Sunday, September 28, 2014

We are hiring!!!

In order to move forward, I've decided that it is time I seek outside help!

I am looking to expand my team and looking for creative, hardworking individuals to join us to be better!

At the moment I can only offer freelance position but if you are exactly what I am looking for, full time positions can be extended to you as well. We see how it goes...

1. Graphic designer - lookin for someone to design stuff for kupukupu including logo, all our printables, stickers, paper bags etc... (FREELANCE position)

2. Seamstress - preferably someone with experience in children clothing and will be able to do high orders. (FULL TIME position). Location could be at own location (work from own home) or could be at my location in KL city centre.

3. Fashion designers. Students are welcome to apply.  (FREELANCE position)

4. Social media / marketing executive. One who will be able to manage kupukupu social media. Someone who knows how to manage this all. Update the social media etc. Must have prior experience in managing the social media to be considered for this position. (FREELANCE position)

5. Runner. To do collection, pick ups & delivery. (PART TIME position)

6. Photographer. I am looking for someone who can assist and willing to help me set up our own in house studio.  (FREELANCE position)

Interested? Please email me with your CV to mykupukupustudio (@) with your expected salary and please write the position you are applying for in the subject colum. If you know anyone who could be interested or suitable, please let me know yea...

Thank you my lovelies!!

In the news

"SPM forecast results can no longer be used for pre-university programmes, says report"

What does that mean to me?

Honestly? It is making my life one step easier. How?

It is telling me something is really wrong with our education system. I don't know what but something is wrong somewhere.

With that, I will start my search for big school soon. International school it is...!

Praying God will murah kan rezeki and hopefully we can find a school we can afford. I have already pre warned my husband and told him to start saving for education. He is scratching his head!

Education shouldn't be this way. We should all be able to get and afford good quality education. What is wrong with our system? I have no clue but I hope the government will sort it out before it is too late.

Too many international school coming up at every corner. And not all can afford it. What will happen then? And is it worth paying for private school if the local syllabus is not of a good standard? I think it is better to pay a little bit more for international school. 

To each of their own....

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Boys will be boys

My son is so cute! He is 2 years old and so matured for his age. I don't know if that's a good thing or not but I miss him being a baby. Feel like he was never a baby.. Like he was born n he was already playing like a toddler so fast. He started walking n running really fast too so you know.. I kind of miss his baby days.

Anyway, he is so active. When he was a baby, he was a very happy baby. Always smiling and always having fun. A very happy go lucky character unlike his sister who is very sombong! (She's better now thank god!)

So my son, when he was 1 year old.. He was really into animals. He loved Pandas in particular and loves listening to animal songs, sounds of animals and everything animal related.

Then he started paying attention to vehicles and especially loved trucks. 

And now.. At 2 years old, my son is really into all the superhero characters. It started when we were in London and when we went to Madame Tussaud's, they went to the top floor to see Hulk and all those stuff. I didn't get to go as I was already out and had to accompany my Mil. My daughter and I missed the whole superhero show. We waited for ages. My son was with my husband and they saw the show and my son loved it. Since then, he's been obsessed with Hulk! 

Slowly he started requesting to watch those on YouTube and cartoons. I let him watch it but then he started becoming more and more brutal! Hehehe. 

He started jumping from the sofa. Started whacking us. Playing, but still he is also getting stronger so sometimes it will hurt. 

I also heard my daughter telling me that my son started hitting the boys in school. Oh dear son!

The teacher said it's nothing to worry about as he is only a kid and he doesn't know anything. But she said maybe we shouldn't let him watch so much of those fighting scenes too much.

I took it off iPad and no more watching everything superheroes related anymore. 1 whole month off it and he is better now. But boys will be boys. Eventhough he doesn't watch those cartoons anymore, he still loves his hulk, captain America and all those. 

His birthday party theme this year was the superheroes theme. 

No more watching this type of shows on iPad and tv but still, he loves them. 

I'm trying to introduce him to something else and so far, animal mechanical is working! Heheh..

