Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Naturally Plus Journey

I started consuming Izumio and Super Lutein when my daughter first got that nasty rash and eczema. I approached a friend of mine whom I know is selling this and asked her about it. She told me the price and I went "OMG! so expensive!!!" and forgot about it and put it aside while I spent more money trying other stuff that was cheaper and also spent more money seeing a few skin specialists. It helped for a while and then the rashes and eczema came back. I knew there were steroids in each cream and I know that we shouldn't use steroid creams for a long time. Doctors usually advice to use it for 2 weeks and stop. There must be a reason why you can't use it for a long period of time, right? Alarm bells ringing!!!

Anyway, not once between the first time I inquired about the products, till the day I finally paid for loose products did I think "oh, this mlm product is a scam" Maybe Im naive but I don't have any experience using any other MLM products and so I didn't have that "MLM sucks" mindset. To me, it was just too expensive and I wasn't prepared to spend that much on a product just yet.

Along the way, I ended up spending more money when I could have just gotten 1 product and cured her rashes and eczema there and then.

I've officially become a member of Naturally Plus since January 2015. I've been a member for 6 months. By becoming a member, I get the products cheaper. The idea is simple, when you consume the products (at the right dose), you will obviously see the difference. And when you do, you will share it with others and by sharing with others, its a win-win situation for you and that person you are sharing it with. Even if they don't try, even if they don't sign up…to me, that's secondary……I've done my part to share what I believe is good. You don't want to try, it is totally up to you. But one thing for sure…..
I will not share what I don't believe is good. Even if it means losing money. That's just me.

When people hear MLM (network marketing companies) they see pushy sales people claiming product is good and can do wonders but they actually don't. And they are just trying to get sales. That's what I hate most.

I DONT NEED THE MONEY. Im not doing this to make sales or to hit target. I don't have a target to meet. I set my own target and even if I don't achieve it, its ok. Im not "hadap" for sales. I do it to share my experience and when I share, Naturally Plus pays me for it. Free money, who wouldn't want that, right?

Unfortunately, there's already very bad reputation when people hear MLM. Why do people get so embarrass to admit that they are in the MLM business? If truly they are proud of the products, they will be proud to sell it, no?

This is why I hate MLM…
1. They cold call you to sell their products.
2. They exaggerate about their products without being able to tell you how the product works, give you the scientific evidence of why the products are good
3. They go missing once sales is done

I do NONE of the above.

In this business, you DONT cold call people. If you pass me a phone number of someone who could be interested in the products, I will NOT call them. If they want or interested in the products, they will call me. I don't waste my time calling random people. I don't want people random calling me to sell products and so I won't do it to people.

I am not exaggerating when I share about the products. They really do work!!! I have been in the business for 6 months and in this 6 months, my team (which is one of the fastest growing team now btw *flips hair!) has so many members taking the products for so many different things. Some take it to maintain good health (like myself), some take it for eczema (like my daughter and a few of my customers), some take it for cancer (I don't have cancer patients yet but I welcome them with open arms because I know it works!), some take it for gout, some take it for cataract, some take it for menopause, some take it for high blood pressure, some take it for diabetes, some take it for beautiful skin (like me), some take it for fever,  some even buy them for their pets, I kid you not. Some customer give it to their pets, those lucky pets! You name it. And within my growing group, we have this resource centre where all these users share their dosage, what they're taking it for, what symptoms they have or side effects they experience…so really, its almost like first hand experience… I've seen it work and research shows how this products can help you and your health. That's one of the advantages of this resource centre, you get to interact with the users and ask them if the product really works.

Im not going to run away, even if I move to a different country, I can run this business because it has a worldwide network. I can be in USA and do this, I can be in Dubai and do this.. You can be in Kuala Lumpur and have a customer in Brunei. That's ok too because we are all linked.

Everyone of my customers know my phone number and knows where to find me. Because I don't have that many customer's yet (I've only been doing this for six months and not as active as I want to be just yet) I always keep in touch with my customers to see and check their progress from time to time. I don't want to keep asking them their progress because I don't want to bug the hell out of them too but I have a record of their progress in my own personal file and every now and then, I will check and follow up. I guess when I have more customers, it will be harder to keep track but the busybody in me just want to know how my customers are getting on. That's just my nature in whatever business I do and run, I will want to make sure my customer is satisfied and if they're not, I want to know why and how I can help. Giving good customer service is something I want to do and keep doing.

With MLM type of business, it is known to be a pyramid scheme right? Where if you are at the top, you can pretty much just shake your legs. Our bonus and business plan is created differently. Yes you can at some point enjoy getting free earnings without working BUT, our structure is not so simple. It is a fair system whereby, if you work you will get rewarded even more. A little bit more effort goes a long way in the Naturally Plus business. You would be silly not to make that extra effort.

