Monday, January 30, 2017


My kids are the luckiest kids and perhaps also the laziest kids ever! They've been so blessed that they hardly have to do anything on their own. Both my kids dont even eat on their own yet. I fed them or my maid feeds them during mealtime. The only time they fed themselves are in school and I think they hardly eat in school. Hence, they are always hungry when we pick them up from school.

Kids these days are so lucky. I've been blessed myself growing up. Although it is not the same way as my kids but I didnt have to lift a finger too growing up. My mum did everything for me. I was independent because she was a working mum but when she was around or back from work, I didnt have to do a thing.

Anyway, moving back to the topic of teamwork.

My kids dont really do much at home besides play and be kids but one thing I always make sure they do as much as they can is to clean up! Their play area is like a shipwreck sometimes (maybe all the time) and my maid would always clean up after they're not playing. But when you play 5 times a day, how can I expect my maid to clean up toys that much, right? So I get my kids to do it. They should, anyway!

One day…. I fell asleep at the play area. When I woke up from my power nap, the play area looked like a tornado just happened. Oh my God!

Me: Guys!!!!! Can you tell me what just happened here????
Daughter: Ummmm…….we wanted to play shop and he (brother) did all the mess over there and I only did this small mess over here. (trying to make her way out from cleaning up)
Me: OK but now I want you guys to clean up the whole place. Not just chuck everything to the side. Clean it up properly. I'm going to close my eyes and when I open it, I want to see the place clean. Understand?
Kiddos: OK mummy!

2 minutes later…..
Daughter: I'm almost done with my part, mummy
Me: I want you to help your brother too.
Daughter: But whyyyyyy??????
Me: Because it is all about TEAMWORK
Daughter: Ohhhhhhh I forgot about the team!


Wow, that was easy! I didnt think she would buy that but looks like she knows the concept clearly!

All cleaned up! Job well done! Good teamwork indeed!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Must have Essential Oil

I have few things I keep at home in my "First Aid Kit". Before this, my First Aid Kit used to have lots of things like Panadol, Paracetamol, Meds for all sorts of things. I just like to be prepared. We love going on road trips and instead of packing every single time, I have this First Aid Kit ready all the time. Since I started consuming IZUMIO and Super Lutein, my First Aid Kit doesn't have that many medicines anymore. Since slightly over a year ago, I bought my first Young Living Essential Oil. My first purchase was the Premium Kit.

This premium Kit is really good because it has everything you need to get started. It comes with a Dew Drop Diffuser and so many oils that are useful.

Before I started exploring and experimenting with essential oils, my favourite has always been Lavender. I didnt know much about it but I just loved the smell and it is one of the oils that you will get with the Premium Kit. I would diffuse it every night. Little did I know that this oil is the most versatile and most useful. It has many benefit and it is really good!

I use this oil all the time! There was this one period where it was impossible to get my kids to sleep early. I tried this method for 1 week and it worked like magic. Try it too if you having difficulties to get your kids to sleep early. Diffuse the Young Living Lavender oil in your Dew Drop Diffuser (I usually put about 4-6 drops). Then get a carrier oil or a massage oil and add one drop of Young Living Lavender into the oil and massage your child on their back, their legs and arms. Give them a full body massage. They will love it. Then once you are done with the massage, put another drop on your palms and rub your hands and let your child smell the aroma. Massage the face and head. Within 5 minutes, they will be yawning and will be in lalaland. I tried this and it worked like magic, I swear! Only thing is, I couldn't really be bothered to massage them every single night. So as the day goes by, the massage becomes shorter and shorter but the results are consistent. Soon, they will have a new bedtime routine. I dont read story books with them at night. Our routine starts with them choosing their oil to diffuse and once the lights are off, they will fall asleep pretty quickly. Lavender is also good for tummy ache, for eczema and a good oil to just relax. Today, one of my friends told me that she would usually put 1 drop of Lavender on her panties! I've yet to try but I probably will. RM107.00 for a bottle of Lavender (15ml).

Thieves is a blend of few essential oil. What is in Thieves? It has eucalyptus, cloves, cinnamon, lemon and rosemary. People used this concoction to build their immune system. This is a must have!!!
Whenever my kids are falling sick or feel like they are weak, I will diffuse Thieves. I also rub the oil on their feet together with R.C and Purification.

Thieves is basically the best to fight all the germs. You can DIY and  use it to clean toys like I do. All you need is a few drops of Young Living Thieves Essential Oil and mix it with liquid soap and just put it in a spray bottle (I get mine from Daiso) and spray away. Anything from cleaning toys, windows or tables. I've been doing this for ages. RM154.00 for a bottle of Thieves (15ml). 

Recently, Mom2Ashley introduced me to the Thieves Household Cleaner. This is the best! It is so useful for the house even as softener for our laundry. I add a drop of this into my rainbow and the whole house will smell of thieves. Theres many ways you can use this. Check this page out! I've yet to explore everything but trust me, I will.RM108.00 for a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner. 

