Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Istanbul Day 1

Alhamdulillah! We are in Istanbul.

Our flight was good but the weather was quite bad and terbulance almost all the way. I was quite sleepy that I didn't care. I read my doa and prayed for Allah to protect all of us. It was quite bad that the airline crew kept announcing ways to "throw up" .. I really thought I was dreaming but when my sil told me that it was real, then only I realize how serious it actually was. But alhamdulillah we were really comfortable all the way. Kids slept pretty much the whole time too.

When we arrived, we had some problems at the airport. We requested a wheelchair for my mil but somehow it took so long for them to come with the wheelchair that my mil had to walk anyway. Such a long walk too. Poor thing. 

I booked a tour via World Discovery travel agency and was told that a Merc 15 seater will come to pick us up. But what came was a 20+ seater bus. It was so big! LOL. Too big for us but that is our transport for the Istanbul trip. Apparently the local travel agent didn't have anymore small cars. There's 10 of us and half the bus is empty. Kids love it because they get to run! 

I'm so bad at remembering names so let me let the photos do the talking...
First stop was breakfast at Saray. It was alright.. We had some toasts, eggs and also some baclava. It was yummy.

Then we went to Topkapi Palace. It was a good walk around the palace. 

After that we went to our hotel. Our rooms were not ready yet so we had to wait for awhile. Rooms are a very good size. Initially we planned to stay at the Grand Hyatt but at the last minute, we switched to Shangri La. It was highly recommended by someone. I love how big the rooms are and how small the hotel is. 

After we checked in, mil wanted to rest. While she was resting, jetlagged, we all walk to the nearby shopping area. We decided to go for dinner then as mil was not hungry and didn't want to eat.

There was so many cafes, kebab type restaurant but somehow we ended up at this restaurant. Small restaurant but food was quite alright.

I'm not a salad person but this onion thingy is delicious. 

We walked around town and found really cool stuff to eat but didn't buy because I was too full.

Went back to the hotel and slept quite early. Thank god everyone was tired and jetlagged too. We slept from about 8pm local time till about 6am. 

End of day 1 

Holiday Food Story

I love eating. I love food.

All my life I was skinny. So skinny people used to say I was anorexic. Kids are so bad kan? I remember I didn't want to wear skirts growing up because I didn't want to show my skinny legs. I ate like anyone else if not more. I could eat more than anyone because I just won't put on weight. My best friend in secondary school was skinny too. We hated it when people make fun of how skinny we were. 

Now, 2 kids later.. I became normal. I eat and then put on weight. I don't eat I will put on weight. I go on diet, I put on weight. WTF??? So finally, I decided to just go on a seefood diet. I see food, I eat it!

LOL! Don't laugh at me!!

When on holiday, I go crazy. Like right now! I just eat non stop. Especially for breakfast.

Yesterday I ate a little bit too much. My tummy became so big I look 5 months pregnant. Seriously!

My daughter commented on how big it looked. Bloody hell! I can't even eat in peace.

Daughter: mummy why is your tummy so big?
Me: because u n ur brother stayed inside my tummy for so long!!! 
Daughter: but we are not inside anymore. Got another baby inside??
Me: no, I ate a lot today
Daughter: mummy!! I told you you cannot eat too much. If you eat a lot, your tummy will be so big and I don't want to friend you anymore!

It didn't help she announced it out loud during dinner last night how big my tummy is and how I'm banned to eat a lot!

Me: but I'm so very hungry! 
Daughter: ok lah, just eat a little bit 

My husband was asking me to finish the food. (Can u tell I'm like DBKL?) and I told him I'm not allowed to eat too much. 

Story of my life. I eat too much 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Leaving on a jet plane

I'm leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again... Lalalaala.....

It's almost 7pm and we are about to leave soon. But somehow I have quite a heavy heart.

It's been 3 months since we planned this trip. It was my MIL's request to go to Istanbul and that's why it is the chosen destination. I did all the planning from A-Z and it's been really tiring. somehow it feels like we've been planning this for ages. It's about time. I'm just ready to leave and come back and go on the next trip. Preferably by the beach somewhere.

Today, my MIL called to say she's not feeling very well. My heart skipped a beat. I hope she will be alright to travel.

I didn't get to see Tokmi before I left because she is staying at my uncle's and I didn't get time to visit. I hope she will be ok. Suddenly feel like I'll miss my mum a lot too.

I hope we'll all have a good trip. I know we will. Hope Allah will make it all easy for us. Feeling a bit nervous about traveling after the MH370 & MH17 and also the plane crash recently. 

Please pray we will come back safely! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Travel documents

I'm 80% done with my packing! Hurray!!

Tonight I went to see my mum because I haven't seen her in a while. Wanted to spend some time before we go off.

It was a good. My daughter hugged her grandma right before we left and said "I'll miss you a lot grandma". Really warms my heart and I know my mum was really touched too. 

Tomorrow I got a few last minute things to pack. We will be bringing 6 suitcases!

I'm even bringing my izumio and super lutein! It's so heavy but I got to bring it in case we (especially the kids) get sick. You'll never know. Especially since Istanbul is going to be cold and Dubai is going to be hot. My husband looked at me funny when I told him I am bringing a whole carton. He thought I was kidding. A carton is about 20kg I think. LOL

Ah well! 

Anyway, I'm so glad we are done packing. I have to pack for myself and my kids while my husband packs his own stuff. I know a lot of wives pack their husband's stuff. Thank god I don't need to. He's very independent.

Istanbul and Dubai here we come!!!

May Allah protect us all during our trip and keep us safe! Amin

Friday, March 27, 2015

Benefits of Izumio & Super Lutein

Do you know that both Izumio & Super Lutein is voted to be Japan's No.1 product from 2010 till 2013? (results for 2014 is not out yet!) These products are from Japan and I'm sure you know how Japanese are usually very healthy and many of them live really long lives. I'm not saying they all take these products but I'm saying that they know what works and have come up with these amazing products. I don't know about you but I trust health products from Japan more than I trust health products from anywhere else. And I don't trust health products from Malaysia, unfortunately. 

So a lot of people ask me what they are good for. I don't even know where to start. But I'll make it as short as I can.

First thing you need to know is what they are…
Each carton has 30 packets of 200ml izumio hydrogenated water

Izumio is basically water. But not just normal water. Izumio has the highest levels of hydrogen packed in a 4 layer vacuum packets of 200ml each. My children calls them "water medicine" because that's really what it is, because it can treat a lot of things. There are a lot of research done on how hydrogen can act as antioxidant and can help to prevent cell damage and inflammation.

