Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sweetheart Rainbow

That's what my daughter calls me. I call her "sweetie" or "pumpkin" most of the time but she calls me "Sweetheart Rainbow". I love it. Especially when she says that before going to school… "Bye Sweetheart Rainbow" and my son calls me "Rapunzel" or "Princess Elsa" LOL

Last night while we were in bed….

Daughter: Mummy, Charlotta's mummy is very beautiful you know?
Me: Really? I've never met her. Who is prettier? Me or Charlotta's mummy?
Daughter: (Pause…….she didn't know how to hurt my feelings so she pointed at me!)
Me: Oh really? I am prettier????… Thank you sweetie!!!
Daughter: Mummy, all mothers are beautiful…

And she is absolutely right.

She continued saying that even my mum (her grandma) is beautiful and all her grandmas (my mum's sisters) are beautiful too.

I love it when instead of teaching them, they are teaching me a lot about life...

Generating Passive Income

You know, even if my husband were to give me a five figure allowance, I don't think I can sit down quietly and enjoy life. I'll probably end up spending all the money and when I'm done I'll start working to look for more money. I've come to accept the fact that I am not built to stay put. I wish I was sometimes, but I am not. I am just one of those who loves the challenge of finding own money. I guess, I can say I just love being an entrepreneur.

I grew up seeing how much my mum had to work to support all 3 of us. My dad left us when I was 12 without supporting us or helping mum financially at all. He remarried not long after their divorce and hence his excuse was he has to take care of his new family. WTH right? I will never forgive him for that. Not because we didn't have money but I will never forgive him for making my mum work so hard. Luckily for us 3, my mum had a very stable job. She had quite a high post and had a very successful business. Financially, we were more than ok but boy, she worked HARD. Really hard. Unfortunately for my mum, none of us was smart enough to get scholarships. LOL. We all went to private school, we all went to private colleges in UK and of course, all 3 of us are UK grads. I spent 8 years in UK. 6 out of that 8 years was from my mum's pocket. I even spent 1 year in UK of doing absolutely nothing but lepak. I was not in uni then and I was not working. I was just there "finding myself" and that too was sponsored by mum. She tells us that if she didn't send us abroad, she would be able to retire rich and have a multimillion dollar mansion by now. But you see, she didn't want all that. She wanted to make sure we all get the best education we can possibly get. Bless her. And Alhamdulillah, all of us are doing pretty well today. I mean, by doing well, I mean, we are able to stand on our own two feet and although I'm technically not working, I think she's proud of me. She is extremely proud when I started Kupukupu because she said she saw how I hard I worked and although I didn't really need the money, she saw how passionate I was to make something out of nothing. A trait that she has inside her and now she's seeing it in me. (I didn't make that up, she told my brother that and my brother told me!)

So you see…. I didn't get to spend so much time with my mum growing up because she was always working. She wanted to give us the best of everything and we got that. I was brought up by a strong single mum and what she taught me was to always be able to stand on your own two feet. Be independent and never rely 100% on anyone to provide for you. Alhamdulillah, I have a great husband who is a great provider. But we don't know what will happen in the future.
She always tells me to save money but being the shopaholic-in-a-closet that I am, saving money is not something I can do easily. Instead, I see it as I should make more money to be able to support my lifestyle.

Being a SAHM, it is difficult for me to make money like other people do. I have a helper who helps me run my household but I am always at home with my kids. It's just how we roll, we never leave the kids alone with the helper without one of us around. With that, I find it difficult to do a lot of work and jobs to get that passive income. I can only schedule my appointments when my kids are in school or when my hubby is home to look after them. I have very limited time in a day to be outside. I can work all day at home but to be employed or to find jobs, to meet clients..all that needs to be done outside our house and that is my biggest challenge. Is that I don't have much time.

I started the Naturally Plus business about 6 months ago. Last month, I looked at my income from the business and I was pleasantly surprised that I am already earning money. It is not much of course but the amount will only grow. I couldn't be happier.

All this is happening because I invested RM5330.00 6 months ago. And did I have that much to invest at that time? Not really. I bought my first package from my citibank credit card and took a 12 months instalment with 0% interest. About few months after that, I managed to pay off the whole package.

