Wednesday, December 30, 2015

She's back!!!

When my best friend told me that my maid might not come back, I almost had a heart attack. Not because I am so dependent on my maid but more because I feel without one, I will end up a momster. I will have to do all the housework and kids will just drive me nuts. I was also very angry because to me, I've been a very good employer. I keep one eye closed most of the time and I cut her a lot of slack. I had the best maid (my previous one) and sometimes, it is impossible (and unfair) to compare her to my current maid. My current maid is simply not in the same league. To top that, my husband didn't seem bothered about it and maybe prefers we don't have a maid anymore.

So anyway, I was angry.

And then I accepted that she won't be coming back.

I was still angry.

But then I decided to let go.

The reason why my best friend told me that my maid won't come back was because her maid spoke to mine and she told her that she might not come back. If she doesn't, we have to go make a report, yada yada yada…and it is just a hassle. I just don't need additional drama in my life.

To cut story short, after my maid left for her 2 weeks Christmas break, I was still sure she won't come back. In fact, I made a bet with my husband. RM100 she won't come back. My husband chose to remain positive.

On Monday, she called me from Philippines. I was expecting her to say "sorry Ma'am, I'm not coming back!" but instead, she told me she is about to board the plane. WHAT???


Still I wasn't convinced. I waited almost 20 minutes to do the LiveChat with AirAsia to confirm that she has boarded the plane. They confirmed it and I was relieved.

But still not convinced! We went to the airport not expecting her to find us. Well, everyone else was sure to see her except for me. Kids were already jumping around excited to see her.

Alhamdulillah, she did! Took me a while to locate her in the big KLIA2 airport but I did.

My kids was so excited to see her. They have their "kakak" back. They don't have to do chores anymore. They must be happy.

Throughout the 2 weeks that she was away, I had trained my kids to help out at home a lot. One of the things we did was washing dishes, putting the dirty laundry in the washing machine and even little things like putting dirty plates in the sink. They've been doing really well too!

Even going out for meals without the maid around was not that difficult. They behaved really well too. We are now thinking perhaps it is time for us to take the maid out less. Perhaps it is best she stays home and focus on the housework while we are out instead of coming along with us all the time.

Today, I overheard their conversation during lunch….It was so funny.

Daughter: Kakak, we are so happy to have you back
Maid: *smiles*
Daughter: When I went to the zoo… I looked at the lion and I thought of you…


Goodbye 2015

I've had quite a year this year. If I have to sum it up, I would have to say that this year has given me lots and lots of happiness and equally, lots and lots of sadness too. My best and my worst is how I would describe 2015. I wrote a bloody long post on this but then my daughter came to distract me and then the whole post disappeared. Argh.

I have a lot to be thankful for but unfortunately, when I think of 2015, I can't help thinking about all the heartache that I had to go through this year. I'm blessed to have a good solid support system and I thank God everyday for bringing these good people in my life for I don't know how I would have survived without them this year. I think they know who they are, thank you for keeping me sane!

We travelled quite a lot too this year. We were in Istanbul, Dubai earlier this year and Singapore too recently. Those were fun times. We went on the Bosphorus cruise and visiting all those beautiful mosques which all look pretty much the same to me and for the life of me, I cannot even remember their names now.

It was really beautiful. MasyaAllah. And I love the hotel too in Istanbul. We stayed in the Shangri La and they have the most amazing Baklava EVER! That was the highlight of my mornings. I was happily "whacking" 4 baklavas over breakfast during my whole stay. Who cares? I was happy!

Then there was Dubai. The dessert safari was so much fun and what an experience it was. It was definitely not suitable for my mil (who is 75!) and I wish we didn't take her along because that experience was not a pleasant one for her. I should have known better. But nonetheless, it was a good trip. For me it was and for the kids too because they had their cousins with them all the time.

Singapore last week was a lot of fun. You've seen some of the photos and it was such a great experience for us to travel on our own without anyone else. I didn't realise how much I missed that because all along, we always travel with a bunch of people. Sometimes, it is nice to make it all about us and just us.

