Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunday bliss

I don't remember when this ritual started but lately, every Sunday mornings, my husband and the kids will go swimming. My maid will go down with them and I get my Sunday mornings off, all my own with nothing to do for a good 1-2 hours.

I love it.

Nothing beats the quiet and peacefulness when they're not around. Pure bliss.

I don't really do nothing. Usually when they're swimming, I will take my the news..browse online and then quickly, I got to make lunch for them. By the time they come up, they will be hungry and ready to eat!

I have so much work to do. Mainly Kupu kupu stuff for raya.

Tomorrow I will be meeting a friend for brunch since it is a public holiday and hubs will be able to look after the kids for a few hours while I'm gone. Im so excited!!! "Me" time with my girlfriend. Lots to catch up!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Handbag post

OMG! Guess what I was doing ALL morning???? Trying to get the Sofina 3 bag!!! Like seriously!!!!!!

My cousin, who is a doctor living in Melaka recently asked for a favour. She asked me to get her 3 of the Sofina 3 bags. She's busy obviously and she knew she wouldnt have the time to sit in front of the laptop trying to buy something that will probably be sold out within minutes.
Very clever!!!

See, Im just like any other girls. I go crazy over handbags too. I have so many handbags that even I myself don't even know how many I have. If some are missing, I wouldn't be able to tell.

Last year, I decided I will stop buying expensive bags. I have enough (you can never have enough bags!!!) and started buying Sofina bags for daily use. They're pretty stylish so I figured, why not.

Since then, I've bought so many. I don't even remember all the colours I have.

When I heard that the Sofina 3 is coming out, I didn't want to buy more. Simply because, I have enough bags already. But my cousin HAD to ask me to help her la kan…….


10am, I was in front of the computer. Tried to login to FV and waited but couldn't find it. Finally it was up. I couldn't resist myself and bought 3 bags for myself!! Then, as expected, by the time I reach the check out, something happened and bam! Everything gone!

I tried again. This time, upon check out, I discovered that you can get 25% discount if you have CIMB. I didn't have a CIMB card but my husband does. So I called him…..

Me: Can I borrow your credit card?
Hubs: Why??? (Didn't sound too pleased at all!)
Me: Because I want to buy something online and I get 25% discount with CIMB card
Hubs: What are you buying??? (He really didn't want me to have his credit card!)
Me: uummm…bags……….
Hubs: What bags????!!!!!!! We are going to Dubai kan…buy there la! (See how he still doesn't want his wife to have his credit card???)
Me: Cheap bags la…….!!!! Quick la…
Hubs: You want it now, now???? Im in the car. (Still don't want to give me the card, and wasting my time)
Me: YES !!!! NOW!!! NOW!!! QUICK!!!!!!!
Hubs: ok i'll call you back. Let me park first…..

Finally he did give me his credit card details but unfortunately, too late. ALL the bags I wanted, was SOLD-FREAKING-OUT!!!!!!

I was so pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was already in my shopping cart goddamnit!!!! They can't just sell stuff in my cart!!!! but oh they did!

Then I remembered that Sometime was also selling them and releasing them at 11am.

I went to Sometime website. Before that, I told my cousin I got it already (when I managed to get them in the shopping cart) and then I had to tell her it was sold out (when I couldn't make payment cuz it was sold out) and she was so sad!!! Poor thing.

I had to register my details and become a member of Sometime. WTF!

Then all done, and again, at check out, somehow, my card was declined!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All this is happening and Im thinking, omg its a sign. I almost gave up. But I felt bad for my cousin.

So I tried again. Sometime website was beginning to be slow and stopped loading.
OMG. All this stress just for bags?? So not worth it.

I tried again and finally, everything went through.


Got me thinking….
Vivy is so rich!!! People are all queuing to get her bags. It was sold out on FVwithin 20 minutes and trust me, I was probably one of the first few to find the bags online because it wasn't even properly published yet. I managed to get ALL colours into my cart.

Whatever she's doing, she's doing it right! Alhamdulillah and good for her!

Such a stressful morning. Why can't they just make a zillion of those bags or allow pre order?

Anyway, back to bags…

Since my husband said I should get a bag in Dubai…Does that mean he is getting it for me from Dubai? Is that green light that I CAN get one in Dubai???
Cuz if yes….

Im eyeing on this….

ENOUGH BAGS!!! I have no space to store them all.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


We will be going on our holiday in March and I need to start looking at activities we can do especially on that long flight. I get really stressed out because when kids are bored, they drive me nuts.

Our flight to Istanbul will take us more than 10 hours plus. That's a long time to be on the plane. Our trip to Dubai will take about 6-7hours. 

Good thing this time we will be traveling with my sister in law and her family too. Kids will have their cousins to play with. I want to be prepared and have activities they all can do together as a group as they are all about the same age. My son is the youngest and he's going to be 3 this year. 3, 5, 6 & 7 years old. I can handle them.. No problem!

So now I need to think about what sort of stuff the kids can do together
My son won't be able to do this but the rest will.

I think they will enjoy this. Might be too easy for my 7 and 6 year old niece&nephew but I think I will be able to find something that is similar to this & appropriate for their age. 

Colouring activities are fun for all of them including my son. Definitely will print out a lot of these type of colouring sheets and bring colour pencils and stuff for them to do.

I definitely need to order some playdoh for the kids too from my friend. They love these. They will be entertained for at least an hour!

A lot of planning to do.... 
3 more months before our holiday 

The fussy eater

If you've been following my blog, you will know that my daughter is the ultimate fussy eater. I've never met anyone as fussy as her when it comes to food. She doesn't eat anything except for clear soup & white rice. Even if I try to be adventurous and try making a clear soup that has really strong taste of something (fish soup) she will not want it at all.

She's ok with fruits. She doesn't eat any kind of vege at all. Zero! She doesn't eat meat, fish or chicken too. Zero! 

As you can imagine, she is quite thin. She is not under weight at all but she is almost there. But what makes her weight ok is because she eats a lot of junk. I guess I should blame myself or my husband for introducing them to her. More my husband than me actually.

I eat chocolates a lot so when she sees me eating it she will want it. She sees my husband eating crisps and potato chips and she will want it too. Soon, it just becomes a very bad habit. Even when we don't eat them, she will request for it and when she request them from my husband, she will get what she wants. 

I'm very worried because she's not getting all the nutrition that she needs. That's why her skin is so bad and she gets these really bad rash quite a lot. At least 2x a year the rash will come and it will be so bad that she will scratch until the area will bleed. Normally we will go to the Paed for some kind of cream and normally we will be given some kind of steroid cream to calm the rash down. It always works but each time she uses them, the skin gets darker and darker with a black patch. It will take ages to clear. 