Do you know why cancer is so common now? Its because of all the free radicals in our bodies. We get them from stress, pollution, insufficient sleep (from watching too much tv or being on the computer too much due to work), nutritional insufficiency and just our way of life. From the izumio party I attended last week, one thing I found out that even the vegetables we eat these days aren't as nutritious as they were back in the days. Eating an apple today isn't as healthy as it was before.

You know the saying an apple a day keeps a doctor away? Well, today..you probably need to eat 10 or more apples to keep that doctor away! All the free radicals in our body is damaging it and we need to get rid of them as much as possible and this is what Izumio does. The high content of hydrogen does this. Like detox.
Each bottle has 100 capsules

When you get rid of all the bad stuff in your body, you then need to load good stuff in. That's when Super Lutein comes in. It is high potency extract of over 9 fruits and vegetables of all colours of the rainbow. Each bottle contains 100 capsules.

Experts say that we need to consume about 4 plates of fruits, 5 plates of vegetables and 6 colours pigments of carotenoids DAILY in order to maintain optimal health. Seriously.? Can you really eat that much of fruits and vegetables every single day. This is only to MAINTAIN optimal health. So imagine this…we are all obviously not even taking the minimum amount to maintain good health. Isn't that scary? No wonder people get sick all the time.

3 capsules of super lutein gives you this 4 plates of fruits and  5 plates of vegetables plus all the 6 colour pigment. So to maintain optimum health, you would need only 3 capsules of Super Lutein daily. However, you must remember that this is the minimum. We need more than 3 capsules especially when we are sick or have something to treat. My daughter, who is a super fussy eater doesn't eat any vegetables whatsoever but she is happily taking 2 super luteins a day and I'm so happy. I don't push her to eat her fruit or force her to eat her vegetables anymore. Less stress that way.

Both these products are safe to be taken by anyone (even young children), anytime (before food or after food) and it is even safe for babies. Breastfeeding mothers can also take it as it will ensure that you have all the nutrients you and can pass it on to your baby from the breastmilk the baby will be consuming.

So what is it good for? Who should take it?

1. EVERYONE who wants to stay healthy and maintain good health should take it. That way, you don't have to stress so much when it comes to your lifestyle. (i.e don't have to eat too much vegetables all the time)
2. Young children. Especially those in kindergarten or goes to nursery. They tend to get sick more than other kids. It's good to build a strong immune system. Also, if they do get sick from school (like my children does occasionally), you can give them izumio and super lutein to treat their flu/fever instead of taking panadol which is so bad for your liver)
3. Dengue patients. Izumio will help control the fever and other systems and also help keep them hydrated.
4. People who suffers from eczema. There are lots of good reviews on this product for eczema. Or other skin problems for that matter. It may take longer to heal (than if you were to use steroid creams) but rest assured it is healing from within and in the most natural way possible. Isn't that better than drugs?
5. People with eye problems such as cataract or any other eye problems. Super Lutein is excellent for the eyes.
6. Cancer patients. These products has helped many cancer patients especially those going for chemo. Please please recommend this product if you know anyone who has cancer because this will surely help them.
7. Vain people like me who wants products that is good for anti ageing and in search of flawless skin. Im religiously taking these for this purpose. I know, Im shallow like that!
But who doesn't want to be beautiful, right?
8. Women with women's issues. Hormone imbalance, going through menopause, trying to conceive..this helps too

Gosh, the list goes on…..
Treating sinus, diabetes, high blood pressure,…

Do me a favour…
Each of us must know someone who can benefit from this product. Maybe you have a dad who has high blood pressure or auntie who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, or your friend's uncle who is diabetic…..you must know someone who can benefit from this….
Email me and ask me if this products can help them. I will show you how it can. (wow, I'm beginning to sound like an MLM lady)

In all seriousness, my team has a good number of doctors who is currently using these products to treat their patients. I can get you in touch with them, and they can answer your health questions, if you have any

What is the price for good health??

Even if you have insurance and protected…do you want to be in the hospital? Do you want to be sick?
No one does so take the first step today and start living a healthier life. If you can't get your hands on these products or don't want to, then start eating that 4 plates of fruits, 5 plates of veg in 6 colour pigments of carotenoids NOW!!!!

To find out more about the products, you can visit the Facebook page. A lot of information is on there. If you are interested to buy products or interested to do this business, you can email me at izumiolife[@]gmail.com

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I really hate packing! When I told my mum that she asked me "why don't you give your maid the list and get her to do it?"

1. I like things done my way
2. My maid can be quite blurr sometimes
3. When you want things to be done right, do it yourself

I'm also a very organized packer. I pack everything in an airtight plastic bag and although it looks like a pain in the ass, it works. So I have to do it myself. 

Unpacking? That I hate to you but let my maid do it! 

We are leaving this weekend for about 10 days and I have not started packing. We've gone as far as identifying stuff we need to buy and that's about it. Oh and we've taken out all the suitcases too. That's a huge step! 

Also, I've printed out all my checklists.
Yes there's a few! 

Wish me luck! We still have time

Happy Birthday Mummy

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's 75's birthday. We didn't plan anything special as we figured since we are going to Istanbul & Dubai next week, we can celebrate there. After all, Istanbul is actually my mother-in-law's choice of destination.

We had a small get together at her house last night. My sister in law bought a cake and put all those candles on them. Kids had the best time because singing the birthday song is their favourite thing to do and blowing candles that aren't theirs is always a thrill. All 4 cucus were blowing the candles almost burning each other's hair! Thank God nothing happened.

I wish my beloved mother in law a very happy birthday and I hope Allah will continue to bless her with good health and may we have more birthdays to celebrate together.


Ever since she was little (she still is), I am her hairstylist and I cut her hair. Somehow it works. It's not easy to cut my daughters hair but I give the best haircut. Her hair is super thin and super straight and the only hairstyle that suits her is the Dora hairstyle.

She never allowed anyone else touching her hair let alone cutting it. But lately she's become a little bit more adventurous and we've taken her to the salon to cut her hair a couple of times. So far they all sucked! I still cut her hair best!

The reason why I don't cut her hair anymore is because I don't have the tools. I invested in super expensive scissors and that was good but I still needed the perfect comb and all the other stuff you need to cut hair. The clips, and what not. It is messy too because we'd have to cut her hair in the balcony and then there's no mirror it's difficult for me to see, the height of the chair is also a problem so it's just easier to go to the saloon. I wish I can just rent a salon space and tools and cut her hair myself.

Last week, she needed a haircut. Each time we go to a salon to cut her hair, it always doesn't meet my expectation. I always hate how people cut her hair and Im extremely fussy when it comes to how her hair should be. For the past 2 or 3 times, we've been going to the same lady in A Cut Above Bsc for my kid's haircut. She wasn't good, but she wasn't that bad.

