Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feeling Blue

Nothing is going wrong but today, I woke up feeling absolutely blue and down. I don't know how to explain it but I feel so tired (emotionally more than physically), because I have not done anything tiring yesterday and I had enough sleep!. So, it is one of those days.

I hate feeling like this. I know it is not PMS because I'm not due for another 2 weeks. What is it? I believe that if you woke up feeling good, chances are, you will feel great the whole day and if you woke up feeling shitty, chances are, you'll probably end up having a shitty day. Today, I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Booohoo!!!

I need to make myself feel better, fast! How do I do that? If this feeling continues, I will probably:

1. Not entertain my kids so well and snap at them; or
2. Let it out on people I love, somehow

So think quick….! What can you do to make yourself feel better?

One thing I do to make myself feel better on a screwed up day (like this) is food! I don't usually eat lunch but today, I am going to make myself a big fat lunch. What's the easiest thing to cook when you are feeling blue????

PASTA!!! It's the easiest and yummiest. I know this will make me feel a little bit better.

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I am also going to get a power nap after my big fat lunch. Power nap work wonders when you feel tired. I rarely get a power nap but I am definitely going to take a power nap right after I click this "publish" button and post this. Power nap is just a short nap. 15 minutes should be enough. I will set my timer on for me to nap for 15 minutes. My kids will be coming back from school by then.

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My body feels a bit tired too today so I think doing light stretching will work. I don't exercise like EVER but I think doing light stretching for a few minutes will just help me get rid of my "Friday blues"… (People get it on Monday, I get it on Friday!). Don't know what kind of stretching to do? Well, so do I. Just do whatever you feel like stretching! Youtube it or something.

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Also, another thing I'll do to help me kick the blues away is by having some chocolates. Anything chocolates will be a good happy booster! Chocolate cakes, chocolate bars or even chocolate milk works for me. I always have chocolates in my fridge!

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Another thing you can do, which I need to slap myself for not doing more is pray. I do pray but not enough, for sure. Whenever I feel blue, I pray and it works like magic. Automatically I feel better. I have not done that today. I will when I wake up from my power nap.

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Lastly, giving is always good. It will always make me feel better. When someone says "Thank You", when you know you've helped someone…it almost instantly makes you feel good. Try that. Give and give! Remember that. What to give?? Anything. Like for me, today, I want to make a donation to someone I feel needs it. I don't even have to move my lazy ass. I can do the online transfer today. That'll make me feel good for sure.

So there you go, some tips to make you feel better and get rid of feeling down and blue.

What other things do you do to make you feel better? Do share!

Have a good weekend people! I have a very exciting activity planned for later today so hopefully that little activity will also cheer me up. In everything and everything you do, remember to be grateful and thankful for all you have.

Note to self!!

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Happy Friday!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Yay or Nay

Remember….. "INVESTMENT"

Bedtime Ritual

FB Group discussion

I was reading this last night and got me thinking about my own bedtime routine. It is actually my favourite time with the kids because it is the only time I feel we really talk and it is my definition of "Quality Time" together.

I pretty much work all day. I am always busy doing my work from home. I am physically available for my kids the whole day but sometimes, I can't really focus on them because of my work. I let them play and do their own thing while I work from home.

At night when they're ready for bed, I will switch of the TV, switch off all the lights in the living room and "Bedtime!!!" or "Up in bed!"and they will come running….when they don't listen.. I will shout "where is my rotan?" and then they will come running for sure. hehe…

In bed, the room will be dark and we will all lie down and talk about everything under the sun. Normally we will talk about general stuff first and then move on to story telling. Each of us will come up with an original piece and the stories can be about anything. Normally, my daughter will come up with some princess story, my son will tell some super hero story and for me, my stories are usually about Peter & Jane or about Fifi & Hihi

Funny thing about Peter & Jane and Fifi & Hihi are they are stories about my kids. Peter & Fifi will have my son's characters and Jane & Hihi will have my daughter's characters. It's funny because both of them will be like "huh? is she talking about me" look every time.

Last night, I was telling a story about this naughty boy Fifi. He still drinks milk from the bottle and still won't let go of his pacifier. He is turning 3 in the next few weeks. I told the kids that Fifi loves to eat sausages and burgers for breakfast and my son goes "that's same like me!" and it is so funny to see both their faces when I talk about these characters.

We also read doas before we go to bed. Not every night but I try to make the kids recite Al fatihah, Surah An-Nas and Al-Ikhlas too. My daughter can recite all but my son needs more practice. He will get there I'm sure.

Finally, we will wish each other good night in 2 languages. Good night and Selamat Malam. Or Selamat Hari Raya from my son :)
We will tell each other we love each other too before we close our eyes.

I love this time with my kids the most. They sleep so close to me and almost on me all the time. I secretly love it but sometimes they're in my space so much I wish they will give me more space. I know in a few years time, they won't want to be this close to their mummy anymore so I want to treasure it as much as I can.

They grow up so fast. I wish I can stop the clock….

Natural Supplement for Cancer

I remember back when I was a kid, my mum's second cousin died of breast cancer. I remember going to the hospital to visit and she was in so much pain. I remember seeing a lot of pain. Back then, (20 years ago or so) cancer was still very rare and you hardly hear of it. When you do, it is a big deal and most of them don't survive. That Aunty had 2 kids, both grown ups (mid 20s at the time) and I still remember how sad they were seeing their mum in so much pain. (I pray to God that He will protect my mum forever. Amin)

Anyway, a few months ago my mum met this Aunty's son, who is now a very successful lawyer. His sister died of cancer a few years back too and not long after that, his aunt (also my mum's cousin) got cancer too. He sold his law firm to take care of his dying aunt in Australia. After she had passed away, he came back to Malaysia for good and told my mum his stories.