I love peppermint because I just love the smell of mint. I normally diffuse Lavender + Peppermint at night. Whenever we have blocked nose, I will diffuse Peppermint. It works to clear the nose.

There are many benefits of this Young Living Peppermint oil as you can see. I use it when we have upset stomach too. When my kids have fever, I will rub this on their feet. When I have headache, instead of using the usual Minyak Cap Kapak, I will use peppermint instead. This is one of my favourite oils for sure! It is a must have in my kit! RM98 for a bottle of Peppermint (15ml)

Those are my top 3 must have oils in my kit! I can't live without any one of them. If I had to choose just 1 oil, it would have to be Thieves because of its benefits. But apart from these 3 oils, I will also ensure I have R.C, Purification and Raven.

R.C RM47.00

Purification RM86.00

Raven RM158.00

To purchase this oils, you can contact me as I get wholesale prices and can use my membership to purchase. For newbies or Essential oil virgins, I would suggest for you to get the Premium Starter Kit which consists of the Dew Drop Diffuser which you really need to start your Essential Oil journey. It also has all the important oils including all the ones I listed above (except for Raven). The Premium Starter Kit is RM713.00

Try it. You won't regret! If you want to place orders for your Young Living Essential Oils or for IZUMIO & Super Lutein, please email me at
Thursday, January 19, 2017

A week...

I've had quite a productive week. Do you notice that time passes by so quickly these days? Here are some of the highlights of my week….

We managed to go for breakfast a few times this week after dropping the kids off to school. We went to La Bodega in Telawi one day (and look at the pathetic looking eggs!!) and another time I felt like having roti telur and we went to Raj in Bangsar.

It is all about food this week. I also got to join my girlfriends for lunch at Fat Fish in Desa Park City. I was expecting to eat all the yummy food but my girlfriends just wanted to have Don. Such party poopers they are! I had no choice but to join them and just have a Don. It was my first time too and I kind of like it. But still, I prefer ordering lots of stuff instead of just have 1 bowl of everything inside.

Remember the last time I went to Fat Fish? I ate loads!!! This time, it was just a bowl of Don! So funny! My friends didnt want to eat that much because they have to go back to work. Lunch with them was quick and fun.

A wonderful mummy from my daughter's class gave me a box of donuts! Yum!!!! How awesome! It was my first time trying the famous salted egg donut and although before this I was not too sure I will like it, after eating this, I am hooked. It is yummy!! See, you need to try things before you can say whether it is nice or not. I really didnt think I would like this but I'm glad I tried it anyway!

Last night, we went for dinner at Sahara Tent. It is a middle eastern restaurant in Ampang. We seldom go out on a weeknight but my mother in law invited us to join her and the rest for dinner, so we tagged along.

So ya, it is all about food this week. I didnt plan it to be about food but seeing this post, it looks like I've been doing nothing but eat!

On Monday, I am off to my medical check up. I am curious to see how I'm doing. Last year results was really good and this year I am hoping it will stay good if not better. IZUMIO and Super Lutein is the only thing I consume daily for my health and trust me, I eat a lot of unhealthy stuff daily! It works for me alhamdulillah. To those already consuming, keep it up! Those who haven't, what are you waiting for???

Anyway, wish me luck for my medical check up next week!!! Fingers crossed I will get positive results! InsyAllah!

Have a good weekend people!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Disconnect to connect

Dont get me wrong. I love technology. I can't live without my phone and the internet. I cannot live without wifi and social media but I hate that we are all so disconnected now that we are connected. Get it?
photo from Google

Do you remember what we used to do before internet and smart phones came into our lives? Honestly, I dont remember! All I know is I cannot live without my phone and having no connection (no Wifi and no internet) is not an option. What have we become?

My first mobile phone was given to me when I was in college. It wasn't really my phone. It was my mum's phone but because she didnt want to carry it around (there was no need to back then), she gave it to me to carry around in case she needed to call me while I'm out. I remember that I was one of the few with handphones back then. It was expensive to own one at the time. Now, anyone can own mobile phones because it is getting cheaper and cheaper. We are not talking about iPhones and Samsung phones here of course. There are many China brand phones that people can buy and use and they function just the same as our iPhones and other smartphones if not better.

I dread to think about the time my kids will want their own phones. At the moment, it is tough enough to stop them being glued to the iPads and iPads are a one way street. With a phone, they can receive calls and whatnot and I hear so many stories about teenagers being lured into all sorts of nonsense via their mobile phone. It scares me.

My kids are only allowed to be on their iPads during weekends. Come Saturday morning, they will wake up at 6.30am (I want to cry every time) and look for their iPads! Luckily, they dont argue with me about this rule because I am very strict and firm about it. They know they won't be given their iPads on weekdays at all.

