Saturday, February 28, 2015

Money + Health

I started consuming Izumio & Super Lutein for I think, over 6-8 months already but only recently decided to join and become a member of Naturally Plus Malaysia. Yes Yes, I finally succumb to MLM. First and only time. Never before.

Here are some Q&A about my journey

Why did I want to try?
1. I started consuming because I heard great reviews and testimonials from so many friends who are consumers of this amazing products.
2. I wanted to try it out for myself to see if this products really works or just one of those MLM kind of thing
3. I had tried many many products, spent lots of money to help my daughter's rash & eczema and it didn't get better so this became the "next thing to try" kind of thing. If this doesn't work, I'll move on and try the next thing. There's so many in the market for eczema and skin problems, you just need to find one that works for you. I didn't want her to rely on steroid creams all the time because the skin gets dark and patchy. Ugly.
4. I am so vain, I want more youthful looking skin and if you know me well, Im one of those crazy girl who will try anything and everything for the name of beauty and to get that flawless skin. (The only thing I won't try is surgery!)

Why didn't I get the package straight away?
1. My friend was selling it to me at member's price. There's really no reason for me to sign up because I get the products at member's price anyway.
2. I was not convinced with the products just yet. I think it takes a while for you to see and feel the difference and I didn't want to have 1 year worth of products if I wasn't 100% convinced
3. Expensive!!! RM5035 for a package is A LOT of money. I didn't want to spend that much yet.
4. My husband needs convincing too because he is the paymaster!

Why sign up now?
1. I am 100% convinced that it works for my daughter. Her eczema and rashes are gone. But with this products, sometimes you have to go through a few rounds of detox phase, sometimes it will come back but it won't be as bad as it was before. Alhamdulillah. Now my daughter can eat whatever she wants and still won't get the rash anymore (touch wood!). Previously, each time she has potato chips or food with a lot of salt, the rash will come instantly.
2. I also found out that you can earn some money from taking this products by sharing it with others. How cool is that? The business plan for this is amazing and you basically don't even have to do anything. I know I didn't. I just share what is good about it and I do that not just with this products but with other products I find good anyways.
3. Not the typical MLM business - this product actually works!
4. The more you share, the higher the chance for you to consume the products cheaper and even for free. So I guess that's what Im doing, keep sharing!

No, this isn't like those PB business. PB sucks la. I don't think it works. This one is actually good for your health and I've seen enough testimonials to believe that it really does work.
However, Im super healthy, I don't see any difference in anything yet, but I know its working. The science behind it says so. Just because I don't see it, doesn't mean its not working. As long as Ive seen it work on my daughter, then I'm good.

What is this product good for?
1. I've seen it work on my daughter's rashes and eczema. So I can't say enough about this. Those of you suffering from eczema will know how bad it is. It becomes so itchy that you will not stop scratching until it bleeds. Serious. I know because I've seen my daughter scratching and Ive seen the skin bleed. For her not to rely on steroid anymore is a major good thing. Definitely works for eczema and skin problems.
2. Boost your immune system. Whenever my kids come back from school coughing, or sneezing, I will quickly give them Izumio and Super Lutein. It works for them. Sometimes, when its bad…I still have to take my kids to the paed to be safe but normally, I don't even bother anymore. I just pump them with lots of izumio & super lutein and walaaaa….no fever. It worked in Paris when my daughter started having fever on our last day. She had 2 packets of Izumio and the next day, she was ok. Fever went away like magic. For adults its the same too. My son had throat infection and needed antibiotic. I was kissing him so much that my throat started itching too. I took the products and although I was feeling like shit at first and could feel like the fever is coming, it never came.
3. Allergies. I've seen friends recover from this by taking the products
4. Diabetes. It works!!!! I've seen before and after photos of how this product works for patients suffering from this
5. Etc etc etc… I dont even know but so many testimonials from close friends. (not from someone I know's cousin's brother's brother in law's mother's daughter's son type of thing!)

Now what?
Nothing lah. Just keep sharing what's good! Keep earning from this and hopefully, I will someday be able to consume it for free because that's my aim, to continue taking the products!

We also have a good support group once you join the team. On fb we have a group of consumers and there they all share their experiences, their dosage, their before and after photos etc.

We are also organising a group sharing session on 21 March 2015 from 4.00-6.30pm. Here, the company will share more about the products and how you can benefit from it and earn money from being part of this business. Places are limited. I am allowed to bring 3 guests. I am extending this invitation to 1 of my blog reader who is interested to know more about the products. Only people who are seriously considering consuming this and being part of this team are invited. Please email me if you would like to come and be my date!!! I'll randomly choose 1 from my blog reader!

Email me to find out more!

In the meantime…. go ahead and do your research on this products. I dare you!
Thursday, February 26, 2015


We are all set for our holiday next month. I have a very heavy heart and don't feel like going anymore.
I hate to go when my grandma is not well. I don't want to think about it but it keeps popping up.. What if something happens to tokmi while I'm away?

Tokmi's surgery is scheduled for next week. I hope she will recover before I leave. I don't want to leave my tokmi!

I was asking mum if Tokmi is ok and she said "yes she's ok but we are not" and she's absolutely right. Tokmi doesn't have any clue what's happening or whats about to happen next week. She can't really remember stuff anymore. She is not in any pain and just as lovely as ever but we are not ok.

We are all in pain. Our heart is aching so much. It's hard to describe this pain in my heart. 

I go on doing my own thing and I'm ok. Next minute I think about her and needles, I break down and cry. I just can't.

Please be ok before I go tokmi. Please.. 
Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Health is wealth

I've been crying non stop since I heard about my grandma's cancer. She's ok, she's doing well and not in any pain whatsoever now but she will be admitted on Monday for monitoring and if all goes well, Thursday she will go for surgery. Please pray for her!

She's 85 and is blessed with super good life. She didn't really have it easy because my grandfather passed away when she was still very young and had so many children who were still in school. My mum is the eldest and she was the only one who just started working then. 

My grandma is very well travelled too. She's been to more countries and visited so many wonders of the world compared to me. She's seen so many things and experience a whole lot of stuff. I guess you can say this lady has seen it all and done it all. She's also blessed with really good health. But unfortunately, she's one of the rare ones with 2 cancers!! She survived the first one without going on chemo and let's home it is the same with this one.

This whole thing has made me realise how important it is to be healthy and stay healthy. Health is definitely wealth in my books. I cannot imagine suffering and being in so much pain at this old age. When my time comes, I hope it will be painless. I'm not scared of dying or the afterlife but I'm scared of pain.

I saw a video of this person's testimonial after consuming the Izumio & Super Lutein when he discovered he had skin cancer and that gave me so much relief because at least I can do something to help my grandma. Taking the products made him stronger and even after going through chemo, he could still drive himself out. Since we don't really have much time, I quickly handed my grandma some products and made her take it to prepare her body for surgery next week. I hope it will make her stronger and make her ready for surgery. We can only try right? 

Praying for tokmi 
Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pray for Tokmi

Im so very sad today because I received a phone call from my mum to say that my 85 year old grandma has just been diagnosed with skin cancer. She's a cervical cancer survivor by the way. Im just so very depressed right now, I can't even stop crying.