Love my little hero! 


I don't eat breakfast. I just have my cup of hot milo and I'm all set. 

The main reason why I don't eat breakfast is because:
1. Too lazy to make something 
2. Don't know what to eat for breakfast other than nasi lemak :)

Actually to be honest, it is all due to my malasness. 

It is actually the most important meal of the day. I can skip meals all day and then eat a big huge dinner. It is so wrong, I've been told but it works for me. Starve myself all day and pig out at night during dinner.

I have breakfast usually when I'm on holiday. Don't you just love the breakfast spread? 

I had this big breakfast when I met up with my best friend that day. I finished every single thing on that plate except for the baked beans. It was so yummy. I forgot what it was like to have breakfast almost. I was soooo full, I couldn't eat lunch and couldn't really eat dinner.

My best friend had this French toasts with berries and she couldn't even finish all!

Today, we met again for breakfast. I couldn't bring myself to eat again like that other day but still, it was so good!

I had naan with curry! Yummy! And I couldn't have lunch. I was and still am so full and it's already almost 5pm!

Having breakfast is actually very good. I should start eating breakfast from now on.
What is your typical breakfast menu?

I honestly don't know what to serve my family in the morning! My daughter will have bread with chocolate spread and my son hardly ever eats breakfast. Pretty similar to his mama!

What about you?
Friday, September 26, 2014


I must say I'm one of those mothers who can't stand mess. I don't allow my kids to make that much mess. I wish I am more chilled out but I'm not. Thankfully I have a maid to do the cleaning up. I'm not domesticated at all. 

Lately, my daughter has expressed interests in painting and writing. For the longest time I tried to get her to do this but she wasn't in to it so I just left it. But since she started asking to do it, I guess I should encourage her to do it more.

I got all my art supplies from Mothercare. Yes I know there are other places to get art supplies from but since I am always at  mothercare, I just get everything I can get from there. 

I also made some stamps from vegetables for them to play with, just for fun!

They loved it!

It got really mess because they started painting on each other's hands and got all their clothes dirty! 

Good thing we have a balcony. No way I will allow them to do this indoors!

Such fun! Now I got to think of more painting activities!

That's me by the way. Cute kan?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Goodbye House

My husband bought the bungalow, his first house about 2 years before we got married. At the time, we were still dating and he would drive me home every night after dinner. Then one day, the guard handed him a leaflet about a housing development in the area. Curious, we went and at the time, they were about to start the 28 bungalows project. No show unit, no models, it was just an empty land with nothing there. They had broshures to show and that was it. Somehow, hubs decided that that was going to be his first house. The rest was history.

The house is not THAT big for a bungalow. I would say it is an ok size. But it was too big for us at the time and it is too big for us now. It is in a nice neighbourhood and we have really nice neighbours too. We lived there for about a year and decided that it was not for us. A family our size, especially with young children, perhaps an apartment is still best for us.

Living there for a whole year was an experience I will never forget. A lot of ups and down in that house. My favourite part was my garden. I am not a garden person but since I had that piece of land to play with, I got the gardener to plant some stuff for me. My maid at the time was good in gardening too and we have so many nice herbs and whatnot in our garden. 

My favorite is of course my children's plants. When they were born, we planted my uri there. We also planted a plant so we know where exactly the uri is. The plant grew so tall and nice. See how tall the plant is? It is taller than my kids! 

Anyway, we were opting to rent out the place but instead, we got an offer and someone is interested to buy the house. It was a fairly good offer so hubs decided to let it go since we won't be going back there to live. 

I feel quite sad. I know it may sound silly but I feel like I'm abandoning my "kids".
You know how they say the uri is like your child's life when they were inside your tummy. Almost like their "twin" and I feel like I'm abandoning them. After talking to a few people, I realise I am being too emotional about it and what is important are my two kids that I have with me and not some plant, I decided to let go. A part of me want to take that plant with me but I need to let go.

