Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lazy food

When I was in UK, I used to eat out 90% of the time. I spent a lot of money eating out. I was so lazy. But some days, I just want to eat at home and when I am broke (eating out in UK was quite expensive as the places I love dining at is not exactly cheap! I have expensive taste! LOL), I will cook something super simple at home. One of the things I love to make because it is so easy is Pasta Goreng.

What you need is basically:
1.  Blended onions, garlic and chilies
2.  Original pasta sauce
3.  Pasta (my favourite is Penne and macaroni)
4.  Meat. I usually use boneless chicken, sometimes prawns and sometimes squid

On days when my husband is not home, my kids already have their boring soup and rice, I will make this pasta for lunch.

To make it "healthier", I also added some chia seeds :)
And to add a little bit of crunch, I will add some herbs like coriander … It is so simple and yummy.

This is what I call my lazy food! It is so yummy!

What's your lazy food?
Thursday, January 28, 2016

Practice makes perfect

Every Wednesday, my daughter will have English spelling and dictation test. I dread these tests because getting a 5 year old to practise is not easy. Sometimes, they give us the list on Friday and expect us to learn everything by Wednesday. It is really a pain in my butt!

Last week, we got this list! My jaw dropped! In my head, I'm going "there is NO WAY we can score this!" I'm not one of those kiasu mum. I just get really annoyed if she doesn't want to try. I don't expect her to get all correct or 100% all the time in all her subject but I want her to attempt everything and give her best shot. My daughter is very smart and I know she can do it. Because of this, I tend to push her a little bit more, sometimes. Whereas my son, I know he is playful and I don't push him to do any school work at all. I'm so unfair. My daughter will hate me for this!

Anyway, back to the spelling…
This list 8 was looking like it is an impossible thing to do in a week. As usual, I wrote each word on the  card and stuck it on the wall. Slowly, we practiced it every single day. Maybe once a day at first but come Monday, I am panicking because she still can't spell some words.

I made a list of the words she's having problems with and got her to spell it all the time. She gets a tick if she gets them right and this is actually for my own reference. Some words with no tick on it are words she is not able to spell. Easy words but for some reason, she can't get it right and she's getting confused. Oh dear!!!

The dictation was also too damn long! This is the hardest part for us because last term, their dictation was only a single sentence and a pretty short one too. This term, I don't know why, they've gone tougher!

My daughter doesn't like it when I tell her she's wrong and she doesn't like it when she doesn't get something right. Like this photo, it bugs her that there is so many mistakes. I tell her that it doesn't matter, make mistakes and learn from it but no, she doesn't like making mistakes. A few drama went on and sometimes tears too. At one point, I totally give up. I think my teaching method is not that great because I just want to scream sometimes. I get so frustrated because it is not that she can't do it, it is actually because she is not focusing. Mental block or something. I mean, can't blame her too. She's not even 6!

When I've had enough, I passed the baton to my husband. Who is a nicer teacher and calmer. But somehow, she still prefers me. But my husband helped her with the spelling while I was cooking lunch and they did quite well. By the end of my cooking, she got all correct!

On Tuesday night, we went to bed feeling really good because she managed to get all her spelling and dictation right. Some of the words that she was having problems with we practiced further all the way to school.

In the car, she was so annoyed with me "Don't worry mummy! I am going to get all correct!!" and annoyed that I am still asking her to spell them! LOL

Tiger mummy just won't let it go!

So proud of her. I know she can do it. Even if she comes back with some mistakes because I know she likes to do it very fast but then she will make some careless mistakes, I will be ok. As long as I know she can do it, I know I've done my part. And she can do it.

Now on to the next list! ARGH!!!! It is Friday today and we haven't started! Yikes

Homework nightmares

Back in primary school, I was one of those smart ass who NEVER did any homework and every teacher's nightmare. I was so annoying because I am the girl the teachers want to strangle but I also did well in my studies that they can't really strangle me. You know? That annoying little girl!

I remember getting into so much trouble for NOT doing homework. I just couldn't be bothered! Homework to me is a total waste of time. And to be honest, I still think that it is!
I remember in Standard 1 we didn't have any homework. In Standard 2, we had some. I didn't do any. I remember my class teacher pulled me to one side to ask me if I will do my homework if she put my name down to be a prefect. I nodded. But she didn't believe me. She didn't put my name down. Which is a good thing probably because my standard 3 teacher would physically hurt me for not doing homework. Still, it didn't help. I was clearly too cool for school but I managed to get good grades anyway. That's what that matters anyway.

So, knowing that it is in my BLOOD…. I have to make sure my daughter doesn't follow my footsteps. As much as I don't believe doing homework will make you cleverer or improve your grades or whatever, I now believe that doing homework is a form of discipline. It just teaches you to be responsible for your work. It's not so much about getting it right or learning or practicing especially at my daughter's age…to me it is more about getting her to sit and know the rules. MUST FINISH HOMEWORK! No questions about that.

