Saturday, October 31, 2015

Studying for Spelling

My daughter is in Year 1 and already has spelling tests! It is still not that bad because they started with just 5 words each week but getting ready for these tests aren't always easy. I have to make this exercise fun because if not, she will not bother. When it is fun and all play, I know she will not think of it as "homework".

(note: I really pity her. The transition is actually quite big from play school to big school. It used to be A LOT of play and now, there's almost no play at all!)

Anyway, here's what we've been doing to practice and prepare for spelling tests:

Spelling Words Flash Cards
1. I will prepare these flash cards and she will watch me write them. 
2. She will write over my writing (trace) and say each letters out loud as she's tracing them.
3. She will then put blue tags on the back of each cards. (she loves this part the most)
4. Say each letters out loud before sticking them on the wall.
5. Read all the words

This method works best for us because it will make her look at the words a few times and learn to spell it without her realising it. Each time she goes into the room to play or put on clothes on, I will ask her to read and spell it. She plays in that room a lot with my husband too. While they are playing, he will ask her to spell the letters out too.

Once she knows how to spell a word, I will move the cards to the left side of the wall. The ones on the right hand side will be the difficult ones we will pay more attention to. Once she knows all of them, all the words will be on the left. After the test, we move the cards to the top. We've been doing this for a few weeks now and so far it's been good. As you can see, it doesn't look pretty at all. I need to find a way to make it prettier because the OCD in me in cringing each time I look at these flash cards on the wall. So don't worry, it is only temporary until I figure something out. Argh.

Practice makes perfect
She has this small white board that she loves. Every morning she will write on the board notes or draw something on it. I also use this board for her to practice her spelling. 

We have practice runs at home too. The ones marked "A" are the ones she find easy and the ones marked "B" are the difficult ones. We will concentrate on the harder ones. I'm really dreading the topical test list because they are all difficult to her!

On the way to school, I will ask her to spell out the words again. This is quite fun for her and she loves it when I hug her to kiss her each time she gets it right!

Some of the words are pretty difficult for her but as soon as she gets it right for the first time, I will make a big deal by jumping and shouting and hugging her and she gets really amused by this and will want to get it right again! It's hilarious and I feel so silly doing it sometimes but it works!

I'm so proud of her. She's been getting all her spelling tests right so far. I'm so happy! I mean, it's only the first term and we have a long way to go but for someone who has never done any sort of spelling tests before, I think she's done extremely well. She even got all correct for her mandarin spelling test! 

Thursday, October 29, 2015


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Woke up today and saw the clear blue sky. Hurray!!! We've had clear haze free sky for a good 2 days now and it's really wonderful! I love my drive to school these 2 days. I can finally see KLCC and KL Tower again. Funny how you take things for granted and when it's not there anymore, you suddenly realise how much you miss having that thing. For me, I miss that view. I'm a city girl, I love looking at buildings! (only because I can't have beach view being in KL!). Alhamdulillah for the clear blue sky.

Today is also my Tokmi (grandma)'s 85th birthday. Happy Birthday, Tokmi. I have to say Alhamdulillah for blessing Tokmi with everything good in this life. I pray for Allah to continue to bless her forever… InsyaAllah.
She's the cutest grandma, I swear!
On the way back from school run, I called my mum. She had sent me a text last night to call her because she has some news to share with me. I've been anxiously waiting for this news by the way, so we spoke and my heart was beating fast and she gave me the news. Alhamdulillah for the good news.
I am happy.

It's 12pm now and I also just got my period! I know!!!!!! TMI (too much information) but I've been waiting!!! I'm never late! I was nervous too! Alhamdulillah for my period!

See, so much to be thankful for. Today is the best day ever!!!!

Tell me.. What are you thankful for today?
Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Meet my leader

I've been in the Izumio & Super Lutein business for almost 1 year now. How time flies and even until today, I still cannot believe that I am actually doing this. Call it whatever you want…Network Marketing, MLM business, selling supplements but to me, what I'm doing is not that at all… It is just sharing. Sharing my experience consuming these wonderful products and in return, I get paid for it. What could be easier than that? You tell me!

In this (MLM) business, you need to have a good leader. Support, especially at the start of this business is very important. Without a good leader to back you up, to give you support and training, it can be quite difficult that's why I am so happy and grateful that I have the best leaders in the world. From day 1, I've had all the support I needed. I can't say that about any other groups but my group is the best! (I say "leaders" because there's more than 1). 

Today, I want you to meet one of my leaders. You probably know her already from her blog Mamapumpkin. Go check her blog out if you haven't. She's been blogging for yonks (she's quite old!) and is quite famous in the blogging world. I was introduced to her about a year plus ago only but we've gotten really close and she is one of my closest friends now. I trust her with all my heart and love her to bits! I think she's got my back always!

Anyway, she started doing this business just a few months before me but she's been crazy successful in this business. She's really earning big bucks right now doing this. I wish I can be like that but everyone can do this at their own pace.You decide your own path and you set your own targets. For her, she wanted to earn at least RM100k a month for her husband to retire early and that is her motivation (apart from buying Chanels! tsk tsk tsk!). Because she set such high goals, she needs to work harder than someone like me. In this business, everyone can make it and I want you to be inspired by her story...

I'm considered quite slow and she is very fast and you can be like her too if you put your heart and mind and soul to this business. I want you to know more about her story so I've asked her 10 questions and got her to answer them for me….

(In blue are her answers and in black are mine!)

1. How would you describe yourself to my blog readers?
I'm just a regular Mom like any Mom. Simple, busy, trying to do the best that I can for everyone.  

2. When did you join Naturally Plus? And why did it take so long for you to join?

I joined in October 2014 about a year ago. 

I was introduced to the products in November 2013 (2 years ago). There was no reason for me to join then because as a consumer, I did not believe in spending so much for any product. However, I did not know just why they were so expensive either. The need was not there. My life was happy, I had no problems, so why spend unnecessarily? I didn't even know there was a business involved. But even if I did, I wouldn't have cared. I had a take home salary of RM25,000 every month after taxes and EPF deductions etc. I was very comfortable. There was no reason to make more money and I am a lazy person in general. (true story!)

But after feeling the benefits of the Hydrogen Water because my friend gave me a box later, I tested it and started observing how it worked. And then I started researching it. I definitely knew it was working but I wanted to know how. I researched for a whole year before I went back to my friend to say I wanted some. The price was so, SO PAINFUL!!! But I knew it was good stuff and bit the bullet and swiped my credit card. Health cannot be priced. After a month or two of consuming the products, I knew I would be wanting more so then I asked my friend how I could get it cheaper and as they say, the rest is history. My whole family is now consuming for free and we use up about RM2,500 worth of products every month. On top of that, I am happily earning more than I ever did after just one year of working hard and am on a mission to help everyone else. 

3. What is the best thing about  doing this business? It is knowing that you have made a difference in another person's life. In my quest for helping other's heal their health, I also work towards making the products affordable for everyone to have a fair chance in healing their health. On top of that, I give some of my earnings in products (or cash if they prefer) to the poorer people who are at terminal stage so they can prolong their life for as long as possible and die comfortably. I make a special effort to help Single Moms and Women in general grow their individual businesses and although I am completely stretched, I take things one day at a time and help those who need help the most. Everyone will have their turn in this life saving business if they want it. The biggest wow moments come from seeing the products work on people and having them thank me and my team for introducing the products to them. 
This is true! I love it when I get a note from my customers to say how the products helped them feel better. 

