me a copy of your I/C (if you are Malaysian) or a copy of your passport (for non Malaysian). This can be done via email or Whatsapp
  2. Forward me a copy of your credit card or you can make payment via bank transfer. 
How much does a package cost? What do you get in a package?
The package is worth up to RM6647.00 but you only have to pay RM5330.00 for the package. What you will get:
  • 12 products worth RM5220.00
  • FREE 2 or 3 products depending on the promotion for the month worth up to RM1305.00
  • Membership worth RM122.00
RM5330 is a lot of money to pay, correct? I agree. But trust me, it's worth it. When you purchase by credit card, you can also opt for 0% interest free for 6 months or 12 months. For 12 months, you will only need to pay RM410 per month. Products should last you for roughly 8-12 months if you are healthy.

Important thing to note is that these products are completely natural. Izumio water has ph7 which is neutral. Don't get it mixed up with Alkaline or Kagen water. We have tested it and Izumio is much better in comparison to those others in the market.

Get it if you:

  • Want to stay healthy. If you do not eat enough vegetables and fruits daily. You need this to fulfil your daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. If your kids are fussy eaters like mine, please don't waste money getting all the other vitamins in the market. NOTHING is better than this for your kids. There's no added sugar unlike the other vitamins.
  • For eczema sufferers. Please please try this product. I've seen how it helped my daughter with her rash and eczema and Im so happy we no longer rely on steroid cream. 
  • Building immune system.  Next time you or your child has fever, buy a few packets of Izumio from me and you'll see what I mean about how amazing this product is to bring the body temperature down. Each time you go to the doctors to treat fever, you'll spend at least RM50.00 at the clinic, correct? Try izumio next time, please. RM15 per pack of Izumio and its completely natural and you can never be overdosed by our products.
  • You, your parents or loved ones have high blood pressure. WA me and I will show you how products have helped those with high blood pressure and how, slowly, in time they will not need to rely on medication anymore. 
  • Diabetes. This product is excellent for treating diabetes. Doctors (the smart ones) have been using Izumio to treat wounds because hydrogen in Izumio is excellent in treating wounds. We have customers consuming this who can talk to you on how these products have helped them lower their sugar level. Don't expect this product to work in 2 weeks yea, its not magic…you need to give it time to work its magic but it will. That's why you need to get the package to truly see the difference. 
  • Woman's problems. If you have irregular period cycles, going through menapause, this products can help you too. Hydrogen increases the good hormones while decreasing the unfavourable hormones.
  • Cancer patients should also consume this product, both going through chemo or not should take it. My tokmi didn't have to go through Chemo but she took the products prior to her surgery. Taking these products helped her wound to heal faster and also helped her recover quicker. She is also stronger after consuming the products. If you know any cancer patients especially those seeking alternative treatment or something to make them stronger for chemo, please contact me and I will get the health advisors to visit them to advice further.

Who can't take these products?
No one. It is safe for everyone and it doesn't have any side effects whatsoever. Even babies and breastfeeding mummies can consume them. It helps to treat everything because Hydrogen heals almost every ailment the body suffers from.

While the conventional medicine or drugs work on a specific organ, to a specific operation towards one direction with some adverse effects, Hydrogen works in most organs with multi functions and no adverse effects other than good efficacy. 

Why won't you consume it? Because its too expensive? Well, if you want to consume it cheaper, there is a way too. Investing in RM5330 will make the price of the products to be about RM350 each (retail price is RM435) but if you manage to recommend someone to consume it and get a package, there will be bonuses that you can get and then, you will be able to redeem for cash which will automatically make your products become cheaper. Whatsapp or email me to know more about this.

For those who are not interested to recommend or share this product to other and happy consuming it at RM350 per product, that's ok too. If you are under my team, we will still allocate new members under you and at some point, you will get the bonus even without sharing it with others. It's such a cool system. If you work (by recommending other to become a member) you will get compensated but even if you don't, at some point…you will still get rewarded by becoming a member.

So what are you waiting for??? Email me now! izumiolife[@]
Friday, May 1, 2015

I am Blahhhh

I've never been stylish or can keep up with the latest fashion trends. I would describe my style as simple, moderate, plain and boring. I can never look stylish even if I tried.

Growing up, I have my fashionista bffs guiding me and telling me what to buy and sometimes what to wear. These 2 girls are like my personal stylist. They love shopping and often they will just tell me what to buy. For me, I hate walking around in malls without knowing what to buy. What these girls will do is when they go shopping is whenever they see something nice for me to wear, they will tell me "I saw this top that will look nice on you at Zara, it's blue, its short sleeve, next to the counter, RM179" like that. And then the next day, I'll go to that Zara, get the top, and leave. That's how it has always been. Until we became mothers. We start telling each other what to buy for our kids instead. Kids I tell you, they just take over your life….!!!

