Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello July

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Can you believe it is already July??! Wow. Time flies!!! July will be a busy month for me because it will be:

1. My first nephew's birthday coming up this next few days
2. My daughter's birthday coming up in a couple of weeks
3. Raya

I'm preparing myself to be super busy. But I think for me, busy is good. I'm not complaining.

KupuKupu is also very busy. I am hoping to sell as much as I can this year because I love everything about each piece that we produce this year. Hopefully I will be able to sell more compared to last year. I still have 10 more days to go. Please share our instagram page with your friends and support me! Thank you so much.

Another thing I am super excited about is that I got a ticket to Japan thanks to Naturally Plus. Not bad for not doing much! That's over RM5000 bonus for me because it is a paid all inclusive trip to Tokyo, Japan. That's for 3 months work. (Beside the other cash bonus that I received). Alhamdulillah. I'm so happy to receive it. I tell you, this company pays really good bonus! I couldnt be happier. Next holiday is Istanbul. Although I've already been to both Japan and Istanbul, this is still a huge incentive for me because if I decide not to go, I can always exchange the holiday for RM5000 worth of products. That's A LOT! 

As for raya prep, well…there's not much. Our raya prep as always is not much. I bought and ordered my raya biscuits from Kuih Raya Kelana Jaya as always. All done. My husband usually orders Pineapple Tarts from his friend, they're really yummy but unfortunately I don't have the contact details as he would do it every year for me. My baju raya is ready. I can't wait to pick it up. I hope it turns out nice. It is a simple black & white batik kurung. Im a batik fan and I'm sure I will love it. Kids baju raya is sorted, duh. My daughter will just pick out whatever kurungs she likes from Kupukupu collection. I keep telling her not to take all because I can sell those!!! But she will say "Nevermind!!!" My son said he wants to wear blue. I don't think we will be colour coordinated like we usually do. My husband will usually wear whatever colour I wear.

I also ordered some fresh flowers for the house. I love having fresh flowers on raya day. It makes the house a lot prettier. 

What is your prep for raya? Please share

OK enough. Im tired!

Have a blessed July everyone!

Watch what you share

Yesterday, Harith Iskander's post on FB caught my attention. You can read about it here.

I'm glad that I've taken down all my children's photos from this blog. I think it was the right thing to do when I took it down.

Being a mother, I love sharing stuff about my children. Call me a show off but I think my kids are super cute and I love sharing their cute antics and photos. Every photo that I think is funny or cute, I would want people to see and go "awww so cute!" it just makes me feel good and proud. I think all mothers secretly like that right?
But in today's world, you can't really do that anymore. It's so sad how many crazy and sick people out there. Do you ever wonder why it is such a big time now? Remember I wrote about it before? You can read about it here. People are so sick.

So please be extra careful when you share photos. Here are some pointers of what you SHOULDNT SHARE online, be in on FB, blog or whatever social media…..

1. Photos of other kids
Dont do this. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want someone else distributing or circulating photos of my kids to other people especially online.
For example, maybe you've just attended a birthday party or your kid's sports day and there are photos of them with other kids. Well, if you really want to share that photo because your kid looks cute or anything, please cover the other kid's face. I do this too especially when I attend a birthday party, cake cutting ceremony would usually involve a lot of kids right? Instead of covering the other kid's photo, I cover my own kid's photo (if I want to show the photo on this blog, for example) which is so silly because I shouldn't be circulating photos of other kids online. Im sure I've done this mistake before. So note to self, not to do it again. In the meantime, I will try to take out whichever or whatever photos I have of other kids on this blog too. Just to respect the other person's privacy. If not, just make sure the parents of those children in your photos are aware and they're ok for you to publish their children's photos online.

2. Location
Don't publish location of your whereabouts. This is dangerous too because people (those sick bad people) can easily find you that way. Especially on instagram where you upload photos right when you took it. Places like your children's school or places you usually go to, don't show it so openly. A big no no is to take photos of your child in their school uniform. That is a big no no. Especially if they're in the big school (primary/secondary) where the uniform is different from the normal schools. I don't have this problem now because my kids are not in school with school uniforms yet but I better remember this when my daughter goes to big school in September. Never ever do this!!! (It will be hard because I know she will look cute in school uniforms!)

3. Private photos
There are a lot of sick bad people out there. So again, no posting photos of your kids, no matter how small they are naked or without clothes on. I know, to us it's innocent and they look so pure and sweet but to the sick people??? Gosh, God knows what is going through their head. Especially photos of your kids by the pool with their swimming suit on or by the beach with a cute bikini on…No no! Don't ever!
Or even photos of them cooking or playing with just panties & T shirts on. (Are you scared cuz I am!)

4. Routine
Some people post photos of their kids going swimming lessons every Sunday or they go for their play time every morning or doing their routine activities daily. Don't do this. Don't ever let anyone know your routine. You'll never know if they might show up!

Bottom line is, just be alert and be careful.

What I've recently done was to delete and remove everyone I don't know on FB or people I have not kept in touch with for more than 10 years. I think that's fair. If they suddenly reappear in my life, I can also add them back. Plus, my life is not that interesting anyway and I don't really update my FB all that much.