4. If someone says to you…"RM5330 is a big investment and not many people can afford this" What would you say to that person? Is it worth the investment?

That is indeed true. Whether or not people can afford it, they will STILL say they cannot afford it. It is human nature. The products are definitely worth the investment and I say that because I know the products extremely well. It is a life saving product. If you had a loved one on a hospital bed about to die and the Doctor warns you to be prepared, and you know that giving your loved one Izumio would have a good chance of saving them, would you pay for it if it was RM1,000??? I have known of this happening several times already where Doctors can no longer help a patient but Izumio did. So definitely for me, it is worth the investment. In fact, I carry a packet with me everywhere I go because I could potentially save a life walking in a shopping mall one day and someone has a stroke or an asthma attack......

But for someone who is new and ignorant to the products, how would they know? I would ask them how much their health was worth to them. I would tell them the true stories of my own friends who claimed their parents were healthy and that they themselves were VERY healthy and did not have a need for these products. And then 2 months later, BANG! Someone in the family is struck with Leukaemia. I have seen this trend happening several times already but ultimately it is the choice of the individual how much value they place on their health, right? Do you want to prevent cancer and chronic disease despite how healthy you are? Or do you want to take the risk and be burdened with heavy medical costs, discomfort, inconvenience and time loss? Our lives are precious but not everyone sees it. 

5. What is a typical day for someone doing this business?
There is no typical day per se because in this life saving business everyone decides on their own pace. Some are happily working full time jobs and doing this on the side. Some are running other businesses concurrently. And then some like me are doing it seriously because I believe that with financial freedom which I will get very soon, I would be able to have more control in helping more people. It is comforting for me to know that my friend who is the most famous Nyonya Chang business woman in the world from kampung Melaka makes a decent monthly income from this Izumio business. She works damn hard making Nyonya Chang and takes care of her household with 6 children with many other responsibilities, YET this weekly income that gets deposited into her bank account? I feel really happy about that. I know her!!! 

Another friend of mine couldn't believe it when I told her I could retire my husband in 3 years after doing this business. Are you sure??? She asked. Yes, absolutely. We need RM100,000 monthly to be able to sustain both of us not working day jobs and in this business, it is absolutely possible. I am on my way there already. I have a high ambition but many of my friends, they are happy to just earn RM10,000 per month or RM5,000 per month. Some are happy with just RM2,000 per month. So I help them achieve whatever it is they want to achieve and we are already seeing the results. It is great.

Typical day for me? From the moment I wake, I would get the kids ready for school, feed them breakfast, prepare their lunch (only for one because the other doesn't want to bring lunch), take them to school, then have a scrumptious breakfast with my other half either in Damansara Heights or in Bangsar. He then goes off to work and I start my work if I feel like it. If I don't, I go read a book or play the internet, chit chat with friends or go back to bed - LOL! This is true. We actually chit chat all day. We should get a life!

If I do decide to work, I turn my computer and phone on to respond to the hundreds of enquiries that I get daily. Between 2-4pm, I have to be the chauffeur to my kids and then once they are home, mayhem!!! I cook dinner and I do not have a helper so everything is pretty much done by myself. After the kids are in bed, usually at about 9pm latest, I will shower and give myself my me time and spend the evening with the Hubs till midnight before we hit the sack. Same routine day in day out. Simple life. 

6. Is this business difficult to do? Don't lie!!!
I guess it would depend on what your definition of difficult is!!!! I personally don't find it difficult at all. People say sure, I have a popular blog and following so it is easy. That is true but assuming I didn't? I would just make weekly trips to a hospital to chat up people randomly or pass them the information on Izumio and Super Lutein so everyone has a chance to heal themselves or their loved ones! And I would be calling people and contacting everyone so everyone knows about these life saving products. Perhaps it takes more effort but this is not a free ride. It is a real business and if you wanted to earn a million dollars then some effort must be put in at least in the first year. This is not a get rich quick scheme ok? It is a life saving business. It is real.  
I agree. A lot of people think this is a rich quick scheme and it's not. It is real. And there's no such thing as free money

7. How much do you earn every month from this business and what do you do with so much money?
I earn (*looks around to check if it is safe* it is safe lah!!!) a monthly income of about.....let's just say I could buy 2 brand new Chanel bags every month. dayyyyammmmm!!!! Half of my money, I put back into the business in helping others to succeed or help them with their health. The other half, I give to my husband to invest or pay off his credit cards since he is always complaining that my girls and I are so high maintenance.   
Damn!!! I would die if I can afford 2 Chanel bags every month!!! But you did promise me I can buy a Balenciaga bag by end of this year from my earnings from this business!

8. What was the last thing you bought with your recent NP earnings?
Hmm. I have bought so much. LOL! OK, let me think. I paid for our holidays recently. That was a biggie. Other than that, I only bought a Ferragamo wallet and a Miu Miu wallet recently, and a new Moschino bag. I think those would be the biggest expenditure from my income.  
I like that Moschino bag! It's so cute! 

9. You are always busy answering queries from customers. Do you have time for yourself?
Yes, of course. The thing with me is I am efficient. Plus I do not work if I do not want to. If I want an off day or week or month (yes, I took the entire month of January off!!), I could just take it and my business is still growing. Having said that, I believe that speed to market is important to have first leg in and the BEST customer service ever. If you could solve all your customer's problems, they would love you. I have always been good at that. 
This is the part I love about this business. I can take my time and it is up to me how much I want to put my time in this business. If I want to work, I work..but if not, I don't. But I get paid for sharing so instead of wasting time doing nothing, I prefer working anyway!

10. What did you do with the USD3000 that you won recently and when are you belanja'ing me Japanese food?
LOL!!! The most recent cheque that Naturally Plus awarded me for the Rookie of The Year has gone into my hotel in Niseko. Japanese food anytime!!! Just say when!!! 
I want to go to Niseko too!!!!! And ok, Japanese Next Week for lunch!!!

There you go.
In just 1 year of doing this business, she has achieved so much!! I couldn't be more proud to be part of this team and it is great that I have all the support I need to be successful in this business. If you want to talk to her, she won't bite! If you want to be part of a great team, this is the team leader you want!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Loving yourself

I've been busy trying to please everyone that I sometimes forget to think about myself. When you are married, you have a husband, kids…. you tend to put them first before yourself. That's me at least. And you know what? THAT SUCKS!!!!!! But that is life. You just go through your day to day things and next thing you know, you've been neglecting yourself.

One thing I'm starting to see now, more than ever is….. I need to make myself happier, I need to make myself healthier and I need to make myself feel pretty in order for me to make others (my family) happier. Everything should start with ME. If I don't function, if I'm not happy…how can I make others happy, correct?

It doesn't come naturally these things. You don't just put yourself first unless you really make the effort. Unless you are selfish, you will need constant reminder to put yourself first. 

In life, there's the kids and the husband and of course they usually come first. Like in my case, I'll make sure my husband is free to watch after the kids before I make plans to do something for myself. Why does it always have to be that way? Why cant I…… make plans first and then get my husband to make himself free? You know… I don't know why it is like that but it is like that for us, always. And it is ok most of the time for me, but sometimes, when I really want to do something and I cant because my husband is not free, that's when it is annoying! That is just an example of how others come first.