But alhamdulillah since she started drinking Izumio, her rash are all gone. Her skin now is so much smoother and I'm really so happy. Since the last rash that happened (more than 6 months ago) she hasn't had any episode yet and hopefully it won't come back. I didn't even use any steroid cream to treat her the last time, it was just the Izumio that healed it. And Izumio is just a drinking water so it is perfectly safe and natural. (Izumio  Hydrogenated water - which contains 2.6mil ppt of hydrogen as compared to 500 ppt of hydrogen in the miracle water  at Lourdes.  It's a powerful anti oxidant which helps get rid of free radicals in the body).

In the beginning, my daughter didn't want to take the super lutein at all. But I kept telling her the goodness and that if she doesn't want to eat vegetables, she must try to eat this! All she needs is just 1 capsule a day to get all the goodness.

3 capsules of NP super lutein is equivalent to 4 dishes of vegetables and 5 dishes of fruits comprising 6 different color species! 

Now that she can take them, she will sometimes request to take more than 1 capsule. I give her up to 3 capsules a day. This product is so natural and you can take a whole bottle if you want but it's pretty expensive. I try to give only what she needs. But because she is a fussy eater, sometimes if she asks for more I will still give it to her. I'm so glad that now, she gets all the goodness and I don't really have to worry about her being a fussy eater because everything she needs is in that lutein already. 

Last week, I went for a medical check up and during consultation, the doctor explained to me about my results (all is good except I have high'ish cholestrol). We were talking about how these days, you see more cases of young people dying of heart attack or whatever all of a sudden. One minute healthy and next minute gone. Life is too short. 

The doctor said it is all because of our food intake. These days, nothing is natural anymore. Even chickens are injected with all sorts of hormones to make them bigger faster. 

My daughter was with me when I took the result and I was telling this doctor about how fussy she is with food. He said to let her be. There is a reason why her body is rejecting something (chicken for example) and she probably couldn't explain it but just let her be. 

I guess with these supplements I'm quite happy to let her be. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kupu kupu sale

Some of our items are on sale now. We need to clear the stock to make ways for new stuff. So if you are looking for a baju kurung or baju melayu for your little ones, now is the time to buy. 
Normal price was RM99 but now it's going for RM80 from website. Size 1, 2, 4 & 5 years old available left. 

This is the last piece available in size 6 year old. Normal price was RM99 and now it's going for RM80. This is also available from website

Size 2 and 3 years old available left. Selling this for RM68 including postage.

Size 5 years old left and selling at RM68

Last piece left. Size 2 years old. RM68.

Few others available, email me if you are interested in any of them yea..

Friday, January 23, 2015

Going back to work

I stopped working when my daughter was born. That was when I went on my maternity leave and never went back. Luckily at the time, my employer was my mother who had no choice but to respect my decision. She knows I didn't have much choice at the time since:
1. We didn't have a maid
2. We wanted to take care of our own baby (not send to nursery or get someone else to babysit)

Prior to all that, I was attached to the big 4. Ernst & Young for 2 years and another 2 years with KPMG. 

I miss working. Especially having my own money. There's just something about being financially independent that I like. If you've been reading my blog, you will know how I keep looking for "jobs". In my head, I'm a tai-tai wannabe but in my heart, I love working. Or maybe it's the other way round? I'm not sure.

Anyway, I spoke to a friend recently and she's one of the top HR person in her organization. I just wanted to know more about the job market and if I am still wanted. I haven't been working (employed) for ages, I really don't even know if people want to hire me anymore.
She gave me some pointers and one of the things she told me was that I needed a job that is flexible. She gave me an example - a headhunter. I was a recruiter before, I don't know if it's the same but I'm guessing it is, a little bit. Then I totally forgot about the whole conversation and moved on.

Last week, I received a call from a random number. I was out at a school tour and didn't answer the call. When I got home, I returned the call as it seems important. The caller called me twice! When I called, it was an office number and apparently someone from that office wanted to speak to me. The receptionist didn't know who it was. When I asked further where the office is or what company it is, turns out it is a recruitment agency ans

Few weeks ago, I saw this in the papers. Is it a sign? 

I didn't even discuss it with my husband. I usually don't tell him or discuss with him things that aren't important. A waste of time to talk or argue about things that aren't important and this was one of them. 

I took a photo of this advert and again, moved on. 

Today I was looking at the photos on my phone and this popped up. A sign? Instead of ignoring it, I figured why not try and see if I'm still wanted in the market. What is the worst that could happen? I won't get a call back. Big deal. Not like I'm desperate for a job anyway. 

I updated my cv and emailed it. I also took another step and emailed another potential employer. This employer is also another big 4 and they've offered me a job in the past but I have turned it down because timing wasn't right. I wasn't ready to go back to work then. 

In my email, I mentioned that I want flexible working conditions and preferably something I can work from home or have flexible working hours. 

That evening, I received a call from the Big 4. Whatt!!! I didn't know it was them so I didn't answer the call. I was also busy preparing dinner then. The lady WA me and asked me to return the call or let them know when the best time to call me. OMG!!! 

Of course I can't go back to work yet. My kids need me still. Unless they can offer me a job from home or when kids are in school, I doubt I can take any offers but it's just nice to know that despite seeing on my CV that I've been doing nothing for the past 5 years, I'm still wanted! I still have a chance. That's good enough for me.

Me and my work issues..... 
Thursday, January 22, 2015

Holiday Plans

Seriously I should get paid for organizing family holiday trips! I spent the WHOLE day in front of the computer doing all sorts of holiday related stuff. It's 6.30pm and I'm exhausted. I just put some chicken in the oven for dinner. 

Earlier in the morning while the kids was in school I prepared visa documents for my maid. She needs a visa for both Turkey and Dubai whereas we Malaysians don't. Letters to be typed out, emails to be sent out to agency, stuff to be photocopied yada yada yada. I wish I have a PA to do all this stuff for me.

We contacted a few local travel agents to give us quotes for the tours. I got 2 quotes back but somehow my husband isn't too happy with them. 

While kids were napping, I contacted few travel agents in Dubai to get some quotes. It was quite easy and very quick too as they are all online and we could chat to them direct. Later, I will have to discuss them with my husband.

Quite excited to be going away on holiday. Hopefully we'll have a great time in Istanbul and Dubai. 

If I could have things my way, my destination would be to be by the beach. In Maldives and enjoy spa sessions or just do nothing by the beach. Ahhh... When will that day come?
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Asian Parenting

My kids drive me nuts. Everyday. I don't think I've gone through 1 day without shouting. I hate myself for shouting because I am not that kind of person. I don't shout at anyone…..except for my kids. And I feel bad for doing that. I hate myself when I do.