These days, with the technology and social media, it is difficult to even have a decent conversation without the other person checking their phones or taking photos of food. Mind you, I am guilty of it too yet, I dont understand why I do it myself. It is annoying when people do it to me but sometimes, I can't help myself! What is the point of taking photos of food??? You tell me? Is it to tell people we eat at fancy restaurants? Is it to show people the presentation of the food is nice? I dont know why I do it. I guess I do it because everyone is doing it. See, peer pressure. Even at 37 years old. What the hell?

My husband is also hooked on his phone lately (playing his car game and reading news, amongst other things!), my kids are always asking for their iPads and I am busy on my phone too. Weekends, instead of talking, we are on our gadget and it annoys me. Since everyone is busy on their gadgets, I may as well join in.



I should stop this behaviour. Am I strong enough??? I shall try.

I hate that we are so disconnected.

I hate that people know more about everyone's lives but they dont know each other in real life. I hate that people know me from my Facebook and instagram but they dont know me in real life. I hate that I know a person's life from social media when we all know that on Social Media, you only show what you want people to see instead of what is real. So yea…it is a love hate situation here.

To think that it is only going to get worse in the future, it is even scarier.

God help us!

UTC Sentul to replace IC

I've been to the Sentul UTC a few times to do our passport but I didnt know that we can also get our IC done there. So convenient. It is the closest UTC to my house.

My IC is at least 20 years old. The photo taken was probably taken when I was 16 years old or something. I look like crap, obviously but I never really bothered to change to a new IC. I was worried I might look uglier and of course older. I rather look young and ugly than old and ugly, if you know what I mean. So it stayed with me for the past 20 years or so. The address on my IC is obviously my mother's home address, where I used to stay before I was married. It was never an issue or need to change my IC address. All the letters sent to my mum's home will just stay there until I collect them from my mum. Sometimes if it is urgent, like letters from bank or something, she will open it for me and read it for me first.

Since pilihanraya is coming up soon and I really want to vote near my house instead of at my mum's area, I decided to change my IC address. With that, I needed to update the photo as well. When I found out that I can get it done near UTC Sentul, I was pleased because it is very close to my house. What I didnt know was parking there is madness. Almost no parking at all. I went round and round and round for over 30 minutes waiting and looking for parking. I could have gone to Putrajaya or something in 30 minutes. I was not happy!

Once I got my parking, I got to the right level and department. The process was fast and quick. I also had to take a photo and luckily my outfit was ok and didnt have to wear one of those oversized jacket that they have there on standby. I hate those. Ew.

Got there at 10.28am and I got my new IC ready by 12.30pm.It didnt feel all that long at all. I got my new IC! Yeay! Finally. Photo? Well, it was alright. I wish I asked the lady if I could see the photo first but I didnt. My hair looked a bit funny but it was ok. I look "matured"unlike my old IC photo. Overall I was quite pleased.

Right outside the Jabatan Pendaftaran was a Post Office where I quickly did my change of IC address for pilihanraya purposes. Hurray. The next pilihanraya I will be voting near my home. I have no idea where that is but I am excited nonetheless.

If you haven't done yours, it is very easy to register to vote. Just go to the nearest post office, fill up a form and wait for the letter. I got my letter already not long after I registered. Do it!!!

First Crush

It's been 2 weeks since my son started big school and I've been nothing but super proud of him. Mind you, he is only 4.5 years old and everyone in his class is older than him. Today, one of his classmate celebrated her 6th birthday. Some classmates are 2 years older than him. Of course being the youngest in class, I dont expect him to do well academically at all. I just want him to enjoy school, want to go to school and learn. Learning well doesn't mean he gets all As in class. Learning well to me goes beyond that. Academically, I am not pushing him as much as I pushed my daughter. I dont know why.

Being in a new school and meeting new friends, I expected him to have some hiccups here and there but he's done extremely well. Today, he got back his spelling paper and he got 5/5 for it. It is still super easy spelling but still! I am so proud because this child couldn't even recognise some alphabets 3 months ago. 

Everyday he comes home with stories and I love it. These 2 weeks, his stories have 1 thing in common. A girl.Everyday, same girl different story.  I think he's got a little crush on this girl. How cute!!!!!
He blushes when he talks about her and he wants to tell the world about this girl. Today, I overheard him telling his ustazah "Do you know who Tamara is?" out of the blue…Ustazah replied "no I dont. Who is she?"and he starts blushing. 

 I find it absolutely cute! It's nothing serious and it is really innocent. I dont remember having a crush on anyone at the age of 5 but you know kids these days, they grow up very fast. Stop the clock!!!! 
Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Boosting Your Child's Immunity

Cold and Flu are facts of life of a child. It's almost like part of your child's profile! You almost can't run away from it. As a mother, we always want to do our best to manage our kids. Let me share with you what I've done to reduce their number of sick days. I've been doing it this way for over 2 years now. Tried & tested and I am confident that if you try it, it will work for you too. I call this my kid's "Immune Bomb" because whenever they are down with cold and Flu, I will throw this "bomb" and the cold and flu will be gone! Try it to believe it!

1. IZUMIO & Super Lutein 
Help your child get back on their feet and back to school with this combination and I can assure you that they recover quicker.

