Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sign up a package with Naturally Plus

Naturally Plus was established in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan and has earned a global reputation as a provider of specially designed quality products. They are a global healthcare company and ranked among the top 10 multi-level marking companies in Japan. They've been around for more than a decade and developed and marketed science-based nutritional supplements that meet high standards of safety and quality. You know the Japanese, they're really strict in this kind of things and if it was a scam, they definitely wouldn't have survived this long in the market claiming all sorts of wonderful things, right?

Don't ask me why the they only distribute their products exclusively to their members and not sold in the pharmacy. I have no idea why and I don't even care to find out. What I do know is, it works and its real. They wouldn't be in the market this long if they aren't what they claim to be. Around the world, there are millions consuming this product. If you do a search online on this, you will not find any negative testimonials. The most you will find is that it doesn't work. The only reason why the products didn't work is because of 2 things: 1 - The dose is not sufficient (lower dose requires longer time to heal) and 2 - due to the insufficient dose, it takes longer time to do its job and sometimes, people give up too fast.

Naturally Plus has many offices around the world and soon will be opening its doors in Brunei. So Brunei folks, now is the time for you to join in the membership! It pays to be high up the chart if you are interested in earning some money from consuming this product. Isn't it wonderful? Not only you benefit from better health, you could potentially earn some money from it as well. 

Anyway, there are 2 main products that they can offer you:

1. Izumio Hydrogenated Water - As you know, Izumio is water with high content of hydrogen and a powerful antioxidant. To know more about how hydrogen can work for you, look for Professor Ohta's research on hydrogen medicine. He is one of the pioneers in hydrogen. He was in KL recently where he talked about Hydrogen medicine. You can read more on how powerful hydrogen is here and here. There are many benefits of hydrogen that you can find from Mr Google too. 

2. Super Lutein is a dietary supplements that offers a solution for obtaining the nutrients we need in a more efficient way. It consists of 6 different carotenoids as well as DHA, vitamin E, vitamin B complex and other nutrients. Carotenoids are thought to provide health benefits in decreasing the risk of diseases including cancers and eye diseases. It is a 1 for all type of supplements and suitable for everyone including children. 

What is in a package with Naturally Plus?
A package simply means you buy in bulk. Everyone knows that when you buy in bulk, the product becomes cheaper, right? 

A package is 15 products of either Izumio or Super Lutein including the membership fee & a welcome pack. Package is RM5330.00

If you do the maths, each product becomes to about RM355 each. These products are retailed at RM435 each. What you save is RM80 each. That's a lot because in the long term, that's like RM1200 savings for 15 products.  With RM1200 savings, you can get another 3 products which can last you for another close to 2 months. 

Why should you buy a package with Naturally Plus?
1. For your health…it will be the best thing you spend your money on. (Even better than spending it on handbag!). If you are not healthy, you can't enjoy anything. Health is wealth, remember? Gandhi said that, not me!

2. You want to consume the products in the long run and consume it cheaper. (Why wouldn't you since this is all you ever need anyway?) 

3. Cheaper than buying loose products

4. You get to earn your own points

5. Start earning and do this business (if you don't want to, that's ok too! no pressure!)

6. You get to be part of a successful team. We have an amazing team and awesome leader who is always out there to help you achieve whatever you want to achieve in this business. Your growth will be faster than if you join another team. 

7. Good support group on FB for our team. There, you can ask any questions about the products or if you need advice on how to consume, what dosage..there is a team of experts (including medical professionals) on the team to support you. You can read a lot of testimonials which will help you to help others too. We have so many members there who are consuming the products for all sorts of ailments including cancer, diabetes and everything else. It's a good place to share and get support, which you won't get outside. 

8. Get rewarded for your hard work. All you need to do is share. Word of mouth, through your blog, sharing on fb or instagram or any way you like. Sharing is caring, right? Why wouldn't you share something that is good? For high achievers, you get free holidays and other bonuses as well. Most important thing is, for me at least, is share from the heart. 

Don't worry…….
Signing up doesn't mean you are tied or will be pushed to do the business or to share……

There are no targets to meet…..unless you set it yourself. You don't get penalised for not signing up new people or for not selling the products. If you are happy as a consumer and wants to keep doing it quietly…you can do that too. There will be zero pressure from the company or me, or your leader to get sales. I don't push for sales. I just share what I think is good and then it's up to you to come and look for me if you want to buy the products. What's important to me is, you know what is good for you and as much as possible, I want you to be able to consume it cheaper. For me, if you buy loose products or you buy package, it is good enough for me because both ways, you are supporting my business (thank you for that!) but like I said, I would surely want you to get your money's worth. I consumed the products loose for more than 6 months without signing up and I regret doing so so much. I just don't want you to make the same mistake because it could have saved me quite a lot of money by signing up sooner.

Get your package today! Start by signing up with the 0% interest and if you choose 12 months instalment, it will be only RM444 per month

Also, for those of you who bought the package, say if after 3 months of consuming the products, you decided that it is not working for you or you are not happy with the products, I will be happy to buy back the remaining products at whatever cost you paid for. You have nothing to loose.

Call me, Whatsapp me or email me if you want to get that package today!!
Email me at izumiolife (@) or WA me at +6 016 2890041. For international customers, those in Brunei or Singapore or anywhere else, you can purchase it from me and we can get the products delivered to you too.

Bruenians, get ready…we are coming to you soon!!!! Start now and don't wait….
Saturday, May 30, 2015


I didn't have any cravings when I was pregnant with both my kids. I just had a favourite thing and I would want it every single day. But I don't consider that cravings. 

With my daughter, I wanted ice blended from coffee bean. It has to be the pure double chocolate with lots of whipped cream. It was yummy.

With my son, I wanted rainbow cake by Bisou. Everyday is the same. I became quite fat and my doctor was quite worried about my weight. It was so funny.
Now, the sight of rainbow cake makes me want to vomit!

For the past few months, I crave chocolate cake almost every time before I get my period. Cake has got to be ordered and not the ones you can buy from Bisou or any cake shop. It got to be homemade too. You can't just buy one slice, you need to get the whole cake. I realize that if I continued with this habit, I'll end up super fat soon. No one else likes chocolate cake in the house so usually I will end up eating the whole cake.

This few days I've been craving for coffee. Not just any coffee. It has to be Starbucks ice latte! For your info, I stopped drinking coffee since I got pregnant with my daughter. I also stopped drinking coke around the same time. Since then, I will have a cup of coffee only for breakfast when I'm on holiday. I will have coke if my husband can't finish his. It has to have plenty of ice.

