Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Tips on managing Covid

Lately, I have been hearing more and more Covid cases around me. Alhamdulillah I still manage to dodge it but I always say that dodging this is like a blind man dodging bullets. You just never know when it is your turn. Unfortunately, some of my family members and friends have gotten it. I have compiled some tips from their experience and hopefully it will help others too. 

Covid symptoms usually appear on day 3 or 4 after being exposed to the virus. Try and track back when where you were 3 to 4 days prior getting your symptoms. It wont help with anything but then for your own comfort, I think it is good to know. Perhaps you may want to inform others who were with you of this so they can get tested too. 

1. Do self RTK Covid test
We have tried many brands and all sorts. I dont think I can say which one is better than the other but some of the brands that I feel are reliable are Salixium and Arista. Unfortunately, for some reason it is quite difficult to find Salixium and it is always out of stock. For me, Arista is my no.1 brand when it comes to doing self tests at home. For children, we do self test twice a week (requirement by the school) and I always have the lollipop ones for them. I use Vchek for this purpose and Genrui. I think if the viral load is really high, it will show on all the tests so it doesnt really matter. If you have symptoms, do a reliable brand to be sure.

I find this extremely useful. Go to their website and choose the closest Caring Pharmacy near you. You can whatsapp them with your orders and they will use lalamove to deliver it to you.Choose the closest to you so that the delivery charge wont be so high. My delivery charge is about RM7.50 which is very reasonable as I wont need to drive out. In case you are positive and unable to go out, you can use this service to order all your medicines, vitamins and test kits that you need during your quarantine period. 

3. Take your supplements 
This is to boost your immune system during covid. Even if you dont have Covid, if there are family members in your household that is doing their quarantine at home, it is a good idea to up your intake. This includes Vitamin C (double up!), Vitamin D and Zinc. I also take a glass of Redoxon and Chicken Essence which will help when you are feeling sick and fatique. 

For sore throat, which is quite a common symptom for the current variant, Betadine Spray is a life saver! But unfortunately it is sold out everywhere. I have it at home and it helps! Another alternative would be the Difflam throat spray. It is also sold out everywhere. Try asking your pharmacist or doctor what is available. Keep it at home, just in case.

Other than those, also keep your usual Paracetamol, Zyrtec, cough medicine at home. I'm sure you have that already. 

My tips for managing covid are:
1. Do regular tests at home
2. Eat your supplements
3. Rest well
4. Do light exercises even if you're at home
5. Smell some fresh air (open the windows if you are locked in the room)
5. Take your medications to ease your pain / discomfort
6. Catch up on your latest TV shows / news / read a book
7. Pray! Only God can help you. Lots of doa for recovery
8. Eat fruits and nutritious food during quarantine
9. Shower and get fresh daily!
10. Stay positive. You will fight this and you will get better!

We can do this!!

Take care and stay safe!

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