Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It is OK

You know what? Sometimes I think people put too much pressure on us mothers. I mean, motherhood is tough as it is, do we really need additional pressure to make us feel less of a mother? I seriously don't need it! 

I remember growing up, it was difficult for my mum to bring us up alone, without any help from my dad but she did it. It was tough but she did the best she could. It was difficult but at least back then, there's not much pressure. Today, if you don't breastfeed, you get the "look", if you leave your kids with the maid, you get the "look".. It's like.. Come on! Don't we deserve a break?? 

Here's the thing, 
1. It is ok if you choose to bottle feed, formula feed or breast feed your baby. It is all OK! As long as your baby is not starving, it is OK! Doesn't mean you breastfeed your baby for 24 months you are a good mum. Relax .....

2. It is Ok if you let the maid take care of your kids while you enjoy your long shower, or talk on the phone with your best friend or go shopping ... As long as someone is there to take care of your child, and he/she is not abandoned or alone, they will be fine! Relax....

3. It is OK if your child doesn't know how to read or write yet. They will pick it up. After all, what are school for if it is not to teach kids to do all that? It is not ALL your responsibility. Relax....

4. It is OK if your child eats junk food. It is still food and it's not poison. (Some will argue that junk food is like poison, those people can go away and fly kite!) some kids are fussy eaters, us mothers struggle sometimes to get them to just eat something, anything...! So please don't stress us out even more!

5. It is ok to spend money on yourself instead of on your child. It is the husband's job to provide for the child anyway. By spending your money on yourself and only you, doesn't make you selfish. I believe that if you don't pamper yourself, who will?

6. It is ok to spank/shout at your kids when they don't behave. It doesn't make you a monster. You are only human with emotions. Physically abusing them is wrong but don't feel bad when you need to discipline your child more than just by "talking". I get it! 

7. It is OK if you feel like sleeping alone instead of cuddling with the kids. Doesn't make you a bad mother and doesn't mean you love them less. Sometimes we just want space and peace and quiet!

8. It is OK if you are not in the mood to take them swimming, or do painting. Sometimes you just want to do what YOU want to do instead of doing what others expect you to do. Doesn't make you selfish. Relax... 

9. It is OK to let the kids cry. They all do. No matter how good or bad a mother you are, they will still cry. So let them cry!

10. It is OK if they're angry. It's not your fault that they are. They need to learn to be angry, sad, happy and all those stuff anyway. Let them experience it...

So much pressure nowadays. People need to take a chill pill and relax.. How kiasu were our parents before? More kiasu than us now? I don't think so. But we turned out ok didn't we? 

There you go! 
Sunday, October 19, 2014


You can find absolutely anything from the internet huh? I recently found something very interesting. Kelate Flying Breakfast! Whoa! What's that? It's basically breakfast flown in from Kelantan! 

I jumped with joy when I saw it and couldn't wait to try. When I told other half about my latest discovery, he wasn't all that impressed. He must be thinking oh what now?!!!

We decided to place an order and on Sunday morning, off we went to collect our breakfast. My husband kept making fun of how special this breakfast is going to be! 

I placed my order via whatsapp to the number given. They have a few pick up points around Klang valley and I whatsapp'ed the number closest to us which is the number for Ampang/wangsa maju area. It was easy and straightforward but they replied me in Kelantan! It was quite funny to read. 

Sampai = sapa 
Abang = Abe
Try = Tera 

You get the drift? It was hilarious! 

Anyway, we found the place and picked up the food and ate at my Mil's house. It was actually quite tasty. I guess we will be ordering again.

RM5.50 for a pack of nasi berlauk is quite expensive according to my husband as he said it is actually only about RM2 in Kelantan.. Ah well! We are in KL anyway so we pay KL price. Plus, they were all air flown so of course you need to consider that cost too.
Anyway it was pretty good and yummy. 

Then for dinner, we decided to have fatty crab. We haven't been there in a while. 
The thing about fatty crab is that the place is always so packed. Not a good place to bring kids (toddlers) and especially not my kids. They wouldn't be able to sit still!

We called and tapau'ed our favourite stuff from there. 

Chili crab is the bomb and to die for. I can have this everyday if it wasn't because of colestrol! 

Their chicken wings are yummy too! Once I made fried chicken and I swear it tasted similar to this one. Only that one time. I tried to make it again and couldn't get it right ever since! 

So there you go! 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Big Breakfast

Today's brunch date was at Frisky Goat in TTDI. It is located near the Public Bank. Parking was a big problem and I had to double park by the main road. 

I ordered the big breakfast & a cup of hot latte. It was yummy.

I should organize more brunch dates while kids are in school. You can't see it from the photo but there's at least 2 sunny side up eggs underneath all the salad and all that. The sausage was huge too. Like a size of 2 normal sausages in 1! 

The place was packed and apparently the pastries are all good too.

If you are nearby, do give it a go! 

Pst: not a sponsored post! 
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Little things

I only have 3 hours a day when I am not with my kids. That 3 hours are so precious because it is the only time I can have a long bath without interruptions, I can watch tv without kids screaming wanting to watch Tom & Jerry instead, I can call my BFF and talk on the phone without rushing the call and most importantly, 3 hours to run errands and do my kupu kupu stuff. 

