Sunday, March 6, 2022

Hello there

It has been almost a year since my last post. I've been neglecting this blog for so long. I dont think it is relevant anymore since people spend more time on Instagram and TikTok these days. For me, instagram is quick and easy. Dont need to think of long captions and photos say a thousand words sometimes. But I do miss blogging and I do miss ranting (A LOT)

A lot has changed in a year. Oh where do I begin? I think I could write a book on my journey the last year but I shall not bore you. Safe to say that we are well and alhamdulillah, things are all moving slowly and we are soon entering the endemic phase of Covid-19 (or are we already there?).

So many exciting things are happening. I took part in the Pandora Art Exhibition which is happening from now until April 2022 at the Four Seasons Place (the mall connected to Four Seasons Hotel, KL). It's my first exhibition and I am excited to share my painting titled "Lots of Love : Pandora"

It is available for sale and you can purchase them here at the ART MARKET MALAYSIA website. If you would like to view my painting, or any other paintings from our local artisan, you can pop over to Four Seasons Place on level 2. A lot of wonderful paintings available there. Do show your support.

I am also chosen to participate in another online exhibition soon for charity. I'm so excited about this one too as I am giving away one of my favourite paintings that I did during the lockdown titled "Secret Garden". I hope it will sell as 30% from the sale will go to charity.

Most of my paintings are available on Instagram @dewdropmummy

Show some love, peeps!!!

Have a lovely day!

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