This time, we went to the same place again and she totally screwed up big time. Argh.

I was so angry.

My daughter's hair is super thin. The stylist wanted to give her some "volume" and said a bob should be good. At first I said ok because I imagined it to be like Victoria Beckham's hairstyle but it turned out so ugly. Its not even level.

To top that, right before she was done with the haircut, she accidentally cut the skin! My daughter screamed and started crying like crazy. O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wanted it to be over so I didn't even bother letting the girl finish her job on my daughter.

After the haircut, I had to look at the hair and even my husband hated it. It's just not her at all.
Im so upset.

Yes, hair will grow. I know.
But still!!! Now my daughter got to live with bad hair day everyday!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

R u ready for GST?

Everyone is talking about it. Everywhere you go, you'll hear people talk about how this will affect us next week.

"I need to stock up on my sanitary pads..its so expensive after gst"
"Who wants a group buy for milk?"
"Let's stock up on izumio & super lutein" (This one, I'm guilty!)

Honestly speaking, I am not really bothered. Not because I have so much money. I don't. But more because there is nothing I can do to stop this from happening. Just like when they increase the price of petrol. It's always a big drama but after that, you continue your life doing exactly the same thing. You still need to drive, right? What choice do you have?

How many of you really cut down on your spending or traveling whenever the fuel prices goes up?

My husband will complain about how prices of stuff will go up and how things are so expensive, yada yada yada and what do I do? It goes in my left ear and comes out right ear. We still need to eat, right? We still need diapers, right? STOP COMPLAINING.

Instead of complaining, I think of ways to make more money. That's the only thing I know how to do and thats the only thing I can do to survive this whole price hike. It is the only thing I can control.

Come 1st April 2015, everything will be more expensive. Get ready for it. Time to start earning more money. How are you doing that?

Business Party

I love BIC cakes and I find every damn opportunity to order cakes from them. Since I started joining this business, I feel so motivated to meet all the people involved. I wanted to learn and hear their success stories. After all, we are all part of a team - a great team I might add. Other than talking about business and how to grow our team and yada yada yada, like all women, we talk about cakes. OK fine, I talk about cakes and they listen, whatever. I ordered BIC a few times in the past and they've been wanting to try so I told them, lets organise a get together or a sharing session and a party. So we did.

The motivation behind this party is actually the BIC cake. True story!

At first we wanted to just do it in my house but then the numbers grew so we figured, lets just do it at the office and we can get someone from the office to come and give a talk about the products. Wouldn't that be great? Talk about products and eat BIC?

It was a good sharing session that we had that day. It wasn't formal, it was just really laid-back and chilled out. I had a great time meeting all those fantastic business people there. I was the only malay, mind you. How come malays don't want to do this business? I guess they'd rather sell corsets than sell supplements huh? I don't know.

Anyway, I had a great time and learn a lot too. Im not very sociable and I don't go out very often so it was a nice time away from mummy duties I must say.

And the cake…well, it was good. I didn't have any because I still have cakes in my fridge and been eating cakes all week. Seriously, I need to diet!

Tomorrow will be the last day to purchase Izumio & Super Lutein before the GST kicks in. Being the kiasu person that I am, I bought a few packages. I mean, after all, I am consuming it - we all are actually. My husband, who was really skeptical at first, now drinks 3 izumio per day and sometimes more. He knows its good for him too, especially since he is quite a heavy smoker. I'm still trying to get him to religiously take Super Lutein too. Slowly he will.

OK, I'm off now…

Super busy right now as we will be traveling to Istanbul this weekend. Woot woot!!!
Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Izumio & Naturally Plus business

Do you run away when you hear MLM? Never in a million years I've ever thought of being in MLM. If you google it, this is what you'll find:
  1. Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant's "downline", and can provide multiple levels of compensation.
Erk!!! Yes, I know! I know!!! You too run away from MLM sales people right?? Don't worry, you're not the only one. I run away from MLM too. I don't know about you…but here is why I run away from them:

1. I don't believe their product works
2. I hate pushy sales people (if I'm ever like that, feel free to virtual bitch slap me!)

If you want to know if IZUMIO Business is an MLM business, the answer is YES. I don't want to waste your time and I won't want you to waste mine. If you don't want to be part of a Multi-Level Marketing company, by all means, please look elsewhere. But if you are interested in making money, then continue reading…..This might change your perception.

Yes, the Naturally Plus business IS an MLM company but it is NOT like the rest. To start with, let me just tell you that I do believe in the products. The products have worked for me and many others. I have full faith in them and that is the main reason why I joined this business. Health first and wealth second.

When I first joined, I just wanted to consume it. I never thought about selling the products at all. I mean, come on, don't I already have enough things on my plate? I am a SAHM and I have my own small business (KupuKupu) so, really, I don't really need to have another thing to do. I just wanted to continue consuming the products and then I was told that to be able to consume the products cheaper, I need to start earning points. To earn points, I need to be a member. At first, I didn't really think it was necessary to become a member because I purchased products from my friend and she was selling it to me at member's price anyway. But after thinking about it further, it just makes more sense to start earning my own points.

I paid RM5035 to become a member. This includes the membership fee and 15 products ( 8 izumio + 7 super lutein). I then become part of the A-team (thats what we call our group). We have a nice team. Mostly girls and in our FB group, we share information about the products and share business tips and ideas. Everyone is helping each other grow. In order to move forward, we need a good leader and a good team player. I'm lucky that I'm part of a great bunch of people who is ready to help and guide me in this business. We are a fairly new team but we are growing really really fast too. Everytime I read stuff on the group, I get stressed out because everyone is doing so well. But our leaders kept saying that our motto is to Relax, Sit Back & Smile

What the heck? How do you relax, sit back & smile when you know your team member is on the way to start earning in USD? And she just started few months before me!!!

Anyway, this post is about the business so I better make sure I tell it properly…..

Who would be suitable for this business?
Anyone can do well in this business. If you are looking for some side income, this will be a good business for you. For SAHM looking to find something to do, this is one business for you. Students looking for extra pocket money, this is the business for you. If you work full time but want some passive income, this is one business for you. If you are retired but enjoy helping others in your free time, this is the business for you. This business is suitable for EVERYONE. One thing we all have in common is we love helping others and health is our number 1 priority. So what if it is MLM? MLM has a bad reputation because their sales people are so pushy and they are so crazy to make sales but we are not like that. We share

What is the investment?
Investment or start up cost is about RM5330.  With the different bonus structures, you can earn as much or as little as you want. To be able to start earning, you need to sponsor a minimum of 2 people (2 "legs" - left and right). I've done that without much help from anyone so it's really not that difficult to do. From then, you help grow your "legs"and people under you. For those who find that RM5330 is a little bit too high of an investment, come talk to me. I will propose a package that is suitable for you.