The first step to take is the hardest in any business that you do or want to do. The first step will always be the hardest to take but trust me, it is worth it. But first, you need to make that first step. Just like I did.
And I will show you how you can get that passive income.

Please don't expect to get RM5000 in the first month. Or even the second month. Or even the third month. This business doesn't have a target. You take your time to grow it and do it as fast or as slowly as you want. When I do business, I want fast results so I move faster but with my limitations, I know I need to go slow and just grow it slowly. I just get frustrated when I don't see results fast enough.

I keep stressing that there is no such thing as easy money. MLM business is the easiest business for any SAHMs like me. Call it what it is but I'm starting to see a different side of MLM now since Im in this business. What is there to hate about MLM? I have a great product that I am absolutely proud of and has helped many people and not just me and my family… I have a great leader and a great mentor… The money is good and growing…. so what is there to hate about MLM?
Well, if you are in another MLM business……then I can't comment because I don't know their products, their leaders and their compensation plan but mine is GREAT!

Slowly but surely I am earning.

Like I said…

I don't go out much…. I simply just blog about this and manage a few sites promoting this product
I don't cold call people…. I don't even speak on the phone with anyone about this business
I don't have endless meetings and meet ups. To date, after 6 months I've only attended 3 events

All I do is share….
Maybe do a little bit of research on how the products can help with certain diseases…. find links to help the customer make a decision…
Update my blog and talk about the business, which I know you are probably sick of reading. If you are, please unfollow this blog..
Update my instagram…

That's it.

Easy right?

And you know what? I don't even meet my own customers sometimes because since my time is limited, my team members will help me out. They meet my customers and they explain the products to them when I'm not around or available. Sometimes, they even help me send out the products to my customers.

Tell me if there are other business like this?

I'm so glad I found this … I wish I found this sooner cuz if I did… I'll be earning loads right now and I'd be able to help so many people too. Better late than never tho….

On my way to generating passive income. Come and join me.
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello July

Image from google

Can you believe it is already July??! Wow. Time flies!!! July will be a busy month for me because it will be:

1. My first nephew's birthday coming up this next few days
2. My daughter's birthday coming up in a couple of weeks
3. Raya

I'm preparing myself to be super busy. But I think for me, busy is good. I'm not complaining.

KupuKupu is also very busy. I am hoping to sell as much as I can this year because I love everything about each piece that we produce this year. Hopefully I will be able to sell more compared to last year. I still have 10 more days to go. Please share our instagram page with your friends and support me! Thank you so much.

Another thing I am super excited about is that I got a ticket to Japan thanks to Naturally Plus. Not bad for not doing much! That's over RM5000 bonus for me because it is a paid all inclusive trip to Tokyo, Japan. That's for 3 months work. (Beside the other cash bonus that I received). Alhamdulillah. I'm so happy to receive it. I tell you, this company pays really good bonus! I couldnt be happier. Next holiday is Istanbul. Although I've already been to both Japan and Istanbul, this is still a huge incentive for me because if I decide not to go, I can always exchange the holiday for RM5000 worth of products. That's A LOT! 

As for raya prep, well…there's not much. Our raya prep as always is not much. I bought and ordered my raya biscuits from Kuih Raya Kelana Jaya as always. All done. My husband usually orders Pineapple Tarts from his friend, they're really yummy but unfortunately I don't have the contact details as he would do it every year for me. My baju raya is ready. I can't wait to pick it up. I hope it turns out nice. It is a simple black & white batik kurung. Im a batik fan and I'm sure I will love it. Kids baju raya is sorted, duh. My daughter will just pick out whatever kurungs she likes from Kupukupu collection. I keep telling her not to take all because I can sell those!!! But she will say "Nevermind!!!" My son said he wants to wear blue. I don't think we will be colour coordinated like we usually do. My husband will usually wear whatever colour I wear.

I also ordered some fresh flowers for the house. I love having fresh flowers on raya day. It makes the house a lot prettier. 

What is your prep for raya? Please share

OK enough. Im tired!

Have a blessed July everyone!

Watch what you share

Yesterday, Harith Iskander's post on FB caught my attention. You can read about it here.

