Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Support Local

 Things are not looking great at the moment. A lot of shops at my neighbourhood mall is closing down. Last week, I was in KLCC and it was empty. Unlike the KLCC I am used to. I sat down at Dome and I was surprised that we were the only customer. It is really sad because one of the things I love to do was to have coffee at a cafe and people watch. That day, there was no one. 

A lot of businesses are going down. People are struggling to keep the economy running and rolling. We think we dont have a part to play but really, we do. We need to support our local businesses. Do your part!

I love supporting friends and their businesses. If you know anyone in your community, help their business by buying their products. 


I love Ngaku. I bought few bottles from my friend to support her business. They have lots of other stuff too. Go check them out!

I also ordered these yummy Gluten Free brownies. OMG at first I wasnt sure if I wanted to order them because I'm not a fan of healthy version of something sinful. I just wanted to support my friend so I ordered them. OMG. I swear to you this tasted better than the normal brownies that has more sugar and not healthy at all. This is a healthier version and it tastes so good!

So you see, there is so many ways you can support your community. If like me and you love food, you can buy or order from your local supplier, your friends or maybe your neighbour. We all need a help right now to bring up our economy. There's still hope. We can do it together.

I've been doodling and painting as usual. At the moment I'm not taking orders but I am for friends and family. I love how much support I am getting from my friends and family. I am not getting paid for it yet because I feel I'm not there yet but hopefully someday when I am ready, you'll support my little business too!

Hang in there everyone! We can beat this!

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