InsyaAllah the buyer will be happy in the house. It is a good place to live if you work around that side of the world. For my husband, since his work is mostly in town, distance will kill him. Being in the car for 2 hours a day to get to work is too much for him. 

Goodbye house. Thanks for being our home for a year. I wish we could keep you... But time to move on and build new memories......

Friday, September 19, 2014

Living Social, anyone?

Ive purchased a few things via groupon, living social and all those places. So far, no issues.

One time I bought this coupon from Groupon for a hair treatment. I was pregnant then. It didn't say anywhere on there that pregnant ladies aren't allowed to go for this treatment so I bought it. On the day of my appointment, seeing my big tummy, the hair stylist said I couldn't do it as the fume from the treatment could be harmful for the baby. Good that they told me. So I went home. They told me that I could use the voucher again after I've given birth, but not if I'm breastfeeding and this voucher is valid for another year or so. 

Since I was breastfeeding and I was planning to for more than a year, I wrote back to them explaining this and they refunded back my money in groupon credit. If I'm not mistaken, I could use it for pretty much anything. Services or products or whatever.

It is slightly different for living social. Recently I purchased a hair curler or something like that. I've been wanting it and when I saw it, I was really excited. It was going for RM155 or something like that. I paid for it and waited and waited and waited. It was supposed to arrive within a few days and it didn't. I forgot about it. I didn't follow up. Until I saw another post on it. I was like "didn't I buy this at some point?" And I checked my mail and I did. I emailed them. Their reply was along the lines.. Ops, the item is sold out so we couldn't deliver it anymore and here you go, store credit that you can use. 

I thought ok fine. Store credit is better than nothing.

Then I found out that there's so many restrictions. Can't buy products, can only purchase services but not even all services. So it's like, the store credit can only be used for some items and after going through it, I didn't want anything! I'm stuck with store credit I can't even use! 

What pissed me off even more was, the product I wanted, kept popping up again. Meaning, they're selling it again and again.  Why can't they just give me what I want? I want to buy that damn hair curler again but what if I spend another RM150 and then it becomes sold out again? Then what? I get another RM150 store credit that I can't use???? Got me thinking if this is their tactic to sell some stuff that arent selling. 

Put up some popular items for sale when it doesn't even exist or not available. Then people will buy it. Then they tell you it is not available. Then you are happy with store credit but then when you want to buy something or redeem the credits, you can only use it on items they've marked as items that aren't selling. So in the end, they still make a sale! Is this it?

I am so going to boycott this living social. I'm going to write them another email and if they still won't refund me back my cash, give me the item I want or let me use it on any other items I want on there or that's it.. Bye bye living social for me!

Pissed off and not happy! I want that hair curler!


Honestly speaking, I still haven't discussed with my other half if it is going to be international / local school. My plan is to have all the information ready first and then discuss it with him. Since my little one will be in year 1 international school by September 2015, my focus now is to research international schools within our area first. I'm not even looking at whether we can afford it or not yet. First step is, research all international schools that is located near our area. The maximum I am willing to go is 30 minutes drive (minus traffic). That should give me quite a few schools to start with. 

These are the schools I've listed down:
1. ISKL 
2. Sayfol International School
3. Australian International School
4. Mont Kiara International School
5. Mutiara International Grammar School
6. British International School of KL
7. ELC International School
8. Garden International School
9. Fairview International School
10. Cempaka Schools
11. Alice Smith International School
12. Taylor's International School

This is my list of international schools that I can consider. Next step will be to find out more about the syllabus I think I should go for.

From the list above, I have 3: British, American and/or Australian. Of course the most popular is the British syllabus but I heard the Australian syllabus aren't too bad and I also wonder why the American schools (ISKL & MKIS) are one of the most expensive international schools around. I have no clue and I think I need to dig further on this.

I come from British education. It's tough. We study all year and get exams at the end of the year and pretty much have to memorize everything we studied that whole year. I hated that. So do I really want my kids to go through that? But on the other hand, I am very proud of it too. 

