Saturday, November 4, 2017

Young Living Super Oiler

I was introduced to Young Living essential oils about 2 years ago. At that time, I didnt know anything about essential oils. All I thought it could do was to make my home smell good and that was it.

I purchased my first Starter Kit and it changed my life. I know it sounds a bit too dramatic but ever since I purchased that first starter kit, I started learning more about oils and could see it working for me and my family.

I love that I can use oils for everything. Kids have fever? Use peppermint. Kids have tummy ache? Use Digize. Kids can't sleep? Use Lavender. Kids can't focus? Use Brain Power.

There's an oil for everything and I just love it. My oil collection started with the oils from the Starter Kit and for someone who is new to Essential Oils, I would highly recommend that you get the Starter Kit. It has basically all the oils you need to get started. It comes with a diffuser too, which is definitely the first thing you need to start this oiling journey.

I dont just use the oils on my kids, I use it myself as well. The best thing I've discovered since I started is that now, I can make my own products using these essential oils. There are recipes you can find online and it is usually pretty simple and quick to do. For myself, I've made many products such as the oil cleanser which I LOVE so much. It removes my makeup just like the other makeup remover you buy from Sephora, I kid you not. Best part is, it is chemical free and you know exactly what goes in your facial products when you make them yourself. Another thing I've done myself is stuff like soap, body scrub, lip balm and also night serum. Love love love!!! I dont have perfect skin but my skin is getting better and better each day.

Recently, someone gave me a bottle of Ningxia to try. What is that? It is an antioxidant beverage. It is yummy and you only need to drink 60ml per day. Its so yummy that I drink more of it. I can instantly feel the difference. It gives me energy for sure.

If you want to know more about Essential Oils or want to learn how to make your own products, give me a buzz. I'll be more than happy to share and hook you up to the right team. If you are like me, want to live a chemical free life as much as possible, do get in touch. My team will be excited to come and meet up to share. I can be contacted at dzuraa (@)