There's also another example and this happens in our household ALL THE TIME. It's deciding what to eat for dinner. I cook almost every day and night of the week but sometimes, during weekends, we eat out. It is always what my kids want to eat or what my husband wants to eat. It's almost never about what I want to eat. (I obviously want to eat Japanese food all the time and no one likes Japanese in this house).Because of that, we hardly ever go for Japanese.

Anyway, my point is, sometimes……….. you need to love yourself and make you your priority. Sometimes. Even if it is not all the time (cuz that will just make you selfish!), it is OK. It doesn't make you less of a mum or less of a wife if you put yourself first. 

So today, I pledge to do the below for MYSELF and I am just going to close my eyes and just go for it! What is the worst that could happen right? They (my family) will be fine without me I'm sure.

1. Buy myself something pretty EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Buy new clothes, new shoes or whatever it is that will make me feel and look pretty. Even if it is wearing something others feel is ugly, if you think you look good in them, WEAR IT!

2. Go for facial, get your nails done or massage at least once a month. You need to look after yourself even more. Sometimes it is not really about going for facial or getting a massage, but it is about pampering yourself. Be the Queen that you are! Treat yourself to some pampering session at least once a month.

3. Have a nice meal of your choice at least once a week! (I want to say once a month but I am such a fatty!)! Japanese every week? That sounds awesome! I can't wait for this meal this week. When will that be?

4. Me time. Time alone. No disturbance. Just be by yourself. Meditate or pray or do yoga. Do whatever it is you want to do alone. Time to reflect on what's happening. It can help you understand your situations and life better.

5. Eat vitamins, drink jamu, eat healthy, exercise. Do something about your health and wellbeing. I spend over RM800 a month on supplements (Izumio & Super Lutein) but it is good for me and it is all I take. I feel good about it. I feel like I'm in the best of health. I've never had any health issues but I feel like taking these supplements are helping me so I will continue taking them. Some people take jamu, some people take ulam …do whatever it is to make sure your inside is healthy! Many people especially mothers don't do this. They're too busy making sure their kids are eating right and taking supplements and making sure their husband is healthy but sometimes, they forget about their own health. Go for medical check ups regularly. Your health should come first because if you are not healthy, how are you going to care for your family? 

So there you go….

You need to love you more. Remember that! You are worth it!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Haze Holiday

Believe it or not, school was off for 4 freaking days this week!! 4 days!!!! It reopened again today (Friday) and you know what? The haze was still so so bad!!! I really don't know what to say about this anymore.

It's time to educate ourselves on this and be prepared for the worst because I have this feeling this will go on for longer than we think. I'm so over this haze, it's not even funny anymore.

What I really cannot understand this why can't the government (in this case Indonesian government) do something to stop these companies (doesn't matter if it is a Malaysian company, Indon company or Singaporean company) from clearing their land this way. The haze comes from fires set to clear these forest lands. Clearing land this way is fast and cheaper but how come there aren't any law to stop people from doing this? I don't get it!!!
I don't really read the news and usually don't know much about whats happening around the world but come on, isn't there something someone can do to stop this burning??

We had 4 days of doing absolutely nothing. Being indoors, especially when we live in an apartment and not really big, can be really boring. How much TV can you watch, how much toys can you play with? My kids was really bored. And unfortunately for them, I am not very good with activities.

Monday we played with toys all day.

Tuesday we went out to the cinema to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 (which was really fun because kids really enjoyed the movie). We were only out that 2 minutes at the carpark and probably another 2 minutes at KLCC carpark and maybe 2 hours in total in KLCC itself but yet, when we came back, kids started sneezing. Luckily for Izumio and Super Lutein, I really pumped them up with those. So far, they're under control but I can tell that they're not a 100% after that KLCC outing! Imagine if we were out longer? Imagine if I didn't have such good supplements? They'd be sick by now!

Wednesday we spent the whole day doing school work. Gosh, school really gave lots of activities and exercises for kids to do at home. And you know, they're not bothered to do it. In the end, mummy is the one stressed out!!!

Thursday we did some more school work and some colouring and painting. I also realised that my daughter has more school work to do and I was rushing to get her to complete them. I was panicking too because there is just so much work to do!!! I even had to rush out to the printing shop to buy printer ink to print stuff out for school. Argh

They decided to reopen the school.
What the hell for? Only 1 day left for the week. I was really dreading school this morning but I also had an appointment this morning, which works out really well that kids are in school.

Funny part is, when you watch the news on TV, they keep saying that the haze is getting better.

I doubt it.

I miss smelling fresh air.
I miss looking at blue skies

You know what I need?
I need a holiday!!!

Yup.. I do!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Family Dinner

Last night, my husband treated us to a big family dinner. Occasion? Well, he found something he's been looking for for awhile (it was missing) and he was so happy he found it yesterday that he invited everyone for dinner. If I had a choice, it would have to be Japanese (duh!) but since I don't have a choice, he opted for chinese food. Come to think of it, it's been a while since we last had chinese food so I reluctantly agreed. Anything is good as long as I don't have to cook. I'm ok with chinese food but somehow it won't be something I will go for normally.

Chinese restaurant we opted for is called China Treasures at KLGCC. It is our first time there. I was really excited to try.

I didn't know this but apparently China Treasures is one of the places to go for halal dim sum and is also one of the top chinese restaurants in KL. Must try to come back back for dim sum! I love dim sum! Haven't had dim sum for years! But last night, we opted for dishes and rice.

What did we order?
Well, we ordered steam fish in soya sauce. I can't remember which fish but apparently it is called Ikan Hantu or something like that. I wasn't really paying attention when my husband ordered it. It is our first time trying this fish and highly recommended too. I'm so bad with fish, I just know how to eat but won't know which fish to order.

We also order garlic butter prawns, fried asparagus belacan (yum), chicken & spring onion tofu, baby kailan with salted fish and spring chicken. Oh, we also had crabmeat sharks fin soup. For dessert we had some fruit platter and everyone was gushing about how sweet the honeydew is. My son thought the papaya were carrots. LOL. My sister in law told him to eat his carrots! hehe…

My daughter took a taste of the soup and almost wanted to throw up. Gosh! But to be fair, the soup wasn't all that nice to me.

The rest of the food was good though. I really enjoyed everything. I didn't even have it with rice. Asparagus in belacan was nice and crunchy. I loved it. Even the baby kailan was really good too. The fish was really really fresh and tasty.

10 of us last night and the bill came up to over RM1000.00 so I guess it wasn't too bad because there was so much food and it was really tasty. We get discounts too so final bill was slightly under RM1000.00

My daughter really enjoyed her food (though she is a fussy eater and don't really eat anything but white rice and the soya sauce from the fish), she said "this is the best family dinner ever"
She also forced herself to finish 1 slice of watermelon because apparently, they give her watermelon in school and she's tried and had them before. She wanted to prove that it is true and showed us she can eat watermelon. She was really suffering tho because at one point, she really wanted to puke! I told her it is OK if she can't finish that piece of watermelon.

Sigh. I can't wait for this fussy eater to start eating real food properly. But I think she will get there eventually because now that I think about it, I was quite a fussy eater too growing up. I remember I never liked to try different food but once in secondary school I did try…. it was like a new discovery and I wanted to try everything. I guess I'll wait longer for it to happen to my daughter……

Always hopeful!

