Saturday, May 18, 2019

Anybody home?

Things haven't been the same since Papa left us. I don't know what is different because we weren't that close to begin with but it is just different. I cannot explain. My daughter still has tears in her eyes whenever we talk about Tok Papa. Al-fatihah. May Allah bless his soul wherever he is right now.

I haven't been updating the blog because I don't even know what to share anymore. I think blogs are slowly becoming irrelevant these days. You can follow me on instagram DewDropMummy if you want. I think I share more over there than on blogs.

I can't bring myself to vlog although I see so many people doing it. I don't have it in me to vlog as I cannot stand my talking voice. I annoy myself whenever I hear myself talk on videos. So no vlogs for sure.

We have come to the 14th day of Ramadan now. I hope it is not too late to wish you all salam ramadan and Selamat Berpuasa. May Allah accept all our amalan this ramadan. Amin. This year, I wanted to make sure I keep my solat in place, which is something I really struggle to do over the years. That's what I am working on this ramadan and so far, Alhamdulillah, I have been doing quite well. I hope this will continue even after Ramadan is over.

Fasting this year has been a breeze, surprisingly. I dont get crazy cravings or want to over-buy food when we buy. I am quite proud of myself actually. Previous years were a lot different, we just over-buy especially at Bazaar Ramadan. This year, I haven't been to any except to the one near my house to buy air kelapa, which is a must for buka for me.

One day I cooked chicken rice for buka. I was really into it and was really excited to eat but it was such a let down because everything was super salty. After that one day, I decided not to spend time cooking during Ramadan anymore. We mostly just buy lauks from a malay restaurant nearby. My husband is probably not too pleased about that but it is really annoying when you make all the preparation to cook and then spend so much time cooking but it doesn't turn out nice. When the food was super salty, obviously everyone else didnt want to eat much. They only ate it because we had nothing else to eat. Haha.

Raya preparations have been sorted. Thank God. But my kid's baju aren't ready yet as my tailor is a bit busy right now. My fault for sending it late. I hope it will be ready in time because I have customer's orders too to deliver. My tailor better be working extra.

I guess that's it for now.

Hope everyone is having a good ramadhan so far. Say hi if you're still following this blog. If not, then I guess I won't bother updating it anymore.

See you soon!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Penang Oh Penang

Last week, we took a short trip to Penang. The kids had school holidays and although honestly we are not in the mood for a break, we felt that the kids needed it. We wanted to go to the beach and at first we thought of Kuantan but then at the last minute, it was Penang, Golden Sands Resort it is.

My mother in law and sister in law came with us. 1 car would not fit so I decided to to drive one car while my husband drove another car. Driving to Penang would be the first for me. I am usually the sleeping passenger but this time, I took the challenge and drove us to Penang.

The journey was really smooth actually and driving to Penang was quite a breeze to be honest. I expected to be sleepy but Starbucks kept me company all the way there. It was good a good drive.

We spent some time by the pool (although I was mostly hiding from the sun the whole time - I did not swim!), we spent some time at the beach (beach wasn't great at the Golden Sands), spent some time at the indoor playground, some time exploring Georgetown too. I took my sister in law to the favourite spots because these millennials they want photos for instagram all the time. She made me take some photos for her and she even took my photos, although I clearly told her it wasn't necessary. No one would want to see my photos and no one would appreciate it anyway. Im not a beauty queen. Just a slightly overweight aunty! LOL

All was good during this trip. Kids had a lot of fun and so did we, the adults. Food was ok, nothing great. My hunt for Laksa Penang was a success, however, what I thought was Assam Laksa is actually what they call Laksa Penang. What I wanted was actually Laksa Kedah.

Upon check out, my maid discovered that my sandals were missing. I had brought an extra pair of sandals there but didn't even get to put them on. It was one of my favourite sandals actually. She looked everywhere and it was gone. I was furious!

I contacted the hotel manager of the Golden Sands Resorts Penang to explain this and did not get any reply. I told them to call me when they find it (because we definitely took it there and now it is gone!) but I never got a call back.

I emailed them to ask about it and they replied.

1. To say that they will look for it.

2. To say they found a black sandal in the dustbin, however it was not in the plastic bag. They asked for the description of the sandals. To which I replied immediately.

3. Final email was to say they didn't find it!

Furious I was!!!!!

