Monday, May 30, 2016

Preparing for the new maid

My maid left last week and surprisingly we've been managing pretty OK without her. Apart from laundry, everything else is under control I suppose. Yes, the house is in a mess. Yes, I'm always in a bad mood because I have to do everything! Yes, my husband is a big help and yet I'm still always grumpy but despite all that, we have been managing well without a maid. The part time maid comes in 3 times a week to do the laundry and so far, so good. Kids seem to love her too and they want her to stay instead.

We received a note from the agent that the new maid has arrived and is finally here in Malaysia. All set to welcome her except, we have no furnitures inside her room yet. Why? Because we chucked the wardrobe and table away after my maid left. We thought we could do with new furnitures in that room. I personally feel that it is still OK but since my husband said to change, ok fine, change!

We also threw away most of the stuff she left behind like soap, lotion and what not. Which means, I need to buy new ones.

I dont really have time to shop so what did I do instead? ONLINE SHOPPING. Haha..
I tesco-onlined it! Listed down all the stuff I need to get for the maid like shower gel, shampoo, deodorant and feminine wash etc and got it from Tesco. It has been a while since I use their service to be honest. Next thing I need to get will be some pyjamas, stay at home clothes like T-shirts and pants and bath towels. I wish they sell these online but I dont know any sites.

I guess we are all set to welcome the new maid. And it will be Ramadhan too. This time will be our first muslim maid. It will be interesting.

We've been maidless for almost 2 weeks now. I think it is manageable now that the kids are a lot older and more independent. Apart from laundry, I think we are managing quite well. For the first time ever, I've been home alone with no maid and no husband. He is out of town for work and I've been doing everything on my own with no help. I know a lot of mothers are doing it. It is not easy I tell you. I am kind of enjoying my alone time with my kids and somehow they behave better when it's just with me around.

I think I'm ready to get some help….

The agent is going to drop the new maid off at 1pm. Wish me luck!
Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Octopus Mum

OK, I admit. I SUCK at being a mum. There!!! Go ahead and judge me.

It's only been a week since my maid left and already feel the pressure and tension. Kids are sooooo demanding, MashaAllah.

Even with maid, our house is always messy so you can imagine how it looks like without one. I feel like screaming and shouting all the time especially when kids dont listen or do something I told them to do fast enough. I hate the kind of mother I am sometimes.

It doesn't help that I am also PMSing and feeling fat.

Yesterday, we had a Part Time maid come over. She's a local indian lady and is also cleaning a few houses nearby. My neighbour recommended her and alhamdulillah, it is like Allah is answering my prayers before I even asked. I've never spoken to this neighbour before but I've seen her at the carpark once in a while. A day before my maid left we started saying hi and started talking. She is super sweet and friendly. I was telling her about my maid leaving and she told me this Aunty can come and clean my house if I want. Just like that, I got a part time maid who can come over 2x a week. That's not easy to find. The part timer I used to call is always super busy.

So anyway, Aunty Lashmy came yesterday and my kids was so excited to have another person in the house. This Aunty speaks English too and this was a major bonus because my kids would just talk and talk to her. It was so good to just be alone for awhile while Aunty Lashmy was doing the laundry and folding the clothes. My Goodness, my maid left a huge pile of washed clothes unfolded. I couldn't do it because it was like a mountain! Thank God for Aunty Lashmy.

She was here for 4 hours and paid RM100.00

By the time she was gone, it was already 8pm. It was dark so I decided to drop her off at the bus stop nearby. My house, finally looks normal again.

In the car, Aunty asked if my maid was a full time or a part timer. I told her Norilynn is a full timer and she couldn't believe the amount of work Norilynn left behind. It was as if I never had a maid.

This morning, I had another meltdown.
I got up before 6am. Prepared my daughter's school bag, with all her swimming stuff (she has swimming class today) and woke her up, gave her a shower, put clothes on for her, prepared her breakfast, woke my son up, made him breakfast, gave him a shower and all this felt too much for me!
I even got time to do some spelling practice with my daughter because she had spelling test today.