My dressing and fashion sense has become more boring that it was before (last time I had help from my BFFs and now no more help because they are busy with either kids or getting pregnant). I dress up in comfortable clothes that hide my fats and I think I've done pretty well. But no……… BFF and I was discussing it and finally, she couldn't take it anymore and said "STOP LOOKING SO BLAHHHHH"

Ouch!!! Bloody hell!!!

We were laughing at how blahhhh I look. (Thanks)

According to her, I dress well, I don't look ugly or anything but I just look so blahhhh.


So now, Im on a new mission. Im going to revamp my wardrobe - for real!!!!

See to me, I never really cared much about how I look. I just want flawless skin. When you have great skin, you can wear whatever you like and still look nice. No? Well, that's me. But now Im starting to see that perhaps, its not such a bad idea to be the opposite of blahhhhh. (whattahell is blahhh?)

Whatever it is, I think I know what she's trying to say and I kind of agree. Im starting to look and dress like a comfortable makcik and soon, I will look like one. Im not ready to look and be a makcik yet!

Time to go shopping. Online shopping. I hate walking!
Thursday, April 30, 2015

We are off to the beach

As usual, we are very last minute. We don't plan ahead at all. I hate it but I love it. I hate it that we don't have much time to prepare for anything but I love it that we can just pack and leave.

I got a text from my husband asking me to check availability for a weekend stay in town. We live 10 minutes away from KLCC but yet, he is asking me to see if we can stay away for the weekend in KL. Its funny, right? As usual, as the official unpaid travel agent, I made some calls and found out the rates and whatnot. This travel agent (aka me) is quite smart and always thinking outside the box. Not only I called the hotels he requested for, I also called a resort few hours away, by the beach, to see if they still have rooms available. Then, I texted my husband all the details. All 3 hotels. All 3 will cost the same. Its just that the hotels will take us 10 minutes drive and the resort will take us at least 4 hours drive. Roadtrip. Woohoo!


We decided on the resort. Hahah. You know how they say the man is the head of the family but the woman is the neck that turns the head. Like that lah.


We are going to the beach!!!

I can't wait. I miss being by the beach. I need to get some tan and pretend Im in Maldives.

Forgive & Forget

A friend posted this on Facebook and I wanted to share with you all. It's so true..

My mum  and my uncle (her younger brother) had a misunderstanding/argument a few years ago. It was a big fight and I think it was partly due to "batu api". I think it was just a rift between brother and sister, they'd be able to fight and sort it out but this one dragged on for many years, until today, unfortunately.

Since my mum's hijrah (she started donning the hijab after she came back from Mekah a few years back), she started attending more agama classes. To learn more about Islam and started mengaji too. She would tell me about her classes and for that, I started calling her "Ustazah" because she suddenly became like one. Almost all phone calls sounded like stuff you hear from Forum Perdana or Khutbah Jumaat.

One day she told me, every night before going to sleep we should always forgive. I told her I can't forgive if I can't forget. When I saw this on Facebook, I thought to myself…yes, I will forgive. I forgive for me so I can move on with my life. Once you're in my good books, you will stay there no matter how bad you are. But once you are in my bad books…that's where you will stay. 

Moving right along……. 

Happy Mode ON

OK, Im slowly getting my MOJO back. I found my purpose!

I was in the Naturally Plus office today sorting out some application for new members. It was my first time doing it alone as normally, my leader will be doing all this for us. The team is growing so much so fast and with the 30 April dateline for the promotion, there's just too many applications to do. Sharing about how good this product is and helping others live a healthier life, is giving me a lot of satisfaction and this could be one of my purpose in life. Anyway, I got all that done today just in time to pick the kids up from school. Another purpose in life is to be there for my kids.

A few days ago my mum called me with great news. She was offered a job to run this business and this charity organisation. That means, she is officially out of retirement! She's 63 years old and retired a few years back. Since retirement, she's been really depressed. It's almost like she's going through menopause again. Every time she's depressed, I get depressed. She's been working all her life that she doesn't know how to just sit back and enjoy life. When she told me she found a new gig, I couldn't be happier. She's still active and I know she will be able to do any job well.

It's already end of April. How time flies.

Im in a very happy mood today. I got my work done, learn something new AND I got to be there for my kids. Not many people can do that in 1 day. I'm glad I can do this.

The long weekend is here. We have nothing planned but I'm sure we will be doing something special and slot something in the last minute to do with the kids. Have a good long weekend everyone!