I get so annoyed when school gives her so much homework because at my daughter's age, it is ME doing it more than her. Yes, she is physically writing down the answers or whatever but to get her to do it, is like making ME do the homework more than her!

Last week, she had this Geography school project and they were supposed to do a pretend passport. At first we just did a really crappy one but then I thought OMG, it is too ugly to be submitted. I'm sure the teachers won't mind but I told my daughter that we must make it nicer.

So off I went spending my whole morning on the computer trying to research how to do a pretend passport for school. I was doing all this while she was watching cartoon or busy playing with her dolls. I was so annoyed. I couldn't find a template that I liked and so I created my own template and designed it myself. All she had to do was just cut them and paste them. She also had to write and fill in some blanks in the "passport".

I spent my whole Sunday morning until lunch doing this passport. Her input was very little. Cutting and writing and pasting but even that, she didn't put in that much effort. At one time, I got really frustrated and I said to her, "you know, I put in sooooooo much effort doing this passport and you don't even care" and I looked really sad and upset because I was. She looked at me with her big eyes and sort of understood what I was feeling and then she started paying more attention. We managed to complete it on time. It was supposed to be submitted on Tuesday when school reopens.

And then she came back on Tuesday and the damn passport was still in the bag!!! The teacher didn't even asked for it! This whole week the damn passport is still in the bag! What a waste of my time!

ARgh. I hate homework!

Rewarding myself

Last week I had my medical check up and the results was so good that I deserve a reward. I've been craving brownies like nobody's business but for some strange annoying reason, this baker I always order from won't take my order! I don't know if she's really so damn busy or she is just rejecting my order (which I don't understand why) or what but for a week I've been trying to order and she's always not free on the days I'm willing to pick up. Whatever la, I need my dose of chocolate and I want it NOW!!!!!!

Since I can't order brownies (Gosh, I want it sooooo bad), I opted for the second best. Cupcakes!!!
My best friend have been raving about these awesome cupcakes from our regular cupcake/cake baker and I decided to order the same. Her son's birthday was on Thursday and she had ordered these cupcakes for pick up and I just tried my luck. Contacted the baker to see if she can take my super last minute order and she said yes. She is my favourite baker. Her cakes are the bomb!!!

Tadaaaaaaaa.. my awesome cupcakes. Aren't they just pretty?? I picked up the cupcakes after I picked up my daughter from school. When my daughter saw these in the box, she couldn't resist and I had to park my car by the roadside, just to stop to give her 1 cupcake. Not only that, even I couldn't resist it, I took out 2 from the box. 1 for her and 1 for me.

She then shouted… "OMG this is the most awesome cupcake in the whole wide world!" LOL.
And she is right!!!!!

Of course as soon as we got home, we took a few more one more cupcake each. It was so lush! I love it!

Isn't it awesome? I mean, I can eat whatever I like now that I am taking these supplements.  Best part is, I don't even exercise. But I will, I promise myself although I don't NEED to, I will exercise. But before I start exercising, I need to reward myself first. With what? Well, I need to look good exercising too.. I need to get workout outfits. Shoes and whatnot. Soon, soon!! Before that, let me enjoy this reward first….

Have a good day everyone!
Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 General Medical Check up

Last year, right before I bought my first IZUMIO & Super Lutein package, I made sure I went for a general medical check up. I remember I was all hyped up back in January 2015 because I wanted that year to be all about being healthy and looking after myself and I must say, I've done pretty ok.

This was my medical report last year. Overall, it was OK. Nothing to worry about. I remember that consultation with the doctor clearly. He just told me to watch out my cholesterol level, exercise regularly (even if it is just short walks daily) and cut down on my sugar. Overall, my health was pretty good I would say, based on that report last year.

A whole year went by and what has changed???

1. Well, I have not watched my diet. Meaning I don't think I have done anything to control my cholesterol level. Yikes.

2. I dont exercise! I think I went to the gym twice the whole of last year and each session was not more than 10 minutes. I went for sauna once too, if that is considered as working out? (please!)

3. I have not cut down on my sugar AT ALL too. If anything, I've eaten more chocolates, more brownies and more cakes than ever since I discovered my 2 new home bakers! I've been ordering brownies and cakes like nobody's business. And each time I order them, I don't even share it with everyone. I will just whack everything all by myself. (Shame on me! but it is too good to share!)

4. I have been taking my IZUMIO and Super Lutein consistently. 2 - 3 times a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail. In fact, if I don't take them (say if I was busy or something), I will feel so bad because it has become my daily routine. I take IZUMIO and Super Lutein even when I'm on holiday. I never ever miss a day.