I've been giving my kids IZUMIO & Super Lutein for over 2 years now. I swear by this! In this 2 years, we have visited the paed only a few times compared to almost every few months previously. It doesn't mean that once your child consume this they will not fall ill, it just means that their immune system is much stronger and even if they do become unwell, they will recover quicker. Many argue that it is expensive to give them this but I can assure you that it is not. Spending few hundred ringgit every few months on medication isn't cheap too. One thing I learn and believe is that we should spend on our health and not on medication. There's a big difference! 

2. Diffuse Essential Oil 
I initially bought this diffuser about over a year ago because I love my house smelling of essential oil. I didnt know its benefits at that time. But it has been over a year and I've been learning and experimenting with essential oil and it does help! A powerful Immune Bomb when my kids are not well is a combination of Thieves, Purification and RC
All you need is one or two drops of each oil and just diffuse it all day especially at night when the kids are sleeping (in the room they sleep). I find this combination is the best to build their immune system. I will mix other oil when they are well for various reasons. Each oil will have their own benefits. But for this topic to boost your child's immunity, this combo is the best!

3. Apply Essential Oil on their feet
I will apply RC, Purification, Thieves and Peppermint on my children's feet. I will dilute it with a carrier oil first because thieves is quite a "hot" oil. If you dont have a carrier oil, you can use vegetable oil or olive oil too. Sometimes, when we are away and I dont have a carrier oil, I will dilute the oil in body lotion first before I apply to their feet. 

There you go, my Immune Bomb to increase my kid's immunity. It works! 

I've been consuming IZUMIO and Super Lutein for over 2 years. It is something I cannot live without. I dont give my kids daily and I will only give it when they're not well or when I see they are tired. I give it to them as and when I see necessary. For your information, both my children do not eat any other vitamins or supplements too. We hardly have any medicine in our home because normally, they get better and recover without medication and purely rely on IZUMIO and Super Lutein with the help of Essential Oil which I diffuse daily (even when we are well and healthy) and apply on their feet when they are not well. I believe that these 2 products complement each other and works for my kids.

If you want to purchase IZUMIO and Super Lutein, you know you can get them from me! I'll be able to assist you. As for Young Living Essential oil, I am also now a member and you can get them under my membership too! I've been using Young Living Essential Oil for over a year now and I love it! 
Sunday, January 8, 2017

3 makeup bag must-haves

I've always been interested in makeup but I dont wear a lot of makeup. I remember in University, MAC store had just opened at the city centre in Cardiff at the time and every single weekend, I would purchase some item from MAC. Items I dont even use. Items that are still tucked in my makeup box. I know they expire but I just dont feel like throwing all those stuff I bought, yet.

Anyway, I love buying makeup. I can spend A LOT of money and time just browsing makeup store. But since I had kids, I dont really have time to explore and play with makeup. Now that my kids are older, I have more time to put on makeup. I've started buying more and more to put on.

I dont put a lot of makeup. My ideal makeup is the no makeup makeup look. People think it is easy to achieve that look but trust me, it is the hardest! I am very particular too about my makeup. I still haven't mastered it yet but I am working on it. Slowly but surely.

Lately, I have been buying a lot of beauty items to explore with and I want to share with you my current favourites. I chose this 3 items because I simply love them so much and can't live without them at the moment (until I find new best thing!)

Photo from Google

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Spray
OMG I am totally obsessed with this spray. I can't stop talking about this especially with my friends because I am like telling everyone to buy and try this! LOL. I started buying this September last year if you remember. I saw few people posting about this product on their IG and I was curious (a sucker) and decided to try it myself. I bought it from Ken's Apothecary which is my favourite beauty store EVER! The minute the beauty advisor sprayed this on to my face, I was SOLD. I love the smell and I love that it gives the minty feeling and refreshes my face instantly. I spray this on to my face before applying any makeup and I spray it again after I am done with the makeup. I dont know what it does to my skin but I love that it gives me a glow. Since I started purchasing this back in September 2016, I have gone through more than 3 or 4 bottles of this. I use to spray it all the time. Then I realise that it is too expensive! So now, I only stray it before and after makeup. I used to spray like every hour or something because I love the freshness that it gives. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

I've introduced this to some friends and they all love it. They dont see any difference in their face but they still keep using this. To me, the difference or the glow it gives is very hard to tell but if you use it constantly and regularly as I do, you will see what it does. You can feel it.

Photo from Google

Dermalogica C-12 Pure Bright Serum
Last year, I bought a Dermalogica facial package and one of the free items I got was this serum. I dont use any serum but since I got this whole bottle free, I thought why not try it. I did and it is excellent. After using it religiously for a few weeks, I could see my face is brighter and less dull. I usually apply this before makeup too. After I spray the elixir. I usually prep my skin to the max before I put on any makeup. I even apply eye cream too. But anyway, this serum is really good for my skin because it doesn't cause my skin breakouts unlike other serums that I have tried before. So this one, is a keeper for sure! Love it!!!!