I also removed quite a lot of people on my instagram and that includes some of my blog readers. I'm so sorry but my instagram is really private and I want it to stay that way because I share a lot of photos of my kids there.

Its a shame that we need to do this but we live in a dangerous kind of world. Its really not safe anymore. We got to do what we need to do to protect the people we love, right?

Make sure you guys out there do the same!
Saturday, June 27, 2015

Working, Stay at home mom

This is so funny and so true. 
I have friends who really think that is what I do (spa, facial, pampering myself 24/7) and I keep telling them, no that's not what I do at all. 

My mum really thinks that's what I do. Spend time with the kids and doing all the things I'm supposed to do but she couldn't be more wrong. But I like it that she thinks that. It keeps and makes her happy knowing that so I will just continue letting her think I'm a supermom like she is. Truth is, if I can be half the mum she is, I'll be so happy and my kids will be so lucky.

Society really think Stay at Home moms are jobless? Not all but some do. We are not jobless, we can find jobs and have a job anytime we want. It's just that we don't want that.

Husbands? Well, my husband thinks I'm wasting money shopping (online). The other day, I bought a movie on Astro First. It wasn't even for me, but it was for all of us to watch together. I bought the Cinderella movie. I've been wanting to watch it for ages. I think it cost about RM24 or something for the movie and for some reason, when I recorded it on Astro Beyond, it didn't work. Normally, when you spend RM15 buying a movie on Astro First, you can use the Astro Beyond record function and you can watch the movie over and over again. This time it didn't work. I was telling my husband about it and he scolded me for wasting money. RM24. Imagine if I spend RM240 or RM2400? 
Sometimes I think its ok for them to waste money but its not ok for us to waste money! Why is that?

What I think I do?
Well, I am a supermom for sure. I can do all, if I want to. Do I want to? That depends on my mood.
Today, I don't feel like it at all.
I just feel tired. Not physically but mentally.

What I really do is everything except housework. Thanks to my maid.
I don't think I can ever manage without a maid.
That's sad.

I'm no longer a SAHM. I'm actually a WSAHM. I am working.
Thank god for my work. I love my job.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cake story

For my husband's 40th birthday last week, I ordered MY favourite cake. Well, his favourite cake is the rainbow cake from Bisou but I didn't want to order that because I had too much of that cake when I was pregnant with my son that the thought of it makes me go "erghhh" So instead, I ordered my favourite cake. Chocolate cake with cream cheese. Another reason why I ordered this cake is because I know, I will end up eating most of the cake so I may as well order something I like.

On Saturday, after my daughter's Singapore Maths class, we all drove to Hartamas to pick up this cake. This cake is from a fantastic baker / mum who happens to be my friend's wife. I haven't seen this friend of mine since uni days probably but I saw the photos of the wonderful cakes his wife bakes and one day I decided to try. Im glad I did because they were all yummy.

He was around when I picked up the cake so he came out to say hello. And then we left.

I had to work that day as I had a customer who wanted to sign up a package. I went to the office to sort it out and on my way back, I dropped by Pavilion to get some balloons as the kids wanted to celebrate their daddy's birthday.

I came home and they were so excited to see the balloons. I even bought some party hats. Just for fun.

We had a small cake cutting/singing routine.As always we will need to light the candles a gazillion time because the kids will take turns to blow them candles out. Again and again and again.

The cake was so yummy. It was a good size too because this time, I ordered a smaller cake. Everyone loved the cake.

The next morning, my daughter said "mummy, can I give the cake to my teacher??"
"umm….no need lah…."
"but I want to give my teacher, mummy….please!!! they will love it. They will say thank you to me!"


I know I'm so bad, right? Wont even share chocolate cake. *hides my own face

OK fine.

So we have 3 big slices of cake to the teachers.

After school, I picked her up and the teacher came up to me to thank me for the cakes. She loved it so much and wanted to know where I got them from. My daughter was so proud that the teachers loved it.
I'm so proud of her for wanting to share something nice with other people (unlike her mother).

Anyone of you looking to order a chocolate cake for raya, or for buka or whatever occasion, please get this lady's contact details from me. Sharing is caring so when you get your cake, please send a slice to me. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One year..

It's been slightly over 1 year since I started KupuKupu. I started selling officially last year before puasa or something like that.

Last week, I got a letter from SSM telling me that my company renewal is up. Yikes. I completely forgot about it and didn't think.

Today, I called them up and they told me that renewal can be done at SSM office or at any Bank Simpanan National branch. Fantastic, there's one just around the corner near my house.

I went there, took my number and waited. I also had to fill up a form. They gave me a form and I waited. Then about 5 minutes later, my number was called up… Then guess what? Their system went offline.


Just great!!!!

Just my luck!!!

I went home feeling like crap because it is such a waste of my time. Im very lazy. I don't particularly like going out running errands like this unless I really have to. I did today, and I wish I didn't.

Bengang betul.

Tomorrow, I got to do it again. Only this time, I think I will just drag myself to SSM KL Sentral and get it done there. I would have gone today but I hate going there because parking is a nightmare. I remember the last time I had to wait for ages to get parking.
I wish I have a driver.

On another note, Kupukupu had a good year. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for the rezeki. I am loving the collection this year! Have you checked them out? Please go to Kupukupu Facebook page and like our page. If you like the stuff, please share it on your FB yea?

