Thursday, April 30, 2015

We are off to the beach

As usual, we are very last minute. We don't plan ahead at all. I hate it but I love it. I hate it that we don't have much time to prepare for anything but I love it that we can just pack and leave.

I got a text from my husband asking me to check availability for a weekend stay in town. We live 10 minutes away from KLCC but yet, he is asking me to see if we can stay away for the weekend in KL. Its funny, right? As usual, as the official unpaid travel agent, I made some calls and found out the rates and whatnot. This travel agent (aka me) is quite smart and always thinking outside the box. Not only I called the hotels he requested for, I also called a resort few hours away, by the beach, to see if they still have rooms available. Then, I texted my husband all the details. All 3 hotels. All 3 will cost the same. Its just that the hotels will take us 10 minutes drive and the resort will take us at least 4 hours drive. Roadtrip. Woohoo!


We decided on the resort. Hahah. You know how they say the man is the head of the family but the woman is the neck that turns the head. Like that lah.


We are going to the beach!!!

I can't wait. I miss being by the beach. I need to get some tan and pretend Im in Maldives.

Forgive & Forget

A friend posted this on Facebook and I wanted to share with you all. It's so true..

My mum  and my uncle (her younger brother) had a misunderstanding/argument a few years ago. It was a big fight and I think it was partly due to "batu api". I think it was just a rift between brother and sister, they'd be able to fight and sort it out but this one dragged on for many years, until today, unfortunately.

Since my mum's hijrah (she started donning the hijab after she came back from Mekah a few years back), she started attending more agama classes. To learn more about Islam and started mengaji too. She would tell me about her classes and for that, I started calling her "Ustazah" because she suddenly became like one. Almost all phone calls sounded like stuff you hear from Forum Perdana or Khutbah Jumaat.

One day she told me, every night before going to sleep we should always forgive. I told her I can't forgive if I can't forget. When I saw this on Facebook, I thought to myself…yes, I will forgive. I forgive for me so I can move on with my life. Once you're in my good books, you will stay there no matter how bad you are. But once you are in my bad books…that's where you will stay. 

Moving right along……. 

Happy Mode ON

OK, Im slowly getting my MOJO back. I found my purpose!

I was in the Naturally Plus office today sorting out some application for new members. It was my first time doing it alone as normally, my leader will be doing all this for us. The team is growing so much so fast and with the 30 April dateline for the promotion, there's just too many applications to do. Sharing about how good this product is and helping others live a healthier life, is giving me a lot of satisfaction and this could be one of my purpose in life. Anyway, I got all that done today just in time to pick the kids up from school. Another purpose in life is to be there for my kids.

A few days ago my mum called me with great news. She was offered a job to run this business and this charity organisation. That means, she is officially out of retirement! She's 63 years old and retired a few years back. Since retirement, she's been really depressed. It's almost like she's going through menopause again. Every time she's depressed, I get depressed. She's been working all her life that she doesn't know how to just sit back and enjoy life. When she told me she found a new gig, I couldn't be happier. She's still active and I know she will be able to do any job well.

It's already end of April. How time flies.

Im in a very happy mood today. I got my work done, learn something new AND I got to be there for my kids. Not many people can do that in 1 day. I'm glad I can do this.

The long weekend is here. We have nothing planned but I'm sure we will be doing something special and slot something in the last minute to do with the kids. Have a good long weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Soul Searching

Lately I've been in a weird mood. I couldn't put my finger on why Im feeling like this. I think Im going through a phase in my life and I can't wait for this phase to be over. I keep questioning why Im not happy and what else is it I want in life.

I have been neglecting my prayers of late and it could be that is the reason why I feel this void in my heart. But yet, I don't know why Im not doing what I know Im supposed to do. What else do I need to be happy? What else do I want in life? Why can't I feel good about my life when theres so many things I should be thankful for?


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Good Wife

My cousin posted this link on her FB about Duties of the wife in Islam and I find it really interesting I thought I'd share it with you guys here.

These are the list of duties of a wife in Islam from that fun article:

  1. Make herself beautiful for the husband
  2. Protect his honour
  3. Be patient with him
  4. Be patient with his family (in laws)
  5. Educate the children well
  6. Be available
  7. Be REALLY available (ahem ahem)
  8. Preserve her home
  9. Learn
  10. Be satisfied with what she has

It is a really interesting post because of late, I've been questioning myself a lot. I feel like this article really is sent to me to address my questions of one my "purpose" in life. A wife. To be a good wife.

Let me explain a little bit about my understanding of the list above….

Make herself beautiful for the husband
I love making myself beautiful. (But I do this for myself and not particularly for my husband). I spend a lot of money too to make myself beautiful :)
So I think, I'm pretty much on the right track.
However, I think I need to make myself more beautiful at home because Im in that stage where Im so comfortable at home in my stay-at-home outfit that sometimes, I look like a maid…beautiful maid but still, a maid! I think I need to wear nicer clothes at home…. (Time to shop!)

Protect his honour
This is when you shouldnt speak of your husband's flaws to people. This is a work in progress for me. I don't go around telling people about him but being human, when he upsets me, I cannot hide my frustrations. Everyone does it Im sure. According to this article, one should avoid talking bad about the husband to her family. Hmm…. This is tough. So next time he upsets me, I need to remind myself to keep it to myself. Noted!!! Next!!!!

Be patient with him
I think Im doing a good job in this area (so is he). They say the perfect husband DONT EXIST and we should all stop expecting them to be one. Noted!

Every husband is annoying in some ways. Like when they don't call to tell you they're coming home late and you shouldn't wait for him to have dinner, when they keep forgetting to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket or when they don't tell you that you look thin on fat days… (not my husband, just as an example). You must accept his flaws. You made that vow so you gotta honour it. (note to self)

A good husband is one who does the best for himself and his family and Alhamdulillah, I think I've got one, InsyaAllah. Also as a wife, we need to encourage them to do good. I need to do that more.

Be patients with his family (in laws)
Some people are lucky to get good in laws and some people aren't. If you're one of those lucky ones, alhamdulillah. But some aren't so lucky.
It's not easy and so far, no matter how good your in laws are, you will still need to be patient with them.
I think Im doing quite a good job in this area. Im very tolerant in general so InsyaAllah, I'll be ok with my in laws.

Educate the children well
This is what I do best. I try hard to educate my children the best possible way. I may not be the best mother but I know I try my best to give the best education to my children.
More than anything, I want them to grow up to have good manners. I keep telling them to behave well and I don't care who you are, good manners is important and my kids know that. The rotan helps.

As a wife, it is also our duty to help the husband with religious education. I don't know much but I will push us to the right direction or get the best person who can teach us religious education. On tv, channel 106 is one of them. Ustaz Kazim is our favourite!

Be available
Im always available. He knows that because Im not working and him and the kids are my priority. But its not enough to just be there for him, you need to be there for him with open arms. Welcoming him to share about his problems. Sometimes, you can be at home but not talking. This is not being available. Note to self.

