Sunday, February 14, 2021

GALentines Day

I forgot all about Valentines Day this year until my friend posted something on the group chat to wish us a Happy Galentines Day. I didnt even know what Galentines Day was. I have become that blur.

We had no special plans obviously. Everyday is just another day. My son has been playing Fortnite with my best friend's son a lot lately (blame covid for their extra screen time!) and one day decided to play together in person. To cut long story short, they decided to do that playdate on the 14 February, which was a Sunday after Chinese New Year. They dont have piano class on that day (normally, they do have class every Sunday) and Monday is the start of school after being on half term break. I thought, why not, let them play since it's their school break anyway. They havent seen each other for ages and I havent seen my best friend in 6 months. That way, I get to see my best friend too. And her husband's birthday is approaching and she had commissioned me a painting that her husband wanted. I had to deliver it to her anyway. Perfect!

Off we went to her house which is half way across town. Luckily there werent any traffic and only 1 roadblock.

I dropped my son off and stayed there for a bit. It was nice to see her kids because I havent seen them for so long. We decided to have some quality GAL time and went for lunch at a nearby cafe. It was empty, which is good.

I had such a nice time catching up and it just felt so so good. We talked about my artwork and she was trying to convince me to sell them. I just feel like I'm not ready to sell but she is my biggest fan and want me to go all out with it. (I love her!!!!) 

At the restaurant, we had so much food and the food was amazing. I havent had a meal outside in so long. I forgot how nice it is to eat out and how much I've missed it.

I painted this for her for her office. She absolutely loved it. It feels so good when someone loves the work that you do, doesnt it? I was over the moon. 
We spent about 2 hours at the cafe before heading back to her house to pick up my son. I gave her husband the painting and he was so happy with his birthday gift. I couldnt be happier.

I got home feeling absolutely excited and my spirit was so high I was so happy. I am happy that my son had a good time playing with the kids. He havent had that in a long time. I am happy that I got to see my best friend and catch up on a lot of things. We talk to each other almost daily but its not the same as talking face to face. I didnt realise how much I missed her until I left her house. I was really so happy.

You know, we might think we are dealing and coping with this whole Covid situation well but sometimes, we dont realise that there are parts missing from our lives that Covid has taken from us. I hope we will be able to keep the numbers low so I can meet up with family and friends more often. I miss my life. I miss being out.

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