Photo from Google

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
I am obsessed with this. I've been watching some Instagram videos of some makeup artists and I see many of them using this. Curious (a sucker), I went to KLCC to purchase it myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It is so easy to apply and freaking awesome!!! I am obsessed with it that even when I am not going out, I will put this on for fun. I love how my dark eye circles looks so much better and I look so fresh! I'm not young anymore. I need help. There's no such thing as "natural beauty" over here because as I age, lines get more obvious, when I dont get enough sleep my under eyes will be dark, yada yada yada so this one is a lifesaver!

I'm on a mission to look for makeup brushes. I want the mermaid brush (I think that is what it is called). A lot of IGs are selling it but it is so cheap I am scared it is not the original one. Anyone knows where I can purchase them?

I am also looking to get loose powder. The current one I am using is actually quite good. I want to find a better one. I hear Laura Mercier's is good. We'll see…

Here's to a beautifuller me….


We only have 1 TV (actually 2 but we all just watch 1 TV) at home and we always fight with the kids for TV time. Most of the time, they win and we have Disney Channel or Disney XD but sometimes, my husband is firm and won't give in (until they shout like crazy). Usually, he will fight for TV time during 8pm news.

Watching the news to me is absolutely pointless. Malaysian TV news are all bias and they dont share the real news. I dont know what is real and what is not but when you watch TV3 news especially, you know what I mean. The ass kissing is real! But my husband likes to watch the news regardless.

We were arguing with the kids about how it is important to know what is going on around us. We need to watch the news to know what is happening around our environment. They asked "why are we watching this boring show?" a lot

Me: because you need to know about your environment. You need to know about what's happening around you.
Daughter: I KNOW whats happening around me. I know abut my friends. I dont want to know about strangers! Why can't we watch news about my friends or people I know?? Why are we watching news about strangers and people we dont even know???

She's got a good point there, dont you think.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

In flight entertainment

Flight to London is about 13 hours.  Flight from KL to London was good because we took the night flight. Our flight was slightly delayed and by the time we got on the plane, it was past midnight and we were all ready to sleep. I planned to sleep as soon as we got our seats but they kept feeding us and I just wouldn't stop eating. (Did I tell you I love MAS food? I'm probably the only one!). By the time I got to sleep was probably at 2am or 3am. I slept through right up till few hours before we land and had the chance to watch 1 movie. It was awesome! I mean, the journey didnt feel like 13 hours at all, which was good.

Anyway, in flight entertainment was rather disappointing. There weren't any movies I actually wanted to see. I haven't been watching any latest movies but there was one fairly recent one that I remember my friend mentioning and it was this movie called "Me before You". I had no clue what the movie was about but I knew that it was a romantic love story type of movie. I sat down watching this movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This movie is a British film and I haven't seen one since I left UK for good ages ago. Can you believe it? I forgot what it was like to watch a British film. The accent was good, the humour, the script it was different from the typical American movies that we often see. Anyway, this movie is awesomely sweet and beautiful and cute and romantic. It had all the right things and hit me at the right spot. I cried buckets at the end of the movie. It was really touching. If you haven't watched it, you should! If you do and dont cry in the end….something is wrong with you! LOL.

On our way back to KL, we took the morning flight. I dont know why we did that but 13 hours felt like  forever! I went to sleep, I woke up, I ate loads and went back to sleep and still, we had 10 hours to go! I was going mad, honestly!

Halfway through as I was browsing the movie selection, I saw a movie called "Love me tomorrow". It is a filipino movie actually. I never thought I would watch a filipino movie before but this time I did because Piolo Pascual is just so good looking! I was curious to see his character in the movie. It turned out to be a good movie to watch. It is about a cougar who fell in love with a younger guy after her husband's death. It was about love and how you discover love at a later stage in live. It is also about a guy who fell deeply in love with an older woman despite having all the young pretty girls around him and about the connection between them two. It was funny too.

So those were the 2 movies I saw during my trip to and from London. I was quite disappointed at the in flight entertainment because they didnt have video games anymore (my son was super bored and bugging me!) and apparently, they stopped it like 6 months ago. We haven't travelled that long? Hmm…

My daughter slept a lot, which was good. She did see the Peanut Movie twice or more. The cartoon selection wasn't all that good. The comedy TV shows was not great. I was quite disappointed that they dont have FRIENDS anymore.
Thursday, January 5, 2017

9 days in London

We spent 9 days in London this time. Initially, we thought 9 days is too long to spend in 1 city and had plans to go to Paris but turns out, 9 days in London is not enough. Last time we were in London was few years back and we were only there for 5 days and it felt enough thats why we thought 9 days is too long. But really, 9 days in London this trip was not enough! I guess when you are having so much fun, time just passes by so quick. As I am typing this, I am missing London so much already!

What did we do this whole 9 days in London? Well, to be honest, not much. I had plans to do a lot more but we just didnt have time. Our 9 days in London….