Yesterday, doing homework with my daughter was a breeze. I didn't even ask her if she wanted to do them and she did. It was amazing. I didn't have to shout and I rewarded her with lots of compliments and hugs and kisses which she loves so much. Not very asian parenting at all.

I told myself, maybe I can try this method instead. I really need to calm myself down even more with my kids. I have nothing but love for them.

Asian parenting style is so different from the western. I guess I grew up with that kind of parenting so I guess I turned out alright didn't i? 

Being a parent is so tough. I wish I can be better. Asian parenting is the only way I know. I have no clue how else to do it but whichever way, I hope I will be able to make them successful. 

Yee Sang story

I'm sure I've told this story a gazillion times before.. But I will tell it again, because I just love the story. 

When I was working for EY, my peers introduced me to yee sang. I don't know if I lived in a cave or what prior to that but seriously, I have never heard or know what yee sang is before. So when my boss got it for the team for us to toss, I was a little jakun

They told me what I was supposed to do and during that toss, I jokingly wished for a boyfriend, good husband, and yada yada yada.. I was joking of course. It made everyone laugh including my boss. I was single then. I was 27. And it was them who told me I should start asking for those during the toss. To be honest, at the time I wasn't really single.. I wasn't in a relationship but I was happily dating and loving single life. I just said all that during the toss for fun. Didn't mean any of it at all.

That Chinese New Year eve, I met my husband. It was so random and it was so meant to be. We clicked immediately and was my Yee Sang wish came true.

Every year we make it a point to have it. Not so much to make a wish but we love eating it. Of course I tell this story to my kids and my maid too so they know about it.

Our first Yee sang for the year was at Madam Kwans. Ok not bad, quite tasty. 

Last night was the second yee sang at Unique Seafood in PJ. It was so yummy. Love it.

Have you had eye sang for the year yet?
Chinese New Year is coming......

Boring Blog

My blog is so boring. The only thing I keep talking about is school, school, school lately. I guess that's life right now. I really have no time for other things in my life right now. Im hoping that we can put an end to this looking for school chapter because I am honestly sick and tired of looking at schools. But come September, I will be blogging about school runs. Oh I so dread that day when I have to wake up early to drive out to send my girl to school. I am not a morning person at all.

We've been so blessed that my kids go to school literally next door to our unit. I don't even have to put slippers on to send my kids to school. The luxury of that, only God knows.

Got me thinking about what kind of mum I will be on school runs. Some mums get all dressed up and some just go in the pyjamas. Gosh. Imagine having to put makeup on at 7am. OMG. Hell no. Im not going to be those type of mum.

Going to the big school also got me thinking about homework. Urgh..I hate homework. Even as a child, when I was in primary school…I didn't like doing homework. I was a smart kid. I scored all As in my exams and whatnot but I would NOT do my homework. I remember when I was in standard 2, my class teacher was this really gorgeous, pretty, the sweetest teacher called Puan Siti Zubaidah. She loves me so much as she didn't have a child of her own. Often, during weekends, she will invite her favourite students to her house in Damansara Heights for a swim. Im always invited. So anyway, Puan Siti really loved me and I would follow her to balik kampung during weekends and all too, I was like her adopted daughter almost.

One day, we were having PE lessons in the school field. Everyone was busy doing their PE as instructed by Puan Siti but I was up on the tree. (I was quite naughty and a tomboy!), Suddenly Puan Siti shouted my name and told me to get down from the tree, and called up to go up to her. I saw this prefect was with her with a piece of paper. I thought I had done something wrong and the prefect wanted to tell on me or something but instead..the prefect wanted a list of names from the class teacher for students nominated to become prefects in standard 3.

When I got up to her…she asked me "z, if I put your name down to be a prefect for next year, will you promise me you'll do your homework???" I nodded.

Thank god she didn't believe me!!! LOL

Because in Standard 3, I was the most hated student by my class teacher Mrs Loo. She really hated me because I just wouldn't do my homework at all. I didn't end up a school prefect because Puan Siti knows I won't do my homework. She's so smart!

So yea, Im guessing my daughter will turn out to be like me. Im so worried!!!!!!

Back then, my mum was a working mum and she didn't really have time to sit and do my homework with me. She would ask me if I have any and I obviously would say no, and she didnt bother checking. Or probably I was smart enough to just leave my homework books in school. I don't remember but all I remember was I didn't like doing them at all.

My daughter is lucky that Im a stay at home mum and I have the time to sit and do her homework with her. It is often a struggle to get her to do her homework and a lot of negotiation will take place. I win some, she win some.

I hope I won't go crazy next year.

Oh PST: sorry I started talking bout school again….This post was supposed to be different…
Ah well. Too bad
Tuesday, January 20, 2015

School Visits

Today, we completed the school visits. We visited a total of 6 schools all together, believe it or not. I initially only planned on visiting the 3 schools I shortlisted but somehow halfway through this exercise, we decided that we should see more schools - just to compare.

I've compiled some points from my visits. These are my personal views and observations. You may use it as a guide but please do your own research. We obviously want different things for our child and our requirements may be different.

The list below are all the 6 schools I visited. Not in any order:

1. Cempaka International School, Cheras
We are actually looking and interested in the Damansara campus but they are now under renovations. Based on our school visit, this school has really strong background and culture. Its like Take It or Leave It kind of thing. I like that they are very academic but at the same time, they are also very well balanced. Just like how I remembered it to be when I was a student there.

My concern about going to this school is the distance between my house and the Cheras campus. Traffic on the way back will kill me. Another concern is I am worried if my daughter can cope or not in this school as they are running the program 1 year ahead of each level for English, Maths & Science. I think she will probably be OK but I am worried she will struggle the first few months.

Fees are ok. Not too high but quite reasonable at RM31,000 per year.

2. Garden International School, Mont Kiara (GIS)
This school was recently renovated and everything looks brand new and very nice. Classroom looks really bright and colourful which my husband really likes. They also welcome parents participation in almost everything they do there which is another thing that my husband loves. Looking at the campus itself is great. Everything looks really good and impressive. No doubt our daughter will love it here because all the kids seem to look very happy and having fun. Teachers looks very approachable too. We got to meet the head of Primary and also the school principal and they're both very friendly and nice.

Overall this seems like a good fit for us.

