Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bad Holiday

On the way to school every morning, we listen to FLY FM. Well, I'm not really listening, I'm usually half asleep. 

We do morning school runs together. Meaning, my husband would drive.. My daughter is there (obviously), we take our son along (because I still don't trust the maid to take care of him without me/my husband around) and of course, there's me. It is kind of like quality time every morning because we talk and kids play "scissors paper stone" and sometimes, we sing if our songs come up. 

Yesterday, after dropping my daughter off in school, there was this advert on Fly FM  on some holiday thing. I wasn't really listening to it (I was sleepy) but I've heard this advert before. It was like telling you to slap yourself in the head/face really hard and the pain you feel from that is equivalent to the feeling you get after a bad holiday.

Something stupid like that.

We all heard the ad and obviously didn't do or say anything but soon my son started slapping his own face. And I was like wondering what the hell was wrong...

Me: what are you doing?? Why are you hitting yourself??? 
Son: me got a bad holiday!!!


Husband: what??! When did you have a bad holiday?
Son: you know..... (He's thinking what to answer) when me go Singapore.. And we cannot play iPad... Is so bad holiday!


He is so cute, I swear!!!
Friday, June 24, 2016

I must be a bitch

Last night, after my maid gave my kids a bath, my daughter came up to me and said she needed to whisper something to me. Guess what she said?

"Mummy, do you know.. Kakak told me you don't like her and she doesn't like you too!"

I am furious to the core!!! 

How dare she!!!!

I'm also PMSing right now, which isn't helping. I couldn't stop thinking about it the whole night. I kept telling myself that it shouldn't bother me but who am I kidding???

This morning, I woke up feeling like crap. I mean, yea I have reasons why I am not happy with her. I mean, my expectations was not met and I think the reason I have such high expectations is due to the fact that we made A LOT for this maid. RM17,000 paid and her monthly salary is RM1,100 a month. From my understanding, Indonesian maids don't get paid this high unless they are really experienced. I could be wrong. But RM1,100 for an Indonesian is A LOT! 

When she is not meeting my expectations, obviously lah I'm not happy kan? I may not be a good employer but I think I am good enough! I let her eat all she wants to eat (it is not my fault if she doesn't eat or doesn't like our food - she is free to cook herself!). I let her call home twice in 3 weeks she's been here (agent said only 1x a month). I buy her all the stuff she needs (I even bought her facial cleanser, feminine wash etc). What more do you want???

I'm not chatty with my maids. With my first maid I was extra friendly and when I did, she stepped on my head and from then I told myself, I am not going to be friendly. I give instructions, just go do it. If you can't then it's ok. But I won't chitchat with you all day. I'm just not that type. In fact, I hardly speak to her. 

Is that bitchy?

I'm just so angry that she went and told my daughter! She also told her that she misses home and wants to see her baby. Argh!!!!

Let's wait and see how long this maid will last! My husband is not pleased! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Maid

We've had our new maid for almost 3 weeks now and I am more tired than ever. I still feel like I'm doing A LOT!

My new maid is really not what I expected at all. I dont know how to explain….

First of all… This is my first indonesian maid. We decided to try Indonesian this time instead of a philipino because:

1. My husband wanted a muslim maid
2. Philipino maid's salary is too high. RM1640 for our household didn't seem worth it. Our house isn't all that big and there isn't much cleaning to do

Reluctant to try Indonesian maid but since we agreed on the 2 points above, I agreed. Because we wanted Indonesian this time and our agent only do pinoys we had to gamble and try a new agency. After calling and trying few places, we settled for Innovedge Agency as suggested by quite a few people.

Our experience with them is ok. Not too bad. Of course not as efficient and good as our previous agency but I find them to be quite alright. We selected this particular maid because….

1. She had work experience abroad (Middle Eastern country)
2. Work experience includes taking care of children and senior citizen
3. She looks presentable

After speaking to her on the phone, we agreed to hire her and paid a whopping RM17,000. 3 months later, she arrived.

3 weeks ago, we welcomed her into our home and ever since then, it has been a roller coaster ride for me.

1. She looks NOTHING like her CV. In fact, I was convinced that it is a different person. I was not expecting her to look like this at all. She doesn't look neat and doesn't look presentable and basically, dont really look nice.

2. Housework and cleaning are all pretty good. She irons well and cleans up pretty good. I can say I am impressed with her work in this sense. She gets points for this from me.