Why tell me they found a pair of sandals in the bin if they're going to then say they didn't find it in the end?

It is not an expensive pair of shoes / sandals. Fair enough. But why did they throw away a good pair of sandals they "found in the bin"???

I am so disappointed in the way they handled the situation. Imagine if I had lost something valuable and they treat it that way? Oh we found your watch in the dustbin so we threw it away.

That totally spoils the whole mood and the whole trip for me. I wish we didn't go and I wish we had stayed in the Hard Rock instead. So angry!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Goodbye Papa

Trying to pen down this is difficult for me. I was thinking about it for a week and still couldn't find the right way to jot this down.

My father in law passed away last week. Innalillahiwainalillahirajiun. Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Allah we shall return. 

It has been a tough week for all of us. Surprisingly, to me too. I've never experienced death of a close family before. I've been blessed to have all the people I love until today. I did not know what to expect when this happened and certainly was not expecting to feel as sad as I am.

I was never close to him. We only saw each other twice a year during raya and rarely meet but no matter what, he is the only father I have. It still hurts like crazy knowing he is not around anymore.

We flew to Kelantan on Thursday to visit him at the hospital. My husband was already there since Tuesday. We never travel by Firefly before because my husband hates the plane but because he was not around, I opted for Firefly. Traveling to KLIA seem too far.

Honestly speaking, I never thought that flying there this time would be the last time we have together with my father in law. I always assumed that he'd get better, just like he always have. He's really strong and a fighter he was. Despite hearing from people that he is critical, I always thought he would fight back.

He passed away on Saturday. He was already unconscious when I arrived and he was in the ICU which restricted our time with him. The kids didn't get to see their grandfather at all despite being there the whole time. I wish they had. I really really wish they had.

After he passed, we brought him to his kampung where he will be laid to rest. It all happened so quickly, which is good but because it was so fast, the kids didn't get to kiss him goodbye for the last time. 

Alfatihah Papa. I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time together when you were around but rest assured you were always in our prayers and thoughts. 

"O Allah, forgive him and have mercy on him and give him strength and pardon him. Be generous to him and cause his entrance to be wide and wash him with water and snow and hail. Cleanse him of his transgressions as white cloth is cleansed of stains. Give him an abode better than his home, and a family better than his family and a wife better than his wife. Take him into paradise and protect him from the punishment of the grave (and from the punishment of the hellfire)" muslim 2/663
Thursday, March 21, 2019

World Down Syndrome Day 2019

Yesterday (21 March 2019), the world celebrated the World Down Syndrome Day by wearing mismatched socks. We didn't want to miss this and didn't want to miss showing our support and took this photo together!

When I gathered my kids and asked them to wear mismatched socks, they didn't get it. I told them it is to support people with Down Syndrome, they still didn't get it. I had to explain to them a little bit before they agreed to it. Hopefully today, I managed to spread some awareness by doing this.

A year plus ago, my brother and his wife welcomed their second son. We were overjoyed with this arrival and I was the first person to see this baby at the hospital. When I saw him, a thought entered my mind. I remember saying "I hope he is not a Down Syndrome baby". He had that look. But he was just a few hours old, I could be mistaken. While I was there at the hospital, we spoke about the delivery and I left the hospital with questions in my head. Is he a Down Syndrome baby?
It is not something you can ask his parents who are still tired from delivery and of course, excited to welcome a newborn baby.

I remember thinking this to myself and did not say anything about it to anyone. I prayed I was wrong.

That night, my brother called me and asked if he could come over to see me. My heart dropped. Why does he want to see me? He said he wants to tell me something. Immediately, I knew something was wrong. Although he sounded really normal over the phone, my heart sank. I couldn't control my emotions. I called my best friend to tell her what I think is going on. Again, these are just my assumptions, I could be totally wrong. We were hoping for the best.

When my brother arrived at my house that night, the first thing he did was grabbed me and started sobbing. He sobbed and sobbed. I've never seen him cry so much. Just thinking about that moment is making me feel really emotional. It was tough to see him like that.

I pretended to ask what was wrong. He couldn't speak for so long as he hugged me and crying his eyes out. I kept asking why and then he explained it to me.

My nephew has Down Syndrome.

At this point, no one knew about this as none of our other family members have gone to see the baby. I was the first to know and I was the first one to see him. My brother told me that throughout the pregnancy they did all the necessary scans and tests and none of them detected that they were going to have a Down Syndrome baby. So as much as I was shocked when I saw him for the first time, my brother and his wife was too.

