Wednesday, May 28, 2014

School kids

My daughter will be 4 in July and when we moved to Country Heights, I really couldn't find any school that I liked. She was out of school for about almost a year and at the time, I felt like it was ok for her to be out of school. She was only slightly over 2 years old then anyway. What's the rush right? 

Being out of school made was ok for her. She grew up a lot within that one year and in a way, being out of school at that age turned out to be a good thing, I think. But now is time for her to be in school. She's going to be 4 and if we are taking the international route, year 1 will be next September. A lot to catch up.

At 3, she knows everything she needs to know. Her verbal communication is good, she can read, she can count and her general knowledge is fairly good. Especially since her only teacher is iPad and me. She is ok for her age except that she doesn't know how to write yet. It takes a lot to teach her to write and I haven't got that level of kesabaran! 

When we moved back to town, we decided that it's time for school again. We enrolled her into a school next door to our place and I'm very happy with it. It is not like the typical play school or kindy. It is more private and lessons are mainly 1-2-1 which I think is what she needs. The teacher is also a very passionate Scottish lady and has really good track record too. I was sold! 

Off to school for a trial class and then my son came along and decided that he is also ready for school. We had not thought of sending him yet as he is not even 2 yet but he was really independent and the teacher said why not send both of them together. Really?? OK! Why not!

So off they went and been going for the last 2 weeks. My daughter is still clingy and still have separation anxiety but my son was a champ from day 1 and did not cry at all. 

I'm so happy they're both in school. It's only been 2 weeks and it's already the school holidays.

The first few days without them in the morning felt really weird and quiet. I didn't know what to do but after a few days, I was really really enjoying my time alone. Even if it's only about 3 hours a day but it is so good to be alone.

Well, not entirely alone because my husband and maid is still around but you know what I mean.. 3 hours of no cleaning butts, no shouting around the house, no screaming.. Is just so wonderful.

I feel so selfish because I actually like this alone away from kids time but come on, give me a break. I'm still human and I need a life. 3 hours is all I need and slowly, I'm looking forward for more alone time so I can regain back my life. I've been so tied with the kids for so long!

Good they are in school! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Goodbye Rose

Rose (my maid) was such a good maid. In fact, she is the best! She's really a blessing in our lives. I feel so blessed to have had her with us for almost 3 years.

She decided to go and not complete her 3rd year contract because she wanted to get married. When she told me that she wanted to go, I felt really sad but I have to let her go and live her life. It wont be fair to keep her here with us forever. At that time, I also felt like I needed a break from having a maid. I felt like I could do it and I could handle it but it is so hard to be maidless when you had it so good for so long. Its almost like starting back at square one.

When she told us she was leaving, unlike any other maid, she gave us time and told us that she will wait until we get a replacement. She gave us a dateline and we needed to stick to it to be fair to her. She agreed to train the new maid and in return, we must honour her request to go back before mid year. There was no delaying in finding a replacement. We found one pretty quickly too but this time, it was so different compared to the time when we found Rose. This time, we didn't know what we wanted. We didn't know if we should get an experienced maid or someone fresh we can train from the start. In the end, we just followed what the agency suggested and got a fresh candidate. Someone with zero working experience. Apparently this type of candidate is more willing to learn and more eager to work and they're loyal to their employer. We just didn't want to have to change maid every 2 years!

The new maid came about 2 weeks before Rose left for good and about 3 months after we paid the fees at the agency. She trained her well and by the time Rose left, she knew what to do and how to do it. She's not as efficient and fast as Rose, of course but slowly she will be better, InsyaAllah.

The day Rose left was so hectic. We had to run so many errands. We had to pick up her passport from the agency, bring her to the bank to sort some banking stuff out, she had to withdraw all her money from the bank to bring back to Philippine and instead of bringing cash with her, I suggested for her to Western Union it instead. She agreed, so off to Western Union to get that done. It was like never ending. But right up to the end, she was still working. She was still wiping the floors before she left. She's OCD, my house is always spotless. I will miss that for sure.

We all cried at the airport. It was truly emotional. Hubs gave her some bonus and helped her pay for excess baggage. My daughter cried too. She has this love-hate relationship with Rose. They can be best friends laughing, talking and playing together but when they fight - often because Rose wont let her do things her way, they fight like crazy! "I don't want to friend you anymore. Naughty kakak!!!You can go back to Philippine!!!" is what she will say to Rose on a daily basis. But that night at the airport, they cried, they hugged, they kissed. All of us cried including my husband. She was part of the family.

She left us a note before she left. It was sweet. I also gave her a thank you and goodbye card to say how much we appreciate her loyalty and all her hard work in making sure we have a comfortable (clean) home.

It's not good to compare but it's so difficult not to with this new maid. I guess it's only normal to compare. I hope she will be good to us.