3. She doesn't eat and doesn't cook. This is something I really cannot stand!!!!! I was hoping to get an indonesian who can cook for me. Not only she can't cook, (she said she can't, I haven't tested), I now have to cook FOR HER and I also have to pester her to eat. I mean, bad enough I suck at making my kids eat and I hate cooking… I now have an extra person to think about. She doesn't eat and she is weak ALL the time. She looks it.

4. She is soooooo slow. In my household, with 2 young kids, we are always rushing and always need to be quick. Grocery shopping needs to be quick, meal time needs to be quick..but my current maid is like happily in her own little bubble doing things in her own sweet time. Despite my yelling and shouting for her to be quick, it is almost she's deaf! Drive me nuts whenever we take her to the supermarket and pushing the car is like strolling in the park when I am rushing to get things done! ARGH!

5. She is soooooo blur. This is blurness from a different planet I think. She will be watching the kids but dont know what they're up to. For example, she was watching my kids swim. She is looking at them (I am there watching too) and my son was struggling to get his floats off. Instead of helping him, she will just look at him. I dare not leave her home with the kids without us around. Another time, she was watching them, my son was playing with PlayDoh and he stuffed PlayDoh into his nose and she just looked at him and not do anything. WTF!!! I was so shocked to find the PlayDoh stuck and tried to get it out of his nose. My husband asked her if she saw what he did, and she said "iyaaaaaa"
She saw and yet, nothing!!! God, help me!

6. I told her to feed my kids dinner one day and after attempting 1 time and my son refused to eat, she came up to me to tell me he doesn't want to eat. 1 attempt!!!!!! Same thing with shower and bath time. After 1 attempt, she will conclude they dont want to shower. No creativity whatsoever dealing with the kids. In the end, I will do it all.

7. Lacking common sense. Maybe this is normal, I dont know. For example, she recently broke our drier. Cost us RM500 to get it fixed. When the drier was broken, she washed about 2 loads of clothes knowing we dont have a place to hang those clothes. ????
She asked if she could dry it in the room and leave the fan on. Well, we didn't have a choice but to do that. But when I woke up for sahur, I went to the room to check and the door was shut and all the wet clean clothes are all on the floor. Fan was off. Imagine the smell?!

8. She will leave lights, fan ON even when no one is in the room. I repeatedly told her to switch everything off if no one is in the room. Yet it is like in one ear and out the next. I have to go around the house ensuring everything is switched off before I go to bed. Even her toilet and bedroom light is on all night.

Sigh. BIBO.

Sabar je la…….

I even spoke to the agent to ask about the process and procedures if I want to change. They told me that we can't simply just change to another maid. They need to go for counselling first.

I really feel so stressed out right now. She's not a bad maid, she's just not the right one for our household. I think she will be good for another family with older kids.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Birthday, Papa

My husband celebrated his 41st birthday yesterday and we had a mini celebration at home, with just the 4 of us. To me, it is a perfect day. I hope he feels the same way too.

I ordered a small cake (because it is Puasa and I can't be eating too much cake this time) and it was the perfect size. As usual, I will order MY favourite cake. Well, I'll be the one eating most of it anyway. My kids love this chocolate cake with cream cheese and my husband, well, he is not really into cakes but he can eat a piece of this.

I picked up the cake before I went to school to pick my daughter up. The smell of this cake really menggugat my iman. I wish I could have a piece right there and then. After school run, we went to get some flowers at a nearby florist.

We've been going to this florist for ages and they know us there already. My daughter picked a purple bouquet for my husband. Flowers for him? Might sound odd but he complains he never gets flowers so there I was, making sure he got flowers this year. He better be getting me flowers too for mine because I didn't get one from him last year!!!! Flowers we chose for him was really pretty. My husband loves lilies and my daughter loves those pink daisies so it was a perfect combination.

My daughter wrote a cute little note on the card. It was really sweet.

After flowers, I went to Bangsar & Subang to pick up food I ordered for buka puasa. By the time we got home, it was already almost 6pm. I was tired from driving around everywhere.

We got the cake out and started singing Happy Birthday to papa. I ordered this fireworks type candle and that is really the highlight of the "party". Kids loved it. But they also wanted to blow candles and I had to put some on after the firework candle died.

I bought 2 gifts for my husband and gave 1 for my son to give to his dad and 1 for my daughter. I told them what was inside the pack before giving it to them and specifically told them not to tell their father.

Daughter: Papa, here is your present. It is perfume inside.


I need to remind myself never to tell her anything. She can't keep secrets.