Honestly speaking, I still haven't mastered and understood the mechanics of the business at all. All I know is I'm slowly earning. Since my aim is to earn so I can consume the products cheaper, then I am right on track.

Those of you who are interested to know more about the business or want to purchase the products, please email me and I will explain further. We can meet up and talk to if you like with no obligations.

Also, please do your research first on the products and read about it first before you jump into this.

The last group buy which I organised was a success. Thank you to some of my blog readers for participating. Unfortunately, that group buy has ended and as of 1st April 2015, the company have just announced that they will be increasing the price. I know! Sucks right!

1 box of izumio has 30 packet of 200ml hydrogenated water RM435.00
1 bottle of super lutein has 100 capsules RM435.00

Membership price (including gst) including 15 products will be RM5330

Hurry, what are you waiting for?
Damn gst!!!!

Remember that you can join me from wherever you are. You can be in America, Hong Kong, Japan, Brunei and still do this. Let's hook up.

For those serious in getting on my team and enjoy better health and wealth, click on this link to learn more about the IZUMIO and Super Lutein business. I made my move and I've never felt better. What about you?
Email me at dzuraa [@] gmail.com or izumiolife[@]gmail.com now!

Small girl in BIG school

Alhamdulillah, we have just submitted our application form to the big school. I'm so glad that we can close that chapter now. It was a lot of work.

Right up to the last minute before we submitted the form today, my husband was asking me if we are sure or not. I've been sure since I left school, so its not me who needs to be answering that question. Anyway, we finally did it today and I'm very happy.

My daughter followed me to the school today. I've always wanted to take her there. She was amazed at how big the school is. It is HUGE! They actually have another campus and we are actually interested in the smaller campus but it is under renovation now. Hopefully it will be ready by September.

I know I did the right thing. I hope my daughter will be very happy there. She will be, I know she will.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Damn you nyamuk!
I had dengue a few months back. I was admitted for a good 4 days and it was then when I said to myself, I AM NEVER EVER GOING TO STAY IN THIS HOSPITAL AGAIN. What I meant was, I am never ever going to be sick again and don't ever want to be admitted again because the bed was so uncomfortable. Yes, the bed! I didn't mind the rest, but I couldn't stand the hospital bed and the pillows. (Please don't ask me to bring my own pillows to the hospital)

When the doctor confirmed that I had dengue, I cried my eyes out. Like for real. I was on the phone with my mum explaining to her about my dengue and I cried like crazy. I was so disappointed. I felt so crushed. I couldn't believe I had dengue. Never thought I could be sick like that. It was a big deal.

But really, dengue is so common these days, huh?
Almost like everyone you know has/had dengue. How crazy is that?

And before this, you have a list of symptoms but nowadays, dengue is so different that some don't even know they have dengue or had dengue.

My case, wasn't so serious. My platelet went quite low and I think the lowest was about 40s and my arms started showing red spots which freaked the crap out of me. But apart from that I was AOK.

I had really terrible headache one day. It's the kind of headache that you just feel like you want to take a hammer and smash your own head type of thing. I took a few panadols and it didn't help. So I stayed home and didn't want to eat dinner that night. I also threw up and had fever the next day.

My fever went on for just 1 day. I have to thank Izumio for it because I was drinking izumio all day to control my fever. I lost all appetite and couldn't eat or drink but I forced myself to down a few packets of izumio and like magic, my fever disappeared. But still, I felt really weak (because I was not eating anything at all for 2 days and not drinking any other thing) and that was when we went to the hospital. I was hoping they'd put drips on me and I could go home but instead, they took my blood test and confirmed my dengue. My platelet was under 100 then and that was why they admitted me. I shouldn't have allowed them. I was ok. I was weak, but I was ok. The next day, my headache pretty much went away.

My whole 4 days in hospital, I was on drips. I didn't take any izumio then because I ran out of stock but I believe that it helped control my fever well because my fever only lasted 1 day. The doctor saw how OK I was despite having dengue and by day 4, I practically begged her to let me go home. She allowed me to go home when my platelet was about 40 but made me promise to come back daily for the blood test. Anything is still better than staying in the hospital.

When I came back, I got my izumio stock back and kept drinking izumio. Alhamdulillah it made my body stronger.

My mum also made me sup ketam for days. I don't think it helped me in any way unfortunately. It was yummy tho and it was the only thing I could eat as I didn't have appetite.

My husband also made me drink the disgusting jus daun betik which everyone claimed to have effect on dengue but it didn't work on me. I had it for 2 days while I was in the hospital. It tasted like crap and yet I drank it but still my platelet kept going down.

It was only when I came home and started drinking izumio that my platelet slowly went back up.

My dengue wasn't so serious. It was under control and I had no complications whatsoever but don't take this lightly. In the last week, I've seen and read a few dengue cases where it isn't as straightforward as mine. Please be extra careful.

Spray spray spray!!!!!
Prevention is better than cure.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tokmi's progress

I can't believe just few weeks ago, my world came crushing and I thought I was going to loose my grandma when I found out she has skin cancer. No one knows how long the thing has been there but its not big and doesn't even look that bad. But cancer is cancer. It looks like a mole, maybe slightly bigger and apparently it is itchy so she keeps scratching it until the area looks infected. That's when she told someone about it. So please, if you notice any growth or anything funny on your body, get it checked ASAP.

Alhamdulillah Tokmi is ok now.

Few days before she went for surgery, I gave my aunt a box of izumio and a bottle of super lutein. I've seen testimonials of how these products helped cancer patients, even those going for chemo so I figured, it must be good for tokmi to take it. My aunt told me maybe its best to start her on those products after her surgery but I said no. I insisted she took it immediately. Izumio & Super Lutein is a powerful combination and it will give you lots of energy. I wanted tokmi to take it before her surgery so she will be strong for her surgery. She had to go under GA and doctors said, due to her age, it may take longer for her to wake up. Some people don't even wake up after GA especially if they're so old. I wanted tokmi to be strong. And you know what, she was strong!!!

Doctor expected her recovery to be slow because of her age. They wanted her in the normal ward post operation so that the nurses can monitor her better rather than her being in the room. Doctors expected her to be in the hospital for 10days but guess what? She was out of the hospital 2 days after her surgery. Right after her surgery, she was so strong that doctors said she doesn't need to be in the normal ward, she can go back to her own room. Amazing isn't it?