Cancer is no joke.

My Aunt (my uncle's wife)'s dad had cancer about 10 years ago. I was there when we found out, I was there when he was in the hospital and I was there during his last days because we were all very close. He's like a grandfather to me. I saw how much he suffered too and how fast the cancer took his life away. I hate cancer!!!! I remember all of us crying in the hospital. I remember how my aunt fell on the floor when the doctors told her they couldn't help him. So much tears.

In 2006, my grandma (tokmi) was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She discovered it when she was gardening and she started bleeding. They took her to the clinic and they did some tests and the results came back positive. Cancer stage 1.I was in the office when my mum called me to tell me it is cancer. I cried and cried so much in the office. I just couldn't bear seeing my grandma suffer like how I saw my aunt's dad suffered during his last days. I was also about to leave for my holiday in Langkawi for Valentines Day in the next few days. Within a week, she was scheduled for surgery. Alhamdulillah she survived and after the surgery, she didn't have to go for chemo and all that. It was over. We won the battle.

Almost 10 years later, despite going for regular check ups, we discovered a small patch on her back. It looked like a big mole. It was itchy and so she started scratching it and sometimes it will bleed. My cousin, who is a doctor saw it and suggested for my mum to take tokmi to the hospital to get it checked. Turns out, it is skin cancer. My grandma is 85 years old. Surgery is a very high risk due to her age. Other than cancer, she is healthy. No other health conditions and because of this, doctor said we should remove it. She will still have to go under GA and it was scary because we don't know if her heart will be able to take it. Alhamdulillah, she survived and this time, I gave her Izumio and Super Lutein to help her recover quicker. The hydrogen in Izumio helps the wound recover quicker and Super Lutein is an anti cancer supplement. It will also give her all the nutrients she needs to recover. And believe it or not, doctor discharged her from hospital after 2 days post op. Before the surgery, they told us to expect about 7 days in the hospital at least. I'm so thankful for the products. My grandma is much stronger post op because of the products. She doesn't take them now because she is ok and is cancer free.

You can read about my grandma's cancer journey here:
Tokmi's Skin Cancer Story
Tokmi's Cancer
Tokmi's Progress : Post Op

Cancer is so common these days. Why is that? Each of us reading this post will know someone who has been affected by cancer at some point of their lives. I heard that cancer in Malaysia is one of the top 5 causes of death. It has even taken over heart diseases as the number 1 killer in 2014. If you are not worried, I don't know what to say!!!

In today's world, our lifestyle is different from before. The food we eat is not the same anymore. Even the fruits today is not as nutritious as what it was before. Too much chemical in everything we eat now. Even organic stuff is not as nutritious as what it was. You are just paying more now! Stress, smoke, pollution and food can all cause free radicals. These are the bad guys. They attack our cells and this is what causes cancer. That's why it is important to get rid of all the free radicals.

There are many findings or scientific research done to show how IZUMIO and Super Lutein can help get rid of these free radicals. Free radicals causes not only cancer but also other diseases too.

Basically, we have 2 products which is the best Natural Supplement for cancer. To understand how these products can help, you need to understand the products more. What's in it and what it is for?

Read about Izumio here
Read about Super Lutein here

Hydrogen in Izumio can improve the quality of life of patients going for radiation therapy for cancer. Studies and research shows that Hydrogen has a potential as a radio protective agent. Izumio has the highest content of hydrogen in it and and this can help cancer patients. You can read about how Molecular Hydrogen can help  cancer patients especially those going for radiotherapy treatment.

As for Super Lutein, it is the carotenoids that can help with cancer. Super Lutein contains 6 carotenoids and is a natural supplement for cancer. It is the number 1 natural anti cancer supplement in Japan. Read more on how research shows that cancer can be prevented by carotenoids.

Here are some readings you for you if you know anyone who will benefit from taking these natural supplement for cancer.

1. Cancer Chemoprevention by natural carotenoids
2. Cancer prevention by natural carotenoids
3. The role of carotenoids in human health

At the end of the day, cancer is cancer. Skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer…. they're all cancer. My Tokmi is lucky that she found out early. Early detection is key and taking anti cancer products helps too. Prevention is better than cure.

A few weeks ago, I saw on my friend's Facebook "Alfatihah" and she tagged this other friend of ours. I haven't seen this friend since I was in high school but she was my Facebook friend. I was close to her in high school too but since I've moved to a different school, studied abroad and all…we have not kept in touch. I do see her updates on fb every now and then and that's it. I was curious so I went to her page and then somehow found out that she had passed away. She had cancer. According to a friend, she was having chest pains on and off. Went for check ups and nothing was found. But few weeks before she passed away, the pain was unbearable that her husband took her to the hospital and they did more tests and found out that it is cancer stage 4. She passed away within that few weeks leaving behind 2 young children and a husband. I was so sad. I wish I had the chance to introduce these products to her. It could save her life. It is really sad because she is my age, still so young and I feel so sad for the husband and her 2 young boys.

So please take time to understand your body even more. Do not take things for granted. Really, cancer can happen to anyone even young people like you and me. Our products are good because of two things:

1. Molecular Hydrogen
2. Carotenoids

Do your research and you will see how both these can help you or your family members. Do not wait till it is too late. What is the price of good health?

Health is wealth.

Each product cost RM435 each. 1 box of Izumio comes with 30 packets of 200ml hydrogenated water and 1 bottle of Super Lutein has 100 capsules. To consume it cheaper, please consider getting the package. Each package will give you 15 products at RM5330. Sounds like a lot of money but each package can last up to about 8 months. That is roughly about RM600 plus per month for your health. Is that a lot?

Well, it just makes more sense to get the package. We offer 0% interest free instalment with major credit cards.