Few days back, I told my husband I want Starbucks. Funny thing is, there's no Starbucks nearby. Then on Wednesday, we were in plaza damas and there's Starbucks there but my cravings was gone. 

Today, I'm craving for banana fritters. Not the typical goreng pisang ok. I want those funky types with chocolate sauce and ice cream.

What is wrong with me? 
Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mee Rebus Plaza Damas

This has got to be my favourite place to go for mee rebus. It is really the best! Im not a mee rebus kind of person but this one, I like A LOT!!!!!

We've been coming here since I can remember. My mum can eat this everyday and will never say no to this.

If you are in Plaza Damas and in the mood for street food, please go check out Aji Don.

Must try:

1. Mee Rebus, of course
2. Satay is quite good
3. Rojak buah is nice
4. Fish ball soup is good
5. Kuey Teow goreng is awesome too

That's what we usually order for our little family. All for under RM50 for 5 pax. Not bad right?

For anti-ageing

Im in denial actually. I still cannot believe I'll be 36 this year and I still cannot accept that I have wrinkles! I mean, how did that happen so fast??? I still feel 30 most of the time.

I'm always on the lookout for anti-ageing stuff.

I remember when I was about 25, in Cardiff and this person at the Estee Lauder counter wanted to sell me anti-ageing stuff and I gave her the "R u kidding me? I'm only 25" look. Now, I wish I listened to her. Maybe if I did get the stuff she wanted to sell me at 25, I wouldn't have wrinkles around my eyes. Too bad, so sad.

This is what I am trying now for anti-ageing….

1. Drink Izumio & Super Lutein because it is good for me (and for you!). It's always good to look good on the outside and inside, so I believe, this 2 magic products will be good for my inside. Plus, both are great antioxidants and I believe, it will help me age gracefully from the inside and outside. 

This lady is 75 years old and she looks super darn good for her age. Her skin looks amazing. I saw her again a few days back and she looks even younger now, I swear. It's not those "botox" kind of younger looking skin, btw… Her skin doesn't look "tight" like what botox does to your face. She can still smile and laugh and looks natural but she has that glow in her face and she swears by this 2 products for her glowing face. It's worth a try anyway.

2. Do the mask as often as I can. Sometimes, I can be quite lazy. When I started doing the mask, I swear I saw my face became brighter instantly. But I didn't want to believe it because it is too good to be true. I was so excited about the glowing skin, I kept on masking every single bloody day for about 2 weeks. Im not kidding. I have my hantu face photo with the mask on, every day to prove it. I love how my dull skin became brighter. Then I stopped doing it because my skin was already brighter. Then it became dull again. I was lazy I didn't continue. Each time I look in the mirror, I will be like .."why are you so freaking ugly?" and then I remembered, I didn't mask for few weeks, that's why. So now, Im starting to mask again. You might say…so much hassle to do it daily… but think about it, you are exposed to so much UV and sun daily, can't run away from that since we live in of course your skin will become dull right? I need to do it daily or every time I need a little boost. It's so easy. My whole family is so used to seeing the ghost face that I don't look funny anymore.

3. Applying MooGoo anti-aging face cream on my face. This product was highly recommended and since Im not loving any of my other anti ageing face cream at the moment, I decided to give this a go. It's been almost 2 weeks since I first started using this cream and so far, so good. I actually like it very much. I have oily face especially on my t-zone and I find that using creams on my face makes it even oiler and I hate it. Most of the time, I don't use any creams on my face because I don't think I need to. But since I started using this cream, I find that my skin is softer. It doesn't make my skin feel oily too. I took a "before" photo before I started and I will compare it after giving this product a try for about month or two. What I love about MooGoo products is that they are non greasy. My skin feels really smooth after each application and it soaks in really well. Like with any new products you try, you need to give it time before saying that it is working or not…I hope next month I can write a review on this product because I'm actually loving it so far.

Those are the 3 things I am doing to slow the ageing process. I hate saying it but I am ageing!!! I can't stop it but at least I need to do something to slow the process. I don't mind getting old, I just want to look nice when Im old. And Im not ready for wrinkles…so wrinkles please go away!!!!

One thing I also need to do is start exercising. Yawn!

School Holiday

Today is the last day of school. Kids will be on a 2 weeks break and I cannot believe that first semester is already coming to an end. So fast time flies and it's already mid year?!

Hubs told me to look for 2 short breaks for this school holiday. 1 will be for the kids and another one will be for the parents to chill. How I wish the second break will be just that but unfortunately, kids will tag along on that trip too so how can parents chill???? But whatever it is, being the good wife (and mum) that I am, I put on my "travel agent" hat and start browsing.

Believe it or not, we have RM2000 worth of  Agoda points to utilise. Amazing isn't it?

I looked at a few location…. It will be a 3 days 2 nights trip so we didn't want to go anywhere far.

Options were:

I don't mind going to Langkawi because food is good there. Penang is ok too but we always go there and we always end up at the same place so honestly, I am kind of sick of Penang. But hubs sort of prefer going to Penang because we can just drive there instead of taking a plane. Legoland will be awesome because driving to Johor is always fun and not too far (plus there's an option to enter Singapore for some shopping) and kids will LOOOVVVEEE legoland. And phuket…Well, I've never been there so it's purely for selfish reasons. Beach is always good and I think it's cheap there and we can afford nicer resorts.

After a week of ding-dong-ding-donging….

Kids chose LEGOLAND.

It's so expensive!!! 1 room at the Legoland hotel is almost RM1500 per night. That's also one of the reasons why we thought we should wait when its cheaper to go there. But my daughter was so excited and she told EVERYONE we are going to Legoland that her father just couldn't say no anymore. She told her teachers, her friends, my mum and practically everyone else she sees that we are going Legoland! All we did was showed her some photos of the room (with double decker beds) and SOLD!

Obviously, our Agoda points is not enough….so we got to top up a little bit for that trip.

Legoland it is then!

The thing is, according to my friend…..most of the stuff in Legoland are for bigger kids. My kids won't be able to get on most of the rides. We thought it would be better to wait till they are a bit taller and bigger. But my daughter has made up her mind.

Im not really looking forward for legoland to be honest, because I rather be by the beach but I'm secretly hoping we can go for a shopping spree in Singapore. 

Kids always win huh?

For the parent's trip…I don't care, we are going to the beach!!!!
Pangkor Laut would be good where I can just do nothing but sleep and eat! I miss that place….

Are you going anywhere for holiday soon?

