Monday, March 27, 2017

Disney on Ice 2017

We've never been to the Disney on Ice show. Every year we wanted to go but somehow we were always away. This year, we decided to go. I wanted to get the best seats because it is our first time and we dont know what to expect.

After browsing their website, I decided to get the Category 1 tickets. They're not the most expensive seats but I figured it is good enough. It is not cheap too. RM247 per person. That's a lot of money to watch characters skating on ice, dont you think? Ah well…anything for my kids. I know they will love it so I try to close one eye and just pay for it! Gulp!

We bought the tickets quite early and I think we got some discounts for it. Not much, but better than nothing, right?

It was our first experience in Stadium Melawati in Shah Alam too. I didnt know where the stadium is. I only know 1 stadium in Shah Alam (the football stadium) and we waze our way to Stadium Melawati.
The carpark was packed and people parked by the roadside. I couldn't believe many people actually go to these shows but turns out, they had a big huge pasar tani happening at the carpark. That's why there weren't enough places to park. It's not because of the show, more because of the Pasar Tani. LOL.

We parked quite far away from the Stadium and literally ran to the stadium because we were running late. I didnt want to miss anything. My husband was hungry so he pop by the Pasar Tani to grab something to eat. I took the kids to our seats.

Turns out, our seat wasn't great. Yea it was pretty close to the ice skating ring but it were at the side and didnt get good views. It wasn't too bad but it wasn't great. I was quite disappointed. The seats facing the   front of the skating ring isn't as expensive as our tickets but I think they get better view. Ah well. Next time we know.

The show started about 15 minutes late and the moment it started, we were all blown away. It was so awesome. I was so excited! Me, the mummy!
Kids? Well..they were excited and impressed too but I think I was more in awe of everything. It was such a good show and such an awesome production. I love every minute of the show. It was really entertaining. Worth the RM247 per person ticket!

I was busy recording videos that I didnt take that many photos. Aladdin was fun because the props were all very nice. My favourite part was Frozen. It was just so awesome. Cant believe I didnt take photos but I have videos of it. I was singing along and my daughter really thought I was not cool.

We got seats next to her classmate's so they can enjoy the show together. It was so special. During break time they just sat and play "rock-paper-scissors" and they have a new version too.

At the end of the show, they even called out the kids to go near to shake hands. My daughter ran straight from her seats and she managed to high five with Elsa & Donald Duck. That's the highlight of her day I think. My son didnt move fast enough. He didnt get to touch anyone. LOL Poor thing.

They sell lots of merchandise outside the hall and my oh my. They are expensive. Since I paid for the tickets, I told myself not to buy and spend any money at all on silly merchandise they will forget about and put aside next hour. The kids begged their dad and managed to get some stuff from him.

They each got this cup filled with shave ice that tasted quite disgusting. They're RM50 each you know. Only like the most expensive Air Batu Campur EVER! LOL.
My daughter also bought like a small bag for RM90 and my son wanted a sword! What a waste of money.

Our show ended at about 1.30pm and by then we were starving!! The kids and my husband had breakfast before we left but I didnt. I was really hungry. Kids wanted Chilli's for lunch and I dont think I could wait any longer before I pass out. We figured the nearest Chilli's is in Empire, why not just go there instead of BSC. But it took us longer to get to Empire actually. We took the wrong exit somehow and got lost!

In Chilli's I ordered the steak. I haven't had that in years. I couldn't finish it but I did. After lunch I wanted to throw up. I wanted to just sleep right there at the table.

By the time we got home, it was almost 4pm. I was so tired. Kids was super tired too.
Overall it was a fun outing. Disney on Ice was the bomb!!!
Friday, March 24, 2017


I know you all know Uber, right? Believe it or not, I've never tried uber. I mean, why should I? I have a car and I drive everywhere. If I dont have a car, I just rather stay home.

Last week, I made an appointment to meet up with my friend for business talk / birthday lunch. She's super busy so I locked her time in advance every time I needed to have a catch up session with her. Good thing is our kids go to the same school. Some days we just bump into each other in school. We've been friends since school days. Since I was 12 years old so she's definitely one of my good friends. She's super busy too because she's in politics, a mom and she has a lot of businesses under her watch. I get tired thinking about her sometimes so it was good to just hang out and chat. Plus, it was her birthday and I wanted to give her a treat.

Since I already made an appointment to meet up with her, I couldn't cancel. Turns out, my husband sent my car for servicing that day. I was contemplating if I should cancel and reschedule but I figured, let's just stick to it and get my husband to send me there and then pick me up on the way back from school pick up. But he was busy that day and couldn't send me there. I decided to take a cab but my friends and family asked me to uber!

