Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Magic Potion

Remember our Chinese New Year break? We had a short getaway to Penang. It was non stop swimming adventure and kids had so much fun. We came back 5 tones darker too because we were out in the sun for hours each day. Anyway, the resort was packed. It was full house and so you can imagine how the pool area is like. It was like sardines in the kids pool. Imagine the germs, the bacteria and all sorts of dirt in the pool water. But, it was a holiday for the kids and we can't possibly go to a pool and not let them swim. YOLO and you got to do-first-think-later. I let them swim as much as they wanted and I dont regret that at all - well, most of the time I dont…

This was taken few days after a week of our return from Penang
After we got home, I noticed my daughter developed bad rash on her hand. She has on and off eczema which I manage to control without any steroid or medication by giving her IZUMIO but this time, her "eczema" seems different. It was raw! I dont know how it happened but I suspect it was due to the pool water being dirty or something like that because it was fine before we went to Penang and got really bad in Penang and got really raw and infected by the time we got home. It was so bad I really didnt know what to do. Of course I have IZUMIO and was giving it to her but it wasn't working as fast as I wanted it to work. IZUMIO is purely just water and it has no steroid whatsoever so obviously it will take time to heal but time was what I didnt have because she was scratching it so much until it was bleeding and it was so raw that it really breaks my heart to see her that way. The only option was to go steroid again, which I really dont want to do because it has been 2 years since I last had to put steroid cream on her. I had to sabar looking at her and she too had to control herself from scratching. Each time she feels itchy, I will give her a packet of IZUMIO and it does help her because IZUMIO is a natural antihistamine anyway. But like I said, it was working too slowly this time.

Not only that, she started scratching her head too, which she never did before. At first I just ignored it and didnt even look at her scalp but then when I see her scratching even more, I got curious and I examined it and OMG, I was shocked to see stuff on her scalp. WHAT IS IT???!!!

It looks like blisters and it was wet. Ive never seen anything like it. I panicked because for once, I dont know what to do to treat it. After a week, we took her to the dermatologist.

After an hour plus wait at the dermatologist and RM200 poorer, Dr told us it is eczema. I argued and said no this is not it (I know what eczema looks like!) but she said "We've seen this before and we know better!" OK fine Dr!!! You know better!

She prescribed us with some steroid cream for her hand (Duh!), some medicated shampoo and also some steroid cream for the scalp! STEROID STEROID STEROID! oh and also a bottle of antihistamine to help her with the itch.

For a week, I followed every step. Except for the antihistamine which my husband kept bugging me to give it to her but I refused to give. Why should I give her antihistamine when I have a natural way to stop her from scratching. She admitted herself that after she drinks a packet, she won't feel itchy anymore. I had to put my foot down and not give her medications that I think aren't necessary, right?

After a week of using steroids…. her hand and her scalp didnt improve. Dr said after a week it should all clear or improve but it didnt. In fact, it was getting worse! It was so bad I didnt know what to do but tried all sorts of tricks I can think of. Nothing was working fast enough.

So, Dr Mummy had to do some studying and research and do her thing! Yes, I am a doctor and a nurse too at home and although I dont have a masters degree in Medicine, I got skills!!!

I came up with my own Magic Potion!!!

Here is the recipe:

1. Rosemary Essential Oil - 4 drops
2. Melrose Essential Oil - 4 drops
3. Lavender Essential Oil - 2 drops
4. Cedarwood Essential Oil - 1 drop
5. Thieves Essential Oil - 2 drops
6. Helichrysum Essential Oil - 2 drops
7. 1/2 packet of IZUMIO

I made this all by myself and mix it all together in this spray bottle and started spraying the effected area on her scalp daily. Almost 2-3 times a day.

Within 2 days, it all dried up. I was amazed at the result!!! I felt so awesome!!! It was the best feeling ever. For more than 2 weeks after Penang trip her scalp was itchy and wet and blisters all over and spreading to more and more areas. It was so bad that it was covering more than 80% of her whole head. One night it was so bad that her pillows had stains of blood. I was so worried God knows. But after I sprayed this magic potion, it slowly dried up. Once it was dry, it became like dandruff all over her head and I use Moogoo scalp cream at night and by the next morning when we shampoo her hair (no longer using the medicated shampoo), it will all wash away. Less than 1 week, she is healed!!!

Now, on her hand….
I use the same recipe as above but I add a bit of carrier oil (I use vegetable oil).  Within few days, she was ok.

I am so happy!!!

She is all good now.

In case you are wondering…

Rosemary is good as it promotes healthy hair and scalp. It will also get rid of infection and also helps with hair loss. My daughter's hair was falling too because of the unhealthy scalp so I figured I needed an oil that will help with hair loss too.