One of the biggest heartache this year was when my 85 year old Tokmi was diagnosed with skin cancer. God knows how much I cried. Thinking about it makes me cry. Cancer is such a terrible thing and you wouldn't want your greatest enemies to have it. I'm thankful that Allah made everything easy for Tokmi. Surgery and recovery was super easy and fast. I believe IZUMIO & Super Lutein helped her recover quicker. Say what you want to say but it did help her. She is such a strong woman. Few week ago, she fell in the toilet. Another scare!!! She bumped her head on something and left her with some bruises around her ears and a big huge bump as big as a tennis ball on the back of her head. OUCH! Bless her! She's OK. She doesn't really remember how it happened or what happened but she can feel the pain. Alhamdulillah… she's OK and still going strong. I love her to bits!

This year, my daughter started Year 1 in an International School. A big milestone for all of us. I am so proud of her. She gives me so much joy, I cannot even explain. Yes, throughout the first semester (3 months) she was crying every single day when I dropped her off but I know why she's crying…. It is only because she's not used to being away from me for too long. I take her for granted many times. I keep telling myself how grown up she is (because she talks like an adult sometimes) but I forget that she is only 5 years old. I don't think she loves anyone as much as she loves me and sometimes I get so rimas, but really, she just wants to be near me all the time. I shouldn't give her such a hard time. She is only 5!

I also found white hair this year, remember? I cannot believe I'm getting old. I'm still in denial and cannot accept the fact that I'm not that young anymore. I've also started noticing fine lines around my eyes. Argh…. I wish I can stay 35 forever. (I'm 36 this year!)

Overall, it's been an OK yet but when I think about the bad stuff, I just cannot believe what a screwed up year I've had. But Alhamdulillah, I am still here and I am still standing …
Healthwise, I am better than ever. I'm not just saying this but truly, I've never felt better. This year, despite my downs, I've been healthy all year.

I've been consistent in my supplement intake. I drink 2-3 IZUMIO per day and I take 3-6 Super Lutein per day EVERY SINGLE DAY and I believe that they are helping me become the fit mum that I am. I am healthy and I'm loving it. My kid's health has been good too this year. After being on this products, they have not been to see the doctors this year except once or twice when I was super worried when I shouldnt be.. other than that, Alhamdulillah, we are all OK.

My business is still growing. I found a few new members who are excited to grow this business with me and I cannot be happier!!

I'm ready to leave 2015 behind and I'm excited to start 2016! Happy New Year to all my followers and readers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading my journal and thank you for keeping me company this year……

I promise 2016 will be more exciting and there will be more to share…..

Biggest Lesson

The biggest lesson for me this year is to learn to love myself more and to accept that it is OK to make myself my priority - sometimes!

It is not easy to do especially since I am a mother and I have so many people to think about before I think about myself but to me, the biggest challenge I face is putting myself first.

It is important to love myself enough to take care of my health too. I'm not getting any younger! In order to look after the family I need to be strong both mentally and physically. I was tested this year and I'm glad that I'm still here and still ok. Alhamdulillah.

Remember this post? Well I've been doing it! Sometimes, I've been successful and sometimes I fail miserably too! It's not easy but I have to constantly remind myself that I deserve a break and it is OK to ignore the kids and the husband to focus on myself. It can't always be about them! 

I'm learning to let go. Learning to ignore. Still learning the best way to do things and then I saw this video. It is an interview with Mrs. Will Smith and she nailed it! She said everything I feel inside about juggling life and motherhood. Watch this video. 

When I saw this video, I was like "OMG, she is describing me" because everything she said is spot on. Then it hit me, it is not just me. A lot of mothers feel this way and I'm not alone.

The biggest lesson to me is to learn to love yourself. That is the bottom line! Loving yourself to me means taking care of my health even more. Invest in myself. My happiness is important, just like what she said in this video. If I'm not happy with myself, I will start putting the blame on others and I don't want that.

So there you go….learn to love yourself. Because, you are worth it!!
Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Singapore Trip

While my maid was away, we decided to be brave and take a short trip to Singapore. Kids were feeling really bored and we didn't know where to go. Singapore is the best! It's a short drive (less than 5 hours via SecondLink) and it is a very comfortable ride.

We used to take our maids everywhere. Even when we go abroad, we've always taken the maid with us. We always have extra help so this time, it is a bit different. We were really worried at first but still, we went ahead.