Uber sounds good but I feel a bit uncomfortable. I mean, with Taxis it is not that uncomfortable because you sit at the back and just let the driver drive. But with uber, you are taking a lift from the driver. You ride on his/her car. It's so weird.

My cousin was laughing at me. I decided to try uber.

It was really easy too. I opted to pay by cash and also I opted for a nice car, which is an Uber Black car. The rates are slightly higher but at least its a nicer car. My cousin said sometimes you get really nice cars too. I was hoping I'd get a ferrari or something…but a Honda Accord turned up.

At first I was really nervous. To sit in front or at the back? Sitting at the back seems rude, no? So I sat in front. The driver is this young boy who is very friendly and nice.

I was of course nervous and all but the ride was smooth and good. We had a good conversation about the Uber application and how it works (because I was an uber virgin) and he explained it well to me. I got to my destination in like 15 minutes and it wasn't too bad at all.

I think I might uber more next time. My experience was a good one. Not bad, uber!

Side income

I am a SAHM. But Im not just a SAHM. I also have my side income. It's not much but Im very thankful that in this day and age, we have so many opportunities to make extra money. If you are not making extra money, you are not making full use of the opportunities around you. Some dont need that extra money, that's fine but so many of us could do with that extra side income.

Today's economy, you'd be stupid not to think about side income. I lead a comfortable life, Alhamdulillah but I still spend sleepless nights thinking about my businesses. Some nights I think about what I can do to earn more, some nights I think about what I want to do with my increased income. #firstworldproblems

Yesterday, I went to pick up some oils from the Young Living office in Bangsar South. I usually opt for delivery because I really can't be bothered to drive there, park and pick up the stuff but they had screwed up my order and I had to go there to pick up instead. The last time I was there in the Young Living Bangsar South office was probably back in 2014 when I first started exploring with them. Back them, the office was almost empty. I went there with Mamapumpkin to smell some oils for fun and I remember it was quiet and no one entertained us. Yesterday when I went there, a lot has changed. I was shocked that the office was full of people. FULL HOUSE! It was so full that some of them had to wait outside the office. There weren't even enough seats. OMG what is happening?

What I saw was shocking to me because:

1. I didnt know that a lot of people are into oils right now! This simply means that they must be good!

2. I was not expecting to see any malays there but the room was full of malays. This surprised me because I didnt think malays would be interested in things like this. I always thought Malays to be more interested in beauty products or not so much health products. Im not being racist but it really did shock me. I was happy tho to see more malays are making money and doing business. Most of them are young mothers and you can tell they are SAHMs because they took their kid(s) along with them. Young kids too. A mom was seen holding tight to her son's hand whilst she fill up application forms. Another mom was seen baby carrying her baby. In fact, I saw 2 of them.

So what is your excuse?

It opened up my mind. Young Living business is a good business to venture in too. I'm not very active in this business to be honest because I am a user more than anything else but visiting the office just made me feel like why not make this another side business?

Good thing is investment is really low. From just RM500 you can become a member and start earning immediately. I mentioned before that prices will increase from 1 April 2017. If you are interested to join me in this journey, please WA me or email me. We have a great team, great leader and growing at a fast speed. If you want to be in the fastest growing them in the Young Living business… you know who to find.
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Maid Story

I got my new maid in December. Remember this post? Well, it is March now and Alhamdulillah so far so good.

This is my second Indon maid. The first one was a total disaster and it is something I want to forget forever because she was so damn annoying. This one, is not psycho like the last one, thank God. The last one only stayed with us for 1 month and this current maid has been with us since December. It's been 3 months now and I think deserves a review.

Although she is my second Indon, I feel like I still need to get used to the Indon style. Both my previous helpers are pinoy and both are good. I just can't help comparing them. Having had both Indon and Pinoy helpers, I can see the difference.

1. Pinoy are faster and more reliable.
2. Indons are more sensitive and have softer heart

What I like about my current maid is:

1. She is really hardworking. She really is super rajin. I can see that she is sincere in whatever she's doing. She may not be up to my standard and she knows that but I can see she's trying really hard. I guess I can't help being a bitch sometimes but she is quite tolerant with my sarcasm and my demands. For that, I love her.

2. She's very gentle with the kids. Sometimes, a little bit too soft with them that they walk all over her. They like her a lot but they dont listen to her. I guess communication is a big problem between them because one dont speak English and the 2 kids dont speak Malay. It really is like chicken and duck most of the time. This morning my daughter said "Mummy, I dont think she understands us although she says ya ya ya all the time. I asked her what is her full name and she said Ya! pfffft" LOL.
My kids dont speak Malay but they already speak a bit of Indon. Yup, it is not even Malay, it is Indon. "Kakak, jangan khabar mummy!!!" when they do something wrong. (Kakak, dont tell mummy!)