We did a lot of shopping. Unfortunately, we didnt get to do any high street shopping at all. I initially had plans to check out Zara, TopShop, Next and Karen Millen and all that but we didnt get to go on Oxford Street at all this time. Most of the shopping done was in Harrods, Bond Street and Sloane Street. We did get to go to Selfridges (which is on Oxford Street) but it was straight back to the apartment after that. Oxford Street during Christmas is crazy anyway. I dont think my kids would like it at all. We didnt even get to go to Hamley's. The kids got their toys from Selfridges.

Night Tour by Bus
We did this tour to beat our jet lag when we first arrived. We took the 7.45pm bus and as soon as we got on the bus, my kids fell asleep. They didnt get to enjoy the tour but I must say it was one of the best tours I've gone on. It was very interesting and the lights at night was spectacular. I couldn't take many photos as my daughter was on my lap. But I remember my favourite spot was the Big Ben and the London Eye. It was beautiful! Loved that view at night with the lights and whatnot.

Shrek Adventure
This was something my kids (and myself) enjoyed very much. It was not what I expected at all. I dont know what I was expecting to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised. It is like walking through a maze and different room had different themes. We go in groups and each room had its mini "show". It is like a mini walking theatre or something. It was a lot of fun. My kids didnt want to go home but as you enter the last room, it was the end and it is not like Sealife where you can walk back or going to the zoo where you can go back to the starting point. This show will end when you enter the last room and you can't go back. You have to follow your group.

Winter Wonderland
Every year around Christmas, Hyde Park will transform into Winter Wonderland. It is only like the biggest fun fair ever! I've never been to Winter Wonderland and it is my first time. It is awesome! So many things to do there and so many rides and food and whatnot. You can spend the whole day there actually. It starts at 10am till 10pm but it is very cold so I dont think you can be outdoors that long! My kids experienced their first fun fair and obviously they loved it. Our favourite is the bumper car. My daughter loved it so much we went on it twice! We went after dark too and they were still a bit jet lagged and my son was sleep walking whilst eating candy. He was walking with us and at one point, we realised he is actually sleeping. LOL. It was funny.

London Eye
London Eye was pretty awesome too. It is located near the Big Ben, Sealife London Aquarium, Shrek Adventure and the river cruise. So you can actually opt to do everything on the same day. We didnt. We should have because it would save us a lot of time and money! We went to the Shrek Adventure earlier in the week and thought we'd come back for London Eye. We bought a package which includes tickets for Shrek & London Eye. We should have gone up the London Eye right after Shrek but we thought we have many days left in London and can always come back. We went to London Eye on boxing day which was a huge huge mistake because the crowd was mad!!!! 3 hours queue to get on it! Imagine being in line for that long. Kids were bored and cold! But we had to use our tickets. If we didnt have tickets, we would have gone home because there was just too many people!!! But once we got on the London Eye, it was all worth it! I dont know if my kids enjoyed it as much as I did but it was awesome. The view was fantastic.

Changing of the Guards
We got the chance to see the Changing of the Guards at the Buckingham Castle. It is actually very near our apartment. Maybe about 10 minutes walk but with kids and a senior citizen, we took a cab. Taxis aren't allowed in that area and we had to walk still in the end. You should aim to be there early to get good view. Our view was ok but not great because we got there late.

Bicester Village
You need a car and a whole day here. It is slightly less than 2 hours outside London by car. Expect to spend almost 4 hours in the car (to and from) so that's already half day wasted. I know many people like going here but for me, I dont really like it. I've been here many times and usually, I will come home empty handed. I know you can find bargains but the stuff I want usually is out of stock or dont have it in my size which is really annoying.

There's a small outdoor playground here too in case your kids get bored. Mine really enjoyed the playground. Despite it being super cold, they still have lots of fun at the small little playground. I was there to babysit as I dont really enjoy shopping at Bicester Village.

Playdate in the Garden
The apartment we were staying in London has a nice small garden at the back. My daughter's classmate arrived from Switzerland while we were there and it was such a coincidence that they were also staying in the same apartment. We knew this before our trip and we promised to meet up at the garden on the 27th December (the day after they arrived from Switzerland and a day before we head back to KL). They were playing in the garden for a good hour or so. It was fun. There was nothing to play with but chase after birds, play with some sticks and stones and just run around but they really had fun.

There you go, all 9 days!
Definitely not enough days!

Meet up in London

I was so lucky my friend Lara is also in London on Boxing Day. We decided to meet up at Bond Street to walk around and have a meal or something to drink.

At this point, I didnt know how close my apartment is to Bond Street. I initially thought I'd take the tube to Bond Street. The nearest station to my apartment is the Green Park Station which is 2 minutes walk from the apartment. So I walked to the station and saw the map and had to pay over £10 for 1 day pass, which I know I won't use. To buy a one way ticket is also about £5 and I thought to myself, maybe I should just get a cab! I walked back out of the station and turned on my WAZE and saw that it is only about 5 minutes drive. Instead of taking the taxi, I decided to walk to Bond Street and before I know it, I am there!