Yes, this is MLM business. But we are NOT just a normal MLM company. We have a PLUS point….That's why we are called Naturally Plus

Naturally Plus has a good track record. Since they started many many years ago, they've only had 1 single product which was the Super Lutein. They started with just Super Lutein. And even with just 1 product, they managed to become successful and sales were so good even with just 1 single product. Imagine a health shop selling just 1 product. Very confident right? If Super Lutein didn't sell or couldn't sell, that's it! Close shop. But it did. It is Japan's number 1 product (in sales) for many years. It has to be good. Later on they started selling and producing IZUMIO and that too became a success. From here you can see that Naturally Plus is not just a normal MLM company. It is a company that has been very successful in producing world class products. Trust the Japanese to do that!

The reason why I signed up was because I wanted my daughter to get better. I also know that by signing up, I can potentially earn some passive income. Side income is always good right. I guess, although I am comfortable with all the money I have right now (or don't have), I DONT NEED money from this business but what motivates me is the rush and the highs I get when someone tells me they are better in their health. I feel like a doctor sometimes.

From being in this business for 6 months, I have already made few thousand ringgit. I am on my way to my first free trip by the company and I am very near to consuming the products for free. That's pretty awesome don't you think?

Yes you see me blogging about this or the products daily or all the time, but you know what…it is because I don't go out. I don't meet people and I'm not working. I sit at home with my kids, I do my small businesses from home and then I sit in front of the computer and share. Hopefully it will click and I guess some just skip the posts but that's all I do basically to earn all that I have earned from this business. It's not easy but it is not THAT difficult.

If you are working, you will have more opportunities to share with your friends..I don't have that so I blog instead.

RM5330 is a big investment. I agree. But trust me….you will be getting back that investment even before you know it!!! If you don't have that much to invest but have the passion and drive to work this business….please email me. I have a great proposal for you.

If you want to earn some side income…email me…I'll share with you how you can easily make some side income from this. It is not a scam ok…. It is real… I've been blogging for ages and I wouldn't want to have that reputation….

Come and join me!

She's going!

Remember my maid went back for holiday and I thought she was not coming back? Read about it here and here. I wish she didn't come back because guess what??? She's going back AGAIN but this time it is for good. I am furious!!!! Why bother coming back if you are not going to stay??? I'm so annoyed.

Last week, out of the blue she told my husband that she will not be renewing her contract. She'll be with us for 2 years this coming April. We were supposed to do her renewal before she left for holiday back in December and thank god we didn't. Because if we did, it will be a waste of money.

Now I'm back at square 1 looking for a replacement and I only have less than 2 months to do it. Most agency will require about 3-4 months to get me a maid (from the interviewing process to the maid arriving here). Most probably I will have to resort to part time maid for a month or so.

2 years has gone by really fast. I can't believe she's been with us for 2 years. I can't believe we've been away from our old maid for that long too. I miss her. I miss having her running my house because I really didn't have to do anything. To top that, she was a damn good cook and an excellent baker. I miss waking up to freshly baked cake every evening after my afternoon nap. LOL

I get very nervous each time I want to look for a maid because of the crazy stories I've heard about everyone's maids. This time my husband requested for a muslim maid. If I can find a muslim philipino then it will be a bonus. Otherwise, he said let's try Indon.

My search just started…….

I haven't found any that I liked or feel like I can consider. Wish me luck!!! If you know any good agents…please drop me a line.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

So close but yet so far

Last week, my husband told me he's taking his mum to LV to get her bags exchanged or fixed or something. She wants him to take him to the LV in KLCC. Since he's going there, I told him to ask them about my Neverfull bag. The inside of the bag is slightly ruined and I wanted him to ask them if they can fix it. He took the bag with him.

He called me while he was there to tell me that they can fix it but it will be RM900 and will take them 2 months to get it fixed. At the moment, my Neverfull is my everyday bag. I find that it is easy for me to carry a million things in that bag. It's not all that pretty but so what. 2 months without that bag? Hmm… is ok but RM900?? hmm…no thanks! I can do without it being fixed.

I was doing my school run and picking up my daughter from school and had left my mobile phone in the car. I am usually standing in front of the gate during dismissal and I don't bother bringing my bag and mobile phone with him. I had 5 missed calls when I got back in the car.

I was thinking… why is he calling me so many times. He wanted to ask me about bags. Which bag I want.


Excuse me????

I was driving and couldn't reply. He called and asked if there's anything I want from LV.  I sent him this photo because my friends and I was discussing this before and I had it stored in my phone. They all think it's too "makcik"but I am makcik!! My husband kept asking if I want this. But I felt so much pressure, I couldn't give him an answer.

I was not prepared for this. I couldn't answer. I said no thank you. I just sent it to him to find out the price. It is around RM11k or so and I felt like it wasn't worth it.

Say what??? No to bags? Are you freaking dumb?? When your husband want to get you a bag, you just say "OK sayang, ANY BAG!!! I love you"

But no, I was so stressed out thinking what bag I want from LV that I couldn't answer him. He even asked if I wanted a wallet instead.

