Thursday, March 31, 2016

Childhood memories

I grew up in PJ. My grandma lived in SS2 from when I was born till I was about 10 years old. Her next door neighbour was my primary school teacher and we would go to school together everyday. I call her mama because she's like a mum to me and her kids were like my older siblings. I loved it there! My parents were all working and during weekdays, I would stay with my grandma and my parents will come pick me up and stay with them during weekends. I got used to it and didn't mind it at all. My uncles and aunts took care of me and it was fine. I remember when weekend comes, my parents will come and get me and my grandma would run to the kitchen because she will start crying as I was leaving. Bless her, my Tokmi.

Anyway, life back then was really different from today. Back then, my grandma's house was about 2 minutes walk to the nearest playground and padang. Come evening, me and Ayok (my neighbour) would go to the playground together to play. No adults looking after us or to supervise. It was safe. We would meet up with all the kids around the area and play together. By magrib, we will know it is time to go home.

We moved to Kelana Jaya after that and I lost contact with Ayok and his family. Back then, there were no emails to keep in touch. I dont even know their phone number or how to contact them. Kelana Jaya was a bit different. We didn't have neighbours with young children and the nearest playground is not so close. I didn't have friends from that neighbourhood. My grandma's house was also right outside a main road and we weren't really allowed to play outside because there's too many cars going up and down the road.

I had an awesome childhood back in PJ. I loved the padang near my grandma's house and we really had lots of fun there. Kids these days dont have that luxury to play as freely as I did when I was growing up. I take my kids to indoor playgrounds and I'm right there outside (if not inside with them) to supervise. My maid is always around in the playground too. We have no choice but to helicopter them because it is just not safe anymore.

Life is different now. Kids are more protected. It is funny how we survived growing up with very little adult supervision.

Anyway, last week, we were leaving Bangsar Shopping Centre and saw this Indian man on his motorbike selling Putu Mayam. Remember that? Well, I dont know if you ever had this but back when I was a kid, I always see roti man on motorbike, those small van selling vegetables and fish like a mobile market, ice cream man and all those around the neighbourhood. They would do their rounds and we'd call them and stop them to get stuff from them. I haven't seen Putu Mayam guy since back in SS2 I would say…. so when I saw this man selling putu mayam, I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out, my husband had the same feeling. We both havent eaten this in yonks. My husband asked if we should stop the guy and get some putu mayam. "Really?" hmm… "I dont know" I replied.

Right at the traffic light down the hill from BSC, he asked the guy "Boss, ada lagi ke?" and he said yes. We planned to stop at the nearby petrol station. There, we saw so many people started to walk towards this uncle on motorbike for Putu Mayam. Heheh…

RM3 for 5 pieces. We bought.

Honestly, I dont even remember what Putu Mayam is and what it tastes like. I had 1 piece and my husband finished the other 4!

That's a childhood memory for you…..

I miss the old Malaysia.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bye Slipper

About 4 years ago, I went to Singapore with my in laws and we all went on a shopping spree. One of the things I bought for myself was this jelly slippers. It wasn't expensive (I can't remember how much it cost) but it was really pretty and very comfortable. I can't even remember what brand it was until I saw it today. It is Marissa or something like that. Shouldn't cost me more than SGD100 for sure.

This slipper is my favourite. I dont wear it much but I do whenever we go for holidays especially to the beach and this time, I took it with me to Penang. I also brought another slipper this trip just as backup (something I usually dont do or couldn't be bothered to do! How many slippers do you need la kan?)

Right before we checked out, I remember telling myself, I want to wear my jelly slippers back to KL and remember telling myself to tell my maid to keep the other slippers as I wanted to wear this jelly ones. I forgot about it and continued doing whatever I was doing and then when I remembered, I couldn't find the black jelly slippers anymore. I thought my maid had kept it and I asked her and she said no.

It went MIA.