Normally, when we go to Singapore, we would stay at the same place. Royal Plaza on Scotts is our favourite place to stay because it is a halal hotel and near to Orchard and everything we want is there. This time, we promised that we won't do any shopping (sigh!) and wanted to make it all about the kids. We opted a more child friendly hotel and stayed at the Shangri La in Sentosa. 2 nights stay booked via Agoda. I collect Agoda points btw.

Singapore DAY 1

We arrived at the hotel at about 3pm. We had lunch at one of the R&R in JB already. By the time we got our room, kids were all ready to hit the beach.

It wasnt that hot at the time as it was quite cloudy. Perfect I thought. Off they went. I didn't bring my sunglasses (can you believe it!?) and then suddenly the sun came out! Great! Just great.

Our room is on the 10th floor and the view is just awesome from up there. This resort is awesome and reminded me so much of Shangri La Golden Sands in Penang. Same family, I guess!

Anyway we spent some time by the beach and kids played with the sand and had a jolly good time. I was burning, they didn't mind! No amount of SPF can help because it was just really so so hot! Once they were done being by the beach, it was time to hit the pool.

The pool area is just awesome!!! Even I was really excited about the pool (and I don't swim!). I brought my swimsuit but I felt fat and decided to just sit there instead of joining them in the pool. Poor hubby had to entertain the kids by himself. Good thing was, he didn't have to do much because the pool area for the kids, with the slides and whatnot was enough to keep the kids occupied. They queued up a zillion times to get on the slides. They love it so much.

This area is really nice because it is covered. Not too hot for them. There were so many people and the pool area was full. It was difficult to find a nice spot too.

After about 2-3 hours in the pool and being by the beach, it was almost time for dinner. We got back to our room and got ready to go out. After we got ready, it was still too early for dinner and kids wanted to spend some time at the Kid's Club. They have really awesome Kid's Club in this resort and in fact, this was one of the reasons why we chose this hotel. By looking at the photos of the Kid's Club.
It's really cool.

We spent some time in there and did lots of things there. They played in the indoor playground and also we spent time doing some colouring. Even mummy and daddy did some colouring too!
We know exactly where to go to get our seafood fix when in Singapore!

Newton foodcourt!! Street food is the best. In Singapore everything is clean so we are more confident! We always go to the same stall. This time, we ordered our usual Ikan Bakar Stringray with the sambal sauce (to die for!), 1 huge lobster prawn cooked with garlic (OMG!!), kangkung belacan and seafood soup for the kids. I couldn't really eat rice because there was so much food. All that for under SGD100. Not bad. The drive to Newton from Sentosa took us about 30-35 minutes. Quite far. Normally from Royal Plaza, we can get to Newton in 5 minutes so this time it is different. Quite a drive to get to everywhere we wanted to go.

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were all ready to sleep! Good night!!!

Singapore DAY 2
The next day, we had breakfast and then kids wanted to swim again. They did for a bit and it's the same thing. After breakfast at the hotel, we went straight to the pool. It was super hot too and I didn't allow them to go to the beach because I didn't want to get burnt even more. After a zillion times going on the slides, we went back to the room to rest. We got ready and off to Marina Bay Sands as hubs had to do some stuff there. (No shopping!)

We also had lunch at the food court and as usual, I ordered the same thing. Same stall. Same food. Still good! The indoor ice skating ring was converted into this christmas decor thingy. It's pretty too. We also took some photos outside. The kids were amazed looking at the many water lilies and I was amazed looking at the view of Singapore skylines from there. It's gorgeous.

After walking around for a bit in Marina Bay Sands, we head back to the hotel. Spent some time in the hotel and the Kid's Club before going to the Night Safari. Kids made some friends at the kids club and it was so cute to see them play. My son was initially not allowed in the big playground (the one with the treehouse) because it is for children aged 5 and above but since there weren't many people, they allowed him in. They thought he was 5 anyway, which was funny because he may look 5 but he doesn't sound like 5 at all. He still baby talks. His vocab is great but he speaks with his baby accent which only we can understand.

Night Safari was awesome!!!!! We had so much fun there. Good thing was there was no walking. We just sat on the tram and that was it. I love it. I'm such a lazy bum!

We got to see quite a lot of animals too. My eyesight is not that great especially in the dark but it was still good. We couldn't take many photos as we weren't allowed to turn on the flash. I enjoyed the animal show a lot too. Kids had so much fun but my daughter was a bit scared of the night safari logo. LOL. She said "why are the eyes blue and why is it looking at us like that?" yikes!