Finally, I said "I'm driving, I can't think. I'll txt you when I get home"

As soon as I got home, I started googling which LV bags to get. Oh man!! How can I not have a list????

It took me a good hour of browsing and I still couldn't reply. Surprisingly my husband stopped calling and asking me too since my last message to him. Then I texted him to ask him where he was. He had left LV and was already in Parkson.


See, now the moment is gone. No bag. No wallet.

**cries a river**

He came home and brought back few paperbags. I didn't see any LV paper bags tho. So I knew I didn't get anything. Then, he gave me this…


I will remember this moment for eternity!! so close but yet so far moment…...

Note to self: go make a bag wishlist now!
Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Letting Go..

Remember this post? LOL

I cannot believe I was going mental over this bag.

Best part is, I don't even use it and it's been a year since I posted this. I have never taken this bag out or used it. In fact, the tag is still on the bag. Yikes.
Talk about peer pressure. When everyone wants it, I want it. Although I don't need and don't even use it. Shame on me!

So it's been a year and the tag is still on and everything is still in its original condition. It's been in my wardrobe since and collecting dust. I've decided to let it go.

I have the navy, purple and grey and maybe the taupe too. I don't even know how many I have??? OMG! I'm letting go all of these since I don't see myself carrying any of it anytime soon.

I bought it for RM179 each and I'm letting it go for the same price (minus postage if you want me to send it over).

If you want to want these bags, please visit my PreLOVED page here. Please help me clear my space. I need more storage space for new bags. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Potty Training

I suck at this. BIG TIME.

My daughter was potty trained quite at an ok age. But I wouldn't take any credit for it because my helper did all the work. I was just there to "monitor" and just look at how it was done. I made the decision to start the ball rolling and from then on, my helper (Rose) did the work. Bringing my daughter to the toilet every hour or clean up after every accident. It was pretty easy with my daughter because she got IT! She understood why she couldn't wear diaper and where she was supposed to go whenever she needed the toilet. In a way, we didn't really "train" her. She just decided to understand that instruction (to pee and poo in the toilet) and next day, she did it. Occasionally there were accidents but those wear really accidents.

For my son, oh dear…it's a whole different ballgame all together. He just won't do it. We started pretty early but he just doesn't get it. He is too occupied with life to bother going to the toilet whenever he had to go. Wearing diaper is easy, he could pee anywhere while doing anything so he chose to just wear diaper.

He is going to be 4 this year and he is still NOT potty trained. Don't judge ok!!! I don't know what else to do with this cheeky monkey. One day, the teacher told us that they think it is time for us to send him to school diaper free. We thought OK great, they will train him. Good. But everyday there will be "accidents" and it took a LONG LONG time for him to be able to tell the teachers whenever he needed to pee. So long that the teacher also gave up! LOL. They just sigh whenever I pick him up and they'll send me the wet pants with that "what's new?" look! We discussed it and they all don't get it either.
The teacher is always telling me "this one is a character!" He's just a cheeky monkey!

Last week, the teacher told me good news. He is potty trained in school completely. In fact, it is so good that he doesn't even ask to go to the toilet anymore, he will just go by himself. He knows exactly what to do whenever he needed the toilet. I got really excited when I heard that.

But then…until today, he is still not doing it at home. Still accidents after accidents after accidents. My helper is so annoyed by it because she needs to clean up after his mess every time.

It's been weeks since he's successfully done it in school. Even today the teacher is asking me how he is doing at home with the whole potty training thing. We gave a big sigh. It's not progressing and the teachers laughed.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


I received a sad news on Saturday morning. A dear friend of mine texted me to inform me of her father's passing. I got the text at around 3am when I woke up to check on my son. I saw the text but didn't reply. I couldn't sleep. I was really very sad.

I've known this friend of mine since I was 7 years old. We went to the same primary school and she's probably the only friend I've known since primary school days. Over the years I've known her, I always remember her dad. Always very friendly and have a huge smile on his face, always. I've known this friend to be a daddy's girl and so, I feel really sad. I didn't have a father growing up but each time I saw her with her father (when we were in school), I can tell that he really loves her and I used to envy that. Like, I wish I have a dad like her's kind of thing. He's always with her, always in school and is always around. She is a very lucky girl.

Funerals & death always make me super emotional. I'm emotional because I still have a mum and I cannot imagine life without her. I've been so blessed but at the same time, I know my turn will come and I just don't know if I can handle it. The thought of losing someone so dear to you is enough to make me cry. My mum was in Mekah few years back and I couldn't get in touch with her much while she was there (because she was busy doing prayers and all) and I felt so empty and sad and I was missing her so much. I cannot imagine life without her. I just cant. So when I got this text from my friend, really… I can only imagine her pain. My heart really goes out to her and her family in this difficult time.

For now, Al-Fatihah to Uncle. May Allah tempatkan uncle di samping all orang-orang yang beriman. May Allah give his family all the strength to carry on. Al fatihah.