3. She doesn't ask for anything at all. Sometimes I have to ask her if she would like to call her family or not. She doesn't ask unless I ask her. Which can be annoying. I wish she would just ask. For the first 2 months I kept asking her to call her family but she said there's no need. I just dont want her to feel bored. Her life here can be boring and I can't imagine being away from family and not being able to call them every time I'm free. I dont know how she does it.

4. Her housework is good. No issues with her cleaning and ironing. She does things my previous maids dont even bother doing, like wiping the windows outside. But of course, she doesn't really take care of the stuff all that well. Like for example, she burnt the cover of the ironing board and didnt tell us until I saw and asked about it. She also doesn't take care of our rainbow vacuum. I only realised that she's been vacuuming the bed with the wrong equipment a month later. But ok, I'll close one eye. No problem.

5. Overall her attitude is good. She doesn't talk when she's not spoken to. Doesn't eat until we finish eating (when we go out). I wish she would just start eating when we eat because then we won't have to wait for her to finish or she doesn't have to eat too fast.

But of course, being the bitch that I am, there are few things I find annoying… I've been closing one eye because I dont want to be all that fussy. As long as the house is not in a total wreck, I can just close my eye and ignore. As long as my kids are ok, I'm ok. Remember my old Indon maid allowed my son to stuff playdoh all the way up his nose until it was stucked and we struggled to get it out right in front of her? I still want to slap her when I think about that day.

Anyway I can't help comparing but both my pinoys will clean up straight after the mess is done.Rose used to clean up the dining table even before I totally finish eating. LOL #terlebihefficient
My house play area is always clean after my kids are done playing but with both my Indons they will only do it at the end of the day. I guess it is ok too because theres no point cleaning so many times in a day right? But my eyes hurt!

Whenever we are out, she is more interested in everything else than keeping her eyes on the kids. I guess she is not used to the surrounding and everything is new to her but I need to remind her to keep an eye on the kids. Sometimes she will follow me around and not the kids. This part needs time I guess. For now, I am comfortable taking the kids out without her because whenever we take her out, she doesn't seem to be much help. I just take her out so she doesn't get bored most of the time instead of taking her out because I need her help, know what I mean?

With all my maids, none of their family members used to call them. But with this current maid, her family calls her like 3-4 times a week recently. I suspect it is asking for money. True enough, it is because they want money. She sent back 2 million (roughly around RM750) recently but not even a month later,they are harassing her again. I dont mind they are calling her but she doesn't look too pleased that they are calling too much because she feels pressured to give money to them. Apparently when she was working in Dubai, all her salary was sent back to the family and after working there for 4 years, all the money was gone. They didnt leave any for her at all. This time, she wants to keep some for herself.

She still needs to learn how to write groceries list or things to buy before they are finished. Last week, we had zero rice left and she only told me when we had to cook dinner that night. Obviously we didnt have time to go buy rice. We had to order food that night. But ok, she's learning.

We are still in process of getting to know each other. Alhamdulillah she is really good and I know she's a keeper. Bless her.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


I've been a member of Young Living for few months now and so far so good. Cant believe I didnt join sooner because I would have saved more money and gotten myself some free oils as free gifts! But better late than never right?

I love the fact that there's oils for everything. All I need to do is just google search "Young Living Oils for….." for example, if I have a migraine, I will google search "Young Living Oils for migraine" and I will click on the google images (because I'm lazy to read!) and see what the options are. For example, when I google Young Living Oils for migraine, I got this image:

Then I will go to my oil box and see what I have and start using it to treat my migraine. I dont have migraine, thank god. I'm just showing you an example.

Mostly the oils I use are

1. lavender because it is good for everything
2. Peppermint because I just love the smell and it is good to treat fever. Use it with IZUMIO and it is da bomb!
3. Thieves because it is good to boost immunity
4. Purification to clean the air. I diffuse it at night in the room
5. Geranium because I started using it in my skincare.

I first started by getting the Premium Starter Kit. In there, it has all the basic must have oils you need in your household. You will also get a dewdrop diffuser which is easy to use. I bring my diffuser everywhere I go whenever I'm on holiday because I just love diffusing oils in my room to prepare the mood to go to sleep. I like my room to smell nice always and it also works as night lamp!

Premium Starter Kit is around RM713 and for new oilers, I think this is the best set to get as it has all you need to get started. Prices are going up in April so if you want to get it, now is the best time to buy.
I'm placing my orders for new diffuser too this month because I'm eyeing this funky one right here!

Nice right? It is about RM900++ and I rather pay RM900++ than 5% more. If you want to get any Young Living oils, I can order it for you. Membership is free too if you would like to become a member. Members will get to purchase oils at member price which is quite a lot cheaper than retail price. If you want to start oiling…. come join me! You won't regret it.

Email me if you want to place your orders before the price hike. Latest order will be before 29th March 2017.