Thank you for your support!

I want a new car

They say berangan is free…so please excuse me.

This morning, I had facial appointment in my usual place in BSC Asterspring. It is so damn difficult to get an appointment there and I will make sure I make appointment for the next facial in advance and try my very best to keep the appointment. Today was no different.

I was super lazy to go but I figured, I had already purchased and paid for a package so I better make sure I go. If I don't go this time, who knows when the next appointment will be. Plus, since I had already prepaid everything, it is almost like going for free facial.

I got up, got ready and off I went. As soon as I got in my car, I realised that I have to put petrol. Damn! I should have done it yesterday but I didn't. Today, I am late for my facial. Argh.

Got to the usual petrol station and instead of doing it myself, I just put down my window, pass the money to the guy and got him to do it for me. Plus, I had an urgent sms to reply so I stayed in the car and did my thing. Then, guess what? All done….and the damn window wouldn't go up!!!
I was soooo angry….!!!! WTFFFFFFFFFF

Luckily it was 1 minute away from my house. Luckily my husband was still at my mil's house (which is literally next street to our house) so I called him and got him to help. Dang! Didn't work.

Clock is ticking!! Im going to be late for my damn facial. Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

Then he told me to go to the usual place he usually go to for car accessories to get the window checked and fixed.


I was so angry, words cannot explain.

I think my car is starting to act up because it knows I don't want it anymore. Do you believe in that?
I know it sounds silly..but cars do get jealous. Im not kidding. It happened before. Many times.
Whenever me or my husband is thinking about changing cars, somehow, the current car will start having problems.

Should I start car hunting???

At the shop, the owner was asking my husband to change my car's speakers. WTF for right? Not like we even listen to the music in the car. My daughter sings in the car all the time, we hardly ever turn on the radio. So my husband said to the lady, we are thinking of selling this car and getting a new one. (Huh??? WE are???? Really??) There I was, angry as hell because I was going to have to cancel my facial but secretly doing chicken dance!

If you ask me, this will be my new car….Still my dream car.

But my husband wants me to have a small car. Why does he get to decide anyway? (ummmm…maybe because he's paying for it?) Whatever la ok. I should choose!!!

No way he will get me that.

In the meantime, old current car…I still love you. You're still my favourite. I can't side park without you.

P/s: no I didn't go for facial today. My next appointment is July 28!! ARGHH
Monday, June 22, 2015


I can't stop eating this!!! Help!! I buy this each n everytime I go buy groceries! At least twice a week.

I need to go rehab for this

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Fresh

A friend of mine told me about this and as usual, I got excited with new things and decided to give this thing a go. Anything that will make my life easier is always a good thing.

I downloaded the app on my iPhone and got started. It was pretty straightforward.

What is HappyFresh? Well it's like having your own personal grocery shopper. Nothing beats going to the supermarket yourself but sometimes you tend to forget a few things and instead of driving all the way back, you can just HappyFresh it!

I decided to give it a go. I didn't even have anything particular to buy but just for the sake of trying, I bought a few things. It's so cool. 

You can choose to buy stuff from shops nearby your area. They will give you a list. The above are some of the shops available around my area. I think different areas will have different stores. I chose to shop  at the Bangsar HappyFresh store. Lots of things to choose from. It's so cool! 

After that just add whatever stuff youn want in the cart and done! You can opt to pay by credit card or cash on delivery. 

Within a day, it was already delivered to my house! It's so convenient! 

Try it! Download it on phone first and check it out. Especially useful for this puasa month … Like today for example, I feel like making some dessert for buka but I didn't have 2 ingredients. Instead of going to the shop to get it, I'll just HappyFresh it. It is great especially since it is puasa month and I don't really feel like going all the way to the shop just to get a few little things. I'm loving this app. 
Thursday, June 18, 2015

Work from home

I have a huge dilemma.

I hate working but I love my job!!!!

I mean, I wish I can just let people run my business for me and I can just sit and play with my kids all day but I'm a little bit OCD so I need to know everything and do everything MY way. It's tough. Also, I can't afford to hire anyone at the moment anyway. Even if I can afford to hire someone, I want to SEE what they're doing in front of my eyes and I can't afford to have an office space right now. And no way my husband will allow me to have an office with workers at home. LOL.

So yes, working from home is very convenient because I get to be at home. I can work in my pyjamas and I can take breaks whenever I want. In fact, just earlier this week, I attended a webminar (seminar online) by Naturally Plus USA and all along, I was in my pyjamas and in bed. It was a useful webminar too. Stuff like this makes me love what Im doing so much.

With KupuKupu, I love that I get to create beautiful cute things. I love it that I can do it from home. Monitor my stock and whatnot. The only time I'm out is when I buy my fabric and source for stuff that I can't find online. It's so amazing.

That is all good. BUT….because I love my job so much, I tend to work NON STOP.
Really, as soon as my kids are out in the morning, I switch on my computer and do some work. There's always something to do when you are running your own business. There's no such thing as chilling out.
If you don't do it today, you will have to do it the next day. That's no good. Things will pile up and worst part is if you forget!

