Saturday, March 28, 2015

Travel documents

I'm 80% done with my packing! Hurray!!

Tonight I went to see my mum because I haven't seen her in a while. Wanted to spend some time before we go off.

It was a good. My daughter hugged her grandma right before we left and said "I'll miss you a lot grandma". Really warms my heart and I know my mum was really touched too. 

Tomorrow I got a few last minute things to pack. We will be bringing 6 suitcases!

I'm even bringing my izumio and super lutein! It's so heavy but I got to bring it in case we (especially the kids) get sick. You'll never know. Especially since Istanbul is going to be cold and Dubai is going to be hot. My husband looked at me funny when I told him I am bringing a whole carton. He thought I was kidding. A carton is about 20kg I think. LOL

Ah well! 

Anyway, I'm so glad we are done packing. I have to pack for myself and my kids while my husband packs his own stuff. I know a lot of wives pack their husband's stuff. Thank god I don't need to. He's very independent.

Istanbul and Dubai here we come!!!

May Allah protect us all during our trip and keep us safe! Amin

Friday, March 27, 2015

Benefits of Izumio & Super Lutein

Do you know that both Izumio & Super Lutein is voted to be Japan's No.1 product from 2010 till 2013? (results for 2014 is not out yet!) These products are from Japan and I'm sure you know how Japanese are usually very healthy and many of them live really long lives. I'm not saying they all take these products but I'm saying that they know what works and have come up with these amazing products. I don't know about you but I trust health products from Japan more than I trust health products from anywhere else. And I don't trust health products from Malaysia, unfortunately. 

So a lot of people ask me what they are good for. I don't even know where to start. But I'll make it as short as I can.

First thing you need to know is what they are…
Each carton has 30 packets of 200ml izumio hydrogenated water

Izumio is basically water. But not just normal water. Izumio has the highest levels of hydrogen packed in a 4 layer vacuum packets of 200ml each. My children calls them "water medicine" because that's really what it is, because it can treat a lot of things. There are a lot of research done on how hydrogen can act as antioxidant and can help to prevent cell damage and inflammation.

Do you know why cancer is so common now? Its because of all the free radicals in our bodies. We get them from stress, pollution, insufficient sleep (from watching too much tv or being on the computer too much due to work), nutritional insufficiency and just our way of life. From the izumio party I attended last week, one thing I found out that even the vegetables we eat these days aren't as nutritious as they were back in the days. Eating an apple today isn't as healthy as it was before.

You know the saying an apple a day keeps a doctor away? Well, probably need to eat 10 or more apples to keep that doctor away! All the free radicals in our body is damaging it and we need to get rid of them as much as possible and this is what Izumio does. The high content of hydrogen does this. Like detox.
Each bottle has 100 capsules

When you get rid of all the bad stuff in your body, you then need to load good stuff in. That's when Super Lutein comes in. It is high potency extract of over 9 fruits and vegetables of all colours of the rainbow. Each bottle contains 100 capsules.

Experts say that we need to consume about 4 plates of fruits, 5 plates of vegetables and 6 colours pigments of carotenoids DAILY in order to maintain optimal health. Seriously.? Can you really eat that much of fruits and vegetables every single day. This is only to MAINTAIN optimal health. So imagine this…we are all obviously not even taking the minimum amount to maintain good health. Isn't that scary? No wonder people get sick all the time.

3 capsules of super lutein gives you this 4 plates of fruits and  5 plates of vegetables plus all the 6 colour pigment. So to maintain optimum health, you would need only 3 capsules of Super Lutein daily. However, you must remember that this is the minimum. We need more than 3 capsules especially when we are sick or have something to treat. My daughter, who is a super fussy eater doesn't eat any vegetables whatsoever but she is happily taking 2 super luteins a day and I'm so happy. I don't push her to eat her fruit or force her to eat her vegetables anymore. Less stress that way.

Both these products are safe to be taken by anyone (even young children), anytime (before food or after food) and it is even safe for babies. Breastfeeding mothers can also take it as it will ensure that you have all the nutrients you and can pass it on to your baby from the breastmilk the baby will be consuming.

So what is it good for? Who should take it?