Melrose oil is good to cleanse and disinfect cuts. It is also good for fungal infection. I didnt know if it was indeed fungal infection but if it isn't, putting an oil that helps with fungal infection can't be bad!

Lavender is known to be good for eczema and it eases dry and irritated skin. It can regenerate damaged tissues too.

Cedarwood is also good for eczema. It has antibacterial properties and also it helps with hair loss. If you are balding, use it twice a day as I read it helps!

Thieves is just awesome to combat the spread of germs. I can't live without this oil!

Helichrysum can help repair tissues and can remove toxic substances. I chose this oil because it is good for blisters and cuts.

IZUMIO is just good for everything! I wanted this potion to be something I can carry around and spray on to the scalp.

I did this potion 3 or 4 times in the span of 1 week because I do spray a lot of it each time. But it is so good I love it!!!

If you want to try IZUMIO or Essential Oil, contact me! I can order them for you. I use Young Living essential Oil and I love it. It has oils for everything … I'm glad I found a better way than using steroids. I mean, steroids didnt even work this time for my daughter! I was so pissed at myself for putting it on her for a whole week!

Ah well..u learn!

Baby mood

I have 2 kids and I'm blessed that I have a girl AND a boy. There's no pressure for me to have anymore children, I am done! Thank God!

Raising two kids on my own is hectic. I mean, we are both very hands on with our kids and it is tiring to say the least. Some people make parenthood look so easy but for me, it is tough. I am quite a control freak too when it comes to my kids and I like things done a certain way so for me, being a mom is tough if not the toughest thing I've had to do.

My kids Alhamdulillah are good kids. They're pretty well behaved I would say and they're not spoilt brats like some kids are. I'm a tiger mom so I think more often than not, they're scared of me. Whether they respect me or not, I dont know but they're definitely scared of me. I dont mind. I do it Asian Style. Scream like mad and hope for the best style! LOL
My husband's approach is quite the western style in the sense he talks to them when they do something wrong and be their best friend kind of approach. Which is kind of the opposite of me. Somehow it works for us despite our difference in parenting skills. But whether you do it the Asian way or the Western way, parenthood for us is tiring. Therefore we both agreed to stop at 2 since we already have a pair.

Lately, however… I've been feeling "itchy"…. Like I look at babies and miss having one. Of course when I am missing having one I am not thinking about the diaper change and breastfeeding and sleepless nights. I am just thinking about the smell, the cuddles, the joy and laughter a baby brings. And then few minutes later I'll snap out of it because I remembered how long I had to go through sleepless nights!

Since I'm having my "itchy for baby" mood…let's just play along ok…

If I were to have another baby… would it be a boy or a girl….? My daughter desperately wants a baby girl and of course my son, wants a baby boy. Me, personally? Well…my daughter was super duper good as a baby and she just sleeps all day and was the nicest most precious little baby girl ever. I miss that a lot!!!! So, when I think about her as a baby..it makes me want to have a baby girl. Plus dressing a baby girl is so much nicer!

Then there's my son… he was the chubby one and super mania. He is the one who loves warm hugs and cuddles. My daughter likes her space. She didnt like kisses and cuddles (although I still gave lots even when she hated them). My son was super playful and refused to sleep because he wanted to play all night long! When he cries….HE YELLS!!! OMG…he got it from me kot (Asian tiger mom, remember?). But he was so cuddly and cute and adorable. When I think about the playful baby, I want to have a son. Also I feel it is unfair to have just one gender. I need to be fair. I need to have one girl and one boy. One for each kid.

I need to have twins! Because I dont want to get pregnant twice!!!

Of late…in the news we see a lot of celebrities getting pregnant with twins. Is it a trend? How does that work?  Did they go through some kind of treatment or something to get twins???

Beyonce is getting twins.
Mariah has twins
J Lo has twins

It can't be a coincidence can it???

I want twins too!! One boy and a girl! Tell me how!!!! (Then I can try to convince my husband!) hahahahaha

- sleepless nights x forever
- breastfeeding x 2
- diaper change x 2
- tantrums x 2

OK I'm done. I have a boy and a girl and I'm done.


Monday, February 27, 2017


Have you guys been to Smiggle? We are all big fans of Smiggle. My daughter especially. I love buying stuff from there to keep in my "magic box". When my kids behave well,  I will take something out from this "magic box" to reward my kids. I have lots of stuff in there and they love getting stuff from there.