We also had dinner there at the Night Safari. Quite ok. We were supposed to take the buffet but I'm glad we didn't. So much food to choose from and so many stalls. You'll find something for sure. The fire show was good too. My son enjoyed that a lot but as usual, my daughter was a bit scared.

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was already almost midnight. They fell asleep on the way back too and was not happy when I forced them to take a shower before getting into bed. We survived! Alhamdulillah.
End of day 2

Singapore DAY 3
It is our last day in this resort and at first I told the kids no more swimming but my husband decided to give them one last time in the pool. They were so excited and I was too. This time, I decided to join them in the pool and let the whole world see how fat I am in a bathing suit. Yikes! I told myself I need to go shopping for new ones. Kids had so much fun. They got to swim and slide with their friends too.
After about 2 hours or more in the pool that morning, I told them time is up!

My daughter asked her daddy if we can extend our stay and he said OK. But this time, we will stay in a different hotel, our favourite hotel. The Royal Plaza.

We checked out of Shangri La and headed straight to Orchard Road. We also stopped by ZamZam restaurant to buy some Murtabak Singapore. I had high hopes but I was quite disappointed to be honest. The Murtabak Singapore in Plaza Damas (KL) is much nicer. This was not bad..but I was expecting it to be da bomb and it wasn't.

We checked into the Royal Plaza and was greeted by a friendly Uncle Syed. He's been working there as the porter for over 30 years and he knows us quite well already. We haven't been to the Royal Plaza in over 2 years now and it's so good to be back.

Once we had our Murtabak and briani in the room, we went out to walk around. Went to the usual malls around Orchard and didn't want to get tempted to shop. I had my eyes closed (not literally) the whole time. Bought some stuff for the kids and they got to choose 1 toy to buy. My daughter chose a barbie n Kent toy in a jeep and my son picked this amazingly cool remote control car. They were happy and wanted to go back to the hotel immediately!

On the way back, we saw really nice christmas decorations and kids wanted to colour this wall.  They were giving out ink pen for us to colour and then they told us a little story about christmas.

We also walked to Paragon Shopping Mall and saw Tunku Aminah (princess of Johor) and her entourage. I love the royal family so I had my mouth open and was like starstruck. At the same time, I realised I couldn't find my phone and was depressed. I lost my phone!!!!!! Uwaaaaaaaaa

I got in a bad mood but didn't want to ruin everyone's time so I tried to remain calm as much as I could although inside, I was dying. There's a lot of work stuff on phone, notes and what not and I don't want to those information gone! I couldn't afford to have all the stuff on my phone missing. Hubs kept telling me that I must have left it in the room but I was sure I didn't.

When we got back to the room, I found my phone sitting nicely on the side table!!! Hurrayyyy!!!!!

We ordered room service for dinner as we weren't all that hungry. Hubs had their club sandwich, kids had chicken rice and I just had my usual - the most amazing Bread & Butter Pudding.
Yes, for dinner! So what? It is to die for!!!

We went to sleep happy!

Goodbye Singapore
We woke up early for breakfast and after breakfast, we took a walk to Takashimaya to exchange my son's toy. He broke it after 5 minutes playing with it the night before. After that, we got ready to leave. We left Singapore before lunch and stopped by Pagoh R&R for lunch.

Alhamdulillah, we got home by evening time and safe and sound.

We had an amazing few days in Singapore. I had a great time with my little family despite no shopping!
Who says you need to go shopping to have a great time, right? 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Surviving without a helper

It's been almost a week since my maid left and guess what? We are all still alive!! Woot woot!!!

I have to admit, I was really having major anxiety attacks each time I think about my maid leaving us but surprisingly, we are ok! Turns out, it isn't that bad after all.

Sure the house is in a mess, sure the laundry is not done, sure the kids are a pain in the butt, but .... Things have been ok. I'm actually ok. I don't have that much to complain about not having a maid (yet).

Good thing is my husband is a great help. He's been coming home by lunchtime and spends time at home or with us more. He's helping me do the dishes so much that I think he secretly enjoys doing it. He's been taking care of the kids (on his own) while I'm out in the office. He's been fantastic! 