Once I know more about these different syllabus, I will be able to narrow down and cut out some more schools from the list too.

What about you? How do you decide?
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Maths Class

I saw a groupon for this Singapore Maths class and wanted to give it a go. I have no clue if my daughter was going to like it or not. 

She does have maths lessons in school but it is very basic. I am very kiasu in the sense I think she can do more than just recognizing numbers and can do more than just basic calculations. I bought this groupon to test the class to see if it is suitable for my daughter. No harm trying. It isn't that expensive anyway.

I called the centre and arranged for an assessment. 

Before the assessment, I was really worried. I didn't know what to expect but it went ok. We will have 4 classes this month and see how it goes. Hopefully she enjoys them. 

We've had 2 classes so far and it's been great. She really likes the class. It is a one-2-one session. There will be other kids of the same age in the class but everyone will be doing different things depending on their level. There could be 2 kids of the same age and same level but they will be doing different workbooks depending on their pace. 

My daughter likes it. I think most probably we will continue the lessons after we complete this groupon. 

Their approach is teaching children maths the Singapore way. I have no idea what is the difference but I remember when I was in school, my mum would buy me Singapore math books for me to practice at home and I tell you, they're not easy. I remember having to do lower level Singapore maths. When I was 12, I couldn't do 12yr old Singapore maths. It was too difficult. I had to do 1 or 2 level below. So I know Singapore Maths is good. I just don't know what is the difference.

For my daughters age, since she is considered as level 1 (4years old), they still do really fun stuff like counting bears, and all that. She enjoys them.

I hope she will benefit from these classes. She knows all the stuff already but I'm happy that she gets to do this step by step. 

Birthday Cake

I'm in love with my birthday cake. It's chocolate cake with cream cheese. My ultimate favourite. 

I asked for a slightly different design as we ordered the same cake for my husband's birthday back in June. 

Isn't she a beauty? We wanted to put 35 candles but didn't have enough space and enough candles. 6 is enough.

My kids sang happy birthday and they blew the candles. I didn't make a wish. Didn't get the chance. Regretting it now because there's so many thing to wish for.

35th birthday. A birthday to remember. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

PeterPan Baju Kurung

My new collection for AidilAdha is out. I decided to be bold and do something outside the box. I took a risk.

This zebra print was a big hit during my aidilfitri sale. It did really well and was sold out pretty quickly. Some kept asking for me to restock but I didn't at the time. All my items are ready stock and once they're sold, that's it. I don't reproduce the same one.

Seeing that this print was a hit, I decided to do the same print but in a different design of kurung. I wanted something different and not the typical baju kurung. I took a risk, I didn't know whether it would sell or not but I wanted to give it a go.

This time, I made a short kurung and gave it a peterpan collar. I think it turned out to be pretty cute. The baju itself is A cut and it can be worn with leggings or jeans later on. 2in1 if you must. A kurung but also a casual top.

Some like it and some don't but I must say I've gotten pretty good feedback from it. Someone mentioned that she didn't like the design on my instagram and that it was expensive. Well, what can I say? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is nice to me, may not be to you and I respect that. But to make such blunt comment on the page where is my 'periuk nasi' is uncalled for I feel. But like any other businesswoman, I will take note and move on.

As for the price, I don't think I need to justify my pricing. If it doesn't suit your budget, I am sorry. I try to give the best price I can and trust me, I don't make so much from this. Tailoring is not cheap, fabric I use is of good quality.

For my blog readers, I will be giving 10% discount on all my new items. Please email me if you would like to purchase anything.

Thank you for your support. Whether you buy from me or not, is secondary...but what I appreciate if your support and I welcome all feedback to make me and my brand better.


35 things

I will be 35 this month. This Sunday to be exact. WOW. I feel old. I cannot believe I am ALREADY 35. So much I want to achieve, so much I want to so much. I really didn't think life would be like this at 35. I've always had different ideas of what life would be like at 35 but I guess He has other plans for me. Whatever it is, I feel blessed. Alhamdulillah, I am still alive. Alhamdulillah, I have a beautiful family and Alhamdulillah, we are all well and kicking. Amin!