Of course, Im not saying the products alone helped her. It is also berkat doa a lot of people. My mum sembahyang hajat non stop during that few days for Allah to permudahkan all Tokmi's matters. So many people solat hajat for tokmi so I know all that helped too. But seriously, recovery period was so fast that even the doctor is impressed.

Im just so happy that I still have time with my tokmi. I love her dearly and cannot imagine life without her.

A few days before she was admitted, I took her for a drive around town. She was so excited to see KL and the buildings and the LRT. Almost like its her first time in town. It wasn't and she goes to town a lot but somehow, she was excited because I took her around. Im her favourite, btw! (All her cucu claims that title but I know I am! hehehe)

God bless my tokmi. Thank you Allah for protecting my tokmi and making it so smooth and easy and almost painless for her. Im so grateful we still have time…..


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Izumio & Super Lutein Group Buy

Those who have contacted regarding the group buy, thank you so much.

At the moment, I have few more slots to fulfil this group buy. I'm trying to organize this before the GST kicks in.

If you have any questions or want to know more about how this product can help you or your loved ones, please email me at izumiolife[@]gmail.com

Price for this group buy will be RM336 per product (before gst). Retail price for each product is RM410 (before gst). 

1 carton of izumio has 30 packets of 200ml hydrogenated water.
1 bottle of super lutein has 100 capsules.

Can email me to find out more. Don't worry, I won't bite! 

UPDATED: Group buy is now closed! Thank you for your support!

Benefits of Izumio & Super Lutein Business

In case you didn't notice or don't know, I've finally invested in the direct selling business with Naturally Plus. Yikes, that sounds really scary coming from me especially since I run far far away from MLM people. Do you notice that they are so pushy and a lot of them never really admit that they're doing MLM business? 

Unfortunately, Izumio & Super Lutein is only currently sold via direct selling. Don't ask me why, I have no idea and I don't really care to find out. 

Those who know me will know sales and direct selling isn't my cup of tea. I can't sell for nuts. Don't expect me to sell anything. If someone can sell kupukupu stuff for me, I'll be the first to hire them. I'm really that bad at sales! But one thing I know, Im NOT a celebrity and I pay for everything I use/consume and I will not say something is good, if it isn't. You know how celebrities can say everything is good and great because they get paid to do that? Well, I'm not like that. I only sell things I believe in.

A few people have approached me to join their direct selling business but I have rejected even though some of those make really awesome money. You see them showing off their wealth in order to attract people to do the business. Although it is an awesome way to attract people, when I see the products and I am not convinced to try, no matter how good the money is, I wouldn't and couldn't do it. 

Izumio & Super Lutein business for me is different. Actually, I'm not sure if I can even call it a business for me because I'm not selling it. I'm basically a consumer and as a consumer, I wish to someday consume it for cheaper or free and to be able to do that, I need to share with as many people as possible. The more people know about this product, the better it is for me. My aim is just to share. If you don't want to get them from me, its ok. Go and call the company, get it directly from them. If you want to try, I can help you get the products but if you don't, its really your loss not mine. (Not exactly very MLM approach here right? but whatever!)

Before I signed up a package for these products, I did my research. It took me a few months to read about it and asked people and other consumers about how this products have helped them. So far, I've yet to find anyone saying anything negative about it apart from that it is super expensive. I have no idea why it is expensive, please don't email me to ask me this. I have no clue! Anyway, from my research, I found that these products have helped so many people with so many different type of ailments and diseases, including cancer.

Eczema is so common these days and I know so many parents are facing this problem. I'm one of them. I've tried many different brands and still it didn't work for my daughter but luckily, with these products, it is really working for me to control her eczema. I couldn't be happier. It does take time tho. It's not magic and the eczema won't magically go away in a week (like how steroid cream works) but it is healing her from within and I'm happy to be able to do this without steroid and doing it the natural way.

Open wounds are acidic. When Hydrogen is applied onto them it reverses the acidity. It doesn't cure the wound but regenerates the new cells. Scary right? 
Do you or any of your family members have diabetes? It's scary isn't it? My good friend's mum passed away from this and its so sad. I wish I knew about these products sooner. I know this would be so much more affordable than paying thousands and thousands on hospital bills especially if you are diabetic. 

All along, I keep talking about how this product works for:
- Eczema (my daughter had eczema and this is what I use for her n it worked!)
- Treating flu, fever (this works for all of us. The last time I had flu and fever, I didn't have to take paracetamol anymore. Do you know that it is not good to take panadol all the time??)

Why do I keep talking about this? It is because it works for us and how it directly helped us. But honestly speaking, these products have helped so many other people with so many other things. I usually write based on my own personal experience. We're pretty healthy and (touch wood)we don't have any other health concerns. 
Benefits of Super Lutein

- Allergy (My mum took it when she had a bad skin allergy around her eyes. She went to 2 doctors and it got worse! Finally she drank Izumio & Super Lutein and within a week, she was all OK)
- Slip Disc
- Diabetes
- High blood pressure
- Cancer (My tokmi took it a week before she went into surgery and post surgery. It made her stronger and her wound took really short time to recover)

I know, I know…there's so many products in the market claiming to be good in treating all the above. If you are lucky to know those products, please, keep on taking those. But ever wondered why Japanese are super healthy? Im not saying all Japanese take this products but I believe the Japanese are smart to come up with great awesome health products. They do know what works. That is one of the reasons why I believe in this product as well, it is because it is MADE IN JAPAN and not made in Malaysia. 

When I share about these products with friends, the first thing they say to me is "WAHHH! So expensive" and tell me not everyone can afford it. That was my reaction too when I found out how much I had to invest to try this product. (RM5035.00 to be a member and you'll get 15 products, this comes up to about RM336 per product). I mean, it is really not cheap. But when I weight the pros and cons, how much I gain from being a member and how important it is to take care of my health, I close one eye and sign up a package. They do have zero interests instalment plans available with certain credit cards. 

Signing up a package instead of purchasing loose products means you have the chance to start earning from this and if you are a consumer like myself, the more packages you sign up, the cheaper the product gets because you get rewarded for every new sign ups. That's my aim. I want to continue consuming it and if I can get it cheaper, why should I pay more?

My team is super awesome!!! We help each other out to grow this business and whatever you need, they're there to answer. Many of the consumers of this products are taking it for a certain type of ailments and to treat a disease. There are doctors from our group who can help you too. 

Those who are interested in these products or want to join the business, you can contact me directly at izumiolife[@]gmail.com. I'll be more than happy to share about the business and products with you. 

If you are on Facebook and want to know more about us, click on this link. Be sure you let us know that you found out about our group from this blog.