That's us right there when I was probably about 5 or 6 years old with Tokmi
My mum was a working mum and I pretty much grew up with my Tokmi. She took care of me while my mum was out at work. I still remember how naughty I was, I kept pretending to have tummy ache everyday to run away from going to Agama school and she would have to deal with that everyday for years. Sometimes she will let me have it my way but other times she will say no. Whatever it is, she's the best grandma ever!!! I love her to bits and cannot imagine life without her.

10 years ago, after I came back to KL for good, she started bleeding after carrying a pot of plants when she was in the garden. We got her checked and it was then she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It happened so quickly and soon, she was in surgery and I remember spending the night in the hospital with her. I will never ever forget that because I had to sleep on the floor or sofa or something and some stupid insect bit me and left a dark scar until today. Anyway, Alhamdulillah, she recovered from it very quickly too and was cancer free. She's generally very healthy too. She doesn't have any other illnesses and super fit for an 80 year old!

Few months ago, I started hearing stuff about a growth on her back. I haven't seen it until now but I've read about it on our family group chats. No one really took much notice because it doesn't hurt or its not painful so everyone just took it lightly. But my doctor cousin told my aunt to get Tokmi checked because she said it doesn't look very good to her. She suspected it to be cancer but obviously she didn't say and didn't want to worry anyone.

Today, results are out and yes its cancerous. When my mum told me, I was calm. More like in denial. But then I stopped to think about my grandma and tears kept falling. I mean, I know she's 85 and she's old and her time will come soon but I don't want her to suffer. I don't want her to be in any pain and I don't want her to go that way.

And then all of a sudden I feel guilty. Guilty I haven't been spending enough time with her. Guilty I haven't been seeing her as much as I could and should, guilty I haven't called her and all the stuff she told me to do, kept coming back.

Everytime without fail when she sees me….she will say "Jangan lupakan tokmi" or each time I call her, she will always thank me so much and say "terima kasih zura ingatkan tokmi" when I didn't really do much. So sad lah!!! Its not fair for old people to suffer….its just not fair!

She's one tough cookie tho. She is one tough cookie! And very funny too. She comes up with these amazing stories and sometimes they're not even real.

Our favourite is when she told us this romantic story about her and our late grandfather. She will always use the line "wherever you go, my head goes with you…where ever you are, you are in my heart" so Titanic and us cousins always end up laughing when that story comes out.


I hope all will be ok. I know I can't ask for much because she is really old already. She has 5 great grand children already and have a good life. What more can you ask right? But I pray Allah will take good care of her now and place her in good hands of good doctors. If this surgery is successful, Alhamdulillah..but if its not, I pray Allah will make us strong and give all of us strength to be there for Tokmi. I pray Allah will not let her suffer because she is such a great person and have done so much for everyone around her. InsyaAllah, all will be ok.

If all goes well, surgery will be scheduled next week. Fingers crossed she is protected. Amin

I'll be praying for you my sweet Tokmi. I love you with all my heart and I will always be ur cucu kesayangan forever!

10 something

It was past 10pm and past my kids bedtime last night when my daughter somehow managed to bodek the father to put on the frozen DVD. Usually the kids are in bed by 10pm but lately since the long CNY holiday, we've been slacking. 

Me: no more watching DVD please. It's already 10 something. Go to bed. 
Daughter: wait lah mummy. For a little while only.
Me: no it's late already. Mummy wants to sleep now. 
Daughter: ok why don't u go to bed first and I'll join you later? Let me watch this first.
Me: nooooo.... I dowan!!!! Ok fine! If no one wants to go to bed now, then I'll go out and see my friends!
Daughter: huh????? Now??? It's at night already.
Me: never mind. You can watch DVD, I will go out. 
Daughter: you can't go out now. It's 10 something already!

Kuang kuang kuang....

Double standard betul!

Do what you can

I was going through FB this morning and something caught my attention. It was Syed Azmi's post about a pilot charity project that they've been doing for those affected by the banjir called Freemarket Canteen. If you want to know more about it, please go to his FB page and read about it there or google it, Im sure you can find some information there.

I've been so blessed. I live in a comfortable apartment. We have more than enough and more than a lot of people could ever dream of and I think, I should start doing more for others too.

I don't have a lot to give but whatever I have, I should and you should too!!

So to those who want to be part of this…..please help and together, we can help make a difference.

What charities do you support and why?
Monday, February 23, 2015

Wardrobe revamp

I'm dying to revamp my wardrobe to be more muslimah friendly in my efforts to become a better Muslim. 

Even from young, I don't really wear sexy stuff. My family didn't approve of all that so I am always very modest in my appearance. Once in a while I will wear a sleeveless top but that was it. I don't wear short skirts (or any skirts for that matter) and I don't wear shorts. Never been a fan of those and never liked showing of my legs because I find them ugly. 

Anyway now that I'm older and a mother, I find that I'm more comfortable being covered up. Somehow it makes me feel better and looks nicer to me. My husband has not expressed any wishes or asked me to wear the hijab or be covered up but if my shirt is too short he will say something about it. That's as far as it goes. He doesn't have a problem with me wearing sleeveless (although I don't anymore).

I'm thinking of revamping my wardrobe but it's so expensive to do so. I need to take my time and start slow. From now on I will only get long sleeve tops and maybe start investing in long flowy skirts too. 

I've also started buying tudungs although I don't wear them! You name it.. Ducks? I've got them. Neelofa's? I've got them. In fact I've got quite a few from different brands. Of course, I buy them online and don't show it to my husband because I don't want him to comment anything. But one day, my mil and sil got this Naelofar hijab's stockist to come over. She brought with her all the stock and my mil n sil bought a few. I couldn't resist and bought one too. My husband wondered why I wanted to buy and I told him that I want to keep it in my collection. He got more confused. I showed him the stuff I got and he was shocked. I told him that when the time comes for me to wear it, at least I will already have plenty to choose from because tudungs aren't cheap! 

I put it on and he said "ahhh u look nice" and neither of us wanted to make a big deal out of it so we just left it at that.

I need to go shopping and start my muslimah collection soon.....

Eating vegetables & fruits

Growing up, I didn't like a lot of greens and fruits. I guess my daughter got it from me because she doesn't eat anything green whatsoever! I wouldn't call myself a fussy eater growing up but I was very selective too with my choices of food. I only started eating sushi and sashimi at 17. Can't believe I grew up without eating those. 17 years of no sashimi.. Wow. 

Lately, somehow my body is craving more and more vegetables. I don't know why. But I started cooking more vege dishes too. It's almost like my body wants it now. I do believe that when you crave something, it is actually your body telling you it needs it. Like you know you want water when you are thirsty it's actually your body telling you that it needs hydration. 

So lately my body wants more vege. Maybe it is telling me that I lack the nutrients from vegetables. I cook it a lot more now and I'm starting to eat greens i don't normally cook or eat, which is a good thing.

When I discovered the Super Lutein, I was really excited because it has all the nutrients you need in your body. I don't need to take any other supplements as this was all I need. I'm not very good with taking my vitamins and all too so having it all in one bottle is super good to me. 

Do you know that 3 capsules of super lutein is equivalent to 4 dishes of vegetables and 5 dishes of fruits comprising 6 different color species! There is no way I can cook and eat 4 dishes of veg n fruits in one go. 

My kids take them too now and I'm so happy that both of them can swallow the super lutein on their own now. 