Be really available
Friday night action (or any other night)

This is tricky you know. Sometimes you're just tired and not in the mood. Its tough. I get it. I've also heard stories about wives having zero sex drive especially after having kids and this puts toll in their relationship. I think the husband must also play their part. Yes, we wives need to be "really available" for all their needs…but they too need to be available to woo us…. It's not as easy as switch on / off button. We are not built with that button. What is woo'ing? Well, whatever rocks your boat. For me, take me shopping, dine me in nice restaurant, take the kids away, go for a massage, romantic date night…. so many things and ways to woo me….. I think when it comes to being "really available", it's got to be a 2 way street otherwise it becomes a routine.

Preserve her home
This is pretty simple and straight forward and easy to do. Basically just don't allow anyone in your house that your husband don't like and don't let strangers in. This is common sense anyway right?
Why would you want a stranger in your house? Its dangerous. Don't do it!

A wife must always find ways to learn more about Islam and the religion. A good husband will teach you these but if he is too busy or sometimes if he doesn't know how….then you need to find ways to learn it. There's google, theres friends and family you can learn from. This is important so you will always know your rights as a wife and your duties.
Note to self

Be satisfied with what she has
This is also tough because you always want more. I want more all the time. Tell me who doesn't want more than what they have?!

This tells us to always remember say Alhamdulillah. Note to self.

Of course there's more than this list but this is part of it.

InsyaAllah I am a good wife, will continue to be a good wife…….

We did it!

Can you believe I've never been out alone with the kids without my maid or my husband? My husband has done it many times before especially if it is to the kedai mamak down the road to buy bread or something. He's been out with the kids without me or maid but I've never done it. I just don't think I can handle BOTH my kids at the same time.

Today, I have a few stuff to send out to the post office. I've taken my daughter to the post office before but I've never taken my son, especially without the maid. My daughter insisted that we just go out the 3 of us and promised that she will behave really well. Without thinking much, I did it.

The post office is literally 2 minutes drive (if not less) than my house. But the problem with that post office is, it is too small and it's by the roadside (with quite heavy traffic) and there's no parking spot. I often prefer to go to another post office, that's bigger but 5 minutes away but there's too many people there and the queue can be quite long. Parking is good there tho.

I just took my stuff, took my keys and my wallet and dragged the kids with me to the small post office today. They both wanted to wear their boots and I said ok because that's the easiest thing to put on. I wasn't thinking much and just took the kids with me. My maid asked if she needed to come along but I said no. My daughter was so happy. (She has a love - hate relationship with my maid).

When we got to the car, there was 2 option:

  • To put my daughter in front seat, put her seat belt on. My son on his chair at the back and strap him like usual; or
  • To put both kids in front with seat belt on.

I went with option 1. Both kids sat on the passenger seat in front and I managed to put the seat belt on.

On the way to the post office, that 2 minutes drive, I told them that they both need to behave. If they do, we can go out again together without kakak tagging along. We also called my husband to inform him that we are out without the maid. He sounded so worried and told us to be careful.

When we got there, there's obviously no parking. I managed to find a spot at the little alley.

We had to walk a little bit and on the way there, there were a lot of motorbikes parked outside the post office. My son said hello to everyone on the bike. Very friendly boy he is.

At the post office, my daughter knows exactly what needed to be done. She went straight to get a number and told her brother how things are done at the post office. My son was excited and a little bit of a jakun so he started pressing for more numbers. People looked at me funny.

I told them to sit down but they didn't really listen but there weren't that many people. It wasn't too bad. Halfway waiting for our number to be called, my daughter tells me she needs the toilet!!! WHATTT!!!
There's no toilet here! I was tempted to just leave but I asked her if she can wait and she said ok.

Few minutes later, she told me she needs to go right now!!!! And now, it's not only she needs pee, she also needs to poopoo!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Not now!!!!!

Luckily it was our turn and quickly we got everything sorted and left.

In the car, I asked my son about his first experience at the post office and he said it was fun. He sat in front with the seat belt and all.

Thank god the post office isn't too far away. As soon as we got home, my daughter rushed to the toilet to do her business. Poor thing. I was thinking, what if she really couldn't hold it anymore….what could we do and how messy it will be especially since I didn't have anything with me. I didn't bring any diaper, wet wipes, nothing. All I had with my was the parcel and the cash!

It was a good first time. I think my kids are big enough for me to take them out on my own. Maybe I should try it more often. They seem to enjoy it and surprisingly, they listen more when Im alone with them than if my husband and maid is around.

Love it when they're good like that.
Monday, April 27, 2015

Group Buy

The response I got from the first group buy was good. Thank you to all those who took part in the first group buy. I'm sure they didn't regret it and consuming the products still.

The most common thing I hear from everyone is that the products are so expensive. Yes, I agree but unfortunately, I can't do anything about it. I wish they could sell it cheaper too because then, everyone can consume it but if you really look at the behind-the-scenes of how this product is made, then you will understand why it is so expensive.

When we first bought this product, my husband wasn't happy at all with the price he had to pay. At the time, we bought loose products and didn't really consume it daily. We bought it for our daughter to try for her rashes and when the rashes went away, we stopped taking them. Then I thought to myself, I'm 36 years old, I'm not getting any younger, I'm not eating healthy food daily and not consuming enough fruits and vegetables. I NEED this to stay healthy. After my dengue, I thought no way Im ever going back to the hospital ever again and it was then, I decided (without discussing with my husband as I was willing to pay for the products myself) that Im going to start taking this supplement. He saw me taking the products daily and soon, he wanted to consume it too. Our kids had fever a few times in between and Izumio helped them get better without taking any paracetamol and so he was convinced that it is good for us. Since then, there was no turning back.

I drink 2 izumio a day. First thing in the morning and 1 at night before I go to bed. I take 3 super lutein twice a day. My kids take 2 super lutein a day and Izumio as and when they need to only. But usually I will give it to them 1 packet to share every few days. Super Lutein is more important for them since they are fussy eaters. I give them more izumio when they're not well. I cannot stress how amazing this product is for fever and flu especially for my kids. (Couldn't say for myself cuz I've not had fever and flu since my dengue)

How many of you take more than 1 type of supplements a day? Multivitamins, EPO, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin C etc every single day? That's not cheap too you know. At least for me, I only take 1 type but it has all the stuff I need. 3 capsules of Super Lutein is equivalent to 4 servings of fruits & 5 servings of 6 coloured variety of fresh vegetables which is an adult's daily essential carotenoid intake. Do you know that carotenoids in Super Lutein helps to suppress cancer and it is the No.1 natural anti cancer food in Japan? Well, now you know! Research shows how much we need fruits and vegetables in our diet as they are a good source of antioxidant but how many of us can really consume that much in a day?

Important thing to note is that this product is marketed as a health supplement BUT it works like a medicine to treat various illnesses including cancer, eczema, diabetes, eye problems, etc etc etc. Read about hydrogen medicine  but the thing to remember is it is NATURAL and has no side effects unlike the normal medicine you consume whenever you are ill. Even taking a lot panadol has negative side effects. Think about it!
New price 

I think I've mentioned that the price has increased since 1 April 2015. The price now is RM435.00 each. 