Last week, I made an appointment to do my General Medical Check up. I decided to go to Desapark Sime Darby to do it because my best friend works there and it is an excuse for us to have lunch together.

I opted for the Essential Health 2 package at RM700 and I top up another additional RM200++ for an extra breast ultrasound. This package is excellent and includes all the biometrics tests, blood and urine test, Chest stray, resting ECG, Abdomen and pelvis ultrasound.

I was actually VERY nervous because I know I have not been "good". I've been eating too much sweet stuff and I love my food. I don't have pantangs. I told my friend that if all goes well, I'm going to order brownies to celebrate but if results come back bad, I will quit brownies forever. Well, not forever, OBVIOUSLY, but for awhile!

Then I got this message from her…."OMG your cholesterol is da bomb!! please order brownies!" LOL
I didn't get her message because I was still doing some tests at the time but she couldn't wait to tell me my results and was super jealous because she knows how much junk (especially cakes and stuff) I've been stuffing my face all this while.

Here is my results for this year…. Check it out!!! The main thing to note is….

My cholesterol level has gone down from 5.34 to 4.84 this year!! WOOT WOOT!!!!! My sugar also has gone down. Good cholesterol has gone up and bad cholesterol is done.
How is this possible without any lifestyle changes??

IZUMIO and Super Lutein is the answer! I am super excited that I can see results. 1 year of being consistent and I have my own results to prove that these products work. I've seen so many people having this same results too and I couldn't be happier.

What's the plan for this year then?
I will continue taking these products. After all, I'm probably consuming it for free already now. If you want to know how to consume these cheaper and how to continue consuming them without breaking your bank account, WA me and I'll tell you how!

Invest in your health today. I did last year….what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Izumio Super Lutein Package


For this week only, from Monday 18 January 2016 until Friday 22 January 2016 there will be a promo for the full package. 

Normal price of the package is RM5330 but for this week until the 22 January 2016, the price of the full package will be RM5208.

What do you get with a full package?
You get a total of 14 or 15 products. 14 products if you want the company to deliver the products to you OR 15 products if you pick it up yourself. I would just go and pick it up and get that free product!

Retail price for each product is RM435 and by getting this package, you will save about RM80 per product. That is a savings of RM1200! On top of that you also get free membership which is additional savings of RM122.

This package should last about 6-8 months depending on your daily consumption. If after getting this package, you refer only another 2 people to buy a full package, you will get approximately RM2000 (paid to you within 1 year), so your package actually is a lot cheaper! 

We accept payments by all credit cards but with the above credit cards, we can arrange for installment payments with 0% interest! That's just RM444 per month for 12 months. 

What are you waiting for?? Come and join me and many others in this journey. Not only you will have better health by consuming these amazing supplements,
You'll also be on your way to your passive income. In today's economy, it will be silly not to find extra source of income!

After Friday, price will go back to normal at RM5330 for 14/15 products! Email me or WA me now!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back to School

I've been waiting for this day to come. Year end school holiday was a LONG LONG one and I think I've had enough of them kids at home already! Time to go back to school, kids!!!

We are at the new campus of my daughter's big school and hopefully this will be the permanent campus. I was actually getting pretty used to the other campus but I think this new campus is better for us. Location wise, it is not much of a difference but traffic is much better at this new campus. Having said that, the morning traffic at the school and at pick up time in the afternoon is CRAZY. This is something that I need to get used to.

To our surprise, there are 5 new girls in my daughter's class now. I wasn't expecting that at all. I tend to like the class to be smaller than bigger BUT this new campus has a bigger classroom and somehow 21 students fits just nicely. Also, I'm excited that all the new students are girls. More friends for my daughter.

Security at this new campus is also super strict, which is kind of annoying for parents like me who wants to spend time in school. Well, I don't really, but I was so used to sending my daughter right to her class every morning and picking up right outside her classroom door. This time, we weren't allowed to do that anymore. She needs to wait for us at the gate, which is a pain because it is like pasar malam there and we are all sandwiched trying to get our kids! Also, her school bag is super heavy, I hate seeing her walk carrying that bag.

Note to self: I need to get a trolley bag.

Good news is, my girlfriend who lives in Singapore is coming back to KL and getting me a cute trolley bag which we saw when we were in Singapore but didn't get to buy. Such a cute trolley bag. I can't wait for her to have it!

Our morning routine starts from 6am, when my alarm goes. I've been slacking all month last month and getting up late so this time, it is a pain in the butt to get up so early. But I must say, it is not so bad. I sleep really early too at 9.30pm. If I don't reply your messages at night, that means I'm already in lalaland!

Overall….it has been pretty good.

Crying in the morning at drop off? Oh yes! Still! Daily! (What's new) but it is not the screaming crying kind, more like sad tears falling down her cheeks.…… and at pick up, she is the brightest most friendliest and happiest person there! You can see it!