A friend of mine is selling these products. A week supply for RM280. But if you say you got this from me, she will give you a discount and you only have to pay RM230 for this 1 week supply of products. That's a saving of RM50! It's a good package if you want to try the products out. This is a good product no doubt about that or I wouldn't get my kids to take them or take them myself.

If you wanna know more about the products or how to can potentially earn from doing this business, you can email me. I can share with you. 

P/S: not a sponsored post

The Lodge Paradize Hotel, KL

We were in BSC and my mil called to ask us to join her and my sil for dinner at the Lodge Paradize Hotel. When hubs told me about it, I was like "where's that???"

I couldn't believe that despite being living in KL my whole life, I have not heard of or know anything about this hotel. Where have I been? Living in a cave or something?

My husband is just as blur as I was. But he sort of knew where the place is because he said he had swimming lessons there when he was a kid. It's been around THAT long!

I had no clue where the place is so we WAZE our way there. What would you do without WAZE, huh? Imagine those days going around town and with no GPS? What was that like? Can you remember? I can't!

Anyway, we got there and I didn't know what to expect. We were told by mil that its a good place to eat porridge. I don't usually like porridge except for the ones I make at home and by my aunt but recently I started exploring and I quite like eating them. I only have them for breakfast whenever we stay in the hotels and that's as far as it goes exploring porridges! hehe….

This place is a small little hotel located right in the middle of town. It is situated on the same row as St. Mary's secondary school. (I don't think the school is there anymore but during my time, it was my rival school - I was in CBN for awhile). This hotel is opposite the Genting building. Behind The Weld.

Since everyone was having porridge, I decided to try it out as well. It was my first time having it like that. You get 6 sides with the porridge. I ordered kangkung, okra, ikan bilis, ikan masin, telur masin & squid.

It was quite yummy actually!!! I kind of love it.

WOW. Cant believe I didn't know about this place before this.

According to my mil, my bil used to take her to this place a lot whenever they want to eat porridge. Apparently, this place is the place to go for supper and especially after clubbing! hehehe….
My after clubbing spot was mamak stalls! No wonder la.

I uploaded this photo on my instagram and got quite a few comments from friends saying they miss and love this place. Im so jakun.

If you are also a jakun like me, go try this place out. A set of porridge with 6 sides is about RM20 if Im not mistaken. Hubs doesn't like porridge and he ordered some kind of noodle and that was really good too he said. For the kids, we ordered veg & chicken soup with rice and it was really tasty too!

We went there for dinner last night and today, Im craving porridge again. Sigh.
Sunday, February 22, 2015

A little Twist

This morning, I received a call from the company (the one that offered me a temporary work from home job). I was excited of course because since our last email, I have not heard from them. I figured, they must be busy drawing up my package since from the sound of it, it was just for trial and it was something that they needed to create to suit my availability. Plus, it was the CNY break and all, I didn't want to be to pushy. But it has been a good few weeks since they offered me the job via email so I did the right thing to do by following up to say "hey, remember me?" kind of thing. (Of course I didn't say that!)

To my surprise, the company decided not to proceed with it. The lady said they decided to go with a different direction and was not able to offer me the position because it doesn't exist anymore. (?@£$$@????)
I was disappointed of course but at the same time, I was relieved. 2 months is a short stint and I guess at the back of my head I always knew it was too good to be true anyway. I said OK and moved on.
See, in life, sometimes you get this little twists of story and what can you do? Sulk? or move on? I sulked for a bit and now Im ready to move on.

I won't lie, I was excited to get that 2 months stint when they offered it. It was not a formal offer but they asked me if I would consider a 2 months stint so I took it as they have this opening and want me for it. Maybe they did. Then they realise that Im not the one? I don't know but whatever it is, I WAS excited bout it. As excited as I was, I was also very nervous. I didn't know if I could do the job well. I am quite a perfectionist. I don't like to do things I can't do well or things I know I can't perform. At the back of my head, I was also wondering if I could do the job well since I haven't been working for a good 5 years. I guess, God answered my question and twisted the story a bit to help me. Maybe he didn't want me to fail. Maybe he knows I couldn't work from home AND look after my kids at the same time. Maybe thats why the offer suddenly disappeared and maybe thats why the company suddenly wanted to take a different direction and the position doesn't exist anymore.

So I sulked. Contacted a few close friends for moral support and now, I'm moving on.

It got me thinking about stuff…..

How much work do I want? How much work do I need to feel content?

I actually already have A LOT of work to do. Raya is approaching and KupuKupu has tonnes of work to do for raya sale. I really couldn't have managed with another part time stint!

I've decided to focus on what I already have. This is me, today.
Tomorrow, I might be going for interviews, that's how my life is, like a roller coaster going upside down all the time.

Whatever it is, those of you who want me to help you out with jobs, please send me your CVs. I have a lot of friends in HR and I can still help you guys out. So just email me and I'll pass it on to my friends in recruitment. No problem!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! @ Avenue K

We didn't know where to go and I was getting bored. Kids couldn't make up their minds whether they want to go to Zoo Negara or not. I suggested the Dinoscovery in Avenue K because I've heard about it but haven't got the chance to go. Hubs weren't too keen as he was more excited about going to Zoo Negara to see the Pandas. Since I'm a true puteri lilin and prefer to be indoors. I win.

Dinoscovery it is.

There was no traffic today and roads were still clear. It took us literally 5 minutes from our house to Avenue K. We haven't been to Avenue K since forever.

The exhibition itself was alright. Nothing to shout about, really. My kids was terrified and wanted us to carry them pretty much the whole time because it was pretty dark and loud. 

Towards the end of the exhibition, they have this little area where kids can play. Now that was the fun part for my kids. They played with sand and pretended to look for fossils. 

They also have a "volcano" where you put all those little balls inside and then they pop out! 

There's a small area for kids to do some colouring too. My daughter enjoyed this too. 

Overall it was OK. Nothing great. But Saturday morning well spent!

Did we have fun?
Well we kind of did. Especially towards the end of the exhibition where they spent some time playing instead of just looking at dinosaurs.

Will we come back?
I doubt it. There's really not much for us to see here unless you are really into dinosaurs. But we had fun and glad that we can tick this place off our "to visit" list.

Is it suitable for young kids?
Not really unless you kid is really into dinosaurs. My son likes them but still, he was scared as it was still too loud for him. I would say this place is probably best for kids aged 5-9 years old. Brave younger kids can have fun too but not my kids, unfortunately.

How much is the entrance fee?
Not much. It was RM125 for all of us including our maid. RM25 for adults with Malaysian IC and RM35 for kids aged above 3 and RM40 for adults without IC.
Kids below 3 can go in for free.

Anything else we should know?
1. Come early. They open at 10am. We were there early and missed the crowd. We left around 12 and there was so many people and got really crowded
2. Bring IC and mykid to get the discount. We didn't know this at first and they wanted to charge us more. So be sure you ask and show your IC/Mykud.
3. Avenue K is so cool now. So many nice restaurants. Have lunch there!

Hubs bought this Dino egg and we're watching for it to hatch tonight. 

Street Food

Tonight I told hubs it want to eat out. (Any reason to run away from cooking). I had Japanese in mind but my hubs had a better idea.

How about Aji Don in Plaza Damas?

Fantastic!!!! Why didn't I think of that?

We had a nice slow drive. Traffic was so good as everyone is still away for Chinese New Year holiday. Love it. 