For this group buy and for a limited time only, I am able to get the old price RM410.00 each. Offer ends 30 April 2015

To participate in this group buy, please email me at or WA me to place your order at 016-2890041 before 30 April 2015

If you are still not sure and needs more convincing, please come and join us at the sharing session that my group is having this coming Sunday 26 April 2015. There, you can ask questions and hear from some of the experts, if you don't want to take my word for how amazing this product is for your health.

Come and meet me there! Email me to confirm if you can make it and also, you can purchase the products then too if you like.

Please note: If you want to try this product, its good to get it from the group buy as it is slightly cheaper. But if you are like me and want to consume it for long term, its better to get the package. The benefits of signing up a package is you get it for much cheaper (about RM350 each) and you get to collect your own points. With points, you will eventually get it for much cheaper later on. A package should last you for about a year (if you consume the minimum). For packages, please see my other post

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lazy Mum

I think I am a lazy mum or becoming one. 

This is what I do each time we take our kids to an indoor playground (or whatever playground). I'll find a place to sit and have my coffee. 

Is it just me or all other mothers are lazy like me? My husband on the other hand is the opposite. He will be in there with them running and playing and really having fun.

I feel bad. But sitting down with no disturbance drinking a cup of coffee is a luxury.
Saturday, April 25, 2015


My Tokmi used to tell us stories about how she would tie my uncles by a pokok whenever they are naughty. I don't think she is all that garang and I don't think she's the type who would hit her kids but tying them to a tree is something she did for sure because I remember the stories.

My dad never hit me but I remember there was this one time when I cried for something so much, he couldn't take it and he cubit me. So hard that it left a scar for years. I don't remember feeling pain but I remember looking at the scar for years.

My mum was super garang when I was younger. I remember her hitting me a few times. But I think I deserved it. Or maybe she was just stressed. She used to be such a bitter person when she was married and cursed a lot at us too. But after she got divorced from my dad, she became a completely different person. The best mother ever. We weren't scared of her anymore but we respected her and love her enough to not want to make her angry. Before when she was a monster mum, we didn't do things she didn't approve of because we were scared but I think when she got divorced and became the cool mum, we respected her and felt bad each time we did something wrong because we don't want to see her cry anymore.

You see, things are different and how we discipline our children is not the same as previous generation. Now, it's like… Oh you're not supposed to hit the child and you can go to jail for hitting your kids but back in the days, those method worked. See how our parent's generation are so much better than our generation and our generation is actually better than our children's?

Yesterday, my husband came home with this. Yes a rotan. Apparently this rogan is from my mil's house. A rotan she probably used on him. hehehe…. He brought it home and as soon as kids saw it, my son started crying out loud and my daughter went under the table. LOL. It was funny.

We don't hit our kids. Im not so brutal like that. I actually don't really have a style but I do shout at them  A LOT. Something, I am working on and not proud of but Im with them 24 hours a day and they really get on my nerves like crazy sometimes.

This morning, my son refused to shower. He also had a dirty diaper and I wanted him to shower ASAP. Since it is Sunday and weekends are the only time they get to be on iPad, he wanted to play instead. After asking him nicely a few times, he didn't listen so I took the rotan out and immediately he ran to the toilet and did what I told him to do.

The rotan is working.

But you know… Im not entirely sure if this method is the best parenting style. I don't want my kids to be scared of me (like how I was scared of my mum before she got divorced). I want them to know why Im asking them to do something and I want them to understand that they can come to me for everything, even if what they're doing is not something I would approve or like.

I don't know the "right" way to do it but this way works for me.

Some people talk to their kids nicely and rational with them and they listen. Bravo. But my kids don't work like that. My husband tries very hard to talk to them and reason with them but they only step on his head and won't listen. That's where I come in and shout and get the job done quicker.

The other day, I showed my kids a video of this Korean dad and how he got his kids a "naughty chair". Whenever they did something wrong, the dad will get them to carry the naughty chair to a wall and they need to sit there for 5 minutes just staring at the wall. It worked.

I told my kids that if they are naughty, I may need to try this method.

Me: I will get you to sit there for 5 minutes and you need to think about what you did wrong
Daughter: When it is 6 minutes, what would you do??
Son: Not me!!!

Maybe they're too young to understand…..

I think I'll just use the rotan pusaka for now.

Sex and the city reruns

My kids go to bed quite late. It's only because they wake up late and school starts late. Their school is also literally next door to our house and thats also a reason why we can afford to wake up late. Anyway, they go to bed at about 10 and I like to do my work after they go to bed. If I don't have anything else to do, I like to watch TV.

I normally have my favourite shows recorded and watch it after my kids go to bed. I sleep quite late. Sometimes at 2.30am.

Lately, they've been showing reruns of Sex And The City. It's so cool. I have season 1 and 2 and 3 recorded. I love how I can watch it everyday and feels like Im seeing it for the first time. It is such a cool show and still relevant although it was a show from quite a long time ago.

I love the show. I think Im a little bit of Charlotte and a little bit of Carrie but my favourite character is Samatha because she is so funny. My least favourite character is actually Carrie although I think Im a little bit like her.

It's 1.15am and Im typing this and watching the show at the same time. I think I better go to bed now.
If you are a fan of SATC, go watch it on Channel 711. I think its showing at 11pm onwards. Its 2 series back to back every night.

My "me" time with my girls….
Friday, April 24, 2015

Singapore Maths class

My daughter started her Singapore Maths class sometime last year. I think it's been about 6 months or so now since we enrolled her. She is really loving the class a lot and I couldn't be happier with her progress.

She will be 5 in July and she didn't even start school until she was almost 4 years old. That's considered late compared to many other kids. Most of my friends send their kids to school as early as 18 months.

Singapore Maths class that my daughter goes to is called SAM (Seriously Addictive Maths) and I discovered it by chance. They had a promo going on Groupon one day and I thought why not I try it out. I didn't do any research and I had no clue if it was going to be good or not for my daughter. All I know is Singapore Maths is difficult. I remember my mum buying me Singapore Maths books when I was 12 years old and I couldn't do it at all.

After 4 trial classes using the Groupon vouchers, we decided to go ahead with the class especially since she really enjoys them and she loves Teacher Tracey.



Here are some of the things she's doing now. She's currently doing numbers up to 110 and addition up to +8. It's really good to see how she is really loving maths and she's really good at it too.

These classes comes with 2 or 3 homework booklet per week. Each book has about 15 pages or so and each page has 1-7 maths questions. That's quite a lot. Each time she finishes her homework, she will get a stamp. If she collects enough stamps, she can redeem stuff from the display cabinet. They have a lot of stuff they can claim, like notebook, colouring pencil and all those little things kids love.

