Friday, September 18, 2020

Sweet 41

 Early this week, I celebrated my 41st birthday. It is so hard to believe that I am 41. It was a special day indeed but I didnt do anything special. 

My morning started as usual, sending my kids to school. After dropping them off in school, my husband and I went for breakfast in Common Man in TTDI. We had the big breakfast.

Every birthday, I try to splurge on skincare products on myself. This year was no different. I went to KLCC and spent some time exploring Sephora. It is so hard to shop for makeup these days as we are not allowed to try the products. I was annoyed that the salesgirl kept following me around despite me telling her that I am only here to look around. (why do they do that?! it is annoying!!) I bought some stuff there and left. I went shopping for other stuff too and ended breaking my bank account. But it felt good because I generally hate shopping.

I had lunch at House&CO and had my usual favourite meal - Their Nasi Lemak Sotong. It was so good and by far, the best Nasi Lemak in town for me.  

In the evening, I received some gifts and flowers from friends and family, which was very nice. Every year, I will order myself my favourite birthday cake and this year was no different. It was da bomb of a cake.


My husband came home with balloons and a gift too, which is really unexpected and totally made my day. We then had some cake and my kids prepared some performances for me. That was the highlight of my day. My daughter's singing is just out of this world (I am bias of course, but she's really really good!)

My day ended with me raising both my hands to illahi thanking God for such a nice wonderful chilled out day.Alhamdulillah for blessing me with a wonderful 41 years of life. For blessing me with wonderful friends and family. I am thankful for everything in my life. 

Thank you for being part of my birthday.


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