Speaking of holidays, I had this bad dream last night….
We were in New Zealand on a group holiday with the kids and few other people….and basically, we had fun and all but at the end of the dream, the whole area where we were at suddenly started raining heavily and flooded. And then I couldn't find my son. It was soooo scary. I was screaming and crying because I couldn't find him. I got up from that dream and then saw him next to me, I was so happy. But I couldn't go back to sleep. Luckily it was already 7am. So no going to New Zealand for holiday, for sure!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Treating Eczema

My daughter had eczema. Nothing too serious but it was bad enough that she had to rely on steroid creams every now and then. I noticed that each time she eats a lot of salt or junk food, she will have flare ups. When she does, it will be a trip to the paed and 9 out of 10 times, he will prescribe her with some kind of steroid cream. 

I have all types for different flare ups. I know them all. It works like magic. She will be scratching for a few days ---> the skin will get irritated ----> off to the paed ----> start steroid cream and within days, it will disappear and go away. Until the next time she eats a lot of salt and junk. We are so used to it that sometimes, I just keep the steroid creams at home. Don't even have to see the paed anymore. 

I was very careful though. I know that this "magic" cream contains steroid and it thins the skin and not to be applied on her skin for more than a week or maximum 2 weeks. Luckily, it never got that bad. Usually, by day 5, it will all go away. It is like "magic" but must always remember that it contains drugs. At the back of my head, I knew I had to look for alternatives.

Apart from relying on steroid creams, I also had to look for all sorts of lotion and creams to moisturize her skin. This is important as certain lotion will sometimes give her flare ups too. 

One time it got really bad. I decided to take a different route and try Izumio & Super Lutein instead after seeing a few testimonials from some friends. My daughter went through quite a bad "detox" phase where the itch is a million times stronger than it ever was for almost whole week. It was so bad that she couldn't sleep but my friend who sold this products told me to persevere. Halfway, I almost gave up because it was really bad. Poor child couldn't sleep and it was really tough for me as her mother to see her go through so much pain. It's not so much "pain" but she was suffering. After a week of trying it out, the rash and eczema stopped. It just slowly went away. But this time, it never came back. 

She's 5 years old. I can't stop her from having her occasional junk food. I remember when I was a kid and how I loved junk food. Im not one of those mothers who will deprive their kids of the occasional bag of chips. Of course, I know its not good for her. But I also remember how much happier I was after getting a packet of chips every now and then. I guess, you can condemn me for being a bad mum but hey, Im not going to stop her from having some junk food every now and then. To each of its own right? So anyway, she does have junk food, not very often but she does. Previously, each time when she does take junk food, she will have a flare up…but since she started consuming Izumio & Super Lutein, she doesn't have flare ups anymore even after eating junk food. I don't know how or why but she is not allergic to junk food anymore. (That doesn't mean I give her junk food all the time, I still control her intake as much as before. OK fine, it is maybe a little more now than before! Sue me!)

So yes, Izumio & Super Lutein does work to treat and control eczema for my daughter.

With my daughter as my own testimonial, I am very proud to share this product with whoever who is suffering from eczema because I've seen it work with my own eyes. However, the most important thing to note is to persevere because in order for the products to work, especially for skin conditions like eczema, it needs to heal it from within. 

It will take time. It is not magic like steroid cream. This one, is completely NATURAL. You will need to allow yourself at least a month to see the difference. My daughter healed within the first month but some people might take longer and some maybe less. But whatever it is, before giving up on this product, you need to give it a chance to do its work. Ensure that you give it time & taking the right dosage is important too. 

Since I started with this business, my job is to share my experience & help others get better. I wish I had taken a before and after photo of my daughter's eczema & skin problems but unfortunately, I was too busy treating her (which was quite stressful) that I didn't think to take any photos. 

These are some of the success stories and testimonials from my growing group. 

1. Suraya is an 8 year old girl who's been suffering from eczema since she was a baby. She's been relying on steroid cream all her life before she discovered Izumio & Super Lutein. Imagine what 8 years of steroid can do to your skin. It is pretty bad. After 6 weeks of consuming our products, she is much better and is now eczema free. She was taking 1 izumio + 2 Super Lutein per day. On days when she has flare ups, her mother will increase the dose. 

2. Here is a friend who had eczema on her hand and Izumio & Super Lutein helped her manage her eczema. You can read more about her story here

3. This is another success story that I'm very happy about. After 2-3 weeks of consuming the products, she can see the eczema on her finger is getting better. 

4. This lady also has bad eczema on her hands possibly due to the laundry detergent or cleaning products that she uses at home. Her self esteem was affected by this as she is not able to do a lot of things we take for granted - like shaking hands with people. But after consuming the products for about 1-2 months, her hand is now much better. Her self confidence is back and she is happy to share her progress with other people.

Stories like the above motivates me to share more about the products with other people.

Yes, the price is a big issue to many if not all of us but isn't it worth it? One of my customers said "money is something I can always find" and his concern is to make sure his health is ok and prevent future diseases. This is what the products can do for you.

I love sharing about how this products can help with eczema because you can see it on photos. But this products has helped many people in treating so many diseases which can't be captured on photos. Fever, flu, sinus, slipped disc, high blood pressure….etc…I have a long list….

If you have a health problem and would like to know if this product can help you, or your loved ones…do email me.

The product cost RM444 a month on 12 months interest free credit with 6 major credit cards. What are you waiting for? Give yourself a chance and let me show you how you can beat this eczema the natural way. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


My kids are so funny!!!!

I wish I can record every damn thing they say but most of the time, I can't remember them.

Today is different, I quickly took my phone out and typed it down.

Daughter: Mummy, F is driving me crazy!!!!!!
Son: No!!!!! Me don't want to drive!!!

It's simple things like this that makes me feel blessed because this kind of  "entertainment" is priceless!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Handbag problem - ONGOING

Remember this post?

We were in Dubai back in April when my husband surprised me and told me I could get a bag (within his budget of course) but we didn't have time then to get one. I always thought, when I get is a bonus. When I expect thing, I get disappointed so for me, I don't have expectations when it comes to getting or receiving something from someone. It's better that way and easier for me to manage my emotions because trust me, handbags are a BIG DEAL. If you get disappointed, that's it man, depression will kick in and it's not pretty.

So when I didn't get a bag from Dubai, finally, I just closed that chapter. Even though he told me we can get one when we are back from KL, honestly, I just let it go in one ear and out from another.

It's been over a month and still NO BAGS!

I've been browsing tho. Online.
Every single day I will check out some instagram shop or personal shopper page. You know, just in case.

So far, I've not been successful. I haven't really found what I really want. Well, I know what I want…but it's not in my budget. I need to find the next best thing and it is the hardest thing ever!