But anyways, do check this place out for good chinese food. I think we will be back…..(not too soon because it is so expensive!)
Sunday, October 18, 2015

School OFF again! Haze please go away!!

I was indoors the whole day yesterday (Sunday) and I didn't even bother looking out the window to see what the situation is like. I was busy doing my usual Sunday stuff and didn't bother about the outside world at all. My husband was out and took the kids to my Mil's house for a while and when they came back, they were talking about how bad the haze is. Again, I didn't even bother to double check.

After magrib prayers, I saw a message on our mummy Whatsapp group for my daughter's class that the government have announced that school will be off tomorrow. Read here. 
My first thought was "Oh NO!!! Not again!!!"

Here's why:
1. My daughter loves Monday because on Mondays, she has Speech & Drama, Vocal and gym lessons in school and those are all her favourite subjects because it is not very academic. It's all fun. But yet, for the past few weeks since we started big school, school's been off on Mondays a couple of times.

2. Every time we break from school, the crying starts again when we go back to school. Feels like we've been doing this for ages. I just want the crying to stop!!! But this breaks in between (including weekends) is not helping AT ALL.

After I did my prayers, I peeped outside to see the haze situation and true enough, I couldn't see anything! Oh no, here we go again….

My daughter woke up this morning with her left eyes red. She has big eyes but this time, it looks swollen and red. Obviously it is the haze! So I quickly gave her 1/2 a packet of Izumio and I also used it as eyedrops. It was itchy when she woke up but after an hour of drinking Izumio and putting some in her left eye, I kid you not, the red eye is gone and its not swollen anymore. I also gave 2 super lutein capsules to the kids today, just in case!

During the haze, I do give my kids more IZUMIO and Super Lutein and so far, touch wood, they've been ok. Earlier today my daughter's body was a bit warm'ish and after half packet of IZUMIO that she had this morning, her body temperature is back to normal. It's amazing how good these products are for my kids.

I was coughing a couple of days ago a little bit and I increased my dosage and next day, it was gone!
Whenever my son starts coughing (he is still drinking formula milk and I think that's why he is coughing sometimes) I will just prepare the milk with IZUMIO and he will be ok the next day.

So yes, I can't live without these products for my kids and for my family. Especially during this hazy season.

Speaking of haze, how long do we have to endure this??
I am really fed up with it. We haven't been outdoors (swimming and playground and BBQ) for ages. I am kind of missing the outdoors a lot - and I'm not a very outdoorsy person!
I miss the clear blue skies….
I miss smelling fresh air….
I just miss being haze-free

My brother is in China right now (visiting in laws) and he posted a photo of the blue skies….. I was so jealous!

Today, in the house, I've asked my maid to fill up the buckets with water and drop a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in it and place it around the house.
I've also told her to hang wet towels around the house too. House is smelling nice right now.

I am also dying to buy the Young Livings diffuser and essential oil…. I heard they're good. Im such a sucker I want it in my house!

Haze please go away!

Best Brownies EVER

I have this thing for anything chocolate. Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Brownies, Hot Chocolate, Iced Chocolate. You name it. I go crazy.
I am not really a fan of sweet chocolates, I kind of prefer my chocolates to be bitter-ish. Dark chocolate is ok.

Anyway, one fine day, I was busy stalking people on Instagram as usual (read:loser), I saw Rizalman (yup, the designer) posted about this brownie that he had that was da bomb. It was so good, he even went to learn how to make it himself and posted about it. I couldn't wait to try this brownies. Unlike Rizalman, I am a lazybum. I just want to order it and eat it. I don't want to bake it myself! LOL

It was my raya gathering with my girlfriends at my house, I literally begged my best friend to order brownies from this baker. It was so not in her way (she lives in Saujana) but I made her order from this particular baker who is in Setiawangsa. Don't feel bad. She got her driver to pick the brownies up.

We all had the brownies at my house that day and all almost died cuz it was so yummy. The texture was perfect and the chocolate is just the perfect taste. I love it so much I ordered it again and again and again.

I just ordered 1 last week and I managed to finish all (without sharing) in a week. Guess what? Few days after that I am craving for it again. Today, I ordered it again and just nice she has a slot tomorrow. Hurray!

In case you are looking to order brownies… Check out their FB here or their instagram here. I've not tried the other stuff so I don't know if they're just as yummy but for brownies… CONFIRM da bomb!!

I can't wait to pick up my brownies tomorrow…. I almost couldn't to sleep thinking about it.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Good Food & Awesome Friends

2 of my girlfriends celebrated their birthdays recently and the 4 of us decided to have a birthday lunch to celebrate. The last time we met up was for my birthday lunch. Remember? We had such a good time we promised to meet up again soon and this is the best reason to meet up again. This time we wanted to try Italian/Western food. We had no clue where to go but we wanted to try somewhere new and was looking for a hidden gems so to speak. Last week, I was watching Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan on TV3 and saw them highlighting this restaurant in TTDI. Reviews were pretty good and I suggested we try and check this place out. It was convenient too since we all live about 20 minutes away from TTDi.

I also ordered cake from my usual baker. This time, my best friend requested for cheesecake. I love chocolate so much that I requested for it to be plain cheesecake with chocolate on top. It was perfect.

I called The Gallery to make the reservation and the girl was really helpful. I saw on TV and read that this is a restaurant run by a family who are all passionate about food. That was another plus point for me.

We got there early and saw that there's another group of ladies there having their own little party. They were so cool. With balloons and everyone wore the same colour with party hats on. So cute! Our group is not as big. Only the 4 of us and I requested for a table at the corner for us to hide! I knew we were going to be loud!

They do charge corkage / cakeage and since we brought in our own cake, we had to pay RM20 for it. But it's ok. Not a big deal. They did bring out the cake for us and sang happy birthday out loud. And individually packed it nicely for us to take home.

OK let's talk about the food for a while. I didn't know what to order because I wanted to try EVERYTHING!!! Everything sounds and looks so good and yummy.

Finally, we opted for Grilled Calamari & Cheese Frites to share for starters. For main meal, I ordered their special which is Grilled Trout. I was told the fish just came in from Norway yesterday and it will be super fresh! My best friend had Oglio Olio with seafood. Another friend had Lamb and another friend had Scallop risotto.

Everyone LOVED their food. OMG!! I couldn't say enough about it because it was just DA BOMB!
The only thing I kept thinking about was I wish I ordered the scallop too because it was just so damn good. The scallop risotto came and it was a little bit too salty. So my friend asked them to change it because it was too salty for her liking and we all agreed it was too salty. The chef came to explain that they don't really use much seasoning but it is actually from the cheese. They took it back and redo the risotto without any seasonings at all and it came back to be SO SO SO GOOD!!!!

Photos dont do it justice. I'm so bad at taking photos its not even funny!!

The bill came up to RM300 and to me that's very reasonable!
My friend wanted to get the bill. So we had to fight her for it. It's her birthday celebration, we can't let her pay. We fought and fought. The person in charge just smiled at first looking at us fighting for the bill and my friend was all set to pay when she put her foot down and said "I'm sorry, I cannot accept payment from you!" We laughed because she was on our side and wouldn't allow the birthday girl to pay! YES!!!!!

When I went to the counter to pay, she apologised and said sorry for interfering but I thanked her instead. How can the birthday girl pay for lunch right? I was so happy she didn't let my friend pay!