I'm glad that I've taken down all my children's photos from this blog. I think it was the right thing to do when I took it down.

Being a mother, I love sharing stuff about my children. Call me a show off but I think my kids are super cute and I love sharing their cute antics and photos. Every photo that I think is funny or cute, I would want people to see and go "awww so cute!" it just makes me feel good and proud. I think all mothers secretly like that right?
But in today's world, you can't really do that anymore. It's so sad how many crazy and sick people out there. Do you ever wonder why it is such a big time now? Remember I wrote about it before? You can read about it here. People are so sick.

So please be extra careful when you share photos. Here are some pointers of what you SHOULDNT SHARE online, be in on FB, blog or whatever social media…..

1. Photos of other kids
Dont do this. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want someone else distributing or circulating photos of my kids to other people especially online.
For example, maybe you've just attended a birthday party or your kid's sports day and there are photos of them with other kids. Well, if you really want to share that photo because your kid looks cute or anything, please cover the other kid's face. I do this too especially when I attend a birthday party, cake cutting ceremony would usually involve a lot of kids right? Instead of covering the other kid's photo, I cover my own kid's photo (if I want to show the photo on this blog, for example) which is so silly because I shouldn't be circulating photos of other kids online. Im sure I've done this mistake before. So note to self, not to do it again. In the meantime, I will try to take out whichever or whatever photos I have of other kids on this blog too. Just to respect the other person's privacy. If not, just make sure the parents of those children in your photos are aware and they're ok for you to publish their children's photos online.

2. Location
Don't publish location of your whereabouts. This is dangerous too because people (those sick bad people) can easily find you that way. Especially on instagram where you upload photos right when you took it. Places like your children's school or places you usually go to, don't show it so openly. A big no no is to take photos of your child in their school uniform. That is a big no no. Especially if they're in the big school (primary/secondary) where the uniform is different from the normal schools. I don't have this problem now because my kids are not in school with school uniforms yet but I better remember this when my daughter goes to big school in September. Never ever do this!!! (It will be hard because I know she will look cute in school uniforms!)

3. Private photos
There are a lot of sick bad people out there. So again, no posting photos of your kids, no matter how small they are naked or without clothes on. I know, to us it's innocent and they look so pure and sweet but to the sick people??? Gosh, God knows what is going through their head. Especially photos of your kids by the pool with their swimming suit on or by the beach with a cute bikini on…No no! Don't ever!
Or even photos of them cooking or playing with just panties & T shirts on. (Are you scared cuz I am!)

4. Routine
Some people post photos of their kids going swimming lessons every Sunday or they go for their play time every morning or doing their routine activities daily. Don't do this. Don't ever let anyone know your routine. You'll never know if they might show up!

Bottom line is, just be alert and be careful.

What I've recently done was to delete and remove everyone I don't know on FB or people I have not kept in touch with for more than 10 years. I think that's fair. If they suddenly reappear in my life, I can also add them back. Plus, my life is not that interesting anyway and I don't really update my FB all that much.

I also removed quite a lot of people on my instagram and that includes some of my blog readers. I'm so sorry but my instagram is really private and I want it to stay that way because I share a lot of photos of my kids there.

Its a shame that we need to do this but we live in a dangerous kind of world. Its really not safe anymore. We got to do what we need to do to protect the people we love, right?

Make sure you guys out there do the same!
Saturday, June 27, 2015

Working, Stay at home mom

This is so funny and so true. 
I have friends who really think that is what I do (spa, facial, pampering myself 24/7) and I keep telling them, no that's not what I do at all. 

My mum really thinks that's what I do. Spend time with the kids and doing all the things I'm supposed to do but she couldn't be more wrong. But I like it that she thinks that. It keeps and makes her happy knowing that so I will just continue letting her think I'm a supermom like she is. Truth is, if I can be half the mum she is, I'll be so happy and my kids will be so lucky.

Society really think Stay at Home moms are jobless? Not all but some do. We are not jobless, we can find jobs and have a job anytime we want. It's just that we don't want that.