I hate hospitals

Last week when we were in Penang, my son had a little accident. Because of the fall, we had to go to the hospital in Penang. It wasn't too far away from the hotel but the traffic was really bad. And as usual, the hospital was packed with people. Sick people, obviously - which is not where you want to be because you can get all sorts of sickness just hanging out there. Well, we didn't have a choice. We were there for a good few hours. Everytime I think about the germs and whatnot you get from hospitals, I cringe!

I read somewhere there the ER in private hospitals aren't as efficient as the ones in the Government hospitals. I don't know if there's any truth in this but I expected better. Anyway, we got a letter from this doctor to go to another hospital in KL to review the wound on Friday. (the accident happened on Tuesday).

They had put a glue to close the wound together. On Friday, we went to Tawakal Hospital (that's the nearest private hospital for us) to get it checked. I was admitted in Tawakal for my dengue back in 2015, remember? And since then, I really hate going to hospitals. To visit someone sick is ok, I don't mind going but I just hate getting treatment from hospitals. Service is super slow and you have to wait for so damn long and argh…the germs in the air, argghhhhh…just makes me sick thinking about it. But no choice, we have to get his wound checked.

I've recently read about how ER treatment in Tawakal Hospital sucked but this is the nearest to us. We waited for AGES for the someone to check the basic stuff (weight, temperature) before seeing the doctor. You know, they get someone to see you first before they send you to the doctor. Something like to review your case to see if it is really an emergency or not. But what pissed me off was, we had attached this letter from the doctor in Penang but this nurse didn't even bother reading and kept asking us information that is already written in that letter. It is clearly written there that he had a fall, clearly written that the glue was done..still we get questions! Hubs was so annoyed.

My son also had a fever that morning. I'm not sure if it was due to the fall or what but he had a slight temperature. I wouldn't worry otherwise because IZUMIO and Super Lutein is just amazing to treat my kid's fever without paracetamol but this time, because he had just had a fall, I was worried his wound had an infection or something. You know us mothers, sometimes we are just extra paranoid.

As usual, when I realised that his body was warm, I quickly gave him IZUMIO and Super Lutein capsules. His fever was under control but of course when you are at the hospital, they still need to check everything.

So ok fine…after waiting for about an hour to see the doctor, we finally saw him. He didn't even open the plaster, he just looked at it and said it looks ok. Hmm…ok.

Finally, we were given some medication, which was probably not needed but we still took it anyway. Doctor even wanted to give Paracetamol but hubs told the pharmacist we won't be needing that. We still have one at home anyway.

So the first medication is the antibiotic. Doctor is also worried that my son's fever is probably because there's some infection going on somewhere. (I hate giving my kids antibiotic but in this case, I will give him because of the fall - I'm paranoid). Doctor also gave Brufen which can help with swelling (but there weren't any!).

Whatever lah. I just took it home and gave the antibiotic to my son and 1x brufen, just in case theres swelling but I can't see or something under that plaster.

At the same time, I continued giving my son IZUMIO. He hated the antibiotic and brufen and it was a struggle to get him to take it. That's why IZUMIO and Super Lutein is something I can't live without. So easy to get them to take it.

As usual, the next day, his fever went away. I didn't give him paracetamol. Only 1x brufen. Antibiotics I had to continue giving him twice a day for 5 days.

Today is already almost a week since it happened and he is back in school, acting like a monkey as usual. I can't wait to see the wound and take out that plaster. I hope it will heal well.
Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentines Day

I didn't realise it is Valentines Day tomorrow. I guess I won't be getting anything this year because my husband is away and knowing him, I doubt he will have something planned for me. I guess it is ok because to be honest, I didn't realise it is already the 13 February today. Im on a different timezone I think. I don't know the day and date most days. Is that weird?

I don't have any super special Valentines Day memories but every time I think about Valentines Day, it will bring me back to my high school days. I don't know why. I will always remember it. I was in form 2 and this boy, waited outside my school to pass to me a blue heart shaped box and inside it is a white musk perfume by BodyShop. LOL. I always remember it because it was so unexpected. That guy was never my boyfriend by the way. We weren't dating and we weren't even friends. I guess at the time we just sort of fancied each other but somehow never gone out or had anything but yeah, I always remember that Valentines Day.

Another Valentines Day I always remember was when I was in Langkawi back in 2006 or 2007 and Tokmi was going for her surgery for the Cervical Cancer she had back then. There I was in Langkawi trying to enjoy my candlelight dinner by the beach and all but I was crying my eyes out throughout the whole dinner because I couldn't stop thinking about my grandma. Luckily my best friend was there with me. I had to cut my trip short that time and rushed back to be with Tokmi.

I also remember my first Valentines Day with my husband (my then boyfriend). We wanted to go out with the gang and have group date since all of us are single then but everyone FFK'ed us and left only my boyfriend (my husband) and I without anywhere to go or plans. We ended up going to Nandos in 1Utama for dinner because everywhere nicer was fully booked. I didn't get him anything because we weren't exclusive then but he surprised me with this box of candles. Lovely scented candles and I was not expecting it at all. That was nice of him considering I was no one to him then.