Last trip to Smiggle, my daughter wanted to buy stuff but my husband didnt want to get it for them because they recently got 2 toys each. They also promised him (the time they got the toys) that they won't ask for anything or buy anything for the whole month. They obviously dont know the value of money and always want to buy everything all the time! So this time, he put his foot down and said no! They both cried that day…but tough! No means no, sometimes!

It didnt help that I bought a bunch of stuff that day from Smiggle and one of it was this handbag notepad. My daughter wanted that notepad I bought but I told her that I will only give it to her if she perform well for her exam. She didnt want to wait for exam to be over because we dont even have exams this semester. She wanted it NOW! Too bad!

For a week she was bugging me to give the notepad to her. Begging and asking and trying all sorts of tricks to get it. Finally, she asked her dad and this time, seeing how much I said no, he just said OK. I was annoyed that he didnt keep his word (about not buying anything for the kids this month after getting toys!) but whatever lah, I just kept quiet.

After she got her notepad (we went to Smiggle over the weekend), she told him that she will use that notepad to write stuff for him. That was her trick to get him to buy it for her and he bought it! She got him wrapped around her little finger as you can see…

When she got her notepad she was so excited and kept saying thank you and hugging him and what not. A reaction he love obviously. In the car, she told him that she will write a note to him. He was looking forward to that note. As soon as we got home, he got this…

LOL. A piece of paper from the notepad with this written on it. When he got it, he was like "what is this"???? hahaha. I couldn't help laughing. "This" is a piece of paper from the notepad.

That night, I got this note from her.

Hahahah. I dont think papa would be happy to see this. Especially since he got her the notepad and paid for it and he got nothing. I got a special love note.

Mummy - 1
Papa - 0

Love my daughter. She's the sweetest!
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I love Kale

We dont eat healthy food at all. I dont know why but we just dont. We really should.

As you all know, my kids are fussy eaters. My daughter is the world fussiest eater. I know if theres a competition, she will win that category because she really is! My son is not so bad but compared to other kids, his fussiness is quite mild. My husband on the other hand eats really simple food. He will be happy with fried chicken, kicap and rice. Yours truly here is the odd one in this family because I eat A LOT and I eat EVERYTHING. Well, except for chicken feet and neck (eeewwwww) and all the other stuff you shouldn't really eat and gross. LOL. I'm used to having big meals. I can do with 1 big meal a day and not eat for the rest of the day whereas everyone else at home needs to eat 10 small portions a day and munch and snack, even if it is just biscuits. As you can see, we are all not very united when it comes to food. (which is not necessarily a bad thing because if we are united, we will all be fat!)

Hampshire Mummy is the world's healthiest eater. They really eat healthy food all the time. It makes me feel bad because we dont at all. I feel bad because I know we all should eat more healthy food.
Sometimes she will text me their dinner and MasyaAllah, so much green!!!!

I'm not a green veg type. I mean, we dont eat enough greens for sure. That's why I supplement my kids with Super Lutein. I guess it's good for us because we are hardly ever sick despite us not having healthy meals and enough greens in our diet. But still, we need to eat more greens I agree and so, I got inspired by Hampshire Mummy's photos and bought Kale from the supermarket one day.

I've had Kale once and I loved it. It was the a duck salad I had at BLVD. You can read about it here. It was so yummy but I haven't had the chance to go back to BLVD since although I've been craving the salad! I dont know how else to cook Kale but Hampshire mummy taught me how to make it. It's super easy and it is super yummy and I am obsessed!!!!

All you need is:

1. 2 chopped garlic
2. Olive Oil
3. Salt & Pepper

It is so delicious and fresh! It doesn't look so interesting, right? But trust me it is really yummy! I bought a packet of Kale from Village Grocer and I think each packet was like under RM15 or something like that. Usually 1 packet can make 2 portions of this.

It was so nice that the next day, I improvised and added prawns and a bit of fish sauce and a tiny bit of Oyster sauce.

Walaaaaaa….it is nicer with prawns. I loved it so much that I made it again few days later and this time, I added some red chillies.

OK this is really da bomb!!!! I didnt want the oyster sauce and fish sauce to overpower the taste of Kale so this time, I didnt add any sauce at all. Just prawns, garlic, chilies and olive oil. Seasoned it with salt and pepper only.

I've perfected this recipe!!!

But I have more ideas and will make it next time…. can't wait! I've ran out of Kale for now. I can't wait to go and get more.

Why you should eat Kale?

- It is high in Lutein (like Super Lutein!) which is good for the eyes. Eating more Kale (for the Lutein), you will protect your eyes from getting damaged and also decreases the likelihood of getting Glaucoma. Bet you didnt know that. I know I didnt!