Getting her to do homework is a lot of hard work. I don't really push her so much but when there's 3 booklets to complete, I get really stressed out because there's just too much. Very rarely she gets 3 booklet. Usually it's 2 booklet and even that, it is quite hard to finish unless she does at least 5-10 pages a day. With her other homework from school, it's just too much for me to cope with. Sometimes I get really frustrated too.

Whatever it is, Im so happy with this class and how my daughter is progressing. The questions can be really confusing too and if you don't pay attention to the question, you won't be able to get the answers right.

This class has helped my daughter not just with her maths but also her reading and writing too, which I am really pleased with. Her reading and writing has improved too since we first started.

I don't send my kids to a lot of extra classes outside like ballet, swimming, music etc. My daughter only attends her regular kindy and this maths class. She also has her weekly mengaji class. Thats it.

From September onwards, she will be in the big school. I hope she can cope but if she can't, I'll be there to support her. She's very smart and she gets things very fast. With good teachers to motivate her, she will excel no doubt. I hope she will love her big school as much as she loves her kindy, mengaji and maths class.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Raya shopping

It's really never too early to shop for raya. I have customers pre ordering baju raya for their kids from me months ago already. And believe it or not, my kids raya baju is also ready. So really, most people still prefer last minute shopping but for me, I just do both. Just in case at the last minute I couldn't find anything nice.

This year is a challenge for us because my kids are a little older and they dont really want to wear what we tell them to wear anymore. Previous years, we always coordinate our baju rayas. It will usually be based on what the kids wear and my husband and I will get our baju according to their colours.

This year, my mother in law bought me a pink fabric and my daughter likes it too. My husband then had to go to Jakel to buy the same one for her. At that time, we figured perhaps the boys can wear pink too. My husband bought the matching pink fabric for himself and for our son. The baju for my son is ready and he hates it!!! LOL. Being all macho, he said "Pink is for girl!" oh no!!! Looks like he won't be wearing the pink baju melayu after all.

I also have a batik fabric that I bought and I think I want to make a baju kurung modern for raya. Looks like we are not going to be wearing the same colours this year. That sucks because I really like it when all of us wear the same colour.

Today, I saw this email from Zalora. Syaiful Baharim is out with his new collection for raya. They're quite nice too!

This is my favourite and really thinking if I should get this piece or not. I like the colours and everything about it. Good thing is, it is not fitting to the body which means it must be super comfortable and I can eat as much as I want. The colours are nice too and even if my daughter decides to wear her pink kurung on the first day of raya, it sort of matches this.

Should I get it??? I wish the skirt is a different cut tho.

Anyway, if you shop at Zalora…you can use this code at the check out ZBAPZW09 and get 15% discount.

I need to sleep on this…. But I think I'll most probably get this. It looks really comfortable!

Everyone is pregnant…

I'm done.

I have 2 kids. I have a beautiful 5 year old girl who is growing up to be such an amazing young girl. I have the most handsome 3 year old son who is the light of my life and makes me smile all the time. Both are pretty good kids but oh they drive me up the wall sometimes. The screaming, the shouting, it is like non stop. My bff told me she cannot imagine being a SAHM because how can you be with your kids 24 hours a day and she's right, I can't!!! I sometimes hide in the bathroom longer than I should to get away from my kids.

I love them with all my heart and I cannot imagine life without them. Both of them amazes me with the little things they do everyday and Im so blessed that I get to be home with them and watch them grow. BUT…. because of my work (from home), I don't have time for them as much as they probably need me. With that, I concluded that Im done with 2 kids. Having a 3rd child will just be cruel for the child because I won't be able to pay attention to him/her as much as I should. Quitting my job is not an option too. I need my time to work, I need my extra money no matter how little it is and I need my time away from kids.

But all my friends are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant!!!!!

A good friend of mine is now pregnant with her second child. She's been texting me asking for tips and recommendation for doctors, confinement lady and all that stuff and its making me feel… hmm……. it would be so nice to have a newborn in the house again. But no! Im done, I keep telling myself that.

Both my husband and I love kids. My husband more than me. The more children we have, the more neglected I feel sometimes. I think he probably feels the same too because the kids don't let him come near me at all because they are so jealous.

But never say never, right?

Maybe someday when the kids are older and they can help me out, I might consider having a 3rd child. Luckily for me, my husband is on the same page. I think he is feeling tired as well. He is 40 this year and he doesn't want his kids to grow up with a dad who is too old to play with them.

On another note, that good friend of mine…is 6 months pregnant and guess what?

Friend: You know… Im 54.5kg already tau!!!!
Me: WHAT???? OMG!!! IM 56!!!! IM heavier than you and Im not even pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friend: ohhh maybe you berat tulang kot…you don't look 56 at all!
Me: Thanks…but I know Im fat

Kuang kuang kuang!

Time to go on a diet. A real diet…not those see food diet, I see food, I eat it diet!

Memory Lane

I started blogging since I was in Uni. Back then it was blogging through Friendster. Then I started blogging to keep myself busy when I was in Uni and it continued till now. Over the years, I've shut down a few accounts and blogs along the way. Whenever my blogs started getting a little attention, like if suddenly a distant friend started leaving comments on the blog or when friends started reading my blogs, I would change the name and move on to a different blog. I don't know why. I prefer my friends and family don't know about my blog. I guess I bitch about them or people they know because back then, I will tell all. My blog is like a virtual diary.

Anyway, I was reading some of my posts from my old wedding blog and it got me smiling and thinking about how things have changed. It's only been 6 years but life is so different from how it was 6 years ago. I know, I know…with kids, how can anyone expect life to be the same but my life is not how I thought it was going to be. I mean, 6 years ago if you tell me I'll be a SAHM with a children's clothing line online business and doing some MLM on health supplements, I'll laugh at you and be like "don't be silly!" but hey, that's me now.

The only person who knows me inside out is my BFF. She knows how silly I am and how crazy I can be. We were talking about this today and couldn't stop laughing. Her life isn't as different as how it was but mine is a 360 degrees change. For the better? Yeah I guess… But I'm a completely different person and Im not too sure if I like that. I miss the old me, sometimes.

Being married, being a mum and having all this responsibilities can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Sometimes I feel like I deserve better but whenever I have those ugly thoughts in my head, I tell myself… I have a good husband, 2 wonderful gorgeous kids, the best family and the best group of friends… I should be grateful. I am, Alhamdulillah.

But do you ever feel like you deserve better? I feel guilty sometimes thinking and feeling that way…but its normal isn't it?

My son

He's the cutest. He is going to be 3 this August, talks a lot but no one can understand him except us in this house. He still baby talks and I'm sure it is because we still haven't taken his pacifier away. I don't know how.

I was browsing Instagram and saw this and showed him this photo...

Mummy: is this nice???
Son: yessss
Mummy: can you buy this for me???
Son: can! But me need to work first. And then me got a lot money

He calls him "me".. So it's always "me nak milk" "last time me so big..." "Me so angry!" "Me don't want to friend you"

After nap today..
Mummy: oh you are awake! Did you switch of the Aircond in the room?
Son: not yet
Mummy: why not?
Son: because.... Me so small

I knew he couldn't switch it off but I just wanted to know his answer. He gave the right answer because he IS too short to reach the Aircond remote control.

