Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Enjoying my "ME" time

What is "me" time when you are a mum and a wife? For me, I devote my whole life to my husband and kids. I don't have a social life at all. I rarely get to do things I want to do and I rarely get what I want so "me" time is very important for me to keep myself sane. I demand it and sometimes it is hard to let go but I try to find the best time for me to be away from husband and kids without them going nuts.

My definition of "me" time is when I devote my time to do something I want to do. Focus is on me and only me. Sometimes I am successful and other times I fail miserably but at least I know it is my choice. For example, I planned to do "me" time shopping at KLCC one morning. I told my husband that when the kids are in school, I will be in KLCC shopping. Not necessarily buying something and spending money but maybe just window shopping. For clothes, makeup or whatever I want, new shoes maybe. But at soon as I got to KLCC, they had firedrill! Can you believe it??? Of all days, the universe decided to have firedrill on the day I want to go to KLCC to shop. Why can't it be somewhere else? Of all places, I wanted to be in KLCC that day. All shops were closed and I had to wait about 30-45 minutes in the car before they let us in. I was annoyed.

Finally when they did allow all of us back in, I went into ZARA, tried on a few things but didn't like any and didn't want to buy for the sake of buying. Finally, I ended up in Smiggle and got shit loads of stuff for the kids instead. #epicfail 

I find that being a mum and a wife, it is very easy to forget who you really are. Before being a wife and a mum, I was really outgoing and fun and cheerful and now, I am just not anymore. I'm not bitter about it but once in a while, I just need time on my own. It doesn't help that everytime I am away from them I miss them so much. #epicfail

I'm beginning to see that everyone has their own struggle. Every family have their own issues and worries. It is all very normal and I'm starting to see that. Nothing is perfect. Instagram, Facebook and even blogs can hide all these imperfections in a person's life but trust me, real life can't be all that perfect.
Today as I am typing this, I am enjoying my "me" time with a dear friend. She's late (pfft) and I am just sitting here waiting to kill her.

Whatever it is, I know for the next few hours, I'll be in good company and I'll forget all the troubles and laugh out loud. Life is good. Always be thankful, grateful and remember that grass is always greener on the other side.

Instagram photos are mostly "fake" so dont be fooled by it
My grass is pretty darn green at the moment but you know... Sometimes, sun is out too long and it gets dry... I just need to water my grass and keep going. 

When was your last "me" time and what did you do?
Sunday, April 24, 2016

Great Food & Company

Every now and then, my girlfriends and I will meet up for our girlie time. Everyone is so busy with life and we dont get to meet all that much but we make it a point to meet up to celebrate birthdays together. We started this last year for my birthday (now you see why my daughter is also obsessed with birthdays? She got it from me!). Anyway, one of my girlfriends turned 36 on April 9th. It's time to meet up again. Our last meet up session was in October last year. It's been a while! One of them is already 5 months pregnant with her third (boy!). 

Yesterday was the celebration day. We've been planning since the last couple of weeks. As usual, I ordered cake from a baker friend in Hartamas. Her cakes are just amazing. I asked everyone in our chat group what cake they want and everyone wanted the cheesecake. So cheesecake it is then.

We decided to go check out the new restaurant in Naza tower called BLVD House. I've seen people posting photos from this place a lot and I had to check it out. Everyone agreed. I told my girlfriend, the birthday girl to pick me up on the way there because my house is on the way. Hurray! No need to drive! 

The place is really awesome. I dont know why but it reminded me of those cafes in Paris. For a moment, I was imagining being in Paris. I made reservations earlier that week for 4 pax. Luckily I did because the place was packed. I didn't think it would be that packed on a Sunday but it was. They gave us a little table. I wish we got a bigger table because we ordered way too much food and it just wouldn't fit the table. At the last minute, my friend couldn't find a babysitter and she had to take her daughter along. She is the cutest little girl I've ever seen in my life. Too cute and so precious! She was the only kid there. Pity her, she must be bored.

What to order?
Well, we didn't know what to order so finally we ordered stuff we could all share. We had a salad, a cheeseburger, roast chicken and mac & cheese. They were all super yummy. 

This is by far the best salad I've ever tasted in my life. I'm not a salad person but this was soooo good. I dont know what it is called but there's duck, the peaches, feta cheese (I love feta cheese!), caramelised walnut (I think) and ooohhh god, it was so yummy. I dont know what veg that is but apparently it is kale. I'm so going to buy Kale and make this. 

