Thursday, November 20, 2014

The reality

Before I became a mum, I had this perfect image in my head of how I want to be. What kind of mum will I be, how I want my children to behave, how I want my marriage to know, the perfect life, perfect reality, it is totally different. It is actually a lot harder than I think.

Looking Good
I may not be the most stylish person in the world. In fact, I am quite the opposite of stylish but I always like to look good. I know what works for me and it doesn't really matter if it is not in fashion, I will wear it. I will buy the same top in 10 colours if I know the top suits me. I was also very particular about my hair. I look after it well and I will not go out of the house with my hair looking ugly. I will frequent the hair salon just to go for a wash & blow. That was how I was before I became a mother. I always thought that this will remain the same as it is me, and this is who and what I am. But, when the kids came, things changed. In reality, I don't blow dry my hair as much as I did. I don't put on makeup as often as I did and I don't really shop all that much for nice clothes too. I still look ok....but Im no longer the person I was before when it comes to my appearance.

My kids will only eat healthy food
Yea. We all want the best for our kids. I don't think any mothers would want their kids to eat junk and unhealthy stuff. I want the freshest, best food for my kids. In reality, it is soooo hard to achieve that because my kid is a fussy eater and wont eat anything but rice & plain soup and junk food. Now, I'm like "eat whatever you want, just as long as you EAT!". McDonalds? Sure. Why not. As long as you EAT!!!!! Biscuits all day? R you sure? Yes ok go ahead as long as you EAT!!!!

No food in the car policy
This is actually my husband's policy because he is the type who loves his cars more than his wife. No one messes the car, no one touches the car, no one can sit in the car (sometimes!).
But in reality.....after you hear screaming kids hungry for'll just go "fine!!! eat properly, don't make a mess!" and exactly after you say that, they throw up in the car.

No more children
After the traumatic labour I had giving birth to my daughter. I swore never to have children again. I was terrified, I was traumatized. Then after she is 2 years old, I was itching for another baby.
You never want more children, but in reality.... you always do! And you will!

I will talk nicely to my children
I always thought I'd be such a good mum and would speak to my kids and reason with them properly whenever they don't behave or show tantrums. I don't want to be one of those tiger mums...shouting and screaming whenever the kid doesn't want to attend music class, drama class, ballet etc or when they don't want to do homework. In reality, when my daughter doesn't want to focus or don't want to complete her homework, my horns come out and I start shouting and acting like a monster. Oh dear!

Kids will sleep in their own room
Yea, I've always said my kids will be independent and sleep on their own bed, in their own room. Because they should, right? But in reality, my kids sleep with me...cuddle up with me and sometimes, sleep ON me.

So there you go.....
Motherhood doesn't meet my expectations at all!

Last day of school

Today is the last day of school for this calendar year. Oh dear. 

A month plus of holiday with the kids and I have nothing solid planned just yet. I hope we can fill up our days doing productive things. I dread to think that kids will be on their devices all day! Oh no no no. I can't let that happen. 

Today they are not going to do much in school and will have a class party to celebrate their last day. My daughter's best friend will be leaving to big school next year and I know she will miss the girl a lot. Very sweet girl too. Even my son will miss her.

Their class teacher sent me some photos of the kids at their class party via Whatsapp and I immediately forwarded it to my darling husband.

We laughed about how my son was posing like Hulk. And I commented how pretty my daughter looked ..

Me: look at H. So pretty
Hubs: ☺️
Me: pretty like her mummy...
Hubs: hmmmm....
Me: (pfft!!!!)

How loving! NOT!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Me time

What do you all like to do during me time? 

I think it is so important for mothers to have time away from their kids and husbands. (Although I can bet those time away, they will be thinking of their kids and husband).

It's so easy to get carried away with our duties and just continue with life but I feel that we mothers need to make extra effort to be alone sometimes. 

I know for me, I get recharged each time I am away from my kids and husband. Even if it is only for a few hours. 

During my "me" time I love to:
- go for facial. I'm actually quite obsessed with my skin and beauty. Thank god I don't believe in plastic surgery! I don't want another face. I just want flawless perfect skin. 
- have a manicure and pedicure. I counted that I only need 1 hour (door-to-door) to get my nails done. I found a perfect place close to my house and I can easily do it while kids are napping! 
- go for a hairwash & blow. When your hair is bouncy and nice, it just makes you feel so good about yourself. I love it. 
- have breakfast with my BFF. That can only happen when kids are in school. 
- go for a massage. I can easily do this at home but when it's at home, I don't really consider it as "me" time because kids keep coming in and out of the room disturbing me
- shopping for makeup. I don't wear makeup but I love buying make up. "Just-in-case" I need to put them on for dinner or something.. At least I have all the stuff in my makeup box. I actually prefer make up shopping to clothes shopping!
- watch the Ellen Show on iPad. This only happens when kids are asleep or when they're out with their papa. I love the show so much

I wonder when I can get my next "me" time since kids will be on holiday till end of the year... Bummer!!!


I started blogging more than 10 years ago. During Friendster days when you can actually blog on Friendster. My style of writing was way different then. It was more "proper" and now, it is more rojak and I type the way I speak. It's more fun like this.

I remember I used to write about life too. My fights with my brothers and my life in uni and also about people I met along the way. 

I think I started blogging via blogspot when I was in uni. There weren't many bloggers there and I didn't really have a blog I follow and I'm sure I didn't have any followers too. I just blog for me. Like a personal journal and I don't think anyone would be interested to read.

Over the years I started following a few blogs I find interesting and funny. I was still living abroad and I guess it was nice to read stuff about life in Malaysia as I was missing it so much. 