And the kids? Surprisingly they are behaving really really well too! Not much fuss whatsoever. My daughter helps me carry empty plates to the sink, she wants to help do the dishes too and she did a little bit. Took 10 minutes longer than if I were to do it myself but at least she's trying. My son drinks less milk somehow which is what I've been trying to get him to do. I want him to drink less formula and eat more instead but when my maid is around, he shouts and the milk is ready. With no maid around, he doesn't ask for milk that much and will eat more too. Awesome!

The only downside is, I have to put him back on diaper all day because I cannot deal with accidents! Ah well! So what!

Going out with the kids without the maid is also not too bad. They listen to me more and hold my hand. They are loud but so what. I don't have to run after them yet. If my maid was around, she's the one running after them but without her, they don't go far without us.

So life has been ok. Not too bad.
I did my own laundry for the first time in almost 5 years. I even forgot how to operate the washing machine at first. Folded the clothes. And not going to bother with the ironing! (I don't do ironing!)

My top tips to survive without maid:
1. Do everything immediately. Don't let it pile! Do dishes as soon as you finish eating instead of waiting for the sink to be full!

2. Close one eye or close both eyes when you see a mess! Toys are everywhere but so what! Who cares? 

3. Eat out as much as possible! Less dishes to wash and less cleaning to do

4. Get help from kids / husband

5. Go on holiday! 

Hurray! We are off somewhere soon. Don't know when or where yet but hopefully we will go somewhere next week! 
Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wish me luck!

photo from google images
I am officially MAID-Less!! ****cries a river****

She left at 5.30am this morning while the kids were still asleep. They didn't even get to say their goodbyes properly. Ah well…

House feels so quiet somehow. Not that my maid was loud but without her, the kids doesn't shout and talk so loud. I don't know why.

I started to think about the little things in life that we take for granted. Like making the bed (which I now have to do), like making my morning milo (which I now have to do myself!) and washing bottles and dishes (which I also have to do daily). I can call the part time maid to come but still there's a lot of things that I need to do to maintain the house. Part time maid can do the big weekly stuff like wiping the windows, vacuuming the house and maybe even laundry. But daily stuff? I still have to do…. ***cries a bucket***
Photo from google images

So wish me luck. A lot of luck. I know I'll be OK but I don't know if I'll be happy doing everything!

Praying my maid will not run away and come back on the 28th December. Fingers crossed!
Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hi-5 House of Dreams

We took the kids out to catch the Hi-5 House of Dreams show on Thursday. They're not really fans of Hi-5 but they do watch it on TV whenever it is on. Since we have nothing planned yet for the holidays, we figured we can take them for this show.

As usual, they were excited.

Tickets aren't cheap. RM245.50 each but we get discounts by using our Pinch of Salt card. What's that?  It's a loyalty card we got from TGIF and so happens, we can get discounts for this show using this card. Awesome!

Anyway, we got there on time. Istana Budaya is literally 5 minutes away from our house. The show was alright. Nothing great. The props weren't fantastic. Basically, it didn't meet my expectations AT ALL but kids obviously had a lot of fun singing and dancing.

We took the most expensive ticket which gives the kids access to go right in front and they can dance and whatnot. They were really close to the stage and at one point, they went right in front and got their hands on the stage almost hanging on to the stage! So many kids and parents sat on the floor.

This was my daughter's favourite part but according to my husband, some kids were even crying because bubbles went in their eyes. My daughter's eyes were also red. I wonder what kind of bubbles they use!

Anyway, bottom line is kids really enjoyed themselves. I was bored and tried to enjoy the show but I couldn't because I felt like it wasn't good enough especially for the price. I remember going to the Disney show and that was so much nicer with lots of different props but this was nothing like that.

Will I take my kids there again? Hmm….. Maybe not.

Benbino, Publika

My kids were both so bored and we didn't know where to go. They wanted to play (obviously) but we, parents were starving. We needed a kid-friendly restaurant so they can play while we eat. I remember someone telling me about Benbino and googled it a little bit and decided to check it out.

We haven't been to Publika in quite a long time. A lot has changed since the last time we were there.

This place is owned by The Big Group. The same group who brought you Ben's and that is the reason I figured this must be a pretty cool spot since everything under The Big Group is always so fresh and different and cool.