To Rose, thank you again for all your hard work. We will miss you here a lot. I hope you will find happiness and I hope that you've had a nice time working for us and being part of our family. We hope to see you again someday and who knows, you might be back with us again ....
Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Same old day. Same Sunday routine, same struggles and same laughter. Alhamdulillah.

Woke up and asked my daughter for a gift and she said the shop is not opened yet for her to get me flowers. 

Hubs gave me a kiss and wished me. No gifts as he said Mother's Day is not wife's day. If it was then he will get me something. LOL.

Why is everyone in my house dodging me and not giving me anything? Maybe I have not been a good enough mother to deserve anything. Ha ha... 

My husband did buy me the most awesome'est lontong for breakfast. So that's my little treat today.

Later we have BBQ lunch at mil's and kids will have fun with their cousins. My mum is down with fever so she won't be celebrating today.
Poor thing.

To all of you wonderful mamas out there, have a wonderful day.
We don't really need a day to remind us how fabulous we are and how wonderful we are. We should celebrate every day. Just like the cartoon above... Technically we still have to "work".

Have a good mothers day. Be the best! 
Wednesday, May 7, 2014


When I first had the idea of starting Kupu Kupu kids wear, I honestly thought it was going to be easy and it's going to be the best thing ever.

Along the way, I had my ups and down. I wanted it to be the best quality and I was not going to have anything else but the best quality and something my own kids would wear. Finding a good tailor was tough. All of these tailor had one thing in common, they all say they can do it. When I asked them if they can do a particular design, they all say can. But when I ask to produce sample, it doesn't meet my expectations at all. So ding-dong a few tailors and finally we found one. A good one. A very very good tailor who has been in the business for so long and has a good reputation and good track record. Hence, the tailoring charges is a bit higher than I had hoped for. But still, it's ok.. You must be willing to pay for good quality. 

My mum helped me a lot in this business. She was the one who sealed the deal with the tailor. Without a good tailor, I have nothing because obviously, I can sew! Duh! 

Since I started putting up stuff on Instagram and on this blog about the kurungs that we have, I got really good response. From my fellow readers (you know who u are, thank you) and some from random people from Instagram. I must say I am a bit overwhelmed by it. Gives me the chills.. (In a good way). 

Friends too stepped up to give support. I am so blessed I swear! Some don't even have daughters and buying kurungs for nieces. RM99 for a kurung is a lot of money but they are willing to buy to support my efforts and I feel so grateful. Not because I want the $$ but more because of their faith and it gives me the buzz to do more. Some friends who can't or don't want to buy (it is ok too) but they support by tagging their friends who might be interested. Wah.. That's just so amazing.

So yes, I am very blessed.

I have to say that this has been a really great journey. Even if I don't continue or if it doesn't do well for whatever reason, I will always be proud of this moment. 

I was talking to my husband about this and maybe he doesn't want me to waste my time, or doesn't want me to be too tight up with this, or doesn't want me to have my own thing, or doesn't think this is a good business said... That the money I am making from this is so little, it will only cover my petrol and "habis tengah jalan". My answer to him was "well, at least I'm doing something positive!" And he kept quiet!

Funny man he is. He is supportive. He lets me do this by not stopping me to go out sourcing and all, but to hear him say words of encouragements, memang takan la. But still, I appreciate and I'm happy that he is supportive as much as he can be. For that, I feel blessed.

To other SAHMs like me, do something positive. It doesn't have to be big, it doesn't have to make you rich but please do something. It's just good to have your own thing to do. For me, it makes me proud. Makes me think. Makes me use my brain more than just thinking about what to cook and which school to send my daughter to. So if you can, just do something. Do it! Promise you that it is the best feeling ever! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Raya collection

Went to pick up some of the stuff from our raya collection and I'm getting so excited!!

Our back room is looking like a mini shop right now with racks of clothes for Kupu Kupu. 

Some are still in production and I'm hoping to get them by the end of this month. So exciting!!

Price starts from RM90.00 and they're made from 100% cotton. For the latest from our collection, pls visit our Instagram @mykupukupu

We have sizes from 1 - 6 years old but we only have limited pieces. To order, please write to me at 

My blog readers will get a special discount! 

Thanks for your support!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Children Clothing

It was a relaxing Saturday and I decided to take some photos of the clothes I am selling. It's not professionally taken because I don't have the budget for it (yet) so don't shoot me!

I'm obsessed with these 3 quarter pants. It is from a Korean brand and it is a very good quality. My son wears them and that's why I decided that I should sell these too. I only sell things I would buy for my kids. I have personally selected each pieces myself.

Hope you guys like it. For more items, you can visit @mykupukupu on Instagram for the latest items available. I only have limited pieces because I'm still testing the market so hurry and grab it if you like it!

These are good quality cotton rompers. Comes in 3 sizes and in various designs. 3-6months, 6-12months & 12-18months.
They are priced at RM20 per piece. 