Let's fight cancer the natural way!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Making extra money

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If you ask me to cut down on my expenses, I will sulk. Already I think I've cut down on so many, please don't make me cut down on more!!! I will really cry. But instead, if you ask me to make more money, I will jump from my chair and say "SHOW ME HOW!"

I never realise this trait in me but lately, I've come to accept the fact that I am a true entrepreneur. I remember when we were younger, my mum used to send us to all this summer courses on how to be an entrepreneur and I would just be like .."omg, this is so boring. Can I just marry a rich guy and just go shopping and spa all day?"

But, I've been an entrepreneur pretty much since I was in school, really. I remember when I was in secondary school, we could see stuff to make money. I remember selling famous amos cookies for valentines day or something like that. We bought in bulk and repack it into smaller pieces and sell it to other students. You can put a message on it and stuff. Many students bought from us. I don't remember making money from that business tho because we didn't really do the budgeting very well…but still, it was a big effort to do it. Especially when you are selling on a big scale like that. The whole school bought. At least few hundred students. It was a one off thing but still, it was a big project at that time.

Being a SAHM with kids running around at home, my time to make and earn some money is very limited. With the cost of living going up like nobody's business, it would be stupid for you not to try to make more money. Life is comfortable for me. I don't have to work and my husband is a good provider BUT, we never know what is going to happen next year, next few years… to me, I urge all mothers to please always have a backup plan. If you can't earn or make money, then please have a little bit of savings. Even if its just RM200 per month. Just make sure you have some money for emergencies.

I was reading about ways to make money, especially for SAHMs and would like to share with you..

“There’s a limit to how much you can save, but there’s no limit to how much you can earn.”

- Ramit Sethi, New York Times Bestselling Author

It's true! There is really no limit on how much you can earn. It's whether you want to do it or not and how bad you want it. It is also about courage and whether you are a risk taker.
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Here are some of the things you can do to make money…..

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1. Sell online
How many of you buy stuff online? I know I buy A LOT online. I'm like the ultimate online shopper. I click click click and buy buy buy ALL THE TIME. I've been doing this since year 2000 you know? Back in UK, we could buy everything online. It was so convenient. I used to work 2 jobs in UK and I hardly have any time to shop during weekdays because I come home from work at 8pm and shops close really early in UK. What I used to do was shop when I was at work. I remember my favourite online store back then was NEXT. I bought everything there especially clothes. They're cheap and stylish. And if it doesn't fit, they come back and pick the stuff up from you. No fuss at all.

When I came back to KL for good, there was no such thing as online shopping. It was unheard of. And I remember I used to find it annoying because then, I had to go out and shop myself. I hate walking around in malls. I hate finding parking and I also hate coming home and not find stuff I want to buy. I felt like it was a waste of my time. Today, online shopping is a lot better. (Either that or I'm just used to it being so behind!)

You can buy anything and everything online. You can buy groceries online too now (they had it in UK back in 2000 already!) so yes, it is picking up. Now is the perfect time for you to start selling stuff online. Although there's still a lot of competition, but still, you will have more competition later…Better start soon.

What can you sell? Anything you want, really.

I sell online too. I sell my KupuKupu stuff online and I've been doing this for 2 years now. I still have a lot to learn and it is not easy. There's social medias you need to handle, there's logistics, theres a bunch of stuff to do but, you are your own boss. That's the best part. For me, I can work 24 hours a day today and work 0 hours tomorrow. If I want more sales, I will just need to work more. Simple as that. On lazy days, I will just be lazy if I want. When you are your own boss, you are in control.

I also sell Izumio & Super Lutein supplements online too. I can have customers from all over Malaysia. That's the beauty of being an online seller.

Since I am in this business, my advice is to research your products and what you want to sell. Know your products well and time management is important because you really have to do a million things at 1 time. If you don't have your own products to sell, try considering dropship. That's a good way to start an online business because you don't have to keep stock, you don't have to worry about delivery and all that…you just worry about customer service and getting the sales. If you are interested in doing dropship for my products (Izumio, Super Lutein & Kupukupu stuff), please email me. We can discuss!

2. Surveys & Questionnaires
Few months ago, someone called me to ask if I was interested in participating in a survey. I thought it was a joke. But I think I was bored so I went along. This company (can't remember what they are called) does surveys for their clients and this particular survey suits me. They were looking for mothers who have or thinking of sending their kids to international school. I can't remember how they got my number but they did and turns out, I was planning to send my daughter to an international school. We planned to meet up in BSC one day and had a 2 hour session with this lady.

Basically they had a series of questions they wanted me to answer about international schools. Like which international schools I visited, why I chose the school to visit, their fees etc etc. I made RM300 that 2 hours. They paid me cash. It was so easy! If only they need me to do surveys everyday! :)

I'm not sure how you can get jobs like this but try looking it up. It's really easy money. But look out for scams too.

3. Mystery Shopper
I was offered a mystery shopper post once when I was a lot younger. It didn't feel like work at all. I got to know about it from a friend and she recommended me for the job. Basically, all you have to do is go into a store and pretend to be interested in this particular product. Your job is to see if the seller is promoting and selling the products right according to the requirements by the client. I was paid RM50 - RM100 each store. It was a one off assignment but it was a good one. I wish there are many jobs like this because mine was paid very well (tobacco company) but I have friends as mystery shopper for other products like mobile phone, tyres and stuff like that…they don't pay very well but still, it is a good side income.

4. Freelancer
If you have a certain skill, you can be a freelancer. For example, if you are good in designing, you can be a designer. You know how to create website, you can do that too for friends… translation jobs are quite good too. If you can write reports and stuff, you can offer your services to phD students (for example) to help them with their assignments and reports etc. I have hired someone from to do some designing work. Although not very good, but for 5 bucks, it is pretty easy money.
Check out their website to see if you can offer something for 5 bucks per job!