Last week……

Hubs: Do you know already……???
Me: Huh??? Know what? (really don't know what he's talking about)
Hubs: Ala…u know…that one!!!
Hubs: alaa………that thing you want…..u know which one already or not???
Me: (Irritated because I don't know what he's talking about) What is it??
Hubs: Handbag la….!!!! Do you know which one you want???
Me: (doing chicken dance inside) (act cool) hmmmm……..dont know yet!


OMG OMG! It's still on!!!

He's still getting me a bag!!!

OK Active searching starts NOW!!!!!

What's your favourite instagram stop for handbags?
Sunday, May 24, 2015

Overdue visit to Zoo Negara

Can you believe we've never been to the Zoo Negara?! We've been to the Singapore Zoo but we've never be to Zoo Negara. Beat that! And if you must know, Zoo Negara is 15 minutes from my house. 

We've always wanted to go but somehow, because it is so near, we always make excuses and go somewhere else. 

This week, my husband put his foot down and said, we must go to the Zoo Negara on Sunday. Kids usually go swimming on Sundays but this Sunday, hubs said we'll go to the Zoo Negara in the morning and we can go swimming in the evening. Fine. Let's go!!!

Because we always cancel at the last minute, I didn't even bother getting tickets online. It is cheaper if you pre purchase it online (I think) but you need to get it 2 days in advance. Since we always cancel, I just didn't want to buy it and not use it. This time, it's for real.

On the way to the Zoo, I just realised that I didn't bring the kid's Mykid. Foreigners pay a higher entrance fee. I asked if we should turn back to get the Mykid but hubs didn't want to. 

We got to the Zoo Negara pretty early. I think it was before 10am. There weren't too many people and although the carpark area closer to the entrance was already full, we managed to find 1 spot that is just perfect! We decided to take a family photo at the entrance first. 

There weren't people at the ticket counter and there was no queue just yet. The lady asked if we were Malaysian and of course I said yes. Luckily she didn't ask to see the Mykid because I didn't bring them.  My son who is not 3 years old yet, get it for free. Yippie!!! We paid about RM184.00 for all of us.

We forgot to take the map of the Zoo. We should have. We went straight in and being the lazy bums that we all are, we went straight to the Tram Ride starting point. We had to pay and get tickets from there to get on the tram. That's another RM21.00 for all of us.

When we were queuing up for the tram, they told us to go catch the Animal Show first since it will be starting soon. The tram ride is not like those hop and go type. It doesn't allow you access to hop on and hop off. It goes only to 1 stop, which is near the Panda Conservation Centre and then it goes back to the Tram starting point. When you stop at the Panda Conservation Centre, you will only be allowed back on the tram once and that's it. I don't know why they don't do those hop on and off! Isn't it better that way?

So anyways, we walked to catch the animal show. The show was alright, nothing great. It was a good hour or so and we left even before the whole show ended because kids wanted ice lollies! They've never had one and when they saw this family in front of us happily enjoying their ice lollies, they wanted one and didn't want to wait.

We went to a nearby shop to get some snacks and ice creams. That cost us about another RM40.00 or so. They hated the ice lolly and didn't even have more than 3 bites. I was so angry!!! 

Next we go on the tram and went straight to the Panda Conservation Centre. It's a whole big building for 2 pandas. The first panda looked so sad and the second one looked bored. Poor thing.

It's only the 2 of them in the whole big space with nothing much to do. I felt so sorry for them.

After that, we passed by a small cafe. It is air conditioned too so we decided to have lunch there. We ordered 2 nasi lemaks and 1 meehoon plus a couple of mineral water. That cost us about RM40.00 or so. Food was alright. Nothing great.

Right outside, we got to see the professional photos taken right outside by the Zoo Negara's photographer. 1 photo with the frame is RM30.00 but the promotion they had was 7 photos for RM100.00. We got that one. Which we shouldn't have because our photos were taken by the photographers everywhere around the Zoo. We should have printed right before we left so we can get a combination of photos taken at different areas instead of just 7 photos of only around the Panda Conservation area. We were going to get more photos anyway because we took a couple at the Animal Show and at the entrance of the Zoo Negara too. Ah well.

After seeing the sad Pandas, we walked towards the tram stop to get on it again. On the way there, we saw some giraffes, white tigers, a sad lazy looking camel and few other animals. 

We got on the tram and it took us right to where we started. My daughter wanted to see some rabbits so we went to the Children's world. There you will find some animals you can touch like goats, rabbits, miniature horse (so cute). 

The kids (baby goats) were so funny because they were so loud. They looked like asking for help to escape. Poor babies. My favourite is the miniature horse. It is so cute and my husband thought it was a donkey. LOL.

After that, we walked towards the photo shop. Printed the other stuff we had taken and took another package of 7 photos for RM100.00. My son was so tired he fell asleep while waiting for the photos to be printed. On the way out, theres a gift shop, my daughter wanted a Frozen Umbrella! Sigh. Frozen Umbrella from Zoo Negara!!!!! RM13.00. My husband also bought some fridge magnets and whatnot and spent another RM30.00.

All and all we spent about almost RM600.00 at the Zoo Negara. Not cheap, huh?

But we had such a great time. Kids enjoyed themselves and although we are not really animal lovers and all, we had fun seeing some of the animals. My favourite are the giraffes. They're really beautiful.
Hubs said it would be nice if we can adopt a baby cheetah. And I said, it would be nicer to adopt baby giraffes. He then gave me the wth look!!! Pffft!!!

Why not baby giraffes? 

Btw, the last time I went to the Zoo Negara was probably at least 20 years ago. And it is sooooooo different now. It is so much nicer. Im glad my husband pushed us to go. We had so much fun!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


My husband recently asked me about my driving licence, if it is still valid or needed renewal. The last time I renewed my licence was a few years back. I don't exactly remember when but I remember 2 things about the last time I renewed it:

1. I chose a photo when I was much younger. Hence, I look pretty good in the photo (thank god I kept lots of copies of my old photos for things like this)
2. Because I wanted my photo to be there for long, I made sure I took the maximum. I think it was for 5 years.

In my head, I still have a good few years for me to renew it again. I mean, I remember going to the JPJ office doing it and it felt like it was just 2 years ago, max. Which means, I still have 3 years or so to go before I have to renew it again.

When my husband asked, I just said of course it is still valid. I didn't even bother checking because, why should I. I just did it few years back.

Then we all totally forgot about it and moved on. The conversation ended with me confirming that I don't need to renew it for another few years. OK, the end.

Few week later, while I was clearing my wallet and rearranging stuff, I took out my licence.

OMG!!!! I've been driving without a valid driving licence since LAST YEAR!!!! WTH???????????
OMG!!!! I couldn't believe it. How did that happen?? Didn't I JUST renewed it few years back?? Don't I have like at least 3 years still??????