- Kale is high in vitamin A, C and K. Go and google what these vitamins are good for

- Kale is a very good antioksidant and has anti inflammatory properties. Can also prevent cancer.

Basically, it is a good veg to eat and it is yummy too!!!!

OK bye, going to get more Kale for dinner tonight. Yes, I am obsessed with this veg right now. As you can see...
Monday, February 20, 2017


Do you remember the story about our adopted cat Zoe? If you dont, you can read about it here. Zoe is now a mummy! Can you believe it? Dont ask me how or when it happened but it just happened!

There's few other stray cats living downstairs at the basement and our neighbours have been giving them food, which is not good because then more and more stray cats will come and live downstairs. Zoe has upgraded herself and moved herself to the ground floor. The stray cats on the basement took her spot and because they are more brutal than Zoe, she lost and gave up. The stray cats downstairs looks really cute and pretty too. They're all white and have blue eyes. But dont let their looks fool you because they act like tigers I swear! When you walk near them, they will start making this sound like they are about to jump on you or something. I have no idea if it is a male or female but we named him Olaf (because he is all white!) and the other little one Elsa. So Olaf and Elsa aren't very nice and we can hear them fighting with Zoe all the time. I guess Olaf must have raped Zoe one night and the rest is history. Zoe somehow gave birth to a baby and she's all white too except for a little bit of grey on her tail. (Olafff!!!!)

So anyway….my neighbour upstairs have been taking care of Zoe and her baby. I dont know why theres only 1 baby but maybe the rest didnt survive. This kitten is so cute but she makes that sound like Olaf too, which got us thinking, Olaf must be the dad!

So my husband was being funny and he named the baby Pintu. Yes pintu as in door. Because he thought of the P Ramlee movie Ahmad Albab. You know how the baby in the movie wouldn't stop crying until his grandfather started knocking the door and he named him Albab. Apparently Albab means pintu malay. So my husband named the kitten pintu because he/she kept going behind the door. My kids are so cute. They agreed with the name and started calling the kitten pintu.

Now we have Zoe and Pintu.

Great. Welcome to my life!
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

We (as a couple) dont really celebrate Valentine's Day. Well, we used to but now we dont really anymore. When I say "dont really", what I mean is… it all depends on the mood that year. Sometimes we do, sometimes we dont. When we do, it's OK but when we dont, it is OK too. It is not a big deal basically. It is just another day.

I wonder if I got anything last year or not? Cant even remember!

So this year, I didnt plan anything and just couldn't really be bothered to be honest. But like any other wife, I secretly hoped that my husband will get me something (he he he).

I didnt get anything! LOL. Not flowers and not anything else.

How do I feel about it? Honestly? Well, honestly, I feel ok. Like I said, I dont need 14 February to be a day to show or celebrate love. We should celebrate it everyday anyway right?

But my husband did wish me. I wish him. That was it. No big deal at all.

Then my daughter came home and demanded something for Valentines Day from me.

"You dont even know what Valentines Day is!!!" I said. But she didnt care. She just wanted something because obviously everyone in school is talking about it. In fact, both my kids did some project / artwork for Valentine's Day for us. I guess she just wanted something back. She insisted I make something for her.

Finally, I went to my art box and found some papers and whatnot and made her a card. It took my literally 2 minutes to do.

When I gave it to her, she was so happy!!! Her face lit up immediately and I felt bad. It took basically no effort at all but yet, little things like that can make her feel so special and happy. I felt bad because I didnt want to do it at first and she kept reminding me to do it. I basically did it not because I wanted to make it, I did it because she won't leave me alone if I didnt. When I saw her face so happy, I just gave her a big hug and told her I love her.

My son saw it and he wanted one too! Oh man!!!!!

In I go to the back room to do another card. 2 minutes! And when he got it, he was like not bothered at all. He can't read, obviously and couldn't really care about it. He just wanted one because he saw how happy my daughter was. But once he got it, he was over it! LOL.

My daughter felt jealous that my son's card is a coloured card whereas hers was just white paper. I only had 3 colours - black, white and yellow. She felt like the yellow is more special. I had to crap something up.

"White is special because it is the colour of heaven" and she calmed down a bit. But then she asked what about yellow? "Yellow is the colour of the sun but heaven is better than sun dont you think?"
Phewwww, that was close!!! I managed to get out of trouble!

My husband was about to go out to the hospital to visit my FIL when he heard the excitement about getting this "Valentines Surprise" (as my daughter calls it) and asked what was going on. The kids showed him their cards and he sounded disappointed that he was not included. While he was out, we made a card for him.