5. Baking and cooking
I'm a pretty good cook but I hate cooking so this is no good for me. But some people can really do well doing this business from home. Like remember my friend who sells her sambal on fb and instagram?
I also have a neighbour doing similar business too. I ordered cakes and cookies from home bakers. So perhaps, this is something you can consider to make extra money from home.

6. Blogging
I dont blog for money. I blog for fun. But I know a lot of people who blogs for money. The more popular your blog is, the higher chances you will have to get jobs to do paid reviews. For me, personally, I don't do a lot. I've done some when I think products will benefit my readers but otherwise I won't do it. I hate reading blogs with lots of sponsored posts. I mean, if they are good products then it is ok but I've read this particular blog (with lots of sponsored posts) and being a sucker I bought some of the things she reviewed and really, it is not as good as the posts. I hate that. Rest assured when I say a product is good, it is because it is good for me and my family. I am consuming or using it and not just because I get paid to say it is good.

If you are serious about making noney from blogging, then the first thing you need to do is to increase your readership. Make your blog more popular. Once you have that, advertisers will start emailing you.

So there you go, some tips on how to make extra money….
I've tried and tested all the above (except for cooking and baking but I know you can make money from it because I buy from home bakers!).

When you are rich and make money from the above…don't forget me! I like starbucks or chocolate cake, thank you!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Handbags as investment?

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I bought my first Chanel back in 2010. I was pregnant with my daughter then and I bought it from Singapore Takashimaya. The sales person was this wonderful lady Faridah. She was so helpful. I remember when I decided on buying this cream classic jumbo bag, I called KL Chanel to asked if they have it in KL and asked for the price to compare. They didn't have this colour in KL then and the price of the jumbo was about RM12,000 then. I bought it in Singapore for slightly more expensive (due to the exchange rate and we drove to Singapore so we couldn't claim tax). Buying it in Singapore, despite it being slightly more expensive felt better than buying it in Malaysia because it sounds cheaper.
RM12,000 sounds more expensive than $6000. (We conveniently ignored the currency and the exchange rate) heh!

Fast forward 5 years later.. A classic jumbo bag is now RM20530! That's RM8,000 more now. Wowsers!!!!!!! I could sell it for RM15,000 and make RM5000 profit!!! But I won't!!!

Well, since bags are such good investments (ahem! ahem!) maybe I should start thinking about my next investment. 

I need to invest on a daily bag. At the moment, I am using my Dior Panarea which I love and bought many years ago for under RM4500.00 . I would so "invest" in this bag again because it is one of my favourite bags ever. I can just throw everything in there! I called Dior KL but they don't have it.
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So I'm thinking, maybe I should just get a Neverfull. I have one too and I love it. It's such a good bag. A good "investment" indeed. I bought my Neverfull right before I started working for my mum. It was supposed to be my work bag because I could put my laptop in it. Its such a strong bag too. I carry it when I go on holidays too. I love this bag. The design, well, not so great but its a good bag.

Speaking of investment….

Would you invest on bags? Which ones?
I think Lady Dior are a good investment too… Price has recently gone up to RM16,000 for a medium. I remember it was about RM14,000 - RM15,000 when I was in Dubai this year. 

I'm not supposed to be talking about bags for at least another year…but this is not bag talk, this is investment talk!!!
Friday, July 24, 2015

Best Sambal EVER!

I'm a sambal lover. Yeah, call me kampung but I love my sambal belacan. LOL. I don't eat ulam, durian and all though. So, I'm not THAT kampung!

Anyway, I'm a huge sambal lover. I love everything spicy. I can eat non spicy food but I love it even more if it is spicy. I don't like the food to be overly spicy or anything like that but I do love a bit of pedasness in my food. My husband, is not so much a fan of spicy food. Basically, in my household, if theres anything pedas, it is for me.

Back when I was in Cardiff, the Asian store where we usually go to to get our supply of kicap and all the Malaysian stuff we need in our cooking, has this Chili that they sell. I don't know what its called but I call it the african chill. It is the most spiciest chili ever. My friend uses this chilli to cook this african dish. It is so yummy. I've never seen this chili anywhere since then…but when I was on honeymoon in Maldives, I saw this chili at the buffet table!!! I was like OMG!!! And guess what? I actually asked the hotel staff to get me a pack for me to bring back. I tapau'ed this raw chillies back to KL and kept it in the freezer for months.

(Moral of that story is to show how much I love my chilies!!!)

So yes, I eat everything better with sambal. Sambal belacan is of course my favourite. I can eat it with rice and ikan goreng and I'll be sorted.

Few months back, I saw a friend on FB posted about her sambal. She started selling them and it seems to be selling quite well. I couldn't resist so I ordered 2 bottles. Each bottle is RM15. I had to pick it up at Mont Kiara where she lives but luckily it isn't too far away from me.

OMG! I love it!!! 

It's so good that I ordered more. This time I ordered 5! To give some to my family to try and more for me. I've been eating more rice too since I started eating this sambal. I have it with pretty much everything. Even during ramadhan, I would eat it with murtabak. Really sedap. I'm hooked!

Tonight I made fried okra with this sambal and it was so easy and yummy.

I've also tried using the sambal to marinate my fish and wrapped it in daun pisang. I use it to fry some French beans too. All yummy.

I'm so happy I found this sambal. If you live nearby Mont Kiara and want to give this a go, WA the number and place your order. Follow her on Instagram for ideas on how to use this sambal.

You won't regret it!

Big School prep

Next week, my daughter will have to sit for her first exam EVER. I really don't know how she's going to cope. 2 hours written exam with 15 minutes interview is no joke! I just hope she won't fall asleep or something. Whatever it is, according to the school…the entrance exam is just to see if she can understand instructions, read a little bit, write a little and most importantly to see if she requires special attention in school, that's all. So, in a way, I don't really care if she gets 10/100. Interview part I know she will do well. (Unless if it is in BM! yikes!)

