Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I have successfully gotten myself a new (temporary) gig!!! I'm super excited. And the best part is, I can do it from HOME. Well, I shouldn't get too excited as this is only a temporary gig but hopefully, after this 2 months, it will move on to something more permanent. Alhamdulillah for this few rezeki.

I was verbally offered a job by one of the big 4s to do some recruitment for them. I haven't received the formal offer yet with all the details but from the email I got, it sounds like something I can comfortably do from home. It is only a temporary short assignment because I told them I am not really looking to go back to work full time and obviously, I don't think I can leave my kids behind, just yet. But I am super duper excited. This will be my first employment in almost 5 years. Kind of nervous but so so excited!!!!!

Wish me luck my fellow readers. And if you are looking for a job in the professional field, please do up your CVs now. I may want to hire you for one of the Big 4s!!! Get your CVs ready!!!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Handbag post

OMG! Guess what I was doing ALL morning???? Trying to get the Sofina 3 bag!!! Like seriously!!!!!!

My cousin, who is a doctor living in Melaka recently asked for a favour. She asked me to get her 3 of the Sofina 3 bags. She's busy obviously and she knew she wouldnt have the time to sit in front of the laptop trying to buy something that will probably be sold out within minutes.
Very clever!!!

See, Im just like any other girls. I go crazy over handbags too. I have so many handbags that even I myself don't even know how many I have. If some are missing, I wouldn't be able to tell.

Last year, I decided I will stop buying expensive bags. I have enough (you can never have enough bags!!!) and started buying Sofina bags for daily use. They're pretty stylish so I figured, why not.

Since then, I've bought so many. I don't even remember all the colours I have.

When I heard that the Sofina 3 is coming out, I didn't want to buy more. Simply because, I have enough bags already. But my cousin HAD to ask me to help her la kan…….


10am, I was in front of the computer. Tried to login to FV and waited but couldn't find it. Finally it was up. I couldn't resist myself and bought 3 bags for myself!! Then, as expected, by the time I reach the check out, something happened and bam! Everything gone!

I tried again. This time, upon check out, I discovered that you can get 25% discount if you have CIMB. I didn't have a CIMB card but my husband does. So I called him…..

Me: Can I borrow your credit card?
Hubs: Why??? (Didn't sound too pleased at all!)
Me: Because I want to buy something online and I get 25% discount with CIMB card
Hubs: What are you buying??? (He really didn't want me to have his credit card!)
Me: uummm…bags……….
Hubs: What bags????!!!!!!! We are going to Dubai kan…buy there la! (See how he still doesn't want his wife to have his credit card???)
Me: Cheap bags la…….!!!! Quick la…
Hubs: You want it now, now???? Im in the car. (Still don't want to give me the card, and wasting my time)
Me: YES !!!! NOW!!! NOW!!! QUICK!!!!!!!
Hubs: ok i'll call you back. Let me park first…..

Finally he did give me his credit card details but unfortunately, too late. ALL the bags I wanted, was SOLD-FREAKING-OUT!!!!!!

I was so pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was already in my shopping cart goddamnit!!!! They can't just sell stuff in my cart!!!! but oh they did!

Then I remembered that Sometime was also selling them and releasing them at 11am.

I went to Sometime website. Before that, I told my cousin I got it already (when I managed to get them in the shopping cart) and then I had to tell her it was sold out (when I couldn't make payment cuz it was sold out) and she was so sad!!! Poor thing.

I had to register my details and become a member of Sometime. WTF!

Then all done, and again, at check out, somehow, my card was declined!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All this is happening and Im thinking, omg its a sign. I almost gave up. But I felt bad for my cousin.

So I tried again. Sometime website was beginning to be slow and stopped loading.
OMG. All this stress just for bags?? So not worth it.

I tried again and finally, everything went through.


Got me thinking….
Vivy is so rich!!! People are all queuing to get her bags. It was sold out on FVwithin 20 minutes and trust me, I was probably one of the first few to find the bags online because it wasn't even properly published yet. I managed to get ALL colours into my cart.

Whatever she's doing, she's doing it right! Alhamdulillah and good for her!

Such a stressful morning. Why can't they just make a zillion of those bags or allow pre order?

Anyway, back to bags…

Since my husband said I should get a bag in Dubai…Does that mean he is getting it for me from Dubai? Is that green light that I CAN get one in Dubai???
Cuz if yes….

Im eyeing on this….