1. EVERYONE who wants to stay healthy and maintain good health should take it. That way, you don't have to stress so much when it comes to your lifestyle. (i.e don't have to eat too much vegetables all the time)
2. Young children. Especially those in kindergarten or goes to nursery. They tend to get sick more than other kids. It's good to build a strong immune system. Also, if they do get sick from school (like my children does occasionally), you can give them izumio and super lutein to treat their flu/fever instead of taking panadol which is so bad for your liver)
3. Dengue patients. Izumio will help control the fever and other systems and also help keep them hydrated.
4. People who suffers from eczema. There are lots of good reviews on this product for eczema. Or other skin problems for that matter. It may take longer to heal (than if you were to use steroid creams) but rest assured it is healing from within and in the most natural way possible. Isn't that better than drugs?
5. People with eye problems such as cataract or any other eye problems. Super Lutein is excellent for the eyes.
6. Cancer patients. These products has helped many cancer patients especially those going for chemo. Please please recommend this product if you know anyone who has cancer because this will surely help them.
7. Vain people like me who wants products that is good for anti ageing and in search of flawless skin. Im religiously taking these for this purpose. I know, Im shallow like that!
But who doesn't want to be beautiful, right?
8. Women with women's issues. Hormone imbalance, going through menopause, trying to conceive..this helps too

Gosh, the list goes on…..
Treating sinus, diabetes, high blood pressure,…

Do me a favour…
Each of us must know someone who can benefit from this product. Maybe you have a dad who has high blood pressure or auntie who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, or your friend's uncle who is diabetic… must know someone who can benefit from this….
Email me and ask me if this products can help them. I will show you how it can. (wow, I'm beginning to sound like an MLM lady)

In all seriousness, my team has a good number of doctors who is currently using these products to treat their patients. I can get you in touch with them, and they can answer your health questions, if you have any

What is the price for good health??

Even if you have insurance and protected…do you want to be in the hospital? Do you want to be sick?
No one does so take the first step today and start living a healthier life. If you can't get your hands on these products or don't want to, then start eating that 4 plates of fruits, 5 plates of veg in 6 colour pigments of carotenoids NOW!!!!

To find out more about the products, you can visit the Facebook page. A lot of information is on there. If you are interested to buy products or interested to do this business, you can email me at izumiolife[@]

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I really hate packing! When I told my mum that she asked me "why don't you give your maid the list and get her to do it?"

1. I like things done my way
2. My maid can be quite blurr sometimes
3. When you want things to be done right, do it yourself

I'm also a very organized packer. I pack everything in an airtight plastic bag and although it looks like a pain in the ass, it works. So I have to do it myself. 

Unpacking? That I hate to you but let my maid do it! 

We are leaving this weekend for about 10 days and I have not started packing. We've gone as far as identifying stuff we need to buy and that's about it. Oh and we've taken out all the suitcases too. That's a huge step! 

Also, I've printed out all my checklists.
Yes there's a few! 

Wish me luck! We still have time

Happy Birthday Mummy

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's 75's birthday. We didn't plan anything special as we figured since we are going to Istanbul & Dubai next week, we can celebrate there. After all, Istanbul is actually my mother-in-law's choice of destination.

We had a small get together at her house last night. My sister in law bought a cake and put all those candles on them. Kids had the best time because singing the birthday song is their favourite thing to do and blowing candles that aren't theirs is always a thrill. All 4 cucus were blowing the candles almost burning each other's hair! Thank God nothing happened.

I wish my beloved mother in law a very happy birthday and I hope Allah will continue to bless her with good health and may we have more birthdays to celebrate together.


Ever since she was little (she still is), I am her hairstylist and I cut her hair. Somehow it works. It's not easy to cut my daughters hair but I give the best haircut. Her hair is super thin and super straight and the only hairstyle that suits her is the Dora hairstyle.

She never allowed anyone else touching her hair let alone cutting it. But lately she's become a little bit more adventurous and we've taken her to the salon to cut her hair a couple of times. So far they all sucked! I still cut her hair best!