I've been practicing speaking a little bit of BM with her though. It's not very good yet but I've started introducing her to some BM words. You know, the basic stuff "Merah" "Biru" kind of stuff. And we practiced a little bit

Me: Siapa nama awak?
Daughter: Nama saya xxx (insert her name)
Me: Siapa nama adik awak?
Daughter: Nama saya adik xxxx (insert her brother's name)


OK nevermind.. We'll try again tonight… We normally do this when we are in bed.

Daughter: Selamat Malam, mummy
Me: Selamat Malam sweetie
Son: Selamat Hari Raya mummy


Well, it is still raya. So maybe I won't fail him yet.

My husband has been trying to get them kids to speak Kelantan too. They laugh at him when he talks to them in that accent. LOL.

Apart from preparing my daughter for her exam, I am also preparing myself for big school. I'm really not looking forward to waking up in the morning, EVERY SINGLE FREAKING MORNING.
I am not a morning person AT ALL.

I remember I hated waking up for school all my life. Being in school is ok but getting up in the morning was such a big torture I swear! And I also remember hating work so much because I had to get up at 7am to get to work by 8.30am. I remember cursing so much in the morning.
Soon, it will be my new routine and it will be for the next 15 years or so.

Gosh. I can't believe I only had a break for 5 years. (Since I quit my job when I was pregnant till now).

I don't wake up so late. I mean, I'm ok to wake up before 9am. 8.30am is good. But I can't imagine myself getting up and all at 6am!!! Thinking about it is making me yawn!!!

Hub's been preparing himself too. He's been waking up early since puasa. He said we need to prepare ourselves for big school.

Why do they need to grow up so fast?

Is it time already?
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Handbag Post

I bet you are sick and tired of reading about my handbag issues. How I still can't decide which bag I want and how it is an ongoing problem. Well, it's been months since Dubai and honestly speaking, after my husband spent so much on my car, I sort of stopped thinking about bags altogether. I even stopped browsing Instagram for handbags and berangan'ing about bags. (Also, I've been super busy I just don't have time to think about bags!)

So as you know… no new bags!

Raya morning, I wore my purple/pink baju kurung and was going through my bag cabinet and couldn't find any bag that will look good with my outfit. My husband was getting ready too. I pulled out my Chanel bag and said "Yang, I think it's time for another Chanel". I was kidding obviously. And as expected, he ignored me. Pffttt.

Today, he asked us to go to KLCC. We haven't been there in the longest time. One thing I hate about going to KLCC is it is so difficult to bring kids there especially with strollers. The lift is always full of people (who can easily walk up the escalators because most of them don't even have strollers!) and it takes ages to wait for the lift to be empty or have rooms for 2 strollers (We bring both strollers out in case they are tired and want to sit. Most of the time they do anyway!). When my husband insisted on us going to KLCC, I asked him why. He said he needs to check out this few shops because he is looking to buy a new watch. OK fine. Off we went.

In the car, he was mumbling about his promise to me. I had no clue what he was talking about. I figured he must be talking about buying me a handbag but I didn't really want to get too excited. Plus, I still don't know the budget and I still haven't decided on which bag. And, I don't even know what bags are available in KLCC. Pretty limited choices I would expect. Pavilion would be a better bet to get a handbag. Few weeks back we did go into a few stores in Pavilion but all the bags I looked at and wanted was not worth the price tag.

Today in KLCC, we went to check out the stores he wanted to check out and I was feeling a little bored waiting and just pushing the stroller around. I didn't even bother going window shopping because honestly speaking, I am one of those rare breeds.. I am a shopaholic who hates shopping. I rather sit and choose from my laptop than walk around browsing.

Then after he is done with his window shopping, he said..Let's walk over to Chanel. WHAT? Excuse me????? Where??????

It was my first time in the new Chanel KL. Well, it's really not new anymore. I've been to the Chanel when it was opposite Ferragamo in KLCC but I've never been to the Chanel near to LV. Don't ask me why. I just never bothered. I will only go into shops to buy stuff. I don't like to walk around to see and walk away empty handed. But today, I decided to just go have a look.

I walked around and didn't see anything I liked. I was about to walk out when my husband called out a sales person and said "Excuse me, my wife wants to buy a bag, can you help her?" huh?!!!!! I was like..uhhh….thinking what the hell…..what bag??? I don't want to buy a bag…!!! I am only here to browse. But since the sales person was very friendly..I just asked for something I've been eyeing for quite a while. To my surprise, the one I wanted is available!!! (It is a sign!) (It is so meant to be, I swear!)

She took it out and I almost fell off my seat.

Price tag was what I was expecting and way beyond my budget. Obviously.

My husband just looked at me with a serious face and asked me if I liked it.

"Well duhhh!!!" was my answer. I don't only LIKE it.. I LOVE it!!!

But I know it is really crazy to spend so much on a bag. The lady told us that Paris has increased their price recently and soon, KL will increase their prices too. Now would be the best time to buy this bag. It is ALWAYS the best time to buy right? 

I put it aside and told the lady I will call her if I decided to get it. Let me walk around and digest the figure first. But my husband said, if you like it, take it now as we won't be coming back anytime soon.
With a heavy heart……… I said yes. (not so heavy actually)


Im a proud owner of a new bag. My handbag issues is now closed!!! Please don't talk or show me another bag for a good year at least! I doubt I will be getting any more bags this year. Case closed!

Till next time…..

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Raya celebration

It's already the 5th day of raya. Time really flies don't you think?

We usually just celebrate the first day of raya and will go back to the same routine the next day but this year is a little bit different for us, especially for me.