We also ordered this pasta dish. I dont know what it is called. It's spicy-ish and I love it. I think this is probably my favourite pasta ever. I dont think I can finish the whole plate. It's good that we were all sharing because they're very generous with the portion. 

We also ordered this chicken. It's so cool because they bring it out for you and fire it. You get so jakun and take video of it and then they take it back and cut it for you and pour baked beans on it. This was recommended by the waitress. I guess more for the show rather than the taste. It tasted good but I was expecting it to be better. It is not as juicy as I thought it was going to be. 

This was my friend's order. She wanted burger and this cheeseburger is really very nice. I took a piece and it was really very juicy and so much flavour. Really nice. It came with fries and cheese and that purple thing is coleslaw. The coleslaw is to die for. So delicious!

I didn't take photo of the Mac &Cheese. I'm not a fan but everyone on the table enjoyed it. I'm not a mac & cheese person, that's why. It tasted good to me but I dont think I can finish the whole portion by myself. 

Once we were done stuffing our faces with all the yummy food, it was time for the cake. I actually got her a funky candle with fireworks all but apparently it is not allowed in the restaurant. Bummer.

After cake, asked for the bill. I was quite surprised that our bill came up to about RM300. That is so good because there was 5 of us, including the little girl. Not bad at all. We then walked over to a coffee place next door called Dappio.

1 minute away from BLVD House

It is a nice chilled out cafe. They have cakes, coffee and la Juiceria too. I was so full that I had to have a cup of coffee. I dont usually drink coffee unless I'm on holiday or when I'm really FULL!

Coffee was alright. Nothing great. 

Overall it was such a good meet up session, as always. We were out for approximately 4 hours and it didn't feel like that long at all. I wish we could stay longer but I had a text from my husband asking me when I am coming home and my kids called me twice while I was there. I can't catch a break!!

I love spending time with these girls. We laughed so much that at one point, I was literally crying. I had tears and couldn't stop laughing. Thank God for waterproof mascara. 

BLVD House is so awesome. I can't wait to go back. I love that salad!!! Yumzzz
Friday, April 22, 2016

Current diet

My husband put on weight recently. He's always been quite thin and able to maintain his weight but I think age is catching up and metabolic rate is not the same anymore. No big deal, right? Yes it is for him. He has recently decided to skip dinner altogether. For me, cooking just for myself isn't worth it at all so I guess no dinner for me too then. I could do with a few kgs lighter too.

I cook full on malay meals every night. I will cook few dishes and we'll have rice every night. That's just how it is for us. It's not that I love rice or can't do without rice, we are just rice eaters. Very seldom we will have western meal for dinner.

Since my husband said he wanted no dinner or no rice dinner, I had to google for new ideas to replace our lauk pauk dinner. While I was researching, I saw lots of photos of salad and they looked pretty darn good.

First thing you need to know is I dont eat salad. I eat certain type of vege but I'm not a salad person. I dont like it but lately, I seem to want to try it even more. I remember back in Cardiff, I would frequent this Greek restaurant and order a greek salad. Greek salad is to me quite taste…not much green at all.

That day, I went to Ben's in Damansara and bought lots of salad stuff. It's my first time buying these much salad stuff.

It's been almost a week since we had rice for dinner. In fact, I've not had rice at all. My husband will have his nasi lemak a few times a week for breakfast. So far, so good.

Few nights ago, I made beef pie and salad. I used the italian rocket salad pack and added onions, red and yellow peppers. I also added some feta cheese and use balsamic dressing. Honestly, it didn't taste as great as I thought it was going to be. I dont know. I think I need to learn the art of making salad. Looks easy but I dont think it is.

My pie was alright. Nothing great. Without rice for dinner, I often find myself being hungry if I sleep late so what I do is sleep super early.

In the mornings, after we drop our kids to school, my husband and I will go for our morning breakfast date at a local malay shop and whack roti canai, roti telur, all those kuihs and nasi lemak. A big breakfast it is. I often leave the shop feeling super full until about 5pm. I skip lunch.

Yesterday, we didn't go for breakfast as my husband had something on. I tapau'ed and ate at home. Much more comfortable and not so stuffy and hot.

Soto and lots of kuihs

My kind of breakfast. How to go on diet like this?
Surprisingly, I have not lost any weight. In fact, I have gained like 0.5kg or something. pffft.