Then I showed him this bag..

Mummy: can you buy me this bag?
Son: (he nodded) me need to work. This one so expensive

Omg! How does he know??? LOL

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

5 things you didnt know about Hydrogen

Last Sunday, Dr Shigeo Ohta who is the Founder / Researcher of Hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant came to KL. Sunday is a super busy day for me and I couldn't attend it. But I'm regretting it so much now because all my friends went for the talk and all had good things to say about the talk.

I wish I was there but my wonderful friends took down notes and shared them with me. Here's some of the things I didn't know about Hydrogen and I thought I'd share it with you.

1. Even when the heart stops beating, Hydrogen gas can be administered in the patients to resuscitate them. (WOW!)

2. Hydrogen is used in Japan now in sterile treatment. For example, to increase the probability of pregnancies. (Isn't this amazing?)

3. Hydrogen clears hangover instantly. (I should tell this to my alcoholic friends)

4. No side effects in drinking Hydrogen at all. It has zero bad side effects. You can drink a whole carton and still be ok.

5. Conventional medicine or drugs work on specific organ, to a specific operation towards one direction with some adverse side effects but Hydrogen works in most organ with multifunction and no adverse effects whatsoever.

Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant. So don't forget to drink your izumio! Theres no other drink in the market that has more hydrogen in it than Izumio. That's why its so expensive RM15 per pack.
But if you think about it, people spend RM15 on a packet of cigarette and they don't really complain that its expensive. Why is that? I tell this to my husband and this is when he hands me the money to buy more izumio. You can pay the same for something that is proven to be bad for your health and yet you make noise when I drink RM15 water. Sigh. My husband is not the only one like this. But to be fair, he's accepted the fact that Izumio is good for all of us and has stopped complaining about how expensive it is. In fact, he drinks more Izumio than any of us because he is a smoker.

Anyway, from this talk, Dr Shigeo showed that clinical trials have been done on human beings and proven to treat diseases in the photo above (marked in red bold font). The red font are clinical trials done on human and currently in progress while the ones marked in black font are clinical trials tested on animals. Basically what it is showing is that hydrogen in medicine works!

If you know anyone of have any family members or friends with any of these diseases, please do them a favour and get them to try this product.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blood donation

I received this text message a few weeks back and thought to myself, I should go and donate again since I am A negative.
I've been super busy but it's been at the back of my head always.

Today I decided to pay a visit and do my part to help. A friend asked me why I donate blood and truth is, I don't know why. My question is, why not?

Anyway, what fascinates me most about my trip to the blood bank is the questions they ask you. They have a set of questions that they ask and I know it's just formality but it amuses me each time.

Today's question was:
"Dah berkahwin?"
"Adakah pasangan puan (suami) seorang saja?"
"Jadi takda pasangan lain selain dari suami yea?"
"(Well duh!) yea"
"Sebelum ni ada tak bertukar tukar pasangan?"
"(No I'm not a slut, thank you very much) takde"

All these questions are in the forms and I've ticked yes / no but yet they still ask me. Oh well.

Worse if you are a guy, they ask question about their sexuality too and if they've been with a guy before or not.

Other question includes if you've been to the dentist recently or if you've had Botox. No and no.  

The whole process took about 40 minutes and really fast. I feel so good each time after I do this.

And the kuey teow is good! Free breakfast for me. 

This morning I got this sms! Makes my day because I feel like I've just done a good thing and maybe I've just saved someone's life. 

My beauty regime

It's been more than 2 months since my last facial. Im usually very kiasu and kan-cheong when it comes to my pampering session because that's the only time I feel like I'm really at ease and I can relax but I've been so busy, I just haven't had time to go.

I've been a loyal customer of Asterspring in BSC. I've been going there since I was 16 years old. Back when I was still in school. I started young, I know. I've been loyal to Dermalogica and back then, it wasn't even called Asterspring. I think they were Leonard Drake or something like that before. I find their products really "safe". It doesn't really make my skin as flawless as I want them to be but it doesn't make it bad either.

If you know me, I'm always in search of ways to get that youthful flawless looking skin and I am actually quite crazy when it comes to beauty products because what I want to achieve is actually something I will never ever get. Even with the best products in the world, I don't think my skin will ever be as flawless as I want them to be. But can't blame a girl for trying and always looking right?

Anyway, since I started consuming Izumio & Super Lutein, my skin got worse. Yes, it got worse!! Prior to me taking these products, my skin was really super good. I was using that black soap I bought from Japan. Remember that? Yes, it was working perfectly fine and I actually didn't use my dermalogica for quite a while. My black soap became my main facial cleanser and I use it daily about twice a day. It was amazing. My mum helped me get them posted all the way from Japan. She has friends there and made them buy them for me. Then I started consuming Izumio and Super Lutein and suddenly I started getting breakouts. WHATTAHELL!!!!! I was so upset. I really have faith in these products and I know the science behind it and I really cannot believe that its not working for me. No way! It can't be. I persevered and increased my dosage and continued taking it. 3 months and it didn't get better but I didn't want to give up. Finally, after 4 months….my skin is back to normal. I knew it will work and it did. It just took longer for me I guess. Luckily for me, I didn't give up. I've read so many research papers and whatnot on how hydrogen can help heal even diseases like diabetes so come on, it should definitely work for my skin for sure.

Recently, I started the mask. My kids call me ghost when I'm putting on my mask. My husband? Well, he laughed at me a few times after seeing me so semangat with the izumio mask and last night, he walked past me and ignored me when I had the mask on. I wanted to laugh when he ignored me because trust me, I look like a mad crazy woman but yet, he couldn't be bothered to laugh at me anymore. He couldn't even be bothered to comment anymore and thats what I find so funny. I've been doing the mask every single night for about a week now and I'm loving it.

Yesterday, I had my facial and my therapist told me that my skin looks good and it does. Still, we had some "cleaning" up to do to unblock the pores and whatnot. It was painful and I have cuts here and there on my face due to the extraction. Ouch! I came home and again, I did my izumio mask.

My skin will never be perfect but for my own standard, this is as good as it gets. I can never have perfect porcelain skin (like a friend of mine, what a bitch!) but I am really happy with my skin right now.

Now, I wake up in the morning and I look really "fresh" although I slept late the night before watching reruns of Sex And The City (Love it!).

My cleanser
As you can see, I have 4 different type of cleansers. I use them for different things depending on how my skin feels. Essential Cleansing Solution is when my skin feels dry. Black Pain is when my skin feels like it needs deep pore cleansing - sometimes I use this daily more than the other cleansers. Dermal clay cleanser is when my skin feels oily. Bobbi Brown oil cleanser is when I use make up and need to remove my mascara.
My Toner
I have my toner but to be honest, I rarely use them. I was told never to skip this but somehow I skip this part the most. But I do use Izumio as a toner too whenever I feel like I need a ummmpphh!