Good thing is my BFF is also free in the mornings because her kids are also in school. We normally would just chit chat and catch up with each other. It's the best part of my day actually. But today, she was out and I had nothing planned so I decided to do what I've been planning to do for ages but haven't done it yet - which was to look for a torso/mannequin 

I found 2 shops that should sell them. 1 was in Lorong Haji Taib and another one is near Kenanga Mall. 

Off I went to check out Lorong Haji Taib.
The place looks pretty scary because there's so many things going on there. Mainly people loading stuff from the lorry. Fruits and god knows what else. There was no parking and I didn't want to walk too far to get to the shop. I was scared!

I even saw a hooker while I was driving around looking for parking. I found the shop and quickly just park illegally. 

Found what I wanted and was really pleased. They only had display set there and it was dirty and didn't look nice so I asked for a new piece. 

Took them forever to look for it. I was worried about parking. After about 20minutes of waiting, they told me they don't have a new set and they would give me a discount for the display unit. It was not a good enough deal so I left feeling really disappointed.

Off I went to Kenanga area and found the shop I was looking for. Again, no parking and I had to go round and round and round. Time was ticking and I ended up parking illegally too. Seems like everyone else was double parking too. I ran to the store and immediately saw what I wanted! 

Hurray!! 10 minutes later, I left the store with what I wanted and feeling so great!

Mission accomplished!!!

Rushed home and cooked lunch for the kiddos! They didn't even know I was gone! 

I'm so excited!!! 

If you are looking for mannequin or any display fixtures, do visit this shop! 

It's the little things like this that makes me happy. 
Monday, October 13, 2014


Last night while I was in bed trying to sleep, I stopped for a second to count my blessings. Sometimes we get caught up with all our daily routine, we tend to forget how blessed we really are.

Everyone has good days and bad days. That's normal and no matter how bad things are, there is always something to be thankful for.

I was listening to an interview and Neelofa said she spends at least 3 minutes at the end of her day to talk to Allah. Not in doa, but talking... Like how you would to a friend. She said that by doing it daily, you would feel closer to Him, just like how you would if you speak to someone on a daily basis. It made sense doesn't it? I plan to try that too. 

But anyway...
There's so many things in life that I'm thankful for...

1. I still have my mum with me. She's healthy and I pray to God that I will go first before her. I'm selfish like that. I can't imagine my life without my mum. I am so blessed that I have her in my life. 

2. My children are healthy and well. Yes they do drive me up the wall. They're cheeky and naughty just like any other child but Alhamdulillah they don't have tantrums and generally are good kids and they listen and behave pretty well when we are out. I'm so thankful that Allah gave them to me.
They're the best! They make me laugh and although the best time of the day is when they are quiet and  asleep at night (hahaha), I love them with all my heart.

3. My husband is always there for me. He is an amazing father and always around for us. Yes we fight and argue and disagree like any other couple but at the end of the day, we love each other and I know he would do anything for me.

4. I am healthy. I look good and feel good. I mean, I'm 35 and I have 2 kids. Of course I get backaches, of course I have extra fats around my tummy, of course I have wrinkles here and there on my face but I am healthy. Alhamdulillah for that. 

5. I have good friends. Friends from uni that are constantly and always just a Whatsapp away although we live million miles apart. I have a group of girls I can play silly with and rant about life with. And best of all, I have a best friend that I consider more like a sister.
Someone I can totally be myself with and someone who totally gets me. I love my BFF! I can't imagine my life without these few girls. 

Always count your blessings. ALWAYS

School fair

We've never attended any and haven't started with our search. Honestly speaking, I don't know what I'm looking for. I have a few schools in our list that we think is suitable but what do we know? Currently there are 3 schools that I like. I haven't arranged any school visits yet tho. 

When we saw this banner, we were quite excited. I don't know what to expect but hopefully this will be a good place to speak to the schools and "shop around".

We've heard amazing stories from my BFF about the school her son is in and we are excited to explore that school too. Initially it wasn't in my list but after hearing all the amazing stuff that they do in the school, I have to check it out. Plus, the school is not too far from where we are willing to travel to. 

Can't wait to start exploring... 
Saturday, October 11, 2014


I just saw a friend posted photos of her maldives trip and I'm so jealous!!!! I want to go too!!!!!

I had the best time ever when we went to Maldives for our honeymoon. I've probably blogged about it a couple of times before. Seriously it is really the MOST beautiful place on earth. I love Maldives so much.

It was so beautiful, I don't know how to explain. We went there for 5 days and it was the best 5 days of my life. We did nothing but sleep, eat and swim all day! 

It was 5 years ago when we went there. I am so bad at taking photos that I didn't get any nice shots. Somehow it doesn't look all that great in the photos but seriously I just don't know how to describe how beautiful the place was. 

Funny thing about our trip was the spa. I was a Spa Queen back then. Lady of leisure. And during our trip, we thought the massage was going to be a typical hotel soft / light pressure massage but it turned out to be one helluva massage. It was super painful and strong until I almost died. But surprisingly, we were sore or feel any pain after it. In fact, it felt really good. The massage itself was pure torture but the after feel is amazing. We still laugh about it! 

I wonder when my next trip will be. Hubs said we can't bring the kids there yet because the boat ride is not going to be comfortable for them. I guess, another 3-4 years? Wow.

Maldives... I miss you!

If you are looking to go for a beach holiday, please go to Maldives! Book via ATOLL Paradise. We were treated like royalty the whole time. 

Ps: this is not a sponsored post & my photos don't do the place justice