We walked around Plaza Damas first to get some fruits and then the kids wanted to go to Toys R Us. My mil came along and treated the kids to some toys. Both were happy! 

Then we walked across to Aji Don. We ordered some satay, Kuey Teow goreng, mee goreng, nasi ayam and I had my mee rebus! It was soooo good!!!!

All together came to about RM30! The cheapest meal ever!!! So sedap! Once in a while, it's so nice to have street food! Kids didn't like it tho. They were more excited to run around. Well, u can't have it all. 
Thursday, February 19, 2015

Maid's laptop story

Rose, my old maid bought a laptop before she left for good for her daughter. She goes out on Sundays and one day, she came home with a laptop. She said her daughter needs it for school. Right before she left, I can't remember why but she sent the laptop back to the shop and got a replacement. Replacement only arrived after she left for good. The laptop has been with me, in the box, unopened since then. It's been almost 1 year now.

She told me to send it back to her via post or get someone to bring it back to Philippine for her. It was first our neighbour's maid who went back for good but she apologised and said she couldn't carry them because her hands are full and she doesnt have anymore room for additional things.

I went to the post office to ask if I could mail it back but was told that it would cost at least a few hundred and especially since Rose might even get taxed when the item reaches here there. Tax is high and definitely not worth sending it over.

We waited for her friends to go back but after a year, none went back. Finally, she told me to try to sell it and send her the money instead. Especially since she is not working now and kind of needs the money.

I've posted the item on a few pages on FB to try to sell it but so far, none wanted it. Probably because it is a really really basic laptop. Honestly speaking, I haven't even tried to switch it on to see what software is in but I think it doesn't have Microsoft office or whatever even. Very basic laptop for her daughter.

It's up for sale. So if you are looking for something similar, please take a look. She bought it for RM1000 and I'm going to sell it for RM700. Email me if you want more details. The laptop has never been use so its considered new. Its still in a box and even the warranty card is still wrapped and never opened. But I think maybe the warranty has expired, Im not too sure.

Photos of it will be in my PRELOVED page/section. Instalment is available if you are keen but items will only be sent to you once full payment is received. Thanks

P/s: Please don't ask for discounts as this is not mine and my maid wants RM700

Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you celebrating it. I celebrate all celebration because Im happy like that. 1Malaysia kan? 

Last night, my mil invited all of us for dinner. My sil, bil and nieces and nephew came along and there was about 15 or so of us all together. We didn't make any prior reservation and didn't know where else to go so finally, it was Sahara Tent to the rescue!!! I love that place. We can walk in anytime especially in a large group. It was a last minute thing, and somehow, this became our "reunion dinner". Very Chinese New Year isn't it? Only thing was, ours was middle eastern food! hehehe…

Anyway, I was born in 1979 in the year of Goat. (Don't need to do the calculation la, Im 36 this year!)

Sounds like a good year for goats!

Have a good New Year everyone!
Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Little helper

Today I wanted to do a mini DIY photo shoot at home for kupu kupu. I got my daughter who loves doing all this little projects. She's really good like that, she loves to get her hands "dirty" and loves to help. But the problem is, sometimes she's really not helping at all. Still, I should encourage this behavior. 

There she is trying to fix the dress to make it look better but really, I don't think she knows what she was doing. 

And then there's another little helper busy photo-bombing everything! 

Then I don't know why it became something else! This dress is from Mothercare by the way, and not by kupukupu! From helping me to take photos of kupu kupu outfits, she suddenly became a model and wanted her photos taken! Heehe 

They're goofing around again! They didn't really help at all.

Finally the photoshoot failed. We didn't get any work done at all. Ah well... We'll try again next time! This is why I should always do work when they're not around and must always hire professionals to do the job! Our skills sucked. I need a photographer afterall

No brand Gold Mask

While I was Instagram hopping the other day, I discovered this lady selling gold & diamond mask. I don't know why but I wanted to give it a try and so I did. It arrived to me pretty quickly too.

First time putting it on was rather messy because I didn't really know how. The girl didn't really give me instructions and there was nothing written on the packaging too. I had no clue but soon figured it out.

After 1 application, my skin became brighter. My husband said so, not me! Hehe...

You are supposed to apply a thin layer on your skin and just let it dry. Once it is completely dry, just peel it off. Very easy.

I love it when I find new things to try. Even brand-less ones..
All for beauty...I'm so vain!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

4 amazing products in my bathroom

I swear our bathroom is filled with so many products, so many perfumes, so many makeup, so much stuff. But my current favourite top 4 items in my bathroom are:

1. AURAGE skincare products from Naturally Plus
I've just started using this for about 3 days and OMG!!! I love it so much! I don't know what to say about it apart from this is probably the best skincare I've ever tried in my life because it is so easy to use, so simple and just makes my skin feel super duper awesome.
The photo on your left is the cleanser. It is oil based type of cleanser but the feeling after you rinse it off is just so amazing. My skin never felt so smooth!
The photo on the right is a 2 in 1 toner moisturiser. Isn't it awesome?? I have a toner which I seldom use because I'm just so lazy but with this, you will never forget to use toner!
I love it!
If you want to try this out, send me a message. I can buy them and have them delivered to you. The price?
RM196 for the cleanser (150ml) and RM381 for the 2in1 toner moisturiser!

2. Black Paint from Japan.
Remember I was in Osaka late last year and discover THE MOST AMAZING SOAP ever? Yeap. We only bought 2 pack when we were there because we didn't know it was THAT good. And after 2 months, we've ran out. The closest we could go to get them was to Singapore but that will cost us a lot because the price of the soap in Singapore is almost double the price we got it in Japan. We were prepared to go get it from Singapore because hubs has some work to settle there anyway but luckily, my mum (bless her, what would I do without her?) contacted her ex boss who is in Japan (He is from there) and got him to get these amazing soap for us. US! She decided to try it out for herself and then my aunt wanted to try them and soon, he had to ship like 6 packs of black soap to Malaysia. Coincidently, his daughter lives near the factory where they produce these amazing soaps and it was no problem getting it for us. I was so happy. We bought 2 packs for ourselves.
This black soap is really AMAZING! I don't need to use other products anymore.

I've been using Dermalogica since I was a teenager and I still do every now and then but since I discovered this soap, I haven't been using my dermalogica stuff at all. Except for when I feel my skin needs a scrub or a mask, then I'll use them. I still use this soap every now and then. This is my husband's favourite too.

3. Rushup Oil (I think its from Korea)
I just started using this and I think it is working!!!!! It is actually some kind of slimming oil. You massage it at the problem area and thats it. I love the smell.

Im not exactly fat but my problem area is around my tummy. I've been massaging my tummy with this oil and although I haven't seen any difference in the size of my clothes but I can feel like my tummy area is not so chronic anymore. Before, I looked 5 months pregnant…but now, I look 3 months pregnant! I've been using it for a month now I think. We'll see!!! If you want to buy them, I can help you with that. The price is RM350 for 2 bottles or RM260 for 1 bottle.

4. Argan oil
This is my favourite too. I love it, I love it, I love it!!! Did I tell you I love it???
The smell is wonderful and it keeps my hair so fresh and smooth and soft. Its not oily at all and it is supposedly good for the hair. Apart from my hair smelling so nice and it being so smooth and soft, I don't know what this product is good for. Apparently it is supposed to be good to prevent split ends and whatnots, especially on coloured hair. I bought this from the salon I went to the last time I had my haircut and they were really really promoting this.