My brothers biggest concern was not that he would have not had the baby, it was more because he knows this baby is not going to be the same as other baby. The baby's health was his concern as Down Syndrome babies usually will have some kind of health complications. A baby with Down Syndrome will develop more slowly than a baby without the condition and usually will have some kind of developmental disability. A million questions was in his head at the time and he wondered how will this boy grow up to be. He read that some of these Down Syndrome babies won't even live past their childhood and that was his biggest worry when he first found out.

We all know we will love this new baby regardless. With or without Down Syndrome, he will be loved. That we know so we decided to give him the best life he can possibly have. Alhamdulillah, a year plus later, my baby nephew is doing so amazingly well. He had to go through so many tests when he was born but Alhamdulillah his health is ok, just like any other normal baby.

His name is baby ILYAZ. It stands for: I love you from A to Z
I - I
L- Love
Y- You (from)
A- A (to)
Z - Z

and we do. We love you so very much!

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!
Monday, March 11, 2019

10th Year Anniversary

We celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary last week. Alhamdulillah for this beautiful milestone and I couldn't be more thankful. I am truly blessed.

Marriage is a lot of hard work. I know there are many times when I feel like I have failed and many times I feel like giving up but Alhamdulillah, my jodoh is with my other half is still strong. I pray that despite our shortcomings, Allah will keep us together. InsyaAllah till Jannah.

Our kids was so excited about our anniversary more than we do, especially my daughter. She just loves to celebrate every occasion. She was talking about our anniversary for days and when the day came, she had it all planned.

I had ordered flowers for them to give us (hehe, her request obviously) and I also made a photo frame as a gift for us, from them. They were more than happy to give us...although they didn't pay for it!

The day went by like any other day, we dropped the kids to school and went for breakfast like we do every single day. Nothing special. We had to run few errands before we picked the kids up again. By the time my husband got back from work, it was almost 8pm. My kids was bugging us to go out for dinner but we were too tired to go. I called up the restaurant to make a reservation, just in case we wanted to go and it was for 9pm. We are usually already in bed by 9pm.

At around 8pm, my kids wanted to perform for us. They played piano (same songs they play everyday) and they sang and danced. It was hilarious. We had a good laugh for a good 20 minutes watching them "perform". At this point, we were still not sure if we wanted to go for dinner but finally, the kids demanded that we go out just the two of us and we thought heck, why not.

Took us almost 9 years to go out for dinner just the two of us, did you know that? We have not gone for dinner (just the two of us) since my daughter was born. Would you believe that? Time does fly and we just never wanted to leave the kids with someone else at night but tonight, on our 10th anniversary, we thought we are ready to leave them (with our maid at home babysitting them).

Dinner was good. It wasn't at all romantic. We weren't gazing into each other's eyes and expressing our undying love for each other or holding hands. Nothing romantic about dinner at all but nonetheless, it was special.

Food was good. I've been wanting to try this restaurant for ages and never got the chance to go because they are only opened for dinner. This time, I got to try it.

When we got home, (immediately after dinner), our kids was still up. Turns out, the reason why they wanted to get rid of us that night was so that they can stay up late and play iPad. They are usually not allowed to play iPad of weekdays and their bedtime is 8.30pm. Kicking their parents out that night was actually more for them than to get their parents to go on a romantic date night. hehe....

I got home and we got ready for bed. It was only about 10.30pm. Before bed, my husband handed me a card. It was the sweetest thing he could have done because he is not a softie like that. The card was really sweet and perfect.

I couldn't have had a better day. I couldn't have married a better man. I couldn't have had a better life. Alhamdulillah for all the blessings in my life. I am one lucky bitch!
Tuesday, February 26, 2019

School Mums

When I enrolled my kids to school (play school and now primary school), never have I imagined I would develop friendships with the school mums. I mean, of course we are all bound to meet since our kids all go to the same school but I never thought we would end up having a close relationship.

I am blessed that when my kids were in play school, I got to meet with a bunch of awesome mummies there. Our kids have moved on to different schools but we are still very close and would still meet up for brunch and playdates whenever we can. They're really awesome! A good support system back then and now, friends I love dearly.

