Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Open Frame Virtual Art Exhibition

One day as I was browsing my social media, I saw an advert on Instagram about this virtual art exhibition and wanted to be part of it. I wasnt so confident that I will make it but I contacted them anyway and submitted few of my artwork thinking, "It would be nice to take part but it's ok if I dont get it", Im still new at this and probably not ready. But when I got an email to say that one of my paintings was selected, I couldnt be happier. I was ecstatic!! 

YAY! I did it!

Can you find me?

I am an intuitive painter. I dont plan what I want to paint and I dont sketch my paintings. I really paint from the heart. I put on a nice music and just let my energy guide me. I also dont usually plan the colours. I just go with the flow. Painting really soothes my soul. I just find it really therapeutic but somehow I cannot paint when I am upset, stress or angry. It just wont come out right and normally, the painting will end up being abandoned until I paint over it again. 

This painting that I submitted for the virtual art exhibition is from my Secret Garden series. I've done a few of these actually and all of them are in their new homes right now, mostly adopted by my friends. I think I've done about 4-6 of the Secret Garden series. I just love that when they take photos at home, I see my paintings on the background. It just makes me happy. But this Z3 Secret Garden is my personal favourite. It's been in my home and somehow I just havent given it away or put it up for sale yet. I really want it to go to someone who loves it as much as I do because it is a very special piece to me. 

Looking at it just makes me happy. (Maybe I shoudnt sell it?) Ah well, the proceeds from this sale is also going to charity, which is another reason why I wanted to be part of this exhibition too. I hope it will find a new home soon but if not, I will be very happy to keep it. ha ha...

This exhibition is organised by Artscape Malaysia and curated by Eugene Nandakumar. 44 talented artists have been selected to showcase their artworks with a mixed genres. There is something for everyone I'm sure. 

Please support us and share!

Beautiful isnt it? If you are keen on any of the artwork or for enquiry, please email them at artscape.malaysia@gmail.com

This Open Frame Virtual Art Exhibition is happening from the 15th March 2022 until 15th April 2022. Click on this link to view all the artwork. Mine is right at the bottom of the page! 

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  1. Hey I like your virtual art series, it looks beautiful! I am also joining an event for computer service in KL. Looking forward to meet more new people in the event.


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