Problem is, my hair is still falling quite a lot. I don't understand why because I think it is abnormal for my hair to fall so much but the guy told me that my hair will fall a lot first because new and healthier hair will grow later. Which is true I think because I see so many baby hair growing.

Let's hope I won't get bald anytime soon. Nonetheless, I still love this product a lot. I love the smell so much!

My favourite food

There was this one time when I first started working, this guy wanted to "usha" me. Well not "usha" as in trying to hook up with me but more like just trying to get to know me better since I'm new in the office. He asked me stuff about me (there were only 2 of us in that huge office at the time) and one of the things he asked me was "what's your ultimate favourite food?"

I replied immediately without much hesitation "soto!"

How uncool was I? Seriously, so not cool to say soto!

He laughed immediately after I said that. He told me that I was funny because he was really expecting me to act all cool and come up with some really fancy type of food like something Japanese or Italian but instead, my answer was a plain "soto"

When I told my other colleagues about this story, everyone laughed and my nickname was "Kak Sot" and they would all make fun of me! 

Why didn't I say "sushi" or "sashimi"?? 
Kuang Kuang Kuang

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrating L.O.V.E

It's Valentine's Day today and I know a lot of you are celebrating it with your loved ones. I spoke to my mother earlier today and we were discussing it and she said we shouldn't celebrate it because we should be celebrating love everyday and not just on the 14th of February. She's right, obviously. (When is she ever wrong? hmm….)

I stopped celebrating Valentine's Day quite a few years ago. I don't have any reason why I stopped celebrating but I just don't. It doesn't mean that every Valentines Day we do just means that there's no expectations. Marriage does that to you, huh? LOL, to me at least.

This year, again, there were no expectations. I don't remember what we did last year too and Im not sure if we didn't anything special.

Yesterday, I got flowers from my husband. I was shocked as I don't really get flowers from him very often. I probably get it once a year on my birthday, if I'm lucky and that's about it.
So when I opened the door and saw 3 bunch of flowers, I was shocked.

The roses are for me (I think). There weren't any love notes attached to it but Im just guessing, they are for me. The lilies are for my husband (for himself) because he loves the smell so he got it for himself. LOL. And the purple orchids are for the house, which my daughter claim it is for her. Everyone gets flowers in this house, even the sender himself! How lucky!

When he came home, he also brought home a little gift for me. Im a happy girl!!! I got everything (the flowers and the gift) on Friday, the 13th February…so yeah, we don't celebrate Valentines Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Alfatihah TGNA

Last night, I was getting the kids ready for bed and got the news from my family's Whatsapp that TGNA has passed away. Alfatihah.

I don't know him personally. I've seen some of his videos on youtube on a few things that he had talked about and that is all I know about him. But when I got the news, I was really sad and I didn't understand why.

This morning, all over the social media and especially on Facebook, there were many people talking about him, both muslims and surprisingly non muslims too and it brought a lot of tears in my eyes. Again, I kept asking myself why am I sad when I don't even know him. His aura is that strong.

I prayed and recited Alfatihah. That's all I can do.

Looking at this photo makes me sad. I somehow feel the loss.

And then I saw this post on my friend's Facebook page and I understood it immediately. Allahuakbar.

"Dalam Kitab Tanqih Al-Qaul Imam Al-Hafizh Jalaluddin bin Abdurrahman bin Abu Bakar As-Suyuthi menuliskan dalam kitabnya sebuah hadits Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam sbb:
وقال عليه الصلاة والسلام: {مَنْ لَمْ يَحْزَنْ لِمَوْتِ العَالِمِ، فَهُوَ مُنَافِقٌ مُنَافِقٌ مُنَافِقٌ} قالها ثلاث مرات
”Barangsiapa yang tidak sedih dengan kematian ulama maka dia adalah munafik”
Menagislah karena meninggalnya seorang ulama adalah sebuah perkara yang besar di sisi Allah. Sebuah perkara yang akan mendatangkan konsekuensi bagi kita yang ditinggalkan jika kita ternyata bukan orang-orang yang senantisa mendengar petuah mereka. Menangislah jika kita ternyata selama ini belum ada rasa cinta di hati kita kepada para ulama.
عن ابن عباس ، في قوله تعالى : أَوَلَمْ يَرَوْا أَنَّا نَأْتِي الأَرْضَ نَنْقُصُهَا مِنْ أَطْرَافِهَا سورة الرعد آية 41 قال : موت علمائها . وللبيهقي من حديث معروف بن خربوذ ، عن أبي جعفر ، أنه قال : موت عالم أحب إلى إبليس من موت سبعين عابدا .
Dari Ibnu Abbas ra. tentang firman Allah, “Dan apakah mereka tidak melihat bahwa sesungguhnya Kami mendatangi daerah-daerah, lalu Kami kurangi daerah-daerah itu (sedikit demi sedikit) dari tepi-tepinya?.” (Al-Ra’d: 41). Beliau mengatakan tentang (مِنْ أَطْرَافِهَا = dari tepi-tepinya) adalah wafatnya para ulama. Dan menurut Imam Baihaqi dari hadits Ma’ruf bin Kharbudz dari Abu Ja’far ra berkata, “Kematian ulama lebih dicintai iblis daripada kematian 70 orang ahli Ibadah.”
Al-Quran secara implisit mengisyaratkan wafatnya ulama sebagai sebuah penyebab kehancuran dunia, yaitu firman Allah yang berbunyi:
أَوَلَمْ يَرَوْا أَنَّا نَأْتِي الأرْضَ نَنْقُصُهَا مِنْ أَطْرَافِهَا وَاللَّهُ يَحْكُمُ لا مُعَقِّبَ لِحُكْمِهِ وَهُوَ سَرِيعُ الْحِسَابِ
“Dan apakah mereka tidak melihat bahwa sesungguhnya Kami mendatangi daerah-daerah, lalu Kami kurangi daerah-daerah itu (sedikit demi sedikit) dari tepi-tepinya?.” (Al-Ra’d: 41).
Menurut beberapa ahli tafsir seperti Ibnu Abbas dan Mujahid, ayat ini berkaitan dengan kehancuran bumi (kharab ad-dunya).Sedangkan kehancuran bumi dalam ayat ini adalah dengan meninggalnya para ulama (Tafsir Ibnu Katsir 4/472)
Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam yang menegaskan ulama sebagai penerusnya, juga menegaskan wafatnya para ulama sebagai musibah. Rasulullah bersabda:
مَوْتُ الْعَالِمِ مُصِيبَةٌ لا تُجْبَرُ ، وَثُلْمَةٌ لا تُسَدُّ , وَنَجْمٌ طُمِسَ ، مَوْتُ قَبِيلَةٍ أَيْسَرُ مِنْ مَوْتِ عَالِمٍ
Artinya: “Meninggalnya ulama adalah musibah yang tak tergantikan, dan sebuah kebocoran yang tak bisa ditambal. Wafatnya ulama laksana bintang yang padam. Meninggalnya satu suku lebih mudah bagi saya daripada meninggalnya satu orang ulama” (HR al-Thabrani dalam Mujam al-Kabir dan al-Baihaqi dalam Syu’ab al-Iman dari Abu Darda’)
Wafatnya Ulama Adalah Hilangnya Ilmu Umat manusia dapat hidup bersama para ulama adalah sebagian nikmat yang agung selama di dunia. Semasa ulama hidup, kita dapat mencari ilmu kepada mereka, memetik hikmah, mengambil keteladanan dan sebagainya. Sebaliknya, ketika ulama wafat, maka hilanglah semua nikmat itu. Hal inilah yang disabdakan oleh Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam,
خُذُوا الْعِلْمَ قَبْلَ أَنْ يَذْهَبَ ” ، قَالُوا : وَكَيْفَ يَذْهَبُ الْعِلْمُ يَا نَبِيَّ اللَّهِ، قَالَ:إِنَّ ذَهَابَ الْعِلْمِ أَنْ يَذْهَبَ حَمَلَتُهُ
Artinya: “Ambillah (Pelajarilah) ilmu sebelum ilmu pergi! Sahabat bertanya: Wahai Nabiyullah, bagaimana mungkin ilmu bisa pergi (hilang)?” Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam menjawab, “Perginya ilmu adalah dengan perginya (wafatnya) orang-orang yang membawa ilmu (ulama)” (HR Ad-Darimi, At-Thabrani No 7831 dari Abu Umamah).
Wafatnya ulama juga memiliki dampak sangat besar, diantaranya munculnya pemimpin baru yang tidak mengerti tentang agama sehinga dapat menyesatkan umat, sebagaimana dalam hadits sahih.
إن الله لا يقبض العلم انتزاعا ينتزعه من الناس ، ولكن يقبض العلم بقبض العلماء حتى إذا لم يترك عالما اتخذ الناس رءوسا جهالا فسئلوا فأفتوا بغير علم فضلوا وأضلوا
Artinya: “Sesungguhnya Allah tidak mencabut ilmu dari hambanya, tetapi mencabut ilmu dengan mencabut para ulama. Sehingga ketika Allah tidak menyisakan satu ulama, maka manusia mengangkat pemimpin-pemimpin bodoh, mereka ditanya kemudian memberi fatwa tanpa ilmu, maka mereka sesat dan menyesatkan” (HR al-Bukhari No 100)
Kendatipun telah banyak kyai atau ulama yang telah wafat, dan wafatnya kyai atau ulama adalah sebuah musibah dalam agama, maka harapan kita adalah lahirnya kembali ulama yang meneruskan perjuangannya. Aamiin
Harapan ini sebagaimana yang dikutip oleh Imam al-Ghazali dari Khalifah Ali bin Abi Thalib:
إذا مات العالم ثلم في الإسلام ثلمة لا يسدها الا خلف منه
Artinya: “Jika satu ulama wafat, maka ada sebuah lubang dalam Islam yang tak dapat ditambal kecuali oleh generasi penerusnya” (Ihya Ulumiddin I/15). Wallahu a’lam bis-Shawab
(KH. Ibnu Mas’ud /SM)"