Im at home, I work nonstop and although my kids are there and I can see what they're doing but I may as well not be there. If Im not home, I get to work a lot faster (no distraction from the kids) and when I come home, I don't have to work anymore and can focus on the kids but when you work from home, work is always there in front of you.

Today, I've decided to give myself a break. I'm not entertaining any work related matters AT ALL. At least I will try not to.Today, I want to spend 100% of my time with my kids. I just want to attend to them all day because I feel like I've been neglecting them. Work is piling. Raya is approaching and I need to make some $$$ this raya because kupukupu sales rely mostly on raya season. We have stuff selling all year but during raya, it's like bonus. I need to make money this raya but at the same time, Im neglecting my kids and I hate that.

So today, no work!!!

We'll see how far I can last without working.

Till then… Have a blessed Friday and Selamat Berpuasa…

KupuKupu Raya 2015

Puasa is a really busy month for me because KupuKupu is the busiest during this period. Not that I'm complaining because I love it. Last year was quite a big success for KupuKupu because it was my first collection and I didn't know if it was going to sell or not. I got very lucky and I have really supportive friends, Alhamdulillah. It was so successful that I really didn't know what I did right because honestly, it was like taking a risk in every single thing. It worked.

This year, because I know a little bit more and I have a little bit of experience.. I took bigger risk. I hope  sales will go higher than last year but we'll see.

Here are some of the stuff in our 2015 Raya collection. Each pieces are very limited so if you like any that you see, please email me soon yea.. Don't forget, my blog readers get 10% discount :)

Thanks for your support! Hope you like them as much as I do…
Dots RM130
Prim Pink RM130

Floriculture Batik RM135

Purple Diamond RM130

Stripey Baju Melayu RM135

Blue Polka RM135

This year, most of our fabric are designer fabric imported from US. I love all the fabric we have this year. Most of the stuff are on instagram. Do check us out there. 

Thanks again for all your support….!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

For Family's health

During the last school holidays, we went to Legoland and for the first time ever, my kids experienced the water theme park. You see, I've always been a bit "off" when I think about water theme park because I know they can be A LOT of fun, but at the same time…I imagined people peeing in the pool, kids going down the slides and peeing everywhere (EWWWWW) and then I imagined my kids swallowing all the pool water…erghhh…just no, hell no…too gross for me to handle. So all these while, I've always said NO to water theme parks. But when we were in Legoland, I see my kids faces and how excited they were, I just couldn't say no. Also we went at a perfect time because there weren't too many people at all. We stayed at the Legoland hotel and hotel guests get to go in the theme parks earlier than other guests. So it wasn't so bad. By the time outside guests started coming, we were already leaving. It works out well for us that time. Still, kids played a lot and was in the water for wayyyy too long and it was freaking hot at the same time too. I didn't get into the waters at all. I didn't bring any swimming suit or anything appropriate to wear at a water park because we didn't plan to go at all. I didn't want to spend money buying a swimming suit too. So kids just played with their dad while I sit under the hot sun and get a tan like crazy!!! It was sooooo hot. I cannot even describe it.

We were at the waterpark for over 3 hours. Imagine 3 hours in the hot sun for me (no shaded area too) thank god I brought my sunglasses with me. I almost left it behind too. And imagine being in the water for 3 hours for the kids? Isn't it crazy?

And just so you know, we almost cancelled out legoland trip because a day before we left, my son suddenly had a temperature and had fever. Great! We almost cancelled the trip because we didn't want him to get worse but that day before we left, I gave my son 5 packets of Izumio (throughout the day) and 2 capsules of Super Lutein each time he had a packet of Izumio. So that's a total of 5 Izumio + 10 super lutein that day. His body temperature was about 38 to 39 degrees that day. Woke up that morning and he was fine. His temperature was still a bit higher than normal, maybe about 37+ and because we had prepaid the room for the hotel, we couldn't cancel. My husband said if he is still sick, we will just stay in the hotel room and not go to the theme park at all.

Off we went. And his temperature went down. By the time we got to Legoland he was ready to jump around and have fun. We planned to go to the theme parks the next day anyway. On the first day there, it was more to rest and just have fun around the hotel. A lot of stuff to play with anyway.

My son who just recovered from his fever (without any medication or paracetamol whatsoever, simply and purely on Izumio & Super Lutein) was all ok and he too played like crazy at the water theme park.
Not only that, we rested for about 3 hours or so after that, took a nap and then we were out again at the dry theme park for another few hours. There they ran, played and did all sorts of crazy stuff and even walked like mad too.

Surprisingly, both kids were ok. They were still full of energy.

But my husband, wasn't feeling too good after the water theme park. He said he was too tired and felt like fever is coming. I told him to drink Izumio and I think he had 2 packets that day. The next day, he was fine and fever didn't come. He drove all the way back and was all ok until now.

A week after legoland, kids was still on school holiday. Initially we planned to go for another destination but we couldn't decide on one and when we finally did, the hotel was fully booked. We stayed home the following week and didn't do much. Just our usual daily stuff. Then suddenly my daughter started sneezing and had a slight temperature. It started on Sunday after our family dinner at Flora Terrace, remember? I was like Oh no…now she will miss school on Monday. It was first day of school for the new semester too and I know she's really missing her friends.