NO one gave me anything!!!! I was the only one in the house who didnt get a card!!! Now I'm upset! (I'm not, just wanted to drama!). Since it was a school night and kids had to sleep early, we just took a photo of the card for him and WA'ed him. He didnt reply! Pfffftttttt

That was the end of Valentines Day. Nothing great.

Then the next day, my daughter gave me this sweet letter that she did in school. I was so touched! It was the sweetest thing ever. I wanted to laugh when I read the part about being mean. She said I  make her happy when I'm happy or even when I'm mean. LOL.

Note to self: stop being mean!!!!!!

Bless her for her unconditional love for her mama. I love her so much. She is truly a blessing. I was so happy when I got the letter and started saying things like "OMG this is the best letter EVER!!!" and my son got jealous.

I dont know what's up with the both of them. They are becoming so competitive especially with each other. Whenever I say I love my daughter, my son will merajuk and say "I know you dont love me!" and it is the other way round when I say I love my son.
So when he heard how excited I was about the letter, he quickly went and did something for me too.

In case you can't see… This is actually a heart. Colourful one. LOL He said it is for me, to say Happy Hearts Day.


I love you both so much. You are both special to me and thank you for loving this sometimes mean mummy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Food and Friends

I was invited to join the lou sang with some Young Living friends last week at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant in One World Hotel. I love the YeeSang there. We normally tapau it and have it at home but we haven't done it this year so I was thrilled when my friends invited me to join them there.

There were 8 of us but since they only had set meals for lunch, it was a damn expensive one! In fact, it is the most expensive lunch I've had EVER! LOL. Food was glorious! There was wayyyy too much food for us obviously.

First we did the lou sang and it was so yummy. I really love it. It is the best ever!!! I am so going to come back to tapau before it is over!

Before we could all enjoy the yummy yee sang, we of course had to take photos of it with our products! LOL. This is a good shot isn't it? So creative of me!

Here are some of the other stuff we had.

A bunch of other stuff came. I didnt get to take photo of those. But basically, food was really good. The service, however, wasn't!!! It was also a girlfriend's birthday, we had cakes too!! I couldn't stay long because I had to rush for school runs but it was a fun lunch indeed. I love it that I am surrounded by good people. Beautiful ladies inside out and here to conquer the world with positivity. Love this sisterhood!

The next day, on Wednesday, I was free for lunch and since I was nearby Bukit Damansara, I called up a girlfriend and invited her to have lunch with me at Kita Kita Cafe. I've been wanting to check this place out for ages!

We both wanted Laksa Johor because apparently it is really good there and it is true! It is one of the best Laksa Johor I've had in a long time! It is so good, I want to have it now!! *droooools*

I ordered Milo Dinosaur (dont judge me!) and it was really good too! We were so hungry before we came and waited for ages for our food to arrive. I think it was more than 30 minutes wait. The place wasn't even full at the time. But luckily we had a good chat to keep us busy.

I also ordered Kacang Pool for us to share but it wasn't as nice as I thought it was going to be. So next time, we won't order that again. We also got complimentary cekodok for the long wait and when I saw it, I laughed. "It should be smaller" I said but turns out, it was very yummy! Next time, I won't judge a book by its cover!

Overall, it was a good! It is a small little cafe and they have a shop selling all sorts of beautiful pieces like clothes, art and ornaments. I love this place and will definitely be back!

To end my Wednesday, I also got the cake I ordered from another mommy friend from school. This is my second order from her and she tweaked the cake to my taste and I must say, the cake is getting better and I love it!!!!!

Chinese New Year Break

Our chinese names
Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers! I hope you had a nice short break. We certainly did. Last year, we celebrated Chinese New Year in Hard Rock Penang. You can read about it here. This year, believe it or not, again at the last minute, we decided to go back to Penang. Dont ask me why we keep going back to Penang every Chinese New Year, I have no idea why. Actually, this time, my husband wanted to go to Langkawi to look at a few real estate but my kids prefers Penang. As this is a last minute decision, Hard Rock Penang is not available (we know what type of room we want and they didnt have any left) so we chose a different hotel.

This time, we chose to stay at The Golden Sands. We got a pretty awesome deal too. We booked direct through their website and went for the family package. This package is awesome because it includes breakfast AND dinner. Also entrance to their play area and I can't remember what else. All I know is that it was a good deal. We took the suite and it was huge. Unfortunately, because it was their peak season, the suite we got was on the 1st floor, which means, no view of the sea whatsoever. Once we got our room, we asked for a different room on a higher floor (because why stay by the beach if you dont get the beach view right?)but they didnt have any. I guess we just had to make do with what we can get. Bummer! But it was a huge room. My maid got a whole wing to herself! The balcony can easily fit 20 people if not more!