Since 35 is my 'magic' number this year. I want to share with you 35 things on my head and 35 things you probably don't know about me. Just for fun...

1. I was born on Friday. Some say it is a good day to be born. I don't know.
2. I am left handed. I'm the only one in my family to be left handed. I didn't get it from my parents and none of my brothers are left handed. I don't know where I got it from BUT, my daughter got it from me. Yes, she is left handed like her mummy. "They" say left handed people are smart and creative. I didn't say it! But I choose to believe that "they" are right.
3. I'm the eldest and the only girl. Being the eldest makes me very independent but being the only girl makes me a baby. So, you see....sometimes I am confused myself. Sometimes I want to be in control and sometimes, I just want to sit back and let others do things for me.
4. I have 2 kids. A girl and a boy. Most of my blog readers already know that. They complete me and they complete my family. Alhamdulillah. I am done.
5. I don't see myself as a natural mother. I feel like I'm this type of mother because I have to be. Motherhood doesn't come naturally to me. Nonetheless, I love my children more than anything so I try to be the best mother I know how to be.
6. I have an obsession with diamonds. A diamond is a girl's best friend and yes, yes, yes, it is definitely my best friend. You can buy me diaomonds for my birthday and I'll be a happy bunny. That, or a Chanel. Those are my favourite things in the world right now.
7. I hate cooking. I have to cook at least twice a day. One for lunch and dinner. I hate cooking despite having a maid to assist me in the kitchen to cut and clean.
8. I miss having my own money (salary)
9. I love chocolates. In particular Patchi chocolate with nuts. Yumm.. Its so nice!
10. My favourite food is Japanese food. I can eat sashimi all day!!!
11. I always have so many business ideas in my head. But I lack manpower...I wish I have money to hire people to do what I have to do to get things running. Doing it alone is just not happening fast enough for me.
12. My favourite colours are yellow and green.
13. I love school days the most. (Primary & Secondary)
14. I stopped drinking coke when I got pregnant with my daughter.
15. I only drink coffee when we stay at hotels. I seldom drink coffee since I got pregnant with my daughter too.
16. My favourite malay dish is sambal tumis udang
17. My favourite malay food is probably soto
18. My current dream car is Evoque. (Dream on.........)
19. What I desperately need right now is a tailor for Kupukupu and someone who can manage the social media for Kupukupu. Please apply if you are this person!!!
20. I wish I have more "me" time because I don't.
21. I wish I have more savings.
22. I wish I am more thick skin!
23. I thank god for my best friend. She's my rock.
24. I thank god my mother is healthy.
25. I don't exercise AT ALL. The last time I went to the gym was probably 7 years ago.
26. I miss Cardiff, where I studied, lived, and worked for over 6 years. I want to go back there again
27. I forgive but I never forget. Even after forgiving, when I think still hurts.
28. I don't have any Hollywood crush. I look at the females n not the male celeb. No, Im not a lesbian. I just don't find any Hollywood actors THAT hot!
29. I wish I can still watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S and I wish they still play it on TV. That was great TV I swear!!!
30. I want to be successful. I think I will be someday. You wait and see!!!
31. Im a very simple girl. I adapt well to pretty much (almost) everything and (almost) everyone. Im cool like that!
32. I don't like haters. I don't like cyber bullies and I find it disgusting that people can say rude things on the internet.
33. I love to laugh at myself and at people.
34. I don't like to think about money but I think about money all the time. (How to make money, and how to spend money!)
35. I'm really lucky to have my life. I need to remind myself that constantly.

There you you know me 35x more than you did.

Now go wish me a happy 35th birthday will you?

Friday, September 5, 2014


My daughter has a best friend in school and her name is Gabriel. She talks about her all the time.

I love seeing how easily she is making friends these days. 