I have this 2 moisturisers but I rarely use them. I use this only when my skin feels a little dry or sometimes I use it as a night cream.
I've been using the izumio mask for a week and loving it so much. It's actually just a mask from Daiso. But with izumio, it's da bomb!!! I love how fresh I look after the mask and my skin feels "tighter" too. Hopefully its good for anti ageing and can reduce my wrinkles. 
The other mask I got is a gold mask. It has no brand. I bought it from Instagram seller. I'm almost out of this and I will buy more. It's quite good. I like it. I use it once a week. Email me if you want to order it, I can help you to purchase it. It's only RM50 a tub.
Eye Cream
I invest in eye cream every birthday. I don't know why I do that but I do. The one from Dr Brandt is alright. Not great because I didn't see any difference to be honest but Im just finishing it off before I can buy another brand. The other eye cream is by Tabita. Its the same seller as the Gold Mask. I bought it a few weeks back and so far, its so good. I didn't see major difference but I think it is working slowly. Not too expensive. I can't remember how much but it is under RM200. Tabita is a brand from Indonesia. I've tried their skincare before and they're quite good but I find it to be quite harsh. Also, its difficult to buy because there are a lot of fake tabitas in the market. I can't tell if Im using original or fake because every seller claims to be selling original. But the lady who sells me the gold mask seems to be genuine so I take it that Im using the original one.
This is funny. I have this slimming lotion and oil because some days, I do feel fat. Those days I will apply the lotion and oil like crazy. Most days, Im lazy and I will skip this. But its good to have it in my bathroom for fat days :)

As you can see…. Im crazy! I spend wayyy too much time on beauty products. I can't help it. But Im very happy with all the stuff Im using now. It is working good on me.

Sharing is caring…. My beauty secret…Don't tell anyone!!!
Monday, April 20, 2015

Cost of good health

A lot will want to know how much the izumio & super lutein cost. I can bet that most of you will say it is expensive. Tell me something I don't know!

Basically there's 2 products:

1. Izumio Hydrogenated Water - 1 box contains 30 packets of 200ml
2. Super Lutein - 1 bottle has 100 capsules

Both are the same price and retails at RM435 each. (RM435 gives you 1 box of Izumio OR 1 bottle of Super Lutein).

If you call the office and want to purchase from the office, they will ask you to be a member. These products are only sold to members via direct selling. Please don't ask me why. I don't know and I have no clue why they don't just sell it at pharmacies because that would be easier but they don't. They only sell them through their members. To become a member, the fee is RM122.

In order to consume it cheaper, you need to purchase a package. A package is your 1 year supply of products. RM5330.00 and with this, you get 14 or 15 products depending on the monthly promotion. Normally, they will give you 14 izumio or 14 SL but for my team, you get to combine both. That means, you get whatever combination of izumio or super lutein of your choice. For example, RM5330 gives you 8 Izumio + 7 Super lutein. This includes membership fee as well.
By getting the package, each product becomes only RM355.00. Thats a saving of RM80 each product.

Theres a few ways to go about paying for this package and one of them is via credit card. I pay by credit card because I collect credit card points. But also, for those who wants to get it via 0%, can do so with a few of the major credit cards. For 12 months 0% via credit card, you will only need to pay RM410 monthly. On top of that, you get your credit card points too.

When you become a member and get the package, your product becomes RM355.00 and once you are already a member, all you need to do is just consume the product and keep sharing it with others the benefits of the product. Each time someone purchase a package, you too will get points and a bonus and with that, it should bring the price of your products down cheaper.

I can guarantee you that you won't regret it! I didn't.

Update: from today until 30 April 2015
Price per package is RM5208 and get 15 products. (RM122 membership fee waived)

World at your fingertips

I don't go out much. I don't socialize much and I practically don't have a life. It's really sad if you think about it but I'm OK. I have a very active life online. When I say that, I don't mean chatting or meeting people online because I don't do that. What I mean is that in today's day and age, everything is at your fingertips.

I spend my day at home. Either browsing for information or giving out information to others all day. I'm with my children all the time and although I do get help from my maid, I am very active in their day to day activities. I have a maid but I still cook every single meal (my maid don't cook our food, she helps me prepare the stuff and clean up), I still bathe my kids and I still wash and wipe their bums! To top all that, I also put them to bed at night or put them to nap in the afternoon (no one else in the house can do that but me). I don't have much time to waste. I'm always doing something. When Im not doing anything, I blog, I sleep (hey I need my beauty sleep) or I watch tv. Exciting isn't it?

I hardly ever go out to hang out with friends. When I do go out, it is with my kids and husband. I don't ever get time to "lepak" or even go out shopping on my own and we all know, how its almost impossible to shop with 2 young kids! This is when online shopping comes handy! The malls are all at my fingertips :)

Since I don't go out with friends, Instagram and Facebook is my way of keeping up with what's going on around me. It's amazing how much you know just from following someone on instagram huh? It's sad but thats the world we live in. Typical conversation includes stuff like this "omg, so-and-so is pregnant" "Really? oh that's amazing!!! good for her. How do you know?" "oh, instagram!"
Pathetic right?? You're the same, don't lie!!!

When I hear or think or get excuses about how you can't make money just because you are a SAHM, I feel like saying…open your eyes, the world is at your fingertips, you can do whatever you want now and make money. It's only a matter or whether you want to or not.

Isn't it amazing that in order to sell something, you don't even have to leave your house anymore. You don't even need to do it the old fashion way anymore. It can all be done online. Of course when you make the sale, you need to somehow organise for the goods to be delivered to your customer but apart from that, it can all be done online.

That's what I'm doing now. For example, my kupukupu business… I don't even have a physical store but I managed to sell quite a bit last year. And this Izumio & Super Lutein business, well, lets just say almost all my customers are my blog readers. The most important thing about doing business online is to make sure you sell good quality stuff. That's me at least. I wouldn't want to sell anything I'm not proud of. If I don't believe in the products, I won't sell it. That's just me and how I work.

Im happy that I have the opportunity to do this from home. I know if I have the chance to go out and sell more, have a physical store…I will be able to make more money but thats OK.. as long as Im doing something I'm happy.

You don't have an excuse anymore. My advice is, just do it!

To those SAHM who is active on social media and wants to earn some extra money, email me! I have something for you ..
Sunday, April 19, 2015

Disciplining kids

To me, I'm a 50-50 mum. Half of me is a super cool, fun and loving mum. Another half of me is the crazy tiger garang mum. I let my kids have fun and do whatever fun stuff they like to do but at the same time, if they don't behave, I am the no nonsense type. My husband is 100% cool and fun. He almost never gets angry with the kids, especially our daughter. She gets away with everything. Both my kids know that I mean business! No nonsense with me yet at the same time, when they want cuddles they will still run to me. Funny how despite the dad being the cool one, they still come running to me when they're upset.