There's really so much more to share. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. If you know anyone who might benefit from this product, maybe a family member or a dear friend who is suffering from some kind of disease or fighting a disease, whatever they are, drop me an email and I'll try my best to help as much as I can. 

Oh, and there's still available slots for the group buy. That'll save you almost RM80 per product… What are you waiting for? 

Loving Maths

I'm so happy with my daughter's progress with Maths. She is really enjoying her Maths class at the Seriously Addictive Maths (SAM) class. I also love Teacher Tracy because she is very good with my daughter and will always take time to explain to me her progress.
Couldn't say enough about how much we love this class and how much my daughter has improved over the few months that she's been with them. I'm so glad I bought that groupon to try this class out. You see in life, you gotta take the risk and try. If you don't try, you'll never know!

I'm not too sure what the standard is and whether or not my daughter is ahead or behind in Maths for her age. Honestly speaking, I don't really care if she's behind as long as she enjoys what she is doing, that's more than good enough for me. 

She's 4 plus and I'm just so proud of her and so happy with her progress so far. RM148.00 per month well spent!
Maths homework

She's currently doing simple maths but I think she's doing pretty well. She gets really excited too when she gets it right. I find doing little dots helps her answering these type of questions better too.

Last night, we were on a roll. She asked me to do some more questions for her to do on her own because all the Maths homework is done.

Tadaaaaaa!!!! Im a proud mummy!!!! Let's home and pray she will continue being this excited when she's in the big school.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

6th Anniversary

Last year we celebrated our anniversary by spending quality time at the KL Bird Park. LOL. Romantic kan? We also went for a nice Japanese dinner at Sushi Zanmai. Nothing fancy but love was all around and I remember how much fun we had that day. Although we always do fun family stuff together, somehow, that day made it more meaningful and special. 

This year, we completely forgot about our anniversary. Hence, no celebration whatsoever. Somehow, with us, we don't usually exchange gifts during anniversaries. (We so should!!!) But my husband usually would give me a nice gift for Valentine's Day instead. So yes, no celebration, no "Happy Anniversary", no kiss, nothing!!! I'm guilty as well and because of that, I can't make a big deal out of it. My husband tried to cover up by saying that my iPhone 6+ is my anniversary gift but I know he's just covering up for forgetting the most important date ever! It's ok. Whatever. No big deal.

I told him we'll still have to celebrate. He said ok. We've decided to celebrate it on Saturday. A week after our real anniversary. 

I ordered a cake for that day. I ordered MY favorite cake too. 

That morning, we did our usual thing. I sent my daughter to her Singapore Maths class and on the way back, we went to pick up the cake.

We had a singing session. My daughter sang the anniversary song. (It's the birthday song but she changed the wordings!)
Happy Anniversary to you.. Happy Anniversary to you.. Happy anniversary to mummy & papa.. Happy anniversary to you..

Blew the candles and had a slice of cake! It was my second time ordering from this lady and the cake is pretty yummy.

We stayed home and did the same thing we normally do on a Saturday. For dinner, again, I requested for Sushi Zanmai @ Avenue K!

Hurray! I'm a happy bunny. Doesn't take that much to make me happy huh? Cakes and sushi! Perfect way to celebrate.

What more could I ask for? I have the best husband (albeit a bit annoying sometimes but I love so dearly) and I have the cutest kids ever! They almost tore down the whole sushi bar but whatever... 

Happy 6th Anniversary to us. Hope we won't forget our 7th next year!
Saturday, March 14, 2015

Date Nights? What's that?

I've been married for 6 years. We've been together for 9 years. Wow. That's a long time, isn't it? Alhamdulillah.

During our dating days, we were inseparable. We have dinner together almost every night, we go everywhere together. Like belankas.

When we first got married, it was awesome. It was like the best thing ever because, he doesn't have to send me home anymore. Despite having my own car, he would still prefer to send me to work and pick me up from work daily. When I had to go away to Manchester for my brother's graduation, he couldn't come along because he had work to do but in the last minute, he came along because he couldn't stand being apart. Those were the days… fast forward 6 years later…..we couldn't even remember our anniversary! LOL

We became a family of 3 when our daughter was born and did everything together. Hubs was so in love and obsessed with our #1 that he wouldn't leave her sight and never wanted to do anything without his precious little daughter. For me, Im more relaxed. I don't mind leaving my kids with people I trust, for me to do my own thing but I never did that because my husband doesn't want other people looking after our child. Because of that, we never did anything together anymore. No more going out on dates. We are always doing things together as 3 or did things on our own. One of us just had to be with our daughter at all times.

I guess I didn't mind and soon we got a maid and we took our maid with us everywhere too. Before you know it, came #2 and we do everything together. All 5 of us. Grocery shopping, holidays, everything.

Then few days back, my brother & his wife, took some time away from their son and went on a date night. It's not the first time too. They do it often. My girlfriends and their husbands too.

Are we the only ones who aren't getting couple's time?

Don't get me wrong, we do a lot of couple's stuff together…..but we do it at home. We eat dinner at the dinner table alone (kids will be running around the house while maid is watching them), we watch TV or movie alone together (kids will be watching their cartoon in a different room) but we've never gone out without the kids - EVER!

We've never had date nights since we became parents. How odd!

Truth is, its been so long that I don't know what I'll do without my kids around too. It will be so weird not having them around to bug us. I get jealous when I hear about my friend's or brother's date nights because they still do really cool fun stuff like going to the cinema together, catching a stand up comedy show or go on really fancy date at a fancy posh restaurant (where kids aren't allowed in).

Whenever I go out without my kids, my husband will be home to monitor them. Visa versa when he needs to be out without kids, I'll be home to monitor them. But you know, whenever I'm alone, it feels so weird. Almost like going out without taking your handphone with you..,or going out without handbag. Weird.

Still, I think it is important to have date nights. Even if it is date night in! Like we do.
It isn't as exciting but couple time is very important. We should try date night out soon…. ya right! Whatever!
Friday, March 13, 2015


We are so lucky that my husband's office is just 10 minutes away from home. No traffic to and from his office. He can be home anytime he wants and we call him for every little thing. He loves it, don't worry.

Today, my daughter told him to pick her up from school. She does that sometimes and whenever she puts in a request for him to pick her up, he normally would make time to come back for lunch or just come back to pick her up. (FYI, their school is literally 10 steps away from our front door)

Unfortunately, today, he told that he couldn't pick her up. He told her "See first if I can come back today or not" and with my daughter, if you can't promise, its better to just say "No"

She came home crying today because she was expecting her papa to pick her up. She didn't want to talk to him when he called and was really upset. I texted my husband to ask him why he promised her but didn't come back to pick her up but he said he did not promise.

