Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tokyo, wait for me!

We finally booked our trip to Tokyo for year end. I am so excited. I love our trip to Osaka a couple of years back. We really enjoyed our trip and been wanting to explore other parts of Japan. What better than Tokyo right?

Remember my post about holiday options? Well, you guessed it, kids wanted Disneyland.

Anyone knows Tokyo and familiar with the city….Let me know the best restaurant, the best places to visit and tours ok?

Tokyo, here we come!!!!!
Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy 37th to me

2014 and 2015 birthday was horrible. If I could erase those from my memory, I would. Of course it wasn't all bad… I had wonderful people around me to make me happy those 2 particular birthdays but in my birthday book, 2014 and 2015 birthdays, I wish I can forget forever.

This year, I was anxious waiting for my birthday. I dont know why. I just felt like something will come up on my birthday and make it horrible again. It's that feeling "I wonder what bad news I'm going to receive this year on my birthday" kind of feeling.

I celebrated my 37th birthday last wednesday and Alhamdulillah, it was a good day. It was exactly like how I want birthdays to be. Calm, cool, happy, relaxed. I feel truly blessed this year. I just feel contented and happy. Alhamdulillah. I dont know what else to say but I am truly grateful. Contented is the right word to describe my day and my life right now.

It was a school day. Being maidless, I still have to do the usual stuff I do everyday. Making breakfast, getting kids ready for school, pack their bags, send them to school, pick them up, cook lunch yada yada yada. It was the usual tiring day but throughout the day, I get wishes after wishes from friends and family, I got flowers from really wonderful friends and everyone made it special.

After I drop my kids off to school, I spent some time with the other half. He was very sweet…singing and wishing me happy birthday (and laughing at my age) the whole day. He laughed at how I still want to celebrate being old. Truth is, I just love celebrating anything. If I could celebrate being 37 + 1 day, 37 + 2 days… I so would. I just love celebrating everything! My kids, especially my daughter is like that too.

I got flowers from 2 wonderful mummies from big school during school pick up. Then we all went to the nearby florist because my kids & hubs wanted to get me flowers too.
I had to wait in the car while they go and pick flowers for me. It was a pretty huge bouquet too and they all chose what they liked. My husband loves white lillies, my daughter picked red roses (she wanted to get me sunflower but apparently my husband said no!) and my son, well, he is not into flowers so he just chose the white roses.

When I got home, I received another beautiful bouquet from Mamapumpkin & Mom2Ashley and the note that came with it was so funny! Thank you ladies for making my day extra special! Love them!!!

That night we went for dinner at KL East. It is this new area in Melawati. I went there about a week ago to meet a friend and really enjoyed my time there. It is not too far from my house so I decided to go there again for dinner with my husband and kids. It was a school night and we dont normally like to go out especially at night because then it will disturb their sleeping time. We had early dinner at Jibby East and was home by 8pm.

My cake was the most amazing cake ever. It was so freaking good! I order them at the usual place and this time, she made me the best cake in the whole wide world. My kids loved it too. After we had our cakes, we got ready for bed. I was so tired too. I slept pretty early. Being 37 is tiring!

The next day, I went for breakfast nearby school with my favourite mommies from school. We ate and talked from 10.30 till almost 2pm!  It was nice!

That weekend, we went away to Penang for a short trip. I couldn't ask for more. I am truly blessed.
My birthday celebration is not over yet. I still have birthday meet ups coming up soon with some friends. I can't wait to eat and chat! This is the best part about birthdays!
Monday, September 19, 2016


I am annoyed and PMSing right now!!!

Remember our maid issues?? Honestly, I am so used to being maidless, I am OK being without one. Yes some days are tougher. Some days I get so tired I just want to sleep all day. Some days I just dont want to cook and clean. Yeah I have those days a lot. But so far, so good…when I am having one of those days, my husband helps out and I think we are OK with it. OK doesn't mean we are happy being maidless but we just do what we have to do. After all, what choice do we have right?

I have an excellent part timer. She's pinoy muslim and she's just awesome. Problem is, she is only available half day because the other half day, she goes for her religious classes. Mengaji and whatnot, daily. She gets paid to attend these classes too because she is a convert. She doesn't do it for money, she is really doing it to learn more about the religion. So she can't be a full time maid. Some days, she works elsewhere and she will come to my place once a week.

Weekends, either Saturday or Sunday, I will have another part timer to come. 2 indons and they get things done within 2.5 hours for RM100. It's good because I still get to go out during weekends even if they were to come and clean because 2.5 hours go by so quickly. But my weekday Pinoy, when she comes for that day, I couldn't go anywhere. Even school pick ups, I have to get my husband to do because she can only come for 5 hours straight.