But, my concern is it is too westernised. I saw few secondary girls in really short skirt (school uniform) and it got me thinking about how my daughter will be if she goes to this school. Another concern is will there be too much playing and not much studying here? Their approach is learning through play but I somehow don't think they are very academic. While I don't really mind if my kids don't do well academically, as long as they're learning and love to learn, Im wondering if that will be enough for them in the real world. If say we were to take them out from this school someday (for whatever reason), will they be able to cope academically in another school? But apart from that, we love this school. From the outside, it looks really good and impressive. Oh, and their fees…. I guess I understand why it is as high as it is. Their fees is approximately RM60,000 per year

Their uniform is a polo t shirt and skirt/pants. I find it to be too casual for school. I don't like it at all, especially when I think about the secondary girls in their short skirts with the polo t shirt. Urgh.

3. British International School, Bandar Utama (BISKL)
This school is a little bit far for us but this is the one I fell in love with. I love everything about it. It is a similar to Garden International School but they are more academic, which is good. But unfortunately, they don't have Islamic Studies so we have to give this one a miss.

It is a good school. It is also pretty new and I think they've done pretty well. Their fees are slightly cheaper than GIS at RM45,000 per year

I love the layout of the school and how clean everything looks. Classrooms are a good size, they're bright and colourful. I love the campus as it is separated between the primary & secondary. Primary school has their own building and it is a small campus.

I also love their uniform. It is very British. So adorably cute.

4. Sri Utama International School, Wangsa Maju 
The school looks really old and dull. The classrooms look really dark and kind of scary. The entrance to the office looks like someone's house.

The fees is really cheap compared to all the other schools we went to. It is about RM12,000 a year.

From our observation, we only saw local teachers but their students a mixed of different nationalities. We could see that they have more students from the middle eastern countries. I think they have a lot of international students because they even have a travel agency in the school, which I find to be really weird.

My husband said this school doesn't look "ceria" at all so it is a No-Go for this school.

5. Taylors International School, Taman Maluri (TIS)
Overall this school looks ok. Building is fairly new and classes looks ok and I was happy with everything I saw. Location is really good too for us because it is literally 10 minutes away from our house (without traffic) so if we decide on this school, it would be a major bonus for me.

I didn't like their field because it is across the street. Students have to cross the street to get to their field to do their PE classes. They also don't have a swimming pool, so no swimming class which is no big deal but I would prefer the school to have swimming pool for swimming lessons.

Most of their teachers are local teachers and the same with students with mostly local students. Their fees is approximately RM23000 per year.

6. Fairview International School, Wangsa Maju
The person who brought us around the school was good as he is truly a Sales Person. He really addressed all our questions and concerns very well. So good that I starting doubting if this is the real deal.

Everything looks good about this school. They are an IB school and seems to be really good too. I read on forums how their teachers aren't trained and not capable to teach IB but the guy told us that they go through really serious training. But I kind of believe him because we saw how their classes are and all the kids seems to be really enjoying themselves and teachers looked good and very engaging.

We saw mostly local teachers but we were told that they have a good mix of expat teachers but aren't necessarily westerners. Some are from Philippines and other asian countries so they may look local but they're probably not.

All looks good about this school but they don't offer Islamic Studies. According to the guy, it is because they have so many international students from different background and religion and it wouldn't be fair to just have 1 religion (Islamic studies) so they decided to have none. I guess, that's a fair explanation.
But a NO-GO for us since there is no agama classes.

Their fees for this year is about the range of RM20,000 but apparently this is only introductory rates and they will double it next year.

Local vs Western

We have visited a total of 6 international schools (7 if you include the 1 we visited last year in Kajang!) and I've told my husband that I've had enough! We have visited enough schools and I think we have all the information we need to make a decision.

It is down to 2 schools right now. Both are international schools but they have 2 different cultures. Its so hard to choose between these two.

Both the schools we have shortlisted offers the British curriculum. One school has the more western approach where most if not all the teachers are expat teachers. Another school we shortlisted have mostly local teachers and probably none expat teachers. Fees for school with mostly expat teachers are almost double the fees of the other school.

In terms of friends, again, one schools have mostly expat students and another school has mostly local students.

Im actually torn between these two schools. I don't know which is better for my daughter.

One school's approach is learning through play which I know ALL kids my daughter's age will love. I want her to love going to school and I know for a fact that she will have a lot of fun and love this "western" international school compared to the "Local" international school.

The reason why Im torn is because we live in Malaysia, we will probably be here forever, my kids will probably only live abroad for University, so it is important that the know the local culture. I don't want them to be Malays but act Mat Salleh if you know what I mean. Bad enough they don't speak Malay! A slap on the face whenever we see our relatives and they can't converse in Malay.

I love my country. As much as people here drive me nuts, I still love our culture. Yes of course we have so much to learn from the westerners but I still want my kids to grow to be true Malaysians.

I guess from here you can tell which school I am drawn to, right?

Making this decision is not so straightforward as my husband and I have 2 different views on this. He likes the western school more whereas me, I've pretty much made up my mind even before I started my research.

The western school looks more lively. The classrooms are all nicely decorated with so many colours on the walls, they have nice furnitures, the school looks awesome. It is hard for my husband to see past the cosmetics for now because to him,  it is only Year 1. His priority is for our daughter to be comfortable. So he needs a little bit convincing I would say. As for me, Year 1 is not just Year 1. Year 1 to me is a start of an era. Primary education starts in Year 1, so to me, it is a big deal. I look further than just cosmetics. I am more long terms, I see Year 1 and I see this as a place my daughter will grow to be a young lady.

It is so difficult.

We have about a month to go before we have to submit the application. We need to submit it by March. We will be very busy in March as we will be leaving for our trip to Istanbul & Dubai so hopefully we can get this sorted before we leave.

I need to pray hard. Pray we make the right decision, where ever and whichever school we decide on…

Monday, January 19, 2015

Blood Donation

I used to donate blood twice a year. When I was working in Ernst & Young, every year they would organise those blood donation drive and I always took part. I had my own book, my own card and everything.

I have Rhesus negative blood. I'm an A negative and apparently, that blood type is pretty rare so they really welcome my type of blood. It makes me feel 'special' and I like it. Sometimes, I think that because my blood is rare, I need to donate more so that if ever I need blood, there's always enough stock. I don't know. Im just weird like that. (Yes, of course I know when I need blood they won't give me MY blood back - but I'd like to think that everyone with my type of blood thinks like me… sharing is caring, remember?)

Anyway, it has been a while since I last donated. I moved to a new workplace, then I got married and got pregnant and then I was breastfeeding for ages. My husband is also a bit weird about donating blood. He thinks I shouldn't. He thinks like "your blood is so rare so why do you wanna give it away?" kind of mentality. Heheh…. So yea, I haven't been donating blood for the past 5-6 years I think.