They are open for lunch until 3pm but obviously we stayed there way past 3pm! I love this restaurant!
It is indeed our new favourite hidden gem!!!

Go check them out!! I'm coming back again next week!
Friday, October 16, 2015

The Good Housewife

Source: Vintage Housewife
Gosh! This is so NOT me. I wish I am one but I am not. Shoot me!!! Seriously, I blame my mum for this (sorry, mum!). I really did not have to lift a finger growing up. Im not complaining tho because I had all the time to enjoy doing other things. My mum was busy working to pester me to do housework. She needed everything to be done right and quick too. It is just easier and faster to do it herself than teach me to do it. The result? I became a lazy bum and I hate doing housework.

When I was in UK, my house was either TOO MESSY or TOO CLEAN. It all depends on my mood. When I'm lazy, I will go weeks before tidying up but when I'm in the mood to clean, my house will be spotless. Truth is, most of the time it is clean because I can't really handle mess that well. I hate cleaning up but I hate mess even more.

This type of people (i.e me) need a maid. ALWAYS.

Good news is, I've had help since my daughter was 1.5 years old. When we had Rose (my previous helper), my life was a bliss. She was an awesome cook too. She could do it all. She could clean, bake, she could even massage (gosh, it was awesome!) and basically, she is the best. Good things don't last forever right? Like happiness. It was a good 2.5 years. She left us almost 2 years ago to pursue something different and she even trained my current helper well. I didn't have to do anything.

My current helper is OK. Not as aggressive as Rose and I don't know if she can bake and cook as well as Rose because we've never tried. But still, she's a great help. She's been with us for almost 2 years now and she wants to go home for Christmas. Yikes.

SuperMom, SuperWife mode ON.

Gosh!! I don't know if I can do it.

She will be going back to Philippine for Christmas for about 2 weeks. Kids will be on school holiday then. The idea of having both kids at home, driving me nuts and me having to cook and clean for a good 2 week is stressing me out.

I need a plan.

I will need to hire part time maid to come in or something. I'm not looking forward to cleaning and washing dishes!

I can do it, right?

Ah well… Maybe I should read up more about child labour. It's high time I make full use of my kids right? Just kidding.

Its time for them to learn to help out around the house, yes, that's exactly what I meant to say.

Still Crying

I've lost count (already?).. I think we are in week 4 right now. My daughter is still crying in school. Sigh.

She's not like CRYING and going hysterical or anything like that. More like sobs and tears flowing non stop. LOL. It's really cute actually. But I'm her mum, so sometimes when I see that, my heart aches a little bit.

When will the crying stop completely, I wonder?

Why is she still crying???

Good news is, the bully episode sort of ended. I think the bullying is still going on but she has come to a point where she doesn't give a toss anymore. I think she has toughen up a bit when it comes to the bully. They've become friends but some days, I hear my daughter complaining about some of the harsh things the other girl is saying. Nothing to worry about. Normal stuff but my daughter is extra sensitive. Although last week, I heard the bully punched another girl (perhaps by accident?) or something and the other mother asked me if I experienced the same thing, which thank God, we didn't. But anyway, the teacher is now aware and apparently there have been other incidences with other kids with this same person so the teacher is monitoring.

Here's the thing….

My daughter is only 5 years old. She's never been away from us for longer than 3 hours and her kindy is literally next door to our house. So you can say all this while, she's felt really "safe". She's always just a shout away (since we live next door to the kindy). I guess in a way she is really manja and maybe too pampered? I know all kids are these days but mine is a bit of a softie because we never let her cry. EVER. Even when she was a baby, she was never a cry baby. We never let her cry. Before she could cry, everything will be sorted. Perhaps this is the reason why she is extra clingy. She is so used to getting big hugs (from her kindy and from home) that it is such a big difference in big school where you are immediately expected to be super independent.

I actually have a hard time (if not harder) adapting to this big school than she is sometimes. I mean, I worry about food (will she eat this, will she eat that?) because she is such a fussy eater. I refuse to prepare food from home simply because I think by letting her try and experiment with school food, she will be encouraged to try more new things. Hasn't worked so far but I'm still hopeful. I worry about her going to the toilet, especially on her own (will she wash properly, will she wash her hands properly, will she wet herself while trying to wash, will she fall in the toilet, will someone kidnap her on the way to the toilet alone, yada yada yada). I worry you know!! I do. But I close one eye and pray to God all will be ok.

And then there's the school work. She came from a very chilled out school with very little academic activities to suddenly having all this stuff to learn. Mandarin (yikes, even I can't help her with Mandarin - thank God for my chinese SIL!). There's science, history, maths, vocal, etc etc etc

Anyway there are a few things about the school that I'm not too happy with and I wonder if I really did pick the right school. She is not loving the school a 100% yet right now. I asked her today if she love her school and she said "Only a little bit" and that's what she says when she doesn't like something so much. I keep trying to psycho her by saying how amazing the school is and how great big school is and all and I think it is working but deep down, this girl knows what she really loves and for now she doesn't love this school wholeheartedly yet.

Until then, I will keep psycho-ing her.

Oh, on a positive note…. we get weekly summary from school via email and this week's summary is a good one. She got a 100% for spelling. #proudtigermum
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm a sucker

Sometimes I don't know what is wrong with me. Maybe I have too much free time or maybe I'm really bored with life or maybe I'm just crazy. I don't know.

One of the things I started collecting is scarves. Whatever I like, whatever brand I think I might wear someday I will buy. I'm still searching for my "hijab style" and I still haven't found one I really like so I'm still in the exploring stage. But whatever it is, I feel like I'm moving towards that direction so hopefully, sooner rather than later, I will take that step. Until then…don't say anything to me.. don't go holier-than-thou on me.

Anyway, last night, I saw that they have this square shawl/scarves update on Instagram and I wanted it. I guess it's because I like the print and the colour. I just wanted it. At 1.30am apparently, after 30 minutes or so, it was SOLD OUT. When I got up in the morning, I was angry. WTF. How can it be sold out so fast?! Instead of making me more angry that I couldn't have it, it made me want it even more. WTF!!!

After I dropped my daughter off to school, off I went to Bangsar Village to their pop up store. I was early obviously because traffic was smooth and I decided to have breakfast first at Coffee Bean. I thought I was early but turns out, there was already a queue!

Hah!!!! The guy in front of me was nice enough to tell me what to do. Took my number. I got lucky number 20. LOL. I felt like a loser for queuing up for something I don't even wear. But I figured, someday I will wear it and I will remember how I got it. Maybe I will get pahala for buying it. Who knows right? Finally I got both. I even got a bag to store all the scarves. Heh. Spent almost RM600 for the 2 limited edition scarves. Quack Quack!!!

It's really pretty though. I also got the green one. I haven't even opened it yet. I'll keep it with all my other scarves. Last week, I also got one and that was quite nice.

Sigh. I actually like the boxes a lot! OK since I already have quite a large collection of scarves (different brands and styles).. I think what I need now are inners, those pins and whatever else they use to hold the tudungs. Can someone tell me where I can buy those from? Preferably online because I'm too lazy to go out just to buy pins.

Dont laugh at me! On my way to becoming a true muslimah……May Allah permudahkan all….
Sunday, October 11, 2015

Japanese food overload

Few weeks ago, on a Saturday, I took a "day off" and did my own thing. After I dropped the kids off from Maths class, I took a power nap and went to One Utama ALONE. I've never done this before and boy it felt good.