Now, almost 10 years later... Those blogs I was following don't exist anymore. A few I started following after I got married, or whilst I was planning my wedding also don't exist anymore and it got me thinking, is it still relevant?? Do people still read blogs and do people still blog?

A while ago, I stopped blogging too. Twitter and Instagram got the best of me. But at much as I love those, I keep coming back to rant on my blog and I feel like this is the best outlet for me still.

I like to keep some things personal especially about my family. I need to protect them by not exposing their names, photos, where they study, where we live etc because it is just not safe anymore to tell all. 

Back when I first started blogging, I could share every single detail but today, no way. It is a different world. 

Even on Instagram, I used to post photos and allowed anyone to add me or follow me but now, I have no choice but to be more careful by blocking people I don't know personally. Nothing personal against anyone but you really don't know who is watching you and it can get ugly. 

Anyway, back to blogging.. I think I found back my mojo. I want to share as much as I can things that I think would benefit people out there. 

But maybe people don't really read blogs anymore and are more interested in photos (Instagram) as pictures can tell a thousand words.

What about you?
Do you blog? Do you still read and follow other blogs?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Proud mama

We've been sending our daughter to Singapore Maths class for about 2 months now and she loves it. 

When she first started, she was super excited as the exercises were super easy counting bears type of maths but as she progress, it is getting harder and harder. It teaches you not only to count but to think of your answers properly too.

For example: 

It's making her think a step further. It also teaches her to read and understand the question correctly.

She's doing an awesome job so far but it's getting tougher and tougher. Sometimes I sit with her and I get confused myself with the questions. This is only level 0. Imagine if she were to progress to level 1 and so on. 

I hope she will continue to love numbers. I'm not very good with numbers but I'm not too bad either. I hope she will be better than me. Whatever it is, I just want her to enjoy whatever she's doing. Otherwise it will be like pulling teeth getting her to do the work. 

What's cooking?

I cook almost everyday. I'm not a great cook but I think I'm not that bad. I wish I am better at it or more passionate about cooking or passionate about feeding my family but unfortunately I'm not. I just cook because I have to. Eating out everyday is not always good. And expensive too.

I don't really mind cooking as long as people eat what I cook. Problem is, my husband eats very simple food (he's happy with just fried chicken/fish with plain rice) and my daughter is a super fussy eater. She only eats rice with clear soup. She doesn't eat chicken, fish or veg. I have to be creative with the soup and make it as nutritious as possible. 

Everyday I dread thinking about what to cook for my family. Cooking for my kids is pretty straight forward. All I have to make is soup, different types of soup everyday. For my husband, as much as he only asks for simple food, I can't possibly be serving him fried chicken and fish everyday right? I need to eat too and I need variety.

Lately I love eating vegetables. I think my body wants it and needs it and hence is 'asking' for it. My husband doesn't really eat much vegetables. He doesn't like too much sauce too. So cooking all those Malay lauk pauks can be a waste of energy unless I want to eat it myself.

I hate deciding what to eat and what to cook. I wish there's a simpler formula to that part of my daily routine. I did try making a weekly menu but it's so hard to stick to it. It does sound like an awesome idea but somehow implementing it and following through the weekly set menu is harder than you think.

I was browsing new recipes for clear soup using ikan tenggiri and came across a simple one.

What you need..
1. Ikan tenggiri. Take out the bones and blend it with a little bit of ginger and some  onions and garlic. Make them into a ball
2. Chopped onions and garlic
3. A little tiny bit of ginger 
4. Ikan bilis 
5. Potatoes
6. Tomatoes
(I guess you can add carrots too if you like).

Make the soup like you normally do, and dump the fish balls in when the soup is almost ready.

How I do my soups..
1. Tumis onions and garlic and ginger together until the onions becomes soft
2. Add in tomatoes & ikan bilis
3. Cook a little bit
4. Add water
5. Add potatoes
6. Salt & pepper
7. Add the fish balls

Easy and quite yummy. Actually this is the simplest kind of soup you can make.
But I found this recipe interesting because I've never made my own fish balls before. I didn't know that's how you make it. So easy! I'm going to try and make it more interesting the next time

Gyukaku, Tropicana City Mall

love Japanese food. I've been craving for Japanese food since my birthday but until today, no one actually bothered to listen. Everytime we go out, we go to the same place and eat the same food. Mainly because of the kids. My daughter is such a fussy eater and won't eat anything so it's just 'safe' to keep going places where she wants to eat and will eat.

Last weekend, we went to Tropicana City Mall to go to the pet shop. Too bad it's not there anymore! We ended up going the indoor playground and let the kids play for a little bit before heading for dinner.

I use my "veto power" and decided on Gyukaku Japanese BBQ restaurant.

I love it there. Been here a few times and the food is awesomely good!

What I love about the food is it all tastes so good. Simple ingredients and taste is simple but it just tastes so good. 

What I don't really love about it is the price is a little bit expensive for such a small portion and being a big eater like myself, I need to order A LOT.

Another thing is you need to cook it yourself as in BBQ it. As much as it's part of the fun about going to these type of restaurant, it isn't exactly child friendly.
It takes a while for them to prepare your food (marinate it and whatnot) and then you need to add another few minutes to cook it. By this time, kids are already bored! 

The first few times we went there, our meat was over cooked as we didn't know how long and how strong the heat was. We were BBQ virgins. But this time, we got the hang of it and it was pretty easy! Don't understand how we didn't get it right the first few times.

Thinking about it makes me want to go back there!

All and all, it is pretty good. Service could be better (as in faster) but the food is deliciously good.

Wish I can go without my kids and really take my time to enjoy it. Can't wait to go back!