Again, as usual, I pumped her up with Izumio & Super Lutein. My standard dosage when they have fever now is 5 Izumio + 10 Super Lutein per day. She was weak and she's never ever weak. She was a breastfed baby so maybe that's part of the reason why she's almost never sick but whenever she does, I get all panic. This time is no different.

As a mother, whether or not you have the best medicine or access to go to the best doctors or whatever, when your child is sick, you automatically get stressed out. For me, although I know Izumio & Super Lutein will help, I still have this mindset "what if it doesn't work this time?"… It does stress me out. But each time I have that in mind, I give them more Izumio + Super Lutein.
Alhamdulillah, my daughter was ok the next day and went to school. She had no fever and attended school like usual. She started coughing a little bit too.

I told my husband to get some cough syrup (Prospan) and something for phlegm (Mucosolvan). Oh, I forgot to say that she threw up on Sunday too after she drank 1 izumio before bed. And it was all phlegm.
But the next day, I didn't even bother opening the bottle of prospan and mucosolvan. She's been going to school and back to her normal self on Monday itself.

Me on the other hand, I was OK all along. In my household, I'm the only one who takes these products regularly. When I feel OK, I take a low dosage (1 izumio + 3 Super Lutein) but when I feel tired or don't feel well, I take more. Yesterday, I started sneezing a lot so I took 2 izumio and maybe 5 or 6 Super Lutein. Today, I'm ok.

Yes, this products is helping my family's health. Maybe not such a big deal because you can easily take 1 panadol and solve all the problems same way as Izumio + Super Lutein helped. But I try my best to avoid giving them paracetamol as much as I can. Especially after reading this article.

Cost? Yeah it does cost a lot more. I can't argue with that. RM90 each time they are sick (cost of 5 packets izumio + 10 sl per day) but at least its a lot cheaper than going to the paed! And it is completely natural.

Countdown to Assessment day

When we first signed up for the big school, they told us that the assessment will take place in May. Come May, nothing happened. I emailed them to ask what's up. Then they told me that they've changed the assessment date to be 1st August 2015. It is pretty much confirmed and we have to get ready for it.

It consist of 2 hour written examination (WTH is a 5 year old going to write for 2 hours is beyond me!) and a 15 minutes interview.

This is some serious business!!!

My daughter couldn't be bothered. When I told her about it, she confidently said.. "I can do it, mummy!" and when I told her repeatedly that she will be alone in there without me, she got annoyed a little bit. "fine!fine!fine! I'll be fine!" OK then, she's all grown up and ready for big school I said to myself.

Now,…. 2 hours written exam? You got to be kidding me.
My daughter can't even write for longer than 2 minutes!!!
Good luck with that.

The tiger mummy in me wants her to do well of course. I feel like I should "train" her for the exam and prep her with lot of stuff but the cool mummy in me just want her to have fun.

So we will meet in the middle.

I will let her do it her way. I think she is clever enough to As any exam (except writing because her writing is still horrible!) so I'll let her be.

I was told that the purpose of this whole assessment is:
1. To make sure that the child is not a special needs child. If she is, then they will have to put her in a special class or something like that. Maybe they don't have a special needs teacher so they probably don't take special child? I don't know.

2. To make sure they place her in the right class. Advanced student goes to one class and children who needs extra support will probably go to another class.

So far, they told me they have not rejected a student based on the assessment results. That gives me some room to chill out. Actually, I don't even mind if my daughter is in the bottom class right now. It's good to have extra support at this young age. Plus, she's never been to a big school (school with more than 10 students!) and I think it is ok for her to be wherever she fits. I don't mind at all.

I can't wait to get the assessment over. I just can't wait for her to experience it.I think she will love it.

Come September. I will have a new job. I will officially be a "Driver"

Just great.

Raya Biscuits

I know! I know!

I shouldn't be talking about raya biscuits. More about ibadah this ramadhan, remember? But I got to share this. Sharing is caring!

For years I've been ordering from this person. I got to know them from a friend of mine from university and it is her cousin's business. She helps her cousin sell this. I don't get anything from this but just want to share because I like their raya cookies a lot.

I'm not a fan of raya biscuits but of course every raya I will have to order something so I can serve to my guests and these are my favourite…

You can check them out here. Kuihraya

Here is stuff I usually order and are yummy. This year I will be making the same order:

1. Denmark Cookies & White Chocolate Denmark Cookies.
This is the favourite. Every guest of mine will always say this one is special and yummy.

2. Almond Cookies
This is my husband's favourite

3. Chocolate Chip cookies
I like this. Just as nice as famous Amos cookies 

4. Samprit
This is everyone's favourite too. I order this because it doesn't contain nuts. My niece is allergic to nuts

5. Spicy Popiah
I like this one. I can eat this non stop for hours

6. Rainbow cookies
It was my first time ordering it last year. I order it because it is colourful. Just to add colour to the table. Taste wise, hmmm..it is not sweet. In fact, a bit salty. Which I find odd but quite nice

7. Double Chocolate Crunchy
OMG!!! Last year was the first time ordering it and it is DA BOMB!!! I literally finish a whole pack myself in one go. I had to reorder again but they were sold out. So this year, I'm planning to order LOTSS of this!!! Yummy to the max

OK That's enough of cookies I think. See, very convenient right? Click and order from just one vendor.
Pick up is in Kelana Jaya which is super convenient because my aunt lives there and usually my uncle will pick it up for me.