I first went for lunch and opted for Japanese food because it's been ages since I last had Japanese. I'm always up for Japanese but somehow, with the kids and all… they prefer something else and I never get to eat Japanese food but since it was my day off, I went for Japanese and took my time to enjoy every bite of it. I really took my own sweet time enjoying the food. I ate so slow for the first time ever!

I ordered quite a lot but surprisingly I managed to finish every single piece. I almost wanted to die but when will I get to do this again, I wonder…so I just went for it. Lunch cost me over RM50 but it was well worth it.

After lunch, I walked around in One Utama. Again, took my own sweet time to look at everything I wanted to look at. No one bugging me to go to the playground, no one to disturb me at all. I was really enjoying myself a lot. It was really peaceful. Still, I bought loads for my kids, particularly my daughter. I guess it can never ever be just about ME kan? I kept buying things to bring back for them. I can imagine their happy faces and somehow that made me happy. I wanted today to be all about ME but somehow, it wasn't like that at all.

I also managed to go get some gifts for a birthday party we were attending the next day. Again, I ended up buying toys for my kids too.

Going out ALONE is so expensive!!!!

After about 3 hours or so alone, my husband told me that we will be leaving for dinner in about an hour's time. Just nice because I was tired and wanted to go home anyway. I was so tired. Walking and window shopping isn't my thing. I prefer online shopping. I'm such a bum!

Got home and kids was so excited to have mummy back and excited to see all the stuff I got for them. I had to put my feet up a little bit and rest before dinner. My husband invited his family out for dinner at KLGCC. Off we went.

We didn't know where to go at first but everyone wanted Japanese. WHAT?
All this while no one wanted to go Japanese but suddenly today everyone wanted Japanese. I had enough of Japanese food for the day but since everyone else wanted Japanese, we went to the Japanese restaurant in KLGCC. It was my first time there.

I didn't order much for myself but just shared what everyone else had because I was still full from my late big lunch.

Food there was good too. The beef tenppanyaki was so juicy and soft and so nice. Yum!!! I didn't eat much but I was really enjoying whatever I had. Everything was so yummy.

From not having Japanese food for ages, I had twice that day. I'm not complaining. I could get used to this. I'm a fan of Japanese food!

My best friend

Today is my best friend's birthday. She is 34 this year and a mother of 2 cute little boys. We've been friends since I was 16 so that means, about 20 years now.

We met in school. She was my junior and I would bump into her in the toilet, always. We would exchange hellos and don't know how, we ended up hanging out together in school. It was so funny because we would schedule our timetable daily to skip class together.

We've been close since. She studied in Ireland and I was in Cardiff but we've always kept in touch. In fact, we were on the phone daily when we were in UK together. Ireland and Cardiff is not that near. We would need to fly to see each other and we did a few times a year but thanks to those discount phone cards, I could call her daily and speak to her for hours every day.

I feel really blessed to have her in my life because although she is 2 years younger, she is way more mature than I am. She's always been. She gives the best advice and although sometimes it is always easier to say GIVE UP, she will always tell me to hang on and fight on. Always. I think I am the same with her too.

I know I wouldn't be able to go through life as smoothly as I have without her. We've gone through multiple break ups, heartaches, failures together but we've also gone through many beautiful moments and I can't imagine life without her. She's not just a best friend, she is really like a sister I never had and always wanted.

One reason why I love my life is because I have the BEST friend ever!

Happy Birthday to her. I only want good things for her today and everyday. Love her to bits!
Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happiness is overrated

You know… I have a good life. I've always had a good life. Despite all our struggles (without a dad present) I still consider my life VERY VERY GOOD. I'm not just saying it.. I really mean it. Kudos to my mum (and her family) for that. If I had perfect parents, my life would be perfect and we all know that nothing is perfect in life.

Growing up, because I come from a broken family, I never have this fear of being alone without a husband. I'm a firm believer of being independent and to me, as much as you need to be together in a marriage for your kids, you also need to think about yourself. A happy mummy (or daddy) will be a better parent to the kids. So to me, my parent's divorce was a good thing. It is the best decision my mum  made for herself and for us. Although we didn't have a dad growing up, that was his mistake and my mum needed to do what's good for her and for her children. My mum was miserable when she was married. I remember her being angry all the time but after the divorce, she became a different mum. It wasn't easy for her to bring up 3 children all on her own without any support from her ex husband, the father of her kids BUT she was a happier mum. She hung out with us and we laughed and we were happier because she was happier.

All marriages will have their own struggles. Different people will face different challenges and of course its no different for me too. I have my struggles and its not easy. I was talking to my friend today about some of her friend's struggles with marriage. Some husbands will still continue doing things they used to do when they were younger (going out, partying, socialising, coming home late etc) and I asked her, "how do their wives cope?" because I can never tolerate it and she said they just do. And it got me thinking about life… everyone will have different struggles. Of course not many will share it with others. People see what they want to see and people show only what they want other people to see when in reality, sometimes it is not such a pretty picture.

I was at a birthday party recently and saw this "power couple". Pretty famous and from instagram and other social media, you would feel envious of their married/family life..but in reality when I saw them, it isn't the same at all. The dad couldn't be bothered about the kids at all at the party and was talking quite rudely to his wife. His wife was running around at the party chasing after the kids on her own. On social media, it's like perfect family when in fact, it is not so much.

So to me, happiness is overrated sometimes.
No one is really 100% happy with their lives. If you are, then good for you but for most of us, or for me at least, I don't think I will ever be a 100% happy.

I read somewhere that happiness is like butterfly. When it is there, treasure it and enjoy it, embrace it but it will pass and move on and then gone. It will come back and when it does, celebrate it. I find this to be so true.

In case if you are wondering if I'm happy right now… Truth is, I'm not a 100% happy but that's OK. I will never be a 100% happy. This is as happy as I can get. Why am I not happy? There will always be something I want and cannot achieve, there will always be something I can't have and there will always be something I want to change.

Today, I choose to be happy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New schedule

I'm NOT a morning person.

I never was and I don't think I'll ever be.

All my life I've always bitched about having to get up early. For school, for college, for uni, for work and for a long time (5 years), I had the luxury of getting up at whatever time I want to get up but now that my daughter is in school, I have to wake up early again.

I have 3 alarms.

One at 6am
Second one at 6.15am
Last one at 6.30am

I will usually wake my daughter up at 6.30am but sometimes, she will wake up by the second alarm.

Praise Allah my daughter is so EASY to get up in the morning. I don't know why but I just have to ask her to wake up once or maximum twice and then she's up. No fuss, no crying, no tantrums whatsoever in the morning, which makes it so much easier for me (since I am the one always feel like fussing and throwing tantrums in the morning).

She will want me to carry her outside to the living room and we would snuggle for a little bit and then she will request for me to turn on the TV. She will watch a bit of cartoon while I or my maid prepare her breakfast. Breakfast is easy too. She has the same thing EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY. She doesn't want anything else. Getting her to finish her breakfast is a pain because she will take her own sweet time but that's ok. I will usually shower and get ready and pray subuh while she eats her breakfast. Sometimes she will join me and pray subuh with me.

We leave home by 7.45am or 8.00am the latest and will get to school by 8.30am. It takes about 20-30minutes to get to school but coming back will take me an hour at least. Sigh. That's the part I hate most.