Thank God I didnt spend money on taxi!

Met up with Lara at Dior and we walked around . She accompanied me to Ferragamo to get the shoes and time just passes by so quickly when you are having fun. Before we know it, it's been 3 hours already. My kids are at the apartment with my husband.

We went to a nearby cafe called Cafe Concerto. It is 2 minutes away from my apartment. I like this cafe. It's really nice but I've never actually gone to have a meal there. I see a lot of pastries and I bought a hot chocolate to go from there before, that was it.

I ordered some seafood linguine and Lara had risotto. We both loved our food. I asked for some chili flakes (#tekakmelayu) but they didnt have any but instead they brought me chili paste which tasted like sambal belacan minus the sambal. (Is it called sambal, then?)

So freaking awesome! The sambal was da bomb and complement the meal so good! Yums!!!!

4 hours with Lara wasn't enough obviously. But I'm glad we got to meet up and chat for a bit. I wish we have more time together. Maybe next time.

By the time I got home, my husband and kids was hungry because they didnt have lunch! LOL opsss!!!  I left at 11am and got back almost 4pm. Someone was not happy @_@

In Love

My daughter came home today and told us she had a good day in school. She's a social butterfly. She was updating me with everyone's holiday stories. I guess they discussed it in school today. She was happy to see her friends. She misses them a lot over the holidays. Here's one story from her today….
Daughter: mummy do you know Mikael is in love with me???Me: how do you know???Daughter: SR told me during gym class! Mikael was next to him when he said that.Son: I knew all the boys are going to fall in love with you!Me: so what did you tell SR when he said that?Daughter: I told him... "oh no! My father is gonna kill you!" LOLMy husband was just there trying to remain calm! But he couldn't and he said "ya! I am!"I burst out laughing because she looked so cute!

I love moments like this.. so innocent 

My son's first day in big school

We are still a little jet lagged. Kids are still waking up in the middle of the night and they will struggle to go back to sleep, myself included! I was nervous if they can actually get up for school but alhamdulillah, despite not getting all that much sleep, they both woke up on time without too much struggle.

My daughter is super excited that her brother will be joining her in the big school. Being a typical big sister, she wanted to make sure he got in his class, meet his teachers and introduce herself. She was being kepoh as usual. It was so cute. The brother on the other hand was so cool and calm.

While getting ready, he ran to me while I was in the toilet and said "what exams do I have today?"
Hahah.. So cute that he thinks big school is all about exams, which is kind of true in a way. But luckily he is excited about exams still! (He's only had 1 exam in his life)

When I picked him up, he looked so cute! I cant believe he is in big school already. I miss my little baby son. He's all grown up now. Ready to conquer the world.

We kept interrogating him about school when he got in the car but he was clearly too tired to speak and reply his annoying parents. He was hungry as hell and he finished his whole bottle of water. We had to wait for another hour for his sister's dismissal and he wasn't happy. I took him to the school canteen and got him some milo and fries. It was soggy. He didnt want to eat them but luckily the milo kept him happy.

When we got home, he fell asleep on the sofa till about 6pm. That night, I knew he wouldn't be able to sleep. His body temperature was not normal. No fever but I know it is getting warmer. I quickly made him drink IZUMIO and got him to take his Super Lutein. With the jet lag and the whole day of school, it is possible that his body is too tired to function and he needed more time to recover from his jet lag.

Guess what? He skipped school the next day.

I kept feeding him IZUMIO and Super Lutein. There was no fever but I know he is tired and weak. He was chirpy like normal but you know the battery power is not a 100%. I'm happy he stayed home and rest. I hope he won't get sick. It is the season to be sick too. My cousin who is a Dr said all her friends (in Government Hospitals) is telling her that there are many cases of Influenza and that maybe can consider getting vaccine.

Anyway, overall it was a good first day of school. No tears from both mummy and child. I read a lot of posts on FB about mums crying and sobbing on the first day of school and I am not one of them. I was excited to send him to school and excited that I will be home for 6 hours a day with peace and quiet. It has been a while since I am alone at home.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

End of another era

Last month, my son had his last day of school with Ms. Rose. Like they say in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, it is the "end of an era" I was so sad.

My son started attending classes with Ms. Rose since he was not even 2 years old. At the time, Ms. Rose was operating the school next door to our apartment unit. It was convenient for us and my son was ready to be in school at a really young age compared to my daughter. My daughter was still crying to go to school till she was almost 6 years old. (not because she hated school but because she didnt want to be away from me). My son was running to school (next door) since he was 18 months! He never cried in school. He is such a happy boy.