These are some of the designs I carry. They are 3 quarter pants and so comfortable and stylish. My son lives in these. They're so so cute! Price from RM50.00 - RM65.00 each.

This shirt looks normal on it's on but when you pair it with the 3 quarter pants, it's really funky and cool! At least I think so.

Don't you think so too? It's so stylish and cool!
This shirt is RM45.00 each and comes in various sizes from 2 - 5 years old.

It matches all the pants I think. I also have few t shirts. They're all cotton t shirts and really cooling fabric and almost feels like cotton bamboo. 

The t shirts are priced at RM30.00 each. You'll love the feel of this t shirt because if is so soft and nice. Trust me!

Ok enough promoting! 

I love them so I hope you will too. Don't worry I won't sell crappy china made low quality stuff I won't let my own kids wear. So rest assured these are high quality stuff! 

On another note.. Raya is around the corner, got your raya outfits yet for your kids?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Home Sweet Home

The decision to move was made at the last minute and within a few days, we sorted everything, packed and moved. It's been 4 days since we officially moved and alhamdulillah we are very comfortable.

The plan was to get the movers to come and pack on Friday, move the items to the new place on Saturday and clean up on Sunday but on Thursday night, the movers called to say that there's some hiccups and they won't be able to come on Friday. They will pack and move on Saturday instead.

Good thing was, my new maid arrived on Friday and we went out with her to get uniform and all the necessities all day Friday. It all turned out better that the movers couldn't make it on Friday anyway.

Saturday morning, our (old) house was invaded by almost 10 workers to help us back. It was like the scene in Ali Baba (P Ramlee version) when they came to pack. By noon, it was pretty much done for the first trip. Off they went. 2 trips in a day.

The kids and I, together with 2 maids was stationed at the new house while hubs stayed at the old house to monitor the progress there. It was tiring.

By the end of Day 1, we were so tired we couldn't move. We just wanted to sleep.

We checked into The Ascott KL that night and took the 3 bedroom apartment. Initially mil wanted to tag along but she got tired of waiting and cancelled after we had done our bookings. 3 bedroom apartment for us was too big obviously but whatever lah.

We just needed a place to crash and sleep. Ascott KL is recently renovated and everything is pretty new and nice. It was very comfortable. We slept and woke up early for breakfast at the restaurant downstairs called Tujoo. Nothing great but good enough. After breakfast, we went back to the new house to unpack. Stay there all day and at night, we go back to Ascott again to rest and crash.

After 2 nights in Ascott, we finally felt like the house was ready for us to live in. Alhamdulillah. All went according to plan.

On Tuesday, the movers came to collect and deliver the remaining items from the old house to the new house. Finally, we are all set!

It's good to be home. It's good to be back where we were. It's comfortable and I hope this will be our home for at least a couple of years because I ain't moving nowhere anytime soon. Moving is tiring even with full on Ali Baba type of movers.

Good to be home. Home sweet home

Good bye Rose

When we finally decided that we needed a maid, we both somehow agreed that a pinoy would be best. Of course it is all pure luck but with indons, I've heard so much stories that scared me too much to even try.

We found Rose by chance and it was almost like she was meant for us. On paper and on her cv, we wouldn't have picked her but our agent highly recommended her and being a first timer, we agreed to interview her. On the skype interview she was cheerful and was happy to see my little girl who was only about 15 months or so then. That was a sign and we took it from there.

2.5 years she's been with us and a great help all around. Although there are little things that could have been better but overall, I couldn't ask for a better maid. She's always there whenever I needed her and whenever we ask for something to be done, it was always done to perfection. She's a little bit OCD so the house is always spanking clean and perfect.

When she told me she was leaving, I was upset and disappointed. We treated her well and I think we've been pretty understanding all along but after thinking it through, I know that her life must go on and I cannot stop her from making mistakes or progressing in her life as much as I feel that staying here would be best for her and her daughter. She wants to get married and potentially move abroad with her future husband to US. As a person with big heart, I wish her well and hope that she's making the right move.

We found a replacement and after interviewing and selecting the replacement maid, our new maid Nor is here. We waited for 3 months for the whole process and Rose decided to stay until Nor arrives in order for her to train Nor. Initially she wanted to go back in February but somehow, her heart changed and I guess she couldn't find the heart to leave us maidless hence she postponed her departure.

In between that time, we decided to move and again, she was there as the front person ensuring all things are set for the movers and organized everything.

The time has come for us to bid goodbye to her. I've had both maids around for almost a week now and the "training" is going pretty well. Nor is probably not as efficient and as fast and alert as Rose but I think she will be ok. Or I will have to adapt and get things done myself instead of sitting on my bum waiting for things to get done like how I've been living the past 2.5 years.

I think I got to be more hands on now with the new maid. But at least kids are bigger now and they can understand simple instructions so hopefully it will be ok. I'm going to miss having rose around.

Sad but life goes on...