Where and what do you like to order for raya? Share…

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Best Side Business

Watch this video. This is a video to introduce Naturally Plus and the remarkable business opportunity that you can be part of.  From this video you can see that it is not that difficult to do this business and anyone can be part of this.

This is a summary of the business and roughly how it works…..

Step 1: Buy a package and become a member. Your initial capital is RM5330.00 which will give you 15 products of your choice (IZUMIO / SUPER LUTEIN). With this package, you will also automatically become a member of Naturally Plus and can start earning points. You can consume it if you want (I would highly recommend this) but at the same time, you can also sell it to friends or family for them to try 1 or 2 bottles to get them started. Price per product should you get this package will be roughly RM355. (retail price is RM435)

Step: 2: Start consuming the products. Consuming the products consistently at the right dosage you will notice and see the difference in your health. If you are healthy (with no health conditions to heal, you will still feel good and will see positive results). It took me a good 3 months to finally see some positive noticeable changes and difference in myself so you got to give it a while to work its magic.

Step 3: Start sharing. It can be with family & friends. It can be through blog, through any social media or if you don't like to share. That's OK too. Just don't do anything. Just update me with your progress and I will help you grow your business. You will be on your way to get that passive income. It will be small at first but it's still free money. Money doesn't fall from the sky but with this, it goes into your back account. How amazing is that?

Basically that's it! That's all you need to do. There is no timeframe or target on when you should share or how many people you need to introduce this products to. You don't even have to share if you don't want to if you are kedekut ilmu. Updating a photo of the product in your instagram will already be considered as sharing. You share about what food you eat, where you go and what you do, so why not share this?

Once you become a member, you will automatically start your own map. You will be the top of your map, which makes you the leader or the boss of your "organisation" or your business. The map looks like this.

You will have a right and left leg. If you are interested to grow and gain an income from consuming this product, you will want to grow your right leg and left leg as much as possible. If you are just a happy consumer, meaning you DONT WANT to share your knowledge, DONT want to tell people you are consuming this products, or DONT WANT to do anything, like it or not, your map will still grow by itself.


Because everyone in the system only has 2 legs. Left leg and right leg. Each time someone above you (your upline) introduces someone to this business or purchase a package, that person needs to place that new customer somewhere on their left or right leg.

For example, if today you sign up a package and become a member, you will NOT be directly under me because I already have people directly under my right and left leg. I will place you somewhere under the people under me. Get it?

Your "tree" or your "organisation" will keep growing as long as people above you keeps adding and signing people up. Even if I don't sign up more people, my leader will still put people she signs up under me. This is because she needs to balance her chart too. In a way, it is a win-win situation.

This business is also about teamwork.

My leader will help me close the deals if I have problems doing so because she still gets points from my deals. That way, she will always push me to do better because by doing so, she herself is doing better too. And in my case, I will want my leader to do well herself, because if she does well, she will keep adding people under me. It just works both ways. Teamwork is important because in this business, you will want your team to do well because when your team does well, you do well too. Even if someone is not from your team, you will still want them to do well. Here is why:

The bonus structures in the business will also depend a lot of team performances. For example, one of the bonus structure is called the Excellent Bonus. The reward from this is you will get 1% of points derived from total global product sales for the target period divided by the number of qualifiers. Do you know that this product is sold around the world AND it has been Japan's No.1 product from 2010-2013. Imagine the product sales for this period? Surely A lot right? 1% of GLOBAL product sales is quite a lot already!

The faster you join, the better because that means you will be higher in the chart. So don't wait. Just sign up quickly and join us. You won't regret it. Trust me!
Monday, June 15, 2015

Selamat Berpuasa

Tonight we will start Terawikh. InsyaAllah I will try my hardest to perform it better than last year. I can't believe Ramadhan is already here. Time is passing by so fast and soon, before you know it, it will be raya.

Ramadhan is a very busy month for me. The good thing about Ramadhan is I don't have to cook dinner. It's all about food kan? It shouldn't be that way. Note to self to do more ibadah than think about food this year.

To all my lovely readers, I want to wish you all Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan.   Lets take this time to reflect on our actions and be better. Have a good ramadhan….

Will be posting as usual….

P/S: What's for sahur?

Family Dinner

My cousin who is a Canadian (born and raised in canada) is back for holidays. He doesn't come back very often, maybe once in 5 to 10 years. He's a year younger than me and I think all my life, we've only met less than 10 times. When my mum told me he is coming back, we quickly planned for a family dinner. The purpose of the family dinner is to celebrate the June babies of the family (another cousin, uncle, my brother and also my husband) and welcome my canadian cousin home. Perfect. I love family dinners.

Planning a family dinner with my side of the family is not so straight forward. It's fun and all but with 25 people, it is really hard to get everyone together. And it's like the domino effect. One person can't come and all won't come. So annoying.