Time is passing by so fast and I didn't even realise that my driving licence expired last year!!! Dammnn!!!!!

Thank God all these while, I didn't get stopped.

Actually, honestly, I did get stopped recently at a roadblock because my car windows are tinted a little bit too dark. I don't do bribes and I always ask the officer to saman me. Im very cocky when they stop me and surprisingly, my cockiness will always get me out of getting a saman. Don't ask me why. I never pay and give bribe to get out of getting a ticket. I don't really care if they give me ticket because normally I will just pass it to my husband and he will pay it anyway.

One time I get stopped and they asked for my licence. Im pretty sure it was quite recent and my licence has already expired then. I guess the officer didn't look properly. Ah well, thank god I didn't get fined!

Im dreading to go renew it again. Im going to loose my old photo. I got to take a new photo and urrggg, I'm sure you can see wrinkles already now. Im not ready to have a new licence photo with wrinkles and eye bags around my eyes. Noooo!!!!!

So, I went to and got it renewed online. First time trying this service out. It was recommended by a friend. The process was easy and quite straight forward. But because of some settings on my laptop, I was not able to do it. I had to try a couple of times to get it done. Finally, it was done.

Then on the last page (after they've taken money out from my account), the page hanged! Shit!!!

I emailed them but no reply.

Finally, I tried going back in and tried to retrieve the info back and looks like it all went ok. Let's hope I get my licence delivered to me next week. Im still driving around with no licence…but technically, I actually have one, it's just not with me yet. Still, it's illegal, right? Shhhhhhhh..dont tell anyone!



Note to self: please check your licence every year.

To make it easier for people to remember to renew their licence, they now make the expiry date the same date as your birthdate. So check your licence every birthday. Great!!! Now I have to buy myself a "birthday present" every year. Damn JPJ!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Letter to grandma

I love writing letters. I remember writing to my parents each time I did something wrong to explain myself and usually, I get away with it because they just go "awwwww" after reading my letter. 

We just came back from a short trip to the east coast and my 5 year old daughter wrote this to her grandma. 

I love it. And when I showed my mum, she loves it too! 

Her spelling and writing needs a lot of work but I'm so proud of what she wrote and also the effort. In my books, this is A++! 

Let's go back the old fashion way and write more letters! (Emails doesn't count) 
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Im a chocoholic

Imagine a room full of people sitting in a circle…..and then you see me raising up my hands and go… "Hi, my name is DQ and Im a chocoholic" and everyone goes "hiiiii… DQ"

I am!!!!!

Its not good!!!

But I crave chocolates all the freaking time.

Don't ever show me, or recommend any chocolates to me… I beg you.

This is how bad I am….

Few years back, I was hooked on Patchi. Yes, bloody expensive (but ohhhhh soooo nice) Patchi. I was so gatal and tried a chocolate there that I never tried. BOOM! RM150 gone just like that for a few pieces of chocolate. Bloody pathetic. It only lasted me 1 day.

Next day, I went again to get more. And it went on for quite a few days until I decided I had to stop because I couldn't afford it!!! Like Im on drugs. (Maybe there's drugs in there, I don't know) I kept wanting more and I couldn't control myself. So I stopped. Detox for awhile and it worked. Now, Im totally off patchi. I wouldn't even dare to go inside anymore because I know I won't be able to stop. I still have dreams about that particular chocolate that I love from there. The shape is like a baseball cap. With small pieces of nuts inside…ahhh…..really to die for.

I get Patchi for raya tho. Wonderful people seldom send it to me for raya hampers. And my husband usually buys Patchi hampers for his mum, his dad and my mum and usually, he will buy one for us too. That's when I fight with my kids for chocolates and when Im a sore loser, I just hide it all from them and eat all! Go ahead and judge me… I fight with my kids for chocolates.

Since my patchi craving episode is over… I moved on to something else….

Chocolate cakes. Bloody hell!!!!! Each cake cost me RM200 bucks BUT, it last for 2 weeks. Im so happy my kids don't really like it (except my son sometimes) and my husband will have a piece every now and then. But every month I'll order a cake!!! That's so not normal.

Every month I'll come up with a reason to celebrate. When my grandma was in hospital, I ordered a cake, kononnya to give guests (but I ended up eating most of it), when my grandma was discharged, I ordered another cake, kononnya to celebrate she's ok. She only ate 1 piece and guess who ate the most?
Then we had izumio party, I ordered 2 cakes cuz 1 cake isn't enough. I had to order 1 extra because I want a whole cake to myself. My husband always look at me like Im crazy. Like "cake again?" look each time I bring home a cake. Kononnya because my kids love to pretend to blow candles and sing happy birthday but we all know its me who loves it more than the kids.. Damn it!!!

This month, Im craving again but Im trying my best to stop myself from ordering more. Normal chocolate cake doesn't do it for me anymore. I have to order them because they taste better than the ones you get from cake shops.

Gosh! What is wrong with me??

Anyone has this problem??

Im craving chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little psychic

Can I tell you a little secret??? Don't tell anyone!

I think I'm a bit of a psychic. Like seriously. I actually believe I am one. No joke. When I tell my husband this, he doesn't believe me. Most of the time, he will look at me and laugh or give me the "don't be silly" look. My supportive husband, ladies and gentlemen! 

Few days ago, my daughter's school wrote an email to me to inform me of 2 things. One is the campus will not be ready (as expected!) and two, that my daughter will not be eligible to get the fixed fee structure. I studied in the same school many many many many years ago and I graduated from that same school. I thought I'd be eligible for the alumni discount but unfortunately because I didn't complete x number of years, it doesn't matter if I graduated from there or not, which really sucks. When the admission lady told me that, I was disappointed especially since my whole family was from that very same school. I wish they'd consider it and "give face" but no means no apparently. 

I thought about it and I let it go. Getting on that fees structure would mean we will save a few % a year on fees increase. But it's ok. Not like savings from there goes into my pocket anyway and my shopping tabung so... Whatever lah. Case closed.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. I tried so hard but I could not sleep. I thought about so many things while I was in bed trying to sleep but all I could think of was about the fees. I don't know why. I'm not even bothered anymore. For a whole hour, in bed, at probably 4am, I thought of emailing the Head of the school. I thought about what to say and how to present my case to get on to that fees structure. I even had mental picture of my points line by line and mental picture of that email being sent. Finally, after my "email" was ready and I was happy with my points to argue why I deserved it, I fell asleep. It was like a dream almost but no, I was awake when I "drafted" the email in my head.

Then today..out of the blue, I got a call from the school. 


The admissions lady wanted more information to present my case to the board. What??! I swear I didn't send any emails out last night! 