This morning she said school is boring if you compare it to playing… Duh! how do you address that?
Of course studying is less fun than playing! I didn't know how to answer her.

Soon, maybe I will send my son to the same school. I know she will be ok then. We'll see… But it is a little too "serious" for him. He's too playful. This school won't be right for him, yet

On another note, I'm craving brownies.
Yea. I am.
I don't know how long I can last without ordering brownies or chocolate cake! God, please give me strength!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Vision and Eye Health

Healthy eyes and vision is an important part of kids' development. I see so many friends with young kids (same age as mine) already wearing glasses and it's not uncommon as kids today are exposed to blue light (computer, tv, iPads) from a very young age. Their eyes should be examined regularly as many eye problems and diseases can be detected and treated early. 

Today, a friend of mine shared a testimonial from one of her customer who is in KK. This lady is from the kampung and has 3 children. She comes from a low income family and unfortunately, her youngest baby has some kind of eye disease. When you really believe and know that a product is good for you, you will find ways to buy it and that's what she did for her child. Bless her. She has to travel quite far out of her kampung to buy the products but she does, every single month and today, after consuming it for more than 3-4 months, she is ready to share her story. She's seen improvements in her son. Her baby was only 5 months old when she first started. She uses IZUMIO as eyedrops for her son and gives him Super Lutein / Mitroplus. I'm not sure how she administers it but I suspect, she snips the capsule and squeeze the stuff out and give it to the baby. Btw, Mitroplus is another one of our products. It is much more powerful than Super Lutein but unfortunately, it is not available in Malaysia. We get them shipped from Singapore or Hong Kong or get friends to buy them for us here. So anyway, the IZUMIO that she uses for her baby as eyedrops is really helping him and I'm so happy for her.

I was so excited when I heard the good news because I felt bad for her. I wanted it to work for her so badly because I know money is tight and Alhamdulillah, she's seen improvements. Not only this product is super expensive for her, she also have to travel quite far to get it. I pray that she will continue to see improvements in her son's eyes and hopefully, someday will start earning from this business or can consume it cheaper/free someday.

What is it about Super Lutein that is good for the eyes? Well, if you want to read my previous post on eye health,click on the links below
Super Lutein Supplement for the eyes
What is Super Lutein
Super Lutein for the eyes
More about Super Lutein

Super Lutein is not like other supplements. Normal supplements have fillers and additives and many are synthetically produced which will eventually harm our kidneys and liver. I can tell you all sorts of things but you won't know until you try it yourself.

Best thing is, not only this supplement is the best for the eyes, it is also good for overall health. Why spend money on buying all sorts of supplements when you can just consume 1 type and kawtim everything? I hate eating so many supplements and mixing with other brands. I am more comfortable just taking 1 type, 1 brand..even if it means I need to take a few capsules a day. At least I know it is from the same source and a source I truly trust.

How about you? When are you going to try? 
Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vege Soup

My kids don't really eat a lot of vege. Thank God for Super Lutein because with it, my kids still get the nutrition they need from all the fruits and veg. But still, I still believe they need to eat more vegetables especially for the fiber and also, it's just good for them. I don't know why I haven't tried making vege soup before but I tried making them last few times and I am starting to love it so much. It is so easy to make too and my kids don't mind eating them. Here's how to make them.

Basically everything in the photo is in the soup except for garlic.

Ingredients for my vege soup:

Optional: Chicken, beef, ikan bilis, chicken stock/cube

To make this soup is super easy…
1. Add a little bit of oil. I usually use olive oil. Turn on the heat and then chuck in Garlic, Onions and ginger first.
2. I will then add the chicken/beef/ikan bilis.
3. Next I will add tomatoes and carrots.
4. Add water and let it boil a little bit
5. Chuck everything else in….
6. Next is optional, sometimes I will add some chicken cube but sometimes I won't, depending on my mood.
7. Last is just to season it with salt and a bit of pepper. I will add fishball last. My son loves them!

So easy kan? Just throw everything in and you're done. It is seriously so delicious. Sometimes I will also add in some cabbages.

Good part is, my daughter doesn't even know she's eating Cauliflower when I make this soup because I will just mash it and she thinks it's rice. She will eat this soup with white rice. She won't eat anything else with her food. Just clear soup with white rice so to me, adding cauliflower is pretty good.

I don't know why I never thought of doing this before. It is so yummy and easy to make. Some days I will make it with chicken, some days with beef, some days with just ikan bilis, some days I'll add chicken cube and some days I wont. I have not tried making this with seafood tho…, I don't know if it will work….. It might. I don't know.