We searched EVERYWHERE. Like seriously, EVERYWHERE but couldn't find it. I couldn't believe it. I mean, come on, it has to be somewhere in the room. We looked and looked and couldn't find it for hours. Yes, hours!!!! I wouldn't let it go because it is my favourite slipper!!! My maid couldn't believe it either so she took out everything from the suitcase and tried looking again but couldn't find it.

ARGH! So annoying.
I was so sad.

Hubs had so many interesting random ideas, someone took it, maybe we accidentally left it outside, someone came in at night, someone came in our room (to take my slipper? really?) and yada yada yada…. Finally, I said maybe ghost took it!


Hubs said next time lets not take this room anymore. This "ghost" is so weird because it wanted my old slipper!

Finally, I was about to lock my suitcase and found the damn slipper under my suitcase!
WTF!!! How can it be there when I looked and checked my bag a gazillion times!? Plus, I swear I saw it by all the other shoes that morning, how can it just move itself under my suitcase? Sigh.

We were so happy we found my slippers.

Off we went back to KL. I was happily wearing it.

We stopped by Tanjung Malim rest stop for lunch on the way back to KL. On the way back to the car, the slipper broke!!! Yes, it died on me!



I guess it was already dying and ready to leave me but since I couldn't let go, it had to go on with me and finally, its life just ended.

Ah well…. RIP old jelly slippers. I love you.

Hard Rock Penang, revisited

We are a last minute type of family. On Saturday, my husband asked if we should go to Penang for a short trip and kids screamed in excitement. That's a yes. We booked via AGODA on Sunday morning itself, packed and within an hour or so, off we went!

Packing is pretty easy because I've trained my maid on packing. Most important thing is we have enough supply of IZUMIO and Super Lutein. For real, I wouldn't go anywhere without these!

The drive to Penang was quite smooth. Not much traffic. We left home at about 10am and got to Penang by about 3pm. It is sunny and hot all the way to Penang. When we reached the bridge, the sky didn't look all that bright and dirty. The haze is back I guess.

We got to the hotel just in time for tea. We booked the suite and have access to their lounge. I am only here for the scones. Really, it is the best. I love it so much. The weather was really hot that day and the kids wanted to swim. I didn't let them because it was just too damn hot. Luckily, they had a kid's club there. They spent some time there doing all sorts of activities while we hang out at the lounge.

The girl asked me if I drink. Hmm…… I said no. She wanted to make me a cocktail but since I dont drink, she said she will make me a mocktail instead. I haven't been asked if I wanted alcohol in ages so I was quite shocked when she asked me that. "Puan, minum ke?" I think my jaw was on the floor when I answered no!

This mocktail was quite nice. I had no idea what is in it but I made sure I asked her a couple more times if this is alcohol free.

When the sun is down, I told the kids they can go for a swim. They were in the pool from 6pm till almost 9pm. It is actually quite nice to swim at this hour because there weren't many people in the pool and it is not hot. I was nicely relaxing watching them swim on the first day but they dragged me in the pool on our second day in Hard Rock Penang.

By 9pm, it was time for dinner. This time, we only ordered in room dining. I didn't eat anything because I had something to eat at the lounge earlier on the first night. But the second night, hubby and I decided to order a pie. "Something light" because we weren't that hungry.

This came. It was one of the biggest chicken pie I've ever seen. One of the yummiest too!!! Thank God we just ordered this because even the two of us couldn't finish this. We had a good sleep.

Our last day in Penang and I will miss this view. We got a room on level 5 this time and the view is much better than our last trip. We've been to Penang twice this year, in fact twice in 2 months…so I think enough of Hard Rock for now.

Thank you for the hospitality. We certainly had fun again this time. It is SUPER hot this trip and I drank like 4 IZUMIOs a day or something like that. Kids drank probably 1-2 packets a day too.