So there I was, talking to her on the phone and trying to remember all the points I thought of saying last night, while I was in bed.

There you go. I'm a psychic. Believe it or not.

Things like this happens to me all the time. So freaking cool!

UPDATE: OMG OMG!!!!! This morning, I received an email to say that the board had granted a special consideration for my application! WOOT WOOT! We will be eligible for the special fee programme! Im so happy!!!! Big school here we come. 
Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kitchen makeover

You know, I've never really felt "at home" in the kitchen. I see other stay at home mums loving their kitchen and love to cook and I'm thinking to myself, why don't I love being in the kitchen? How come I hate cooking so much? And how can I make good food if I don't love being in the kitchen and don't love cooking?

I've decided that I need to revamp my kitchen. I have not discussed this with the paymaster aka hubster just yet but I think I should do my own research first and then discuss with him my plans. 

I actually like my kitchen a lot. My apartment is quite open and from my kitchen, I can see everything. My kitchen doesn't look bad or messy or anything, it just lacks colour and umphh. For me to fefeeling Martha Stewart, I need to make sure I have all the right tools. And it has got to be pretty too.

When I first got married and moved in with my husband, he didn't have any kitchen stuff at all except for a few mugs and glasses. We bought the kitchen stuff together but its been over 6 years now and I think we need to get new ones. The old ones are looking a bit dated now. Plus, some don't work so well anymore. Since we didn't and don't have guests in the house much (we are anti-social), some of our plates and bowls and whatnot don't even match. We only take out the nice stuff when we have guests, which is once in a blue moon. But I think, the Martha Stewart in me is screaming to come out. I want each meal to be instagram photo worthy. (OMG! Am I really saying this?). Yeah! shoot me!!! It's 2015 and everything should be on instagram! LOL. (Im kidding!). But I do believe we should have prettier stuff for ourselves to enjoy. I mean, its ok to bring out the nice stuff when we have guests but we should also have nice stuff for our everyday use, no? Well, I think we deserve it and I think it will make me more bersemangat to cook if everything looks good.

So Im on a mission…….. Im looking for kitchen stuff…pots, pants, air fryer, plates, cups, etc…..

Any recommendation? Need suggestions. And remember…it's gotta be Martha Stewart worthy.
Send me links of instagram or FB shops too if you know any good ones. 

Thank you.

P/S: No kitchenaid pls. Im not ready to bake yet.

UPDATE: I just got my finance department approval to get a Tefal Airfryer! LOL. Its not that expensive but Im so excited. Im on the way to becoming Malaysia's Martha Stewart! 

"Busy" Mother's Day

A day before Mother's Day, I got my daughter all hyped up. Told her how excited I was that I get to celebrate Mother's Day and told her to get me flowers. Indirectly, I was actually hinting to my husband to get me flowers because, obviously my kids can't get me flowers on their own. Duh. Somehow, he never got the hint! (Why am I not surprised?)

I was hoping to prove myself wrong. I was secretly hoping he would make some effort to make Mother's Day special for me on behalf of my kids but nahhhh, I didn't get none of that.

My kids made me a special Mother's Day artwork type thing from school. The school wrote a letter last week requesting us to give the kids 1 photo of mummy & kids / family photo so I knew they had a Mother's Day project going on.

She came home on Friday and ran towards me to pass me my gift. My son couldn't be bothered. He's just not excited about all this stuff (typical!). I looked at the project and said thank you. It was a photo frame with our photo, a flower & a handbag. Boy, if only it was a real handbag! LOL.

That Saturday night, I reminded them to wish me first thing in the morning.

Sunday morning…. "Happy Mother's Day, mummy" was the first thing that came out of both my kid's mouth. I was really happy. It was really sweet of them.

Then they did their usual Sunday activity. Swimming. Playing with Papa and on their iPad.

Then I asked my daughter…..

Mummy: Where is my flower??? Im so upset I didn't get any flowers. This is not a good Mother's Day at all!!! (I was joking of course but made a sad face and all)
Daughter: Mummyy!!!!!!!!! I'm busy!!! Tomorrow lah we get for you flowers!!! Tomorrow also can!!!

See, only 5 years old and already too busy to get me flowers. Sigh.

Super Lutein for the eyes

Initially when I first got to know about the products, the purpose was to treat my daughter's eczema. And then I found out how it can help with other things to treat their fever…and then I found out about more things that it can do, not just for my family but for other people. When you are in this business, you have no choice but to research how this product can work for all your customers. Then you will know how amazing this product is. It truly is.

When the Japanese created this product, what they wanted to do was to do the ultimate supplement for the eyes. But after that, they realise that all the ingredients in Super Lutein can help with so many other things. 

Super Lutein (SL) is a well balanced nutritional supplement. It contains carotenoids which essentially found in brightly coloured red, yellow and green vegetables. Before getting to know this product, I have not heard of the word carotenoids. I don't know what that is and now, I hear it everywhere, all the time. Carotenoids are a powerful antioxidant and Super Lutein contains 6 carotenoids.  

Super Lutein was first created for the eyes. It is like the ultimate supplement to protect the eyes. The ingredients in it helps with many eye related diseases such as myopia, gloucoma and cataract.

In today's world and with today's lifestyle, it is important to take care of our health especially our eyes since we rely so much on gadgets like iPads and computers more than ever. How many hours do you spend on the laptop or your phone and ipad each week compared to 20 years ago? It's crazy right? Kids are exposed to iPads from as early as 1 years old and do you know how damaging that is for our eyes?

My kids are exposed to iPads from young. I'm one of them mothers who relies on iPads to entertain my kids (shoot me!) and yes I know it can be damaging to their eyes so what I do to make myself feel less guilty is by making sure I give them the best supplement for their eyes. They only get their iPads from Saturday mornings till Sunday dinner. That way, everyone is happy. 

Blue rays and ultra violets are most damaging to the eyes. It creates excessive free radicals from over exposure of sunlight, TV, computer etc. Modern diet also lack in carotenoids and other vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E.

To protect the eyes, one of the best things you can do is to change your diet. To include lutein. Lutein becomes like a "natural sunglasses" and protects your eyes from the sun and uv rays. If you don't want to consume Super Lutein, then start changing your diet.

Your diet should include dark green vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli which is high in lutein. 

Many people have consumed Super Lutein and seen improved vision. If your child spends a lot of time on iPads or other gadgets (most schools require them to go online for school work) then please consider taking this as a supplement to protect their eyes. My kids take 2 capsules of super Lutein per day. That's about RM8 per child per day only. Not only it protects their eyes, it also gives them all the nutrients they need including DHA, vitamins E and everything else. 

