Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Covid Situation in Malaysia

 Malaysia started our Restricted Movement Order on the 18th March this year and things have never been the same. Ever since then, things have gotten somewhat better but we are still in Covid days and still waiting for it to be over. Alhamdulillah, unlike many other countries, we are handling it pretty well. Kudos to Tan Sri Noor Hisham and his team for their excellent hardwork in fighting covid-19. The SOPs that are in place in most places are pretty good. In school, for example, things are running pretty smoothly with the SOPs set up by the MOH and by the school. I couldnt be happier that the kids are back in school. Being at home for this long isnt healthy and they really need to get back out there!

Our numbers are rising this past few weeks. This is quite worrying. There's also an election coming up in Sabah and that is also something that will definitely increase the numbers. People are traveling to Sabah and bringing back the virus to Semenanjung. It is already starting to see that. 

My advice to all Malaysians is please be responsible. If you are coming from states that are in the red zone, please self quarantine yourself and your family. Yes you are free to travel anywhere within Malaysia but just be a responsible citizen. 

1. Wear a mask at all times (except when you are dining)

2. Practice social distancing. This is obviously not happening in Sabah at the moment as they are busy campaigning! It is scary especially when some dont even wear masks 

3. Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands!! 

With just these 3 simple things, we can do so much better in keeping the numbers low. We've done so well, let's not get locked down again! I cant handle staying home for too long!

Come on Malaysians, be responsible!

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