Happy Oiling!
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ashley's by LivingFood Bangsar

Our dear friend Hampshire Mummy will only eat healthy food. She's been trying to get me to eat healthy too (bless her!) and I have been (slowly but surely). On her birthday last month, we took her out for brunch and she chose Ashley's by Living Food restaurant in Bangsar Telawi. I was sceptical at first because I dont like healthy food and was keeping my fingers crossed that I will find something I like on the menu.

Ashley's on the same row as Alexis in Telawi. Just a short walk from Bangsar Village. It would be difficult to find parking so if you plan to go, best to just park at Bangsar Village 2 and walk up the street. Dont wear heels!!

I love the place! It is nice chilled out hang out spot with awesome food. Mind you…they're not only delicious but healthy too.

I've been there twice and I've ordered the same thing. I know! I know! I'm boring like that but this salmon fishcake spaghetti is just too good!!! It is spicy and just so yummy. I can have this everyday!

Here's a closer look of the spaghetti. hehe… Do you feel hungry now? I know I do!!!

I can't remember what my friends ordered but I remember asking them and they all enjoyed their food. The Nasi Kerabu, beef stew, fish & chips are all good too.

We ordered a platter to share and it was good too. This is called "Living around the world" platter. It is gluten free and dairy free - if you are into that sort of stuff. They also have nice fresh juices. I had this orange/apple/carrot juice and it was really yummy.

It is a must-try place if you are into healthy and yummy food. Who says healthy food aren't yummy? Well, if I make healthy food myself, it might not be yummy but try Ashley's…you'll love it there!

8 Years

Cant believe it's been 8 years since this photo was taken
We celebrated our 8th anniversary last week and I feel so blessed. Alhamdulillah.
Last year we did get to spend some alone time and went for breakfast date (you can read about it here) but this year, my husband was away for work. He obviously forgot that it is our anniversary as I expected but that morning, before I dropped the kids off to school they spoke to their dad on the phone and reminded him that it was our anniversary. His reply was "ohhhhh really?" (He forgot obviously!) We dont really celebrate it and it is really not a big deal. One year we both forgot! 

My husband was due to come home that day anyway so I knew we won't be going or doing anything special. Like I said, it was not a big deal. But since he was away, and since I didnt forget about it, I decided to get him something special. Just a token so say "Hey, thanks for marrying me, thanks for providing for us and I thought of you today". I picked my son up from school and while waiting for my daughter to finish school, I went to BSC to get him a gift. I got him a bag from Tumi which I think is useful when he travels. So thoughtful of me! It had his initials and whatnot too. I thought it was a good gift. I mean, it IS a good gift. Not very anniversary-ish but still, good gift!

While we were in BSC, he called us. I swear each time I'm trying to surprise him with something, he will be calling me. It is so hide to cover up because I was with my son. He asked him what we were doing in BSC and I said my son wanted to eat Chilis. Which was the truth but only thing was, we dont really have time for Chilis because we have to rush to pick up my daughter. My son even said "I wanted to eat Chilis but mummy said no!" Alamak. Kantoi. But in the end, I took him to Chilis and we tapau'ed it.

When we got home, we were just waiting for my husband to arrive. He arrived KL around noon and went straight for his haircut. He got home at almost dinner time.

Wow. It must have been my lucky day because I almost never get flowers and chocolates from my dear husband. It's my favourite chocolates too and its been a long time since I actually bought Patchi. I was addicted to them once and was spending RM150 per day eating chocolates that I decided to quit cold turkey. That was few years ago. I was so happy when I got chocolates. See, you dont even need to spend that much to make your wife happy sometimes. Chocolates and Flowers will do. Occasional diamonds, shopping trips are all bonus!

Since it was a school night and he was just back from outstation, going out for dinner was not even an option. Typical school night, I will cook dinner and we will all eat at home. Kids will have their usual stuff but for us parents, I ordered some lamb.

I know it doesn't look all that interesting but trust me, it was good!!!! All we had to do was just fry it in a pan and that's it. I also made my maid do some vege on the side. It was pretty good too. Dinner was nice and a little special because we never have lamb like this at home. We are very melayu. Rice and dishes every night kind of dinner so this was special.

Basically that was it.

My sweet precious daughter wrote us a note. It was special. Excuse her grammar and her spelling. It was the thought that counts and I know it came from the heart. I love her to bits. She knows how to make her mummy (and papa) feel special.

I couldn't feel happier on my anniversary. I have everything I need right here with me. Marriage isn't easy and it is definitely not all beds of roses. I get hurt, upset, angry, depressed too sometimes but at the end of the day, I know we all love each other. Marriage is hard work but alhamdullilah despite the hard times, we are all still together. Just like my daughter, I pray that we will stay married forever.