Now that we are married, Valentines Day is just another day. My mum has prohibited us (me) from celebrating because she said it is against our religion. Good thing is, we don't anyway. But sometimes, once in a blue moon, I get flowers or jewellery on Valentines Day. I don't celebrate it anymore but it is always nice to join the rest of the world to celebrate "love".

I love my husband. I love my kids. I love my family. I love my friends. I love life.

Happy Valentines Day. Or not. Whatever….

Sending you all virtual hugs and kisses and everything good anyway…..
Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

Every Chinese New Year, we will make it a point to have YeeSang and do the prosperity toss. The tossing is just for fun but really, what I love most is the salad. This salad consist of few types of shredded vegetables, raw salmon and some other stuff which I don't even know what! The sauce is also very nice and delicious.

Do you know my Yee Sang story? You can read it here.
This year we had our first YeeSang at a Japanese restaurant. I usually don't like having it in a Japanese restaurant because they're not as nice but we had no other choice. We dont want to miss having this, this year.

Normally we would tapau from some hotel but this year, I don't know why, each time we want to go tapau, we will end up eating Japanese.

This year is the year of Monkey. I usually like to read the horoscope for fun and see what lies for the year but this year I didn't bother.  My aim this year is the same, to be healthy and continue doing what I do.

When I first started the Naturally Plus business about a year ago, I really didn't think I could do it. MLM is something I stay far away from but this time, I believe in the product and it works for my family. I really am just sharing its benefits and I get rewarded. I am not earning a very comfortable 4 figure income doing not much. Some days I am busier where I need to go to the office and do some registrations, some days I do deliveries to my customers but most days, I'm just a mum doing the same thing I've always done. I am on the phone and computer a lot because I share from home. Other than that, things haven't changed much. I don't cold call, I don't harass my friends, I don't "SELL" and that's the beauty of this business. Anyone can do it from anywhere.

This year, I am expecting my income to grow to a 5 figure income. Give me another 6 months or so, InsyaAllah. I am so blessed to have found this to do. My feng-shui master said 2017 will be my year where my luck will change for the better but you know what… my life is good just as it is. I can't imagine it being better.


I hope you will all have a wonderful year ahead. Remember that health is #1 no matter what. No point of having lots of money if your health isn't good. It's not fun to be sick. I hope whatever I'm doing now will take care of my health. That's still my top priority! Money is just a bonus!

Come join my business. It is real and you can be anywhere and still do this business. Contact me if you want to know more. So many are already doing it. What are you waiting for?

Chinese New Year road trip

As usual, there are no other family like ours. The last-minuters! A week before CNY, hubs was asking if we would like to go somewhere for the holidays. Of course, he didn't have to ask because we are always up for a short break. For me, it means no cooking! I'm always up for that. For the kids, it means SWIM, SUN, BEACH, PLAY, IPAD…. need I say more?

We were thinking of going to KB (yawns) or Penang (hurray) but right up till the eve of CNY, we didn't make any plans. Until Sunday, we decided to go to Penang. Of course, everywhere we want is fully booked and there's no rooms available on AGODA. We always book on Agoda because we collect Agoda points but unfortunately, all the hotels we want to stay at in Penang is fully booked on Agoda. Hubs suggested that we call the hotel direct and reluctantly, I did and to my surprise, there is ONE room left in Hard Rock Hotel Penang! This is so meant to be!! The only room available in the whole of Hard Rock Hotel Penang at that time was the Seaview Studio Suite Room. PERFECT or what?

This room includes breakfast and access to their Rock Royalty Lounge. This lounge is a private area where you can dine and chill. They have a tv room up there too where you can just relax and watch tv. They serve breakfast, afternoon tea and cocktails too. Instead of going to the restaurants and cafes downstairs, we prefer to have our meals up here. It is quieter and we can take our own sweet time.

Anyway, we left KL at around 9.30am or so and arrived Penang at about 2pm. Traffic was really good too. It was Chinese New Year day and I guess everyone has already arrived at their destination. Traffic was good and weather was awesome too. But the drive up to the hotel is a bit slow. So many cars going up Batu Ferringhi. It is a public holiday too so you can imagine the traffic there. Almost 45 minutes drive just to get to the hotel.

As soon as we arrived, we were brought to the 6th floor to check-in. Because the hotel is running on full house, our rooms weren't ready till about 4pm or so. We just chilled at the Rock Royalty Lounge and had our late lunch there. We ordered food from the coffee house and asked for them to bring the food up to us. At the same time, they were also serving their afternoon tea there and I had some scones and hot chocolate. OMG. The scones, were to die for. I'm not a fan of scones but this was really really good. Either that or I was really hungry! (they were really good! I had them with cream and strawberry jam! Yummy)

After we got our room, kids wanted to swim. We did just that for the next few hours. They had so much fun. The beach isn't great. Especially now since the state government is doing some work at the beach to protect the beach and hotel in case of tsunami. Nothing much to do on the beach but my daughter had some beach time while my son had a blast in the pool. I joined them for a bit and we had a lot of fun there.