While I was in the shower, my 2 instructions were:

1. Do corrections (she had a couple of mistakes and needed to do corrections)
2. Drink IZUMIO

I showered and when I got out and got dressed and ready to go, both the above wasn't done yet. ARGHHH!! I went nuts.

She was late to school. I told her we are not leaving until she is done with her IZUMIO and to pee before we leave.

In the car, I feel like crying.

Yes I know, it is a typical day for many mums out there. Working and nonworking mum. I get it.
I get that everyone is struggling and for many, my struggles are a joke because they have to do A LOT more. Yes, I GET IT. But just leave me alone and let me rant in peace here, can or not??? This is my page after all.

So yeah, life is a bitch, so shoot me!

On another note……. I feel so blessed that I have a wonderful husband who is so hands on and helps me a lot around the house. Yeah he can't sit with my daughter and make sure she does her correction for her spelling, which drives me nuts but at least he does help me with the dishes.

Speaking of dishes….
This is how bad I am at housework… I actually broke a cup while doing dishes. How the hell did I do that? Dont know, dont ask!!!

I think I was really born to be a princes……. like, really!
Sunday, May 22, 2016

Goodbye Norilynn

Last Thursday we said goodbye to our maid. She was with us for slightly over 2 years.

When Norilynn first came into our lives, we still had our super maid, Rose with us. For almost 3 weeks Rose stayed on to "trained" Norilynn. I didn't have to do anything. Rose got it all covered. Rose was with us for about 2.5 years and although it is not that much longer than Norilynn was with us, we all feel more connected to Rose. I guess Rose was a better communicator. Norilynn's English wasn't so good and sometimes I dont even know what she is trying to say.

2 years went by so fast. I cannot believe she was with us for that long. My son was not even 2 years old yet when she first came. Kids really bullied her like mad. She was really soft with them and they never ever listen to whatever she asks them to do. Poor thing. I had to always come and shout to get the kids to do something. Norilynn could never do it without me coming to shout.

Overall her work was ok. Nothing to really shout about but I couldn't ever say she's bad at it. She was already. A great help around the house. She's not a super maid like Rose was but no one can come close to how Rose was and it is not fair to compare, anyway. I get all depressed when I think about how Rose was and how Norilynn was because the difference is A LOT!

So anyway, people come and go and that's the sad part about having a helper around the house. Especially for the kids. They're so pampered, yes but despite all that, they still had a great bond and connection with all the maids. My kids always include their kakak (they call the maids that) whenever they draw family photos. The kakak were a part of our family so obviously, saying Goodbye is not easy. Especially for the kids.

My daughter wrote this for Norilynn before she left. I had to laugh about it because first, it says "cacat" instead of "Kakak". Hehehhehe….
Then it is "Buy Buy" instead of "Bye Bye"

No she doesn't know the meaning of cacat and she doesn't call her that! Thank god she doesn't know what cacat means too! LOL

At the airport and on the way to the airport, my daughter kept saying things like "I wish kakak can stay…but she can't". Norilynn told us she will call us and call the kids when she's back in Philippine.
My son wanted to go with her and he was serious about leaving us here! I had to say "no, you can't because you didn't bring your underwear and clothes with you" and then he thought to himself, oh bummer, I should have packed. He really wanted to go with her.

Finally at the gate, my daughter started crying her eyes out like someone just died. Really full on crying while she was hugging me tightly. I couldn't help feeling sad for her so I cried as well. I hugged Norilynn and thanked her for all she's done for us. My son just looked at us with his face so sad and ready to cry but he was holding back tears. You could see he was really trying to be strong. He didn't say a word but just looked down.

After she went inside, my daughter kept on crying. My son just looks at her and then my husband asked him if he was OK and then he started crying like crazy. It was really sad.

Both cried all the way to the mall. We had to bribe them with Baskin Robbins. Poor kids.