Today, I woke up and decided to donate blood. Why? I don't know why. Ask God. I just woke up feeling like I want to do it and so I did. I didn't know where to go to donate blood and suddenly found out that theres a blood bank literally 5 minutes away from my house.

Told my husband that I want to donate blood and want to go to the blood bank to check it out. He said ok.

I use WAZE to guide me there because I wasn't sure where it was exactly. I kind of knew that it is that building we drive past daily but I wasn't sure. Waze helped me get there and man, it was so near. 3 minutes to be exact!

I was so nervous going there because I didn't know what to expect and I have no clue what its going to be like. I normally donate at office blood runs so this is a completely different experience for me.

Got inside and was asked to fill up a form. They asked me if I've donated blood before and if I have my  book but I don't anymore. If you have donated before, you should have a book. I had one but I don't know where it is anymore. I do have a card and that card is something I carry around. In case of emergency, like in case I get into an accident or something, hospitals need to know my blood type so they advised me to carry it around. I do, its always in my purse. I handed that over to the lady and completed my form.

First they had to do a quick test to check my blood and also checked my weight. Not painful. A piece of cake. I am 55.9kg today! (Yikes, I need to loose 1.9kg!)

Then they will call me for a short "interview" by the doctor. Basically to ask me if I've been on medication, if I have my period or been to the dentist in the last few days. Simple questions about my general health, that sort of thing. They also took my blood pressure to see if its all ok.

Next is the moment they take my blood. It was not painful at all. I don't remember much from those days but this time they only took from 1 hand and it took like 5 minutes to fill up. I somehow remember it to be longer. I don't know. Before I know it, it was over.

I said bye and was ready to leave when they forced me to go to their resting area to eat and drink. I thought they will serve me biscuits or something but it was a full on lunch. LOL

Mee goreng, 2 types of kuihs, an orange and a glass of milo! They also gave me some pills to eat. WOW. I don't remember getting this treatment before. I am definitely coming back!!!!

I do feel like a hero today. I don't feel any pain, I don't feel like I've done anything but I got a good lunch!!!

You should do it too. It could save someone's life. Especially with the banjir and all. A lot of people are sick and they could need your blood. I guess this is my way of helping. (Although it doesn't feel like helping at all!)

I got my new book! hurray.

In case you are wondering if you are a good candidate to donate blood or want to find out more about donating blood, do check out this website.

Lots of people there donating blood I feel so proud and happy. Lots of parking spots too. I drove myself there and drove back without any problem. Thank God I didn't pengsan.

I will be back!

Working with children

It's so hard to work when kids are around. Especially when they are still young and demand your attention almost all the time. I try to do as much when they're in school but they are only in school for 3 hours or so a day, sometimes I just want to do nothing when the house is quiet.

Tonight I wanted to get some work done because I've been putting it on hold for quite sometime. Kids wanted to "help" so as much as possible, I try to let them "help". My daughter helps me decide which colours look good together. This is what we came out with together.

I'm preparing stuff for kupukupu's raya collection this year. We have quite a good range. Half of the stuff are ready but I need to get more baju kurung ready. 

Last year I tried doing the kurung kupukupu to be different and the respond was quite good. This year again we will have a little twist in our kurungs. Hopefully it will get good reviews like the last one. 

When I need to work and kids are around, things just take longer to do. 

School Visit (part 6)

Cant believe we have actually visited 6 schools in total. WOW!

I told my husband, this will be the LAST! Let's just make a decision based on all the ones we visited. I can't be bothered to visit more schools.

This school is not too far away from my house and distance is good as I don't think there will be traffic coming to this school. Good plus point!

It is an IB school but they are using the British Syllabus.

First impression was the school looks ok. I don't see many students walking around the school. Seems very quiet.

The person who gave us the tour was not local. He must be from Philippine or something. He was very thorough with his explanations of the school and very impressive.

The students and teachers all looked happy when we went to the Year 1 classes. There is a good mix of local and international students. I didn't see many expat teachers but apparently, it is 50-50!

Facilities are ok. Nothing great and nothing to shout about.

It all looks good BUT they don't have Islamic studies. Im afraid we have to give this school a miss too.

School Visit (part 5)

This school is pretty near to my house. I was pleasantly surprised at how near it is as I was expecting it to take me at least 20 minutes to get there. With the morning traffic, it will definitely take us longer but Im very happy with the location. Love it.

I don't know why but I was also expecting it to be an old building. Someone must have told me that it is an old building but again, I was pleasantly surprised that it is new.

The security doesn't seem to be that strict compared to the other schools we went to.

The school tour was good. The lady was really good in explaining everything to us. I was really happy with the tour and explanation.

Overall, it was quite good. Everything looks good.


1. Their intake is in January. Which means we will only be joining Year 1 in January 2016. While that is ok and all for us, they will be changing the semester next year. So most probably, there will be a short semester next year as Year 2 will probably start in September 2016.

2. A classmate of my daughter was a student in this school and I spoke to her father last week and he really told me not to waste my time with this school. He told me a bunch of negative things that are happening in the school. I don't know if those are all valid points but I need to think twice before I decide on this school.

3. We didn't like how the cafeteria looked. I know, I know…its all cosmetic but still!!!

But like I said, it all looks ok but this is not our first choice. One more school to visit

School Visit (part 4)

This was not planned at all.

After school visit (part 3), we were sort of arguing in the car about the pros and cons of each schools. It got pretty heated because we don't know what we want. Or rather, my husband doesn't know what he wants in a school. To him, this is only year 1 but to me, it is a big deal because Year 1.

I guess the problem is, I don't know what he is looking for and therefore maybe I'm shortlisting the wrong schools. The schools I shortlisted are all based on MY requirements and not my husband's requirements. Well, usually that's how it is when I'm left in charge of things. Hehehe…

So on the way back from the school visit (part 3), we decided to visit the school closest to our house. This school was not in my list at all simply because of the reviews I've read about it on forums. But my husband wanted to see it, just to compare.

The school was OK. Of course I didn't like it but I went with an open mind. I was shocked at how cheap the fees is compared to all the ones we've seen. Yikes!

I went with an open mind indeed. Right up till the end, I kept my negative remarks to myself. I wanted to see what my husband had to say and thankfully, all his remarks are the same as mine.

Despite being in education for over 20 years, the school looks all over the place. The rooms and hallway looks dark and it doesn't seem like a "happy" environment for our daughter. Everything looks dull.

We left feeling disappointed. I think my husband was more disappointed than I was because he didn't expect it to be so bad whereas I sort of know what to expect after reading all the reviews in the past.