We got there and kids went straight to the play area! They couldn't be bothered about the food at all. The play area isn't that big but somehow, it is big enough to keep my kids entertained for a good 2 hours, believe it or not. I don't even understand why. Are they deprived of outdoors and playground? I have no idea but I'm not complaining because I got to sit and watch them play right in front of my eyes. My table was directly opposite this play area and it's so perfect! It is a very simple set up and very basic playground but I guess it works.

Food? Well…..I really spent a good 10 minutes deciding what to order. It's a simple menu with some salads, soup, snacks, burgers and whatnot but I was so hungry I didn't know what to order.

Finally I opted for their Shepherd's pie! It comes with fries. We also order another portion of fries for the kids (which they didn't touch at all till the end!) and I ordered iced chocolate. My husband ordered their pizza.

Food isn't great. Or perhaps I just ordered the wrong thing. The shepherd's pie was a bit dry. But still, I finished it because I was so hungry. The pizza was ok. Nothing great. The ice chocolate was too sweet for my liking. Everything came in a tiny portions perfect for kids and everything looks cute! I wish they had more adult food for hungry parents like us.

But I will be back. Simply because the kids had so much fun playing there. There's a swing there too which they absolutely loved but I was too busy stuffing my face to take a photo of it. They also met new friends there and had fun playing together.

The good thing about this place is that they will be entertained for a good hour or so but the bad thing is, they didn't want to eat at all. Which only meant that we had to find somewhere else (with no entertainment and playground) to eat after that!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

School holiday madness

Kids are on their year end school break right now and I am literally pulling my hair daily because being home with these kids can really drive me mad. I am so stressed out right now. We have nothing planned and will just go with the flow.

Tomorrow, we will be taking the kids to go see Hi-5. They're not really big fans of the Hi-5 but since we have nothing else planned and they are performing so near us, we figured, why not go? They're excited to go though, so that's good.

We are also planning to go on Cuti-cuti Malaysia but couldn't decide where and when. Most probably Penang or Langkawi. With the rain and whatnot, we just couldn't decide when is the best time to go. I guess it is a risk we need to take at some point.

My maid is going back for Christmas next week too, which means I will be maid-less soon. The idea of that is driving me insane. No help during school holidays is no joke. I don't know how I will cope but I foresee myself going mad and angry a lot. Good luck, kiddos! Momster will be out on the loose next week. I pity them, but I pity myself more.

Here's the annoying part of this whole situation with the maid….
Few weeks ago, at my best friend's son's birthday party, my maid told her maid that she's actually planning on NOT coming back. WTF right??? She's planning on leaving for good and not come back.
Her mother is sick and that's why we told her she could go back for christmas. Her contract is finishing next year in April and initially she told us that she wants to continue working. That's also part of the reason my husband agreed to send her back first. But now, after getting the tickets (return ticket) and all, we found out from the other maid that my maid will not come back. I was so disappointed.

I mean, I totally understand if she doesn't want to come back because her mother is sick but don't tell us you are coming back when you are not. Finding a replacement takes time and I CANNOT live without a maid. Well, I can but I refuse to! I'm just so upset right now.

To make matters worse, my husband doesn't seem that bothered about it. I guess to him having no maid means no need to pay salary anymore. But to me, it's a whole different ballgame. Even if he gives me that maid's salary for me to do everything at home, I won't be happy! I am just NOT DOMESTICATED at all and I don't want to be and don't even want to try!

Anyway, this topic deserves a different post by itself.

Back to holiday madness…

My aim this holiday is also to teach my daughter BM!
She did extremely well for all her subjects in school. Way beyond my wildest expectations but her BM scores aren't good. In fact, I think she managed to do it because she got help from the teacher.
My aim is to introduce BM to her. I need to google some homeschooling stuff for BM. I don't even know where to start!

Wish me luck!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Nice smell

After attending the workshop and learning to make my own toiletries, I got really interested and wanted to get my own set of oil and diffuser because the room that day smells really nice. They told me it was because of the oils and the diffuser so quickly I told Mamapumkin to get me 1 set. I'm a sucker like that, I want to buy everything. It didn't help that Mom2Ashley is also a sucker. Both of us ended up getting the Premium kit from Young Livings.

This premium kit is RM651 and consist of 1 diffuser, a bunch of essential oils and a whole bunch of other freebies. I was so excited when I got my set and couldn't wait to start diffusing. I have no clue about what each oil is good for.