I hope he enjoyed his little birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to my husband and I pray Allah will bless him with good health always.

Naturally Plus: Why is this the best business?

The Naturally Plus business is the best business to be in. Remember I wrote about it before? If you don't remember or missed that post,

I started this business almost a year ago. It's the BEST decision I ever made because:

1. I'm healthier than ever. My family and especially my kids are also healthier. I don't worry and stress whenever they're sick because I now know the most natural way to treat them. 

2. I am also already earning a comfortable monthly income and this figure keeps growing. 

I couldn't be happier. My only regret was I didn't start sooner but you know what they say, it's better late than never!

As you can see, for me, there are 2 benefits from joining Naturally Plus. Health & Wealth. It just goes hand in hand. 

But there are other things… little things that makes me feel like I'm in the best company and best business… Here are some of the reasons why YOU should join US! 

1. We are THE FASTEST GROWING group in Malaysia. In this business, you can join any team. There are a bunch of other people selling and doing this business so choose your team right. My team is the best team because we have the best leaders. You can read about my leader here. She's awesome!!! She is so successful in this business not because she has her heart in this business for the right reason. To help people. Above her, is another awesome leader who is really all about helping people with their health and wealth. To me, I am in the best team. I'm so grateful and couldn't thank my lucky stars enough. Our team is called the RSS team. What is RSS? Relax Sit Back & Smile

2. Support is awesome. In my team, we have the best support compared to any other teams in this business. What kind of support? Any kind you need. Other teams are slowly starting to copy our ways of doing things. Why? Because we are growing so fast, they want to know why and they want to know how. Our big boss (RSS team leader) want things done the right way, always. We support each other in every way. Our after sales service is excellent. I have people from other teams calling me asking for help because their leaders are not helping them. I still help them although I don't get anything from them. We have a good library of testimonials in our team too because we are so big and have helped people with all kinds of health problems. 

3. You get customers from everywhere. I have customers from all over Malaysia. That's the beauty of this business. You can be from anywhere in the world and join this business. If you are in USA and you want to try this product, we have an office in the USA. I can still help you to sign up and you will still be able to join my awesome team from the USA. If you are in Philippine, Brunei, Indonesia, we also have offices there.  Basically, this business is global. Anyone from anywhere can join my team. We have offices around the world. For those registrations from countries where they have an office, cash payment are paid into their local bank account in their home currencies. But in places where there are no offices, they will credit it into a credit card that UNIVA Capital Mastercard makes and you can use it to withdraw cash in your home currency or spend like how you spend your MasterCard. Isn't that so cool? You can be from anywhere in the world and join this business. 

4. You are your own boss. If you are stressed out doing this business, then you are causing yourself stress because the leaders (my leaders at least) don't stress me out at all. But I must admit, I do get stressed out. Why? Because I want to grow bigger and sometimes, I stress myself out when I cannot do it. Being your own boss is good because you set your own targets. There's no such thing as monthly commitments or targets in this business set by the company. Your only commitment and target is set by you, if you want or if you are like me, no targets at all. I just RSS and wait for customers to come to me.

5. Some people are afraid of being part of MLM type of business because they are scared of the "harassment" to attend seminars or to meet targets to keep their membership. Good thing about this business is, yes there are seminars to attend, there are sessions happening in the office all the time but it is not compulsory to attend at all. I've been in this business for almost 1 year and guess how many times I've attended a seminar?? Actually I've attended none. The purpose of attending these seminars is to learn and yes, if you have the time to go, by all means please go. But I don't have the time so I don't go. I learn in other ways. We have webminar all the time. You can sit in front of the computer and sign up for it at the comfort of your own home. I've listened to a few from home (while in my pjs!) and I also learn by doing my own research online or asking my team for support. That's how I learn and that's how I gain information. I've attended few events organised by my team and although the purpose of these gatherings are to learn, I actually go to socialize with my team members more than anything else. Its a lot of fun and at the same time, I learn a thing or two. But again, they are not compulsory so if you are not interested in those, no need to attend!

6. Product is awesome and there's only 2 main products that you need to really focus and study. Other MLM companies like Amway and Shaklee for example, have soooo many products under their name. You would have to know everything and about all their products if you want to sell it, right? Naturally Plus has only 2 products (under the supplements category) and all you need to study is about Hydrogen (for IZUMIO) and learn about how hydrogen can help treat diseases and also study about Carotenoids, which is what's in Super Lutein. Super easy, right? Imagine being in the Young Livings business and you have to know the benefits of all their essential oil? Yikes. Tough right?