Shopping time!

Do any of you shop at Zalora?

Here's a code to use when you do shop and get 15% discounts: ZBAPZWO9

Happy Shopping!

What to cook?

I LOVE food…but I hate cooking. Everyday, it is the same thing. Everyday at about 11am, while my kids are in school, my maid will come to ask me what to cook for lunch (for the kids) and I have to decide on what soup to make. SOUP, every single freaking day because my kids (my daughter actually) is a fussy eater and won't eat anything else but soup and rice.

So everyday, my job is to come up and cook a different type of soup! How boring?!
My maid will then prepare the items needed to make the soup and then we cook rice and that's usually lunch for us. I seldom eat lunch tho.

Then we go through the day and do our usual stuff and at 5 or 6pm, my maid will again come up to me and ask me what I want to cook for dinner!


Bad enough I am not a good cook, I also find it difficult to decide what meals to serve every night. I really don't know how people go through this every single day. Im just so fed up sometimes.

We are very melayu in our meals at home. The reason is because that's the only stuff I know how to cook best. Western meals are easier to cook I think but somehow I don't think I can do them very well so its rice rice rice every single freaking day! Weekends, I'll make noodles!

How do you decide on your meals daily? Do you have like a planned menu or do you, like me, crap up something depending on what you have to cook?

This weekend, I'm going to do some grocery shopping and I will buy ingredients I don't usually buy and make something different next week.

Like this. This looks easy enough to cook, doesn't it? Spaghetti Aglio Olio is something I think I can make quite easily. My kids probably won't like it so much but never mind, I'll still make this.

What is your best and easy to cook meal that you serve your family for dinner? Please share. And also….if you have any easy soup recipes, please share!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to find a good maid

I got an email today:

"I noticed yr post about having awesome maids. I wonder if you could share their age and if they were from the village or if they have had city exposure (ie, worked in city or overseas) before? I'm in the midst of selecting a maid. Any feedback is much much much appreciated Thanks"

Someone told me before (and I agree), "Ada maid sakit hati, takda maid sakit tangan"

I've been really blessed that out of 2 maids that I've hired so far, both are good helpers. I really should thank my lucky stars.

I still think that it all comes down to pure luck. I've been really lucky that I got really good maids. I also have a very good agent which really helps. I've heard a lot of stories about dodgy agents cheating employers and recycling maids.

Here are some tips that I can share and I found along the way to help you pick the right maid. At the end of the day, it is still luck but let's just hope this will help you pick the right person

1. Research the agency
Don't just pick one from the newspaper. Try asking friends and ask them about their experience with their agency. I would not dare to just walk in a new agency after the stories I've heard no matter how "professional" their office looks like. High fees doesn't mean they are better and low fees doesn't mean they are dodgy. To be safe, go to an agency that is recommended by friends or someone you know.

2. Study the candidate's CV
So many things you should look at when studying their CV.
Work experience: How long did they stay in their last employment? This will tell you if they will stay long in the job or is she the type who likes to jump from one employer to another.
Does she have related work experience? If she was a housemaid before, it will save you a lot of headache in training her to do housework because she will know what to do. Hire someone with related work experience if you want someone who knows what to do. Some like to hire fresh (someone without related work experience) but be prepared to train her a little bit more.
Education background: Not important to me. But if they are a graduate, then it is bonus because they can help with other non housework related stuff that you may need them to help you with. Like sitting down with your kid to help them with homework.
Family background: This is quite important. Married with kids can mean that they will be thinking about their husbands going off with another woman while they're working abroad. Divorced with kids to me are best because they are usually working to earn money to support their children. Not married and no children means they will not work for that long because at some point, they will want a family. Having young children will be tough too for them as they will be missing their kids and thinking about their children a lot. Sometimes this can be depressing for them. Look for someone will older kids is best.

3. Look at their photo
I know this sounds silly and not important but I want my maids to look presentable. If they look like a monster (because some of them do!), my kid will not want to go near them. Also you can tell a lot from a photo. Some of them really put on makeup and are really pretty too. This is not a good sign for me because they will be those maids who are busy taking selfies when you leave them at home and busy uploading them on to their Facebook and trust me, some will be doing those in your clothes! So to me, when I look at their photo, I want a plain looking girl who looks presentable and no make up! Don't want them to lawan tauke if you know what I mean! hehe…

4. Interview them 
If possible, try getting them to do a video conference interview. My agency does this and I find that it really helps. Interviewing them will also allow you to speak to them and see if you have 'chemistry'.