Lately I noticed that both my children, especially my daughter has been rather rude to our maid. I've warned them many times about speaking nicely and yet they still bully my maid a lot. My maid is very soft and gentle. Perhaps too soft and too gentle with the kids that they both take it for granted and not afraid to bully. 

I hate it when people are rude. I don't care whether you are rich, you are famous or if you are smart and beautiful but when you are rude, you just don't look good anymore. I keep telling my kids and sometimes even shout at them whenever they are rude to my maid but still they choose to ignore me. 

Same thing this morning. I shouted so much and that made me feel like crap. I hate shouting at anyone and I hate having to repeat myself over and over again when it comes to this. Got me in a bad mood and it's only Monday morning!

I locked myself in the bathroom after the kids went to school and thought to myself, why are they only rude to my maid? I don't understand why. They are not rude to anyone else. I am not rude to my maid and I talk to her like I talk to anyone else so where is this behavior coming from?

Whatever it is, I need to fix it. I don't want them to grow up being rude to anyone. That's not how I want them to be.

Today, I'm going to tell me maid to stop doing anything for my kids. Don't take anymore instructions from the kids. They want something, let them get it for themselves. No more being nice if they can't be nice! 

Let's hope this will work!
Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dubai Day 5

We woke up early for breakfast. It is our last day in Dubai.

After breakfast, we quickly went down to the Mall of Emirates because mil wanted to get a handbag. Woot woot! We followed her in LV because she knows exactly what bag to get. We spent some time in LV and thats when I saw the bag I wanted.

Hubs wanted to get me the bag but for some reason, I couldn't decide. I rather have a Chanel Boy but it was not in the budget. I couldn't decide and finally left without a bag! So stupid of me.

My mil bought her bag and was very happy. She even bought me a new LV wallet. Yippie. I couldn't be happier as I wasn't expecting anything.

After a short trip to LV, we walked back to the hotel quickly to pack. An hour later, our driver came to pick us up to take us to the airport.
We got to the airport quite early because I thought I have time to shop and get my bag.

Checking in was a pain. They're really fussy and really particular about every little damn detail. It didn't help that my son was not feeling his best and was crying all the time. I think he's really tired.

Finally, after all the checking in was done, we went inside only to discover that the terminal we are at didn't have any boutiques!!! R you kidding me??? I was so sad I ended up buying chocolates!!! ARGH!

Flight to KL was good. It didn't feel that long. I think it was 6-7 hours flight. My daughter slept the whole time on the plane and my son watched cartoon and slept for quite a few hours.

Alhamdulillah, we are back in KL.

End of Dubai

Dubai Day 4

No plans set for today so we walked around Mall of Emirates after breakfast. I got to cuci mata and entered all the Chanel, Dior, LV, etc etc etc until I got myself depressed. OK, not true. I wasn't expecting a bag and didn't plan to get a bag so I was happily browsing for bags hoping to score! hehehe. But nothing happened and I didn't score and I was ok. 

Came back from my window shopping, I updated my mil about my window shopping spree and she got excited too. But we didn't have time to take her to the mall today as at the last minute, my husband organised the Dune Bashing trip.

My mil wanted to catch the dance show again like the one we had on the boat. But we thought it was going to be boring going on the same boat again so we decided perhaps we should try Dune Bashing. I warned my husband that it may not be suitable for us because we have young children and a senior citizen but we were assured by the driver that he will go slow and not go too crazy.

The driver came to pick us up at around 3pm. The journey took us about another 45 minutes or so to get to the dessert.

And then my oh my….the driver started going all crazy on the dessert. I was ok, enjoying the craziness. My kids was shouting because they are loving it too but bless my poor mother in law, she was not enjoying it at all. At first it was funny and she was laughing each time the driver does a stunt but after awhile, its not funny anymore and I could sense she was starting to get dizzy and pissed off! hehehe.
Poor thing.

Thank god it didn't go on for long but we could see how the other cars are going crazy. It's really a lot of fun. But pls pls don't take an old lady on this ride. It's really not fun for them. I really pity my mother in law but there was no way to stop. 

Finally they took us to the camp. We had food and some entertainment there. It was alright but the show wasn't as entertaining as the one on the boat. Food wasn't nice at all but I guess you can't expect too much.

My daughter got to do the henna. She enjoyed that. 
My husband and I got dressed up in the traditional outfit and took photo. It was so funny. We look so funny and my kids ended up crying their eyes out cuz they didn't like how we looked. LOL.

We left at about 8pm and arrived our hotel at about 9pm.

End of Day 4

Dubai Day 3

All of us woke up late this morning. Like super late!

I was about to take my shower at 9am when our tour guide called us to say she is already waiting at the lobby. What???? I haven't showered and I NEED my breakfast!!!

Had a quick breakfast and finally left the hotel at 10am. She was rushing us because our ticket to go up the Burj Khalifa is at 10.30am. Alhamdulillah, we managed to get there in time.

Our tour van parked so damn far at the tourist bus area and it was a long long walk inside Dubai Mall to get to the entrance of the Burj Khalifa.

My mil is on a wheelchair so she had special pass and can beat the queue but the rest of us had to wait in line. The lift up to god knows how many floors was so fast.

Up there, the view was amazing. We took photos and whatnot up there and felt buying all sorts of souvenirs. They were quite expensive. The professional photos taken was RM250 per photo per book. WOW. But we had to buy it la of course to keep. But man…so expensive!!!

After Burj…we continued on our city tour around Dubai. We went to so many places today.

1. The Jumeirah beach. Kids got to spend some time there and played with sand. Honestly, it was too freaking hot, the adults stayed in the van! hehehe….

2. We went on a train ride to Atlantis. That was fun. We had ice cream there and our driver picked us up from Atlantis.

3. We had lunch at a local Restaurant. They have a mixture of Indian, Chinese and Arab food. Whatever you like is on the menu. This restaurant is popular with the locals. Good was really really good and it was packed with so many people and surprisingly very very cheap too. We enjoyed the food so much.

4. On our way back, we stopped at another local restaurant and bought food for take away. We bought so much food and it was so yummy. We ate in the hotel suite.

End of Day 3

Dubai Day 2

We woke up quite late. I think we were a little bit jetlagged. We have no plans set for today simply because we were afraid we might be too tired from all the traveling.

When I came down for breakfast, my bil told me that the breakfast spread sucked. I was so disappointed because the highlight of my mornings when Im on holiday is the breakfast spread. But to my surprise, it wasn't bad at all. I was pleased with the spread because it had all I wanted for breakfast. Eggs and sausages and coffee. That's all I need when Im on holiday. It didn't have baklavas (damn it!) but it had so many other stuff. I loved it. I don't know why my bil didn't like it. I think its because Shangri La was so good, he was comparing. But you can't compare. This hotel is bigger and busier and completely different from Shangri La Bosphorus. It was packed. So many people and apparently, it was full house that morning because it's the weekend.