We adjust our time to suit the part timers, which can be annoying sometimes because they cancel, sometimes it rains and they can't come, sometimes they just dont come because something comes up. All sorts of excuses and I find myself texting them a lot just to fix a schedule.

Today, I decided to call our agent to find out the status of my old maid. Yes, that annoying Indon. Apparently the agent found another employer for her. Good lah. I couldn't care less. I just wanted to check when we should sign off to release her from our name. Then the agent told me she's gone back to Indon because she doesn't want to work for the new employer. (looks like she's really the problematic one and not me!).

1. How can she leave the country without exit memo???
2. Is she really gone???? Or is she working for someone else using our visa?

I contacted the agent and wanted answers and yet none was given to me. Im really losing my cool right now. I am so pissed off!!!!!!!!

What kind of agency is this???!!! Charge your clients super high RM17,000 for a lousy maid and lousy service. I am so freaking annoyed right now. It doesn't help Im also PMSING!!!!!!

I called the immigration and apparently they can't check unless they know where her files are at. How am I supposed to know where her files are at. Obviously the agent is not telling me!

I miss Rose.
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya Eiduladha

I feel really blessed today. As like any other Hari Raya Qurban, we are quite low key. We usually just spend time with my in laws and my mum & family. We don't even have a Raya outfit. Something I think I will need to start doing next time because it is Raya and it is a day to celebrate after all right?

This year is super special because I feel really contented this year. Last year was bad. A lot of things went on around this time of the year and a lot I wish to forget but this year, I feel happy and at peace. 

I read about Zabeeh from somewhere and decided to do a qurban through them. It was easy and very efficient. Alhamdulillah for the extra rezeki from my Izumio business, I am now able to share my rezeki even more especially during Qurban. InsyaAllah I can continue doing this. I believe Allah gave me this extra rezeki to open my eyes to share more with others and Alhamdulillah slowly but surely I am doing it more and more.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone…..

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Where can an extra RM7500 a month take you?

Alhamdulillah I have a good comfortable life. My husband is a good provider and I am grateful that despite the bad economy, we still get to do pretty much everything we want to do. Of course, like everyone else, we feel it too. We had to cut down on certain expenses. Cut down on buying unnecessary bags things, get cheaper flights for our trips, book cheaper rooms for our holidays but we still get to enjoy things like we used to. Economy is bad, if you dont feel the "it", you must be freaking rich! We feel it for sure and in order to maintain the lifestyle that we are used to, we need to do a few things and make a few changes:

Cut down our expenses here and there
You will be surprised at how much you can cut down from simple things like eating out and even groceries. Eating out is not cheap. Each meal will cost us (a family of four) about RM70-RM100. That's just 1 meal per day. During weekends, if we eat out all day, that's at least RM70 x 3. How much is that in a month? More than RM3000 if we eat out a lot! RM3000 is A LOT of money for a lot of people. RM3000 can even pay for 1 month's rent. It can pay for housing loan & car instalment for many of us out there.

Earn more money or get side income
A lot of SAHMs are doing this and I am so happy to see so many mothers doing this. I am all for financially independent mothers! I am always rooting for them because I am one of them.

Since I started doing the Naturally Plus business, I have been enjoying my extra side income. Of course, when I first started, I was not earning at all. I didn't think I would in the beginning because I am not a sales person and I dont know how to sell. But Mamapumkin kept encouraging me to share. What does that mean? Sharing? What is sharing??
Share your own experiences, share how the product is working for you, share how consuming this is improving your health and you will see things will start changing. She was right. I got my first sales after a few weeks or maybe months of sharing.

How do I share? Online. Whatsapp. Instagram. Facebook. You share about where you eat, what food is nice…why can't you share about IZUMIO if it is working for you? You'd be stupid not to. My first income was RM192 when I sold my first package. I looked at it and laughed. RM192 sounds like a joke. But that amount grew and grew over time. How much am I earning now? Well, not much to some but I am more than happy with whatever amount that goes in to my bank account every week. In fact, I couldn't be happier. Just by sharing, I get this weekly income that is bonus to me.

RM7500 per month doesn't sound a lot to some but think about what you can do with your life with that extra money for your family. Even RM500 per month can help with so much. Tuition / extra classes for the kids, insurance for the kids or even groceries for a week / a month! I laughed when I got my first pay RM192 but that is still extra cash in my bank account. Dont ask me what I did with it. I can't remember but I wouldn't want to be RM192 poorer that's for sure! It can pay for little luxuries like buying a book or going for that expensive haircut & blow. You deserve it! With the Naturally Plus business, you now can!