Be Good

I always get very excited when I discover new things. I seldom get to go out to explore new things so when I find new stuff online, I get really excited and can't wait to share! Excuse me I live in a cave! 

Few weeks ago I discovered this new product called Be Good. I saw someone asking about where to get this particular lip balm from Be Good because she got it from a stall / booth somewhere and wanted to replenish and couldn't find the store. She asked the question in the group and it got me interested to find out about the product. 

Turns out, they have a FB page and then I started browsing.

I discovered that they had Mother's Day promotion so I contacted James (the owner) and placed my order.

They don't have a physical store yet I think but you can arrange to pick up from
BSC. My husband picked it up for my when he went there for his haircut and I couldn't wait to try.

Love. Love. Love! 

I'm obsessed with the mint breeze lip balm & Lavendar dream lotion bar. Seriously it is da bomb!! 

My lips have never been so smooth n nice. Love the smell and the taste. 

Go check them out!

P/S: I'm not selling and this is not a sponsored post

Fever Free

Monday morning, my daughter woke up and said she's not feeling too well. She slept next to her dad on Sunday night and I couldn't feel her body temperature. (I have a built in thermometer in me, I know when my kids will have fever just by hugging them at night in bed). She said she's not well and didn't want to go to school, which is really odd because this girl LOVES going to school. I felt her body and it is a little bit warm. Nothing too serious but it is definitely not her normal temperature. I gave her 1 pack of Izumio and 2 super lutein after she had her breakfast. I told her that she can go to school but if she feels weak, she can tell the teacher and come home. Checked her temperature before going to school and it was still ok. Slightly warm but no fever yet.

She came home after school and she was not her usual self. Her immune system is very strong (better than my son) and she hardly ever get sick. But she was clingy and kept telling me she is not feeling well. Temperature was ok but she still didn't feel well. Less active and more clingy.

I gave her another pack of Izumio and Super Lutein.

By evening, her temperature went up to 38.9 and I was already thinking to myself, if she doesn't get better, I will give her paracetamol tonight. I really don't like giving paracetamol unless I really have to. Its not like Im against it or anything…just that I hate the drama. The screaming and shouting and forcing to take medicine is something I try to avoid unless its really needed.

Total Izumio given to her on Monday was 5 packets. She didn't take all…she will finish 80% of each packet and I'll drink the rest but she drank most of it.

Before she went to bed, I gave her some more Super Lutein. Total for the day 5 izumio + 5 SL.

She peed a lot of course throughout the day because she is drinking more.

At night, while she was sleeping, I hugged her and I felt her body and the fever is gone. Completely gone. I was so happy but didn't want to get too excited because it could go up again in the morning.

She woke up this morning with no more fever and she herself told me she is feeling so much better.

The whole treatment cost me: RM100.00
Izumio RM15 x 5 = RM75.00
SL RM5 x 5 = RM25

No paracetamol, no other medication. Im a happy mum!!! I didn't have to go all the way to the doctors to get her checked and I don't have to spend time at the clinic (which usually takes us 2-3 hours at least! He's a super busy doctor!)

If her temperature didn't go down, I would have taken her to the doctor because I don't want her getting any infection and Im always paranoid it could be something I cannot see or diagnose. If its normal fever, Izumio should be able to reduce the temperature within 1-3 days. I've tested this on my son before too and it is the same.

Some of you might say, drinking normal warm water will probably help the child with fever too. It is actually the hydrogen in that water that is actually helping get rid of the free radicals in our body. I would say, Yes, normal warm water does help…drink lots of warm water and your child might be fever fee but Izumio has high content of hydrogen and I believe it works faster.

This is how Izumio works. OK fine…how water works. There's hydrogen in every type of water but remember izumio has the highest content of hydrogen. (it is not 2H2O btw)..

And then this morning, I saw this on FB. Click on this link. It warns parents against giving paracetamol for mild fever. Im so glad I didn't have to.

Having said this…it doesn't mean once your child has fever you just give her/him this and ignore the other medication, Im just saying that this is one alternative. Of course if her fever didn't go away after 3 or 4 days, I will still take my daughter to see the doctor and if he says take antibiotic, Im not going to say "oh, I don't want to take antibiotic anymore because izumio is the best for everything" yada yada yada… I will still give them medicine but if there's an alternative and can be treated without the normal meds, why not right? After all….this is not drugs, there is no side effects (unlike normal meds)…it's just another option.


My mama taught me well.

Everytime someone pisses me off, I am so cool… I can always stop for 2 seconds to think or stop myself from saying something bad. When I do say something bad (when someone pisses me off), is not because I didn't stop to think…it's because I WANT to say it.

Few things happened today that made me go "WTF, F**K OFF!" but I didn't. Instead, I took a deep DEEP DEEP breath and let it go…. You know…like frozen song…. "let it go…let it go…."
By letting it go, it doesn't mean Im ok. It doesn't mean I stop being angry. More often than not, when I didn't say something back … Im hurting myself more than the other person…but still, I choose to stay quiet because, I have manners.

I get REALLY REALLY ANNOYED and PISSED OFF when I see how blunt people can be especially online. I read comments and always think to myself, why can't people just shut up instead of causing more havoc. Keyboard warriors just piss the hell out of me so much. If you have nothing nice to say, wouldn't it be better for everyone if you just shut up???

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dear Mummy...

I don't think I need Mother's Day to tell you how much I love you. I think by now you should already know how much we all love you and how much your happiness mean to all of us.

It has not always been easy, I know.

I always wonder why you chose to marry Papa. He was wrong for you from the start. He never treated you like the way you deserve to be treated. We always see how he always makes you cry and yet again and again, you forgave him. 

I remember the time when you dragged all of us out at 3am looking for papa cuz he never came back. We went all over town driving looking for him. We were too little and we didn't understand but now, thinking about it I can understand your fear and I know it must have been very difficult and how worried sick you must have been. Like always, it was just one night out that dragged longer than usual. 

I remember how you always had to attend your annual dinner alone. How he wouldn't want to be your date even for one night. I remember always seeing you get ready and looking ever so beautiful but now I can see how sad you must have felt not to have your man by your side. I feel you mummy. How can you be with a person who doesn't see all the beauty in you? 

I also remember when we moved out of the house. How strong you were and how brave you were to walk away from what you believe did not work. I didn't understand it then but now I know how much courage it took you to take that risk. I thank God you made that move and I thank God you didn't leave us there. 

It wasn't easy mummy, I know. It wasn't easy to bring up 3 children on your own without any support from Papa. I didn't understand it then but now I know how much you struggle to provide us the best kind of life. A life we can only dream of if we stayed in that house with papa. 