To be successful in this business is really not difficult at all. It is all about sharing and to me personally, once you consume this product you will know how to share. I don't lie when I share about the products and what it does or how it has helped me and my family…so really it is very easy to share.

I've been doing this for a year. I'm not very active, I don't go out much, I don't socialise much and therefore my sharing is very limited to sharing online… but even with that, I'm already earning a good 4 figure income from this. I don't hard sell, I am not knocking on doors or busy distributing flyers on the street or cold calling people… I just do everything on my own sweet time and already I am earning good money.

Don't expect to earn big bucks shaking legs. There's no such thing as easy money in this world. This is the easiest it can get, for me at least. I love it. I get to help people lead a healthier life and I get rewarded quite nicely for it too. Awesome possum!

Come and join me! What are you waiting for???

You have to join me if:

1. You want to be healthier … you must consume this products to be in this business…because otherwise it will be difficult to share and spread the love for these amazing products!

2. You want a passive income… slowly but surely…you will.


We now have smaller packages that can help you start this business..

Email me or WA me to find out more…
What is stopping you?
Sunday, June 19, 2016

Curly Sue wannabe

My daughter is so funny.

She has the softest straight hair ever. It couldn't be any straighter. It is VERY VERY straight! I love her hair because growing up, I wish I had straight hair. Her hair is so soft and nice and mine, well, I've got wavy thick hair.

Her best friend in school has curly hair. It is also very long. My daughter loves her best friend's hair. She started telling us she wants to grow her hair long like her BFF. I personally prefer her to have chin length hair because she looks really cute like that but she's like a 6 year old going on 10 so you know girls, they want long hair, they want pink this, pink that…..

She's also been begging me to make her hair curly. How do I do that? I mean, I have a curler at home for my hair but I can't use it for her. I mean, I dont want to burn her hair, right? Plus, her hair is super thin too. I dont think it can tahan the heat.

That day, I braided her hair and somehow she just left it and it became a bit frizzy and she loved it! LOL. I hate frizzy hair. Mine is sometimes! So I decided to do the same one night before she went to sleep and hoping that the next day, her hair will be all curly.

It was so funny. She was so excited! She was so happy going to sleep and couldn't wait to wake up in the morning with curly hair. I had to keep her expectations lower because I dont want her to get disappointed. I mean, her hair is SUPER STRAIGHT!

The next morning, we took it out and it looked like this….. LOL

Well, we tried.

Wait till you are 21 and I will let you perm your hair. Till then…This is as curly as it can get.

KupuKupu Raya 2016

This is my baby. I'm sure you already know about it already. If not, you can read about it here. Alhamdulillah this is the 3rd year I am running this small business of mine. I'm very proud and happy with it because I really choose and carefully select each piece and I am involved from the start. I'm very proud of each piece.

This year, I've been so busy (especially with maid issues and whatnot) that initially, I wanted to put this on hold and not come up with new designs this year but after thinking about it, I realised that the show must go on. I mean, I still need to make it for my own kids anyway.

For 2016, we have a few new designs this year. Do check out our instagram or Facebook to view the whole collection. Even if you dont have kids, please spread the love with friends ok?

Our fabric are all selected by yours truly and I chose something that my own kids will be comfortable wearing so rest assured they are all good quality fabric. Some of them from this collection are designer fabric from the U.S (hence the price is slightly more expensive) like Robert Kaufman, which I absolutely love!

Hoping people out there will love all these pieces as much as I do. Well, my daughter has 1 in each designs, which is so not good for business but I love it that she loves wearing it too.

Here are the links…… WA me if you want to know more and please do hurry! We have 2 weeks till raya and we will send our last items in the post probably next week. Sizes are also limited as I dont make a lot of pieces in each print.

Our Facebook page: Click here
Our Instagram page: Click here

My blog readers get 10% discount. Code: MYLIFE
Send me this code and you'll be entitled to 10% discount

Tell your friends!!!! Go quick!!!

Happy Father's Day

My kids are so lucky to have my husband as a dad. Really, they're really blessed, Alhamdulillah. I pray that Allah will continue to bless them and pray that their relationship will stay this way forever because it is amazing.

I'm lucky that my husband has been really hands on with the kids from day 1. The only thing he doesn't do for them is cook their meals, but if he could.. I'm sure he would. When it comes to the kids, I know he will be able to take care of them as good or even better than I can.