The selection that you get with this set is pretty good too. It has pretty much all I wanted and needed for now. There's an extra bottle of lavender and lemon too which is awesome because lavender is a good essential oil to have and very useful.

At first I thought we will only get oil but turns out, there are a whole lot of stuff inside too like free samples and tea and stuff like that. Awesome!

For the past few nights, I've been diffusing oil the whole day and night. I think I may need to get an extra diffuser. One for every room or something because I love it. Our room smell so nice at night. So nice that it was hard for me to sleep because I want to continue smelling it but once I'm knocked out, I couldn't get up. Kids been waking up later than they always do, maybe because they sleep better these days that the room smells of essential oil.

It is good too as night lamp :)
My favourite smell so far is of course lavender. But a close second is lemongrass. Love it!

Skincare by Naturally Plus

I ran out of cleanser and needed to get one. I usually use Dermalogica or Black Soap as my facial cleanser but I've ran out of both this time around and really wanted to get a new one. I've been meaning to try the skincare products by Naturally Plus but wanted to wait till my usual cleanser is out so I don't waste money. This was the perfect time. I really needed one!

Last week, I had some work to do in the office and decided to give this a go.

I have really sensitive skin and trying new skincare products is usually a big risk and something I'll really sleep on for weeks before I make the decision because choosing the wrong products or something that don't suit my skin will mean:

1. A total waste of money because I won't be able to use it ever
2. My whole face will start breaking out again

I tried this new thing from Dermalogica recently and it screwed up my whole skin for ages! Now after months of having quite bad skin, my skin is slowly starting to improve again from that bad ordeal, it is not the best time to try something new right now. But I really needed a new cleanser because mine has run out!

I took a risk and decided to get the Naturally Plus skincare range. This range is called Aurage. This skincare range is actually formulated for ageing skin. I am in denial, I refuse to consider my skin type as ageing skin but who am I kidding? I'm 36 years old! I am ageing!!!

This range actually comes in 5 items but I've only decided on getting the basic ones first to test them out. I mean, if it is really good for me, I'll get the rest. I got the Cleansing Plus which is their oil based cleanser for RM196.00 and the Rich Formula which is a 2in1 toner and moisturiser for RM381.00.

This Cleansing Plus is an oil cleanser and also a makeup remover. I love it so much!!! My skin has never felt smoother after an oil cleanser! My skin really feels moist and super smooth after using this. It also looks really clean and bright too even after my first application! I'm a huge huge fan of this right now! The best thing about this cleanser is that the ingredients are all natural. I believe in Naturally Plus and I know how good all their other products are and that's why I was excited to try this.
It contains Lutein (to protect the moisture of our skin), Argan oil (which is rich in Vitamin E and has skin moisturising properties), Squalene from olives which is good to prevent the loss of moisture and this is true because even after cleansing, your skin won't feel tight. It also contains jojoba oil that is rich in all sorts of vitamins and minerals that can help retain moisture. Ageing skin really needs moisture and this is why this cleanser is so awesome!

This is the 2in1 toner and moisturiser. I love this because it is easy to apply. Unlike any other toner where you need to put it on the cotton first, dap on the skin and wait for it to try before applying the moisturiser, this is so simple. Just 1 pump, rub it on your hands and apply it to the face. So easy. You will have no more excuse to skip your toner. I always skip putting toner on my face because I'm just lazy like that sometimes but this time, I have no choice! It's perfect.

This product is also natural. It can protect the skin and radiance under harsh conditions. This product is also good to give the skin suppleness and retains moisture to achieve radiance. After only 3 days of using this, my skin never felt and looked better and I'm so excited.

So far, I haven't had any bad reaction to these products and that makes me really happy. My skin looks really good and fresh. This is my new best friend!!!

If you want to try it, contact me and I can hook you up….
I didn't buy the gracious cream because I am worried it might be too rich for my skin but I think I will get it when my usual night cream is out. I also have my sunblock left and when that is finished, I will get Aurage sunblock too.


A promise is a promise!

Last Friday was the last day of school for my daughter. Ever since she started big school, she's been asking me when she can have her nails done. Before, in playschool, she could have them coloured anytime and she does! So much so that even her teacher gave her nail polish for her birthday!