Making it again today! Yums.
Monday, January 11, 2016

Kindy school hunt

I've been really blessed that my apartment is next door to a small kindy. Good thing about that is I just send my kids next door and most of the time, they just run to school…without shoes even! I love it. We all love it. It's been that way since we moved back to this apartment. Almost 2 years now.

Best part is, I know they are safe and I know they are in good hands. The teacher/owner of the school is fantastic teacher. She's Irish/Scottish (can't remember) but been living here in Malaysia for over 30 years and she's been an educator for all her life (she's 60 or so). She's just wonderful and you can tell she loves children and she's very passionate about them and their learning. We love her. The best part about her is the kids are scared of her because she's very strict but at the same time, she is the most loving teacher ever. She gives them hugs and cuddles all the time. The kids know that with Ms Rose, it is no nonsense! I love that. Not many teachers can discipline the kids and at the same time, be their best friend too.

So yes, I've been blessed that she's just next door.

Of course being a school in an apartment unit is not very ideal. They don't get much outdoor play (except for water time at the balcony) but they do a lot of fun things indoors. I believe that this is the best place for my kids and not because it is convenient for me to just drop them off next door.
My daughter is doing quite ok in big school despite coming from a very small school of 10 students with 3 teachers. She's now in a school so big that she can get lost inside the building if she's not careful. But I believe Ms Rose has prepped her well. I would like the same for my son.

Yesterday, we received a devastating news. The school next door will cease its operation. Apparently the landlord (owners of this building) don't want a business running in this building anymore. God knows why they suddenly want to do that but the school was given short notice to leave. We were called for a meeting yesterday and when she told us this, we (mothers) all wanted to cry! Especially me!!!!!

So now I gotta think what to do……

1. Send my son to my daughter's school for reception level? This would be easiest option because they get to go to school together BUT he's very young…and although reception level would be for his age but I think he is a little immature still for "proper" school.
2. Find a school closer to my house. This would mean one of us (my husband or me) would have to send 1 kid each as it would be 2 different timing and 2 different locations.
3. Find a school closer to my daughter's school. This means, they leave home at the same time. I drop my daughter off first, and then my son. Poor guy have to get up super early! But pick up time will be a problem because I will have to go home and drop him off before I pick my daughter up because she will finish much later.

This is so unexpected.

I want to cry.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Life Juice is da bomb

Remember this post when I shared about Life Juice? Well, I am still in love with it and I've also converted my husband to be a juice junkie. It all started when I dragged my husband to the outlet near my daughter's Maths class. He is not a juice person but I don't know why, he wanted to try and since then, he's addicted to it! It is really yummy.

His favourite is Sun Kissed and mine, is Nutty Professor. We buy it almost every few days and especially since the nearest outlet to our house is only 5 minutes away! This Nutty Professor is really very nice! I love it so much

I tried their green juice and it is also not bad. I actually quite like it and even my son loves Life Juice. His favourite is Sun Kissed, like his dad's. Thank God he doesn't like mine because I don't want to share!!

IZUMIO and Super Lutein Business

Last weekend, I attended a training at the Naturally Plus office to learn more about the business model and the compensation plan. In other words, HOW TO EARN MORE MONEY. Money always attracts attention doesn't it?

I've been doing this business for about a year now and so far, it's been really good! When I first started, all I wanted was to consume the products to maintain my good health. I mean, I know I'm not getting any younger and I don't take any other supplements and I think it is high time I start something. I'm glad I found this. I'm glad I didn't waste time and money buying all sorts of vitamins from the pharmacy and instead, I just went straight for the best. I'm lucky I found this product and thankful to my friend for recommending this to me.

Before I started, my daughter had started consuming first for her eczema. Can you believe that she has not had eczema since then? It is AMAZING!!! She's been on various steroid creams pretty much since she was a baby and now, she is eczema free. This was what got me more interested to consume this forever. With the price …. I had to think twice because obviously my husband won't be happy paying for my supplements (he thinks I don't need to spend so much on supplements because I am healthy!) He  thinks every supplement is the same so why must I spend so much instead of just getting the cheap one from GNC or something. But I had to do this for myself. I needed to be healthy for MYSELF and most importantly, for my family too. And because of that, I bought my first IZUMIO n Super Lutein package using my own money. RM5330 on my credit card.I don't think I've purchased anything that expensive. (Handbags don't count!) Ouch. I took the instalment and paid RM444 per month with that first package.

From then, I started hearing my friends talking about consuming the products cheaper. How can I consume this cheaper? It got me interested to know more and then they told me how I can start earning from "selling" these products. They encouraged me to share with friends and family.

1. There's Facebook
2. There's Instagram
3. There's blog(s)

I use the social media to share about these products because I don't meet people. I don't really go out and socialize much. How can I "sell" if I don't meet people? Social media is the way to go as you can "meet" people just by sharing things online. Face to face meet up is not necessary with the social media. Best part is, I can share from home, with my kids running around the house. Perfect kind of "job" for SAHM like me.