I've interviewed a maid who can speak English well having worked in Malaysia for 2 years and on paper was really good but during the interview, there was no 'chemistry' as she sounded so blur and duhh..

During this interview, don't paint a pretty picture about the job. If possible, exaggerate a little (or a lot) if you can. Once, I interviewed a candidate who said she is OK with looking after babies but during the interview, she saw my daughter running around the office and got scared. She turned us down. It was a blessing that she turned us down. If she didn't, she definitely would not be able to handle my children and definitely not right for us. Ask about their family and children too during the interview to see if they're really willing to leave their family behind. Once, I interviewed this maid and she started crying when I asked if she will be OK to work and not see her children for at least 2 years. Of course it is only natural to cry if you need to be away from your children for so long, but for a maid to be a good maid, she needs to be emotionally strong too. Its not easy to leave your family behind. I know I couldn't do it!

5. Check out their Facebook
Yes, you read it right. These days, especially for Pinoy maids, they all have facebook. You can search their name on Facebook and see if what their life is like. Even if you have already hired a maid, please do check their Facebook from time to time. A friend of mine found sexy photos of her maid posing around her house on Facebook and wearing her clothes, lesbian photos, photos of her children and all those dodgy stuff. Make sure you are not hiring a psycho!

6. Pray 
Once you have done all that, all you need to do is pray. Pray to God that you've hired the right person.

Good luck!
Monday, February 9, 2015

KL Day out

We live in the city. Well, without traffic, it will take me literally 5 minutes to get from my house to KLCC but with traffic (and we all know there's ALWAYS traffic), it can take me up to an hour. I've been in the car for 2 hours once to get to Pavilion! Its pure madness. I sometimes think its pointless to stay in the city if it takes forever to get to the nearest mall.

With the amazing Duke highway, which I love very much, it will take me about 15 minutes to get to Damansara Heights. Another 10 minutes to Bangsar. It just makes more sense to go to that side of the world for us. That's where we do our grocery shopping and whatever else.

On Sunday, I told hubs that I am craving for Haagen Dasz. No, I'm not pregnant. I just have cravings all the time. So he said ok, lets go get ice cream. I was so excited. Bless him, he always layan my cravings. We got in the car and didn't know where to go for Haagen Dasz. I know where they are but we didn't know which one to go to. So I googled all the Haagen Dasz and we decided instead of going to Bangsar Village like we always do, why not we go have ice cream in LOT 10. Yeah, why not? It's Sunday, no traffic and I can have my ice cream in 5 minutes. So we thought!

It took us bloody 45 minutes to get to Lot 10!
Traffic was SOOO BAD!

What the heck?!

We parked our car at the outdoor carpark (the one between LOT 10 & Fahrenheit) and walked to LOT 10. It was packed with people MasyAllah. My son was sleeping and I had to carry him. He is very heavy!

Got our ice cream and I was a happy bunny. I had 1 scoop of Strawberry + 1 scoop of Chocolate with almond flakes. To die for. I remember having a lot of that when I was pregnant with my daughter. (No, I am not pregnant!).

Then we walked to Pavilion because we saw people in front waiting for Lion Dance to start. By this time kids are all excited and ready to watch show but it was a major disappointment. We then decided to walk around for a bit in Pavilion since we haven't been there for quite a few months.

My daughter dragged us inside Parkson where all the toys are. She knows her way around all malls to get to her "section" and there's no two ways about it. Before we got there, I reminded her that we are not to buy any toys today because we just spent a few hundred bucks a few days ago on toys. She agreed to just have a look. Then she saw the most amazing thing ever….. Some princess stuff. Oh dear.
Luckily she didn't bug us to get that after we said no a couple of times.

I told her that we are not to buy anymore toys unless we sell our old ones. The money we get from selling our old toys, we can use to buy new ones. Sounds like a good deal. We have so many toys that are still in perfect condition that we can sell.

Then they had this small little area for children to play and try the kinetic sand. Have you seen those??
They played with it in school and she's been telling me to get it for ages but I haven't had time to get it. A tub cost about RM100 and obviously you need more than 1 tub to play as they have different colours and all. No no no!!!!! We didn't want to buy it and so the drama started!!

Finally, she settled for a RM15 bubble gun we saw on the way back to the car.

Before we went home, we stopped by for dinner at this middle eastern restaurant next to Fahrenheit.
It was a gamble. I've never been there before. We always go to the same restaurant so hubs thought why not we try somewhere else.

Im glad we did because the food was AWESOME!
I had the mixed grill and it was really tasty! Kids loved their briani too.

By the time we got home, my whole body was aching. I was so tired.

Let them play

I was home on Sunday and watched NONA on TV3. Its my favourite show on Sundays. I've been watching it since I was a kid (with my mother). Its so good and I learn a lot from that show every week.

Anyway, Sunday's show was extra special as they got the chance to interview Sufiah Yusof. In case you don't know who this person is, she was one of those gifted child. Went to Oxford at the age of 13. Her mum is a Malaysian and her dad is Pakistani. Anyway, the whole nation had high hopes for this young girl when she was accepted into Oxford but things didn't turn out as everyone had hoped for. She had issues growing up and had quite a difficult life. She fell into prostitution at one point and that really made headlines. Google about her if you don't know.

It got me thinking about my own children.

When my daughter was 6 months, she could recognise alphabets and colours and whatnot. She was a smart baby. I remember thinking omg, she's a genius and I kept pushing her to do a lot of academic stuff even before she was 2 years old. I really believed she is one of those gifted child. Every mother thinks that about her child but seriously, I really BELIEVED my daughter was a genius. Its quite funny. Sometimes I find myself pushing her to do more academic stuff when I should just let her play.

With my son, its the complete opposite almost. He doesn't like to do flash cards, he doesn't like doing numbers.He just wants to play and pretend to fight. A typical boy I would say, rough and tough. I have no sat down with him to do any flash cards, or force him to do reading or whatever I did with my daughter when she was his age. Middle child syndrome perhaps.

Both my children are smart in their own ways. I think I need to chill a little and not push them so hard. I don't push my son at all. He plays pretty much ALL day but with my daughter, I keep pushing her to do work, to write, to read and I think I should stop. She has her whole life to do all those. I don't want them to excel in school (like Sufiah Yusof did) but struggle being a normal kid and be bitter and hating her parents for pushing her too much. Don't want that. My kids don't have to do well in school for them to prove to me that they are smart. They can be street smart like mummy. That's good enough for me!

After watching that show on Nona and listening to the interview with Sufiah Yusof, I told myself, I'm going to let it be. It is OK if she's not the best in academics and if she doesn't want to do her homework or just wants to play all day. Im going to let her play. I don't want her to miss being a kid.

She's super smart and I still think she's a genius but its ok if she's not. She gets things so fast. I don't have to repeat so many times to teach her something but when she doesn't want some kind of knowledge or information, it will be like pulling teeth! That's a sign that she doesn't want to do it.

Theres just so much pressure these days to do well in school. I just don't want her to be left behind but you know what…. its really not a big deal. She will do well regardless. I just have to guide her the right way and she will be fine. And my son, if you listen to him talk (if you can understand what he's saying) is super duper smart. I feel bad for not sitting down with him and do alphabets with him and all that but I think I don't need to.