After that, they also spent some time at the Kids Club before we headed out for dinner. Batu Ferringhi area is very busy at night. They have stalls selling all sorts of stuff. Traffic is really bad. We found out that the Hard Rock Hotel has shuttle service too and decided to just hop on that to get to the restaurant for dinner.

We always have dinner at the Golden Thai. It is where all the restaurants are on Batu Ferringhi. I don't know why we always go there. They even have cultural performances there. Don't go for the performance though because it is really crap and I think I can dance better! My kids loved it tho. I guess it is not difficult to entertain them.

We had quite a good feast. Fish, prawns, veg the whole lot but the restaurant was packed and it took over an hour to get our food. They messed up our orders too and we were too hungry to argue. It wasn't cheap too! Like a typical tourist, we just didn't know where else to go to hunt for good seafood.
We missed the shuttle too and had to wait for 30 minutes for the next one. By the time we got back to the hotel and got ourselves ready for bed, it was almost midnight!

Day 2 was pretty much the same thing. We spent the whole morning in the pool and then kids spent the whole afternoon at the kids club where they did lots of activities and all sorts of fun stuff. The kids club doesn't allow parents or guardian to be inside so we parents were quite free to do whatever we wanted to do. I was bored too. I didn't want to go for the massage or spa because I think it won't be that good and didn't want to pay the hotel price. I was too lazy to walk outside to a nearby massage place so what we ended up doing to chilling at the lounge and I stuffed my face with more scones!!! ahhhh.. I love them scones! We also watched a movie at the TV lounge.

My husband wanted to watch more movies and I went back to the room. Kids came back and was excited about their time at the kids club. Apparently they had some dancing class and danced to Gangnam style. My son was busy showing me his moves. I was lying on the bed when he got up on the bed and started Gangnam styling and he jumped and bumped his head against the bed. It was sharp and it was a loud bang!!! I almost died when I saw blood flowing down his forehead. When I saw the cut, I really wanted to die!!!!!!

I quickly grabbed a towel and pressed hard against his forehead and panicking like crazy. Called hubs and told him to come back to the room ASAP. My son was crying so much until he fell asleep! Oh my god! It was scary.

The cut is really deep too but I managed to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the cut. Alhamdulillah it stopped bleeding but he definitely needed stitches so off we went to the nearest hospital which is in Pulau Tikus. Traffic was so bad on Batu Ferringi and it took us almost 40 minutes to get there. Without traffic, I think we could have gotten there in 10 minutes! The hotel staff was really helpful and even keyed in the hospital name and all on my phone for us to WAZE it.

The wait at the hospital was killing me!!! My son was still asleep on me. At one point I didn't even know if he fainted or sleeping or if he is still breathing even. I was so paranoid. I didn't know what to think. My husband wasn't talking much and I know he is panicking too. I could see it in his eyes that he was worried like crazy. My daughter was very calm and kept telling us everything is going to be ok. She even doa'ed to Allah for her brother to be ok. She kept touching him and kissing him and told him he is going to be OK.

This hospital was full of sick people but come on!!! The service was super slow! What if my son was bleeding to death? I don't even think they could help. We registered and still no one came to see us for ages. I even thought they had forgotten about us or something. I had put a plaster on his head to cover the cut but obviously it wasn't good enough as I could see that blood is still coming out. Not much but still!

Finally, after a long wait, the doctor saw us and said he needed stitching because the cut is a little bit too deep. Hell no!!! I wasn't going to allow them to do it. I remembered that when my daughter had the fall in the bathroom, she got glued! I told the doctor to just glue his forehead but the doctor was a bit reluctant. He said the cut is too deep (without properly examining it) and hubs had to ask him to examine the wound first. Finally, he said ok to glue. Then a few minutes before getting it done, he said it is still best to stitch it. My husband was not in the treatment room (he was told to wait outside during the procedure). I really didn't want him to stitch my son because the doctor told my husband that to stitch him up, will take a few hours. I was like "huh??? few hours to stitch this???" and apparently it will take a while for them to release us after that yada yada yada… Doctor told us that the bleeding didn't stop. Again, I was confused because it did stop all the way to the hospital when I put pressure on it! He said that if the bleeding doesn't stop, it would be pointless to put the glue. Again, my husband insisted we try the glue first before stitching him because I don't want my son to be traumatised!!
Glueing was so simple when my daughter had that cut. Yeah, this is deeper but can't we just try this first? Finally, doctor said ok, bleeding stopped (WTH?). We waited another hour to get the bill and finally we went back to the hotel after 8pm. About 4 hours wasted!!