1. My best friend told me to put on make up. I'm the laziest when it comes to putting on makeup especially when we are not going out. I just can't be bothered. I don't think I look too bad without makeup and with bare face but apparently, I look "blahhhhh". So this year, I told myself I will put on make up. Plus, apparently, I NEED it. Sigh. I'm ageing, I need some coverage. Fine!!!!!

2. I didn't realise I had tempah'ed 4 baju kurungs. (I normally just have 1 for 1st raya). I don't know why I have so many. It's actually my mil who bought me so many kains for baju kurung. I had forgotten about it until the tailor called to tell me all my baju kurungs are ready. I don't wear baju kurung any other time, I don't even have weddings to attend anymore so the other than wearing it for raya, I probably won't wear it ever. I made it a point to wear all my baju raya this year…

Pagi raya, I got up early and got ready. Putting on makeup is no joke. It takes a lot of effort you know. Concealer and whatnot!

This year, we decided to wear purple for the first day of raya. Kids got up and got dressed. My son didn't want to wear his baju melayu at first but after a lot of struggling, screaming and shouting, he finally put on his KupuKupu baju melayu. He looks so adorable and cute.

Second raya, we all wore pink. My son, who refused to wear pink and hates pink agreed to wear his baju melayu. First day baju melayu was so comfortable that he is finally OK with wearing baju melayu. My daughter on the contrary is a KupuKupu model. She LOVES wearing all my KupuKupu baju kurungs. Even to school she will wear it sometimes. She is my true number 1 fan. I keep telling her that someday, she will have to run this business. She acts like she knows it's hers. Also, she keeps taking my stock!!!! Sometimes I tell her its expensive and she can't just simply take ALL my stuff! I need to sell them!!!

We had enough of raya food and decided to go have some seafood. Where else if not Fatty Crab!
The queue was crazy long too!!! We had to wait ages for our food to be ready. We ordered and tapau'ed instead. It's much more comfortable eating at home.

Third day of raya, we had an open house to attend. I wore my green cotton kurung. The batik fabric bought by my husband when he went to Kelantan. It looks quite nice actually. It is the only cotton kurung I have. Wearing a cotton kurung is not all that bad actually. I mean, my kids all wear cotton kurungs and baju melayu but I never thought it would be nice for adults to wear cotton kurungs but actually, I quite like it. I might wanna make more cotton kurungs for myself next year.

On the forth day of raya, we didn't have anywhere to go. We went to Pavilion for karaoke if you can believe it. My friend from KK is down in KL and they invited us to join them for karaoke. I've never been to one before, ever! It is my first karaoke experience. I can't sing to save my life. My daughter, the entertainer, enjoyed herself so much. So much so that even today she asked me if I can take her karaoke. My mum heard and said I shouldn't teach her so young. LOL. It's just singing. Nothing dodgy at all. By the way, I even wore my baju kurung to Pavilion. Im still in Raya mode. It's ok to go karaoke in kurungs right?

Today, the 5th day… I'm still in raya mode but we really didn't have anywhere to go. We stayed in today. I need to catch up with work and I'm blogging like crazy today because there's just so much I want to share.

Kids had so much fun this raya especially with their cousins. My goodness, they really go all out playing all day. It's amazing how much energy they have.

Overall it has been quite a good raya this year. Definitely more meriah than the previous years. Next year onwards I'll make more baju raya. I think it makes a lot of difference. More shopping!!

Pavilion Day Out

On the 4th day of Raya, our KK friend invited us to Red Box in Pavilion for Karaoke session. They are staying in Westin and was in Pavilion that day. I'm almost 36 years young old and I've never been to any Karaoke spots. I only sing for myself. I'm the syiok sendiri, sing-out-loud-only-when-alone singer. I don't sing when there's anyone around. The only people who have heard me sing are my kids, even my husband has never heard me sing. (He doesn't sing as well btw, lol).

My daughter sings like nobody's business. She's really good too. I knew she would enjoy this karaoke session. Since KL is still pretty empty and we had nothing better to do anyway, we all decided to join them.

I have no clue how these things work. I don't know if you pay for the room or pay per person or whatever. I was clueless. I left it to the pro to sort it out.

Kids had so much fun singing. It was frozen song on repeat for a good 2 hours! By the time we left, I find myself singing "Let it go…Let it go!!!" but one of the songs we put on was the Aladdin song (A whole new world) and that was fantastic. I love that song. I can so imagine myself syiok sendiri singing it in the car when I'm alone! LOL

After the session was over, we met up with my husband and mother in law for dinner at the food court. My favourite food to eat in Pavilion is the Teppanyaki at the food court. I love their beef teppanyaki. It is unlike anywhere else. It comes with rice, soup and vege. It is so yummy. Their salmon fried rice is quite nice too but I didn't order it this time.

On our way out, I saw La Juiceria. I've always wanted to try their juices. I bought 3 different flavours, just to test it out. I saw so many people queuing up to buy too and they all seems like regular customers because they all had cards and collect stamps and whatnot. I see a lot of people juicing and that's a good thing.

Verdict on the juices?

Well, the Almond Milk was OK. Its pretty light compared to the one my friend made that day. It tasted quite good. I would get it again.

The Red juice was OK too. It is not as thick as the one from my friend. But I think the red juice my friend made was yummier. So, this red juice I would probably order again from my friend instead of getting it from La Juiceria next time.

I also got this Orange and Carrot juice. This one I absolutely love. Im a huge orange juice fan and this one suits my tastebuds perfectly. Someone mentioned that it is too sweet but I don't find it sweet at all. I don't like sweet stuff too but this was sour and nice. I would get this again for sure because it is really nice!!! 3 juices for about RM50 is quite expensive, no? Maybe its better I just order from my friend! This packaging is nicer tho. Im a sucker for nice packaging.