Monday, April 18, 2016


For my 1st birthday, my parents (I think it is all my mum's doing!) threw me a super huge birthday party. It was so huge that it looked like a wedding. Obviously I dont remember anything about that party but I've seen photos of it and it was GRAND! Really a big deal. I love looking at old birthday party photos because I'm a birthday partyholic!

I remember when I was in standard 2, I wanted a birthday party and I guess my parents were too busy to plan something for me or just couldn't be bothered. I just organised the party myself. I did everything myself. I remember doing invitation card, I remember going to the school book shop to buy gifts for the games, I remember buying colour paper to wrap those presents too. Since it was all from my school book shop, the gifts weren't really expensive. I bought rulers, erasers, colour pencils and stuff like that but for a 7 year old, it's still pretty awesome. I remember on the day of that party, I organised the furnitures around my house (well, I told my parents where to put what and they moved it according to my instructions) and I also told them where and what to order for food. It was all pretty much planned out. I just needed their help to execute my plans. It was an awesome party. I won all the games and kept all the presents I bought from the book store too! LOL

Yeah, birthday parties are a lot of fun. My brothers, didn't have any at all. hehehe.. Kesian. But they probably didn't want or didn't care anyway. Party was my "thing".

My daughter is EXACTLY like me. She's a partyholic too!!!! 

It is so funny how she loves birthday parties too. For her first birthday, we celebrated it with friends and family. Her second birthday I was heavily pregnant so we celebrated at home but I decorated her room with Sesame Street theme and surprised her when she woke up. Her 3rd party was celebrated with friends and family too. Her forth and fifty party was in school. Every year she will tell me what cakes she likes to have and will choose her own design. Every year it is the same routine. She will pick a theme and I will design stuff for her. If it is a class party, I will make some party packs for her to bring to school and they'll play games in school to celebrate. So for 2 years we have not had a big party. Her class had only 10 students at the time.

This year is her first year in big school. She has attended a few big birthday parties since entering big school and now, she is asking for a birthday party this year. My husband, who is not a partyholic like us, is not too keen on the idea of having a birthday party. In fact, every year, it is me who will plan everything when it comes to the birthday. I enjoy doing it, it is fun!

For the past few months, she's been saying things about her party this year. She will tell us the theme, what decorations to put, what food to have, where tables would go and all that. We've been ignoring her. I am secretly laughing in my heart because it sounded exactly like me when I was her age. I can imagine what is going through her mind and what she is trying to do whenever she say stuff about her party but her papa is just conveniently choosing to ignore her when it comes to birthday party talk. He knows, birthday party means $$$ and he knows his wife, the bigger the party, the better! LOL.

Few days ago I saw a list that she wrote, she listed down the guest list! hahahah…it is quite funny because I used to do that! My goodness!! She is truly a mini me. 

Then yesterday, in the car, this conversation took place…

Daughter: I'm going to invite my friends to my birthday party (she started naming them)
Papa: Who said you are having a party? You are not having a birthday party this year
Daughter: Of COURSE I am!! *flips hair*

I couldn't stop laughing. It was so funny!! The tone of her reply was epic! It was like "duhhh!" I AM having a party!

I know her papa is not keen. I dont think we will be having one but I need to plan something for her to have with her close friends… even if it's just a playdate and we do a cake cutting… We HAVE to have one. I hate to disappoint a fello partyholic.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Potty Training Progress…

Remember this post when I talked about my son's potty training? Finally, after months of trying, he is 95% there already. Yeay!!! I couldn't be happier.

We were trying for months and it didn't work. I dont know why. He just wouldn't do it. He understood that he has to go to the toilet to pee and will nod but still, we find him wet all the time. I almost gave up!

Then I thought ok, why not we try something else. I downloaded this potty training chart for boys and told him that for every time he goes to the toilet to pee or poo, he will get a stamp. Honestly speaking, it didn't work at all. He was excited whenever he got a stamp but the peeing and pooing in the pants didn't stop.

Funny part is, he is OK in school. He can tell and will tell his teachers but he just refused to do it at home. I even complained to his teacher and she said they dont have any problem with him in school. She even had a chat with him about telling mummy he needs to pee at home and all was good…but still, he will not do it.