Now we are back in KL. The minute we arrived KL, kids was jumping and so happy to be back. We love Penang but nothing beats home. Once we got settled, we went to Avenue K for dinner at the Japanese.

Next destination???

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Report Card Day: Part 1

Yesterday was my daughter's report card day. It is very informal and not like what I used to have back in school. These days, every results are updated online and you can check them online without having to go to school to meet the teachers. I guess if you want to skip it, it won't make much of a difference. But this is my first child, I am very kancheong about stuff like this and excited too. I hope I will be the same with my son. You know how it is, middle child syndrome and what not!

So off we went in the morning for her report card day. First of all, there's no report card! Remember we used to have those? Well, this school, they don't have it. If you want, you can download it from their schoology website.

We were all so excited to go and see what the teachers have to say. Her teachers all say good things about her. We didn't get any negative comments. Everyone is happy with her progress and all are happy that she stopped crying. Remember how she used to cry every single day in school? Yikes.

My daughter carries a photo of me and my husband in her pencil box. Her teacher showed me a photo of my daughter carrying that polaroid around everywhere. Even when she doesn't bring her pencil box to places like science lab, she will take the photo with her. Bless her. She's really such a sweetheart.
In fact, few of the teachers told us this. She carries the photo everywhere. They said they're very happy she stopped crying and start enjoying school. They said she's a good student and doesn't talk much and we were like "huhh??? she doesn't??? At home she won't stop talking!" and they all laughed. She's still shy I guess.

All went really well. She even met her classmate yesterday and started playing rock paper scissors. Yesterday was not a school day so some parents brought their kids and some didn't.

Overall she's been really good and we're extremely proud of her. I hope she will continue being this happy about school. She's a good kid!

Today is my son's report card day. Well, he doesn't have one but I requested for it because I'm hoping the teacher will say good stuff about his progress and my husband will agree to continue sending him to this school next door even though they will be moving this week. I just want him to make a good decision about where we should send our son.

Before and after 30

I saw something on Facebook today and I want to share it with you here. It is so true what they say ... Things DO change when you are older. I didn't think it would (because I really hate change) but things are different now, like it or not.

I remember when I was in my early 20s and was partying quite hard. A friend's older sister didn't want to go clubbing with us and I thought "how can she not want to party?" She had 2 kids then and she was really outgoing and fun. I didn't understand why she just wouldn't come partying with us. Now, after having kids, I totally get it! You are just so exhausted that the last thing you want to do is go out partying. How lame was I? LOL
Now, our bedtime is before midnight. Well, I sleep at 11pm usually after my Malay drama habis! (Started watching recently Isteri VS Tunang and now Aku Bukan BIMBo! LOL). I cannot believe I used to stay out (with my husband who was my then boyfriend) till 3-4am all the time and now, it is exactly like this. In fact, on most nights he will sleep before me (he doesn't watch malay dramas like me!)

We used to get ready to go out at 10pm. Always. Especially during weekends but now, by 10pm, kids are asleep and I am getting ready to watch some TV or busy putting on night cream! Anti-ageing ones!! LOL

This is super funny because this is so true in my case. My husband and I were never the lovey dovey kind of couple (I wish we were but we are not) but back in the days, we did use to send sweet messages to each other. I remember I was so sweet. I would hide love notes in his suitcase or around his apartment when he's not looking. He would find notes every now and then. But now, my texts to him is exactly like this. To tell him to buy bread, normally! Haha. When I looked at this photo I couldn't stop giggling to myself. This is so us!

Those were the days when I could eat a whole cow and not gain weight. These days, I eat a lot and gain a lot, if I eat only a bit I will still gain weight. What I do is I go on diets. Few weeks of eating and few weeks of starving. It works for me. I'm bigger than I ever was! Being old sucks for my body! Let's not even start with the wrinkles. It is there already! sigh

I still feel young inside. Sometimes, or many times, I am actually in denial. I feel 20 but look 37. What were you like when you were younger? Don't you just miss it?