Last week, I had a play date / mummy gossiping session. All of us came with our kids and while the mummies enjoy a few hours of non stop ranting and catching up, kids just played at the play area of Marmalade cafe by themselves. We were there to monitor them of course. 

I wish we adults can be more like children. Their friendship is so pure and there is no hidden agendas. I love seeing them talk and play. And afterwards request to call their "friends" back. It's so beautiful.

One time, we went to a nearby indoor playground and there's this girl there. She wanted to play with my daughter and my daughter wanted to play with her but they both didn't speak the same language. My daughter couldn't speak Malay and that other little girl couldn't speak English. Yet, they played together like chicken and duck. 

At the end of the play session, they hugged each other goodbye. And my little one said to her "I will miss you!" 

Why can't we adults act like that? Real honest & true friendship doesn't come easy when you are an adult. Why is that? 
Thursday, September 4, 2014

Counting Bears

Yesterday we went for an assessment for a Singapore Maths class for my daughter. I didn't know what to expect. She knows her numbers and all but I don't know how good she is compared to the other 4 year olds. Every child is different. Understood.

No pressure whatsoever, I just wanted to slowly get her to attend more classes on her own to prepare her for the big school.
As I mention, we need to prepare her for international school for next September although honestly speaking, we haven't decided or looked at schools yet. First things first!

So I've heard about this new centre doing Singapore Maths and I made an appointment for an assessment. This is actually my daughter's first assessment and like any mother, I was more nervous than her. 

I was nervous for 2 reasons:
1. My daughter has not gone or done any sort of maths (apart from the basic counting) and done the little bit in school. She only started proper school 6 months ago. 
2. She's never done any assessments before and never alone with a complete stranger in a room before. She is usually very clingy. 

So I explained to her that she will be attending Maths class and in that class, the teacher will be asking her some questions. She seemed confident but she always is. She won't be when I walk out of the room.

When we got to the centre, I was greeted  and they told me that parents aren't allowed in the room with the child. I was worried. Worried at how she would feel. I was keeping my fingers crossed the whole time that she won't start her drama. They asked me if she could read, and I answered a confident "yes she can". I didn't know they meant reading the questions! For real!!??? 4 year old kids are expected to read assessment questions already? Wow. They asked me if she could write and I said "no" so the lady said she will sit with my daughter to help her write down her answers. 

I explained to my daughter that I will be right outside and she can run outside anytime she wants or needs me. She said ok and confidently sat down and looked at her worksheet.

During this 30minutes assessment, the other lady was busy explaining to me their methods and about their concept and whatnot. On paper, it was pretty impressive but I won't know until I try. I listened with an open mind. She didn't explain very well tho. But I got the drift! 

After the assessment, the teacher showed me the worksheets to see how my daughter scored. She also told me that my daughter couldn't read the questions and I was like "oh, of course she can't!" When I said confidently that she could read, I meant read her books.
Peter & Jane, Liz & Digger .. Those sort of books. I felt quite dumb for telling them that she could read. I wasn't bragging, I really thought they meant read those basic type of books. 

Some of the maths questions she answered correctly. Some she didn't. It wasn't difficult and it wasn't because she doesn't know the answer but more because she doesn't understand the question. I'm not sure if the purpose of assessment is to show what our child can do or show us what they can't do. If they show us that they can't do it, it will make us want to sign up more don't you think? Marketing.

But anyways, she got some wrong. I wouldn't say I was worried but it did make me want to enroll her and get her to try this class out. They use all sorts of stuff to teach them to count and my daughter had a few minutes to play with those stuff and seemed to enjoy it.

Today at home, inspired by the Math class I took out a maths kit that I bought for my daughter awhile ago. I don't even remember where I got it from. We started doing maths using that kit. It was pretty fun.

My son was napping and it is the best time to do this exercise. He would disturb her concentration otherwise. 

On the top right, you can see the level of Maths. This is the first exercise and first level so it's very basic.

There's a counting table to help them count the number of bears.