One major criteria for venue is food. It's so difficult I tell you. It has to be halal (OK duh) and not only halal, the cooks has to be muslim! How to make sure the cooks are muslim? Just close one eye but usually, if the owner of the restaurant is Malay/Muslim…then chances are, the cooks will be muslim. That's the guideline. Do you know how difficult it is to find that? To top that, the youngsters in the family (my cousins) likes western food with yummy desserts and the older generation (my mum, tokmi, aunts etc) like local food.

I HATE planning my family dinner because we will always disagree. The youngsters vs the old!!! Old will always win because they usually pay for the dinner. he he he…

The fussiest of them all is non other than my beloved mother. Because of that, she is usually the event organiser. She will tell us all the places we can go and we pick from there. This time, she wanted Istana Hotel but when we called to book, it was full on the date we wanted. Too bad.

After a lot of dingdong-ing… I was so annoyed I suggested we go to Flora Terrace on Hamshire Place. I've been there once and food was pretty alright. I can't remember what I ordered back then but it was ok. I remember hubs ordered the wrong thing so he didn't want to go back but I think mine was pretty good. Finally, we agreed on Flora Terrace.

I'm not sure if they have recently redecorated the place but it looks awesome. They had really nice decor and flowers and whatnot. It was perfect set up for us. We also opted for early dinner and when we got there, no one was around so we had the whole place all to ourselves and people only started coming as we were leaving.

I initially wanted to order Soto but ended up ordering Spaghetti Marinara. I love seafood pasta and red sauce. My husband ordered Nasi Goreng Flora and he said it was really nice too. I asked if it was nicer than my nasi goreng and he said of course not! LOL Good answer. I told him that if it is, then we should come here for Nasi Goreng instead of me cooking it.

Everyone ordered all sorts of things and it was all very good.

I'm glad I chose this place!

My only regret was, I wish I ordered Soto. My spaghetti was really nice too but I'm such a soto girl, I should just stick to Soto.

I wish I can eat there every night.

For 20+ of us, our bill only came up to about RM700++ that's really cheap for that kind of environment. I'm sure this will be my family's new hang out spot.

If you want to try this restaurant, here is the address. Go check it out. Their sirap bandung Johor is da bomb too. Love it!

Flora Terrace,
Jalan Mayang Sari, Off Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
Parallel to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and Jalan Ampang.

My Kizuna 2015

I'm officially MLM future queen. LOL. I'm kidding.

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Yesterday, I attended my first formal Naturally Plus event. I had a bit of a culture shock from it. LOL.

When my leader told me about the event, to be honest, I wasn't really interested to go. First of all, I didn't know what the event was all about. I googled the word Kizuna and this was what I got:

The Japanese word "kizuna", meaning bonds or connections between people

 I figured it must be like a sharing session or some sort. I didn't get much from the flyer and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go or not. But since I don't go out much, it was a Sunday and my husband was free to babysit for a few hours, I figured, why not. Just to see what its like..so I did.

My team decided to wear blue jeans and white top. Perfect, my kind of dress code.

My car is still in the workshop hence my darling husband had to drive me there. Such a sweetheart he was.

When I first got there, everything was already done for me. My ticket was with my friends and they had taken my door gift and registered for me. I basically went in like a vip. Didn't have to do anything.

I was surprised at how big the place is. I have not been to this hotel before and I didn't expect the ballroom to be as big as it was.

The event was alright. It was in English & Mandarin (or some other chinese, Im not sure what!) and some of the speakers were Japanese and spoke Japanese. We had our own funky gadget where most of the stuff was translated in Malay.

Here is what I got from attending this 4 hours event……

1. Naturally Plus has an excellent track record. Since they started, their graphs kept going up which means they have been doing great. Whatever they're doing, they're doing it right!

2. Products by Naturaly Plus is a product you can trust.

3. This business has helped A LOT of people all over the world. These products and this business is not only good for your health but also wealth.

4. ANYONE can do this business. Even a housewife! Even a farmer!!! (There was this old chinese man seated in front of me, he was so old that I felt really bad that he came for the event because he looks like he needs a bed than anything else. He is apparently a fruit seller.
One of the speakers was this Japanese lady. She was a housewife when she started this business 11 years ago. And today, she's a 10 million (USD) earner. WOW. Imagine having 10million USD in 11 years time?? Wowieeeeeeee….I can wait 11 years for 10 million USD!

5. Naturally Plus is growing….. They're opening more salons around the world. Next one is in Brunei in August. Bruneians, get ready!!!!!!! And guess what? Kangen water didn't get approval from the Brunei government. So Kangen users out there, be careful! Alkaline water is not all that good!

6. Listening to people talk about how this products has helped them gain all the wealth in the world and how this business has changed their lives is quite inspiring. I don't aim to be a millionaire from this but damn, I actually have a chance!!!!! Woot!!! Woot!!!

Millionaires & Future Millionaire and me… Im nowhere close so I better cover my face first!

7. I got to take a photo with Multimillionaires of the business. Ambik berkat sikit. LOL

9. I cannot sit for too long. My butt was hurting

10. My kids missed me so much when I was out. I should go out more.

I'm glad I attended this event. I'm not really doing this for the money but I guess money does sell. Especially to materialistic people like me. This event was also to honour those high achievers in the business and listen to their journey and I think it is really rewarding. Helping others get better and live a healthier life is rewarding enough but when you get paid for it, isn't it fantastic??