Well for me, when I look back at my younger days I will laugh and smile. I did A LOT of fun things and if I could go back, I would do it all over again if not do it more. I don't miss it. I'm done partying of course but those are good life experiences and I will always look back and smile. I wouldn't change anything about my past because it was really awesome. I can't and won't do it now tho. I'm too tired and too old.

Being old is good…. no complains. Except the wrinkles. Please go away.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Exam results

Exam was very stressful. But getting the results back is even more stressful because my eyes will pop almost all the time. I can't help it, I am a tiger mum!!!

First results to come back was Maths. My daughter attends Singapore Maths class and I find the class extremely good and useful. Lessons in school is really fast and it is quite hard to cope so to me, having Singapore Maths classes helped her. BUT, it is getting confusing. Teacher in school is teaching one thing and Singapore Maths class is teaching another thing. I don't know how to explain but the method and even the style of teaching is different that it is confusing her. She loves her Maths class and loves the teacher but she is starting to hate Maths in school. She came back with 56/100 for her Maths exam in school. I was shocked. "You got WHAAAAATTTTT??????" After taking a few deep breaths, I calmed down and thought to myself, it is ok…it's only the beginning. We can still improve.

We did the corrections and surprisingly, she got all of it correct. Which meant, she knows the concept but perhaps she didnt understand the questions. I guess we didn't practice enough to expose her to different type of questions. Note to self: I need to get her some maths workbook to practice.

After the Maths results, I started to realise that this term's exam is no joke. It is full on exam and not as easy as I thought it was going to be. We had an exam last term but it was so easy that I thought it was going to be like that but this one really shocked me. I was prepared for her not to do too well. After all, she's only 5 years old still. She's not even 6 yet and I know she can do better than this. She just needs more practice. I don't even think she knows and understand what exams are or what they are for.

Alhamdulillah, other papers came back with fairly good results. I'm not sure how well she did compared to all her friends but for me, what she got was good enough. She scored A for Malay and that to me was AMAZING! She also scored A for Mandarin. She doesn't have any mandarin background and I don't really know how to teach her Mandarin but she didn't amazingly well. I am so proud of her.

Back during my days as a primary school student, there was really no stress up till about standard 6 for UPSR. I really don't remember studying for exams AT ALL. In fact, even for UPSR, I didn't study. I remember feeling stressed because my best friends were all super smart. It pushed me to be smart like them too but that's about it. No way was I studying for exam at Year 1. In fact, I remember clearly how my exams were done in Year 2. It was broken down into so many days for 1 subject and the teacher would help and guide us on each question. No stress. But when I saw my daughter's exam papers, I was really shocked at their level. They probably don't really understand it yet but I'm sure it can be a bit stressful when you don't know what the question is about.

Poor kids.

I try to be a mild tiger mum. I will try harder. I need to remind myself to constantly praise  my kids and tell them that they are doing well to motivate them to do better. Also, I need to learn not to be too negative whenever they come back with not so fancy results. I need to tell them not to give up, give them warm hugs and tell them to be better.
I do that already now…but I need to do more.

So Alhamdullillah we made it. Good job indeed. I'm very proud of her. She's one of the youngest in the class and I think for someone like her, she's done an amazing job.

We are ready for our holiday now!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I hate change

My son's playschool is literally next door to my house. We live in a low rise apartment and my son's play school is our neighbour. He runs to school without shoes on. That's how close next door is to our unit. I love having them next door and we have really good relationships with all the teachers there.

Last month, the management of our apartment dropped a bombshell. They play school is moving out. I wouldn't even call it a play school actually. There are only 10 students or so and 3 teachers. It is more like homeschool or learning centre than anything else or a playgroup. I love everyone there. The kids, the teachers, the parents….

I'm so sad that they are leaving. They are relocating somewhere not too far away. About 15 minutes away from my house. It's not that far but because we are so used to just having them next door, everywhere else is just "too far!"