Father's Day this year was a simple one for us. We were fasting and therefore couldn't go out for lunch. Buka Puasa outside isn't something we wanted to do because the kids needed to be in bed early to wake up early for school the next day. So basically, we didn't do anything special.

My kids made some stuff in school for their dad. My daughter was most excited about it. She even wrote a small note to him to tell him that he is the best father ever. (she came up with that herself!)

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there. Anyone can be a father but it takes a whole lot more to be a dad. I'm thankful and happy that my kids really have the best dad ever. It is not easy to be one, but Im happy that he's done an amazing job in that department so far. InsyaAllah he will be one forever.

"To Papa. Happy Father's day. I love you. You are the best best best father ever" (from my daughter)
Saturday, June 11, 2016


I admit that I am one of the laziest person alive. I wish I can just sit and do nothing but with 2 kids, that is kind of hard to do.

Everyday I find myself telling them to be quick!!! "Eat quick!!" "Quick, mandi!" "Put on your shoes, quick!" "Quick!!!" "Quick!" "Quick!"

I hate that word so much!!!!

But when your kids can take 2 hours to finish a bowl of rice. 1 hour to do 5 simple question of homework. 1 hour to put on clothes.... There's not many words you can use but "QUICK!!!!!!!" 

My first maid, Rose was super quick in everything she does. She does things so fast that sometimes, when I'm not done with dinner, she would take all the plates away. Too quick! Norilynn was super slow but after hearing me say "Quick!!!" like a gazillion times during her 2.5 years stay with us, she got better in the end. Still not half as fast as Rose but it was alright. I can live with it. She knows when I'm pissed so she will move faster.

Now with the current maid... Ayoyo!!! God help me!!!!!

Not only she is slow, she is also so very soft spoken, gentle... to the point it is annoying me! She's hardworking and I am happy that she is not lazy like me but O.M.G!!!!! 


I don't even have a word to describe her.
I mean, I know it is not her fault because she's still new and there's a lot to learn and all that. Yes, I get it. But don't blame me for being annoyed. 

Quick!!!!!! Get with the program already!!!!
Tuesday, June 7, 2016

First Job

I never had money issues growing up. I had everything I wanted. My mum worked really hard to provide us with a good life. We went to private schools and everyone had everything. It just made my mum worked that bit harder to make sure that we dont feel like we dont have enough. Alhamdulillah, we had more than enough. We had the nicest things, we had the best food, we had the best toys… Good life. I've been super blessed and I credit it all to my mum. The single mum who got no help whatsoever from my biological father. One strong woman she is.

After my SPM exams, I was not doing anything. Results weren't out yet so we couldn't really enrol into any colleges or do anything. Basically, I was just hanging out with my friends and lepaking non stop. It was so good! Some friends got a part time jobs while others just lepaked with me. I mean, what else can we do right? I think some friends signed up for some short courses too using their SPM trial exam results. 

One day, I was out with 2 girlfriends in BSC. It was back in 1996. BSC looked a lot different. We always go out and hang out there because my girlfriend lived 5 minutes away. She can easily walk to BSC. I was very mobile as I had a driver back then to drive me around. I lived in Country Heights but I would come all the way to BSC to hang out. BSC was quite happening too because there was this Internet Cafe there that is quite popular. Back in 1996, not many people had computer with internet at home. I had in my house but my friend didn't so she would always drag me to this internet cafe. In 1996, there was no wifi. It was dial up. Jaring. LOL. Gosh I feel so old but I can still remember the dial up sound and tone. People go to Cyber cafes to go on MIRC. To chat. Back then, it was the "in" thing to be on MIRC. My nickname was Ninna. Dont ask me why. I dont even know. My girlfriend's nickname was Tamara. Dont ask me why, she doesn't even know! So lame to chat up guys on MIRC but everyone was doing it. If they say they didn't, they must be quite sad.  hahah…

So anyways, we were in BSC, walking around…waiting to go to this Cyber Cafe which charges RM12 per hour or something like that. It was expensive but I remember spending so much time there. They also served yummy coffee and ice cream and whatever food there so you can really be there all day if you had the money. We were walking around BSC and then suddenly we walked past Kidsport.
They had one there at the time and they had 2 mat salleh teachers which caught my friend's attention. She walked in and asked if they had any job openings. I was like "huh???I dont want to work!" and this handsome mat salleh teacher said yes. Next thing I know, we were going for an interview. WTH

Number #1 I wasn't prepared. Number #2 my mum will kill me 

So one by one, we all went in for an interview with this handsome Aussie dude (who was a gym teacher and manager of that outlet). His name is Scott.