I made a Sheraton. My 2 sunny side up. My kids love it. (Looking at it)

It also had this amazing thing. I don't know what its called but I think it is kacang pol. You can find it in Johor. It's my ultimate favourite. Except here, it doesn't come with eggs n cili and bread.

Anyway, after breakfast, we rest in the room for a bit while waiting for my junior suite to be ready. By 12pm, it was still not ready so we decided to go out to the mall for a walk and for lunch.

Mall of the Emirates is HUGE!!!!! I love it so much I could live in there. Really!!! All the cool stuff and cool shops are there. It's really nice too. I love everything about it. We didn't know where to go for lunch but we finally reach this Iranian restaurant.

Food was pretty good too. A little bit pricey but I think everything inside the mall is.

We saw Ski Dubai too. OMG its huge. I wasn't expecting that at all. Looks like fun. We might go there if we have time. Im sure the kids will love playing "snow".

After lunch, the kids saw the biggest toystore! Oh no! They wanted to go inside and buy toys. My mil said ok so everyone grabbed some toys. Super expensive tho. We spent a good hour or so in that damn toy store.

Then, we went back to the hotel to rest.

Dinner time, we scheduled a Dhow dinner cruise. At first mil didn't want to go because she is still sick thinking bout the Bosphorus cruise. But we spoke to the agent and they told us that it will be ok. The bus picked us up and brought us to the boat.

Dinner was ok. Food was average. Kids was so tired they slept and didn't want to eat but then the lights came on and the dance show started and they're up again.

The show was really entertaining and funny. We had a lot of fun watching this guy turn and turn going round and round. I don't know how he's not dizzy. My mil enjoyed the show too and kids really loved it.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel. I got my room and slept really good!

End of day 2

Dubai Day 1

I haven't had time to blog about Dubai. Although we were there for 4 nights, somehow it felt shorter. I don't know why.

We arrived Dubai on Friday night. We took the Emirates flight from Istanbul. I didn't realise it was such a short flight. I think it only took us about 3 hours. Yippie!!! Good thinking to stop by Dubai on the way back to KL because 11 hours flight (KL-Istanbul) is long!

Everyone raves about how good Emirates is but honestly speaking… The service sucked. Maybe we were unlucky but I found the MAS service to be much better. In flight entertainment is better on Emirates because it had all the movies and shows I wanted to watch. Kids had fun watching all sorts of cartoons whereas for MAS the programs are a bit limited.
Anyway, believe it or not, they didn't serve me food because the missed me out. How can they do that?? Don't you have to serve every single person?? I wasn't even sleeping. They just didn't come to me. At first I thought it was because I requested a different food or pre ordered something else but no, I didn't. When they are done serving hubs and all, I asked them about my food…and the answer was "were you sleeping?" "no, I wasn't" "oppsss! I'll get you your food now, but we are only left with chicken"

By the time we are arrived it was almost 10pm. Took ages for the bags and all to get sorted because theres just so many bags between the 10 of us. Luckily they had a porter service. The guy helped us with our bags.

We booked Sheraton Mall of Emirates for this trip because it was the only hotel I know which is connected to a mall. We wanted that. Initially we had booked The Address at Dubai Mall but no one could tell us if it is really connected or not so finally, we took a risk and book Sheraton instead.

After Shangri La Istanbul, Sheraton seems really "plain" and dark. Decor is mainly black unlike Shangri La.

We booked 3 junior suite rooms. But because we arrived late, only 2 junior suite is available so they upgraded us to 1 junior suite, 1 executive suite with a twin room. We had no choice. We didn't want a bigger room (executive suite) and rather all of us have the same size room. They said sorry and told us that we will get that junior suite the next day by 12pm.

For the first night, I had to stay in a small tiny deluxe room. Argh. OK fine, it wasn't tiny but it wasn't what I wanted. I went to bed feeling a bit pissed off. Thank god the bed was a good size and big enough for me and my kids!

End of day 1

Vainpot Beauty Secret

The lady who sold and introduced izumio to me has flawless skin. Like really flawless skin. She's older than me too in case you're wondering. I so badly want her skin!!!

Once, I went over to her house to pick up my stock and met her mother in law. She's about the same age as mine, in her 70s but she looks really good for her age. My mum is 10 years younger and I wish my mum has this lady's skin. If my mum looks like this when she's 70, I'll be so happy.  
She had some pigmentation too before but now its all gone

Being the super kiasu vain pot that I am,  I asked her, how does she consume the products. She's been taking izumio and super lutein for years. And she told me a secret, apart from orally consuming the products, she uses them as mask.

What?? You can do that? Sure you can.

She told me where to get the mask from. Daiso! RM5 each. I've been hunting for these masks. Each time I go into Daiso, I will look for it but somehow I can never find it. Finally, one day, she bought a pack to let me try. She also bought a few extras for the other vain pots in our team.

I've been so busy but last night, I tried it for the first time.

This is all you need!
  • 1 pack of Daiso silicone mask set. This set comes with 2 masks. The pink is the actual silicone mask and theres another white sheet mask. 
  • 1 pack of Izumio hydrogenated water. (P/S: you don't even need to finish the whole pack. Drink 1/2 and the remaining, you can use for the mask)

Here's how you do it…

1. Put some izumio in your eyes. (Yes, you can do that too!!) This is super good to refresh your eyes.
2. Wet the white sheet mask with normal water. (But I use izumio water to wet it. Im so crazy vain but according to my friend, just use normal water will do).
3. Place the wet white sheet mask on your face. It's wet so you need to adjust it to fit your face properly.
4. Pour some izumio on ur palm and gently pat it over the wet white sheet mask. Pat pat pat over your face on the white sheet mask.
5. Then wear the pink silicone mask over it. There's loops on the side to keep the mask in place. 

6. Walk around the house and scare everyone especially your husband and kids for 15 minutes. This is the fun bit!

Once 15 minutes is up, just take it off and go to bed.

Simple right?

Honestly speaking??? I know you're going to say Im bias because Im selling these products but seriously, Im not. It is da bomb!!!!!! 

When I took the mask off, I see my skin became brighter. But I was like…hmm… this for real? I ignored it and went to bed. But I did notice my skin looked brighter and a lot fresher. 

This morning, after I woke up, I went to see myself in the mirror and yes, I can see a difference. It is really good!!! Im so happy I have this.

Good thing is, this mask from Daiso is reusable. The silicone part you can use again and again…but the white sheet might koyak after a few times I think.

Im so excited.

I'm going to get my mum to use it and see if there's a difference. I'll report back on her progress. She's drinking izumio too btw but I've not asked her to put it on her face just yet. I need to go buy this mask from daiso first. 

In case you're wondering its the Daiso mask that helped instead of the izumio…its not. Cuz the white sheet is just a piece of paper sheet and the silicone mask is just nothing… But I think if you have a better mask, then use it…I just think with izumio, the mask works better! 

RM5 daiso mask
RM15 per pack of Izumio

RM20 total. Cheaper than going for facial for sure. Which reminds me, I need to book a facial soon…just because I haven't been in a long time.