We dropped by another kindy nearby to check it out and it was actually my husband's old kindy. It's been around for that long. Maybe 30 years or more. We met with the owner of the school. An old lady who is very passionate about the kids, the school and passionate about education too. She was correcting English workbook when we went to visit. She's probably about late 60s, I kid you not. I saw how she spoke about education and children and I can see the passion. I have a soft spot for old ladies like this. So yes, everything about the school is OK except ……..that it is an old school. It is more cosmetics than anything else and also, I love his current school and I am having a hard time to say goodbye.

Last week, the mothers of the play school next door ask me to join them for breakfast. They wanted to show me the new school and the location. We met up in Ampang at this place called the Bakery.

It is a nice little bakery and we found a perfect spot inside to have a little chat while kids are still in school. I ordered a junior breakfast because the Big breakfast sounded too big. It was my first time there.

This came and I was rather disappointed to say the least. Like ummm….this looks really pathetic to be honest. But we mothers were all busy having a good chat that pathetic looking breakfast didn't matter.
(it says on the menu that it is grilled tomatoes. But what we got was a sliced tomato with some pepper on it! LOL).

We were there for a good 2 hours and it was so much fun. This was our first meet up and hang out session. We usually just say hi and bye when we drop off or pick up the kids. Sometimes we do chit chat a bit at the door. It was so nice and funny to hear their stories about raising their little ones. Suddenly I feel normal again.

You see, we need adult conversations like this to bring us back to sanity sometimes. I've been deprived of it for years because I don't socialize enough with friends. Now that my kids are bigger, I get more adult conversation and I feel happier than ever.

What I learned from this meet up is that all of us just want the best for our kids. Even threatening them with rotan is for their own good! he he he…Believe me!

Anyway, after the breakfast, they took a drive past the new school and ok, it is really not that far from my house and although there will be a RM2.50 toll per trip (that is RM5 per day), I guess it is worth it.
I know I will probably meet new group of mummies even if we put our son in another school but I just love this group. Really, I feel like we are the same in so many ways and all our kids are so well behaved and polite because of 1 reason, Ms Rose, the teacher. I love her to bits and she is the best for my kids, for sure.

I got to speak to my husband. I really hate change!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Exam Stress

Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been extremely busy, not to mentioned a bit stressed out lately. My daughter had her exams this week and it's been crazy. I don't remember exams up till standard 2 to be honest. That's 8 years old! My daughter is not even 6 yet. Nonetheless, I still feel it is good stress. If there's such a thing as good stress!

We got a note from school saying that exams are coming up about a week before exam. Not even a week's notice. More like 4 days notice or something from the first paper. I've been a closet tiger mum. I try to act all cool but in my head I'm already planning what to study and what to do to practice.

I was so stressed out. Last term's exam was not so serious but this term, they've really taken it to another level. Mandarin exam is spread out for almost a week. They didn't give us much notice too. And to add to that, I have zero Mandarin knowledge but thankfully, my sister in law helped us quite a bit. She is a Mandarin lecturer. I had to whatsapp her a couple of times to bug her.

Studying for mandarin exam was so stressful because I don't know mandarin at all. I had no clue if my pronunciation is right or wrong and sometimes, my daughter will correct me. And I will just have to take her word for it. What helped us a lot was that the teacher gave us lots of pointers on what to study and it is very structured. We basically have to go through only 1-2 pages a day to revise. Not too bad actually.

Mandarin spelling is quite tough for a 5 year old I think. Because even if you ask me, I would need a while to really learn the strokes. My daughter's writing is not the best and to get her to learn and remember the strokes was a challenge but alhamdulillah, the night before the exam, she got it!

I am also pleasantly surprised that my daughter can read mandarin. She doesn't have mandarin background and didn't know anything before she started big school and for her to be able to read these is amazing to me. I couldn't do it but she could. I was so proud of her. She didn't know some and we had to learn it together but most of it she did it herself without my help.