I'm now more motivated and more certain of my decision to join the company. At the end of the day, it's still my choice as I am my own boss. But I'm so glad I joined in early. My only regret is, I didn't join  sooner but better late than never right?

Call me if you want to be part of this. I promise you will not regret.

P/S: Next holiday is Istanbul ya'll!!! Time for next challenge.

No Car

I've had my car for about 5 years now. It's a pretty awesome car. I love everything about it. A bit soccer mummy type of car or some might say "very auntie" but I love my car. It's a good size, its comfortable to drive and very solid. I feel really safe driving my car. The best part about the car is, it has parking assistance. LOL. I suck at side parking and this is one of the reasons why I bought this car initially because it was one of the first to have this feature. So anyway, cut story short…it's a great car, I love it but I want a new car.  It is 5 years old. So you'd expect some wear and tear obviously right.

To be fair, we don't really drive this car that much. Mileage is quite low for a 5 year old car because we only drive it around town and probably only taken the car outstation twice. But it is still considered quite old and recently we noticed the car to have some problems here and there. Nothing too serious but  we needed to get it checked.

When I first got the car, we used to send the car for service at Cycle&Carriage but for the past 2 years or so, hub's been sending it to his trusted workshop. He's been going to this workshop since he was young so he knows and trust this particular workshop a lot. But the last 2 times, this workshop was not able to fix that sound. So I suggested we take it to C&C. 

I made an appointment and off we went on Wednesday.

I was really impressed. It was my first time there actually. I mean all along, hubs will handle the service on his own. He will drive my car to the workshop/C&C and he will sort everything out himself but this time, I offered to go with him. In fact, we took the kids and maid along too. I figured it won't take long. Drop the car and 5 minutes we can be off.

But it took us almost 3 hours of sitting and waiting!!! Can you believe it? I was so bored, I didn't know what else to do. My kids was bored too.

When we first got there, they gave us a number and somehow, the wait was so long. There was only 2 people in front of us but gosh, it was such a long wait I wanted to cry.

Good thing is, the place is huge. There's even a small cafe serving complimentary drinks, food and whatever else. There's free wifi (thank god for that because kids got to watch youtube videos on iPad), there's TV with Astro. Plenty to do.

I was bored, I walked across at the showroom. A lady greeted me and asked if I wanted to test drive a car. Hmmm…no, I wasn't there to buy a car, I told her. So she left me alone to look at the cars.

2 cars and both were super nice. Ah…the smell of new car. How I miss that.

I think I will look quite good in either one.

I told my daughter to ask papa if mummy can have a new car…his reply, as expected "no!" 
Well, its worth a shot right?

So anyway, after 2 hours of waiting, they even took our order for lunch. They have a menu and all. I ordered food and an hour later or longer, the food never came. What a turn off. I was really looking forward to eat Kuey Teow Goreng! LOL.

Finally it was our turn and within 30 minutes later, it was over and we could go. Still, our lunch didn't come. We thought of waiting and we did wait a little bit since we've already ordered it. But hubs had to go because he had something urgent to do. Finally, we just left.

It's been almost a week since we sent the car. 

My husband almost got the shock of his life when they called him to say that everything will be about RM13k to fix. A lot of wear and tear stuff that needed to change apparently. This is what happens when you send it to C&C. They want to change everything.
Hubs said ok cuz he knows sooner or later it will need to be changed and it is a 5 year old car. 

Hopefully the sound and problems will go away and will be like a brand new car soon. I am missing my car so much.

My husband did make a lot of noise (at me) because its RM13k. All I can think of when he said that was… Bye bye Chanel Boy.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just give!

If you must know, I am a big spender. I spend within my limits of course but when it comes to money, I don't really care so much about savings. I have people telling me (my mum especially) to save and save and save but what I do is spend and spend and spend. Doesn't have to be expensive but spending is a lot more fun than saving money, don't you agree?

Back in UK, my mum used to give me quite a good allowance. It should be more than enough for everything a student needs but hey, instead of saving I would go shopping. When I was working, instead of saving £££, I would spend my hard earned salary eating out every night at posh restaurants. Because of that, despite working in UK for quite a few years, I came back with almost zero savings. One of my biggest mistake ever but hey, at least I ate well! 

I try to save a lot more than I ever did not but sometimes I still run out. Like this month, I am super tight because I spent a lot more than I should last month.

When a friend recently asked me for some donation, I paused. Not because I didn't want to give but I didn't know how much to give. I knew I have money coming in because I am predicting fairly good sales for this upcoming Raya but also with the Izumio business, I always have a little bit extra every month. 

2 questions was in my head...
Wait till end of the month when sales are in to give? Or just go for it and give whatever you have? 

Then I remembered what my mum said. Give! Even if you have RM10 in your wallet, give! If you don't have small change, give RM10! Allah will repay you. Have faith.

So I did.

I gave that little bit extra that I had. After all, it is for a good cause. 

And guess what? She was absolutely right!

Within minutes, I got back what I donated! It was like magic. And it made me feel so good. Not only I got what I donated back, I got a lot more back too!!! It's so awesome that I am now wanting to donate more! 

Have faith.