Husbands? Well, my husband thinks I'm wasting money shopping (online). The other day, I bought a movie on Astro First. It wasn't even for me, but it was for all of us to watch together. I bought the Cinderella movie. I've been wanting to watch it for ages. I think it cost about RM24 or something for the movie and for some reason, when I recorded it on Astro Beyond, it didn't work. Normally, when you spend RM15 buying a movie on Astro First, you can use the Astro Beyond record function and you can watch the movie over and over again. This time it didn't work. I was telling my husband about it and he scolded me for wasting money. RM24. Imagine if I spend RM240 or RM2400? 
Sometimes I think its ok for them to waste money but its not ok for us to waste money! Why is that?

What I think I do?
Well, I am a supermom for sure. I can do all, if I want to. Do I want to? That depends on my mood.
Today, I don't feel like it at all.
I just feel tired. Not physically but mentally.

What I really do is everything except housework. Thanks to my maid.
I don't think I can ever manage without a maid.
That's sad.

I'm no longer a SAHM. I'm actually a WSAHM. I am working.
Thank god for my work. I love my job.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cake story

For my husband's 40th birthday last week, I ordered MY favourite cake. Well, his favourite cake is the rainbow cake from Bisou but I didn't want to order that because I had too much of that cake when I was pregnant with my son that the thought of it makes me go "erghhh" So instead, I ordered my favourite cake. Chocolate cake with cream cheese. Another reason why I ordered this cake is because I know, I will end up eating most of the cake so I may as well order something I like.

On Saturday, after my daughter's Singapore Maths class, we all drove to Hartamas to pick up this cake. This cake is from a fantastic baker / mum who happens to be my friend's wife. I haven't seen this friend of mine since uni days probably but I saw the photos of the wonderful cakes his wife bakes and one day I decided to try. Im glad I did because they were all yummy.

He was around when I picked up the cake so he came out to say hello. And then we left.

I had to work that day as I had a customer who wanted to sign up a package. I went to the office to sort it out and on my way back, I dropped by Pavilion to get some balloons as the kids wanted to celebrate their daddy's birthday.

I came home and they were so excited to see the balloons. I even bought some party hats. Just for fun.

We had a small cake cutting/singing routine.As always we will need to light the candles a gazillion time because the kids will take turns to blow them candles out. Again and again and again.

The cake was so yummy. It was a good size too because this time, I ordered a smaller cake. Everyone loved the cake.

The next morning, my daughter said "mummy, can I give the cake to my teacher??"
"umm….no need lah…."
"but I want to give my teacher, mummy….please!!! they will love it. They will say thank you to me!"


I know I'm so bad, right? Wont even share chocolate cake. *hides my own face

OK fine.

So we have 3 big slices of cake to the teachers.

After school, I picked her up and the teacher came up to me to thank me for the cakes. She loved it so much and wanted to know where I got them from. My daughter was so proud that the teachers loved it.
I'm so proud of her for wanting to share something nice with other people (unlike her mother).

Anyone of you looking to order a chocolate cake for raya, or for buka or whatever occasion, please get this lady's contact details from me. Sharing is caring so when you get your cake, please send a slice to me. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One year..

It's been slightly over 1 year since I started KupuKupu. I started selling officially last year before puasa or something like that.

Last week, I got a letter from SSM telling me that my company renewal is up. Yikes. I completely forgot about it and didn't think.

Today, I called them up and they told me that renewal can be done at SSM office or at any Bank Simpanan National branch. Fantastic, there's one just around the corner near my house.

I went there, took my number and waited. I also had to fill up a form. They gave me a form and I waited. Then about 5 minutes later, my number was called up… Then guess what? Their system went offline.


Just great!!!!

Just my luck!!!

I went home feeling like crap because it is such a waste of my time. Im very lazy. I don't particularly like going out running errands like this unless I really have to. I did today, and I wish I didn't.

Bengang betul.

Tomorrow, I got to do it again. Only this time, I think I will just drag myself to SSM KL Sentral and get it done there. I would have gone today but I hate going there because parking is a nightmare. I remember the last time I had to wait for ages to get parking.
I wish I have a driver.

On another note, Kupukupu had a good year. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for the rezeki. I am loving the collection this year! Have you checked them out? Please go to Kupukupu Facebook page and like our page. If you like the stuff, please share it on your FB yea?

Thank you for your support!