My husband looked so stressed out he just want to go home. Home as in KL home! I told him there is no point of us going home tonight. Let's just enjoy the rest of the trip and go back as planned.

We slept by 12am. I stayed up watching movie while everyone else was snoring away. They were all tired and been through a lot. I felt so guilty over the accident that I spent some time crying in the bathroom. If only I stopped him from jumping on the bed. If only I was not sat on the bed. If only this, if only that. He was jumping on the bed to show me his dance moves. He was jumping to hug me (I was lying down) and he missed me and landed on the edge of the bed. Ouch.

He was soooooooo strong, my God! Really he is. He didn't cry at the hospital at all. I saw he was nervous, I saw how scared he was but he didn't cry. He just followed every instructions given to him by the doctor and nurses. They even wrapped his hands to stop him from moving but he didn't move one bit!I was soooooo proud of him. Thinking about it makes me teary because he was really so damn strong. Even now, after the glue, I'm sure the forehead is still hurting…he didn't complain. When I asked him if it is painful, he will say yes "only a little bit" and I know it is still painful. So strong he is.

Anyways, the next day everyone was back to normal self. We all still jump a bit whenever my son touches his head of starts jumping like normal…but all is good.

We had breakfast at the lounge and then kids went off to the kids club. Around noon, the Lion Dance came to bless the hotel. They went EVERYWHERE! We followed them around the hotel. It was good fun. Kids love the Lion Dance.

We checked out after they are done at the kids club. We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe before we head home. Too bad no more swimming for the day because of my son's injury. Otherwise, I'm sure they will be in the pool still until our late check out.

Our journey back to KL took us 7 hours! Traffic was bad the whole way back. But alhamdulillah, at 9pm, we are back in our home.

I missed my own bed and my YL diffuser! I miss my room!

Overall, our trip was really good. We had so much fun at the Hard Rock Penang. I will definitely be back. In fact, I can't wait to come back. The kids had so much fun too.

Too bad for the little accident but Alhamdulillah my son is OK. It could have been a lot worse actually. Im glad he is ok.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers. We had an awesome trip (minus the accident bit) but this is just to tell us to always be extra careful.

Check Your Bills

I'm one of those customers who can't be bothered to check her bills whenever I make payment for something. Especially when I'm out with friends for coffee or a meal, I have this very bad habit of picking up the bill and just give my card and sign it or just look at the amount and pay. I don't go through each and everything to make sure it is correct. Are you like that too??

My husband is the opposite. He will go through everything! Whenever we go grocery shopping, he will be the one standing at the till and making sure the cashier will key in the right thing. He is just very particular with stuff like this. It can be annoying and embarrassing sometimes (especially when he questions every single thing!) but really, what he is doing is actually a good thing. 

More than a few occasion, we (or rather, he) has seen mistakes done on the bill. So often that he is always on the lookout for this "errors". He even thinks they're doing it on purpose. You know, cheating 1 customer RM1-RM2 can amount to A LOT per day. We've seen this happening so much and my husband has caught them many times. And he has told me MANY MANY times to check my bill always.

Sometimes I check, most of the time I still don't! I just can't make it a habit just yet.

Last night, we were in 1utama for dinner. And after dinner, on the way back to the car, my husband stopped by Life Juice to get our favourite juices and next door to it is Lavender. A bakery. It is always full and I like to buy some croissant from there for my husband to have for breakfast. The queue was so long and I almost didn't want to get but since I was already in line, I just waited for my turn.

When I got to the till,there was 2 person at the counter. 1 was to key in the items and the other 1 was to pack the items. It all happened quite fast but the packet, quickly packed everything for me and said RM10.85. I looked at the till and saw RM8.85 but without questioning, I handed over RM10.00 (in RM1 notes) and then dug my bag for another RM1. She didn't bother counting my money and quickly returned back RM0.15 back to me. When I gave her the additional RM1 (because I still thought it was RM10.85 and I've only given RM10) she took it without asking. 

I moved a step aside for the next person but at the same time, I looked at my bill and it was RM8.85 instead of RM10.85 like what she told me. So I asked her about it and told her that I've given her RM11.00. She didn't even look puzzled and quickly returned back RM2 without questioning! I could have lied, right?

After I got back my money. I was puzzled. I remembered how my husband always said to check and today I did and almost lost some loose change. When I went up to my husband to tell him, he was not surprised at all. He said these are little things they do to earn extra few bucks.

Next time, please be careful and check your bills properly. 
Thursday, February 4, 2016

Best Friends

Kids really do say the darnest things sometimes. On the way back from school, it was just the two of us in the car. She would normally tell me about her day and we'd chat all the way home. In school today, they had their Chinese New Year assembly and they're all dressed in their Chinese New Year outfit. My daughter wore her cheongsam given by Mom2Ashley. It's the cutest batik cheongsam. So anyway, I don't know what happened during assembly but it must have been boring because my daughter actually fell asleep!