Poor guy must have felt bad. Especially when he called and she didn't even want to talk to him and I even sent him a photo of her sobbing, which made him feel even more guilty. heheh

Then he came home with these…


Kids are so pampered I swear!!! 

He went all the way to Bangsar and got the kids toys! She's got him wrapped around her little fingers for sure! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Babysitting a 9 month old

On the day I realised we forgot our anniversary, I thought of going out for dinner but then my brother called and asked me to babysit my 9 months old nephew. Of course I said yes.

They dropped him off at about 8.30pm.

My kids was excited because they love their little cousin. When he arrived, he was sleeping but as soon as his parents left, he woke up and was overwhelmed by all the craziness in my house.

uwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! He started crying his eyes out.

I didn't know what to do.

Both my kids didn't really cry much when they were babies. They only cry when they're hungry, or sick or when theres something wrong with them…but even that, they don't cry for long. But my nephew, OMG cried for almost an hour non stop!!!!!

I was freaking out. My husband was too and asked me to call my brother to see if the baby is OK or if he is sick. But I didn't want to give up so fast and ruined the parent's date night.

I carried him in the room, turned on the A/C and called my mum. She was on speaker and was membebeling about all sort of stuff. Somehow, that calmed the baby down. He must have heard his grandma yapping a lot before and felt as ease or something. It was so funny. He slept while I was carrying him and he was sucking his thumb too. 5 minutes later, I put him on the bed and 2 minutes later, he woke up. Smiling and laughing.

Then he became a happy baby. Laughing and eating and playing with the kids. But then it got too loud (my kids are both very loud and in-your-face type of kids) so he started crying again. This whole time he was at my house, I was carrying him. I can feel my back is starting to ache!

At 10.30pm, I took all of them in the room for bed. They were all lying down together and my nephew fell asleep with my daughter hugging him tightly. She is such a sweetheart and good big sister. I can see it in her eyes how much she loves her cousin. She was very helpful too and tried to help me as much as she could. She was so excited and happy each time she made him laugh or each time he touches her face. Got me thinking about having #3 and how good she will be.

My brother came to pick my nephew up at about 11.30pm. Baby was still sleeping when he picked him up.

It was my first time babysitting a baby. All I can say is, OMG it is really tiring. I forgot how tiring it is having to take care of a baby. I just don't know how I did it with my 2 kids but seriously, I think 2 is enough. I don't think I can handle a third!!!

Im so glad that my brother has a baby and my 2 close cousins have 1 each too….so 3 babies in my family and I can "borrow" them anytime. I don't need my own baby. Too stressful!!!

I love you baby Mikael…but I don't want to babysit you anymore! LOL

(Im kidding)

Keeping Kids Healthy

I don't know about you but I get super stressed out when my kids come home from school with a fever or flu. It's the biggest stress ever for me.

1. I don't like giving them medicine (because they don't like the taste - I mean, who does?!)

2. It will be such a struggle getting them to eat medicine. I even had to cheat and hide in their food or even worse, hold them down a few times before and I HATE doing that!
3. Im so bad at looking after sick kids. Im just not one of those mothers who will sponge their kids all night. I'd rather just put a cold patch on their forehead and go to bed
4. I hate waking up at night to give medicine
5. I HATE going to the hospital. We love our paed dearly and wouldn't think about switching to a different paed but just to see him, it's always at least 3 hours wait! WTF?

I could list down a thousand reasons but let's just stick to 5 for now. I think you get the drift! LOL.

Alhamdulillah, generally, my kids are super healthy kids anyway. Even from birth, I hardly have to go to the doctors and they don't get sick easily. They're pretty strong kids but since they started school, they tend to come home with fever and whatnot a lot more than they did before.

I know it sounds like I'm a walking advert for Izumio & Super Lutein but trust me, I won't be saying this if I don't believe it will help. Since I discovered these products, I don't get stressed out anymore whenever my kids are sick.

1. Izumio is basically just water. My kids call it "Water Medicine" because although its not, it acts like medicine. It is super good to treat my kid's fever. I even took it to Paris when we were there last summer. It was quite cold in Paris and my daughter somehow had fever a day before we were scheduled to go to Disneyland. We almost wanted to cancel it if she wasn't well. But after a few packs of Izumio, her fever went away and she was back to normal. Of course, when she had her fever, she needed her rest so for a day or so, she was just lying down. Refusing to eat but thankfully, she is always willing to take the Izumio (because it's just water anyway) instead of taking the paracetamol. I couldn't stress how amazing this product is for fever.

2. Super Lutein is essentially the extract of vegetable essence encapsulated in a sealed soft gel capsule completely safe for babies. My daughter don't eat vege and this is the best thing for her to get all the good stuff that is lacking from her diet. At first, both my kids couldn't take this because they don't know how to swallow it yet. But no worries, you can also chew it and it will become soft. It tastes like berries mixed with fish oil. I know it sounds yucky but I swear it doesn't taste bad. Either that or I'm starting to like the taste because that's how I take them. I chew it. And do you know by chewing it, it soothes your throat too if you have sore throat? Amazing, I tell you. 
Super Lutein
So no, I don't get stressed anymore because my kids are happy with these two products and happily taking them without any fuss. I wish I could video how they run to me when they hear me shaking the bottle of Super Lutein. I don't know whats wrong with them, but they love eating them. I give them 1 capsule a day to maintain their general health and as a vitamin when they're not sick. When they do fall sick, I give them more and up the dosage. 

So many mothers giving these to their kids because they know it works

As a mother, Im happy I can afford to give these to them to build their immune system. That's all I give them by the way, no other vitamins and no other supplements. Only these two products and so far, so good. I've seen it work on a lot of people and that's why I'm so confident in these two products. Not just for kids but for adults with serious ailments too, like cancer. (My tokmi is taking it and doing absolutely awesome. I'll write another post on that next time!)

In case you are wondering how much these things cost… Well, let me tell you, it's not cheap. I know! I know! I'm paying for it (or rather my husband is) so I know it hurts but at the end of the day, hospital bills arent cheap too if you fall sick and not just money, time spent at the hospital too is a waste when you could be doing so many other things. I can't stress enough on how important it is, for me, to keep my children healthy. My husband, who is paying for these products initially complained too about how expensive it is, but at the end of the day…. he's seen it work on them and he stopped complaining now!

For those of you who are interested to give these products a go, you can contact me to purchase them.  1 box of Izumio Hydrogen Water (30 packets of 200ml) retails at RM410 and 1 bottle of Super Lutein (100 capsules) cost RM410. They're increasing the price soon due to the stupid GST! By 1 April 2015, it will be 6% more. (I didn't bother doing the maths yet).