Next was studying for 30 words English spelling and also dictation. 10 words per week is bad enough but 30 words to learn in a week is really pushing it! First try she could only do half of it right and it took us about a week to get all the spelling right. We practiced every single day! It was hard work because she doesn't really understand phonics or know the phonics way of spelling. By the end of the week, she got everything correct! I was so happy because I put in quite a lot of time sitting and teaching her this long list of words.

We also had to study for other subjects like Science, Geography, Maths and Malay but honestly speaking, I didn't really study much with her. After school, she will spend some time watching TV and playing with her toys. I will cook dinner and after dinner, we will do a bit of work and then off to bed. In the morning, I will go through some stuff with her and she will complete the worksheet I prepare for her while I have my shower.

Studying for Maths was tough. I don't even understand why because she goes for Maths class every week and she seems to be doing well in the maths class. But for some reason, she gets all confused with Maths in school. I don't get it at all. The night before Maths exam, she couldn't explain to me how to do 5 + 1!! I was shocked. Because she's done addition and subtraction many many times in Maths class.
We practiced a bit and then I left it.

Although I am a typical closet tiger mum, I am not so crazy. I want her to only do her best. I won't get upset if she doesn't get all A's or anything. Even if she doesn't get all correct for her spelling, I am ok BUT I get upset when she doesn't try. I keep telling her it is ok to make mistakes but you must know your mistakes and not repeat them.

While I was doing work with her, I noticed something really odd about how she writes her name. She knows how to write her full name without writing BINTI bla bla bla….but I don't know why, recently, she started writing BINTI. Which is ok and good but, she doesn't know how to spell my husband's name just yet. We never really taught her that. So instead of writing her name binti my husband, she wrote "binti Papa" on all her papers.

Heheh…It was so cute. We all had a good laugh.

Next lesson, learn how to spell papa's name!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FULL Body Massage, please

Few months ago, I attended this workshop on how to make your own soap, scrub and a few other stuff. I went for fun and since my daughter's BFF was also going, I figured it will be a fun activity for my daughter too.

Since then, I've been buying some essential oils. Not to make my own soap and all but to diffuse. I'm obsessed with my diffuser and I'm a huge fan. It has become our routine to diffuse every night before bedtime. I love that it is also our night lamp. LOL.

Last week, I ordered more oil from Mamapumkin. She is now doing the Young Living business. I get my supply from her. This month, I also got this massage oil and started massaging my kids before bedtime. They LOVE it so much that they look forward to come to bed so I can give them a "full body massage". Not just massage, they want a FULL body massage. 

I usually start by massaging their feet. I will put lavender on their feet and work my way up. By the time I reach the head, most of the time they are already yawning and sometimes before I end the massage, they will be in lalaland. This is awesome!!! Getting them to sleep has never been easier. For real, this really works!!!

I've massaged them with normal oils before, Johnson & Johnson baby oil, some Indon baby oil Etc but they don't get so sleepy and so relaxed but there's something about this Young Livings oil that is making them super sleepy and super calm and relaxed. For me, 5-10 minutes massage per kid is not bad because we used to be in bed for at least 1 hour before they can sleep. Now, it's only 5-10 minutes and they're out! Awesome!!!

A lot of people tell me that different oil can help with different things. I honestly don't have much time to study about this but I have a few that I think helps or will help my family.

1. Lavender - it is the best oil and good for almost everything! It is so cool because it gets my kids to sleep within 5 mins of inhaling it.

2. Thieves - it is good when they have flu or something like that. It works really well with IZUMIO and super Lutein. I usually will apply it on their feet when they're not well. 

3. Peppermint - this is my favourite because I love the smell. I have no clue what it is good for but when we have  blocked nose or something, diffusing this is the best!