We are happy that we can put this school in the no-go list!
Sunday, January 18, 2015

Testimonials from Eczema sufferer

follow the Izumio & Super Lutein Malaysia page on Facebook and saw this testimonial that I thought I should share since eczema is so common. Got me thinking why is it that so many of us have kids with eczema. Is it our food? Our environment or what?  

Isn't it amazing? I'm so glad she's all ok now. Cannot imagine how painful it was when she suffered this. 

My daughters eczema is not even pose to this as it is very very mild but yet I see her scratching here and there. 

Recently I decided to become a member and bought the package for RM5035. This package gives you 15 products and should last about a year or less depending on how much your recommended intake is. By being a member, I will be able to get the products at member price (RM330 each). I think if you are not a member, you will pay about RM410 or something per product. So I saved some money there. And to add to that, the more I share.. The more savings I get on the products. I honestly don't know how it works but all I know is I should always share what is good. I've been told that you can earn money doing this too but I have not gone to find out further. Sales is not really my thing. As long as I can consume it for cheaper, I'm happy. 

On another note, my daughters eczema on her legs are noticeably better after consuming this for 2 weeks. I'm so happy. I was told by the lady to tap some leftovers Izumio on the effected areas of her body and yes it's working! Her eczema on her neck is gone and now just left a little on her thighs and that's it!

Her eczema is not as bad as the girl on the photo but I'm just so happy that it's getting better by the day. At least it's worth paying for this ...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to choose an international school

It is extremely overwhelming when it comes to choosing a school for your child. Especially if this is for your first child as it would be your first experience. You obviously want the best for your child. I think most of us parents want the same thing when it comes to our children's education.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the best school for your child. Things that I find useful in my search for the best school for my daughter (and son when it is his turn!).

Perfect School
There's no such thing as a perfect school. Every school will have its flaws. It may be good in one thing but may lack something else so you need to list down what is important to you and your child.
For example: The last school I went to was perfect in every way to me. But it didn't offer Islamic studies as a subject. As much as I wish my daughter could go there, it didn't have the one thing that is important to us, so we had to strike that out and look again. (Bummer!)
Once you know there is no such thing as a perfect school, you can start your search!

This is the first thing that you should look at. In KL, you have so many options. There's American Curriculum (ISKL / MKIS), Australian curriculum (AISM) or the British curriculum. If you decide on the British curriculum, like myself, then you will have more options as there are many international schools in KL that offers this curriculum. Of course there are others that you can get here in KL (French, Japanese, etc) but I'll just list down the major ones here.

Look at the course that the school is offering. Is it what your child needs? Also look at the subjects, in my case, Agama or Islamic Studies is important. Does it offer what you want? If it doesn't, then you can look elsewhere.

The School
How long has the school been around? Any alumni or ex students you know? If yes, talk to them. They will be able to tell you a lot about the school culture. Also, look at the quality of students that they produced. Look at the school's reputation, their facilities, security, toilets (is it clean? it does say a lot about their culture!) and also look at their track record. Perhaps you can get some information online if they've won awards and so on.

You will see and know more about the school when you do your school visit. You will get the 'feel' of the school when you are there. So, schedule that school visit!

Teachers & Staff
This is actually very important as without good teachers, you won't have a good school. But it is very difficult to know if a school has good teachers simply by doing your research online or by speaking to the school. All schools will tell you they have excellent teachers. All schools will tell you they have low turnover but this isn't necessarily true. How do you find out if they have good teachers? By speaking to the parents or by reading forums about the school.

Again, when you go for your school visit, try to talk to the teachers. Or when you are on the school tour, look at how the teachers conduct their classes. I think it is easy to spot good teachers even from looking outside a classroom. (Tip: Look at how the children concentrate in class, look at the teacher's body language and you can see!)

Find out their fees structure, ask about deposit and additional fees that you need to pay for. Some schools will have technology fee, meals and all that as additional. There are a lot of things to pay for when you want to enrol your child into an international school and although the fees may seem ok, sometimes the other things like deposit, building fund, etc might just be a little too much your pocket can handle.

Read Reviews
There are so many reviews you can read and find. For me, I find these them very helpful:
- School Advisor
- On Facebook: Malaysia International Schools Parents Support Group (MISPSG)
- On Facebook: Malaysia Education Info (and homeschooling too)
- Ask other parents/friends

Good Luck!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Homemade Playdough

I've shared about this before. My friend in Melaka makes them and my kids absolutely loved it! It comes in 7 awesome colours too and they're so bright! They're safe to eat too in case kids want to taste them (but please dont!)

My kids loved it so much the last time I ordered it that I wanted to order more. My cousin, who is a doctor in Melaka was willing to bring back to KL some playdoughs for me this week. And I have 3 extra sets available.

If you are interested, they are RM30 per set of 7 colours (including postage) or if you are in KL and want to pick it up from me, they are RM20 per set. Email me if you are interested yea...

You won't regret it. They're better than the playdoh u can buy from toys r us!
Thursday, January 15, 2015

School visit (part 3)

I love it. I love it. I love it.

This was not a school I shortlisted. In fact, I did not even consider this school because of it's location that is slightly out of the way. After the school visit on Wednesday, my husband said we should just visit more schools. 

Even from the start, as we entered the school, I've already fallen in love with it. The building is fairly new and it's not as big as the other 2 schools we visited. I just love the simple layout of the school. 

We went on the school tour and it looks really good. Everything is so tidy and I love the "clean" look. Their uniform is cute too. Very British I would say.

Their curriculum is also the British curriculum, obviously. We spoke a little bit about the subjects and all and pretty much the same as the others. Their extra language is Mandarin or Spanish and they do not have Islamic studies. Bummer. Major turn off there for my husband. I was willing to close one eye and just get my daughter to go for agama classes outside but no, hubs said no.

So yea, kind of sad that we have to say bye to this school because I absolutely love it there. It suddenly became my first choice!! But I guess I have to agree with hubs on the agama part.

Looks like our search will continue...

Making Money in 2015

Last year, I ventured into a couple of new businesses. Some are good, some are a disaster and some got nowhere how I planned it to be. I guess you can say I aimed too high. But that's ok. It is better to aim high than not at all, right?

This year, I want to take a step back to chill out a little bit and not work too hard. Why is that? I have no idea but all I know is, I want to enjoy life and not put too much pressure on myself this year. Im also saying all this because there is nothing that inspires me at the moment. I don't know about tomorrow or how I will be next month but as of today, no venturing into anything new this year and just focus on what I already have.

Sounds good?