It's been a few days now since she left. Both kids are ok now. They've gotten over it but my daughter still say stuff like "oh I wish kakak was here" "I wish kakak can see this"

And you know….?

She hasn't called us to tell us that she's arrived. I wish she did. Kids would love to hear from her. ah well…..

I also gave her a small token to say thank you. It's an end of another era for us….

Juice Diet? Done that!

We successfully completed the Juice Diet Detox challenge! Hurray! I cannot believe I actually did it!

It was the worst day to start a juice diet because my maid was leaving for good and I knew that we'll be out for dinner that day.

I ordered the juice the day before and they told me that it will arrive the next morning. When they told me it will be delivered in the morning, I thought it was going to be like 8am or something but it only came at almost 11am. I was super hungry already by then. Mamapumpkin and Mom2Ashey's juices came late too. Someone cheated and have breakfast. I won't tell you who it is but yes, one of us did. (Im not a breakfast person so it wasn't me! LOL).

We had our first juice at almost 11am. That's almost lunch time, yo!!! Before my juices came, I already had 2 packets of IZUMIO. I had my first IZUMIO at 6.30am, which is my usual routine when I wake up in the morning anyway and then again at 10am because I was feeling hungry.

This was how my whole day went…

6.30am - 1 Packet of IZUMIO

10am - 1 Packet of IZUMIO

11am - Nutty Professor Juice (like a chocolate drink. Good for me since I usually have milo in the morning)

1am - Sunkissed Juice (this is like orange mixed with ginger, pineapple and carrots. Very yummy)

3pm - Beds of Roses (almond, rose petals, dates and beetroot. I dont know if I love or hate this drink. I actually dont mind it but it taste too much like I'm drinking rose juice)

5pm - Passion  (this was my first time trying this. It is quite yummy. I think this is my new favourite juice. It is mango and pineapple and dont know what else but it is yummy)

8pm - Green Dtox juice (I was quite surprised that I quite like it)

10pm - Another green juice called Salad in a bottle

11pm - 1 packet of IZUMIO

Not bad huh???

The first half of the day was tough because I was feeling quite hungry. You are supposed to drink every 2 hours and I did. Sometimes 2 hours will go past really quickly and you won't even feel it. But sometimes, your mind just want to play tricks on you and just want you to suffer a little bit more. For some weird reason all my favourite food started appearing on my friend's instagram. It is like it is some kind of conspiracy going on or something. Really!

When we got to KLIA2, we had to go for dinner. It didn't help that it took us almost 3 hours to get to the airport too due to the traffic on Jalan Tun Razak. I was so pissed.
We went to the food court because we didn't know where else to eat there. So many food to choose from and I was really tempted to just eat something. I wasn't so hungry. I took my Green Detox juice with me and had that at the airport. My son had chicken rice and my husband had Yong Tou Foo. I took a few pieces of chicken from my son's chicken rice and had some of my husband's food too.

So yea, I kind of failed the challenge but I couldn't stand the temptation.

Overall it went alright. I didn't eat anything the whole day and only had that few bites for dinner. That's acceptable right?

Funny how the next day I was craving for more juice and wished I could go on that juice diet for another day. I think next time I can try again. This time, without food totally. 3 days is the next target.

I can do it!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Detox, anyone?

Lately, I've been having breakouts. Yes, me! I have breakouts!!!! Argh. I dont know what is the cause of it because I've not been using or consuming anything different but I'm breaking out super bad! It is not normal for me to have skin THIS BAD. *hides under the table*

I dont have perfect skin but it is usually under control and not too bad. But this time, it is BAD!!!! So bad that my husband is concerned. Yikes.

I know there's something not right somewhere. I blame my hormones. Maybe I'm having some kind of hormonal imbalance or something? I dont know. It all started when I bought this serum thingy from Dermalogica and slowly spots started coming out. But when I realised that it is making my skin bad, I stopped. It has been months since I stopped using that product on my skin but how come my skin is still bad? Whatever it is, I continue consuming IZUMIO and Super Lutein because I trust that if I continue consuming, it will all clear up in time. IZUMIO is known to be a powerful drink that can get rid of all the free radicals in my body. This is perhaps what it is doing, getting rid of all the bad stuff. Maybe the weather is no good to my skin or something, I dont know.