Actually there are a few more that I love and use but I'm too lazy to type. I'll share next time! If you haven't tried, go try it! It's really good!
Monday, March 7, 2016

7 years

Alhamdulillah. Today is our 7th anniversary. I cannot believe it's been 7 years but sometimes it feels like I've been married forever.

This morning, as usual, I woke up at 6am. Got my daughter ready for school and even got the chance to go through some mandarin spelling for her mandarin spelling test in school today. We also managed to do some English spelling revision. I'm such a tiger mum it's so funny!!!

Before we left for school run, my husband wished me Happy Anniversary and we had a group hug (with the kiddos). I feel really blessed and feel so much love that I almost teared up.

My kids were so excited. I don't know if they understand what a wedding anniversary is but they were jumping up and down wishing us happy anniversary. When we dropped our daughter off at the school gate, she kept shouting like a million times "Happy Anniversary mummy & papa" and everyone could hear her. It was so funny and embarrassing but very sweet of her. She told her papa that we have to go to Bangsar Village today to get flowers for me. She's the sweetest thing ever.

After the school run, my husband and I went for breakfast date at La Bodega. We used to go to La Bodega A LOT for breakfast before kids came and invaded our lives. Since we had kids, we haven't been to La Bodega for breakfast. Imagine that. 6 years almost! So today, our breakfast felt a bit special to me as it brought back memories of our life as a couple way back then…
It was nice.
I guess sometimes we take these little things for granted. Breakfast with your husband? What is so special about that, right? We have breakfast together everyday but today, because it is our anniversary and because we went to a place we used to go way back then, it felt good. Felt really nice.

I was too full to eat but I had to be in the 'moment' to enjoy the moment kind of thing. I forced myself to finish this whole big breakfast. I didn't finish all my food, obviously.

I also ordered chocolate cake. LOL. Any excuse to order cake! I don't know what to say about me and cakes..chocolate cakes in particular. Thank God for IZUMIO, my sugar level is nicer and better than anyone I know. Even people who don't eat sweet stuff don't have my kind of sugar level (the doctor told me that, btw!)

So 7 years of marriage. What have I learned from this 7 years? A LOT.

Marriage is hard work. It is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. To me, motherhood is not as difficult as marriage. It is not easy to be a wife and for me, it really is the most challenging thing ever. I am blessed that I have a good husband. A good provider and a wonderful loving awesome father to both my kids. We are not perfect and I am not a perfect wife and he is not the perfect husband but I think love has kept us together for this long. I pray Allah will keep giving us strength to continue to be there for each other and continue to bless our little family.

Someone told me long ago that if you can survive the first 7 years of marriage, you can survive anything. We did it.

InsyaAllah, many many more years to come.
Saturday, March 5, 2016


Im not PMSing but I am not in a good. I don't know why but I feel like crap. Like nothing is going right and even if they are, I am not seeing it! One of those days, I guess.

Whenever I feel this way, I try to snap out of it as quickly as I can before I get all emotional and start questioning this and that about my life.

Sometimes, life is hard. It is hard to see the good when you are feeling down. It's all normal and part of life, I guess. In order to feel good again, I need to know what makes me happy. I need to go to my happy place. Where is that???

This week went by so fast. I wish I could run away to some island and be on my own. ALONE. Maldives would be nice. I never get a break. There's always something to do at home. I just want to run away and be on my own and think about my life. No chance of that happening so I guess that's why I crave it even more.

Next week will my 7 years anniversary. Nothing special planned. Last year we completely forgot about our anniversary. Im secretly hoping that we'll do something special this year but it is a school night and my daughter has her mandarin exam on my anniversary. Looks like I will be mandarin teacher that day. But that's ok. I'm contented in that sense. I don't need fancy stuff from my other half to feel special (although it will be nice if he did do something special)…but its ok.

I don't know what I am ranting about … Feels like I'm PMSing. But I am not. I hate this feeling.