My son will usually get up early too. By 7am he will be up and having breakfast with everyone. I don't eat breakfast! He will say bye to us when he leave now. The first few days he cried as he wanted to follow us. Now he goes "Don't cry in school didi! If you don't cry, me proud (of) you!" It is so cute! Today he said to us "Have good day" and waved at us.

I will come home and cook lunch for my son and then pick him up from his school..
He will have his lunch and sometimes I take him along to pick his sister up but sometimes he will stay home with my maid. Whenever he comes to pick the sister up, he will end up sleeping in the car. By the time we get home, he will be up and cry because he didn't get to go to the sister's school. Had to constantly tell him that he did but he fell asleep! he he he…

My supir day ends at about 3.30pm daily.

You know… school runs are tiring. I wish we have a driver. But even if I have one, I will probably follow him to send my daughter to school. I may as well just drive myself!

Drivers get paid at least RM2000 per month these days, I think…

Just FYI.

School is the best

It's the 3rd week of school and my daughter is still not 100% happy with the school yet. I guess it is a big change for her.

1. Her kindy is literally next door to our house (she feels really close to home)
2. Her kindy is a play school and really, they PLAY all day!!! (it is super fun for her)
3. Her kindy is very small and she gets 100% attention from every teacher (very personal)

It is a big change for her because this new school is:

1. More academic (less or maybe not much playing)
2. Quite far away from home (she doesn't feel safe and close to home. She said she doesn't know the way back if I don't pick her up)
3. The school is HUGE (she said she can't find me if I go missing in the school)

So yeah, it is overwhelming for someone who is not used to it. I can totally understand where she's coming from. And you know what, not just for her…It is overwhelming for me too! I'm not used to letting her be all independent too. I mean, she is as independent as I want her to be…but sometimes, even I find it hard to let her be all grown up in the big school. For example: Going to the toilet alone in the big school. Grrrrr….. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I'm not used to it. But I'm an adult, I can try to let go but for her, I think it is tougher.

3rd week of school is ok. The first 2 days was off due to the stupid haze. Of course I don't want my child to be out in the haze but I hate that this stupid haze is creating these unnecessary breaks. Breaking the routine is hell because then you have to start again and then again and again. She cried a little bit on Wednesday and today, she didn't cry at all. So hopefully, fingers crossed all will be ok soon. BTW, when I say she's crying…I meant tears will come down her cheeks and she will be sad and all…I don't mean cry out loud and going hysterical and all…THANK GOD!

Anyway… I was telling her about school…. My days in school…
Back when I was in standard 1, I never cried. My mum was busy working so I didn't have the luxury of getting my mum send me to school like how my daughter is. I told her I was very independent. I told her all the fun things I did in school and how much she should enjoy school because it is the best time ever. Especially primary school. It is the best! She nodded and understood.

Every morning, we pray Subuh together and she will doa for Allah to make her love her school more. One time she even doa for "please make the swimming pool in school not be so deep. OK, just a little bit deep" because she is terrified of the swimming class in school. It's a big pool and she thought they would expect her to swim and jump in the pool  because she doesn't know how to swim yet. Poor thing. Today she doa for "please make Harimau the best team ever" Harimau is the red team in school and she is in the red team. LOL.

Her favourite subjects are: Vocal (cuz she loves to sing and singing to her is fun - reminds her of her play school because they sing ALL the time!), Speech and Drama (cuz she is such a drama queen!), English and Mandarin.
She's been saying mandarin words to me but I have no clue what she's saying. It's so funny how now I have to google and search and learn Mandarin myself. Thank God my sister in law is Chinese and is a Mandarin lecturer. She's been helping us a lot with Mandarin lately.

School is the best time of her life and I hope I made the right move by putting her in this school. I mean, every child is different and although this was a fantastic school for me, doesn't mean it will be for my child right? But whatever it is, I hope I can make her see the fun side of school and she will love school as much as I did.

Cold Calls

You hate them. I hate them. We all hate them!!

This morning, while I was stuck in traffic on the way back home from school, I got a cold call from Ambank. Something about insurance. There I was, bored to death in the car…Annoyed like hell…and I got a call from this no number. Normally, I would just ignore it but I am expecting a parcel from Fashion Valet and it is the first time I'll be doing a Cash on Delivery so I wasn't sure if it was them or not. I'm not home and I needed to call my maid to give them the money and yea, I was anxiously waiting and expecting a call. So I picked up the phone and turns out, it wasn't Fashion Valet. It was Ambank trying to sell insurance.

I know the person on the phone is just trying to do her job and for that, I always try to be nice and not be rude. I know they're trying to earn their living so politely, I will always say I'm not interested and thank you. Most of the time, it works but sometimes, they just won't take NO for an answer and this is when I get pissed off!!!! Like come on man!!! Today was one of those …..

Me: Oh sorry lah, saya tak berminat
Caller: OK cik, saya faham cik tak berminat tapi ini bukan berkenaan dengan minat

Huh??? LOL

I told her I already have insurance

Caller: Ini bukan tambahkan kepada insurance yang sedia ada. Ini lain dari insurance yang lain

OK! How do you know what kind of insurance I already have?


After being polite and still she wouldn't take no for an answer… I just had to be rude….

Me: Saya dah ada insurance yang saya perlu. Saya takda masa nak cakap sekarang, saya tengah driving.
Caller: 5 minute je saya perlu untuk explain. Boleh saya call later?


Me: Tak perlu call balik. Saya tak berminat. Thank you. Bye

Hung up!

I hate it when I have to do that!!!!
Saturday, October 3, 2015

Haze is back

Just when you think this episode is over…… It is back!!!!

It was ok early Saturday morning when I dropped my daughter off to her Maths class last week but by the time we left, about an hour later, the haze got really bad that I couldn't even open my eyes.


Every year it is the same thing!!! Cant we do something about this? Why is it so bad? Why can anyone do something about it? It's not only us in Malaysia but even our neighbour Singapore is badly affected by the haze too. Cant someone do something to stop the forest fire in Indonesia?

Every year we are faced with this bad haze but I think so far, this year has been the worst. I remember it was never this bad. This year itself, school was forced to close a few days already and looking at how it is today, I'm not surprised if school will be closed again tomorrow.

Yesterday, I was driving back from my aunt's house in Bandar Sri Damansara and it was so bad. It really looked like I was in Genting or something.

This morning, I checked the API it looks BAD. You can't really rely on the readings you get on the internet because it doesn't seem accurate at all. Sometimes, you can see for yourself that it is bad but when you check the readings, it says that it is OK. How can it be OK when it hurts your eye and you can smell smoke everywhere? But when you see the readings to be 289, you can be sure that it is actually worse than it is!

Again, remember:
1. To drink lots and lots of water. We drink Izumio (but of course!) and Alhamdulillah it is good for us. Keep yourself hydrated and drinking more water can improve dry eyes and overall well being. Izumio has the highest content of hydrogen and this is especially good during the haze as it can get rid of the free radicals in our body.
2. Stay indoors as much as possible. If you must go out, wear a mask.
3. Turn ON all your air purifier devices at home. I have mine ON 24 hours and yet, I could almost see smoke in the house. Make sure you close all the doors and windows and if you must, cover the spaces underneath the doors.
4. Antioxidants should be your BFF during this period. This is so our body can get rid of all the free radical damage and reduce the harmful effects of the haze. We eat Super Lutein for this. I give my kids extra capsules during this hazy period and so far they've been well.