So, I went for facial the other day and extraction was painful. I wanted to cry because my skin was peeling too. It was so painful…but beauty is pain, right? In my attempt to be pretty and have nice skin again, I must do something about it.

I had a chat with Hampshire Mummy and she suggested I try juice detox diet for 1 day. 1 day only? Are you serious? Dont think 1 day can do much or can it? Juice detox diet means no food but only juice all day! Wah! Sounds easy but can I do it? Hampshire Mummy laughed at me when I told her I should do 1 week detox. hehe.. It is quite funny actually. 1 day only and I can't stop thinking about Nasi Lemak already. How to survive 1 week with no food?

I was so motivated to try this juice detox diet. I'm a sucker like that. I quickly got Mom2Ashley and Mamapumpkin to join me in this challenge. To my surprise, they agreed. (They're suckers too!) Hurray!!! Let's detox together-gether. I know it is easier to do when you have support and have friends to bitch with when you are hungry because we all will be bitching together.

I ordered my juices from my favourite juice place and got them to deliver it to me. First time using their delivery service. I told them I want to start immediately and they told me that it can be delivered to me in the morning.

I will update my progress tomorrow.

My skin looks ok today (after facial it always looks a bit red and marks all over) but it doesn't look too bad.

My weight today is 56.5 (WTH!!!)

And I'm hungry. Somehow when you want to go on diet, all of a sudden you can't stop thinking about nasi lemak! pfft!!!

A little treat

Hurray! Maths exam is over. I've given my best. I've done my very best to support her, revise with her and practice with her. There is nothing more I can do. For my daughter, I think she has done her best too. Although I'm still not very confident she will do well, I know she has done her very best. I just pray that whatever results she got, it will only motivate her to do better in the future. You know how it is, when your friends all get 90% but you get 60%, you will feel so down. I dont want that. I dont mind the results, any results but I want her to be proud that she's given her all. At year 1, at less than 6 years old, it is difficult to get that concept right. Someday, hopefully.

We have another exam next week. Science. But it is not too difficult I think. She does quite well with science and I'm not so worried. I dont think we will be studying and revise so much for science. I'm going to let her chill for a bit.

As a treat, that Maths exam is over, I decided to let them go for a swim. My kids love swimming. But because of the heat, the haze and the rain, we haven't gone swimming in a while. Yesterday was a great day for swimming because it was not that sunny and it was kind of cloudy. Weather was perfect for swimming.

Day 1
My daughter would usually pick a flower for me from around the pool. She's a sweetheart. I always get a flower whenever she goes swimming. That day, I took a packet of IZUMIO down and drank while watching them swim. They had so much fun.

Day 2

The next day, after school, they wanted to go swimming again. This time, they pandai-pandai invited our neighbour along. Total of 4 kids were swimming including mine. It was like a mini pool party. They had so much fun. I took my work down so I can get some work done while they were swimming. My maid was also around to keep an eye on them. A luxury indeed because I can't work while they are swimming if there isn't another adult watching them.

Today they've asked if they could go swimming again but no can do. We will be going to the airport to send my maid off. Plan is to have dinner at the airport too. Hurray for no cooking!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Be Prepared

We booked a single ticket for my maid already. It's really happening. She's going! This week we will all send her to the airport and send her off. I will be maidless for about a week or so. I'll be in super bad mood. Be prepared.

Extra things I need to do:
1. Breakfast for my daughter
2. Shower my son 
3. Prepare lunch & break food for my daughter 
4. Prepare breakfast for my son
5. Prepare snacks for my son to bring to school
6. Feed my son lunch
7. Clean up after cooking and food prep for dinner
8. Feed my son dinner
9. Wash & iron school uniform
10. Shoot myself!!