Busy bee

Sorry for being MIA. I've been really busy. I wanted to blog but I just couldn't find the time. Here's the roundup for the week.

My maid's contract is expiring soon and she will not be extending her contract with us. At first I was upset because if I knew she's not going to extend, I wouldn't have allowed her to go back for Christmas. She told us she will extend and that was why we thought it would be good for her to celebrate Christmas with her family. I was prepared for her not to come back that I actually contacted the agency to ask if they had any CVs and there were pretty good ones then. Muslim Philippino but since she came back and said she will extend, we obviously didn't proceed with that candidate. Now, that muslim Philippino girl has already found a job. We are back to square one.

My husband suggested that we should hire a muslim this time. I agree. I've never had an Indonesian maid before and honestly speaking, I am quite scared to have one. I heard too many stories about runaways and whatever else. I just feel safer with a pinoy helper but since my husband said to find a muslim, I have to follow orders. I contacted a few agencies. Non of them had muslim pinoy maids. Next is to find an Indonesian. I found a few places and shortlisted a few candidates I think is suitable. Then one of my dear blog reader emailed me to try her agency and I did. Alhamdulillah, it went well. We found one Indonesian maid with 7 - 8 years working experience in Saudi. Her CV is quite impressive so hopefully, she will be happy with us and we will be happy with her. It is all down to luck. We've been lucky the last couple of times so InsyaAllah, this time luck will stay on our side. Amin Amin!

We went for the interview at the office last week. It is quite a big office. We were supposed to Skype interview the candidate but at the last minute, she had to go back to her kampung and we weren't able to Skype with her. The agency just told us to confirm but how can we confirm without speaking to the maid first, right? I was not willing to take the risk although the agent had lots of good things to say about this girl. In the end, we called her and spoke to her.  She sounded really sweet and nice and eager to start work. After the phone call, we paid RM1000 booking fee. Next step is to prepare some documents for submission to get approvals and whatnot. A long process indeed. She will be here in 2-3 months time. Fingers crossed.

My daughter isn't too pleased that the new kakak cannot speak English.

Daughter: Can the new kakak speak English?
Me: I don't think so. You need to teach her English
Daughter: But mummy!!! I can't teach her English! I can only teach her vocal & maths!

????? LOL

My daughter's exam week is coming up next week. This week, I've been busy planning for her exam week. She's only in Year 1 and I am sure she will be able to pass all her exams without revision done, she's a smart girl  (the exams are easy anyway) BUT, I still want to help her with revision. When I looked at the notes from the teachers, I get stressed out! I never really studied for my exams in school. I only started studying for exams in Uni. Yikes. I better not let her know that and she better not follow my footsteps.

While everyone else is busy studying and doing home, my girl (and boy) still prefers to be silly and play all day. This is them doing the "lion dance"
My son actually requested for me to get them the lion dance costume. I would get it but they're so bloody expensive!

I've had quite a stressful week. It doesn't help that it is that time of the month too. Everytime that time comes, I crave for cakes and chocolates. What did I do? I contacted my favourite baker and ordered some cupcakes. She asked me if I was pregnant (because I crave chocolates all the time) and the answer is NO! So many people around me is pregnant tho. I sometimes feel maybe we could have another 1 but then I will slap myself and wake up!

On Friday, we went to visit a school that we are considering for my son. His current playschool is closing down that's why. It was such a big deal for us because we love his current school. But I believe this is for the best. Anyway, the new school that we visited is ok. I am still not sure about it tho. It is actually my husband's kindy. Yes, it's been around THAT long. We met the owner and I could see she's passionate about the school and about education and children but …it is an old school. REALLY old. Not very 2016 if you know what I mean. Having said that, he will only need to be there for another year or so as he will be joining his sister next year. I don't know. We haven't really discussed it yet but this school is 2 minutes away from our house and really convenient.

That's my week!
After this hectic week…. All I want is to put my feet up and relax……

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