My biggest project this year will be my KupuKupu Aidilfitri & Aidiladha collection. I've not done much work yet but I need to start soon. I have a whole year's calendar planned for Kupukupu so hopefully that will follow through.

A lot of people are talking about GST and how bad economy is going to be this year for a lot of businesses so I think that's another reason why I want to take it easy. I don't want to invest on anything new.

Having said that, I do enjoy getting the extra money. I know there are a few of my readers are SAHMs and some are working mums. Im curious to know what you do to make extra money or side income?
I want to get in touch with people who are in Sales. If you are that person, please email me.
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Izumio & Super Lutein for children

Both my kids take Izumio & Super Lutein. I find it easier to give it to them instead of giving them all sorts of vitamins, fish oil or whatever else you give to children. The recommended intake for my kids are 1 packet of Izumio + 1 Super Lutein per day. Izumio to my kids is just like drinking water from the packet. Only thing is, it is not just drinking water. It is hydrogenated water which consist over 2 million ppt of hydrogen as compared to 500 ppt of hydrogen in the miracle water of Lourdes. (I googled that info btw!). This hydrogen water is a powerful anti oxidant and helps to get rid of free radicals in our body. I believe in this product so much because there were so many times when my kids come back from school feeling not so great (suddenly with flu or about to get sick), I just get them to drink more of this and wallaaa…like magic, they will be ok the next day.

For my kids, they're generally pretty healthy kids too but my daughter is a fussy eater. She eats nothing but junk food (chocolates, crisps, biscuits) and yes it is all MY fault (or my husband's) for always buying those for her. She doesn't eat anything but rice and clear soup. She doesn't eat any vege, any meat, she doesn't eat fish and basically just nothing. My only hope before this was she will get some kind of nutrients from the soup so I try to make their soup as nutritious as possible. But when I discovered Super Lutein, they told me that it contains 5 essential vitamins. 3 capsules of Super Lutein is equivalent to 4 dishes of vegetables and 5 dishes of fruits comprising 6 different colour species. (I googled that too). So, I just need to give my kids 1 capsule and it is enough for them. Easy peasy!

Introducing Izumio to them was a breeze. Somehow they love the packaging of the Izumio and drank it like they would normally. Sometimes they even ask for more but I won't give them because its too expensive! I pack is roughly about RM11 or something like that. Once a day is enough for them. I actually just get them to share if they're OK. If they come back feeling extra tired or I can see that they're going to be sick, I just give them more. You can give them 10 packs a day if you want and it won't harm them in any way but it will harm your pocket!

These products are natural and I've seen so many testimonials to know and to believe that it works. Well, it works for us, at least. A few of my friends and their kids are also taking it and I know they're all happy with the products.

For Super Lutein, it is actually like a gel capsule. If you have sore throat, just suck a few (maybe about 2 capsules) and it should make your throat feel better.

My kids couldn't swallow it at first because they've never done it before. For the first week, we tried various methods to get them to take it. The lady who sold this to me, told me to soak it in water for about 20 minutes and then squeeze the stuff out of the capsule and give it using a spoon but I find that to be so messy.

For a week, I got them to just suck on it. They would do that happily until the capsule becomes soft and  all the lutein is out. The taste is not bad but its not good either. It kind of taste like fish oil. It doesn't have an aftertaste so don't worry. It just taste like fish oil mix with a little bit sour taste like strawberry or grape. For the first week, after the juice is out of the capsule, they would throw away but now, Im so happy that both my kids can swallow the capsule. My son is the hero. He can even swallow it without water! Don't ask me how he does it. My daughter will suck it until it is finished and then she will drink water.

Good to give to them first thing in the morning with a packet of Izumio and then after breakfast they can have the lutein.

Few days ago, my daughter told me that one of her classmate in school is not well and had to go home. That same day, my son came home with a runny nose. I didn't understand why because he's not sick. Then I figured, he must have caught some bug from his classmate that was not well. I gave him izumio that night and the next day, it is gone. He didn't end up having fever at all…but his friend, was not in school for 2 days.

I will share more on this as I progress. Most important thing is, I want to be healthy and my kids are healthy. My husband is not convinced yet but I suspect its because its so expensive he wishes we don't have to take it. At the end of the day, its worth it. I don't want my kids to keep having to eat paracetamol or antibiotic all the time and with young kids like mine, you can't help catching all these bugs from school.
Tuesday, January 13, 2015

School Visit (part 2)

This morning we went for our second school visit. A very interesting visit indeed as it was a COMPLETE OPPOSITE from how the first school visit went. This second school visit is very structured and very detailed compared to the first school. Of course, we know why. Their fees are a lot more expensive too.

But not just the way the school visit was being conducted, everything else was a complete opposite too. The way they approach education and their system is totally different from the first school.

We were happy with the first school as a whole but this time, we are more confused as we are not sure which way is better.

First school was very much very academic whereby they have assessments and interview before you are accepted to the school. They don't hide the fact that they're very academic because they say "why shouldn't we be?" and I kind of see that too. They see homework as "responsibility of the student" whereby each students must take responsibility for being a student and also the lady highlighted that its good practice (I agree) and its not like the students have housework to do at home anyway (very true!). So yes, Im very much agreeable with that whole concept!

Second school's approach to learning is a little bit different. They learn through play. They don't really have proper books or syllabus that they follow. Children Year 1-3 will learn through play. Meaning to say, they will play A LOT! huh. No exams. No assessments. Nothing. We were like "huh?"
So it's pretty chilled out kind of learning. Which is probably good especially for young children like my daughter.

It was also the first time that my husband saw their fees. Im happy that my husband didn't pengsan. It is pretty high but I guess it is worth it seeing so many expat teachers they have (I don't believe all expat teachers are good!), and also the building is really new I could smell the paint!

What's next?

There will be a part 3 school visit this week. After seeing all this 3 schools, we should be able to decide which will be best for our daughter. Im so confused right now. I think the more schools I visit, the more confused I get but people keep telling me that I should visit as many schools as I can to see which one fits best.

My husband has also requested for us to see more schools. I need to schedule a few more schools then.
I think my daughter will be happier in school 2 than school 1 to be honest. Learning through play would suit her more but I still think school 1 is better than school 2. I need to sleep on it and maybe pray for guidance!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Read & Write

Depending on which school we will finally send her to, my daughter will be in Year 1 either in September 2015 or January 2016 the latest. Im quite worried.

Tomorrow is another school visit that we will be going for. Hopefully it will help make our decisions faster, clearer and better. Im just so nervous going for these school visits because I don't know what to expect and I don't want my daughter to end up in the wrong school. (is there such thing as wrong school?)