If you would like to get it cheaper (members price) I could try to organise a group buy. Every 15 products or multiples of 15, I will be able to get it at members price at RM336. But don't forget to add 6% after 1st April 2015. 

For me, Im taking it to maintain my good health and for some super vain purposes. My husband is the same too. But if you or your family members have any ailments or any other health conditions, seriously, this product works! You should really get them to try it. 

Email me at dzuraa [@] gmail.com if you want to find out more about this product. Seriously, you won't regret it. 

Health community service by yours truly. Sharing is caring….
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

6 years and we forgot!!!!

It's been a busy month if you haven't noticed. Really, really crazy busy. I'm so stressed out, you have no idea. Sigh.

I'm still having problems setting up my new phone. This morning, I woke up and slowly started to install the ticker app on my phone when suddenly I realised, OMG WE FORGOT OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hubs was still sleeping then.

I couldn't believe it. I'm always so good with birthdays, important dates so how can I forget this time? I have no clue. Hubs usually jot down important dates too…. What happened to his??? I don't know to laugh or cry. But thank god we both are guilty so I didn't feel so bad.

When my husband woke up, I said "Yang!!!!!! OMG Guess what?" with a blur, sleepy face, he asked me what happened but he thought I was referring to something about my phone. He must have thought all my files and photos are gone or something serious like that. I said "we forgot our anniversary" and I gave him a big hug. He was still blur…he said oh yea la….


It's only been 6 years and we can't even remember our anniversary?! Are we that bad? LOL

We did our usual stuff and didn't mention it again. Then lunchtime, he came home and we were talking about it to our daughter when hubs tried to cover up and said he didn't forget, he got me the iPhone 6. Hahah…nice try!

He so didn't!!!

I know him. He will wish me and give me a kiss if he remembers something important like birthdays and anniversaries and even Valentines Day…and this time, I didn't get a wish and a kiss. So, yes, we both are guilty.

I was thinking of going out to celebrate tonight but my brother asked me to babysit my little nephew so we will have to postpone our anniversary celebration. Maybe this weekend or something….

Till then…..

Thank you dear husband for being all that you are to me. Every couple has their ups n down and ours are exactly the same but at the end of the day, when I look back at what we have achieved, I thank God that we ended up together. I don't think I'll be happier with anyone else and I know I'm the best one for you (don't bother looking elsewhere!). Thank you for being an awesome father to the kids and I hope we will be together till Jannah. But, I swear, if we forget our anniversary again next year…. Im making an appointment for marriage therapy!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is it safe?

We are all set for our 10days trip to Istanbul & Dubai this month. In a couple of weeks, we will be off. Everything is paid and booked. The only thing we need to do now is pack. Oh, I hate packing.

Today, hubs and mil was talking about ISIS and suddenly they're having second thoughts about going to Istanbul. Whattt??????!!!

I've spent quite a good few months planning this. This is not my preferred destination but mil really wanted to go to Istanbul and so, we chose Istanbul. Because the flight will take us at least 10hours, we also decided to break the trip so we can stop for a few days in Dubai.

Now, I need to start calling the airlines to see if we can cancel the flights and get a refund, need to cancel hotel booking, find out from the travel agent if we can cancel the tour, which we just paid a couple of weeks ago. Sigh.

I don't mind doing all that. But we need to really sit down and discuss. It is worth going? Can we get refunds? Do we have to pay any penalty for cancelling at the last minute?

But most importantly, is it safe to travel to Turkey now with the whole ISIS thing?
Honestly speaking, I don't know jackshit about this. I don't read the papers and I don't watch the news. I have no clue.

What do you know? Would you go?

iphone 6 +

Hubs promised me to get the iPhone 6 when he upgraded his phone a couple of months back. Since then, I've been waiting. I joked about getting the iPhone 6+ instead but he said its too big for me. It is, but I just wanted to see if he was OK about getting me the iPhone 6+ instead of the iPhone 6 because iPhone 6+ is more expensive. Other than the size, I think theres not much difference between those two.

Yesterday he came back with my new phone. Hurray!!!! I was so excited. I looked in the bag and it is iPhone 6+ instead of iPhone 6. I got a little confused because he upgraded his phone (AGAIN) so I thought he got himself the iPhone 6+ and me, the iphone6 but no, he got me what he thought I wanted, an iPhone 6+! woot woot!!!

Honestly speaking, I prefer holding the iPhone 6. It is smaller and easier to hold. But the bigger the better, right??

We usually get the phone shop to do the data transfer, back up and setting up but this time, I decided to do it myself and my oh my, it's been 2 days and I still can't figure it out! Im so annoyed!!!!

Everything is backed up already but somehow, I can't restore the backup because it is asking me for an encrypt password and I don't know what that password is. I've tried ALL combinations and still, it is all wrong. I guess the last phone I got where the guy did all the backing up, restoring, etc…must have put a password. I don't know.


Im super annoyed.

Monday, March 9, 2015

iPhone back up

I started using iPhone since I was pregnant with my daughter. Roughly about 5 years ago. Before that, I was using Nokia since forever. I'm very loyal. Once I am used to the phone, I'll stick to it.

I didn't want to change to iPhone when I finally did 5 years ago because I was still very comfortable and happy with my Nokia. I always had the latest ones and back then, it did what it needed to do for me. But people kept bragging about iPhone and when my husband finally switched to iPhone, I had to follow. I remember my first iPhone was the iPhone 3. 5 years later, it is now the iPhone 6 that is in the market and of course, since then, there are so many phones claiming to be better than the iPhone but Im just so not bothered to change. As long as I can take photos, Whatsapp, email, browse, I'm happy. There's really no reason for me to change to an android phone. I know! I know! Androids are better (so my brother says to me all the time) but never mind, I'm happy with my iPhone.

My husband switched to the iPhone 6 many months ago and he told me that I can get a new phone if I can sell my iPhone 5s. I finally found a buyer to buy my phone for RM1500 so today, I'm getting an upgrade. Woohoo…..

BUT, not without doing the backup.

I've been using the iPhone for 5 years. What is 5 years? It is 15 THOUSAND photos stored in my phone, EXCLUDING few hundred videos. Can you believe that? I did you not. I have over 15 thousand photos stored in this phone. That's a whole 64GB gone, that's why I need an upgrade.

I've been trying to back but I've not been very successful as apparently, I don't even have enough space on my laptop to store all the photos here.


I don't know what to do anymore.

Im so crazy to carry all that on my phone, right? Well, its not heavy…so I don't feel it :P

Now I have to manually delete the ones that I don't need first and try backing it up again.


Don't be like me. Don't store so many photos!!!!! Its a nightmare to back up!!!