Our stay at the ShangriLa was great. 4 days 3 nights of doing nothing but swim, play, sun, sea! It was awesome (for the kids). I didnt get the chance to explore the resort as I am always with the kids but I did manage to sneak out for an hour across the street to get a foot massage. They had foot massage on the beach itself but I hate those cuz their hands will be full of sand while they are massaging you.

The place we went to across the street is managed by these few Sabahan ladies. They were really friendly and chatty too. We spent the whole hour talking about economy and the government (them talking mostly). After I spoke to them, I feel really bad for them. Economy is really bad and the low income earners like them suffers the most. I mean, of course we feel the heat too but the low income earners are the ones no one really cares about. I see a lot of economist talking about what the government is doing, yada yada yada and giving us all the numbers but at the end of the day, they still get the same salary whilst the low income earners are getting less than they normally do. For example, these Sabahans used to make about RM7000 per month before. Then came the MH17 and MH370 case and their income went down to half because tourist dont really want to come here that much compared to before. And then came the GST and again their income are going down because locals can't afford to go holidaying as much anymore. At the moment their income in under RM3000 and they work like crazy. Sometimes up to 2am. I feel so blessed that I lead this life of mine. Syukur Alhamdulillah that OK fine, I can't afford to shop that much but I still shop A LOT! For these ladies, they earn to live, whereas for me, I earn to shop! Life is so unfair when I say it like that, right? Allah knows best.

So anyway our last day in Penang, we spent 5 hours swimming. By the pool, watching Lion Dance, ate and went back to swim!

My son had his first experience on a jet ski. He went on it twice with my husband while my daughter and I just sat by the beach. She was busy making sandcastle. 5 freaking hours. If we were chinese or fair, we will be looking like lobsters but instead, we just look black! I love getting tan because it gives me a glow but come next day, I just look black!

We left Penang feeling really good. It was our first trip with our new maid. She's ok, she's good and all but I can see she's not used to all this. She doesn't know what to do and a bit culture shock. We got the buffet for her whenever we take the buffet but she will just have a bit of food. Next time, we will just order ala carte for her.

Alhamdulillah, traffic was good to and from Penang. We managed to escape the crazy traffic because we left for Penang 2 days before CNY and we left Penang on the second day of CNY.

Hurray! Fun trip and came back all black!!!

Since it was a long holiday, we decided to go somewhere nearby too before school starts. Guess where we decided to go to???

Avani Resort in Sepang! (Boy, why did we choose that place?)

Well…., We've been wanting to go check it out for a while because it looks pretty in picture. When we got there, the place was packed with people. The entrance was nice but very crowded. Mostly by tourists and you can tell that they are not locals. True enough, they were from China and Taiwan.

So anyway, a big wedding was happening in the resort and apparently the big wedding is a 2 million Ringgit wedding. The bride and groom are from India. Wow. They really go all out on weddings, huh?
Apparently they booked the whole resort that weekend.

Verdict of the place?
Well, food was ok but everything else is not up to my standard at all. The place is really run down. I can see leaking at the main restaurants and ceiling looks like it needed work!

King bed

Single beds

Our room is a good size. We got the family room which consist of 1 master bedroom with 1 king bed and another room with 2 single beds. We have a living room too and really the whole room is a good size for all of us.

The swimming pool is very small and full with people that we dare not let the kids swim. Plus, we are all already black from Penang. Everywhere you go you will probably need to get a buggy which is my kid's favourite part of the whole trip.

They also spent some time at the Kids Club which is so far away from our room. They did Batik painting and we sold their batik pieces to my mother in law! Enough money to buy toys! :)

We initially wanted to stay for 2 nights and paid for 2 nights but after 1 night of being there, we were dead bored! We left the next day.

Home sweet home!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Life's Blessings

I had lunch with my friend yesterday and one of the topics that came up was about life. We've both had it pretty easy I would say. We met in high school and we've been tight ever since and of course life is not perfect but we've been pretty lucky. My conversation with my friend got me thinking about my life even deeper and how great God is. I am truly blessed. Alhamdulillah.

No one's life is perfect. Mine included. It is not perfect at all. I grew up without a father. That itself is a huge deal but God gave me the best mom. A mom who can handle being both a dad and a mom. We of course had our ups and downs (there were many!) but we got through it because of the family support that my mum has. It helps and without them, I dont think we (my brothers and I) would turn out this decent. I think my mum is proud of all her 3 children. We've all turned out pretty ok (and I'm being modest here, hehe)

My greatest blessings in life are my family and my friends. I am so grateful that I dont have many friends but I have quality friends. Friends I can always talk to and can be my silly self without being judged. 