Fun day at Pavilion!

More about Super Lutein

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, we need to make sure we exercise moderately, have enough sleep and eat a well balanced diet. How many of us actually do all that? I know for me, it is difficult to maintain that healthy lifestyle because I am so busy. I'm not the only one. I know so many of us are exactly like me. Do you have a well balanced diet daily? Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables every single day? I don't! I know for a fact that my daily meals does not provide me sufficient nutrition and because we NEED it, I find it easier to overcome this problem by taking nutritional supplement.

The ONLY supplement that I take regularly, not just myself but also the rest of my family (which includes my 2 young children) is Super Lutein supplement. Super Lutein is a well-balanced nutritional supplement which contains carotenoids. Carotenoids are essential nutrients found in brightly coloured red, yellow and green vegetables.

Super Lutein contains 6 kinds of carotenoids which include both lutein and crocetin. In addition, nutrient ingredients such as anthocyanin, DHA, vitamin B, vitamin E are also included in balanced portions. It is truly the only supplement you need if you are lacking in your fruits and vegetable intake. It is the best daily nutritional supplement for you.

Lutein is a nutrient found in the macular area of the eyes and skin. It is a pigment ranging from yellow to orange and you can find it present in the eyes and skin but CANNOT be produced by our body. By taking this, our retina will be protected. Lutein has the effect of absorbing blue light which can also cause retinal damage. This is one of the major reasons why I give my children Super Lutein. It is to protect their eyes. In today's day and age where we are all exposed to our electronic devices, we need Lutein to protect our eyes. You can find lutein in dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. If you don't want to eat this supplement, make sure you eat A LOT of kale and spinach to protect your eyes, especially if you are on the computer a lot, like me!

You can read more about Super Lutein here…
What is Super Lutein
Super Lutein for the eyes
Super Lutein supplement
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Super Lutein & Izumio Certification

Want to try it?
Super Lutein is retailed at RM435 per bottle. Each bottle has 100 capsules. To consume this amazing product cheaper, I would advice for you to get the package. With the package, you will get 15 products at RM5330, which brings the cost per bottle to RM355 each. That is a savings of RM80 per bottle.
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I must admit that I am bad at house decor. I know what I like and I know what looks nice when I see it in magazines and stuff but I don't know how to achieve the same look. Also, my husband likes everything to look plain. He doesn't like too much stuff and hates clutter. Because of that, I kind of let him take the front seat and let him dictate what decor we should or shouldn't put in our house. Unless it is too damn ugly, I will just close one eye.

Our house has nothing on the walls, photos hanging or frames etc. Our walls are pretty much empty. We only have 1 mirror and 1 clock hanging and that's it. Hubs like it that way. Whereas if I had my way, I'd fill the whole house with our photos. I'm vain like that. Thank God he takes control, otherwise, it will be our photos everywhere in the house.

Every year, we will buy fresh flowers for raya. It is just something we love to do every now and then but we make it a point to get fresh flowers every raya. Hubs like the house to smell nice and he loves lilies and me, I love orchids because they last very long. We always buy flowers from our regular florist in Damansara Heights but they're renovating the building and we don't know where they went.

This year, I called a friend (who did our decor for both my kid's cukur jambul) and told him to get me orchids for raya. He said ok and the day before raya, 2 pots of orchids came delivered to me. Wowie. I was only expecting 1 but 2 came. More orchids. I hope my husband won't get mad at me for:
(a) ordering 2 flowers
(b) for not saying no when I only wanted 1

He didn't have lilies so we still have to go look for lilies somewhere.

The orchids look really pretty tho. We don't have the space but it does make a lot of difference. I told my husband to give one to my mother in law. She could do with 1 of the orchids.

I called our usual florist just to check and turns out, they've moved and they've been opened at a different location. Hurray!!

Raya eve, after getting everything sorted, I drove to the new location. It is a terrace house in Damansara Heights (behind Victoria Station). Hubs said to get 1 bouquets of lilies for our house and 1 more for my mother in law. I love flowers especially fresh flowers.

RM130 well spent. Our house looks a little bit prettier with flowers now.

Daughter's 5th Birthday

My daughter celebrated her 5th bday last week and we organised a small party in school. We didn't do anything special but I managed to plan and get everything sorted out for her little party, just in time.

Good thing about celebrating in school is:

1. Small group
2. Don't have to think about food
3. Teachers are around to monitor the kids and make sure they're entertained
4. It's only 30 minutes party

Planning for this small party is not too stressful but there are a couple of things I like to do for my kids parties. Cake & Party Pack.

This year, my daughter requested for Tangled (Rapunzel) themed cake. I ordered the cake from our usual baker Pinkies Cupcakes. I love their chocolate cake and the designs are also pretty nice. Best thing is, pick up location is only 15 minutes from my house. Perfect.

Ordering cake was easy too. I basically just told Darna my theme and she will WA me the designs she can do. We will customise it according to what she can do. This year's design is a little bit less complicated than her Pocoyo Themed cake last year. To make it easier, we even have a perfect toy that we can use for the cake.

Apart from the cake, I decided to give out notebooks to her friends. I designed it myself and got it printed just in time before the party. Designing it didn't take long but the printing and that process was a pain because my printer is always so busy and I had to wait for over 3 hours at the shop for the whole thing to be ready. I also customised her gift bag to put the notebook in and tie a ribbon. Simple and sweet.

Party in school was simple too. They basically just sang the birthday song, cut the cake, eat the cake together and then my daughter will give out the pack to her friends. How they do it is, the teacher will sit with her on the chair while the other kids will face them and sit on the floor. My daughter will call out their names and they will come up to her when their names are called out. Then, they will greet her and wish her happy birthday and then she will hand them the gift bag. It's so cute and funny.