I told her that for school holiday and if I can't pray (that time of the month), we can get our nails done. On Friday, she was already bugging me to get her nails done. I couldn't say no for an answer and I took her to the nearest place to get them done. I am due for my manicure anyway.

She chose the brightest pink!! and guess what? She wanted me to get the same colour too. The last time I coloured my nails was probably 10 years ago. I just usually get mine buffed and shiny and that's it. I like it that way but she insisted and I couldn't say no to her especially when she got all excited that I finally CAN colour my nails.

Ah well…

We became twins for about a day. When we got home, my husband commented how ugly my nails are. He said it is not nice at all.
Gee, thanks!

Next day, I had to take them off because I can start praying again. My week off is up! I gladly took them off and now my nails is nice again. My daughter was so excited.
I know she will be asking me to take her to the nail salon again soon. I should open one and have those halal nail polish instead! Apparently they have those now that you can use even to pray.

Al-Fatihah Tunku Jalil

Few nights ago I was browsing instagram when I saw many Al-Fatihah post. I didn't really knew who it was for and then my family Whatsapp group announced that Tunku Jalil of Johore had passed away after battling liver cancer. He was only 26. My heart broke into pieces.

I've always been fond of royal families and I am especially fond of the Johor royal family because I consider myself Johorean. My mum is from Johor and we are very connected to that side of our root. I love that I can now follow (stalk) them on various social media. I love it. I've been following the story and felt like it was only yesterday when this article came out. Calm face of courage was an interview with the Permaisuri of Johor and her journey with Cancer.

I've been reading about their stories and I can almost feel the pain. Seeing some videos online of him, the Sultan and the Permaisuri, also with the other siblings just make my heart ache even more.

It goes to show that life is indeed very fragile and we have to look after ourselves and our health even more. It could happen to anyone and despite having the best treatment and having all the money in the world, when Allah says your time is up, your time is up. I can't imagine what the family must be going through. I saw some photos and it brought me to tears.

Al-Fatihah Tunku Jalil. You are in a better place right now. In the end, only Allah remains. "To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return"

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Breast Cancer - Hydrogen water & Carotenoids can help

Do you know that 1 in 20 women in Malaysia has a risk of getting breast cancer in their lifetime. I'm sure we know someone who is suffering from this at some point. Today, I wanted to educate myself on this and would like to share with you some of my findings.

Look out for the symptoms. According to the American Cancer Society, any of the following unusual changes in the breast can be a symptom of breast cancer

  • Swelling of all or part of the breast
  • Skin irritation or dimpling
  • Breast pain
  • Nipple pain or the nipple turning inward
  • Redness, scaliness, thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • Nipple discharge (not breast milk)
  • Lump in the underarm area

Early detection is important in any type of cancer. All women should be familiar with how their breasts normally look and feel.  It is our own responsibility to examine our breasts monthly. It is recommended to examine your breast 7-10 days after the first day of your period. You should also have an annual clinical breast examination by your doctor. I usually schedule this every early of the year, like a new year present for myself! If you are above 40 years of age, have an annual mammogram done. I'm still under 40 and doctor won't usually recommend mammogram but remind your mum, aunts, cousins who are above 40 to get their annual mammogram done. I remind my mum and my aunts all the time.

In our group (the fastest growing group in Malaysia!), we have a few cancer patients who are consuming these products to help them fight cancer. We've been very successful too. If you do your research, you will see that hydrogen molecules, are the smallest atom in the world and it can penetrate into all parts of our body - even to areas where normal medicine can't. Active hydrogen can prevent cancer as it eliminates all the free radicals. This is why IZUMIO is so powerful unlike any other water in the market. If you want to know more about this, click on this link.

What about Super Lutein? Well, it is the carotenoids in Super Lutein that can help with cancer. There's plenty of research done and you can find them on the internet to prove this. If you want to read more about this, you can click on this link.

Take charge of your health. Seriously, being sick is not good! Prevention is better than cure. I know spending RM444 may seem like a big investment especially if you are not sick now, but really, its not. It's the best investment I've made so far! We have smaller packages now to suit your budget or even if you just want to try a bottle or a box, email me or call me. I'll share more about it. If you know someone who might be interested to consume these products, please get in touch with me. I'll do my best to help!