ENOUGH BAGS!!! I have no space to store them all.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


We will be going on our holiday in March and I need to start looking at activities we can do especially on that long flight. I get really stressed out because when kids are bored, they drive me nuts.

Our flight to Istanbul will take us more than 10 hours plus. That's a long time to be on the plane. Our trip to Dubai will take about 6-7hours. 

Good thing this time we will be traveling with my sister in law and her family too. Kids will have their cousins to play with. I want to be prepared and have activities they all can do together as a group as they are all about the same age. My son is the youngest and he's going to be 3 this year. 3, 5, 6 & 7 years old. I can handle them.. No problem!

So now I need to think about what sort of stuff the kids can do together
My son won't be able to do this but the rest will.

I think they will enjoy this. Might be too easy for my 7 and 6 year old niece&nephew but I think I will be able to find something that is similar to this & appropriate for their age. 

Colouring activities are fun for all of them including my son. Definitely will print out a lot of these type of colouring sheets and bring colour pencils and stuff for them to do.

I definitely need to order some playdoh for the kids too from my friend. They love these. They will be entertained for at least an hour!

A lot of planning to do.... 
3 more months before our holiday 

The fussy eater

If you've been following my blog, you will know that my daughter is the ultimate fussy eater. I've never met anyone as fussy as her when it comes to food. She doesn't eat anything except for clear soup & white rice. Even if I try to be adventurous and try making a clear soup that has really strong taste of something (fish soup) she will not want it at all.

She's ok with fruits. She doesn't eat any kind of vege at all. Zero! She doesn't eat meat, fish or chicken too. Zero! 

As you can imagine, she is quite thin. She is not under weight at all but she is almost there. But what makes her weight ok is because she eats a lot of junk. I guess I should blame myself or my husband for introducing them to her. More my husband than me actually.

I eat chocolates a lot so when she sees me eating it she will want it. She sees my husband eating crisps and potato chips and she will want it too. Soon, it just becomes a very bad habit. Even when we don't eat them, she will request for it and when she request them from my husband, she will get what she wants. 

I'm very worried because she's not getting all the nutrition that she needs. That's why her skin is so bad and she gets these really bad rash quite a lot. At least 2x a year the rash will come and it will be so bad that she will scratch until the area will bleed. Normally we will go to the Paed for some kind of cream and normally we will be given some kind of steroid cream to calm the rash down. It always works but each time she uses them, the skin gets darker and darker with a black patch. It will take ages to clear. 

But alhamdulillah since she started drinking Izumio, her rash are all gone. Her skin now is so much smoother and I'm really so happy. Since the last rash that happened (more than 6 months ago) she hasn't had any episode yet and hopefully it won't come back. I didn't even use any steroid cream to treat her the last time, it was just the Izumio that healed it. And Izumio is just a drinking water so it is perfectly safe and natural. (Izumio  Hydrogenated water - which contains 2.6mil ppt of hydrogen as compared to 500 ppt of hydrogen in the miracle water  at Lourdes.  It's a powerful anti oxidant which helps get rid of free radicals in the body).

In the beginning, my daughter didn't want to take the super lutein at all. But I kept telling her the goodness and that if she doesn't want to eat vegetables, she must try to eat this! All she needs is just 1 capsule a day to get all the goodness.

3 capsules of NP super lutein is equivalent to 4 dishes of vegetables and 5 dishes of fruits comprising 6 different color species! 

Now that she can take them, she will sometimes request to take more than 1 capsule. I give her up to 3 capsules a day. This product is so natural and you can take a whole bottle if you want but it's pretty expensive. I try to give only what she needs. But because she is a fussy eater, sometimes if she asks for more I will still give it to her. I'm so glad that now, she gets all the goodness and I don't really have to worry about her being a fussy eater because everything she needs is in that lutein already. 

Last week, I went for a medical check up and during consultation, the doctor explained to me about my results (all is good except I have high'ish cholestrol). We were talking about how these days, you see more cases of young people dying of heart attack or whatever all of a sudden. One minute healthy and next minute gone. Life is too short. 

The doctor said it is all because of our food intake. These days, nothing is natural anymore. Even chickens are injected with all sorts of hormones to make them bigger faster. 

My daughter was with me when I took the result and I was telling this doctor about how fussy she is with food. He said to let her be. There is a reason why her body is rejecting something (chicken for example) and she probably couldn't explain it but just let her be. 