I remember that interview clearly. I was asked questions about myself. Like age, what do I like to do, yada yada yada and finally he asked me what is the most important thing to do if I were given this job. I didn't know what to answer and the answer was to "smile" and he made me smile.

Got the job!

The pay was shit. I can't remember how much but my mum gave me more than that for doing nothing. But all of a sudden, I became this responsible person because I found a job.

Got home and told my mum. She went nuts. She said no to working!
She didn't want me to work because #1 she can give me more money without doing anything #2 she didn't want me to work and start earning my own money and then dont want to go back to school #3 working in a mall is not exactly work to her

I begged and begged and after lots of tears, she said ok. She wasn't happy at all but she made me promise that as soon as the results are out, I will quit the job and go back to school.
It wasn't that I needed the money or even wanted the experience, I just wanted to work with my friend.
To me, I get extra money for hanging out rather than spending money. It can't be bad, right?

My friend lasted 1 week, I kid you not! I was so annoyed.

Working in Kidsport was a lot of fun. I basically just put tags on kids when they come in. Take payment and babysit. There, you can drop off your kids for an hour and go shopping. They will play in the playground and I will babysit them. We get so many cute kids there. Mostly are expats. One time, I gave lollipop to one expat kid and didn't know he was not supposed to have sugar. His mum went nuts. Scott came to defend me… Thank God. That kid was ok, nothing happened but his mum was  not happy. But she should have told us if he was allergic or not supposed to be given anything anyway. She just left her son there with no water or anything to eat…so I thought I was being nice.

So anyway, SPM results came out and I didn't do too well. LOL. Few days later, my mum said I had to leave the job and reluctantly, I did. I ended up working there for just over 2 months I think.

Moral of this long story is……..


Just wanted to share a little bit of my history. I was thinking about this in the car that day and it made me smile. I love my history… Love going down memory lane.

Kidsport, my first job.
My first salary was RM180++ and my mum laughed at me…… But I still did it. My friend gave up but I didn't but I enjoyed the work because I see so many cute kids everyday and they make me smile and laugh.

If I could go back again to 1996, would I do the same thing over again?
It was a good experience. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Salam Ramadhan

Ramadhan is here and we performed our first terawih for this year last night. Alhamdulillah. Ramadhan to me is not just about fasting. That's the easy part for me. I can go on all day without food and drinks, that's not a problem at all but it is everything else that I find tough. The getting up extra early for sahur (I dont usually eat that early but I will prepare some stuff for my husband), keeping my cool all day without losing my marbles, keeping my prayers, solat terawihs…those are the things I find difficult to do. Hopefully, this year Allah will open up my heart to do more this year.

Last year, I did pretty well. But this year, I am hoping to do better. I pray that we will all have a much better Ramadhan than last year's. InsyaAllah, in this holy month, Allah will answer all our prayers too. InsyaAllah.

I would like to wish all my blog readers Salam Ramadhan. To all my muslim readers, may Allah guide us all this month to be better. Last year, I managed to stay energised with IZUMIO and Super Lutein during the fasting month. This year, I will be doing the same.

1-2 packets of IZUMIO during sahur with 3 capsules of Super Lutein will get me through the day. Try it!

Happy Fasting, everyone!!!
Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's June


I've been so busy I didn't realise June is here. It is already the 3rd of June. Wow. Time really flies these days, especially when you are busy.

White daisies are my favourite flowers in the world. There's something about it that I love so much. The white, the yellow and the blue skies. I just love looking at them so much. 

Back in the UK, you can see all these tiny flowers growing wild everywhere in the park. Then you'll find the odd big ones and that's the ones I love. I remember walking in the park in Cambridge with my  girlfriends and we would pick these wild daisies up on our way back home. Skies were so blue and clear during summer and you'll have the perfect weather. I miss Cambridge so much. 

Anyway, June will always reminds me of UK summer. Although, it is not really summer in June most of the time. British summer is so unpredictable. But whenever June comes.. I will think of my time in UK and it will remind me of Cambridge and these white daisies.

So what is in store for me this June?
1. Puasa. Ramadhan is approaching and I got to wake up super early and think of sahur. I'm not a sahur person. I can fast without sahur but I need to think about hubs and prepare some stuff for him. It's actually not too bad because he doesn't eat all that much in the morning but still, I got to prepare something. Not easy when you don't know what to cook that early in the morning. This year, perhaps I'll try doing something different. We'll see.