After that, I will go back and they will continue with some games. I heard they did some dancing and played musical chair or something. I can hear them from my house and she had a lot of fun.

Basically, that was all. Nothing to shout about but my daughter had so much fun.

She got some presents from her aunts and grandmas too.

From my mum, she asked for a wedding dress. Yes.. A WEDDING DRESS.

A few nights before her birthday, she MADE me put on my wedding dress. Don't ask me why but she practically forced me to put it on. She kept asking and asking until I don't know how else to shut her up. Finally, reluctantly, I agreed to put it on. What did I get myself into, right????

My wedding was 6 years ago, mind you. And 2 kids later, I obviously couldn't fit in the dress but noooooo, she won't have it. I had to literally stop breathing to make sure I can button up and zip up! It was pure torture I swear.

I managed to wear it and thank god, it was over. She then requested from my mum to get her a white wedding dress. With veil and all.

Sigh!!! Her grandma got her not 1 but 2 wedding dresses!!! She was so happy!!!

At night, before she went to bed, she told me that this is the best birthday ever.

I went to sleep happy that night. Happy that my baby girl had a good birthday and also happy that she's growing up to be such a beautiful healthy young girl. Alhamdulillah.
Monday, July 20, 2015

Natural Makeup look

I love makeup. I love buying them. But unfortunately, since I had kids I don't really have time to put on makeup. I became lazy. I don't really bother to put much makeup. Whenever Im out or going out, I'll just put on some lipgloss and that's it.

My best friend and I talk about looking beautiful A LOT. We are actually very vain people. Lately, when we look at our photos, we look "tired" and concluded that the reason why other people don't look so tired is because they make an effort to put on a little bit more make up than we do. This raya, my best friend made sure I make effort to put on makeup so that I will look nicer in photos. OK fine.

The day before raya, we were exchanging tips and shared some makeup Dos and Donts! We even practiced putting on makeup that day. We really need to get a life, right? LOL.

After putting on "full on" makeup on Raya day, I have to agree… I do look a million times better with make up on. I know there are many apps you can use to edit photos to make you look nicer and have better skin and all…but I really can't be bothered to edit my photos.

Here's what I do and use to achieve the "no makeup" "Natural" look… Really, people think its easy but to achieve this look is not so simple. I wish it was. I wish I don't have to use so many products to achieve this look but unfortunately… I have no choice.

1. Cleanse, tone & moisturize

It is important to make sure your skin is clean in order for make up to blend in better. Do your usual cleanse, tone and moisturize. If you are extra rajin, put on Izumio mask first after you've cleansed your face. This will make your skin brighter and look fresher. I did this on the first day of raya. I was super rajin. I will put on my usual moisturiser, which is the Moogoo Anti Ageing cream.

2. Even out your skin tone & Conceal your flaws

I use my BB cream / sunblock that I purchased recently. This BB cream is really to-die-for. I love it so much because it is non greasy and it is sheer and suits all skin tone. When you look at it, it does look slightly tinted but once it gets on your skin, it is actually sheer. Perfect!

My biggest flaw is my dark eye circle. Unfortunately. I think that is permanent and it is to stay. I almost never use any concealer ever but I think, being 36 and all, I need to start concealing my flaws especially on special occasion when I want to look good in photos. I use 2 items for this. 1 is the concealer and another one is the corrector. Please don't ask me whats the difference between those two because I have no clue. All I know is it was recommended by the makeup artist when I purchased it yolks ago. Apparently they go well together so I bought both. And it's true. It looks more natural when I put both on. I used to use the concealer brush but I find that using my ring finger and dab gives it a better look. I will dab and blend in the concealer first and then dab and blend in the corrector. Don't use too much tho. It will look patchy so make sure you just use a thin layer. Once that is done, use a loose powder (it comes with my concealer) to even it out.

3. Powder & Blusher

I don't use foundation but my compact powder is actually a 2 in 1. I use a powder brush in circular motion. Don't use too much. Just use enough to even out your skin tone.

I have only 1 blusher and it is kind of pink. I don't know why I bought this colour but I guess it will do for now. I prefer a warmer colour because it will give a much more natural and subtle look. Smile and apply on the cheekbones. I will also apply a little bit on my eyes and t zone. Just a little bit…

4. Define the eyes

Next I will work on my eyes. For a natural look, I will apply brown tones. It works well with my skin tone to give it a natural look. I will apply a highlighter underneath my eyebrows and just 1 colour on my eyelid. To define the eyes further, I will apply this new eyeliner that I got from Daiso. This is amazing!!! I used to use the ones from Chanel and they're good…but the price tag isn't as friendly as this RM5 eyeliner. To be honest, I love this eyeliner from Daiso even more than the ones from Chanel. It was highly recommended by my best friend. It was recommended to her by someone too. So bye bye Chanel and hello Daiso.

If I don't use this liquid eyeliner, I will use a dark coloured eye shadow instead. For extra definition, I will draw a "V" at the corner of my eyes. It works.

Next I will also fill in my eyebrows. I have really thin eyebrows. I just fill it in and its pretty easy to do.

5. Lips

I will use my lipgloss by Be Good. I love this as it moisturises my lips all day just by 1 application. Seriously, it is so good!!! I love it.
If I have time, I will use my lip liner to draw my lips but otherwise, I will just apply a little bit of lipstick. My current favourite is this one by Clinique.

6. Enhance Lashes

Next is to apply mascara. It makes a lot of difference and not difficult to apply at all. How you do it is just apply a layer of compact powder (Yes Im not kidding) and then apply the mascara the zigzag way. By applying the powder first, somehow it makes the lashes look thicker when you apply the mascara.

6 steps and you're done.

I look nice in photos this year, compared to last year. A lot of effort but at least I don't look a year older.