I guess with these supplements I'm quite happy to let her be. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kupu kupu sale

Some of our items are on sale now. We need to clear the stock to make ways for new stuff. So if you are looking for a baju kurung or baju melayu for your little ones, now is the time to buy. 
Normal price was RM99 but now it's going for RM80 from website. Size 1, 2, 4 & 5 years old available left. 

This is the last piece available in size 6 year old. Normal price was RM99 and now it's going for RM80. This is also available from website

Size 2 and 3 years old available left. Selling this for RM68 including postage.

Size 5 years old left and selling at RM68

Last piece left. Size 2 years old. RM68.

Few others available, email me if you are interested in any of them yea..

Friday, January 23, 2015

Going back to work

I stopped working when my daughter was born. That was when I went on my maternity leave and never went back. Luckily at the time, my employer was my mother who had no choice but to respect my decision. She knows I didn't have much choice at the time since:
1. We didn't have a maid
2. We wanted to take care of our own baby (not send to nursery or get someone else to babysit)

Prior to all that, I was attached to the big 4. Ernst & Young for 2 years and another 2 years with KPMG. 

I miss working. Especially having my own money. There's just something about being financially independent that I like. If you've been reading my blog, you will know how I keep looking for "jobs". In my head, I'm a tai-tai wannabe but in my heart, I love working. Or maybe it's the other way round? I'm not sure.

Anyway, I spoke to a friend recently and she's one of the top HR person in her organization. I just wanted to know more about the job market and if I am still wanted. I haven't been working (employed) for ages, I really don't even know if people want to hire me anymore.
She gave me some pointers and one of the things she told me was that I needed a job that is flexible. She gave me an example - a headhunter. I was a recruiter before, I don't know if it's the same but I'm guessing it is, a little bit. Then I totally forgot about the whole conversation and moved on.

Last week, I received a call from a random number. I was out at a school tour and didn't answer the call. When I got home, I returned the call as it seems important. The caller called me twice! When I called, it was an office number and apparently someone from that office wanted to speak to me. The receptionist didn't know who it was. When I asked further where the office is or what company it is, turns out it is a recruitment agency ans

Few weeks ago, I saw this in the papers. Is it a sign? 

I didn't even discuss it with my husband. I usually don't tell him or discuss with him things that aren't important. A waste of time to talk or argue about things that aren't important and this was one of them. 

I took a photo of this advert and again, moved on. 

Today I was looking at the photos on my phone and this popped up. A sign? Instead of ignoring it, I figured why not try and see if I'm still wanted in the market. What is the worst that could happen? I won't get a call back. Big deal. Not like I'm desperate for a job anyway. 

I updated my cv and emailed it. I also took another step and emailed another potential employer. This employer is also another big 4 and they've offered me a job in the past but I have turned it down because timing wasn't right. I wasn't ready to go back to work then. 

In my email, I mentioned that I want flexible working conditions and preferably something I can work from home or have flexible working hours. 

That evening, I received a call from the Big 4. Whatt!!! I didn't know it was them so I didn't answer the call. I was also busy preparing dinner then. The lady WA me and asked me to return the call or let them know when the best time to call me. OMG!!! 

Of course I can't go back to work yet. My kids need me still. Unless they can offer me a job from home or when kids are in school, I doubt I can take any offers but it's just nice to know that despite seeing on my CV that I've been doing nothing for the past 5 years, I'm still wanted! I still have a chance. That's good enough for me.

Me and my work issues..... 
Thursday, January 22, 2015

Holiday Plans

Seriously I should get paid for organizing family holiday trips! I spent the WHOLE day in front of the computer doing all sorts of holiday related stuff. It's 6.30pm and I'm exhausted. I just put some chicken in the oven for dinner. 

Earlier in the morning while the kids was in school I prepared visa documents for my maid. She needs a visa for both Turkey and Dubai whereas we Malaysians don't. Letters to be typed out, emails to be sent out to agency, stuff to be photocopied yada yada yada. I wish I have a PA to do all this stuff for me.

We contacted a few local travel agents to give us quotes for the tours. I got 2 quotes back but somehow my husband isn't too happy with them. 

While kids were napping, I contacted few travel agents in Dubai to get some quotes. It was quite easy and very quick too as they are all online and we could chat to them direct. Later, I will have to discuss them with my husband.

Quite excited to be going away on holiday. Hopefully we'll have a great time in Istanbul and Dubai. 

If I could have things my way, my destination would be to be by the beach. In Maldives and enjoy spa sessions or just do nothing by the beach. Ahhh... When will that day come?