2. Preparations for Raya will also start this month. My kids Raya outfits are pretty much sorted. Kupukupu will be releasing some new designs this year but I didn't do it that much so it is very limited.

3. My husband's 41st birthday is this month too. I have no clue what to get him but maybe I should get him an Apple Watch or something. He won't appreciate anything I give him anyway unless it is something he will wear like t shirt or perfume. But I'm so sick of giving him those. We'll see.

4. Kupukupu sales will start again. I'll be busy all month just packing, sorting and posting things out to my customers. 

5. Kuih Raya... Oh yea.. Need to place orders for these too! Have you done yours? 

I'm sure there are many more to do... But I can't think right now...

Anyway, have a good June and to my Muslim readers, Selamat Berpuasa!
Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mean Mummy

My kids think I'm mean or something, I dont know but I think they do. This morning, I had a conversation with my son. We were sat at the dining area and he was holding his spiderman toy and looking all serious.

Son: Mummy, do you know you are a mean mummy?
Me: Huh? I am a mean mummy? Why am I mean?
Son: Because u no let me eat cheezel!!!!!!!


I almost wanted to laugh because honestly, I was expecting him to say something worse and I thought it would make me feel guilty but luckily it is only because I dont give him cheezel. I feel fine and dont feel guilty at all because Cheezels are bad for you. I dont deprive my kids of junk food because when you deprive them, they will want it more but I do control their junk food intake. Most days they dont get any but weekends, they kind of do. Only because my daughter's Maths class has a 7 eleven nearby and the kids always would run there after class. As a treat, their father will buy them whatever they want from there. Sometimes they come out buying cheap toys but most of the time, they will come out with either chocolates or cheezel or something like that. I just stay outside the store because it makes my blood go upstairs when they go all nuts over junk food. When their father is not around, it is not so bad because they know they won't get away with buying junk food with mummy. I let them have chocolates. Once a week is not too bad.

Ah children….you drive me crazy. But I have crazy love for you. Especially when you are peacefully sleeping. But when you are up….and you dont listen…that's when I become mean….

Fine. I'm mean.

I can live with that. someone's gotta be the bad cop. I'll be it. But I love you both, that's why!

Exams are over……. for now

I wouldn't call myself a tiger mom but I think I kind of am one. Im a modern tiger mom. I'm selective in things I wanna be strict about. Some things I just dont care but when it comes to school, I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure she does well. Also, I see a lot of potential in my daughter. She really reminds me of myself. She is super smart. I was super smart too but my mum was also super busy. My daughter is lucky because she gets to have me to breathe down her neck and make sure she does all her work. Or maybe she's unlucky? I dont know. We'll ask her when she's 21!

Her school is one crazy school. They have exams all the freaking time which is starting to stress me out a lot. Everything is also getting tougher in school and in some subjects, like Maths, she is struggling. Mind you, she's not even 6 yet and they're already doing multiplications, divisions and whatever else which I dont remember doing until I was in standard 2. In my time, standard 2 is 8 years old, btw so for a 6 year old, to do 8 years old kind work is tough. But this "moder" tiger mum won't let her give up. I push her as much as she can take (luckily I know when to stop, I'm not that nuts!) and then I tell her to do her best and pray to God she will pass with flying colours. Alhamdulillah, the formula is working for her.But, I am stressed out, yo!!!!!

Last couple of weeks was tough. They had their topical tests and every day we have to study different thing. We have a routine whereby we study but we get playtime and take a break when we are tired. I actually have to stay up late to prepare what I want to go through with her the next day. Like a teacher!!! I sometimes stay up late to prepare mock papers for her to do. Alhamdulillah I have my tiger mom gang. 3 of us will exchange papers and get our girls to do them. It is awesome because my daughter will always want to do things when she knows her friends are doing it to. "Can you do this paper, Aunty XXX did this paper for you and wants to see if you can do it" Quickly, she will do it and that's how we revise this time around.

So this week, she completed all her exams. Woohoo!!! Mummy can have a short break. They have concert practice all month this month. Next month, we will have the final exams. More exams!!!! I better prepare myself for that. Until then…..

Hurray!!! Exam is over…. Mummy can enjoy Ramadhan in peace.

She's here!