I was pretty down yesterday (PMSing and I'm super sensitive) and all I needed was a chat with my best friend and I feel whole again. Life is good but it wouldn't be life without dramas, tears, anger, irritation and all those feelings I wish dont exist but that's life alright!

My husband is away for work and I'll be a single mom for a few days. He is rarely away so when he is away, it feels really weird and my daughter misses him. In the car, she told me she cried a little bit because she misses her papa. Tried to cheer her up, I told her that maybe I should go away too because no one misses me because I'm always around.

Daughter: I love you both. I love you and I love papa. My heart is big enough to love both of you.
Me: What about your brother?
Daughter: Yea…. My heart is big enough to love him too!

Isn't she such a blessing? She light up my life really… Love her. 
Sunday, February 5, 2017

America.. America

Everyone is talking America these days. Who would have thought Donald Trump would be president of the United States?? I know I didnt see it coming. I mean, it is such a big country and the best candidate they can come up with is Donald Trump? Hmm….. so strange.

Anyway, I dont do politics. Not in Malaysia and certainly not in America or anywhere else. It doesn't interest me at all but since everyone is talking about it, I got to get on with the program! I hate watching the news but I do find the Obamas inspiring. Michelle Obama more than Mr Obama himself. I've watched many of her videos and all I can say is she has what it takes to be the 1st lady and she's got class! I love her. She's one of my favourite person in the world (besides Ellen Degeneres and maybe Oprah!)

I had a family gathering last weekend to celebrate my mum and my aunt's Qatam Quran. They do mengaji classes together every weekend and last week, apparently my mum's finally Qatam the Quran. To celebrate, all my aunts and cousins gathered up at my Aunt's and we had a feast. I love family time because it is havoc whenever everyone is around. My mum is the Santa Claus and she would bring gifts (all wrapped) for all the kids. A total of 6 kids all got their little gift from the Santa who Qatam Quran last weekend. They were so happy!

After we got home, my mum texted me to say that my kids was saying they want to celebrate their birthdays in America.

How random I thought!

I asked my daughter why she wanted to celebrate her birthday in America and she said because Shopkins World is there. (OK, What is Shopkins World??)

I asked my son why he wanted to go to America and he said he wanted to go to Hawaii because there you can do so many things.


Sorry kids, with Trump as the President, I dont think we should go there. Even if we are allowed to (because we are not in the banned list), it is too scary. Let's just celebrate birthdays in Sunway Lagoon je lah ok?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Role Model

I hate it when teachers give project work for homework. You know why? Because at this age, they couldn't really be bothered about projects and mummy will end up doing it. I know this is the case for my kids. Maybe other kids are different but I would say most of the time, it is me who will be doing and stressing over projects.

Last year, my daughter (barely 6 years old at the time) was asked to make her own passport for her geography project. She doesn't even know how to use a scissors properly for God sake! Most of the time it is me who will come up with the concept and she will help me stick things together. I will spend hours thinking about it too.

This time, she's a bit older. Although I still dont allow her to hold the scissors or use anything sharp yet, she is capable of more things but certainly not take over the entire project and do it by herself. This time, for her Speech and Drama project, they needed to do an A3 board about them. "Introduction to Myself"and then present it to the class. I know it sounds easy and it is probably easy but I'm not a kid anymore. My ideas are bigger and greater than this and so for me to go down to that 6 year old level and think of what is appropriate, is difficult OK!!!

While we were on our CNY break, we spoke about the project to come up with some ideas.
I was shocked to hear about her ambition… It left me speechless…

Mummy: you need to figure out your ambition.
Daughter: what does that mean?
Mummy: it is what you wanna be when you grow up.
Daughter: ohhhh that's easy. My ambition is to be a mother. Just like you mummy!

My heart just melted.

It got me thinking about what kind of mother I am. I think I am a pretty horrible one. Yet, she still thinks the world of me and still want to be me! I am her idol. A true role model. What am I portraying to her is important.

When I was growing up, I saw my mum working really hard to support all of us. Not just to survive but to have more. I remember her telling me that despite not having a dad, she doesn't want us to feel like we have less than other people. She worked hard. We all went to good schools, we all wore branded clothes and we all had all the good things some people with both mum and dad can't afford. For that, I grew up wanting to be like her. The strong independent woman. And I truly believe that I am to some extent. My daughter will grow up seeing me as a SAHM, which is not a bad thing because we SAHM sacrifice so much to be with them all day and night. It's not about money but it is more than that. But what I need my daughter to see is although I am here for them, I too can be independent. I took need to look after own self, I too have self worth. Some SAHMs do feel worthless and I can tell you there's plenty of them out there!