I dont like to give empty promises. In this business, you dont get to shake your legs and money will come falling from the sky. If you are looking for that type of MLM business, this business is NOT for you. Dont waste time contacting me if you are looking to get free money with no effort. That's the best part about this business for me. I EARN that money I make.

Anyone can do this business. Even students, housewives or even if you are retired, you can. You may not fit the bill to do this business but I'm sure you know someone who will be good in this. Come and talk to me and we can guide and work together.

If you are a people person, genuinely love helping others and not put off by working hard to earn your money…then come and get in touch with me. I need people like that in my growing team. In this business, you can earn as high or as low as you want. You are your own boss and you set your own targets. All we need to do is keep sharing.

In today's world, it would be silly not to have a back-up plan. Yes, you have a full time job, you have a comfortable life, you are earning good money already…but do you know what can happen next? Do you have a back up plan? Do you have enough savings? By 3rd week of the month, many are already counting days to get their salary. In the Naturally Plus business, we get paid weekly. It's awesome!!! I'm never out of money.

With the income from the Naturally Plus business, you will have extra cash to pay for:

[ ✔ ] Housing Loan

[ ✔ ] Car Instalment

[ ✔ ] Utility bills - Astro, Electricity, water

[ ✔ ] Insurance Policy

[ ✔ ] Children Education fund (extra classes, tuition, etc)

[ ✔ ] Food and drink

Think about it. Where can an extra RM7500 take you? If you want to join me, come and talk to me. If you are serious about changing your life, I will help you get there. Our group is the best group in KL. Our leader Mamapumpkin is truly the best leader ever! I am so blessed to be in her group. Our members come from all over and we help each other grow. 
BTW, this is her weekly earnings
This is her salary…. Imagine what you can do if you earn that much every month. I'm nowhere near that yet but she promised me I will get there and I believe her!

Something to think about
Everyone starts from zero. It was RM192 one off payment and slowly it was RM155 every other month and then every month. It will keep going up if you keep sharing about it. It is not easy but it is not difficult. If you are up for it, and serious about changing your life, email me at izumiolife@gmail.com and I will guide you. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Planning Year End Holiday

We are last minute travellers. We never plan ahead and more often than not, will end up paying a bomb. I dont really know why we are like this. I hate last minute planning but I always do it.
Due to my husband's work situation, it is quite difficult to plan ahead. But paying for last minute holiday is just not worth it sometimes.

This year, for the first time, we want to try planning ahead. #nervous

The next long holiday for us will be this coming November-December break. We have about 5 weeks break and school will start on the 4th January. Long break indeed. I will go crazy especially since we dont have a maid and dont know when we will get one. (Still waiting for the replacement to arrive!). Let's plan a holiday then!!!

A lot to pay this year end…so let's not waste money paying crazy prices for a last minute trip.

We always struggle during year end finding a place to go. Everywhere is expensive and cold! I hate winter! We didn't go anywhere last year during Christmas / New Year so this year, let's go somewhere.

Remember this post when I wrote about holiday options?

Well, you guessed it right! My kids chose Disneyland! I am trying to plan a trip to Tokyo and take them to Disneyland in Tokyo. I've never been to Tokyo and I heard it is awesome. We were in Osaka a couple of years ago and we had so much fun in Japan. Japan, especially Tokyo Disneyland is fully booked during the year end. I hope we will be able to find somewhere to stay. We were hoping to stay inside Disneyland itself but unfortunately, it is fully booked. I guess we will have to stay outside and commute there.

Since we've never planned a holiday this early ahead, who know where we will end up going. Might not even be Japan. Might end up just in Singapore or somewhere totally unexpected like Amsterdam or something. Who knows.

Here are some things to consider to help you plan your year end holiday….

1. Check out cheap flights during Matta Fair or MAS travel fair. MAS had some promotion last month and it was really good but unfortunately, we couldn't book then as we didn't know when holiday will start for my daughter's school. But MATTA Fair is coming up. Get flight tickets then. You can get good deals when you book in advance. Plan ahead. Get the dates first! Set the date.

2. List down 5 destinations or make a list of places you wish to go. If you are going abroad, it is worth to check the weather too so you will know what kind of things to pack.

3. Budget. This is actually very important. When you know your budget, it is easier to plan and decide where to go. Year end holidays are expensive.

4. Check your passport if you are planning to travel abroad. Make sure you have a valid passport. If not, it might take some time to get that sorted.

5. Visas for overseas travels. We used to bring our maid around everywhere we go. We, Malaysian might not need a visa for a country but if your maid is Indonesian/Pinoy, they might have some restrictions and different visa requirement. Getting a visa for your helper can take longer sometimes. We needed 1 week to get visa approval for our maid to go to Japan. Dont do it at the last minute.

6. Walking shoes. Get a good one!

Time to plan my year end holiday…where to go??