On Tuesday, the agent came over to send the new maid to us. They came at 1.30pm

The agent had WA'ed me a photo of the new maid and my first impression was, she looked different from the photo. She looked older (like in her 40s) and almost like a different person from the CV photo we saw and chose. I had to send the CV photo to my friends to ask if it is the same person. I couldn't tell at all. When she arrived, she looks different from the CV photo and from the photo sent by WA! She looks like a child. Small frame. I was worried, I must say but I wanted to remain positive and I quickly stopped worrying about her appearance.

She seems like a soft spoken and timid young girl. First question I asked was if she could speak English and she said yes. On the phone when we interviewed her, she said no. I guess she can speak a little bit of English since she was working in UAE for quite a few years. I was happy that she can speak a bit of English because I didn't know how my kids are going to communicate with her if she doesn't speak English. Alhamdulillah she can! Bonus points!

The agent explained to us about our rights and terms of the contract and all that. She checked the maid's bag in front of me. Filled up the forms for me to sign and even checked the maid's room to see the condition. I think it is pretty good that they do that. They also need to make sure that we are a good employer to the maids they bring in. Some employers dont even give the basic stuff for their maids. For me, I want her to be comfortable and I want her to feel at home. Heck, this is going to be her home and her room for hopefully the next couple of years so I want her to be happy here. It works both ways.

After the agent left, my maid, (let's call her Mini) started doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. It was not messy because I had already cleaned up but she just started tidying up everything. She continued and didn't stop cleaning the whole day. She didn't even stop to drink. The agent told me out of the many maids that they bring in for this round, my maid is the most hardworking one. She would be the last to eat (when she was staying with the agent in the first few days of her arrival) and she will be the last to go to bed because she will be up cleaning and always finding things to do. Another bonus points right there! Alhamdulillah.

It's been 2 days now since she's been with us and I am happy with her work. She is really hardworking and very good worker. She talks to my kids but not that much. My kids are super friendly and loves to talk but I guess Mini is not so chatty, just yet. They both like her tho, that's the most important thing. Truth is, these 2 days, she's been cleaning non stop and haven't really taken time to warm up with us or the kids.

My first maid was God sent. Truly she was. We all love her because she is a superwoman. She can do EVERYTHING. Cooking, gardening, baking….even stuff like handyman stuff she can do. Really, if I ask her to build something and be a carpenter I think she can do it. Amazing! I remember when she first came, my house was in a mess because we had just moved in. Most of the stuff were still in boxes and we were still living off our suitcases because I haven't had time to hang anything up. My daughter was about 1.5 years old so you can imagine, she needed my attention and I didn't have time to unpack yet. Within few days of her arrival, she sorted out EVERYTHING. I did not give her any training whatsoever because she knew what to do and how to do and best way to do it. She was the ma'am of the house because she was in charge and not me. I just sat there doing nothing. Oh, I got pregnant too then and didn't really do much. She pampered me throughout my pregnancy too. I got foot rubs, back massages almost everyday.

When she told us she was leaving (to get married), I was heartbroken but I dont want to accept she is indispensable. I told myself, out with the with the new. People will come and people will go. That's just how life is. So we got ourselves a new maid. Rose helped us train Norilynn. She did a good job because I didn't have to train her at all. From the minute she left, Norilynn already knew the flow and what needed to be done. She obviously wasn't as good or half as good as Rose but she was alright.

Now with the new maid, I forgot that I have to train her. I am so bad at training, especially with housework because I am not domesticated at all. Yikes.

After 2 days of being her, she doesn't know our flow and keeps cleaning and cleaning all day. How much can you clean, right? I needed help with making breakfast or preparing food for lunchbox for the kids but she's always busy cleaning. I started missing Rose. I contacted her to tell her that the new maid is here (We still keep in touch all the time) and she told us that she was missing us too.

I spoke to my mum about it and she said I need to train the new maid. Get a schedule done.
Why didn't I think of that??? I also spoke to few friends about this and they all told me I need to get a schedule done. OMG… This is my forte and I didn't do it???!!!

I really cannot believe I haven't done one ever. I love planning and I love to list things down but I DID NOT do this?? Kind of unbelievable even for myself. I spoke to a friend and she sent me her schedule!
I looked at it and was like OMG….I cannot believe I haven't done it and quickly made one.

I've been doing it and now it is all ready. I haven't had time to give it to Mini yet because, yea she's still busy vacuuming everyday! I'm going to give it to her some time today so she can start following the routine and learn our flow.

InsyaAllah, she will be a good helper to me and my family. Pray for us.
Alhamdulillah I am maidless no more.