I'm just going to let them PLAY!
Thursday, February 5, 2015


Sometimes I feel "empty"

I don't know how to describe this feeling but sometimes, I do feel empty and lonely despite having so many people, friends and family in my life. I often wonder why.

I have so many reasons to be happy but sometimes, I find myself finding the stupidest and smallest reasons to be unhappy. Does that make sense? It's like theres a void in my life and I don't understand why.

Im blessed to have a good husband who is a good provider, I have super cute wonderful adorable children, I have the best mum in the whole wide world, I have the best friends but still…I feel empty sometimes.

And lately I keep having this image in my head of a video or something I've seen about someone who went through this exact same thing and had the same feelings…and the answer to that emptiness that the girl felt was God. I think Im going through the same thing. I don't think I will ever be happy if I don't bring myself closer to God.

My mum bugs me about my prayers all the time. I need to work on that a lot more. I don't know why I find it so hard to do my 5x a day prayers. Its not even that difficult to do. What is my excuse I don't know. The weird thing is, each time I do pray, almost instantly my prayers will be answered, yet it is still not enough a reason to push me to keep praying.

This morning, as I did my usual browsing routine, I came across this article and it really did hit a spot. I need to take baby steps to get to know Allah. And today, I told myself I will do it. Slowly but surely.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How much is enough?

I was talking to a friend that day about money. Can you ever be happy with what you have or do you always want more?

It's been a while since I had a salary. I miss that actually. With this new job that I'm considering to take, Im excited to see how much salary I will be getting. It is only a temporary position but still, I am excited.

It got me thinking about how much I should ask for? How much I'm worth? I honestly have no clue.
When people ask me, what is your expected salary? I don't know how to answer it because I've not been employed for over 5 years now, I have no clue what I'm worth. What is my expectation? I don't know if I have one. Im just curious to see what the offer is like. Somehow, I don't think I'll be jumping off the chair when I see the figures but still, I guess it is better than nothing.

Everything is so expensive these days.

I stay at home almost all day every single day, except for days when we have to go out grocery shopping or send my kids to school or have parties outside. We pretty much stay at home all week.
When I'm at home, other than looking after the kids and doing the usual things mothers do, other than working on my own little projects here and there, I do a lot of browsing. Internet shopping!!! It is so addictive and so bad because you don't realise how much money you spend when you're shopping online.

For example, if you are out shopping at a mall… You know you have x amount of cash in your wallet and you will know how to control that spending. But when you are shopping online, you tend to just click click click without thinking much. At the end of the month, if you look back at how much you've spent, it can be quite a big amount. Sometimes, in today's world especially, you spend more money staying home than going out!

How much is enough??
For me, if you ask me to put a figure… I'd say, RM10,000. But in reality, that's probably going to be enough for awhile and then you will increase your spending and then RM10,000 won't be enough anymore. You'll want RM20,000 and then same thing will happen.

It will never be enough, I think.

I have so many things on my wishlist. RM10,000 is not enough…
Why does everything have to be so expensive??

Mengaji class

When my mum told me she and my aunts are starting mengaji classes soon, I was really happy. First thing I told her was don't forget to ask if she is willing to come to my house to teach my kids mengaji.
She knows that one important criteria that we look for in an Ustazah is, she must be able to teach in English and also she must love teaching children.

My mum had a few classes with Ustazah Ain and really enjoy her classes. She took quite a long time to find an Ustazah but Alhamdulillah, she found one. She was all excited about it. She also asked the Ustazah if she's willing to come to our house to teach my kids mengaji and she agreed.

We don't have any classes at home. I prefer sending them out than having a tutor come in because at their age, they learn better outside the house. At home, it is their territory and I don't want them bullying anyone. They're only children, they tend to get away with anything with everyone, especially at home.

I was really sceptical when the Ustazah came but Im so happy with how it went. I watched my daughter and she is so good. Ustazah said to me, kids are like the biggest amanah from Allah and it is them who can help us to go syurga or neraka someday. Kind of scary. I hope I'm doing enough to ensure that my kids are OK.

Anyway, it took us forever to schedule the first mengaji class. I guess I'm to blame because I've been busy but my mum was really persistent. She kept pushing me to have the class sooner than later. Im glad I listened to her.

Few days before the first class, I've already told my daughter what to expect. She's really becoming such a social butterfly and so friendly with everyone. She welcomed the ustazah and greeted her and they instantly clicked.

Since it is the first lesson, we weren't really prepared. We didn't know what books to get and didn't know what else to prepare. Ustazah asked me for a blank sheets of paper, a pencil, some colouring pencil and a muqaddam. I was supposed to get the Iqra book because thats what everyone uses for mengaji but I didn't get time to hunt for it yet.

My daughter didn't have the right tudung so my mum came and on the way to our house, she stopped by at a shop and got my daughter a blue tudung. She mms us the photo and my daughter said she wanted the blue one. It was cute. But when she tried it on, it was a little bit too big for her still. 

Halfway  through the class, she wanted to change tudung. I gave her one of my scarf and she put it on.

Towards the end of the class, she went inside her room and came out as Snow White!!! LOL.
This is what happens when you have classes at home. But ustazah was really cool about it and knew it was a way to get our daughter's attention so she said next week's class, she can wear her Frozen dress! That got ustazah lots of bonus points!

After almost 2 hours, they did a lot of writing, colouring and learning arabic alphabets. Ustazah also taught her how to recite the doa makan and they also made flash cards.

Alhamdulillah Im glad it went well. Ustazah wanted to teach her how to pray but she was already tired.

By the end of the class, she told me how much she loves her ustazah and she gave thumbs up for ustazah to come back next week. Im so happy.

My son on the other hand, was busy playing and wasn't bothered to join in at all. Its ok, he's only 2.5!
Hopefully soon, he will want to join in!

Im a happy mum. I found the perfect ustazah for my daughter. Amin
Monday, February 2, 2015

Fire Station, Hartamas

When my BFF asked me to suggest a venue for her son's bday party, I said do it at the fire station. First response was "huh!!!??" But after I told her about it, how fun it was going to be, she decided to give it a try. Her son turned 3 this month. 

I had always wanted to take my kids on a trip to the fire station but each time I read about a playgroup there, I couldn't make it so this was perfect! 

We had so much fun at the party today! 

First the fireman explained a little bit about their uniform and how it protects them for the heat and fire. 

Then the kids got to try the outfit if they wanted to. My son was excited to try but my daughter, the princess, obviously didn't want to try. In fact, she was quite scared to try! 

Next they showed them what they do when they receive an emergency call. It was so awesome the kids loved this part

After that, we got to ride on the fire truck. Initially they were scared because it is a big truck and the sound of the engine is quite loud but when they heard the siren and after seeing how the truck move and make the rounds, they desperately wanted to get on to ride it. Thankfully they had to make 2 trips to accomodate everyone. We all got on the second trip. 

My son was excited! Especially since mummy & papa both got on the truck as well. After the short ride, my son said "this is soooo awesome!" LOL! So cute!

Last part is the best part of it all! They all got the chance to play with some water! I brought extra clothes because I knew this was going to happen but I didn't bring towels! Doink!! I wish I did!

This was fun!

Thank you to the Mr Fireman for being so cool! Kids really had an amazing time!

Awesome venue for a birthday party!