My first customers were all from my blog. They are still consuming this product now and I am so happy with their progress with the products. Then I started sharing in Facebook groups and soon, I got few customers from there too. From then, I've been growing and growing…slowly but surely. Whenever I meet up with my gfs, I will share with them too. I'm not too "in-your-face" when I'm sharing because really, I am sharing what I do, what I'm consuming and if you don't want it, it is fine but if you want to know more, you can always ask.

This is the best business to be in for me because:

  • It is a fast growing business. It is MLM, yes but it is not the same like any other because we have an amazing product. You just have to try it to believe it. 
  • I can do it from home and I don't have targets to meet. It is so flexible, I love it!
  • The product works! My family is in our best health right now because of this. With 2 young kids, they get sick (flu and fever) every now and then, it is normal. But their immune system is so strong that I don't even treat them with medication anymore. We have paracetamol at home as back up but we have not used them in a year! Kids are actually missing their Paed! That's all good news to me. I need to write another post on how the products has helped me specifically this whole year and also my husband. It's been great!
  • Once you are in the business, the product because really affordable too. I got a whole year worth of products to consume for FREE last year too. 
  • I have the best team and the support from the team members are just awesome. 
  • Stress free business because there are no targets. You want more, you work more and it is as simple as that. 
The investment?
RM5330.00 and this gives you:
  • 15 products 
  • Naturally Plus membership

Not only this is a business investment, it is also investment for you and your family's good health. If you want to be like me, you can opt to pay by credit card and go for the 0% interest. From RM444 you can improve your health and start to be part of this business. 

For those who don't want to invest or have zero capital, you can contact me, I have a perfect proposal for you! If you can sell, you will earn immediately! This could be the easiest way you can start earning and have a side income!!

If you want to read more about this business, click the below
Best Side Business
My Naturally Plus Journey

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Taking care of yourself

My ultimate aim this year is to be happy. I realised that in order to be a better mum and wife, I need to be happy - inside and out. It is as simple as that. You need to make yourself happy in order to make others happy. Agree? If you are unhappy, even little things will drive you mad and it just gets ugly.

This year, I just want to be happy. Call my selfish but really, I am not. If I'm not happy, my kids won't be happy. If I'm not happy, my husband will not be happy. How is that selfish?

Number 1 and the most important thing to me to be happy is, to be healthy. You cannot and you will not be happy if you are not healthy. That is a fact!

My plans to be healthy:
  • Live healthy: eating right and cut down on sugar. This is difficult because I am obsessed with brownies. I can't stop eating them but this year, I promise I will cut down. I don't know how but I will!! I promise. I also promise to try to eat more fruits and vegetables and try to include more of those in our diet. Making myself healthy doesn't mean I neglect the others. I need to eat right and therefore I will make sure my family does too. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone, so to speak!
  • Continue consuming IZUMIO and Super Lutein supplements. I've been taking them for slightly over a year now and I have seen so much improvements in our general health as a family. We see  the doctors less (for the kids) because I just treat them with these 2 amazing products and Alhamdulillah, throughout the whole of last year, I think I've taken my kids to see their paed maybe 2x. And those 2x we went was not even necessary because they didn't even need the medication and recover by themselves. I can't tell you enough about how these supplements have helped us and our health. I wish you could see it too and I'm glad some of you have. Thank you for believing in me. This year is no different, I will continue to consume these products and ensure my family takes them too. I've been doing really well and it is hassle free getting my whole family to consume this daily. 
  • Exercise. Sigh. Big big sigh. This one, I got to say, I really failed big time last year. I think I went to the gym twice in the whole of last year and I remember it clearly because I went on the treadmill for only 5 minutes each time! LOL. I am just not fit like that! This year, I have bigger plans tho. First is to shop for sports attire. I don't own any. I think in order to get my ass to the gym, I need to "look the part" first. Maybe it is an excuse to shop? Trust me, it is not. I would rather spend RM400 on a nice pair of shoes from Nine West than spend it on Nike. But this time, I am willing to get a new pair of shoes for sports because I think I should have one. That way, in case I want to jog, I can go for a jog. I also need new swimsuit because I'm excited that my son can swim and I want to hopefully spend more time in the pool with him and whilst doing that, I don't look like a cow and have to hide my bits and pieces under a tshirt. You need to look good to feel good, right? Well, I believe that anyway. So new sportswear and new swimwear it is! (I rather spend at ZARA!)
Number 2 is about looking after my soul and connecting with myself. I keep a journal to check and look through because sometimes, things happen so fast and you tend to forget. Last year was quite traumatic for me. I was going through quite a bad patch at one point. I jot down every single thing. What I learned, what I was going to do, what hurt me, what made me feel better and what didn't. That dark phase is over, Alhamdulillah but I have my notes to read back and see what I did wrong and what I can do to make things better and different this time. Storytelling is also a form of therapy for me. I realise that somewhere along the way, I lost myself. I don't know who this person is anymore. I'm someone's mum and someone's wife…and that's it…but what about me, the person? I've been neglecting myself and that's where I went wrong. This year, I need to look after me and connect with myself even more. How? Have more "me time". Time away from husband and the kids. That is so important and I want to do more of it this year. It doesn't mean I want to be away from my husband or my kids for a long time or I'm happier without them. It just means, I need some time alone to do my own things. I need to start believing that THIS IS OK. I'm working on this…