I dont know what helped but soon, he just did it by himself.
In school, they tell him to stand and pee but I find that really messy especially since he doesn't know how to "aim" well yet. I told him, "at home, you must sit and pee" but he kept arguing with me and said "Ms Bimba said to stand" I just wouldn't have it. Told him we have different rules here at home.

Soon he got it and now he is 95% potty trained. Yeayyyy!!!! Im so happy he did it before he turned 4!
What happens that other 5%? Well, accidents happens and sometimes when he is so into a movie or his games, he will just conveniently poo in his pants. LOL.
So far, no peeing accidents but pooing accidents is about 5%!

At night, I just put diaper on for both him and his sister. Simply because I just can't be bothered to clean up during night accidents. They still pee before they come to bed and before we put diaper on but so far, it's been dry too when we get up in the morning. But this is something I just dont want to rush and not really bothered to take away.

My daughter saw me taking photo of this and she was curious as to why mummy is taking photo of the little potty! LOL.
Things I do for my blog, I tell you……!

My little Leonardo (da vinci)

My son is 3 plus and he doesn't show much interest in reading and alphabets but I can see that he is more keen on drawing. He can colour very well too but he doesn't like it much. When you ask him to draw something, he will happily do it. So with this, I think, I should encourage him to draw even more. His writing is actually nicer than my daughter's. His teacher said his motor skills are very good.

Last weekend, I told him to draw some stuff for me. It is super cute. Let me share it here..
I love his drawing of a turtle. It is super cute! Can you see it?
This is a photo of 2 birds flying in the sky (clouds) and there's a star too up there!

His house. At first he drew it with just windows and chimney but I told him to add the door

Can you see the cat? Maybe not because it is too small. But it has whiskers, so yes, it is a cat!

This is a funny one. I told him to draw family photo. Normally he would draw stick people with me, his dad, sister and himself but today, he decided to draw 4 flying turtles. Asked him why and he said they are a family. The two boxes with hands are tom & jerry ( dont ask!)
I'm obsessed with his drawing! He is my little Leonardo Da Vinci in the making!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not Kind

I'm with my kids all the time. They're only away from me when they're in school. After that, they're with me. I've never been away from them except for when I was in the hospital for my dengue and when I gave birth. That's it. We have never been apart. I dont get to go out much without them. I always try to go out when they're busy or have something on.

There's this training that I really want to attend in Batam. Dont ask me why they want to do the training in Batam but it is a training that I know will be good for me. I really want to go, but I cant. And because I know I can't go, I dont even bother discussing it with my husband. It's just one of those things you know he won't allow, so dont bother even talking about it. That's also why I needed a job or an income that I can get only from working from home. Otherwise, with my children it is difficult to juggle.

Anyway.. So you all know I'm pretty much with my kids all the time. We are in each other's faces all the time and for me, sometimes it does get too much. I need adult time. I need to do my own thing. Otherwise, I just go crazy. When I do my work from home, they will be running around making noise, then one starts crying, then one wants to go to the toilet, then one wants to drink and all this will interrupt my work, which I find super annoying. Luckily I have a maid to help but sometimes, my maid is so blur she is not much help!

I am also the bad cop in the house. My husband hardly ever says no to the kids. In fact, he doesn't say no to my daughter - EVER. My son doesn't get his way with him so much but my daughter does. I guess she is daddy's girl like that. My son gets away with a lot with me. I always treat him like a baby and I know it pisses my daughter sometimes. They know that with me, when I say No, it means NO!!!
I have my rotan as back up in case they dont listen. I dont hit my kids but I will bring out the rotan and they'll all go running. I can say that in my household, they're scared of me and only me.

One day, I was making dinner and my daughter requested for noodles. Only she will eat this noodle so this is one thing I cook only for her. It is extra effort for me of course because I still will have to cook everything else for everyone. But I still do it because she loves them.

This conversation took place in the kitchen as she was watching me cook her noodles……

Daughter: mum... U know all my friend's mummies are all so kind. Except for my mum. 
Me: whattttt!!!!!!!!!! 
Daughter: yea... U are not kind! U always say no n so fierce!
Me: fine!!! Then if I'm not kind.... Why should I make this noodle for u????
Daughter: ok fine! U are little bit kind..

My son was angry she said that.  He complained to my husband and said his sister is so rude for saying that about mummy. LOL.

I made a scene and pretended to merajuk. She then said "you are a little bit kind mummy. You make noodles for me, you take care of me, you always hug me. Just a little bit unkind"

Geee!!! Thanks