In case you dont know, Ms Rose is a very experienced teacher. She's a scottish lady married to a local chinese and she's been in Malaysia since she got married (probably over 30 years ago). She's been teaching young children since forever. Many of her students all went to good schools and she has a good track record for sure.  She's so good with children. She's very strict with them but at the same time, she's fun and loving. My kids love her and scared of her too. I love that. She runs her own little school. Well, it is more like a playgroup and homeschooling if you ask me. It's nothing formal but they do a lot of things together. Early this year, they moved out to Ampang and I decided to continue sending my son there. He's happy there too.

Now that my daughter is in the big school, doing double school runs at different parts of Klang Valley just doesn't make sense. We decided to send my son to the big school too and go for the kindy program that they offer in the big school. It was difficult to say Goodbye to Ms Rose because not only she's been my kid's teacher since they were young, she is also like a mother to me. Always giving me and my husband  advice and whatnot, especially when they were operating next door. She was always there for us.

The kids in that school are all very close. We mothers are close too and we meet up for breakfast quite often. I just feel really sad leaving all them behind. It was really tough for me more than for my son, actually.

Before the last day of school, I got my kids to do a little project for Ms Rose. I saw this awesome thing on the internet that was simple enough for the kids and I to do for Ms Rose. I designed the tree on the computer and printed it out for my son to colour and then both kids had to stamp their thumbprints.

Both my kids was so excited to do this little project. I was too!

Tadaaaaaa!!! The final result. I wish it was neater but this was all my kid's effort and they were so proud of it. I helped wrapped the gift and they presented it to Ms Rose. She was so happy and loved the gift.

I dont think we can say THANK YOU enough to Ms Rose for coming into our lives. She helped shaped my kids into the kind of kid they are. I feel sad that it is the end of an era but I am excited and hopeful that my kids will continue to grow. One thing for sure, I know we will keep in touch…

Luxury Winter Shopping in London

Dont go to London if you dont plan to shop! Agree?

Well, the last time I was in London (back in 2014), I didnt shop AT ALL. Crazy right? I just didnt have time to shop because my kids needed me 24/7. They were younger and not so independent so shopping was the last thing I wanted to do. When I came back to KL after the trip, I regretted it. I was so angry at myself for not buying anything. This time, I was determined to shop! haha…

First day we arrived we went to Sloane Street to visit some boutiques. We went to Ferragamo and LV.

Loved these. I wanted to get in all colours. But I didnt! *regretting now* and the first day we went, it was priced at  ‎£355 but we were told it will be on SALE after 26th December. Wooho! I didnt get it then and got these on boxing day at £200. Bargain, right!? *wish I got all colours but I didnt!*
LV is never on sale. I wanted that piece on the bottom (but in a different colour) because I saw it in KL and they had put a chain on it and it looks really cute. This was on my wish list. Did I get it? jeng jeng jeng!

After Sloane Street, we were too tired to continue (my mother in law was with me and she's 76 years old). My kids was bored so we decided to go home. Later after we rested, we went to Selfridges to check it out. We didnt really see anything we liked and ended up just going there to eat. After Selfridges, we head back home again. My mother in law wasn't feeling too well (jet lagged) anyway.

Next day we were in Harrods. Harrods is super busy beyond anything I've ever seen in my life. People really SHOP till you drop, there. Literally for some too!! The place was full with a million people doing last minute christmas shopping.

Here are some of the things we liked in Harrods.


Celine Nano
Exotic Skin Celine Nano
Yay or Nay? I couldn't decide whether I like or hate this particular piece




Shopping in Harrods was a nightmare because it is so difficult to get help. Everyone is super busy. There are people queuing to get served everywhere. We got a really unfriendly sales advisor in Chanel. My husband was so pissed he told her off! Finally they assigned someone else for us and she was super friendly.

In Dior, we had really good SA and she was super friendly. She told us the story about her trip to Thailand where she met a Malaysian guy. He was seeing someone and she was seeing someone at that time so nothing happened. But she kept talking and talking about this Malaysian guy. It was so funny.

Did I get any of the above? Jeng jeng jeng!!!!

Next stop, Bond Street! Believe it or not, Bond Street is only 5 minutes walk from our apartment! It was so convenient to go there!



Overall, shopping experience this trip was OK. Not that great because I didnt see anything I really LOVE. I mean, I was there to shop but I didnt want to just buy for the sake of buying. If I didnt love something, why spend money on it right? Apparently since it is Christmas and all, they dont have many shipment from Paris (that's where the new pieces come from). Maybe I should have gone to Paris instead to shop! We didnt have time to go there this trip.

Exchange rate was 5.5 when I changed my RM to pounds but while we were in London, the exchange rate dropped at 5.4. We use our credit cards for most purchases and that is higher at 5.7.
Good thing is we got some tax rebate. In Harrods, depending on how much you spend, you will get rebate from 10% to up to 15% if I'm not mistaken. Their admin fee is quite high but at least you can claim on the spot in Harrods instead of at the airport.

What did I get on this trip? Well, let's just say I was more than happy with my purchases. Although I was expecting to find unique pieces, I didnt. But Im super in love with my bag, I'm actually quite obsessed with it.

I did quite well this trip! ha ha...