Number 3 is about feeling beautiful. I need to feel it. I don't particularly feel it right now. I can be thin and people can tell me I look slim but if I don't believe it, I don't believe it. Weight wise, I think I'm ok. I'm the best size I've ever been and I'm happy with my weight right now..but I don't feel beautiful. I need to work on this. I guess I've been in denial. I look at my photos when I was 27 and compare it with my photo now, obviously that will make me feel ugly, right? I just look tired all the time, although really, I am not THAT tired. My plan is to go continue going for regular facial. I've been doing that since last year and I found a new place that I love. I'm still experimenting with new facial products too. Some are ok and some are not. Hopefully I can find the perfect combination soon. Watch this space!

To conclude… here are some simple ways that will help me take care of myself better this year. Might help you too…(I googled this!)

1. Drink more water (IZUMIO is the best!)
2. Drink more fruit juice (LifeJuice is the best for me!)
3. Skip or cut down on sugar (No more brownies!!)
4. Pray (or meditate for those who don't pray) - this always works!
5. Stay close to positive people and stay away from negativity
6. Diffuse some essential oil or burn some incense (it is relaxing!)
7. Take a nap (power nap is good!) or sleep early. I do this lately!
8. Call your loved ones (my mum and my bff is always on speed dial!)
9. Kiss your hubby daily (note to self)
10. Laugh A LOT

Simple right?

Monday, January 4, 2016

My current obsession

Remember this post? Well, just so you know, I am OBSESSED with my Young Livings diffuser and oils! I am so obsessed with it that the thing I missed most when I was in Singapore was my diffuser and oil because I miss smelling it so much.

Usually, after I give my kids a bath, I will start diffusing and by the time we finish dinner and ready to go to bed, the bedroom smells of something wonderful. I love this new routine. 

I still haven't purchased any additional essential oils yet because the last package I bought has loads but I will be placing my order soon because my lavender has run out and my peppermint is slowing finishing too. 

My favourite to diffuse during the day is lemongrass because I will diffuse it in the living room and the smell is quite strong. My living room is pretty big so the smell pretty much covers the whole area. At night, my favourite combination is anything mixed with peppermint! Lavender + peppermint is good too.

I even bought a box to put all my essential oils too. Cheap one from Daiso! Cant wait to fill it up with other oils. I wish the smell will stay all day and night but it doesn't. After 4 hours or so, the diffuser will automatically stop. Usually when this happens in the middle of the night, I'll be in lalaland. But if I happen to be up, I'll switch it back on again.

I need to get another diffuser because I hate carrying this one everywhere to every room. Next month's budget will include this. 

My little swimmers

We have a pool at home and the kids usually "swim" with their dad every weekend. It has become a routine that every Sunday, they will all swim while I hang out doing my own thing alone in the house. It is very peaceful here on Sundays without them for a good 1-2 hours.

Of course our swimming pool is quite deep and they need their little floats. I insist on them wearing it all the time because one time, my son, just ran and jumped in the pool before my husband was even ready to catch him. He had to jump to rescue our son with his t-shirt still on. From that day on, I told the kids to put on their floats even from home. Boys, they're just not scared!

My son is a typical boy. He is always up for adventure and very rough and tough. My daughter, is the typical girl…always thinking twice before doing something dangerous. She is still scared of swimming class in school (even after 3 months of school) because she is worried the coach might make her swim without her floats on.

Last week in Singapore, the pool at the Shangri La was amazing. It was perfect! It even had baby slides (only kids can go on those) and my daughter had to be brave to get on those slides. It took her quite a while but finally, she did it. She was so happy, she couldn't and wouldn't stop queuing up to go again and again! I was so proud of her. It is a big deal. I mean, she's comfortable swimming (with her floats) at home but everywhere else, she is still scared. Getting on the slides is a big deal!! Even until today, she won't jump in the pool, even with floats on. She's really that scared. So this time, I was really happy to see her enjoying herself in the pool.