A good tip I read today is….
Placing wet towels around the house will clean the air too apparently.If you don't like the idea of placing white towels around the house then you can replace them by placing buckets of water and put it under the fan. You can hang your towels in the room if you are using a ceiling fan. Also, it works to put a bowl of clean water in the room when you go to bed too especially if you sleep in an air conditioned room. It is also good for the skin as it prevents your skin from getting dry.

Let's pray that this haze will go away soon. I know a lot of kids are sick during this period. Even adults are complaining their throats are itchy and eyes are dry. A lot of asthma cases too. So please take care of your health and the kids. I am hoping this haze will go away but I have this feeling it will stay with us for awhile. Sigh

This sucks!

Al Fatihah

My uncle (my mum's brother in law, my aunt's husband) passed away last night. I found out this morning when I woke up for Subuh. My mum tried calling me a couple of times last night when he passed away but my phone was on silent. I slept early last night.

My uncle just recently had a triple bypass surgery. Everything was ok but apparently he had bleeding in his stomach few days back and was hospitalised. His condition was quite critical but I was really hoping he would make it but Allah loves him more. Al fatihah.

I rushed to my aunt's place this morning right after subuh to be with my family. I spent some time reading the yassin before his body was brought to the masjid.

This is the first death in my family (of close relative) and I couldn't help feeling sad especially for my cousins. May Allah grant him jannah and give his family patience to get through this difficult time.

Al Fatihah Uncle Hamid….
Friday, October 2, 2015

Beauty Pain

I'm always very kiasu when it comes to my skin. I guess it is because I am not one of those blessed with good flawless skin. I'm always searching for new products to make my skin flawless. But over the years, I realise that:

1. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to have that flawless skin
2. I know what works for me and I should stick to what I know

This is what I know and what works for me:

1. Dermalogica products for my skin are the best because I've tried so many other products and nothing works as well as Dermalogica
2. Izumio & Super Lutein is a good supplement for my skin (and overall health) and Izumio mask is DA BOMB
3. Facial at least once a month will be good but if I'm too busy to slot 1 session in, I could go without facial for 2 months

Knowing all this, I know I can maintain my skin. My skin will never be flawless and by doing the above, it will be as good as it can get. I'm happy.

Few months ago, I went for facial at my regular salon. I've been going to this place since I was 16 years old so I know how good it is for me. But of course, the beautician comes and go… except for 1 beautician who is still there but it is almost impossible to get an appointment with her. I usually just ask for whoever is available. So anyway… few months ago, this new beautician was assigned to do my facial. She was alright and at the end of the facial, she recommended some products to me. Being a sucker that I am, I listened and bought it!

It was this overnight repair serum. My birthday was approaching and normally, around my birthday I will invest in some anti-aging products. This year was no different. I don't know why I always do this but every year I will spend on some anti-ageing products during my birthday.

I've been using Dermalogica products since I was 16 but I've never tried their AGE smart line before. This time, since I was going to celebrate being a year older, I figured, ok, it is time to change to a different product line. I can't be relying on the same products Ive been using since 16 right?


I tried this serum for like a few weeks and OMG, I started breaking out BIG TIME!!! For some weird reason, this serum is really not working for me AT ALL. I started breaking out like a teenager. I don't know what happened but it looks like this product is probably too rich or something for my skin and it sort of over stimulated my skin or something. Whatever it is my skin was getting from bad to worse!!!!

I was freaking out BIG TIME. I mean, come on, my skin was really good before that facial and before I started using this serum. I really wanted to kill someone!!! That beautician to be exact!!! Arghh!!!!
I tried to get an appointment for facial to clear the skin but somehow I couldn't get any appointments for weeks. My skin was getting worse and worse… I wanted to die!!!

Finally, I got an appointment with the senior (the beautician who's been doing my facial since 16) and she too got the shock of her life!!! She didn't want to blame the products (obviously) so she said it must be something else. But it is not something else. I started breaking out AFTER I started using this particular product. And of course, after few weeks of using it and seeing how bad my skin was, I stopped using it.

Anyway, I've gone for facial twice within 2 weeks because there's just so much "cleaning up" work to do. Sigh!!! And omg the extractions were so freaking painful.

Hopefully it will get better soon.

In case you saw me, please don't look at my face… I know! I know! it is bad right now….
I need to start using the Izumio mask more often but I've been so busy with my daughter that I really have no time to do the mask at home daily. I really need to find time.

I wanna be beautiful and have beautiful skin again!!!

So stressed out!!!
Thursday, October 1, 2015

Retirement Plan

Have you ever thought of retirement?

Honestly speaking, I haven't. Why? Because I'm still young. I'm not even done working, how can I think about retirement? I'm only 36.


I got an email today about retirement and it got me thinking, why haven't I thought about my retirement? I am already 36!!! I should have a retirement plan in place by now if I plan to retire in the next 10 years. Do I really want to work forever? Of course not! And with the high cost of living, how are we to survive without an income and stop working completely? In 10 years, my daughter is not even in college yet!

My aunt is about 50+ and due to retire end of this year. She's been working for the same company for as long as I can remember (probably more than 20 years or longer) and last month, she told us that her company will cease their operations due to the negative market conditions. A total of 230 workers will be made redundant. My aunt is now unsure whether she will still get the retirement package that she was supposed to get end of this year. She is still waiting to hear from the management. She worked all her life and she has been a loyal employee. This was her retirement plan. What now? There are many out there like her and with the current economy, it will be stupid not to have a back up plan.

Today on the way to school, it was on the radio to always check your EPF account. That's one retirement plan. But for me, I only worked in Malaysia for about 5 years or so before I became a housewife. Trust me, whatever that's in my EPF won't be enough for my retirement! I need a backup plan and it has to be solid!

What is my backup plan?

  • Savings

  • Passive Income

1. Savings
I don't have a lot of savings because I'm such a big spender. But I do save as much as I can. Even if it is a little bit here and there, I do try to save.

I have my ASB and a few other that I contribute to monthly. Even if it is just RM100 per month, make sure you put aside some money especially in case of emergency. My ASB is what I use to invest here and there with my little businesses that I run. Alhamdulillah, it is working for me. Another good tool for saving money is the retirement planner from Personal Capital. It is totally free and allows you to manage your finances and see your projected retirement age based on what you make currently.

2. Passive Income
What is passive income? This is an income you receive regularly without putting in that much effort. This is everyone's dream, right? If you want to know more about getting that passive income, you can click on this link right here and here.

The Izumio business that I started about 9 months ago is slowly giving me this passive income. Of course I can't retire now with this business but give me a few more years doing exactly what I'm doing now, I am sure I'll have enough to put aside for my retirement. Watch this space!!!

Back in school, I had this friend of mine whose father had already passed away leaving him, his sister and his mother. His mother doesn't work and was a housewife. I kept wondering at the time how they survived especially since both kids were in private school, surely expenses are quite high. But later I found out that his dad had many properties that he rents out. All his mother needed to do was to collect rental every month. This is one example of a passive income. Someday, when I have enough I wish to do the same. I already have a property now so perhaps in the future I can rent it out or something. Whatever it is, get a property. It can be your passive income in the future like my friend's mum.

What about you? What's your retirement plan?

Please don't say marrying a rich guy! LOL (I've heard that answer before btw)