The reason why I don't cut her hair anymore is because I don't have the tools. I invested in super expensive scissors and that was good but I still needed the perfect comb and all the other stuff you need to cut hair. The clips, and what not. It is messy too because we'd have to cut her hair in the balcony and then there's no mirror it's difficult for me to see, the height of the chair is also a problem so it's just easier to go to the saloon. I wish I can just rent a salon space and tools and cut her hair myself.

Last week, she needed a haircut. Each time we go to a salon to cut her hair, it always doesn't meet my expectation. I always hate how people cut her hair and Im extremely fussy when it comes to how her hair should be. For the past 2 or 3 times, we've been going to the same lady in A Cut Above Bsc for my kid's haircut. She wasn't good, but she wasn't that bad.

This time, we went to the same place again and she totally screwed up big time. Argh.

I was so angry.

My daughter's hair is super thin. The stylist wanted to give her some "volume" and said a bob should be good. At first I said ok because I imagined it to be like Victoria Beckham's hairstyle but it turned out so ugly. Its not even level.

To top that, right before she was done with the haircut, she accidentally cut the skin! My daughter screamed and started crying like crazy. O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wanted it to be over so I didn't even bother letting the girl finish her job on my daughter.

After the haircut, I had to look at the hair and even my husband hated it. It's just not her at all.
Im so upset.

Yes, hair will grow. I know.
But still!!! Now my daughter got to live with bad hair day everyday!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

R u ready for GST?

Everyone is talking about it. Everywhere you go, you'll hear people talk about how this will affect us next week.

"I need to stock up on my sanitary pads..its so expensive after gst"
"Who wants a group buy for milk?"
"Let's stock up on izumio & super lutein" (This one, I'm guilty!)

Honestly speaking, I am not really bothered. Not because I have so much money. I don't. But more because there is nothing I can do to stop this from happening. Just like when they increase the price of petrol. It's always a big drama but after that, you continue your life doing exactly the same thing. You still need to drive, right? What choice do you have?

How many of you really cut down on your spending or traveling whenever the fuel prices goes up?

My husband will complain about how prices of stuff will go up and how things are so expensive, yada yada yada and what do I do? It goes in my left ear and comes out right ear. We still need to eat, right? We still need diapers, right? STOP COMPLAINING.

Instead of complaining, I think of ways to make more money. That's the only thing I know how to do and thats the only thing I can do to survive this whole price hike. It is the only thing I can control.

Come 1st April 2015, everything will be more expensive. Get ready for it. Time to start earning more money. How are you doing that?

Business Party

I love BIC cakes and I find every damn opportunity to order cakes from them. Since I started joining this business, I feel so motivated to meet all the people involved. I wanted to learn and hear their success stories. After all, we are all part of a team - a great team I might add. Other than talking about business and how to grow our team and yada yada yada, like all women, we talk about cakes. OK fine, I talk about cakes and they listen, whatever. I ordered BIC a few times in the past and they've been wanting to try so I told them, lets organise a get together or a sharing session and a party. So we did.

The motivation behind this party is actually the BIC cake. True story!

At first we wanted to just do it in my house but then the numbers grew so we figured, lets just do it at the office and we can get someone from the office to come and give a talk about the products. Wouldn't that be great? Talk about products and eat BIC?

It was a good sharing session that we had that day. It wasn't formal, it was just really laid-back and chilled out. I had a great time meeting all those fantastic business people there. I was the only malay, mind you. How come malays don't want to do this business? I guess they'd rather sell corsets than sell supplements huh? I don't know.

Anyway, I had a great time and learn a lot too. Im not very sociable and I don't go out very often so it was a nice time away from mummy duties I must say.

And the cake…well, it was good. I didn't have any because I still have cakes in my fridge and been eating cakes all week. Seriously, I need to diet!

Tomorrow will be the last day to purchase Izumio & Super Lutein before the GST kicks in. Being the kiasu person that I am, I bought a few packages. I mean, after all, I am consuming it - we all are actually. My husband, who was really skeptical at first, now drinks 3 izumio per day and sometimes more. He knows its good for him too, especially since he is quite a heavy smoker. I'm still trying to get him to religiously take Super Lutein too. Slowly he will.

OK, I'm off now…

Super busy right now as we will be traveling to Istanbul this weekend. Woot woot!!!