Now that my kids are in primary school, I also got the chance to meet a new group of mums. Well, we've been together for almost 4 years now so it isn't really a new group! These mums are the ones I speak to on a daily basis. I dont know if it is normal, but we always have something to talk about and discuss.

There's no perfect school in my eyes. There is always something you won't be happy about with school. There's always something the school can do better and there is a million things wrong you can find if you really spend time in school and look for these points. So to me, I try to block it as much as I can and keep my feet on the ground. There's always a better school out there for my kids. I can't be hopping to bigger and better schools every time. As much as I can I try to look for the positive things I can find in their school.

For example, my kids are super happy in school. Both of them have formed really good friendships with their friends and have really good relationships with their teachers. Alhamdulillah that is something I am very happy about. Everyday I will ask them about what they did in school and they come back with good positive happy stories. Of course there are days when it is not so positive but those days come very rarely and even so, they go by quickly without any interventions from my part. That to me is a sign that they've had a positive experience in school.

Academically, alhamdulillah they're doing great too. They're not the best student in their classes, they sometimes dont get the straight As but that's not what I want them to get anyway. You can get all As but have a bad personality, it is no use to me. You can be the smartest kid in school but not a happy one. My ultimate goal for my kids is not getting straight As, my goal is to ensure they have the best experience in school and especially a happy one and I think both my kids have exceeded that. They couldn't be happier in school. Waking them up early in the morning isn't a challenge at all. They love going to school. That itself gives me joy.

I remember being in Primary school. It was one of the best times of my life. I think my kids have this too. I am thankful that despite the challenges we sometimes face with school and the management, my kids are both A-O-K!

Back to the school mum story….

I am so happy that I have my group of school mums that I love and get on with. They keep me busy everyday with their stories and sharings. We meet up quite often to just chat and eat. Most of us are SAHMs but we also have power ladies who are very successful in their careers but will still make time to come and join us for activities. We have single mums who are so awesome and strong. We have a good mix and most importantly, mummies who loves my kids like their own too. I don't have to be in school to get updates on my kids sometimes because my stalker school mums are always around. Like today, I am the stalker mum who accompanied her child to Bird Park but I will also lookout at the other kids and update their mums on whatever they are doing.

Support is important I feel. Maybe I'm selfish. But I think I'm happy being in this school. My kids are progressing well and I have the best school mum friends. Kids will be OK anywhere they go. InsyAallah, despite the shortcomings they will turn out to be good kids.

Tips for Nursing a sick child at home

My kids are generally healthy kids. They are hardly ever sick. Occasionally they will have the flu / cough but so far, we've been quite blessed that they are both pretty healthy (despite their unhealthy diet and lifestyles!). The last time we were at the Paed was about a year ago. One time, we just go there for fun, just for check ups even though no one was sick. We missed our Paed, Dr Lam so much.

2 days after school reopened in 2019, my daughter had a very high fever.  I've always managed her fever without medication. Oils really helped and so far, it has always been just a simple self-treat at home by Dr. Mummy without having to go to the Paed. Like I said, the last time we had to go to the Paed was a year ago. Even that, it was because they needed their jabs.

This time, my daughter's fever shoot up to 39 degrees. That has NEVER happened. Her fever is usually around 38 but this time, it was 39 and as a mother, I panicked. I suddenly didn't know what to do and I just couldn't think straight. Treating her myself the usual way didn't seem to help. It helped a bit but the fever was still high. I knew it was something that needed stronger and faster medication.

My instincts tell me that it is time to go to the Paed. We went to the paed the next day and she was diagnosed with Influenza B. Wow. I did not see that coming but luckily I trusted my instincts to take her to the doctors. She has a history of asthma, and Influenza B would probably trigger that asthma to come back if I didnt get fast treatment.

She was home for a week and was on antibiotic (for a throat infection) and another medication for the Influenza. She never had to take so many medicines and she hated it. She has never missed school this long (other than that one time we ponteng'ed to go to Japan for holiday)

Nursing a sick child is never easy. I tell you, it is tiring as hell. I did not watch Korean drama for a whole week. The time when she is resting, I was resting too. I just didn't have time.When I do have time, I am so tired I would rather sleep. Nursing a sick child is not fun at all. But here are some things that helped me, I thought I'd share with you.