Being her role model is a huge responsibility. It will determine what kind of person she will be when she grows up. Fair enough she was born into a good life and everything is at her fingertips but it can all be taken away from her and my job is to show her that if that happens, she is a strong woman and she can do it on her own. InsyaAllah…she will be OK in life.

Proud Mama

My son has been in the big school for a month now and I must say I am super proud of him. I really really am!

He was ready for the challenge that's for sure!

Getting him to do work or homework is such a breeze and getting him to sit down and pay attention is also very easy compared to my daughter who is always so chatty and will find 1001 excuses to talk or chat instead.

My son is always overshadowed by his sister. His sister could do no wrong basically. She is always getting all the attention and whatever she says goes! Him, being the little one is always suffering from the middle-child-syndrome. Poor thing.

Different from his sister, my son almost skipped being a baby and straight became a toddler. He grew up really quickly. I hardly remember how it was like when he was a baby because I think the focus at that time was my toddler, my kepoh-chi daughter. My son is always super playful. Even as a baby, he didnt like to sleep at all. He just loved to observe his surrounding. He won't cry or demand attention, he just wanted to see the world. He was a good baby. But when he cries. OMG!!!! It is like drama king suddenly spoke. All hell breaks loose. I hate it when he cries because it is so drama. Luckily that doesn't happen a lot.

He went to school early. Before he was 18 months, he was already sent to the school next door with Ms Rose. He just wanted to grow up quickly. He didnt enjoy being a baby at all. He didnt cry and he just loved being in school. He is very independent too. Unlike my daughter who is so clingy. Despite being in school early, it is almost like he didnt learn anything! LOL.

He couldn't recognise letters and alphabets at all. He was good at guessing tho. He would pretend like he knows a letter when he doesn't. He just didnt get it.

I was really worried. I really thought there was something wrong because how can he not know the letter "A" after seeing the letter at our basement everyday. He just couldn't recognise it. I thought I would need to look for help. But Ms Rose assured me that he will get it someday. She kept telling me how smart he is and what a good boy he is. She said there was nothing to worry about. I was at first really shocked to see how cool she is about it because other kids his age was already progressing and he didnt seem to have a clue. He did well with numbers and other kids stuff in school but not reading and alphabets.

Suddenly after he turned 4, he GOT IT!!!!

It has been like magic. Suddenly he got it and started to read. Since then we thought it was time for him to move on to big school. Potty training him was a nightmare too. He wore diapers till 4years old! I didnt really push him so I think it is partly my fault. But now, all is good and he will turn 5 in August and doing really well in big school. Alhamdulillah.

He has weekly spelling and ejaan in school and so far, so good! Well done my son. Mummy is super proud of you.

Fear of the unknown

I had my annual medical check up last week. I've been doing this for 2 years now and I plan to do this every year. Last year, my results was awesome and I am hoping that this year it is the same too. I will do a separate post on that.

Although I am generally healthy and I have very strong immune system (credit goes to Super Lutein and IZUMIO), you'll never know until you see the numbers. There could be a silent killer somewhere that is slowly eating you up. There's so many cases happening and it is happening to us younger generations too that it is scary to me. I always tell myself that I have a good life and if God wants to take my life today I will be happy to leave but I always think about the people that will be left behind. I dont fear death (although maybe I should).

Days after the medical check up, I had recurring nightmares about my health. Then I started panicking. What if something is wrong? I'm so confident that all is ok but how can I be? I mean, my diet consist of A LOT of bad unhealthy food. I do take my IZUMIO and Super Lutein but that is it?? How do I know that it is enough to counter my unhealthy diet? I love food so much and I dont even exercise!

The day I got my results, I was really nervous. Results came back ok. Alhamdulillah. Nothing detected anywhere and I am all good. Doctor did ask me to watch my diet and start exercising (Arghhh) and basically to continue consuming IZUMIO and take my Super Lutein. The doctor gave me a thumbs up for taking those supplements. All was good so I went home all OK. No more stress.

The recurring nightmares didnt stop. I keep having this dream about my health. I dont get it. Why am I having these dreams???

The fear of the unknown will kill me!

Since my health report was good and all ok, what else could be wrong? My mind started wondering about people I love. What if there's something wrong with them? My first thought was my mum and my kids. I woke up crying because I cannot bear the thought of them being sick. I would rather it be me.

God! I hope this feeling will go away. I hope I won't have these nightmares again. It sucks!