Once you are done with the exercise, you put a sticker on it. That way you know which ones you have done and can move on to the next exercise.
Next exercise is adding up those bears. Easy.
The also had to join them bears together. Fine motor skills. Tick!

She enjoyed counting bears. I shall do this with her daily.

The exercises are limited so you need to use your creativity and come up with math problems at similar level.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PMS and cravings

I'm PMSing right now and I'm craving chocolates (big time!).

When it is that time of the month, or waiting for that time of the month to come, I sometimes get this mega cravings. Do you?

Right now, I crave for chocolates. Any chocolates will do but it would be best if it is Patchi Chocolates.
Oh yum!

I was "addicted" to Patchi at one point. I remember I was still a newlywed then. And I would buy Patchi almost every single day. It became such an expensive addiction especially when I would spend at least RM150 a day on chocolates. After a while, I felt like I needed to stop as I was spending too much money on chocolates! Thank god those days are over but every now and then, I get my Patchi cravings again. Like right now! Oh yum!

I also crave for UK food. I remember that when I was living there, I wished we had better variety of food. British food aren't all that great. But now that I'm back in KL for good and it is so difficult to get British food here, I wish I was there again. 

Chili con carne jacket potato. Oh my! I had this for lunch almost every day. There is this place I go to which was nearby my office that sells the yummiest chili con carne jacket potato! It's all greasy and filled with melted cheese. So yummy. It was a good portion too. I could have that almost everyday! 

If I don't order that, it would be the tuna sweetcorn jacket potato!
This is also very very nice. I'm a potato person. I love everything potato! 

Now this is Greek food. It's called Pastitio. Similar to lasagne but sometimes even yummier! There's this little cafe in Cardiff called Katerinas. It is owned by this Greek lady and it is a little cafe but they have the yummiest Greek food. They don't have a lot of variety but whatever they have, they are all cooked with love, I'm sure. 

I will also always order a Moussaka and this comes with a Greek salad which I don't eat. I'm not a salad person but I will always get them to make me a special salad which consist of lots of onions and olives and of course feta cheese.
Omg. To die for! 

And for dessert, I will always have a galaktoboureko. Greek pastry.
Sweet but not too sweet. It is da bomb!

Ok, I'm not actually sure if I am PMSing or just hungry. But I want all of the above please! Fly me to Cardiff!


I had a discussion with my daughter's teacher about how we can work together to get her to write better. No pressure but we do need to work on her writing. Practice makes perfect so one way to get her to practice writing (and mastering the technique of holding a pen) is by doing some writing at home. Homework. 

Homework at the age of 4. Really?
Well, she has to do it to get better. I agreed. 

The teacher reminded me not to push or pressure my daughter too much. If she is not in the mood to do it, don't do it. If she's not keen to practice, don't push her. If she does it wrongly, don't tell her off. It has to be in a positive and calm exercise. Ok, we'll see. I will try to stay calm as much as I can.

So far we have been really successful. She likes doing them 9 out of 10 times. 

She will get 3 homeworks a day. 1 page each.

1. Is writing numbers. Basically the teacher will write a number and my daughter just has to write over it.

2. Is writing some words taken from her reading book. The same as the above. She needs to write over the words written by her teacher. Apart from helping her with the writing, it will also help her with her reading. 

3. Look and think exercise. This is a matching the same picture together.
Some of the pictures look the same but they are not and this helps her to think and focus on the picture before matching them together.
She loves this exercise. And sometimes she does get them wrong because she wants to match it so fast without focusing. This exercise helps her to stop and think and focus first before making the next move or attempting the next picture. 

I'm aiming for international school for her. Whether or not we can or will enroll her is a different matter. I need to get her prepared for it. At least even if we decided on government school next year, we will be ok. She starts year 1 in international school next September. And will only start standard 1 in 2016. So there is a little bit of pressure for her if we choose the international route. Whatever it is, we need to get her prepared.

Homework is fun, for now! Sometimes 1 page each is not enough and she will ask for more. This is when I DIY! Get a blank piece of paper and recreate a few more pages based on these 3 "topics".