My son on the other hand was ready to swim without floats. He is always waiting for the opportunity to get rid of them but I wouldn't have it. He doesn't know how to swim yet. No swimming classes, nothing. Just playing in the pool every weekend doesn't make him a swimmer or knows how to. I wouldn't let him take them off but quietly, my husband did in Singapore. And guess what? He did it!!!!!

On the last day in Shangri La, I decided to join in the fun in the pool. I didn't the first couple of days because I was shy. I felt fat and my swimsuit isn't exactly helping. But on the last day, I just didn't care. I wanted some pool time with the kids and I just swam with them.

To my surprise, my son was excited to show to me how he can now swim without float. Actually, he only wanted to show off how he can now go under the water but I told him to look for my hands and he followed and soon, he was already swimming towards me.

I couldn't believe it! I was so proud. He was too!!! My son can swim!! WOOT WOOT!!!
No swimming lessons needed for this one!

I'm so happy. Of course after a few seconds, he had to stand on his feet and then start again..and then stand and start again but it was a good effort! He can't wait to start swimming at home but I don't know how we are going to do it at home because he won't be able to stand in that pool. The baby pool is too small for him to swim.

We'll see!

I'm so excited to see his progress! I'm excited to see both of them actually. My daughter is slowly trying to let loose and doing well too.. Slowly but surely.

Hey, better them than me. I still can't swim all that well. Shhhh! don't tell anyone!
Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Life Planner

Dr Halina posted this few months back and I was SOLD!!! I love planners! I was browsing the Erin Condren website and I didn't know which one to choose because I love them all!!! I love all their designs so much. But finally, I opted for this… Simple colourful stripes. I love it!

It is so cool!!! I customised it and have my full name printed and everything! I also bought few other cool stuff like some stickers and a box of ink colour pen to jot down stuff on my planner. I can't remember how much the planner is but I think I paid almost RM400 for everything. I know it is quite crazy to pay that much for a planner but it was well worth it. I love it so much.

I got this package sometime in December and I've been waiting for New Year to start jotting down stuff. My daughter was so jealous. She wanted one too! Sorry girl, too expensive for you! On the 1st January, my daughter was excited that I could start using my planner. She kept reminding me to start writing something down! And stick some stickers too!

Say Yes to new adventures! Hurray!!!! I'm excited for 2016!

This planner also comes with these small cards, which my daughter wants me to give to her. I told her OK because she deserves it. She's been a good girl.

I am loving this planner so much! I wish it had more space for me to write down my thoughts but since it is nicely placed on my dining table and available for everyone to read, maybe I shouldn't write too much P&C stuff there. hehe…

It is only the 4th day and I have so much stuff to write! Love this planner! If you want to get them too, give me a buzz, I think I may have a 10% discount coupon somewhere.

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year to all my blog readers. May this New Year bring us lots of joy, happiness and good health. Amin!

It is already the 4th day into the New Year and only now I get to post this. I've been so busy lately. Even with the maid around, it doesn't help much!

Anyway, normally to welcome the New Year, we will stay somewhere, even if it is just in town but this time, we didn't really get the chance to book anything. Mandarin Oriental and Grand Hyatt was already fully booked by the time we called to inquire. The rooms facing the park (where the fireworks will be) are all taken already. This year, we decided to just stay at home. No special plans. We went to Bangsar to get some DVD to watch that night to keep us awake till midnight.

At 11.45pm, all in our pajamas, we went for a drive to a nearby lake to catch the fireworks. We didn't know if we can see it from there but we just went anyway. The display was rather disappointing but view that night of the lake was really nice. I'm not a photographer and I take quite bad photos. It doesn't do it justice but it was a beautiful night.

The traffic around the lake was bad that my husband couldn't even find a parking spot. He waited in the car while I took the kids out closer to the lake to see the fireworks. Less than 5 minutes and it was over. We went home and slept!

I guess that was it. Nothing special at all. Boo hoo!!

Still, before I went to bed that night, after the kids went to bed… I thought to myself about my journey in 2015. It wasn't all good, it wasn't all bad. 2015 really changed me a lot. Things that I want to work on this year will be:

FAMILY - Build stronger relationship, spend more time with the extended family. Life is really too short. I don't want to have any regrets later.

HEALTH - This is very important to me, especially now that we are all older. I need to feel good and stay healthy in order to be there for my kids and family.

HAPPINESS - Remember this post where I posted the video of Jada Pinkett? I think it is important to be happy and make myself happy. I really really believe that when I'm happy, I am a better mum and a better wife. It just works better when I'm happy. My happiness is in my own hands.

FRIENDSHIP - They're my support system and I hope this year I will continue the beautiful friendship I have with the few people in my life I consider as my friends. Be there for each other, support each other and just spend more time together.

I hope 2016 will be a good year for me. I hope it will be a good year for you too!! Happy New Year, everyone!