When she told me she slept in the hall, I had my eyes wide and my mouth opened because I was shocked! It is actually very funny so I started laughing and she was quite embarrassed. She said her best friend Zian and Mya was laughing at her and they woke her up. I was laughing when she suddenly said…

Daughter: Oh mummy! I shouldn't have told you that!
Mummy: Why not?! You must tell me everything! I am your best friend!
Daughter: No you are not!!! Zian is my best friend!

Kuang! Kuang! Kuang!

She was laughing as well when she told me because it is quite funny that she fell asleep during assembly. To cover up, she said "Actually, I just sat back and closed my eyes" trying to act like she wasn't sleeping, really. But duh, of course she did.

Daughter: mummy, you can't be my best friend
Mummy: Why not??
Daughter: Because you are big. I want a best friend who can play with me. This best friend is boring! You are so boring!! I cannot have a best friend 36 years old!


That hurts!

But really, the way she said it was so funny.

Fine!!! Rub it to my face that I'm old and boring why dont you!!!
Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jalan Bukit Bintang

Few weeks ago my sister in law had her wedding reception in town and since all my husband's family decided to stay in the hotel, we tagged along. Kids was excited to swim and whatnot with their cousin. We live literally 10 minutes away from town and really, it doesn't make much sense to stay in the hotel but since everyone else is staying, we joined the crowd.

First plan was to check ourselves in and then I was supposed to do my hair and makeup somewhere in town. My mother in law and sisters in law were all planning to get their make up done in Pavillion but when I got to the hotel, they had already left. As soon as my husband and kids got settled, I took my car out and drove out. I needed to get my hair AND makeup done.

It was 5pm and I had no clue where to go. I was driving around town like a headless chicken. Traffic was pretty bad too. Then it started pouring down and started raining cats and dogs. I was so excited to get all dressed up and now it is all ruined because I don't know where to go and traffic was mental everywhere. To make matters worse, I had no petrol too… my car could stop anytime and I don't know where the nearest petrol station was. Panicking like crazy in the rain, in my car in crazy traffic. Great. Just great.

Finally, I got into Pavilion's carpark. As soon as I got there my husband called. He asked me if I found a place and how long I was going to take. I told him I just entered Pavilion. He didn't think it was a good idea to go in as I will probably be late coming back. But he was sweet, he told me I don't need hair and makeup as I was beautiful enough. Umm……. yea I know but I want to get my hair AND makeup done!!! He said ok.

After few minutes of talking, while looking for parking, I decided to skip it. I drove back out and headed back to the hotel. My husband told me where the nearest petrol station is too. I got there and went back to the hotel and got ready immediately.

Did my own hair and makeup and guess what? I looked really pretty!!! That saved me at least RM300! hahah… I looked really nice. Mom2Ashley even sent me a youtube video on how to do makeup! LOL
It's been a long time since I actually put on full on makeup myself and that video was a good refresher video. I was so excited.

Anyway, wedding went really well. My kids was the flower girl and boy that night together with their cousin and they were too funny. They obviously sucked at it because they forgot what they were supposed to do and didn't do it well but the wedding went great anyway. Kids was having so much fun behaving like monkeys that night.

After the wedding, I was really so freaking tired I wanted to die. I was so sleepy too. We went back to our room at about 10.45pm. By the time I gave my kids a shower and by the time they got to bed was almost 12am. We were so ready to pass out but I asked my husband if he wanted to walk around down Jalan Bukit Bintang for foot massage. The last time we did that was probably 6 years ago!

He said ok. We got ready and off we went like a tourist, exploring Jalan Bukit Bintang. I was quite scared to walk there alone and I wouldn't do it without my husband because I saw so many prostitutes!
Really! It was scary.
They weren't even dressed like prostitutes but I know they are because of how they approach men and how these disgusting men talk to them. I saw a lady (a prostitute I'm sure) walking hand in hand with a men and he was asking her what her name is! WTF right?

Apart from that, we also saw a few people hanging around by the roadside watching these artists create awesome drawings.  I was in awe and wanted to keep watching them draw. It's really amazing.

Didn't ask for the price but I think someday I want to get mine done too! A lot of tourist are interested in these and I see them standing. I'm sure it is quite expensive since their market are all these tourists.

Finally we found a place to get a foot massage. Some looks dodgy but this one we chose is not bad. I can't remember what the name of the place is but it is inside this dodgy looking hotel. It is on the basement floor but it is huge!

Price of a foot massage is only RM50 per hour! That's really cheap! The place is big and very clean and no dodgy business going on. A lot of tourists too. I think we were the only locals there.

It was a good 1 hour foot massage. My husband fell asleep and started snoring. I was so sleepy but I was browsing the internet and reading before I dozed off as well for a few minutes.

After that, we went back to the hotel. By the time we were done, it was almost 1.30am. Kids was asleep and my maid was there to look after them while we were out.

It was nice. Felt like we were on holiday or something but really, we were only 10 minutes away from home.