I've spoken to so many parents throughout this whole "finding-a-school" journey and the more I speak to them, the more confused I get. Everyone has different views and different expectations, obviously. Still, I want to know what they think. 

One thing that I've been hearing is how stressful Year 1 and Standard 1 is. What?? Really?
Here are some of the things I've been hearing that is quite scary to me….. 

1. Standard 1 (local syllabus) & Year 1 (international syllabus) are expected to know so much more now than ever. They are already expected to know how to read by the time they enter primary school, whether it is local or international syllabus.  

Really??? I remember my standard 1. I didn't know how to read Bahasa yet. I sort of knew how to read English but I remember learning to read Bahasa in primary school. "B-U Bu K-U ku"..Bu-ku type of learning. Now, apparently kids are already expected to read by Year 1. If your child still doesn't know how to read yet, then she/he will have a problem catching up because they don't teach that in Year 1/Standard 1 anymore. If this is true, then this is quite worrying. My daughter can read English books pretty well. I don't know how she is compared to other kids her age but to me, she is reading OK. I mean, she can't read a newspaper yet but she can read books for her age. When I say my daughter can read..I mean she can read her stuff. She can't read my stuff, yet. (thank god she still can't read my text messages yet).

2. They are expected to write at Year 1. I don't mean writing their name and writing simple stuff like "I like to feed my cat" type of thing. I mean writing proper stuff like doing a book "review". 

Whhhattt?????? Seriously??? I've heard this from a couple of parents of kids in international schools. They can't be lying now can they?

My daughter still can't write properly. She can write her name. She can write a few things here and there but don't expect her to write full sentences. She is just not there yet! Im not even pushing her to do it because I don't think she needs to, yet but if she is really going to be doing a lot of writing in Year 1 and doing book reviews, then I'm worried. She won't be able to cope!

3. The Maths in primary school (local syllabus) for Standard 1 is so difficult. x+2= 3, what is x type of questions. 

REALLY??? I think I started learning this x + y thing much much later!!! No way my daughter can do that.

As you can see….Im quite stressed out thinking about this.

To me, primary school should be fun. I've said this before, primary school was the time I had so much fun doing everything else other than academic. I did well academically, btw. But I don't remember learning and studying so much in primary school. I remember all the fun activities I participated in and all the fun stuff I did more than the "studying for exam" part. 

Is it really different now? Are kids expected to grow up faster? Can we stop the clock???

My daughter's teacher said this to me…and again, it got me pretty worried….

1. Teachers in primary schools now expect kids to already know how to read and write by the time they are in year 1. 
2. Teachers in primary schools don't teach all that much anymore because they know that the kids will have tuition classes to help them, if they don't understand or know what they are doing in school
3. If your kid doesn't know how to read and write by year 1, she/he will be so lost in school and will be left behind so it is important to make sure they know how to read and write before they go to the big school. This will help them when they enter Year 1 as they will be able to cope with whatever the rest are doing.
4. It is all down to the mother. Mothers have to ensure the kid does their homework. They will be given lots of homework to do and they won't know how to do it because it is too difficult. Then the kid won't want to do it and the mother will end up screaming and shouting. Oh dear!


Stress overload.

My poor child.

I want to remain calm. But its hard. I don't want to be a kiasu tiger mum. But Im afraid that I am!!! oh no!!!!

I keep telling myself "its ok if my daughter doesn't do well in school academically" but omg, the stress and pressure will kill me!

What should I do??? Im worried. Is it really like that in the big school? 


A friend asked me recently, why do you work? Why do you stress yourself doing small business? Why do you bother doing all this? Don't you already have enough? Aren't you satisfied with what you already have?

Here is why…

Alhamdulillah I lead a comfortable life thanks to my husband. Alhamdulillah he is a good provider and I get to share this comfortable life with him now. So to answer some of that question, Yes, I do have enough thanks to my husband.

I grew up with my mum as my role model. A single parent. She works very hard to ensure that my brothers and I not only lead a comfortable life, but we had more than what we needed. My mum had a good stable job working with a multinational company, which gave her a very good salary and enough to support my brothers and I without a single cent from our father. BUT she wanted us to have more. She wanted us to have what everyone else had AND more. To achieve that, she worked extra. She had her own business on the side. We had such a good life. We didn't get to spend so much time with her because she was always working but we had everything we wanted growing up. We went to the best schools, we had the best things, we were really blessed.

Coming from a broken family, I had no choice to see what divorce can do to a woman. My mum was lucky because she was always working. She always had her own money and she never had to rely on my father financially. I saw all that and I admired that about mum. But my life is different. As lucky as I am to have everything I need today without working, all this can be taken away from me anytime. Not just from divorce, but also death. I always have this thoughts at the back of my head. I know my friends  don't think about divorce and death of their husbands as much as I do but I can't help it.

My mum gave me good education background. She brought me up very well. I think I have good values and beliefs. I feel like theres so much more of me than just a housewife, a mother and a wife.

Yes, I have enough for now. But for tomorrow? I need to be prepared.

Hence why I do all the little things I do from home. I know it won't be possible for me to go and work. I still want to be at home with my kids. I still want to see them grow and be there for them. At the same time, I want my own money. I want to have something of my own too. It's not so much the money that I need, I also need the experience and I also need to challenge myself with other things than cooking and looking after the things. May sound a bit selfish but doing the little businesses that I do from home, is more for ME. To keep myself sane if not anything else.

Because of my limited resources, time and money to invest….I can only afford to do home based businesses. I've ventured into a few since I became a housewife 4 years ago. Some are successful and some aren't. Like anything else in life, sometimes I make good decisions, sometimes I make bad decisions. Thats how you learn. Thats how I learn.

I'm always looking for opportunities to make something happen. Last year, I ventured into a few things and some are good and some aren't so good but that's ok. At the end of the day, at least I tried.

This year, I will continue to do what I've been doing. Bellibuttons & Kupukupu are my babies so that will continue to grow as much as it can within my abilities. It may not grow, who knows. I don't but hopefully with my handwork, it will take a step further. I don't have any new plans or ventures this year but like I said, I'm always looking for opportunities and if something comes up, why not?

The point of my post is…..
Yes I do have enough. I don't NEED to work. But I do it because I love it. I do it because I want to. I do it because I want to challenge myself. I do it to keep myself busy. I do it for my future.
Different people have different stories. This is mine…

Thanks for supporting whatever I do. A lot of my blog readers are also my customers and for that I thank you for your support. Even if you don't buy my products or like them, it is ok…but someone else might and by sharing with them, you are supporting me. So, thank you.

Now, I gotta go make some money! Catch you later...