You are an amazing mum. You are beautiful inside out. Your love is unconditional and have no boundaries and I am so blessed to have a mother like you. I know all your struggles and I know it was never easy. I pray that you will find happiness. I only want the best for you. I pray Allah will grant you Jannnah and will guide you to the right path.

Thank you for all you have done mummy. I don't know if I can ever live without you. I will do my best to give you the best life and I hope someday, you will find your happiness if not in this life.. will be in the next because you deserve all the happiness in the world.

I love you and Happy Mother's Day. I love you everyday.

Mothers Day Promo

Only for today! 

Happy Mother's Day!!
This Mother's Day, skip the flowers and give your mother the gift of good health. 

Izumio and Super Lutein will give mothers a healthy boost in terms of her well-being. 

Let's aim to keep our mothers happy and healthy, and in our lives for a very long time.

Our Mother's Day promo is 1 box of Izumio + 1 bottle of super lutein for RM780 only! (Normal price RM435 each)

This will be the best gift for your mother! 

Contact me today. Free delivery in KL still available this weekend.
Offer ends 10 May 2015 (while stocks last)
Friday, May 8, 2015


I think everyone got the shock of their lives when the news about Nur Fitri came out. He is a Malaysian student studying in London on a MARA scholarship in Imperial College and found to be in possession of 30,000 videos and photos of child pornography. 30,000 is A LOT! You can't collect 30,000 videos and photos in a year! That is at least 10 years worth of stuff. I'm doing a rough estimate here because I have 15,000 photos and videos (not porn!!!) on my phone and they are photos of my family's day to day stuff that I've collected since my daughter was born (when I first got my iphone). That's half of what Nur Fitri has stored and I took 5 years so if it's double my storage, then it possibly took him roughly about close to 10 years! Not only he has those in possession, he also circulates them! What is wrong with this "genius"???
(Just to make it clear, I don't have porn on my phone or anywhere else!!)

When I first heard the news, I was in shock. People kept bashing and photos of him were circulated and went viral over the Internet. Obviously we all want to know what this person looks like because we want to stay far far away from him and especially don't want our kids near this type of person. But at the same time, my heart kept thinking about his parents and family whose lives will take a big change.

I put myself in his mums shoes. How it would feel to have a "genius" (they claim he is one) who is studying in one of the best university in the world. She must be so proud and she must have high hopes. And one day, just like that, her world crashes right before her very eyes. Not only she will have her son in jail in a foreign country, her son is now a national disgrace. From A to Z, a complete turn.
I feel so sorry for her and I hope, God will give her strength.

Paedophilia is a mental disorder. I have no idea how or why people can just develop this but all I can say is I pray to God that He will protect all our children from people with this type of mental disorder. I cannot even picture adults being sexually abused, let alone children and babies. It's just sick how people can actually like watching this. Even animals won't do it. 

I honestly don't know what is best. I do believe that people need to be given second chances but at the same I have zero tolerance towards what he did and scared shitless about what he is capable of doing to children around him. One thing for sure, he cannot just be allowed to walk freely when he returns. It's just too dangerous. And be given scholarship to continue his studies in Malaysia?? Hell no, there are other people with good track record and good behaviors with good results who deserve that MARA scholarship and he is not one of them.  

I don't know his background. But all I know is that this young boy needs a lot of counseling and guidance. He doesn't need scholarship. He needs to bertaubat and go back to the right path. 

Since all this news came out I feel like I need to protect my kids even more. Brought back memories of my childhood when even back then 30 years ago, I had come across a few psychos. I remember we had flashers outside our school when I was in primary school. I remember the guy would stay in his car, he will sit on the driver seat with the door opened and look at us girls running and playing in the school field. One time, he called us to come to him, we were inside the gate and we thought he wanted to ask us something so we walked over (but we were inside the school gate, he was outside) and when we walked closer, we saw him masturbating. We were traumatized when we finally realized what is going on and ran away. I remember reporting it to the head mistress and we got in the car with the head mistress looking for the flasher's car but we couldn't find it anymore. Since that incident, the school decided it was better to build a brick wall instead. And they did it so outsiders, people from outside the gate can't see us anymore. I was probably about 8-9 years old then and I had no clue what the man was doing (masturbating) because no one told me what it was but still, I knew it was wrong and not normal. 

I also remember a time when I was waiting for my dad to pick me up from school on a Saturday. I had extra classes going on and my dad usually picks me up quite late. I would be one of the last to go home and dad would ask me to wait at a public place instead, so I waited at a bus stop. People come and go so it's quite safe or much safer than staying alone outside the school area where no cars usually pass there after school hours. So this one time, I was alone at the bus stop. People come n go and then came this man and sat next to me. He looked normal and started talking to me. He started asking me questions and he didn't scare me at all. But then suddenly his questions started becoming more and more weird. Like "how many brothers do you have?" "Do you take showers with your brother?" "How do you feel when you see your brother's private part?" "Do you like it?" That sort of questions! I remember thinking to myself, why does he want to know. I'm not telling him anything! I told him I never take showers with my brothers and he didn't believe me. I knew it was weird so luckily someone else came to wait for the bus and I walked away. If my dad didn't come sooner or if that other person didn't come to wait for the bus or if I had answered his questions, imagine what could happen? Thank you Allah for protecting me.

I was in BSC when I was 16. Alone. It was in Guardian. Back then, guardian in BSC was big. It had make up counter, they sell books, greeting cards and all. Almost like a mini departmental store! I went there to look for greeting cards. There are people around, security guard at the entrance of the store, people at the cashier and I was there looking for a card. Then came a man, dressed in white shirt and black pants and he looked like a normal executive. He stood next to me and took out his penis and started masturbating. Next to me. Literally 2 steps away. Then someone came, a mother with a stroller and this man quickly took a card to cover his genitals. Omg. Seriously.. He did it so smoothly that the mother just stroll away without noticing! I quickly walked away and reported to the security guard. He didn't do anything about it. Wtf. 

I've had my fair share of crazy pedophiles  and really, it scarred me. I was not harmed or touched or anything but emotionally it is disturbing. I will never forget! (And there are more stories by the way)

I just pray that Allah will protect us all. Protect our children especially from people like this. It happened 30 years ago without Internet and without them having all the resources to browse and share. But imagine now, with the Internet they can pretty much view, see photos or watch videos of all this stuff which will only make them want children even more. Oh god! I can't even imagine! 

Moral of this story is... Be alert. Teach your children that it is wrong for anyone to hurt them, touch them the wrong way and teach them not to talk to strangers! Children these days are all very friendly and it's ok.. But teach them to be alert and know the boundaries. 

May Allah protect us all.