Be open about it
My daughter had the Influenza B and because of her throat infection, she didn't want to eat much. Hence, she was weak and also dehydrated. I was open and honest with her about it. I told her that it is ok if she doesn't want to eat anything but it is important for her to stay hydrated. If she get too dehydrated, we will need to be admitted and with that, comes a lot of needles and whatever else.

My daughter is almost 9 years old now, she can understand when we discuss things with her. She obviously didn't want to be admitted. Each time I told her to drink some water, she will drink it happily. I didn't have to force her to drink water. Our paed told us to check her tongue regularly. If it looks dry, then it is a bad sign. Every now and then, my daughter will come to me to ask if her tongue looks ok. Alhamdulillah, despite the loss of appetite and not eating much, she was well hydrated.

IZUMIO helped keep her hydrated. We also discussed how important it is to take her medications. She hates them but in order to get better, she needs them. Talk to them so they will understand the situation.

Oil up!
The oils really helps me. I couldn't begin to say how grateful I am that I have them with me. Oils that are "must haves" in my medicine cabinets are Thieves, Peppermint, Lavender, R.C and Raven.

This has helped me more than I can imagine during this whole week of recovery period. I will diffuse them daily in bed. I will also apply them under her feet. I will have a wet cloth and put a few drops of oil on it and use this wet cloth to sponge her at night when her temperature gets high.

Alhamdulilahh, it didn't reach 40. Even if you are not a super oiler like myself, you should keep these oils at home for emergencies. I don't have paracetamol stored at home in case of emergencies but I have my oils! Trust me, it is important to have them stored at home in case of emergencies.

Get enough rest
When your kids are sick, obviously they need enough rest. Resting when they are sick means sleeping it off. Sleep as much as they can. She missed a whole week of school and the tigerMom in me wanted her to do her homework but try not to do that to a sick child. It is their time to rest. Let them sleep. Watching tv, playing with iPad is not resting when they're sick. Shut everything off and just get in bed and sleep. You need that sleep too during the day because most nights you won't be able to sleep. So what I did was during the day, I get in bed with her and sleep. I will sometimes read a book or play with my phone but I am next to my daughter always. She feels more comfortable sleeping next to me. The more rested she is, she faster she can recover.

Their appetite won't be so good. That is expected. Try to make things that they want to eat even if it is not entirely healthy. My daughter didnt want rice and wanted spaghetti or pasta instead. Sometimes, she doesn't want to eat at all but I will offer her fruits instead. Ribena is high in sugar. I just let her drink it more when she is not well. She needs that to bring her energy level up anyways.

Our paed told us that when they are sick, just give them whatever they want to eat. Even if it is ice cream or a packet of cold milo. The most important thing is, they must drink a lot of water.

Dont panic!
As a mother, whenever a child is sick, I feel stressed out. Even my friend who is a doctor gets stressed out whenever her kids are sick. It is only natural for us to worry about our kids. Trust your instincts. If you feel you can treat it yourself, do it but when you think you can't, go get help! Sometimes, you need extra help. I am a true believer of everything natural. I will usually try my very best to treat them without medication but I know when it doesn't work, it means that intervention (from medicine and from Paed) is needed. Normally I will give myself 2 days to medicate them at home without medicines. More often than not, it will work but if after 2 days, their fever is still going up and down, it is time to visit the Paed.

I don't need a thermometer to tell me my kids are feverish. I somehow just know it. Sometimes even before 2 days we will get medicines. So listen to your motherly instincts. It is never wrong!

Natural Remedies
I also prepared some turmeric + honey + blackpepper mixture and made my daughter take it daily. If you google this, it is one of the natural but most powerful antibiotic. It doesn't taste that bad because of the honey. You can try it too!

There are other natural remedies that you can google from the internet but give yourself time, natural remedies usually take longer time to work versus a medicine you get from the doctors. Sometimes, you need to judge the situation yourself. Does giving it time to work make your child's condition worse? If yes, go straight to the doctor.

Keep immunity up
This can be done by many ways. Supplements and healthy lifestyle will help. You also need to be consistent in anything you try.

Keep your environment cooling and clean
You can do this by diffusing some essential oils. I normally use Thieves when my children aren't well. This helps a lot. I diffuse every night.

If you have air purifier, keep them on. I use my Rainbow vacuum cleaner and add drops of Lemon in it and keep it running to clean the air.

InsyaAllah, it will all be OK. Keep strong and healthy everyone!